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DHADKAN BAN GAYYE HO TUM AR FF#2 new thread pg 150

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                   Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum
                                       AR FF

Story till now

Armaan And Riddhima were married and riddhima is riddhima armaan mallik. All the family members of mallik family loved riddhima and they loved riddhima and accept her whole-heartedly but not armaan, he did not behave with riddhima properly and after that riddhima come to know that armaan did not like her and did the marriage just for the sake of his mother Nandini Karan Mallik as he loved his mother very much but did not accept riddhima. But Riddhima tried to win his heart, but all her efforts go in vain. 
                                After one month of their marriage riddhima comes to know that the reason of armaan did not accept her is that he loves someone else and wants to marry her not riddhima, but he could not as the girl herself, CHAAVI  whom he loved leave him on their engagement. And after coming to know this riddhima feels rejected  and heart broken so she want to leave the house but with Nandini's  advice she thought to give her marriage a chance. And she start to win armaan's heart and slowly slowly armaan becomes dependent on her.
       Time flew away and armaan start feeling something for riddhima. He even feels guilty for not giving riddhima her rights and he start accepting her slowly. In the process armaan's younger twince brother Rahul Mallik married to Muskaan their friend and in the wedding cermonies armaan and riddhima come closer to each-other.They even share intimate moments with each-other but armaan always regret their closeness so riddhima try to keep herself away from him so tht he can not feel guilty, until he forgets his past fully.
                                    But something did not go well and due to one misunderstanding armaan  was about to commit a mistake, he has mistook riddhima for something and force her into a physical relation in his anger but as destiny decides armaan did not commit it fully, as riddhima ran from there. And armaan come back to his senses. And armaan's misunderstanding cleared and he is so shameful for his deed that he could not met riddhima's eyes and hurt himself physically. He apologised riddhima.
                  And riddhima understand his feeling fully and she forgave him and armaan also promised her to move on his life and try to forget his past fully. And armaan and riddhima becomes friends and armaan comes to know riddhima more.He even start liking her or may be loving her.Armaan And Riddhima come more closer in Holi Function and armaan even gave her a kiss in public and Riddhima also comes to know that armaan has a one childhood friend whom he missed so much. Now armaan and riddhima shares some intimate moment armaan did not regret it rather he enjoyed it.
                                                                So Friends this is story till now, now we see how their relation progressed?Do armaan actually loves riddhima? Or Their are some more exams for them. Will the family members successful in bringing AR closer? Armaan accept Riddhima fully or not? And who is Armaan's Childhood Friend? Will now Riddhima tell Armaan That she LOVES him. Too many questions so getting answers stay tuned with ''DHADKAN BAN GAYYE HO TUM-AR FF''.

Hope u enjoy the journey of Armaan And Riddhima's Marriage till now friends.

Thanks for ur apperciciation and support


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For those who could not read part 27 here u go with the part friends...

                   Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                  AR FF
                                 part 27



Armaan's sleep broke and he found riddhima's side empty, he wondered where she has gone at this time, he checked washroom but she is not there and than he go outside and checked everywhere, kitchen, garden but no she is not there also than his gaze fell on lights coming from study room, he goes there and saw riddhima was sleeping there her head was on table, she was handling pencil in her one hand and there are lots of papers around her and armaan go towards her and saw the designes and he picked one desigen



He smiled and saw her, she was making faces in her sleep because her hairs was disturbing her sleep and armaan gently place her hair strad behind her ear and looked at her, she looks so innocent and beautiful in her sleep, armaan caress her face 

Ar:''riddhima kuch batein chupane par bhi nahin chupti''

and he let go of the pencil from her hand and picked sleeping riddhima in his arms 

and leads to their bedroom and as riddhima's heart feels him close, she snuggles closer to him and a smile appeared on her face, armaan looked at her and placed her softly on bed and kissed her on her forhead

Ar:''abhie to aap so jayiye mrs. chupi rustam designer sahiba mai aapse subhh bat karta hun, good night''

And he laid on his side and drifted to sleep with riddhima's thoughts, this is his routine to dream about her and think about her from few days, he could not stop himself thinking about her and now days she even start coming to his dreams, he almost forget everything in front of her and he is happy about this.

Next Morning

Armaan wakes feeling an slight weight on his chest and he saw riddhima's head over his chest and she is cuddling up with him, armaan looked at her and smiled seeing her face, she looks so beautiful, armaan try to get up but he did not as riddhima's hands encircling his waist, armaan smiled seeing her innocence and he gently detangled himself from her grip, riddhima firstly frowned in her sleep but when armaan kissed her over her right cheek her frown changed into smile and armaan looked at her for some minutes and next moment

Ar:''so Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik time to confess something, so wifey jsut wake up something is waiting for u''

He smirked and go to outside to bring something and after sometime he is back,and riddhima wakes up, she was smiling she did not know y but she feels so good, suddenly she remembered something and

Ri:''oh my god mai room mai kaise ayi mai to study mein thi designes bna rahii thi aur aab to subhh bhi ho gayyi aab kaise karungi mai yeh, armaan ko to aaj hi designes dene the aab? pta nahin mai so kaise gayyi''

She cursed herself only than she noticed armaan was sitting beside her on couch and she is tensed seeing him

Ri(in her heart):''kahin armaan ne sab sun to nahin liyya?''

And she come out from her thoughts with armaan's frustrated voice

Ar:''aaj kal koi bhi kam sahii se koi kyoon nahin karta?koi bhi is ghar me koi kam sahii se nahin karta na kkoi kuch samjhta hai. kisii ko merii parvah nahin hai subhh ke 9 baj rahee aur abhie tak mujhe kisii ne mera juice nahin diyya hai had hotii hai har bat ki''

Listening his words riddhima glanced clock its 9, she is still in her bed and hearing his irritated voice she almost panicked

Ri:''sorry mujhe bahut der ho gayyi hai mai abhie bas tayar hokar aati hun i am really sorry pta nahin mujhe kaise itnii der ho gayyi''

but armaan was actually feeling laughing seeing her scared face but somehow he managed and started

Ar:''kya yar riddhima tum bhi aaj kal pta nahin tumhara dhayan kahan rehta hai, tum bhi pta nahin kya karti ho saara din?''

Now riddhima is on verge of crying 

Ri:''par maine kya kiyya mujhse koi galti ho gayyi hal?''

