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Kriyansh FF..Dance 'n 'Love..updated part 11..Pg21 (Page 21)

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Part 11...

Its morning...kria's alarm rings and gets up in the morning..all sleepy...kria gets up and thinks about last night..about the signals...

Kria: Bhagwan ji...ab aapko meri isme madat karni hi paregi...agar signals mile toh mom se baat karni paregi aur agar nahin toh dance ko hamesha ke liye good bye...dono taraf se problem...waise mom se dance ke bare main baat karna is zyada difficult...aur dance ko bhoolna usse bhi zyada difficult...kya karoon...ab aapko hi raasta dikhana parega...!

Kria goes to get ready for college...anushka messages kria that she will be there to pick up kria soon after picking up neha...kria gets ready when her mom calls her for breakfast...

Smriti:kria beta..breakfast is ready...jaldi aao...! 

Kria:aayi mom...!

Kria who is getting ready for college...and gets ready in front of the mirror is getting the end of the day,she would have to decide about her biggest decision that whether will she dance and use the oppurtunity or will she give up her dreams...

Kria:pata nahin kya hoga...kya mere dance ka sapna poora hoga..kya mujhe mere confusion ka jawaab milega?

Kria's mom calls her again for breakfast...kria rushes and packs her bag to go to college..

Smriti:kria...jaldi aao will be late for college...!

Kria:aarahi hoon mom...jaldi books pack karleti hoon...!

While packing her books,her diary falls off from her hand and falls on the floor...kria bends down to pick up when she sees the first page of the diary open on which it is written "DANCE"...which reminds kria that she had written it on the first page of the diary when she had first bought the diary...kria picks it up and looks at the name "dance" for some time...kria remains a little confused when she remembers about the signals...her mouth opens wide when she realises that she has actually got the first signal related to dance...kria gets the first signal towards dance..she could not believe...she quickly puts the thought away and puts the diary into her bag...

Kria:nahin nahin...yeh signal nahin hosakta...yeh koi signal nahin hai...lekin yeh diary toh mere dil ke bohot kareeb hai aur dance ka naam pehle iss diary se...yeh mera pehla signal..arey ek signal se kya hoga...abhi toh poora din baki hai...poore din main agar aur koi signals nahin mila toh main dance ko...hamesha ke liye...

Just then,kria's mom again calls kria for breakfast as kria would get late...kria rushes and goes to the breakfast table...she greets her mom...

Kria:morning mom...!

Smriti:morning beta...!

Kria sits down to have her breakfast...while her mom is busy in the kitchen...

Smriti:kria beta...jaldi se breakfast karlo...late hogayi toh auto milna mushkil hojaega!

Kria:mom main auto se nahin jarahi...woh anushka hai na...woh pick karrahi hai!

Smriti:achcha...anushka...tum anushka ke bare main itna baat karti ho...kabhi apne dosto ko ghar pe bulao...for dinner...!

Kria:ok the way mom aaj ka paper kahan hai?

Smriti:wahi pe rakkha hai beta!..

Kria:oh haan...milgaya!..

Kria is reading the newspaper when she sees an article written on dance...she gets a surprise again and realizes that it is another sign towards dance...

Kria:ek aur signal?...kya sach main mujhe dance...?..nahin nahin...abhi tak poora din khatam nahin hua hai!

She puts back the paper...just at that time anushka calls her up and tells her that she has come to pick her up...kria rushes down...and bids her mom goodbye...

Kria:anushka aagayi mom...bye mom...see you...!

Smriti:bye beta!

Kria is walking towards the car..lost in her thoughts..anushka and neha are waiting for her in the car...kria gets into the car in the front seat...she sat down...seeming to be a little lost...

Anushka:hii kria...

Kria does not reply back...anushka finds it weird...she sees that kria is lost somewhere...

Anushka:hii kria...kria...?

Kria comes back to reality...she greets anushka and neha...

Kria:upp...hii anushka...hii neha...

Anushka:kria tum theek toh ho na?...aisa kya soch rahi thi?...subha subha itni lost?

Kria:sorry yaar...woh kuch nahin...bas aise hi!...

Anushka:ab chalein?...

Kria:yah..lets go...!

Anushka is driving while neha is talking to her...they are talking but kria seems to be lost in her thoughts and thinks about the signs she has been getting from the morning...anushka while driving notices that kria is a little lost and is quiet...

