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Maneet OS-The Agents Last Part 5 Page 25 (Page 6)

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WOW . . . . . Good start.

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nice concept Smile
both r agents lookingforward how  they complete their  mission
fall in loveEmbarrassed
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Sorry guys for the name confusion. You all might be wondering why Jai and Sid both have Meera's as their wivesLOL I meant to add an A-at Meera.. which makes it Ameera... Ameera Raichand is Siddhant Raichands wife... and Sid is Maan's best friend. Sorry guys! And thankyou to one of the readers to point that out! Embarrassed

Part 2
(Main Aur Tum)

Geet walked out of the large hallways and went outside into the parking lot, where her Porsche was parked. She took out her keys from her bag and pressed the remote to open the locks and the door.

Geet was about to climb in until her phone started to ring and she transferred the call onto her bluetooth and she put her cellphone inside.

" Hello?" answered Geet.

" Pari.. kaisi ho tum?" said a deep voice.

"Veerjii?" said Geet.

" You didn't even call!" said the deep voice again.

" Jai Veerji... main theek hoon.. aur bohot khush... aur aap? how is Meera?" said Geet as she turned her car on. " Meera theek hain Geet...tumhari yaad aarahi thi... aur Meera bhi zidd kar rahi thi kay tumse baat karni hain.." replied Jai.

"Veer jii... you are always busy with your business matters in London and so is Meera... and three of us knew that I had to take the looming position in India" said Geet as she reversed out.

" I know pari...  seems like everyone in London misses you... especially Meera" said Jai. " I miss my best friend too veerjii... take care of her! she is your wife afterall" said Geet as she drove out into the dusty roads.

" I know... and my dear sister... I can't think you enough for convincingme that shes the one!" joked Jai. " I love you too bro" joked Geet.

Thakur Jai Singh Handa was Geet's eldest brother and Meera was Geets best friend and bhabhi. Jai was very protective of Geet, but due to her career choice, he had to tell the world that Thakur Jai Singh Handa didn't have a sister... she died in a car accident. If he would tell anyone, then it would endanger her life. Geet made Jai swear that he would never tell anyone about her job, life or presence. Jai Singh Handa owned a large business that was mostly buying, selling large properties worth millions... and of course exporting and importing goods. To sum it up, He was VERY rich. He came across as stern and strict, but he was a different person towards his wife and sister. He was not your typical old fashioned brother. He was handsome, suave, and very modern. He wore suits most of the time because of his work.

" So where are you going pari?" asked Jai. " I'm going home veerji" said Geet. " Are you sure?" asked Jai. " Veerjii! please.. its my job.. we've gone over this a million times and its top secret... life of an agent is very difficult veerjii..." said Geet as she drove down.

" Yeah yeah Pari.. I know... but I care about you and I hate telling people that my sister is dead" said Jai. " Oh ho! Veerji! what has gotten into you... you know it has to be that way" said Geet.

" Your brother is too dramatic!" yelled Meera. " Meer yaar! kya hai!" replied Jai. Geet laughed, " Hey meer... kaisi hai tu?"

" Goood Geetoo.. tu kaisi hain?" asked Meera. " Im good" said Geet. " To koi hottie mila kya?" teased Meera. " A guy!" said Jai. "  Who is he? where does he live? waht does he do?" demanded Jai.

" GUYS! there is NO guy... and there will be NO guy!" said Geet. " Oh okay.. good" said Jai.

 " Oh ho ji! kya hai aapko! your sister is grown up! shes 24!" said Meera. " Shes still my baby sister and I would tear that guy's arms apart before he would touch her!" said Jai.

 Geet laughed, " Yeah yeah.. anyway.. take care guys.. i gotta go and get out of these clothes"

" Acha jao and make sure you eat! last time we saw you was in Amsterdam! and you were getting so frail!" said Meera. " Yeah Meer.. I'll pig out in front of a John Abraham movie or a Yash raj film... just like old times" said Geet.

