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Revenge Marriage #5 prt30A,B pg72,73 12/25/12

Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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Finally the 5th thread, wow I am just so shocked. I know I'm very lazy in updating, but trust me I a extremely happy with all my readers. Thank you all so very much, especially Zarqaa, Iram, Poo, and Rida' You guys know why I'm thanking you, for illegal spamming' lol Thank you all soo very much, and I promise to update faster this time J

WELCOME to Thread #5
Part 26- pg 11
Part 27- pg 32
Part 28- pg 45
Part 29- pg 48
Part 30 A- pg 72
Part 30 B- pg 73

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Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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Part 25:

"Ridhima… where the hell have you been… I was sooo scared" Sid embraced Ridhima, but Ridhima didn't hug him back. She didn't want to, there was another soul that she felt hugging her, Armaan's protective soul. She slightly pushed Sid away… "I'm fine Sid… I was just looking around…"

"You were looking around?? I thought you were afraid of the dark… what happened in those 5 minutes?" Sid asked her surprised. "Nothing… I just realized how protected I am from this dark…" she smiled looking back, as Sid and Ridhima walked forward.


Tossing and turning in her bed simultaneously, Ridhima just couldn't go to sleep. She could not get the image of Armaan out of her head. His piercing eyes, which spoke volumes to her, captivated her in such a way, she has never felt like this before. Ridhima felt her heartbeat raise, and he breathing went erratic, just by thinking about him.
What's wrong with me, I don't even know him… yet it feels as if I have known him for ages… She got into deep thoughts, not being able to sleep.
The suns rays hit Ridhima's face, lighting up her presence. She opened her eyes slowing absorbing the sunlight, and its energy. The smile on her face was still present, until…..
"Ahhh" she screamed as she saw the figure staring at her. "What… what are you doing here… and I'm…" she spoke surprised and hesitantly, as she covered her body with the blanket. Armaan realized her uncomfort, and looked away.
"Uh… actually I came inside to give you your breakfast… here's your coffee and eggs and toast…" he was about to leave. "Thanks…" came a light voice. Armaan closed his eyes, absorbing her sweet voice. She slightly blushed as he left the room, and ate his yummy breakfast.
"Morning sunshine…" Sid walked into her room, only to be shocked to see her eating breakfast already. "Ridhima… what the hell dude, I thought we were gonna go out and eat breakfast today…" he wined.
"Sorry Sid… actually Armaan made me breakfast in bed, and its really yummy.. Here try some…" she offered with her own hands. Sit sat next to her in her bed, and chewed out of Ridhima's fingers, and he lightly bit her hand. "Ouch… SID!… you're so naughty…" she chuckled.
"Well I don't if the food was tasty or not… but if you feed me, anything would taste good…" he winked at her, as Ridhima shook her head looking at what a flirt Sid was. This interaction didn't go unseen by Armaan, his mission was to keep an eye on Ridhima. Even though this scene between Sid and Ridhima broke his heart… he was raging with jealously… Ridhima is only his… and no one can come in between them, especially not Sid.
"Hey I have some work to do today… but what if I get out early, we can go shopping… what do you think?" Sid asked her, all he wants her to do is relax. "I don't know Sid… I feel so exhausted though… and I really don't feel like doing anything.." Ridhima looked upset. "Hey turn that frown upside down… hmmm I think I know how to do that.." Sid approached her an started tickling her, as she laughed hysterically.
"Sid… stop…..SIDDD…." he stopped tickling her and smiled. "There you go… that's the Ridhima I know.." he gave her a kiss on the cheek, and walked away.
Armaan held his fist, how dare he do that? That bas***d, he can't just touch my wife and kiss her…. I will kill him… The jealousy and anger with in Armaan was increasing day by day. He just couldn't wait till Sid left! "So Mr. Sid is taking Ridhima shopping… I'm guess he's gonna make it a date, I don't think so… Watch out for Armaan Malik, Mr. Sid Loser".


