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Tuesday 3/5/11 Episode No 490

Athu ennavO Roja kku Mantra - Kaigeyi  meeting report pannanum
nnu   head writing !!!!  Clash of the titans - Mantra Mangu is
livid - " ennanga di??? Your first DIL is preggie??? Mandai le KAllai
thookki pottu tte??" ( Eclat, seekiram vaamma, nijamma KAllai thooki
pOduvOM , paavam PILS Emeritus preggie aa irukka, intha amma kku
pOngi varathu !!)
Kaigeyi Visa is all meek (nambittOm ) " What can I do?/
Not my mistake . Epdiyaanalum your daughter is my DIL and her child is
the only heir to our family. Athaan divorce apply panni yache?? PILS grad
will go for her further studies to her Alma Mater" Mantra is still very angry -
" I know how selfish you are. Make sure that the divorce comes through, ok??"
Mantra leaves - Kaigeyi aduthathaa enna kuzhappam pannalaam nnu

Thanni and Gayu come to Vishnu's house. Villishnu (thanks SC, nalla nick )
romba saadhu vaa cutting veggies. Gayu frets " why do u do all this when
Sudha is around??" ( athu enna kelvi?? Sudha vai intha veettu cook aa anuppi
Villi says that both MIl and DIl are sharing work. Gayu goes in and finds
Sudha happy.  Since Sudha is married , she thinks that she can advise Gayu (yaaru
 kitee?? O HO nna naam Wink)
Tells Gayu that she is happy with Vishnu " nee eppO
maama vOda compromise aaga pore??" Gayu says that she knows how to take care
of her life. Matter enna nna Maruveedu feast - Villishnu romba pisukkaram panni
kitti apram accepts to grace the sambhandhi veedu.

MM Krish is having food (lunch?? dinner?? whateverrr) Paro aunty wants to know
 the modus operandi " Gidu gidu nnu pOne, Sudha kku jewels vaangi jaam jaam nnu
kalyaanam pannitte?? How, my darling sonny?"Gayu also comes and asks the
same Q  Sonny does his usual mennu muzhungals ( neenga enni kki thaan straight aa pesuvinga nnu Roja waits ) and later unveils the secret. " meter vatti... 5 lakhs..." Paro
aunty kku  Gili " meter vatti yaa?? Life poora vatti mattum thaan katta mudiyum??"
MM says that he did not want Sudha's marriage to go kaput this time " Kaile ozhaippu
irukku, I will manage NO ONE need worry about me " Gets up with out eating ( yaaranum sapidarache sensitive issue pathi pesanum nnu serial lakshanam - ozhunga sappida vida maattingalaa?? ) Gayu is pensive - kOnjam urugal for hubby?? Theriyalai...nalaikkum Roja thaan update, appO solluva...

AZ household - Mugs has asked for a family meeting. AZ sir kku romba kavalai
" appa, arumai magane, rendu naala konjam happy aa irukken, athukku Aapu
vaichudathey" Mugs says that he has thought over this a lot " with out any outside
 influence, I have taken a decision. I applied for divorce from Chithu on the basis of
" no kid possible" Now that she is preggie, antha application won't stand in the court
So, that will become null and void .." Visa aunty ai Manthra PEi arainjuttu thaa enna??? Mandaikkulle tsunami...Wink


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4/5/11 Wednesday Episode No 491