Anushka:hey kria...kya hua yaar?..itni lost?..phir se kahan khogayi?

Kria again comes back from her thoughts...she decides that she will not behave so lost in front of her friends as they would feel that something is troubling her...

Kria:sorry guys...i'm really sorry..woh main padhai ko lekar thodi si tensed thi...!

Anushka:kria...don't worry yaar...tum padhai ko lekar thodi zyada stressed out do not worry at all kria..hum sab hai na...hum sab tumhari help karenge...!

Kria smiles...

Kria:thanks guys...thanks a lot...!

Anushka:you are always welcome kria...!

After some time anushka switches on the radio to enjoy some music...they are all enjoying the music when there is a talk going on the radio on dance...kria hears it and wonders again that this was another signal...she slowly realizes that destiny is giving her signs to fulfill her dreams...she says in her mind...

Kria:ek aur signals mujhe kabhi nahin milte hai woh aaj milrahe hai...iska matlab mujhe dance karna chahiye?..nahin..pehle main college jaungi aur uske baad dekhungi ki wahan mujhe kya signal milta hai uske baad hi main decide karungi...agar college main mujhe ek aur sign mila toh main samajh jaungi ki yeh mauka mere liye mere sapno ke taraf aage badhne ke liye hai kyunki St. Louis College hi woh jagah hai jahan mere sapne poore karne ke liye aayi hoon..mere sapno ki manzil..aur haan yeh last signal hoga .!

Kria,Anushka and Neha finally reach college...kria is a little worried about the signs...kria is looking forward to see if she gets more signs...they enter college...anushka and neha are chatting while kria,who is lost in her thoughts walks ahead of them...kria is walking straight ahead of her friends seeming to be lost in her thoughts...on the other hand rey is coming from the other direction,looking slightly with some papers in hand...he does not notice that kria is coming from forward neither does kria...he is walking from one direction whereas kria from the other...they are both walking towards each other when finally they bump into each other and kria is about to fall...when suddenly rey catches her by the waist...kria closes her eyes thinking that she has fallen and for rey it was a sudden accident...when rey catches kria by the waist and holds her in order to prevent her from falling, he notices that it is kria...he smiles and adores her cute and beautiful face..he could not take his eyes off her face...a faint background music plays...rey gets lost in kria's innocence...rey says in his mind...

Rey:wow...what a good morning...subha subha kria ka cute aur beautiful chehra...samajh main nahin aata hai ki koi itna cute aur sweet kaise hosakta hai..jab aankhen khuli hoti hai kria ki toh kitni beautiful lagti hai aur jab aankhen band tab bhi itni beautiful..kuch toh baat hai warrior queen main...aur mujhe lagta hai humara zaroor koi connection hai...shayad destiny chahta hai hum roz mile..!

Kria opens her eyes slowly and realises that she has not fallen...she sees that rey has saved she opens her eyes,she looks at rey with eyes wide open while rey is also staring at her lovingly...they both keep on looking at each other without blinking their eyes...rey is smiling while kria looks surprised...on the other hand,anushka and neha get worried when kria is about to fall but they are relieved that rey saved her from falling...anushka gets worried seeing them bump against each other as this will give them another reason to fight...anushka worries that now they both will start fighting...

Neha:wow..kria getting saved by nice it is...!

Anushka:haan nice toh hai par jab bhi yeh dono milte hai hamesha fight karte hai..yaad nahin uss din class main kitna ladrahe the...aur kal raat ko toh phir se ladrahe the...!

Neha:what ladai happening last night...?..rey and kria fighting?

Anushka:bohot lambi kahani hai..tujhe aaram se bataungi...!

Neha:ok...but looking at kria and cute na they looking...!

Anushka:tu bhi na neha...yeh fairy tale nahin hai...jab rey aur kria ladai karna shuru karenge na tab kuch bhi cute nahin lagega...kyunki jab kria aur rey ladai karte hai tab unke saath aas pass ke saare log pagal hojate hai...!

Neha laughs...on the other hand kria and rey talk to each other...rey is still holding kria by her waist...anushka and neha notice that they are talking while anushka knows that they must be fighting...


Rey:haan main...main main nahin hoon toh aur kaun hoon?

Kria:very funny...!

Rey:by the way...aisa hamesha kyun hota hai ki hamesha tum hi mujhse takrati ho..aur jab bhi takrati ho..tum girjati ho aur main hi tumhe bachata hoon..why?