"Ridhima… I think this color would look amazing on you… go and try it…" Ridhima saw the green color and made a disgusted face. "Eww… Sid no… I hate green… not my color…" Ridhima pouted as Sid pouted along. "Ridhima I really like this color… come on dude…" Ridhima nodded in refusal. She hates green with all her guts. Sid finally gave up, and let her choose out a blue, mermaid like dress.
Armaan smirked seeing Sid fail. Sid, everyone knows Ridhima doesn't like green. 1 for Armaan, 0 for Sid.
Ridhima wore the dress, and thought it looked amazing on her. She tried zipping the back but was unsuccessful. Suddenly, she felt a hand brush against her back, zipping the zipper up. "Thanks Sid" she smiled and looked back. Her eyes widened seeing Armaan behind.
"Tum…" she moved slightly back, only to see him moving forward. Ridhima's back hit the wall, as Armaan's body hit hers. "You look amazing in this… I think you would look even hotter in this red dress… try this on…" he whispered inside her ears, trembling her.
"Armaan… move…" she whispered and tried opening her eyes. She wasn't dreaming this time, he was really there. Suddenly her eyes widened as he held her hand. "Leave my hand.." she pushed him coming back to her sense. Armaan held her hand firmer, as she tried to get out of his hold.
"JUST LEAVE MY HAND" she shouted angrily, disgusted with the fact that he can do such a thing. "What do you think of yourself… you can touch me when you want to… NO Armaan Malik…." Ridhima pointed her finger at Armaan, and watched Armaan rage with anger. "Yes I can do anything I want to you…" he held her shoulders firmly.
"If Sid can kiss you so can I.." he pressed his lips against hers. She pushed him back firmly, "Stop… you disgusting man…" Ridhima walked away with anger. Armaan hated himself at that moment for hurting her. He can see his fingernail still imprinted on her shoulders. He couldn't believe his anger, how can he hurt her like this, again. Armaan sunk onto the wall, tearfully.
Ridhima walked out of the changing room with anger, but she wasn't as angry. She liked the possessiveness, she loved the way he held her firmly. What does that mean? She thought, why is he impacting me so much. His pain, why does it seem so familiar to me? Ridhima changed out of the blue dress, and decided to try on the green one Sid told her to wear. Sid was her only friend, he would never hurt her, and since green makes him happy, she will wear green.
As Ridhima looked at herself in the green dress, she made an ugly face. "Eww… who invented green…" she said walking out of the changing room. "Wow… Ridhima… I knew you would love the green dress… you look amazing" Sid hugged her as Ridhima smiled.
Armaan heard this and he was upset. How come she's going her was to please him, and she's listening to him and not me… I think I deserve all this… Maybe Ridhima likes Sid, and she doesn't have feelings for me… This brought him down, he walked out of the mall with a gloomy look on his face. He felt as if his heart has just been stabbed 1000000 times.


Armaan watched the way Sid fed Ridhima food. They were all sitting on the dinning table, and Sid was giving Ridhima pieces of steak and mashed potatoes. He was feeding her so lovingly. "Ridhima, lets go out for a walk…" Sid held out a hand, as Ridhima accepted it.
"You know Ridhima, these past weeks we have been together, it feels as if nothing has changed… you haven't changed…" Sid held her hand. Ridhima felt slightly uncomfortable, she kept on looking back, as if her eyes were searching for something… or somebody. To her disappointment, he was nowhere here, but he promised me he would save me from the darkness… she whispered. Who cares about him, I have an amazing man who cares about me very much right next to me, why would I even think about that jerk, and mess up my mood… she thought.
Ridhima held Sid's hand firmer as they were about to walk into the house. Armaan saw how tightly their hands were held together, yet again anger raged with in him. He immediately walked outside, not talking to either of them.
Armaan looked up at Ridhima's windows, yet again he saw Sid kissing her cheek. They probably wished each other good night. He looked at her suspiciously as she looked the door. He saw her looking thru a shopping back.
"Oh my God… she bought that dress…" he was shocked. It was the same red dress he showed her. She bought it, he couldn't believe it. He saw her touching her lips, he remembered the kiss. Did she like the kiss? He thought. Is she just acting like she's not affected by me? I mean she clearly likes my choice, she bought that dress. She looks so beautiful in it.
Ridhima felt a strong gaze on her. She looked out her window at the moons and the clear stars. Ridhima walked up to the window, only to find Armaan outside. She looked at him, he looked to angelic. The way he started at her, the way his eyes captured her, and the tinkles she can see in his eyes. Why was he so special?
She saw him mumbling something to her. She tried reading his lips, what is he saying? She though.
He repeated his words, this time she scrutinized his lips more clearly,… the… way… you are? "I think that's what he said… Just the way you are? What does that mean?" she thought to herself, when she looked back outside all confused, he disappeared. Where did he go? Was he really here? What was happening to her, she thought about him so much. He probably wasn't even here, was she going insane, she see's him everywhere.
Ridhima laid in bed, every time he closed her eyes she would see Armaan's face. His eyes were so piercing, the way he kissed her. It was rough and sudden, yet it felt nice and relaxing. "Ouch…" Ridhima moaned as she felt a slight headache. She closed her eyes for some relief, suddenly an image played in her head.
"What was that… this felt so real…" Ridhima closed her eyes once again to see that imagine, but she wasn't as lucky this time. Who was that guy? I looked so happy and pleased? I should stop dreaming so big. Ridhima fell asleep, as usual dreaming about only one guy.


It was a sunny, windy morning. Armaan sat on the porch, staring at a picture of him and Ridhima. They looked so happy there. He remembers this picture, they took it after the amazing first night they had. Everything was so different back then compared to now. When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change, cause you're amazing, just the way you are. Armaan kept repeating those lines in his head. She was perfect without a doubt.
**Ting Tong** the bell rang.
Armaan got up to see who it was. It was a delivery truck, he signed for the papers and realized he left his wallet on the porch. As Armaan walked back to the porch, his wallet went missing. He looked all around for it, this was the same wallet with his and Ridhima's picture. Where was it.
"I can't believe you hid this from me… are you looking for this?" she held out the wallet. Armaan closed his eyes hearing the voice.

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Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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Buddy request me if you want a pm :)
thanks once again people <3
Next Part shall be updated with in a few dayss :p

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And Im Not firstBroken Heart

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Congratulationzz for d fifth thread Party

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yayy u used my name first! in yur face iram n rida! :P


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Btw, Sazii, I will read your FF next weekend :)

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