AZ family meeting - Mugs announcing his decision to withdraw the divorce
petition. Visa aunty mugathile "no fly dancing " ( Oru puram Manthraaa 
marupuram Mugsss, Irandukkum naduve scheming Visaaa, scheming Visaaa -
BG by Roja Wink)
AZ mugathile santhosham pOngarathu - " appa, magane, nalla nalla vaarthaiya sOlriye ppa...muthalle athai sey " But PILS Emeritus has a different opinion
 " No nga, no withdrawal of petition... apram Swetha kku kashtam.." Visa aunty
mugathile oru ray of hope " hmmm nalla thaan brain wash panni yirukken intha Emeritus
 ai " - Swetha barges in  - tells Mugs that he should withdraw " intha asadu solrathai kekkatheenga - this is not sacrifice, this is pure , unadulterated foolishness , please withdraw..." Visa aunty kku marupadi no fly dancing face. Nera Manthra kitte pOidaraanga. Tells Manthra that Swetha is the one who spoils all her plans " antha Pallipatti queen
namba side ..aana un pOnnu... " Manthra is unrelenting " nee enna pannuviyO yethu pannuviyO I don't care, Swetha kku enna vazhi??'  Kaigeyi says that she has run out of ideas..."athaan un kitte asking for ideas.."

Manthra says the one thing that maddens maddie further " namba yethanum medicine kuduthu Chithu baby ai abort pannitta ??" ( Eclat oru 10 ton pAarang KAllu kOndu vaamaa - Ore pOda pOttudalaam grrr) Fortunately Visa is not buying that. Refutes angrily - "  I did all the scheming only because I wanted a heir for the AZ empire !!! How dare you suggest this?? Inimel yen moonjile muzhikkathe " Manthra knows when she is beaten - placates Kaigeyi saying that she could only think of Swetha's life " I am your friend after all " Finally Kaigeyi says " leave it now, if your daughter's life gets complicated, appO paarkkalam " ( appo, abort panniduvingalaa??? Roja kOnnuduvaa, jakkirathai ) Manthra watches Kaigeyi leaving "en daughter life le prachani vantha paarkkalaama?? Ithai prachanai ya aakkaren " Metti Oli Rajam surfaces uh huh.

Gayu goes to the police station to ask about the complaint - amma ange konjam MM
kitte Egirra mathiri Egirranga - Sub inspector amma vows to see one hand. Gayu vai
bench le ukkathi vaichuttu , grabs her mobile and calls Thanni. On the other side MM is wondering about darling wife - " so early in the morning...enge pOitta??" Well, Thanni
 calls with the info of Gayu at the police station . MM rushes to rescue wifey darling.
Thanni also goes there. Villishnu with her clan arrives - only to see that the house is
locked ( Roja kku puriyalai , Thanni has to go to the police station, ok..but veet le cook
ellam irukka maattangalaa??? Thanni thaan ellarukkum cook panraaraa?? EnnavO pOngappa )
Sudha runs inside the gate... kap chip, sathame illai - Villishnu kku KObam
 10000 degrees Centigrade...


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atina IF-Rockerz

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Thursday, May 5th, Episode 492

 Suda knocks on the door calling appqa...appa...but no response..She cries and comes out...here she goes,,vishnu's mom," what kind of a family they are..? don't they have any mariyaathai...they have to be  here with the opened  doors for us and waiting for us with the aaraathi etc.." Vishnu tries tomake her calm ..but no use...she summa porinjufies...A neighbour woman is watching all this kootthu from far...meantime Gayu is sitting in the police station...