" I wish we could do that" said Meera. " Skype me Meer... we'll talk" said Geet. " okay.. make sure you come on in an hour!" said Meera. " Okay pari.. go rest.. I'll talk to you later" said Jai. " Bye veerjii.. Bye meeer!... love you ! muah!" said Geet as she parked her car near her apartment.

Geet shut the bluetooth off and she turned her car off. Geet got out of the car and she locked it... she walked over to the front doors which was purely glass. Thank God for Rajveer helping her out with finding a perfect apartment. Geet punched the code in and her finger print... and entered the building.

She went into the elevator and pressed the 8th floor button and it took her all the way to her destination.

She came out of the elevator and went straight to her room and opened it.

" Home sweet home!" sighed Geet as she shut the door behind her and locked it. Geet threw her heels off of her feet and threw her bag and keys on the front table by the door.

Geet went into her small entertaining area which had a small kitchen... she turned her tv on and went into her room. Geet changed out of her clothes into shorts and a tanktop... Geet put her hair up and took her makeup off.

" Haye rabba... all this makeup and clothes drive me NUTS!" mumbled Geet as she sat on her couch. She put her favorite movie, " Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham" and she was lucky enough to catch all of the beginning.

Geet took out the biryani that she made yesterday for herself and warmed it up. She sat herself down on the couch and she slipped the bluetooth on in case if she was needed at work.

Geet was about to eat until she got a call. Geet rolled her eyes and answered it trying not to make the frustration in her voice evident, " Hello?"

" No.3.. Don't let anyone notice the frustration in your voice" chuckled Maan.

" Nice try Khurana, thats not the third rule..." said Geet.  Geet narrowed her eyes, " So whats wrong?"

" Make sure you aren't late Handa..." said Maan. " Thanks? and?" said Geet. Maan was about to say something until he heard the song, " Yeh ladka Hai Allah"

" Are you watching K3G?" said Maan. " Yeah so?" said Geet. " Nothing... its just you... you don't seem like the desi girl type..." said Maan.

" Yeah and your point is?" said Geet. " Handa.. don't lose your cool" said Maan. " If you're done the interview, can we talk to eachother tomorrow?" said Geet sarcastically

" Whoa... sorry Handa... I didn't know that I hit a nerve" said Maan. " I can hit even more than a nerve with you" said Geet with her bittersweet voice. " Damn.. you women have that attitude... don't you?" said Maan.

" Listen Khurana... I'm missing my precious time that I still have away from you... so don't ruin it..." snapped Geet.

" I'm not too excited either, but can I request you to come out of your apartment?" said Maan. " Are you-" began Geet. " Yeah... I'm outside" said Maan.

Geet sighed and she said, " One minute"

" Come quick" said Maan.

Geet got up and she turned the volume down and went to her door and opened her door to find Maan in his outfit from today. He was about to say something until he looked at her... A smile crept on his lips.

Geet looked at herself, " Oh whoops... "

" I might say... interesting outfit" said Maan. " Oh sorry... I didn't know that I had to dress for the occasion" smiled Geet with sarcasm in her voice. " You should be prepared" said Maan. Geet sighed... she was too tired to argue.

 " Come in" said Geet. " You and inviting me in?" said Maan with an amused face. " It would be better that you don't push it with me" said Geet.

Maan put his hands up and only smirked... He looked around... It was a clean apartment, very modern.

" Wow... the intelligence agency really gave you a nice apartment there Handa" said Maan. " Thankyou" replied Geet.

" Please sit" said Geet. Maan nodded and he sat down on the comfy white couches. The movie was paused and Geet said, " What would you like to eat or drink?"

" Im not here to eat or drink, its strictly business" said Maan as he stared at Geet in the kitchen.

" You sure?" said Geet with her hands on her hips. " Yeah... thanks anyway, I just had to give you this small device that will help track you and I if in case we get seperated during our mission" said Maan.

" He's treating me like a five year old girl who needs her father to guide her around!" thought Geet.

 " I know you aren't five, but it'll help a lot" said Maan. Geet smiled, "  Thanks"

She walked over and took the device and sat on the other side... Maan could smell her vanilla body lotion... she smelled so nice... so sweet...

