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|| Midnight Snack || AR OS..

..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged
HOLLA Frenzzz !!!Big smile

its Ashi once again...and since i had written my first OS on KSG's B'day..How could i miss the occasion of JENNY's b'day...The "JEN" Of My Favourite   HeartKAJEN Heart so here I am With a Brand New OS...Dedicated to My Darling Jenny !!!
hope u get all that u want JJ...many many many happy returns of the day..wishing u lots of prosperity...
p.s. plz Karan ke saath jaldi kaam karna...i m dying to see KAJEN together yet again..

so now my readers banter is u all can proceed to the OSLOL

                                              ~The Midnight Snack~

She headed towards his room in pitch darkness of the house rubbing her eyes , trying her make her vision clearer ,trying her level best to avoid tripping over the strewn socks, shoes, rags ,chips packets and God knows what not..

Riddhima cursed under her breath ,"kya yaar..yeh Armaan aur Armaan ke dost..aur inke cricket matches..match nahi ho gaya hai..musibat ho gayi hai..jab koi Ind-Pak Match hota hai..saale sab ghar pe tapak aate hai aur poora ghar tahas nahas kar jaate hai..grrr'OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!"

Riddhima yet again tripped over a cushion and fell down.."*it*t sh*t'owww..mumma..its paining'she cried holding her foot and nursing to it'but soon her pain and misery turned into anger and she got up with a force making up her mind that she will do what she wants NOW!!!!!

Carefully yet fast she headed towards Armaan's room barging in the room letting the door make a huge noise..yet she was dealing with her Sweetheart Kumbhakaran here..Who wont even wake up even if earthquake hit !!

''Abey yaar..yeh toh itni awaaz main bhi nahi uth taa hai..ughhh" she muttered under her breath and pulled her hair in anger'she went to his bed and started waking him up'"utho Armaan..Armaaannn'utho naaa'Armaan.." she kept on shaking him but Mr.Sleepy head simply turned around..hid his face in his pillow and dozed off once again..

''Armaan..utho naa'pleesshhh'mereko bhook lagi hai..ghar main khaane ke liye kuch nahi hai'uth naa Armaaan.." she changed her way of talking into a baby voice now because it always worked on Armaan.her darling.

And she was successful yet again'"kya hai riddhima ..kyu itni raat main utha rahi ho'im tired yaar..sone do naa'"he said in a sleepy tone..

"haan Armaan ..ind-pak match ke liye dosto ko invite karo..poora ghar ka naksha bigaad do..mera khana khatam karo aur so jaao'.Almaaan'meleko KFC ka chicken Burger khaana hai..plessshhh take me naaa..pleessshhh.." she made a baby face..but that was It for Armaan..he was tired because of lots of fun he had with his buddies all evening and now his "ultrasweet" girlfriend wanted to go to KFC at 1am to have cicken burger'wow !!!

"Riddhima..jaao frigde mein kuch hoga..jaake khaa lo..and for heaven sake please don't disturb my heck tired!!!! Now go !!!" he unknowingly shouted on her and that was it..Riddhima was already in tears..she had not expected Armaan to behave like this with her'him and his friends had ruined her whole eveing and she didn't say a word and now when she is hungry..she atleast deserved to be lil pampered..

Wiping her tears she started making her way out of the room'cursing Armaan.."haan haan so jao..ache se sona..tum aur tumhaare friends ek din mujhe bhooka maar daaloge'poore dinn tumhare dosto ke liye khaana banaya'khud kuch nahi khaya..ek baar bhi complain nahi kiya'aur mujhe kya mila'"she sobbed and sobbed and went out of the room.

Riddhima was sitting on the messed up couch of their living room'weeping'

"mereko Armaan ke saath shift hona hi nahi chahiye tha'"she kept wiping her tears..while her stomach made unlimited noises craving for food.

Armaan and Riddhima had been dating each other since the first year of their college and since then their love for each other had never doubled with every second they spent with each other and when they were hired in the same Multinational they had decided that they would take their relationship to a different level by getting into live-in relationship . they had been living together for 1year now and the life had been a bliss for them though like every couple they had their hare of fights and tiffs where they would wish they could kill the other one but still the love was intact. They lived under the same roof ..and maintained the ethics of their relationship ..slept in different rooms..though sometimes they would indulge in an intimate moment but back off as they came to reality.

After Riddhima exited Armaan's room..he slowly got up rubbing his eyes and rewinding what just happened between them what Riddhima mutttered when she went out'.armaan held his head as her worsd sank in his head'"freak!!! Riddhima didn't even have a bite all the evening coz of idiot frnds..ughhh..Armaan..ur nuts..bechari ne kuch khaya bhi nahi aur maine usse daant bhi diya' such a jerk!!!" he threw away his sheets and headed towards the living room to find Riddhima shedding tears hugging her knees '

"main bahut bura hoon naa Riddhima?"

Riddhima felt her hands being removed from her face gently'She saw Armaan kneeling in front of her with an aplogising look on his face. But Riddhima was really angry with him this time and she just shrugged his hands away from her and turned away shwoing him how much she was pissed off and hurt by his behaviour'

Armaan sighed as he knew it is going to be tough to "manaofy" his darling this time'but did Armaan ever give up that easily ?

" sorry naa..please maan jao naa'main jaanta hu I was really really rude to you..i mean rude is just an understatement 'I know I ruined your whole evening because of those jerks'but if I was so bad with you then tumhe bhi toh chup nahi rehna chahiya tha naa'I mean who told you to stay hungry?Baby'Please'meri taraf toh dekho'" Armaan saw his attempts to pacify Riddhima failing one by one because she didn't even look at him once she just kept staring in her lap and her tears didn't dry up.