Still Vishnu's mom goes on kathifying...TK and Kriwsh reach the police station and meet the police inspector woman. TK goes to her and introduc es himself and krish to her. The inspector starts," Vaanga Sir...what kind of a woman she is...? she simply comes here and shouts at us...is she trying to terach us how to do our duty? we will defenitely catch the theif and get back your gold too...when asked she refused to tell her husband's name even...ok..ok...you better advise your wife not to do this again...here...this is her cell phone...take her away from here"
Now we see Vishnu and team ...Suda is crying bitterly thinking something has happened to her dad...Vishnu is trying  to console her...Meenatshi's relatives ladies go on telling bad things aboiut TK's family and usippiify Meenatrshi. That was the limit for meenakshi.
Inj police station Krish tries to explain about their worries after the gold theft. ..and asks sorry to her. Inspector says," you are such a nice person..but loomk at your wife...she is so arrogant...anyway you may go" They come outside the station and still Gayu is like a veracha kozgi...grabs her phone from Krish's hands. Krish tells her not to do like this that too...when maapilai anf his relatives are coming to the house for virundu...Gayu screams," stop it...naan ungakitte alway thothukitteh irukken...but one day I will win also..." 
Tk feels so bad seeing this arrogant Gayu...But krish says," maamaa it is ok...she is your kid and my wife...but rendum onnuthaan...ava etho kovathula pesaraa...it is ok...mamaa yo9u please take Gayatri and go home by auto and I will  follow" Meenatshi loses her porumai and pushes Vishnu inside the car...while Vishnu tries to stop her...Suda is standing outside and pleading her to wait for some more time...But finally she manages to get Suda also into the car...and she asks the driver to start the car...The car moves...and here come TK and team.
TK happily tells Krish," habbaadaa...nalla vellai our guests have not yet come...God only saved us"...as all of them are going into the house the neighbour lady comes and informs them what happened when Vishnu and party came there a  while ago. Gayu feels guilyt and Krish gets so mad at her and tells," Look what happened now...you shold be more careful  when handling family matter...sari vaanga maamaa ...let us go to Vishnu's house...Neeyum Vaa" They all leave to Vishnu's place.
Senthil happily comes to a shop and buys some sugar ( he is coming back from Thirupur) and he has no change for 500 Rs...so the shop man tells him to get the change from murugan...but Senthil tells that Murugan would not have opened the shop...but the shop owner tells that for the past three days the shop was opened...Senthil is confused and starts walking towards the shop...and he finds Rajendran sitting and attending ophone calls and looking into the account book etc...Senthil gets so furious and asks him to get out of the shop. But rajendran tells," this is my machaan;s shop...let him come and tell then i will leave...he just went to the bank asking me to look after the shop.."
Senthil refuse to listen to him...he pushes Raj out by force and grabs the lock abd key from the tablke and draws the shutter down and lock it...he tells ," when unnoda machaan comes here..you tell him that I locked up the door nu...podaaa" Senthil walka away...while angry Rajenbdran stares at him...

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Friday, May 6th, Episode 493

Vishnu's house...Suda is on her bed crying so bitterly... Meenakshi  jumping vaanathukkum ...bhoomikkum ," dei ..what kind of family is this daa ha? mariyadai illaathavanga...they could have atleast called you illiah?" Vishnu tells," amma..may be they are in a situation where they can not even think of taking their phone calling illiah? more over why should they insult us..what will they gain maa?  by putting me avanga kai kulleh...what will they saadippaanga maa? sollunga...and do not talk with out any logic in it maa"