Ar:''mujhe btao tum kya poore din mein tumhare liyye 10 minute bhi nahin hai jo humara room theek kar sakoo''


Ar:'' par kya riddhima pta nahin yar mere room mein itnee papers kahan se aaa gayye, riddhima tumhe pta hai kya kuch, dekho kitne papers hai''

Riddhima's expressions turned into horrified ones after hearing him and she is shocked seeing her all the designes scattered there and armaan was looking towards her

Ar:''aisaa lagta hai ki kisii bache ne drawing ki hai par humare ghar mein to koi bachaa hai hi nahin to riddhima yeh sab kahan se aya?''

Ri:''vo yeh vo''

Ar:''kya riddhima tumhe kuch pta bhi hotaa hai hotii kahan ho tum?''

Riddhima is feared hearing him

Ri:''mai abhie ise hata detii hun''

Ar:''aisee kaise mujhe dekhne to do yeh bachaa kahan se aya jisne itnii achii drawing ki hai''

Riddhima is looking towards him in disbelief one moment he is irritated, and scolding her and next moment he is praising so she

Ri:''mai ready hokar ati hun''

She said and get up from bed to save herself from questions, she fears if armaan comes to know that she makes these designes but armaan come in her way and grabbed her hand

Ar:''areey aisee kaise merii help to karoo guess karne mein yeh

kis  bache ne kiyya hai?''

Ri:''umm mujhe nahin pta hai''

Ar:''let me guess humare relative ke bache to nahin hai par jahan tak mujhe lagta hai yeh drawings ek aisee bachee ne bnayi hai jo by chance merii wife bhi hai''

Now riddhima looked towards him and armaan winked at her


Ri:''maine yeh nahin kiyya hai aapko koi galatfehmi hui hai''

She lied and lowered her gaze and armaan put his index finger under her chin and made her look into his eyes

Ar:''yehii bat merii aankhon mein dekh ke bolo ki tumne nahin kiyya''


But she could not complete as she cannot lie to him moreover his intense gaze and his touch makes her shiver

Ar:''so I guess koi kuch kehna chahta hai so riddhima kya kehna aapko is vaare mein?''

Riddhima looked towards him and she knows she caught but did not know how to tell him and tears start bleeming in her eyes and armaan is shocked seeing her tears

Ar''hey riddhima kya hua tum ro kyoon rahii ho kya hua maine

kuch galat kiyya kya?''

Riddhima sobbed but place her one hand on his mouth and said

Ri(while sobbing):''aisaa nahin hai aapne kuch galat nahin kkaha na hi kiyya, maine hi yeh designes bnaye the aapki help karne ko''

Ar:''to tum isliyye ro rahii ho ki tumne merii help ki?''

Riddhima's eyes widened hearing his comment and armaan chuckled

Ar:''areey mai majak kar rahaa tha yar aur aab yeh aanson poncho chalo''

And he himself wiped her tears with his tumbs and both of them smiled

Ar:''vaise riddhima mai tumse bahut naraj hun jab tumne mere liyye designes bnaye to btaya kyoon nahin aisee chori ' chupke se kyoon bheje mujhe designes''

Riddhima did not say anything to him when she did not said anything for few minutes so armaan


Riddhima looked at him and

Ar:''mujhe nahin btaogi''

Ri:''vo mujhe laga tha ki agr aapko ache nahin lage to kahin aap mujhse''

She did not complete her sentence

Ar:''to tumhe laga ki kahin mai tumse naraz naa ho jaonn''

She did not said anything just lowered her gaze armaan sighed and

Ar:''riddhima mujhe pta hai tum aisee kyoon feel karti ho, par riddhima believe me aab pehle jaisi bat nahin rahii tum merii zindagi ka ahem hissa ban gayyi ho jis se mai naraz ho sakta hun, yeh nahin kahunga tum par chilla nahin sakta, sakta hun isliyye nahin ki mai tuse dur jaana chahta hun isliiye kyunki mai tumhe aapna manta hun riddhima, par iskaa matlab yeh to nahin hai kit um mujhe mere liyye job hi karoo batao hi nahin, tumhara haq hai mujhe par to har bat share karne ka haq bhi hai hume. Isliyye please vishwas karoo aab mai tumhe aapna manta hun aur tum hi kehti ho naa ki hum aapno par hi aapna gusaa nikalte hai to tumhe mujhe btana chahiye tha naa?''

Ri:''sorry aap sahii bol rahee hai mai aagee se aisaa nahin karuni''

Ar:''matlab mujhe sab btaya karogi naa?''


Ar:''gud areey riddhima dekho tum kitni baatein karti ho mujhe sabse important bat bhula di''


Ar:''chalo btata hun''

He almost dragged her with him and start going outside and riddhima did not understand what was he upto and where they were going

Ri:''lekin mujhe btayiye to hum kahan jaa rahee hai''

Ar:''riddhima tum kitna bat karti ho 2 min chupp nahin reh sakti tum''

Ri:''lekin aisee mai nahayi bhi nahin hun, hum kahan jaa rahee hai''

But armaan did not pay attention to her words and they reached in mallik family's drawing room, where all were sitting and seeing armaan holding riddhima's wrist and riddhima was trying to get out from his hold all were shocked but before they can ask anything armaan started and

Ar:''iss se pehle ki aap log kuch galat samjhe mai aap sab ko kisii se milvana chahta hun mallik fashion house ki new  hidden desigener se''

Na:''armaan yeh kya bole jaa rahaa hai aur riddhima ko kyoon pakad rakha hai tunee aisee''

Ar:''oh yeh riddhima yanii aapki bahu yehii to hai vo hidden designer mallik fashion house ki''

All were shocked hearing this

Ka:''armaan kya keh rahee ho tum, riddhima kya yeh sach hai beta yeh desigen tumne bnaye the?''

Mu:''han ridzi bol naa yeh hero to jaane kya bole jaa rahaa hai''

Ar:''han dad so presenting Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik new designer''

Ra:''riddhima tumne sach''

When riddhima nodded her head she the next moment was hugged by muskaan

Mu:''savh ridzi yar tu sach mein kamal kar diyaa tune?''