Armaan at last gave up and started heading back when he felt Riddhima clutch his hand, trying to stop him'

"Armaan'" she spoke in a whisper'.

He turned back and Riddhima looked in his eyes..there were tears in his eyes threatening to spill anytime and she felt guilty for him'Armaan was never really an ignorant guy and some times by mistake he did some wrong deeds and then this used to be the outcome everytime..but Riddhima could never stay angry from him for long because she knew that he never meant any of it ever'

Riddhima got up and hugged him tight'and Armaan reciprocated with equal zest'.they spoke nothing for what seemed like ages'letting the silence speak volumes for them..because when they were together..words never really mattered'their eyes and the warmth of their togetherness was enough for them'.

After some time Armaan wiped his tears and Riddhima's and spoke up'

"chalo Riddhima'your hungry naa..lets take you to KFC'now even im hungry'and no ifs and no buts'we are going..for a midnight snack..and that's final'" Armaan said lightening up the mood and started dragging her out of their house to their car..

"arey lekin Armaan'suno toh'arey we arent even dressed well'I mean just look at us'"

Armaan finally stopped in front of their car..and realized they both surely werent dressed well 'Riddhima was in her skimpy short top with her favourite light blue shorts and armaan in just a black vest and white PJs'

After giving some thought to it..he jus shrugged it'"naaa'doesn't matter'we will  take away the order and have it at the beach'wassay? "his face all excited'

Riddhima grinned at his idea 'it had been ages since they have had some fun time together that too at night and this ..thanks to Armaan seemed like a perfect idea of romance to her'

They quickly got in the car and drove off


The wind blew gently near the sea'the weather being a bit cold ..and the sound of the waves relaxed both the souls'it was indeed the best they could have had after such a long day'

Riddhima sat on the bonet of their SUV with her legs crossed and munching on her favourite Chicken Zinger Burger and all the other food items Armaan had bought her '.while Armaan just lay peacefully resting his back on the screen of the car adoring his Basket eating away to glory'she looked so cute and innocent 'the wind was swaying her messed up hair and even that added to her beauty..

Riddhima turned towards Armaan and offered him her Burger "Armaan..tum bhi lo'its yummm!!!!" she said with her mouth full'

Armaan slightly smirked at her cuteness and simply took a bite from where she had it..

Riddhima felt Armaan's intens gaze on her and asked him what was the matter'


"Kya baat hai Armaan'bolo naa'"

But instead he simply got up and gave her a kiss straight on her lips shocking her at first but then slowly even she calmed down and gave into the kiss and both shared their moment'

After some time broke off'while Armaan was smiling at his Basket'Riddhima couldn't look up at him ..her cheeks were crimson red

Riddhima coudlnt gather up the courage to speak and timidly said.."yeh'umm'acahank..?''

"wohh Actually tumhaare lips ke paas ketchup lagaa tha'so..i thought ki its better to kiss it away than to wipe it off you know'" Armaan winked at her  with a naughty grin making Riddhima hide in his chest and he hugged her tighly to himself'

"I Love You Kumbhakaran"

"I Love You Too Basket"

They Both Giggled And spent their rest of the night talking sweet little nothings and living "their" moment.


so my dear work is done..and now urs starts...please do let me know how it was..coz ur comments and likes are really encouragingSmile

so LIKE button neeche hai...and Comment box as usual page ke sabseee neeche hai...dont forget ur work Wink

silent readers..ur valuable comments will be highly appreciated too Big smile

P.S. I Miss You Meri Behena Kiran Razzak..hope u come back really really soon
P.P.S. Thanks a Lot Afia for encouraging me to write it further or i wud have deleted the whole draft way before
P.P.P.S. please edit ur comments later if u happen to res. them Smile

Lots Of Love

My other works

~Back In your Arms~ AR OS

|| Love Is Just A Click Away|| AR FF online dating (with Afia)

~Unleashed Love~ AR FF by Me And Kiran

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Rhea.KaJen Goldie

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Ashi !!!!
Finally you wrote it!!!

This OS was amazing!!
It was sooo CUTE & ADORABLE!
Just loved it!!!
You know i kept "Awww"ing while reading the whole OS!
Its really cute!
and the end..
How romantic! (Just like you!) LOL

Do write more Ashi!
I just love the way you write!

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karansprincess IF-Sizzlerz

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CUTE is the word..=)

dat was seriously very cute..:)

loved it..:)

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Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Res =)


Ashi! The OS was so awesome! :) You made me go "Aww" throughout the OS :D

Keep writing! Oh and update Love is just a click away super soon! I'm dying to read what happens next :D


MY AR FF: Love Is.. -
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MY AR OS - Ours -

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-DavneetKaur- IF-Sizzlerz

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aww shooo sweet..i loved their midnight snack ...LOL...right more shots:)

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aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

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hey ashi..nice OS..
armaan was a typical guy..obsessed with cricket and calling his friends overr!
riddhima was irritated with him because of that..and woke him up since she was hungry..but he was too sleepy and sent her, KFC! ugh, i so wanna go there now!
she was hurt, and he realized his mistake and came to did work finally..and they went out.
they sat at the beach..and he suddenly kissed her, so cute!..
PS: happy birthdayy jenny :)
thnx 4 d pm
do write more

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Rozy77 IF-Dazzler

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awww that was really sweet n cute
i loved it. great jobThumbs Up
thanks for the pm

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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