Here Meenakshi goes again,"dei if you talk like this your in laws will eat you up and do whatever they want ok?" At this point an auto stops in front and Tk, Krish and Gayu emerge out of it one after the other...surprising Vishnu and Meenakshi. As soon Tk starts apologising..Suda runs out and hugs Tk asking," appa...ungalukku onnum illiyeh?" TK consoles her and starts pleading to Meenakshi and Vishnu...But Meenakshi refuses to come down from the murungai maram...Krsih asks sorry...followed by Gayu and  she exdplains about her police staion visit ...Now Meenakshi climbs up the murungai higher and tells," so you people were worried about your first daughter forgetting about your second one..ha? enna kudumbamo? you better leave from here without wasting my time"
TK pleads her with his koopiya karangal...Vishnu feels bad and finally vedaalam comes a little down and tells," sari...sari...today everything went this aba sagunamaa...so you and wife go for virundu tomorrow...and eat nicely and come...do not include me in all this ok?" She rushes into a room and shuts door on others face...Vishnu consoles TK telling..by tomorrow his mother will be ok...TK and team leave from there.
In Pallipattu..Ranbjani is waiting for Senthil ...she looks worried..Senthil reaches home and Ranjani tells about Murugan started listening to Rajendran..she suggests that they both should go thani kudithanam...Hearing this Lakshmi comes to them and tells," Ranjani...you should not even think of  such thing which willbreak this family..." Ranjani replies," atheh...I am telling thius becaause I do not want to see more fights and arguements  which will breaak this family" Senthil also agrees with what Ranjani said. Lakshmi firmly tells," mudiyaathu...no one goes out of this house...I will noit allow thaat"
Here comes Vasanthi telling," atheh...if they want l...let them go...why are you stopping them..after all...they are staying here for free thaaneh..." Lakshmi screams at her and Murugan comes in rescue of his wife. Vasanthi asks," atheh you gave birth to only one son..that is my husband...so he only has the right to stay here"
lakshmi replies," Senthil is my own sisters son..and this house belongs to me and my sister..so  Senthil has all the rights on this house as Murugan" Murugan tries to talk supporting Vasanthi and Lakshmi gets furious and asks," ennada your wife has tied you in her nmundaanai? you are talking like this?" Murugan shouts at his mother and  Snethil scolods him. Vasanthi screams at Senthil...ore galaataa...finally Murugan tells," stop it...I can not tollerrate you shouting at my wife..like this...you both be here...we both will leave...Vasanthi take the bags and come"
Senthil pleads Murugan not to go but murugan replies without anyrespect calling Senthil...yov poooiyaa...They both leave with two bags...
Vishnu and Suda are in TK's house having virundu saapaadu. Vishnu goes on talking about the dishes and TK happily talks about his cooking talents ...Finally Gayu tells the truth that the food was bought from a nearby hotel...Vishnu tells that he knows since he saw all the packing papers in the dustbin with the restaurant name on it...TK ore vazhinjufies...Vishnu jokes a lot ...totally every one is very happy.  Vishnu tells that TK should come and live witth them...but Tk replies," sure I will come let me see my grand children first then I will do all that" Hearing this Krish looks at Gayu and Gayu as usual...kadu...kadu...TK requests Vishnu to stay with them atleast a day or two. Vishnu oreh thayakkam and Krish tells," enna Vishnu...it is maama's desire...so you have to stay here"
This mammaa boy Vishnu hesistaes and tells that he need to get his mom's permission...He calls his mom and asks permission...she becomes angry...
all  the directors are same..Yadav is no different I guess...!! Until the previous episode in the police station...Krsih adressed Vishnu as "SIR"...Vishnu Sir...even today when Krish says bye to Vishnu he addressed him as " Vishnu sir" but all of a sudden in the visundu scene...oreh lovvvuuu and he keeps calling Vishnu...damaal...damaal...eppadiyo namma kaathuleh poo suthina the serial people are happy...I guess!!
May be in the next episode Krish will go back addressing him "sir" watch makkaleh...!!

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Monday 9/5/11 Episode No 494  - Archives ' Copy

Ore sirrippu ...gummalaam...at Thanni household ...Vishnu calls Villishnu ..
" amma mma...maama amma wants us amma to stay at least for a day
amma...if you say yes, we will amma ..." Villishnu wants to know if that is
what Vishnu wants ( aammma, want ittaalumWink) and Vishnu answers in
affirmative . Viillishnu gives consent " Ok, stay for today and get back home
with Sudha tomorrow..." Marupadi gummaalam.. Thanni vayai vaichukittu
summa irukkame...needles Gayu " ellam Gayu vaale thaan..unga amma kku kOvam vanthuduchi.. Police station kku Iva pOi, naanga rescue kku pOi...ellam ivalaale
thaann.." Kadu Kadu Gayu becomes Vidu Vidu Gayu " why blame me??? All because
of your arumai mOotha mappillai.." Thanni grabs the chance to sing MM ashtothram
and says "but for him, no Sudha marriage !!" Gayu is in a "bare all " mood " athu sari,
nagai kku panam enge irunthu vanthathu nnu theriyuma??" MM tries to shoo shoo her
but Gayu express City station le thaan nippen nnu pidivathamaa irukku - tells daddy
that MM took some meter vatti " my MIL all the time laments about it and makes me feel guilty. That is why I went to the police station and asked about the theft. " MM says that it is he who borrowed and he knows how to repay " antha time le I had no option..Sudha's marriage has to happen !!! Gayu says that having found the groom and done all the needful single handedly, she would have managed that too  " And, don't forget that it is your mappillai who stopped Sudha's marriage the first time " MM kku kOvam vanthuduthu ( apdi pOdu aruvaalai , kOvam vera yaa?? Hmmm, Gayu kitte inimel Egirra mudiyaathu o Ho nna naam) wants Gayu to stop talking but innum City station varralai, so Gayu is not stopping...MM leaves...Thanni chides Gayu and she also leaves in disgust. Vishnu assumes the role of MM and tells Thanni that they have sort this out..."epdi?"...