Kria:kyunki yeh meri badnaseebi main hamesha tumse hi takrati hoon...

Rey:kyun?..mujhse takrane ke liye ladkiyan marti hai..aur jab tum mujhse hamesha takrati hi rehti ho toh tumhe usse apna good luck manna chahiye...!

Kria:good luck?...subha subha tumse takragayi...tumhara chehra dekhliya..kaisa good luck?

Rey:kyun?..jahan tak main janta hoon main bohot handsome hoon...

Kria:good for you...kyunki lagta hai tumne apni shakal theek se dekhi nahin aaine main..!

Rey:haan..theek se hi dekhi hai...lagta hai ki tumhari aankhen kharap hai...!

Kria:kya meri aankhen kharap hai?..haan haan..kharap toh hongi hi..roz roz tumhari shakal jo dekhni parti hai..aur ek baat..agar thodi der aur hum aise filmy pose main rahe na toh yehi pe humara statue bana diya jaega...aur hum dono ko hospital jana parega...kyunki hum dono ki kamar toot jaegi...aur mujhe aise ajeeb pose pe zindagi bhar yehi par khade rehne ka koi shauq nahin hai..!


Rey raises kria up...and anushka and neha carry on their discussion..

Anushka:maine kaha tha na...yeh log ladai zaroor karenge...inki speciality hai...!

Neha:right you are saying...!

Anushka and neha rush towards see if she is alright...

Anushka:kria..are you ok?

Kria:yah..I am fine...!

Anushka:thanks rey...tumne kria ko bacha liya..varna zor se girjati!

Rey:thanks kisliye...?...its completely fine...agar main kria ko nahin bachata girne se toh main bhi girjata...!

Kria does not say anything and walks away from there..going towards class slowly..thinking about the signals again...anushka,neha and rey find it very strange...rey realizes that kria is really in a bad mood than other days...he senses that something is troubling her...

Rey:(in his mind)..ajeeb hai...bina kuch bole chali gayi..woh bhi warrior queen...?...kria toh usually aise behave nahin karti hai...hamesha ladai karti hai...lekin aaj maine notice kiya uska mood hi theek nahin hai..kuch toh baat hai jo usse trouble karrahi hai..par kya?...

Anushka:arey kria!...Kahan jarahi ho?...wait yaar..!

Kria(turns back): woh main class jarahi hoon...baad main milte hai!

Kria keeps on walking again...

Anushka:arey kria..kria suno toh...!

But kria does not listen..she keeps on walking...engulfed in her confusion..she does not wish to talk much to anyone until her confusion is solved...she is slowly walking towards class...rey finds it very strange as he had never seen this side of kria...anushka also wonders what has happened to kria...!

Rey: isse kya hua?...yeh warrior queen aur itni chup-chap?

Anushka:pata nahin ki kria ko kya hogaya hai...mujhe bhi kria aaj subha se bohot lost-lost lagrahi thi..itni lost ki theek se baat bhi nahin karrahi hai!...jab maine poocha toh kria ne bataya ki woh apni padhai ko lekar bohot stressed aur tensed hai...mid-term main join kiya hai na!...class ke baad kria se baat karni paregi...!

Rey:(in his mind)..yeh warrior queen itni lost?..aisa pehle usse kabhi nahin dekha...pata karna parega ki aisa kya hua kria ko...!

Rey,was thinking about kria...his thoughts come back to reality when anushka talks to him...neha is standing beside anushka...

Anushka:by the way rey tum kahan se aise bhage bhage se chale aarahe the..itne busy the ki saamne kria ko bhi nahin dekha...?

Rey:upp...woh actually anushka..main tumse hi baat karne aaraha tha...woh yeh papers tumhe dene the...

At that time Kria was walking towards the stairs...thinking about the signals she has been getting from the morning...

Kria:(in his mind)...ek aur signal milega na toh main pagal ho jaungi kyunki yeh last and final signal hoga...pata nahin main mom se kaise baat karungi..woh bhi dance ke bare main...Oh God..please..meri madat zaroor karna isme...!

Just when kria was involved in her self-talks,rey and anushka are talking something important about the dance competition...

Rey:woh yeh papers dene the tujhe...

Anushka:kaise papers rey?

Rey:yeh footloose dance competition ke kuch important papers hai yeh...RDX sir ne kaha tha tumhe dene ke liye!..kitna important hai yeh dance competiton hum sab ke liye...humare college ke liye..hai na anushka?