Ra:''areey muskaan chodd ose aur riddhima mujhe nahin pta tha u r so talented''

Ni:''han bhabzz lekin aapne humee kuch btaya kyoon nahin''

She was showered with questions

Na:''areey ose bolne to do ya tum sab hi bole jaoge riddhima''

Ri:''ji mom vo maine hi bnaye the designes''

Ka:''god bless u beta u really help us  especially armaan thanks so much''

Ri:''papa yeh kya keh rahee ho aap thanks kyoon bol rahee hai yeh family kya merii family nahin hai?''

Na:''han karan thanks keh kar merii bahu ko paraya mat karoo''

Ka:''sorry boss riddhima mai aapna thanks vaapis leta hun''

Riddhima smiled and

Ka(to armaan):''aab to aapki problem solve ho gayyi hai to aab to has dijiye''

Ar:''kya dad aap bhi mai has to rahaa hun''

He said while smiling and looking towards riddhima

Ka:''chal vaise mujhe btane ki jarurat to nahin hai par fir bhi aaj presentation hai to riddhima ko bhi saath le jayiyo''

Ar:''han dad par yeh madam tayar ho tab naa''

He teased her and riddhima looked him shocked he was the one who did not let her get ready now he was commenting on her

Ri:''par papa mai vahan kya karungi jaakar''

Ka:''kyoon nahin beta after all designes tumne bnaye hai''

Na:''han riddhima beta u must go''

Ri:''mom lekin mai''

Ra:''riddhima yar tum to aisee dar rahii ho jaise hum tumhe kisii

war par bhejj rahee hai''

Mu:''aur nahin to kya aapna office hi to hai chl jaldi se tayar ho jaa''

Ni:''han bhabzz please jayiye naa''


Ar:''so madam abhie jaakar naha kar aayengi hume meeting ke liyye aaj hi jaana hai''

He was still teasing her but riddhima did not said anything to him and go to get ready, after sometime armaan was in their room, he was waiting for riddhima and shouted

Ar:''riddhima kitna time lagaogi yar jaldi aao aur mujhe mera hanky aur wallet bhi nahin mil rahaa''

Ri:''jii bas 2 min abhie ayi''

Ar:''tum ladkiyon key eh 2 min kabhie finish nahin hotee hai kehte ho 2 min aur''

But he could not complete his sentence as soon as his gaze fell on riddhima, she is looking so beautiful, she was wearing a red-brownish full sleeve short top and white trousers with small red ear rings in her ears and her mangalsutra and her hair was left open and that's it and she is looking just awesome, and riddhima saw him looking towards her so she passed him his wallet

Ri:''yeh lijiye''

Armaan who is still busy admiring her break his trace and

Ar:''umm thanks''

And riddhima go to dressing table for putting sindoor as soon as she put sindoor armaan who was looking her said



Ar:''u r looking very beautiful, mai tumhara niche wait karta hun jaldi aao''

And he left and riddhima is so much happy hearing him as she feels armaan gave her compliment with all his feelings.

And after riddhima comes after taking nandini's blessings they leave for office. And when they reached armaan's office all were admired their jodii, they were looking so good with each-other and all the staff was admiring them as they saw riddhima first time with armaan and after that armaan leads her to his cabin

Ar:''riddhima baitho, abhie kuch time mein meeting shuru ho jayegi fir hum chalet hai''

Ri:''ji lekin please mai meeting mein nahin aaongi ''


Ri:"mai vahan kya karungi mujhe kuch knowledge nahin hai yeh designes to maine bas bna diyye aur aap to jaante hai mai criminal lawyer hun mujhe fashion ka kuch nahin pta so please''

Ar:''theek hai mai tumhari bat maanoga par ek condition hai hum ghar saath mein challenge jab tak mai meeting mein hun tab tak tum yehii rooko ok''

Ri:''theek hai mai yehii rookongi''

Ar:''gud mai dekhta hun everything is prepared aur koi jarurat ho to merii secratory ya kisii ko bhi bol denaa ok''

Ri:''aap aapna kam kijiye I am fine dontt worry''

Armaan passed her a smile and she smiled him back and then he engorsed in his work

After sometime

Armaan's secoratry call him for meeting

Ar:''riddhima mai chalta hunt um aapna dhayan rakhna bye''

Ri:''all the best''


And he leaves, he wants to hug her but thought may be she did not take it wrong so leaves.

After sometime

Riddhima is waiting for armaan, he was still in meeting and riddhima is hoping that everything will be fine only then her gaze fell on his office wall there was family photograph where all of them were there rahul, nikki,karan and nandini and armaan, he was smiling fullest and riddhima caressed his face over the frame only then cabin door opened and a happy armaan barged in and next moment she knows she was no more on  her feet armaan picked her up in his arms and start twirling her around and riddhima was surprised seeing his actions but happy as well to saw him happy and she can guess he received his dream project and so he he is happy and next moment she heared

Ar:''riddhima tu sach mein u r so talented I got the tender just because of u agar tum naa hotii to mai kabhie bhi aapna sapna poora nahin kar paata its my dream riddhima''

He said while make stand her on her feet and riddhima

Ri:''dekha maine kaha tha naa sab theek ho jayega mujhe pta tha aap jarur jeetoge I know u can do this''

Ar:''nahin riddhima yeh jeet mere aakele ki nahin hai tumhari jeet hai sach kahun to iskii aslii haqdar tum hi ho riddhima tum jeet gayyi ho''

Ri:''nahin armaan yeh hum dono ki jeet hai vaise bhi jab riddhima aur armaan saath ho oonhe koi nahin hara sakta hai naa''

Ar:''han thanks so much riddhima.''

And next moment armaan took her into rib-crushing hug and riddhima too respond the hug and soon the hug turned intopassionate one, as armaan was hugging riddhima so intensly that riddhima feels sensation in her body and holding riddhima so close armaan was again loosing his control and next moment riddhima feels armaan's hands caressing her back and that too sensuously and riddhima gasped and armaan detangles her and looked in her deep green almond eyes and next moment armaan start kissing her first he kissed her on her forhead,her nose tip, her eyes and riddhima closed her eyes due to closeness and armaan kissed on her eyelids and riddhina clutched his shirt into her fist and armaan leads to her cheek firstly he kissed her left cheek and caressing her right cheek and now riddhima's heart beat increased and armaan kissed her on her chin ad start placing wet kiss starting from her long neck and riddhima also loos her control, her desires and armaan's touch makes her loose control so she pulled her head back giving him a better access and armaan kissed her on her nape making her shiver and armaan lightly pulled her sleeve down and kissed her and bite her and riddhima moaned, her hands


Armaan did not listen, he is so much engrossed in the moment that he did not cared


This time she called him more loudly and armaan looked at her

Ri:''vo door par koi hai''

She could not met his gaze she is feeling very shy and armaan realized what was happening there

Ar:''umm han mai dekhta hun''

When he go towards door to open

 it riddhima pulled his hand

Ar:''kya hua riddhima''

Ri:''1 min.''