" Is that all?" said Geet as she put the device in her bag. " Oh and we will be travelling by a private jet...and here is the address " said Maan as he got up. " I'll see you at five am" said Geet as she took the paper from him. " You too" said Maan as he walked to the door.

" You gunna lock the door?" said Maan. " Its fine.. go ahead... " said Geet as she took another small device out of her bag. " Close the door behind you and make sure you aren't too close" called Geet.

" Sure... Bye" said Maan as he shut the door behind him.

" I wonder what she meant-" said Maan. He was about to walk away from the door until he heard a large snap and bang. He stopped and turned around to hear the door automatically locking... he could ear the twists and bending of it.

" Wow... seriously?" thought Maan. " She has automatic locks on her door?" said Maan as he walked away.

Geet on the other hand sighed, " Kahaan phas gayi tu Geet... is Dusht Dhanav kay saath!"

" Chal... Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham dekh..." mumbled Geet. She laid back on her couch and munched on her food and watched the movie.

A few hours later, Maan got up from bed and freshened himself up. It was going to be a long day. Especially with Handa there... Maan got ready and changed into his jeans and white collared shirt... with a matching white jacket. He looked especially yummy in his casual look. He took out his luggage and put it into his car... he locked his apartment and went back outside.

Maan drove his BMW all the way to the private Jet that Rajveer had reserved for them. He reached there to find Sid standing there with Rajveer and the Indian SWAT team...

Maan turned the car off and came out...He threw the keys to Sid. " Hey man" said Sid. " Hey dude" smiled Maan. " Good morning!" said Rajveer in his usual tone.

" Good morning" greeted Maan. " So where is the much awaited Agent 004?" asked Sid. " Yeah? where is the madam...  I thought-" began Maan.

Just then, a silver porche rapidly  drove towards them. " Ah! there she is!" said Rajveer as he pointed to the porche that was driving up too fast. " Damn.. that is a sick car!" said Sid.

Maan only rolled his eyes... The porche stopped right beside his BMW and Sid squinted his eyes... " Where is...?"

Geet stopped the car and she put one foot out and Sid looked at her with wide eyes... " Agent 004 is a girl?"

" Thanks dude.. as if I didn't know that" said Maan.

Geet got out of the car and Sid's eyes grew even wider, " Holy shit... dude! shes HOT"

" Have some shame... Ameera ko bataoon?" said Maan. " No seriously... shes Hot dude.." said Sid as he saw Geet walking towards them with her sunglasses on and hair down and straight. " Seriously... why are you even trying... Ameera will kill you dude" said Maan as he rolled his eyes. 

She wore a white dress that hugged her knees with a light pink cardigan... Her white bag rested on her wrists as she walked towards them with her usual smile. Maan was dazzled by her graceful beauty... he felt as if an angel was walking in front of him.

She stood in front of the three men and took her sunglasses off, " Good morning!"

" Good morning to you too" said Sid as he put his hand forward. Maan pretended to drop his sunglasses to bust their little meeting. He didn't know why... but couldn't stand the sight of anyone going near her...

" Sorry dude" said Maan. " Its okay" said Sid. Geet shook his hand, " Nice to meet you Agent Raichand"

" You too Agent Handa... I've heard a lot about you" said Sid as he shook her hand. Geet took her hand away slowly and smiled, " Well.. we should get going now?"

" Yes we should" said Maan as he glared at Sid. Sid only rolled his eyes, " So much for staying Maan Singh Khurana the bachelor..."

Maan shook Rajveers hand and Rajveer pat him on the back, " Go get em tiger!"

Geet laughed... A smile crept at his lips when she laughed...

Geet shook Rajveer and Sid's hands and went off with Maan towards the jet.

" They make a good pair" said Rajveer. " Who knows... they'll be even more than a pair" mumbled Sid. " What?" asked Rajveer with an eyebrow up. " Nothing.. lets go" said Sid.

Rajveer and Sid waved goodbye and went into their respective cars.

On the other hand, Geet sat across Maan and she settled herself in. Maan took his jacket off and Geet put her sunglasses into her bag.