Anushka: are absolutely right rey...yeh dance competiton bohot hi zyada important hai hum sab ke liye...!

Kria,who is walking ahead hears what rey and anushka said...she could again hear the word "dance"..and this time she heard the name of the dance competition...her eyes open wide in surprise when she gets the last and final signal  related to dance in college..she could not believe she got the last signal and now she realises that her dreams are about to become true but only if she talks about it to her mom...she becomes more worried when she gets another signal as she has to talk to her mom now..she turns back and walks fast towards rey and anushka who are busy talking amongst themselves...they do not notice kria coming there...kria suddenly breaks in between their conversation and talks to comes as a surprise to rey when kria starts talking, pointing her finger towards him...

Kria:hello...abhi abhi tumne kya kaha?

Rey:what?..yeh kya poochrahi ho tum?

Kria:maine poocha ki tumne abhi abhi thodi der pehle kya kaha?

Rey:what?..main toh anushka se baat karraha tha...tumse toh baat ki hi nahin maine abhi thodi der pehle..aur kuch kaha bhi toh kuch galat boldiya kya?...

Anushka:kria..yeh kya poochrahi ho tum? abhi tum dono ladai mat karna shuru kardena please...!

Kria:mujhe bas itna batao ki tumne abhi abhi thodi der pehle kya kaha?

Rey:arey main toh papers ke bare main baat karraha tha anushka se...

Kria:nahin woh nahin...uske baad??

Rey: arey uske baad toh main footloose dance competition ke bare main baat karraha tha...


Rey:what?...what do you mean by kyun?

Kria:I mean ki tum kyun baat karrahe the dance competition ke bare main? 

Rey:arey...toh koi galati kardi kya dance competition ke bare main baat karke?

Anushka:kria..!what is wrong with you?...achanak ho kya gaya hai aaj tumhe?...aise ajeeb sawwal kyun karrahi ho tum?

Kria:nahin tumne dance competition ke bare main baat karke koi galati nahin ki...par tumne dance competition kyun kaha?

Rey:kya?..maine dance competition kyun kaha?...yeh kaisa sawaal hai?...ab dance competition ko dance competiton nahin kahunga toh kya drama competition kahunga...?? (gives a slight smile to this)...

Kria:nahin tumhe kehna nahin chahiye tha...(murmurs)...kyunki mujhe abhi mom se baat karni paregi...kyunki yeh aakhri signal tha jo mujhe milgaya..yani ki footloose dance competition mere sapno ko poore karne ki woh opportunity hai jisse mere saare sapne poore hojayenge...!

Neha:anushka..lagta hai kria maddening today...!

Anushka:haan sach main...bilkul sahi kaha tumne..yeh kria lagta hai sach main mad hogayi hai...!..kria...kya hogya hai tumhe?..yeh kya poochrahi ho tum?..tumhari tabiat toh theek hai na?

Kria:main theek hoon anushka aur meri tabiat bhi bilkul theek hai...par mujhe tumse poochna tha ki tumne dance competition kyun kaha..(murmurs)..nahin kehna chahiye tha tumhe..agar nahin kehte toh kum se kum mom se dance ke bare main baat karne ki tension toh nahin hoti abhi se...(she looks up)...hey Bhagwan...aap ek ke baad ek signal dete hi jarrahe ho..haan main maangayi hoon ki yeh footloose dance competition hi mere liye sabse sahi mauka hai...lekin last signal dene main thoda time toh lagate...ab poora din mom se kya kehna hai iske bare main sochna parega...

Anushka ,neha and rey stare at kria and her self-talks...they talk to each other...

Neha:yeh kria...talking to who looking up..?

Anushka:mujhe kuch samajh main nahin aaraha hai...padhai ko lekar kria itni stressed out hai ki kuch bhi bolne lagi woh...!

Rey:(in his mind) sweet..kitni cute hai yeh warrior queen...sach main..koi itna cute kaise ho sakta hai...iski har ek baat kitni unique aur kitni sweet hai..ek sweet si innocence chupi hai kria ke baaton main...thodi si mad,thodi si sweet aur thodi si innocent...super combination...(smiles)...!

Anushka and neha go towards kria while rey stand there looking at kria lovingly...

Anushka:sach batao kria...are you ok?

Kria:yah anushka main theek hoon...