And she set his hair properly which was mess because of her and armaan looked at her red face, he smiled and he set her dress back and then after giving her a smile and riddhima did not smile him back nor even looked back at him as she is feeling very much shy around him and sharing a moment with him and armaan enjoyed her red cheeks, he wants to tease her but the door was knocking again so he go to open the door.

It was atul, anjali, rahul and muskaan as soon as he opened the door they barged in

Mu:''kya hero kitni der laga di tune darwaza kholne mein?''

Ar:''han muski mai''

At:''aur kya armaan mere bhaii hum kabse knock kar rahee hai''

Ar:''han vo mai ''

Mu:''chal chodd oosko vaise ridzi isnee tujhe bta to diyya hoga we got the project''

And she hugged her and riddhima hugged her back

At:''aur kya ridzi tere talent se hume yeh project milla hai''

An:''to atul tumhe koi doubt tha merii behen hai hi aisii''

At:''han pta hai mujhe humari ridzi sabse best hai''

Ra:''yeh to hai aaj ke project  its all because of u''

And then he also hugged her that too tightly and armaan

Ar:''abeyy raoool mujhe aaj tu yeh bta tu riddhima ko itnii tight hug kyoon karta hai jaise ooski saans hi nikal legaa''

An:''oh my my someone is possessive''

Ar:''oye anjie mai koi possessive nahin hun''

Ra:''to bol kyoon rahaa hai fir''

He said still putting one arm around riddhima's shoulder

Ar:''oye maine to aisee hi bola that um log pta nahin kahan pahunch jaate ho''

He said irritatingly

Mu:''oye chidd kyoon rahaa hai ya isliyye chidd rahaa hai kyunki humne tera aur ridzi ka private moment disturb kar diyya''

And she winked at them, armaan was shocked while riddhima was blushing very hard and

Ar:''oye aisaa kuch nahin hai achaa''

An:''rehne de hum sab jaante hai nahin to door khole mein itnaa time nahin lagta hai aur we can understand merii behen aaj pehli bar office ayi hai to romance to banta hai kyoon jeeju''

Ri:''dii kya aap''

An:''oye merii choti si ridzi ko shram aaa gayyi''

Armaan looked at riddhima who was hiding her face in anjie's embrace

Ar:''yar guys bas karoo na tum log yahan kya karne aye ho yeh batao''

Mu:''hum to tujhe congratulate karne aye the hume kya pata tha ki hum kabab mein haddi ban jaayenge''

At:''han dekha nahin tha jab hum yahan aye the kaise sharam se lal ho rahii thi ridzi''

Mu:''aur yeh hero kitna hadbda gayya tha''

Ra:''armaan tune aisaa kya kiyya''

And they teased them and

Ar:''han par kya karun tum sab beech mein aaa gayye''

He replied back and riddhima's eyes widened hearing his shameless reply

At:''aab biwii ke age dost thode naa kuch hai''

An:''han aab to dost dost naa rahaa''

And they said dramatically

Ar:''han aur pyaar to tha hi nahin kyoon anjie''


And they hi-fived with each-other

At:''achaa guys armaan-riddhima ko bad mein tang karte hai pehle armaan yeh bta aaj party rakhen project ke liyye''

Ra:''offcourse champ yeh bhi koi poochne ki bat hai its armaan's dream project kyoon armaan''

Ar:''han offcourse guyss party after all its my dream only mine''

He said dreamingly while looking at riddhima.

 part completedSmile

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thanks to all of u for ur support and encouragement

with lots of luv


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 So Friends we reached 2nd thread sachii bataon jab maine yeh ff shuru kiyya tha maine nahin sochaa tha mai 2nd thread tak pahunchngi, mai ise 5 parts meiin finish karne vaali thi par u friends really give me so much encouragement that we reached here. Aur just because this ff i have 134 buddies in my buddy list, Thanks so much for ur love and belive which u shown in me. 

Special Note-As the part 27 create some problem and some of u did not read it so i post it again here please scroll upwards.

Aur is ff ne mujhe bahut achee dostt bhi diyye hai yar

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@Last But never be least my jaan my sweetie sonu without her it will never be possible i love u sonu sweetie.

And all the readers Thanks so much Friends for ur support hope u gave ur support to me like this always.Thanks.

P.S.-Credit of beautiful banner goes to Shipa thanks sweetheart love u so so so much.

               Dhadkan Ban Gayye Ho Tum

                                      AR FF

                                      part 28


And riddhima looked at him after sometime they drove back to home and riddhima was looking outside the window and armaan looked at her from the corner of his eyes


Ri:''aapne kuch kaha''

Ar:''han mai pooch rahaa the ki rohit-richa ko party ke liyye bol diyya''

Ri:''han maine oonhe call kar diyya tha''

Ar:''achaa hai nahi to mujhe richu ke gusse se koi nahin bacha sakta tha''


Ar:''riddhima tum party ki prepration manage kar logii I mean''

Ri:''ji aap tension mat lijiye sab ho jaayega''

Ar:''ok par agar koi jarurat ho to let me know ok''


Ar(in his heart):''vaise bhi tumhare hotee mujhe koi tension nahin hai''

Ri:''aapne kuch kaha''

Ar:''nahin tumne kuch sunna kya?''

Riddhima nodded.

After reaching home they were warmly welcomed by family members especially by nandini who was like on moon

Na:''maani tujhe pta hai aaj mai bahut bahut bahut khush hun betaa aakhir tera sapna poora honee ko aaa hi gayya''

Ar:''han mom mai bhi aur vaise bhi yeh sab aapki blessings ka hi result hai''

Na:'' merii blessing to humesha tere saath hai aur yeh tere hard work ka resukt hai maani i know my betuu can do anything.''