His eyes eye Sudha's jewellery - idea vanthu vittathu doyyy - asks Sudha to shell out
 all the heavy jewellery " wear the minimum and give the rest to maama" Asks maama to pawn everything " get  the money and finish off the loan - if more money is needed ask me, ok??" Thanni rightly points out " unga amma?? She wanted to stop the wedding only for this gold !!!" Vishnu says that he can manage his mom " enga amma manasile Onnum vaichikka mattanga, she is a child " (athu sari...enga SC avangalukku Villishnu nnu correct aa nick kuduthu irukkanga !!! And you need to get permission from her if you have to visit the loo !!! ) Thanni refuses a few times but finally succumbs to Vishnu's idea " Only if u clear the debt, Gayu and MM can reconcile happily !!"

Rajendran's house - ayya water beating. Vasanthi and Murugan arrive - luggage Oda - Vasanthi goes in...Murugan has a mysterious smile and retains the auto. To cut a long story short, Vasanthi says that they were insulted royally by Senthil and Co " nee yennai Raani mathiri vazha vaikkarennu sonnathai nambi...we are here..nee thaan antha Senthil ai should see one hand" Murugan does a chayngg chak - rajendran is mighty mighty happy and Murugan's mind voice tells us " un vazhile pOi, enga annan kitte irunthu sutta 85 lakhs ai epdi vaangarennu paaru " . Murugan leaves - "until I earn pots of money...my prime concern is my shop, me going"  Rajendran gloats...sarakkai raw aa adikkaraar !!!! MM's shop - before 8 pm MM has to pay the money - has no clue as to how that can be done but says "my deivam , my dad will bring in a miracle " Well, the miracle walks in - Thanni comes with the document in hand " your kavalai is solved " MM repeatedly asks for the source of the money but Thanni is tight lipped - "Rishi moolam Nathi moolam kekka koodathu...just be happy that your troubles are behind you" MM kku curiosity thaangalai...


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Tuesday 10/5/11 Episode No 495

Again gummalam in Thanni household - looks like it is the next day - Sudha
and Vishnu have had lunch - Gayu is present , MM is missing.  Thanni tells
Maappu No 2 that he has the maruveedu seer ready " unga amma is angry.
Ippo ithuvum seyyattaa.."" Vishnu says that his mom is Goddess of understanding.
"kOnjam "front anger "Wink undu , that is all ..but once that spell gets dissipated...
she is an angel. You do not give things because you are worried about my mom. If
you want to give some things to your daughter...then go ahead.." Gayu asks Sudha
to get ready " wear all your jewellery , new malli pOo etc., and get ready.." That is
when Gayu comes to know that the gold has been pledged for MM's loan. She is livid
and shouts at daddy and Sudha for that heinous act " as it is Vishnu's mom is angry,
and now you guys add fuel to the fire?? " Vishnu says that it was him who suggested
that idea " I work for a bank and can get some loans for decent interest. Next week I will
get back the gold ..whereas MM is paying some atrocious interest !!" Gayu is still not
convinced ...all leave to meet Villishnu.