Anushka:dekho don't worry...sab theek ho jaega...hum hai na tumhari padhai main help karne ke liye...

Kria:upp...yah... I know...tumlog ho toh mujhe kis baat ka tension...!

Kria does not want her friends to know now about her dance till she speaks to her mom...just then the bell rings and neha and kria leave for class...anushka tells them that after class they will meet in the canteen...and they agree to meet in the canteen after class..after some time,rey too leaves for class wondering what has happened to kria..he intends to find out soon and see that beautiful smile of kria again on her face...

In the class,everyone is seated for class to begin..kria and neha come to class and take their places to sit..soon after some time rey comes..when he enters,he constantly looks at kria and sees that she is a little worried..somehow rey felt that he could not see a worried kria because he has always known a smiling and a cheerful kria...rey's thoughts are broken when sharon calls him and greets him...

Sharon:hey rey..!..wats up?

Rey: hey sharon...!

Sharon:nahin..par phir bhi just giving a reminder...rehearsals ko lekar tumhe pata hai na main kitni particular hoon...!

Sharon:rey..tumhe yaad hai na ki aaj rehearsals hai college ke baad...?

Rey:yah sharon..of course...aaj tak main kabhi rehearsals bhoola hoon kya?

Rey:yah sharon..i know...don't worry...hum sab time pe aajayenge...!

Rey takes his place and gets seated beside vicky who is sitting in the row where kria is sitting..rey who is just seating three places away from kria bends forward to look st kria..he sees kria's worried face and gets a little worried for kria...kria ,who is resting her head on her elbow is worried about how she is going to talk to her mom about her dreams and her passion for dance...

Rey: (in his mind)...pata nahin kyun par aaj main kria woh sweet si aur cute si smile ko miss karraha hoon...ab toh kria ki smile lo aadat hogayi hai...subha se maine kria ko smile karte hue nahin dekha...toh zaroor kyun problem hai jo kria ko trouble karraha hai...!

The class begins but kria is unable to concentrate in class...all the students are doing the work assigned to them but kria who manages her level-best to concentrate on the class but could not somehow...rey,who was doing his work notices that kria is again lost in her worries...he wonders what has happened.. he tries to figure out...

Rey:(in his mind)...aakhir kria ko kya problem worry karrahi hai..hamesha apne class main concentrate karnewali kria aaj itni lost...zaroor koi aur baat hai..agar kria padhai ko lekar tensed hoti toh class main zaroor concentrate karit..apni padhai ka stress kum karne ke liye...lekin yahan toh woh class main concentrate hi nahin karrahi hai...toh phir kya problem hosakti hai..kahin sharonaur kria ki phir se ladai..nahin nahin..woh dono toh subha se mile bhi nahin...aur agar hota toh sharon itne achche mood main nahin hoti...aur poore college ko pata chal jata...kahin phir se woh mujhpar toh gussa nahin hai na..kahin mere kisi baat se woh upset toh nahin hai na phir way...aisa ho hi nahin sakta hai...agar aisa hota toh warrior queen mere saamne chup nahin rehti...zaroor kuch kehti...ab tak toh volcanoe burst hojata...aur woh mere bare main itna nahin sochegi...toh phir what is the matter...kria ko hua kya khatam hone se pehle pata lagana hi parega taki agar hosake toh main kria ki help karpaun problem solve karne main...!

The class finishes...all come out of class..kria tells neha that she will join anushka and her in the canteen in a while as she need to freshen up...kria walks down the corridor,involved in her self-talks while rey is walking behind her to know what is the problem...

Kria:kaise karungi mom se baat?...muh se..aur kaise...?..kria tu bhi na...tujhe kabse baat karne main problem hone hai teri...tigress nahin jo khajaegi...tujhe bas confident hoke jana hai aur mom se baat karni hai...

Rey:yeh kria kisse baat karrahi hai?

Kria keeps on talking to herself about how to convince her mom to fulfill her dreams...

Kria:mom ke pass jana hai aur phir sab kuch bata dena...yehi ki mujhe dance aata hai...aur phir ko bas samjhana hai ki tere liye dance kya mayne rakhta hai..bas..simple...phir sab kuch theek hojaega...(after a pause)...theek?...mujhe nahin lagta hai ki utna simple hoga jitna tujhe lagta hai..hosakta hai jab mom yeh janle ki mujhe dance aata hai aur ab tak maine unse yeh baat chupayi hai toh shayad woh mujhe vapas Shimla lejayengi..lekin agar theek se samjhaya toh shayad mom maanjaye...!..uff ho kria..kitna confusion hai teri life main...kya hoga tera?...bas mom se himmat karke baat karni hai..apni sapno ke khaatir toh tujhe itna karna hi parega...for your dreams kria..for your dreams you have to do it...!