And she hugged him and armaan respond the hug and seeing the mother-son love averyone has a smile on their face with small tears including riddhima who looked at them happily, the love of her life is so happy and the lady who loved her as her own daughter and she is looking at everyone who were smiling and riddhima smiled purely seeing her family happy and she prayed to GOD to keep her famila and her love always happy and her thought broken when karan hugged put his arm around her shoulder and

Ka:''oye tum maa-betee ka milan ho gayya ho to idhar bhi dhayan dogee aaj ki iss success ke peeche koi aur bhi hai nandu''

And armaan and nandini looked at them before anyone can speak rahul said

Ra:''dad inn maa-betee ka milan kabhie finish hotaa hai kya''

Ni:''very right rahul bhaii vaise bhi inn maa-betee ka milan ka procedure bahut lamba hai so inkoo chodiye par bhabzz hum aapko nahin bhule hai we know this is done because of u, u r responsible for getting this project and we r so proud of u''

She said while hugging her and riddhima hugged her back and next moment she heared armaan

Ar:''oye mujhe pta hai tum dono ko jealousy hotii hai ki mom mujhse jyada pyaar karti hai''

Ni:''jealousy vo bhi aapse  forget it good jokee kyoon rahul bhaii''

Ra:''offcourse nikki iskoo kch jyada hi galatfehmi hai''

Ar:''yea yea galatfehmi mujhe nahin tumhe hai''

Ni:''achaa chaliye man letee hai but u know dad ti mujhse hi jyada pyaar karte hai after all i am dad's daughter''

She said while putting her arms around karan's shoulder

Ar:''han to maine kab mna kiyya hai i know dad tujhe jyada pyaar karte hai to Mr.Rahul Karan Mallik what about u aapk kiske favourite hai?''

He said while hugging his mom

Na:''kya maani had hai mai tum teenon se equal pyaar karti hun''

Ka:''han nikki i agree i pampered u alots but i also loved my sons equally''

Ar:''mom wait naa humee rahul ka answer to sunne dijiye naa''


Ra:''no mom let me answer him''

He knows armaan was actually teasing him so he played along with him

Na:''rahul u know naa betaa he is justt stupid so never mind him''

Ra:''i know mom but i want to answer him so please so Mr.Armaan Karan no no no i would say Mr.Armaan Nandini Mallik ready to hear answer''

Ar:''yea man ready''

Ra:''soch le armaan do u really wanted to hear the answer han''


He said confidently

Ra:''ok if u insist as jaise mom tujhse jyada pyaar karti hai aur nikki ki favourite hai to as per me i am favourite of Riddhima Armaan Mallik.''

He said while putting a hand around riddhima's shoulder and

Hearing him armaan who was smiling a minute back now his mouth left opened in shock and all firstly surprised but then smiled and riddhima who was firstly looking at armaan whose face expressions were worth watching and then rahul who smiled towards her and she smiled back at him.And seeing armaan's expressions rahul smirked

Ra:''so armaan u want to say anything''

Ar(jealoused):''chl oye rehne de tu riddhima ka favourite kaise ho sakta hai?''

Ra:''i am surprised armaan kyoon nahin ho sakta vaise bhi tune to yehii bolaa tha that i am Riddhima's Boy remember''

Ar:''yea whatever but still she is my wifey u know that''

He said in jealousy but to his disappointment rahul smirked and 

Ra:''so what aisee to mom-dad bhi ek doosre se married hai still oonke favourite tu aur nikki ho married honee  se kuch nahin hotaa yeh sab pyaar pyaar ki bat hai so that y i am riddhima's favourite''

Armaan was baffled at his answer but somehow he continued and said

Ar:''offcourse hotaa hai''

Ra:''nahin hotaa kyoon riddhima mai sahii bol rahaa hun naa yar?''

He asked riddhima who was embraced by him in one sided hug and riddhima who was still quiet now first look at armaan and then rahul and she

Ra:''areey riddhima bolo na i am ur favourite naa after all we are best friends''

Now riddhima looked at armaan whose eyes was still on her and she

Ri:''ji rahul bhahiya u r my favourite only as per u r my best friend forever''

And hearing her armaan's expressions were shocked,he did not expect this not from riddhima so he

Ra:''so armaan mallik abhie bhi aapko kuch kehna hai kya''

Ar:''ji nahin mujhe kuch nahin kehna vaise bhi tum devar-bhabhi to iss duniya ke liyye misal ho''

He said in a jealous tone and a baby face and riddhima smiled seeing his cute frowned face

Ra:''mom kuch jalne ki smell nahin aaa rahii kya''

Na:''rahul bas karoo''

Before anyone can speak muskaan comes who was listening all the convo on door and smacked rahul on his arm and 

Ra:''muskaan tune mujhe kyoon maara''

Mu:''aab tu mere hero ko pareshan karega to mai terii aarti nahin ootarungi''

Ra:''to tune mujhe isliyye maara ki mai armaan ko tease kar rahaa tha''

Mu:''han aur nahin to kya tujhe kya lagaa han bol''

Ra:''mujhe lagaa maine ridzi ka nam liyye  tujhe jealousy hui hogii thats y''

He said with a small face and muskaan burst into laughter

Mu:''chal oye jealousy vo bhi ridzi se achaa joke tha yeh to ridzi hi hai jo tujhe tackle karti hai''

Ra:''kya matlab''

Mu:''matlab zindagi meiin ekk achaa dostt chahiye hotaa hai jo kii terii ridzi hai aur vaise bhi agr tu ise naa btata to aaj humari shaadi na hui hotii, tu mujhe kabhie btata ki tu mujhse pyaar karta hai''

Ra:''han tunee to vo bhi nahin bolaa kam se kam maine kaha to''

Mu:''han vo bhi ridzi ke kaaran''

Ra:'' vo to hai ''

They hugged riddhima and armaan looked at them how she is important for everyone

Mu:''han par tu mere hero ko pareshan kar rahaa tha aur armaan tu chinta mat kar tu mom ke saath saath mera bhi favourite hai''

And she hugged him and armaan show tongue to rahul pouted

Na:''ok bacho yeh argument to kabhie finish nahin hogaa aur riddhima beta ur dad is so right aaj ka project is only because of u''

Ri:''mom please maine kuch bhi nahin kiyya yeh sab inkii aur baaki sab ke hard work ke kaaran hua hai''

Ka:''ok please aab iss bat par koi argument nahin chahiye yeh project sabke hardworkk ke kaaran hai kids party ki tayari bhi karni hai so''

Ri:''jii papa mai sab dekh loongi''

And with these everyone retired to their rooms for the prepration of party.