Villishnu welcomes them with a pleasant face - Thanni says that they missed her for the
feast...Gayu is about to spill the beans but Vishnu manages to divert mommy to the pooja room - "palakaara koodai yai samy kku katta vendaam??" Mommy goes away and Vishnu once again tells Gayu that he will take care of the whole thing. Gayu is restless but leaves the arena.As they get home, MM comes with the document in hand - demands to know the source of money. Finally Gayu spills and quickly adds that she can solve every thing. "ithu enga problem, we do not need you to butt in " MM tries to say that Villishnu can play havoc ...and bingo Villishnu arrives dragging Sudha by the ears - apram enna ?? Free for all thaan !!!!

Well, Villishnu accuses Thanni and Gayu as " perfect planners and executors " - " you
 lied in the mandapam that the gold was stolen. And when I stood my ground, you
brought it all . And now, Ponnu - Mappillai yai virundhu kku kOopittu, took away the whole thing??? What do u think of me??? Some Kathile pOo suthina case??" (ayyo amma, naanga apdi ninaippOma??? Visa aunty kku mele Oru padi neenga nnu decide panni nadungi kittu irukkOm !!) Finally tells them that Sudha can come back only with the gold "otherwise you can keep her here - with best compliments from me " - leaves ignoring Thanni's amma amma begging. MM says that nothing is lost " let us borrow again and retrieve the gold, I will take care of meter vatti " Gayu shows him the door " told you ...it is OUR head ache, we will manage...quit.." MM leaves ( Roja liked Gayu showing the door , intha MM avalai epdi yellam demean panni yirukkar??!!! Venum katti kku venum, Vengala Katti kku venum ) Gayu asks
 " where is Vishnu in all this?? He promised to take care ??" Sudha says that all the drama happened after Vishnu left . Gayu pacifies Sudha and promises to set right the issue. Thanni looks lost - again that same baygon bathed cockroach look, eye balls ai ella direction le yum sutharaar ...


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Wednesday 11/5/11 Episode No 496

Mantra arrives to Kaigeyi's house. Amma YethO wedding pOraangalaam - so, athukku
inimel thaan silk saree vaanga pOraanga Wink Swetha is asked to accompany - as an
after thought Wink she asks PILS grad to come along. PILS does not want to but an
unsuspecting Swetha convinces her to come along. Kaigeyi happily gives a send  off.
Viishnu's house - Villishnu is doing a sky-earth jump. Enna matter?? Vishnu says
that there is no foul play " It was me who asked Sudha to give away her gold. In fact,
maama was very hesitant and Gayu was livid. I insisted !!! And why do you always
misconstrue ???? School le kanakku ozhunga sOlli tharalai??? Thappu thappa
kanakku panre??" Villishnu is AanKaara sOrubi - " yes, my calculations went wrong,
that is why your dad suttufied my gold and ran away ,,,ippO, ivanga ...kudukkara mathiri
kuduthu ..pidingittanga .." To cut a long story short Villishnu puts her foot down and
extracts a promise from Vishnu " If what you said is true..that I mean a lot to you..
promise me that you will not see Sudha or talk to any of them . If you do not, then over
 my dead body you will bring back Sudha here" Vishnu the momma's boy does exactly
that !!!! Uh huh.

The next segment irked Roja no end. So, she will not go in to details. Mantra has
already procured some stupid abortion medicine. Mixes it in the juice and is all
 set to serve to PILS grad. Fortunately for all of us, Swetha watches this - gives a bit
of her mind to her mom and tells her that she is ashamed to call her amma "nee yellam
Oru pOmbalai???PILS grad is moving sky and earth to save this child and you are so callous?? " shouts at mommy who cries and says " I did all this only for your vazhkkai " Swetha is unrelenting ..what is more hurting in this is PILS grad is privy to all this...holds her tummy and is sOgam personified...


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