Rey:yeh kria khud se baatein karrahi hai?...apne aap se? sweet (smiles)...!..(after a pause)..sweet toh hai..par yeh pata kar ki kria kya kehrahi hai apne aap se tab hi toh kria ki problem pata chalegi...!

Kria gets down from the stairs and even rey follows her while she gets down from the stairs...she is planning how to talk to her mom..while rey tries to figure out what she is thinking and talking about...kria is walking unknowingly...without knowing what is happening around...she does not even know rey is behind her...she is busy planning in order to achieve her dreams...

Kria:kria...bas mom ke pass jaa aur theek se baat kar..aaram se...aur convince karne ki koshish kar ki tere liye tere sapne kya mayne rakhte hai...thats it...confidence kria...confidence...I am sure mom mere khushi main khush hongi...!

Rey:yeh kria zor se kyun baat nahin karrahi hai?..are you mad rey?...woh zor se baat kyun karegi?..usse apne problem ka announcement karna hai kya poore college main?..tu bhi na rey...!

Kria is walking ahead,busy in her plans to convince her mom without realising that there is a pillar ahead..she is so involved in her thoughts that she does not put her mind to anything around...she keeps on walking without knowing that if she walks ahead ,she will bang against the pillar and hurt herself...rey notices that she is walking towards the direction of the pillar and will get hurt badly if she bangs to it...just when kria,who is emerged in her thoughts is about to hurt herself after banging against the pilaar,rey runs to her rescue..he saves kria from banging to the pillar at the nick of time as he pulls her towards him and moves to the other direction...rey pulls her hard and manages to save her on time...kria lands up on rey's shoulder...her both hands on rey's shoulder...and rey's hands holding kria's hands...breathing heavily,kria slowly looks up and sees its rey...rey,very lovingly looks deep into kria's eyes...kria too stares at rey deeply...they both have an eye-lock for a very long time...suddenly they both come back to reality and thus leave each other's hands...

Rey:kria...are you ok?

Kria: yah I am fine...!

Rey: (murmurs)...main toh darr hi gaya tha..


Rey:kuch nahin...tum theek ho na?

Kria:haan main toh theek hoon...par tum achanak se kahan se aagaye?

Rey:main toh yahi tha..I mean main yahan se jaraha tha toh maine dekha ki tum apne hi khayalon main khokar saamne chali jarahi ho...

Kria:woh main...

Rey:woh main kya kria?...par tum kya pagal hogayi ho kya?...dekhkar nahin chalti ho kya tum...itna kya apne khayalo main gum hona ki aage kya hai woh dikhayi nahin deta hai tumhe...?

Kria:dekho...main theek hoon lekin tum mujhpar chilla kyun rahe ho?...tum hote kaun ho mujhpar chillane wale?

Rey:main janta hoon ki main koi nahin hota lekin jin logo ke liye tum matter karti ho unn ke bare main tum bilkul nahin sochti ho kya?

Kria:haan sochti hoon...aur aisa bhi kuch nahin hua hao...aur agar chot lagti bhi toh kya hota...

Rey:fine..kuch nahin hota..main tumse kuch nahin kahunga..kyunki I know ki main tumhara kuch nahin lagta hoon lekin agar tum sunna chahti ho na toh ek free advice lelo...hamesha apne khayalon main aur apne problems main itni bhi involved mat hojao ki tumhe unki fiqar na ho jo tumhari care karte tumse pyar karte hai...I know ki itni bhi badi baat nahin hai lekin hosakti thi agar tumhe chot lagjati toh...!

Saying this rey walks away from there angry...kria realizes that she should not have spoken to rey like that...she feels bad that he saved her from getting hurt and she shouted at him...while rey is walking,she tells rey to stop..

Kria:rey...ruko...ruko please...!

Rey stops...seeing that,kria walks towards rey and talks to him...

Rey:ab kya hai?..aur kuch kehna hai?

Kria:nahin...aur kuch nahin...bas...sorry kehna hai...!