After sometime armaan was in his roon when riddhima entered and seeing her armaan turned his face and riddhima was surprised

Ri:''vo maine party ki prepration kar dii hai agar kuch reh gayya hai to bta dijiye''

She said but armaan did not answer her and he start finding something

Ri:''kya hua aapko kuch dhundh rahee hai aap to btayiye naa let me help u''

But armaan did not respond her

Ri:''hatiye mujhe btayiye mai dhundhti hun jo bhi aapko chahiye''

She said while going closer to him and he turned his face to her

Ar:''oh really tumhe kabse merii fikar honee lagii tumhara favourite to rahul hai naa''

She is shocked she did not expect this kind of behavior


Ar:''oh please riddhima rehne do abhie mere pas kya kar rahii ho i can help myself tum jai aapne rahul bhayiya ke pas''

He said scaracstically, 


Ar:''kya lekin tumne aapne husband ke ilava rahul ko choose kiyya jan sakta hum mai aapke is shubh vichar ka kaaran''

Ri:''par mera vo matlab nahin tha''

She is really tensed now seeing his frowned face and

Ar:''to kuya matlab tha tumhara''

Ri:''mera matlab bas yeh tha ki rahul bhayiya meiin maine humesha ekk achaa dostt paaya hai he is always with me aur maine aap dono meiin se kisii ekk ko nahin choose kiyya mai kar hi nahin sakti, rahul bhayiya mere dostt hai mere bhaii hai aur aap mere jeevan saathi, mere husband aur meraa py...''

But she did not complete her sentence and lowered her gazee and armaan looked at her surprisingly but he smiled and

Ri:''fir bhi agr aapko boora lga i am really very sorry''

Ar:''areey riddhima yar tum bhi naa i was kidding aur tum naa mujhe pta hai u and ur darling rahul bhayiya share a good friendship bond''

Ri:''kya matlab aap''

Ar:''han mai sirff tumhe tease kar rahaa tha yar''

Ri:''aap naa bas khair chodiye aap ekk bar party ki preprations dekhh lijiye agar kch reh gayya ho to bta dijiyega''

Ar:''riddhima thanks yar''


Ar:''for everything riddhima''

Riddhima smiled at him and turned to go when she is pulled by armaan and she was jaamed in his chest,her hands landed on his chest

Ar:''aur mujhe party ki prepration dekhne ki jarurat nahin hai jaanti ho kyoon''

He said softly in her ears while clutching her tiny waist and riddhima shivered with this close proximity, his touch create havoc in her and she nodded in disagreement while armaan enjoyed her expressions and he was happy with the fact that her body react to his touch


He again said and riddhima nodded not looking in his eyes

Ar:''sunne ke liyye merii aankhon meiin dekhna hogaa tumhe riddhima''

He said huskily in her ears and riddhima slowly looked in his eyes and both lost in each-other's eyes and armaan leaned towards her ear and

Ar(whispered):''kyonki tum jo karte ho vo perfect hotaa hai riddhima that's y''

And Riddhima clutched his shirt in her fists in order to calm herself, his close proximity was affecting her too much and armaan smiled at her actions and he kissed her forhead and then on her left cheek and riddhima closed her eyes and next moment armaan leaned her towards her right cheek but he din not kissed her and riddhima is so lost in the moment she was waiting for him to kiss her and when he did not riddhima opened her eyes and looked towards him in confusion and armaan smirked looking at her confused face 

Ar(whispered):''mere kapre de do mujhe ready hokar party meiin bhi jaana hai''

And he left her and riddhima registered in her mind what happened few minutes before and she blushed remembring her desires and his touch.

And when riddhima did not move for few minutes, she is still lost in the moment armaan walked closer to her and 

Ar(almost shouted):''meree kapre riddhima''

And riddhima come back to reality

Ri:''han de rahii hun chilla kyoon rahee hai aap mujhe sunta  hai''

She said with a frown on her face and armaan chuckled

Ar:''yea i can see that''

And riddhima passed him his clothes only then nikki and richa entered in the room

Ni:''armaan bhaii aap yahan kya kar rahee hai''

Ar:''kya matlab kya kar rahaa hun yeh meraa room hai to tayar ho rahaa hun aur kya''

Ni:''theek hai jaldi jayiye humee bhabzz se kuch bat karni hai''


Ric:''so tu bahar jaa abhie''

Ar:''oye richu yeh kya bat hui yar tum log mujhe mere hi room se bahar nikal rahee ho''

Ric:''han to vaise congrats for the project par abhie tu jaldi se jaa bahar''

Ar:''oh thanks mujhe to lga tha tujhe yad hi nahin hogaa vaise aisii kya bat karni hai tumhe riddhima se zara mai bhi to soono''

Ric:''oye its girls talk to tu nahin sun sakta''

Ni:''isliyye aab jaldi se jaa bahar''

Ar:''aisee kaise mujhe to sunna hai''

Ric:''dekhh ammy sharaft se chala jaa varna''

Ar:''varna kya kar legii tu''

Ric:''mai abhie btati hun ruk tu''

Ans she winked at nikki and next moment they dragged armaan out of the room

Ri:''areey richa nikki yeh kya''

But she left incomplete when she heared armaan's voice and

Ar:''dekhh loonga tumhe mere room ka darwaza mere muh par band karte ho''

As richa and nikki shut the door on his mouth

Ar:''yeh ladkiyan bhi naa inhee pta nahin aisii kya gossip karni hai jo aisee stupids ki tarah behave karti hai uff ladkiyan''

And he left while inside the room riddhima looked towards nikki and richa confusingly, she did not know wht they upto

Ri:''nikki richa yeh kya ho rahaa hai tumne oonko bahar kyoon nikal diyya''

Ric:''oye bhartiye naari kabhie to aapne patii ke ilava kuch aur sochh liyya kar''


Ni:''no lekin vekin bhabzz hum yahan aapko ready karne aye''

Ri:''kya ready karne lekin kyoon''

Ric:''kya matlab kyoon remember aaj party hai ghar par riddhima''

Ri:''han par ooske liyye tum log kyoon takleef kar rahee ho mai aapne aap ready ho jaongi''

Ni:''nahin bhabzz mom ne bolaa hai aaj aapko hum ready karen aur yeh rahii aapki aaj ki party ki dress''

She forwarded her a beautiful saree which she carried with herself

Ri:''kya mom ne bolaa hai''

Ric:''han riddhima sweetheart aapki pyaari sasu maa ne bola hai aab aap please ise pehen legii by god riddhima tum kitne question poochti ho''

Ni:''i agreed richa bhabhi bilkul ammy bhaii ki tarah''

Ric:''han tabhie to ram milayi jodii

And they laughed and riddhima blushed

Ric:''riddhima jao jaldi se change karke aao''


And she opened the box which nikki gave her and seeing the saree her mouth opened in shock and

Ri:''richa tum pagal ho kya mai yeh saree nahin pehen sakti''

Ric:''kyoon kya problem hai its such a beautiful saree''

Ri:''richa par iskaa blouse yar.''