Rey:kyaa?...kya kaha tumne?

Kria:sorry...I am sorry...mujhe tumse aise baat nahin karni chahiye thi..galati meri hai...tumne theek kaha...mujhe dekhkar chalna chahiye tha...main bhi na..kabhi kabhi kuchzyada ho boldeti hoon..I am sorry..!

Rey(gives a faint smile)...kya?..tumne...mujhse sorry kaha?

Kria:kyun?..nahin kehsakti kya?..mujhe sorry nahin feel hota kya?

Rey:haan hota hai...par tum mujhse sorry kehrahi ho woh zara unbelievable hai...

Kria:very funny...

Rey:its ok kria...waise sorry toh mujhe bhi tumse kehna chahiye...I am sorry...mujhe tumpar chillana nahin chahiye tha...mujhe koi right nahin hai...!

Kria:its ok...its fine..waise mujhe tumse kuch aur bhi kehna tha...thank you...

Rey:kya?..thank you?..kisliye?

Kria:mujhe chot lagne se bachane ke liye...agar tum sahi waqt par mujhe bachate nahin toh sach main...mujhe chot lagjati..thank you..!

Rey:your welcome kria...your welcome...!..anyway...mujhe jana hai...need to go...bye..!


Rey leaves but stops and turns around to look at kria..he smiles and says...

Rey:(in his mind)...sorry bolte hue bhi kitni cute lagti hai...waise I hope mujhe kria ki problem jald se jald pata chaljaye...par kaise?..kria ki koi bhi baat toh sunayi di hi nahin...ab kya karoon?...yahan khada rehkar kria ki problem janne ki koshish karunga toh kria ko achcha nahin lagega.kuch toh karna hi parega..!

Saying this,rey leaves from there...after some time,kria leaves from there to go the canteen realizing that she had to meet her friends in the canteen...kria rushes while rey goes to meet sharon in the rehearsal hall...!

In the canteen,anushka and neha try to figure out kria's problem but does not tell anything to them until she talk to her mom...she convinces her friends that nothing is wrong and all is fine...kria and her friends are enjoying their coffee...and having a nice time when anushka gets a message from RDX sir that she has to get the props and costumes for the drama club students as they have to leave for the drama festival...anushka gets up to leave for the auditorium and kria and neha volunteer to help her out...

They go to the auditorium...anushka and neha walks forward whereas kria comes down slowly from the stairs...she looks at the stage from far and smiles...

Kria:(in her mind)...yehi hai teri sapno ki manzil kria...yehi woh stage hai jiska sapna tune hamesha se dekha hai..yeh stage tera sapna hai...iss stage par dance karne ka sapna tune hamesha dekha aur tujhe isi stage ke liye aaj mom se thodi si himmat dikhakar baat karni hi paregi...apna sapna tujhe poora karna hi hoga...!

Anushka and neha get up on the stage and realize that kria is behind...they call kria to the stage..kria slowly walks towards the stage whereas anushka and neha go to the green room to get the costumes and props...when kria first steps on the stage,she feels and lives her dream...she closes her eyes and feels that her dream lies on this stage...she was feeling it...she walks to the center of the stage and without even realizing about anything around...she feels the music and starts dancing to live her dream of dancing on this stage...anushka and neha who are walking towards the green room realize that kria is not with them..they look around and see that kria is not anywhere around...they go to search for her and look for her,extremly worried for kria and wonder where did she go...they come to look for her outside towards the stage and when they come to the stage ,they are absolutely astonished and surprised. they become stunned when they see kria dancing...and that too so well...kria keeps on dancing without any worries ,forgetting all her inhibitions...she is dancing and she seems extremely happy...anushka and neha are absolutely surprised and shocked to see that kria can dance so well...and that she hid this from them..they did not about this hidden talent of kria...kria keeps on dancing and finishes her dance...she suddenly hears a was anushka and neha saying "kria?.."kria turns around and sees its her best friends...her eyes widen..she is worried as now her friends have got to know about her kria does not what to do next. ..what to tell her friends...anushka and neha stare at kria in astonishment and so does kria stare at them standing there worried..wondering what she will say and what she will do at this revelation of her hidden talent...!!!

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Yes first to comment... Really nic n long update... Liked it a lot...
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awsommee dduudeee totally cool wow loved every bit of it mannn poor kriya cn imasgine her talking 2 herself now updteee next 1 fats nd dont tke long

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