Ni:''what bhabzz its so trendy and very nice aur yeh aap par bahut achaa lagega''

Ri:''par nikki mai yeh kaise pehen sakti hun u see i mean its too revealing aur party meiin sab aayenge''

Ric:''to riddhima kya hua aunty ne kuch soch ki diyya hai aur see maine bhi to pehna hai''


Ni:''par kya bhabzz aapne oos din bhi to kitni sundar aur hot dress pehni thi jab hum pub gayye the''

Ri:''han nikki par hum oos din pub gayye the aur aaj hum ghar par hai achaa nahin lagta mai kuch aur pehnti hun naa''

Ans she turned to go when she heared richa saying

Ric:''rehne do riddhima kyoon jhooth bol rahii ho humee bhi pta hai tum yeh isliyye nahin pehen rahii ki kahin armaan ko boraa naalagee''

Riddhima is baffled at her comment she is so right her main fear is if armaan did not like this kind of blouse and she could not took the risk of armaan being angry so she was refusing to wearing that and when she did not speak for a minute richa comes 

Ric:''riddhima mujhe pta hai tumhare dill meiin kya chal rahaa hai par aab tumhe armaan ki dostt se age badhna hogaa aur tumhare rishte ko naye mauke(chance) denee honge aur yeh tab tak nahin ho sakta jab tak tum aapne man se dar anhin nikalogi''

Ri:''richa oonhe achaa to lagega naa vo gussa to nahin karenge naa''

She asked innocently

Ric:''han riddhima tum dekhna armaan ko bahut achaa lagega,rahii bat gusse ki vo karke to dikhaye hum dekhh lenge ose kyoon nikki'''

Ni:''han bhabzz richa bhabhi sahii keh rahii hai vaise bhi mom ka bahut nam hai aapko is saree meiin dekhne ka''

She said while hugging her

Ric:''so aab pehnegi naa yeh saree''


Ni:''thats like my gud bhabzz aur aap dekhiyega aaj armaan bhaii aapko dekhte hi reh jayenge''

And riddhima blushed hearing this and imagning how armaan will react and

Ric:''aab go change''

And riddhima go to change herself and here outside armaan was lost in the moment which he shared with riddhima

Ar:''kitni pyaari lag rahii thi naa and so beautiful, and she was looking so cute with that frowned face when i did not kissed her. aur kya kehna chahti jo beech meiin chodd diyya ki mai ooska pyaar hun yehii kehna chahti thi vo. vo mujhse pyaar karti hai to oosne kabhie kaha kyoon nahin, mujhe btaya kyoon nahin ki she loves me aur karti hai bhi ya yeh merii galatfehmi hai? par agar vo karti bhi hai to mere hi kaaran to vo keh nahin paayi, aab agar vo mujhse pyaar karti hai to mai ooske muh se hi yeh sunna chahonga par kya vo kahegi aaj tak to kahaa nahin. aur mera kya kya mai oose chahta hun ,yehii to problem hai jo mai ooske liyye feel karta hun,kya vo pyaar hai? jaise mera ooske pas rehne ko man karta hai, ose dekhne ko ji chahta hai, aur aaj kal to mai ose kiss karne ke vaare meiin sochne laga hun kya yeh pyaar hai, kya mujhe ose pyaar ho gayya hai. i am confused par mujhe mere in sawalon ka jawab dhundhna padega tabhie sab sahii hogaa par mujhe meree inn sawalon ka jawab kaun degaa? kaash aaj tum meree pas hotii to tumse pooch letaa aur tum mujhe bta detii ki yeh kya hai aur vo sahii bhi hotaa kyonki tum hi meree har sawal ka sahii jawab de sakti ho, mujhe  mujhse behtar jo samjhti thi tum fir kyoon chale gayyi tum mujhe chodkar, akele i really miss u u r my ba...''

But he come from his thoughts with nandini's call


Ar:''ji mom''

Na:''tu yahan kya kar rahaa hai beta aur riddhima kahan hai''

Ar:''kuch nahin mom aur riddhima se pta nahin oon do paglon ko kya bat karni thi richa aur nikki ko mujhe mere room se bahar nikal diyya''

Hearing his  complaints nandini laughed at his cute frowned face and she

Na:''koi bat nahin vo log ate hi hongee chal hum bahar chalte hai aaj mai bhi aapne hnadsome betuu ke saath bahar jaongi.''

Ar:''offcourse mom''

And he smiled whole-heartdly and put his arm around her shoulder and nandini put her arm around his waist and they go outside.

Reaching outside all were looking at them, they were looking so sweet and seeing them like this karan's one friend commented

F:''areey yar karan logon ka competition doosron se hotaa hai aur tera competition aapne hi betee se hai bhabhi is looking so gorgeous with armaan''

Ka:''han sahii bol rahaa hai yar''

He said with a huge smile on his face till then armaan and nandini reached towards them and armaan

Ar:''so mr. mallik aapko kaisi lagii humari grand entry''

He asked in teasing manner to karan who smiled but next moment frowned and said.

Ka:''vo merii gorgeous wife jiskee saath hotii hai ooski entry aapne aap grand ho jaati hai''



Ar:''actually u r jealous tht we complement each-other so well right mom''

He said while kissing her on her cheek

Na:''right my son''

And she also kissed him back

Ka:''oye sharam nahin ati baap ko tease karta hai''

Ar:''yea dad par aapko yeh bat to manni padegi mai aur mom saath meiin bahut achee dikhte hai''

Ka:''jaanta hun aur nandu tum bahut gorgeous dikhh rahii ho''

Na:''thanks karan''

And she blushed and in between rahul and muskaan comes, they were looking so nice together muskaan was wearing a blue saree and rahul was wearing a blue shirt with dark blue dennims and they were looking so sweet, and after them rohit and richa comes where richa was wearing a black saree with rohit wearing a black suit with red dress shirt.

Ar:''areey vah muskii tu to aaj bahut sundar lag rahii hai yar''

He complimented her

Mu:''thanks hero tu bhi kaafi handsome lag rahaa hai yar''

Ar:''well mai to hamesha hi hadsome dikhta hun par aaj to sab achee dikhh rahee hai rohit as usual handsome dikhh rahaa hai aur humari foolan devii means richu aaj is black saree meiin bahut hot dikhh rahii hai rohit i bet u have tough time yar''

He winked at her and richa blushed at his shameless comments while rohit laughed

Ro:''yea dude right''

He also winked at her and richa's mouth left in shock hearing thiss

Ric:''tum dono naa kabhie bhi nahin sudhar sakte''

And she smacked both of them

Ar:''lo yar ekk to tareef karoo oopar se anyways abhie tareef finish nahin hui hai aaj nikki bhi achii dikh rahii hai for a change jisne kapre pehne hai''

He said pointing to nikki who was wearing a beautiful white suit

Ni:''kya mom dekhiye naa bahii ko''

Na:''maani whats this''

Ar:''aww areey yar i was just kidding nikki tu bahut achii lag rahii hai''

Ni:''thanks bahii''

Ar:''vaise rahul aaj tu bhi handsome lag rahaa hai yar finally''

Mu:''oye hero yeh mera kankhujura humesha hi achaa dikhta hai''

Ar:''hayee muskii itnaa pyaar yar.''

Ra:''chl oye najar mat lga kabhie kabhie to ise mujhe par pyaar ata hai yar''

He said pulling muskii closer and she blushed deeply


Na:''vaise yeh riddhima kyoon nahin ayi abhie tak kya hua''

Ar(mumbled):''mai bhi to kabse ooska hi waut kar rahaa hun''

He was looking at door.

Ni:''armaan bhaii aapke door par dekhne se bhabzz jaldi nahin aaa jayengi''

Armaan baffled at her sudden comment and all chuckled

Ra:''vaise armaan tujhe shayad jyada intejar nahin karna padega''

Ar:''kya matlab rahul''

Ra:''mom yeh shayad riddhima hi hai naa''

And before anyone can say anything armaan shifted his gaze towards door and there she is and seeing his his mouth opened in shook, she was claded in pink saree, simple yet elegent saree with silver beeds on the bottom and her saree pallu was drapped on her side shoulder leaving her stunning blouse revealing, a sleeveless blouse with a deep neck, having small brotch on middle of her cleavage and she was wearing a small earrings and her trademark mangalsutra and little vermilion, her silky black hair was left open and in all she was looking very beautiful no in armaan's words simply hot and feeling someone's intense gaze on her she looked and found him staring at her and she did not know whether he liked it or not and seeing him staring towards herself she stopped on her way and lowered her gaze and next moment she saw a hand in front of her and she looked upwards just to saw armaan with his forwarded hand and riddhima nervously accepted it and armaan put his hand around her waist and riddhima shivered when his hands touched her bare waist.

Riddhima's Saree

Na:''vah riddhima betaa mujhe pta tha tu iss saree meiin bahut sundar lagegi''

Ric:''aunty ji vaise iss jodii ko dekhh kar dill nahin bahrega kisika ammy bhi kitna handsome lag rahaa hai kyoon riddhima.''

And riddhima was surprised hearing her question and looked at armaan who was looking at her as iff waiting for answer so she shyly said


Ni:''kya han bhabzz''

Ri:''achee lag rahee hai yeh.''

She said while lowering her gaze and her cheeks were burning with armaan's gaze

Mu:''ridzi achaa ki handsome yar''

Ri:''bahut handsome lag rahee hai''

She spoke slowly as hardly heared

Ric:''kya mujhe kuch sunaii nahin diyya''

Ni:''han bhabzz thoda zor se boliye naa''

Ra:''han ridzi tujhe pta hai mere to ears meiin pehle hi problem hai yar so''

Ric:''so riddhima fir se boloo naa''

They all said while rubbing their ears

Mu:''han ridzi kisiko kch sunai nahin diyya to thoda tej bol kyoon hero tujhe kuch sunai diyya kya''


And armaan also teased her along with them and riddhima was shocked at his answer and he smirked

Na:''oye bas karoo kitna pareshan karoge ose''

Ka:''han bahut hua''

And all of them did not say anything but riddhima actually looked at armaan with corner of his eyes how handsome he was looking in that pink shirt withfew buttons opened showing his well tonned chest and black blazer and blue jeans and looking like a greek god and his hair was little bit and some of his hairs falling on his forhead and riddhima has the stronge urge to just ruffle his hairs more and kissed him there. She blushed with her thoughts and armaan looked at her changing expressions, he was confused why she is smiling so much.


Armaan's dress

And her chain of thoughts broke and she looked at armaan who looked at her, only then they heared karan's voice who was on stage with mike

Ka:''ladies and gentleman as u know aaj mere bete Armaan Mallik ne bahut badii kamyabi haasil ki hai par aaj ki is kamyabi ke piche koi aur bhi hai, kehte hai har kamyab aadmi ke piche ek lady ka haath hotaa hai aur mere bete ki bhi is kamyabi ke piche ek lady hi hai ji han vo aur koi nahin mere bete ki wife humari pyaari bahu Riddhima Armaan Mallik hai, armaan aab aap merii betii ke saath yahan ane ki tashreef laaayenge''

And Armaan And Riddhima goes to stage and and stand beside karan and after some minutes, they called for cheers and start celebrations.


Armaan-Riddhima moments.


Ar:''riddhima u r looking sexyy''

kuch betee lamhe

kuch nayee sapne

kuch ankahe rishte

what is riddhima's truth?

Ar:''ek minute riddhima r u the famous criminal lawyer in delhi supreme court in short R. A. M''

Ar:''hey anjie  i must say very beautiful and colourful room yar''

Ar:''mai riddhima ko karwa chaut par yeh gift doonga''

for finding answers stay tuned

thanks to all of u for ur precious comments and for pressing tab button


and if u want pms add me to ur buddy list,it will be easier for me to pm u

once again thanks to all for ur support



Finally completed friends now please comment friends it really means a lots to meSmile

LOLwill be completed shortlyBig smile







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congo on the new thread...Smile

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