She put her blue tooth on and as soon as she did a call came.

She picked it up, " Hello?"

" Good morning Pari... kaisi ho?" asked Jai.

" I'm good veerjii, aap itni subah uth gaye?" asked Geet as she saw Maan stare at her...

" Veerjii?" thought Maan.

" I'm alright Pari... I have to go off to Dubai for a short trip and then come back the same day" said Jai. " Oh.. hows Meer?" said Geet. " She insists that I take her along so she can go shopping" replied Jai.

" Oh! thats good... tell her to get me those churiyaan! They have the most cutest payals too!" said Geet.

" Churiyaan? Payals? what else was lacking? a Bindi?!" thought Maan.

" I'll get myself some nice bindi's from here...!" said Geet.

" Okay pari.. take care of yourself and make sure you call me" said Jai.

 " How sweet!" mumbled Maan sarcastically.

" I'll be fine Veerji.. and make sure you eat something... and don't have anything too spicy please! you get a heartburn really easily" said Geet. " I''ll be fine Pari..." said Jai.

" Pari? I think Mishti suits her" thought Maan.

" Oh and make sure you take those medicines on time...You never remember veerjii" said Geet. " I'll be fine gudiya... take care of yourself... Jai Singh Handa can't always protect his sisters from playground bullies" said Jai. " Veerjii... seriously... Im fine.. acha jayiye.. aapko der ho rahi hogi.. bye.. love you! muah!" said Geet.

Geet shut the blue tooth and took it off her ears. She looked at Maan who was still staring at her. " Sorry... did I say something?" said Geet.

Maan snapped out of it, " No.. "

" Okay Good... so try not to do the desi thing of staring.." said Geet. Maan chuckled sarcastically, " You have quite the humor Handa... I like that"

" I'm sure you'll like the kick I'll give you in the nuts if you don't stop giving your sarcastic comments" thought Geet.

She only smiled sweetly, " Thankyou..."

She looked to the side and began to read a magazine. Maan took out his iPad and began to read the newspaper with it...

" So whats your veerjii's name?.. full name.." said Maan as he read the newspaper. Geet looked up at him, " Why?"

" I'm wondering" said Maan.

" Family name please" said Maan again. " Are you going to make me do a criminal record check?" asked Geet. " Not really... just wondering" said Maan.

" Thakur Jai Singh Handa" said Geet. Maan stopped reading and he looked up with an amused face, " Really now?"

She narrowed her eyes at him, " You honestly think I'll lie to impress you?"

" No... you don't seem like the type, but you can't trust everyone" said Maan.

" Ahh.. so you are the  Royal Millionare Thakur Jai Singh Handa's younger sister... interesting... I thought she passed away" said Maan with an amused smile. She was not going to let him get to her.

Geet Singh Handa, had more patience to deal with a dusht dhanav like Maan Singh Khurana.

" So why did you exclude the Singh in the middle?" asked Maan.

" Its called protecting your family" said Geet. " Ohh... I see... how sweet" said Maan. "Thanks... " said Geet sarcastically. " I feel so priviledged to sit in front of Thakur Jai Singh Handa's younger sister... " said Maan.

" I feel so unprivileged to sit in front of the most bitter and sarcastic man on this planet" said Geet with her usual smile. " Aahh.. yes..." said Maan.

" May I ask why you're so damn bitter with your life?" said Geet.

" Shit happens Handa... thats all I gotta say" said Maan. " Who lives in the house with you?" said Geet. " My dadimaa... thats it" said Maan. " How sweet... she must feel so relieved to not have you around" said Geet.

" You seem to be catching onto my attitude... you are learning well my young apprentice" said Maan.

" Nice to know you do something good in this world" said Geet.

" Thankyou for your comments Miss. Handa" said Maan with a smirk.

Geet called one of the private butlers over, " James!"

" Ji madam" answered James. " Could you get me a glass of mango juice please?" asked Geet. " Yes madam" said James as he looked to Maan. " James! my man! could you get me a rum and coke please?" said Maan.

Geet rolled her eyes and went back to her magazine. " Anything else madam? sir?" asked James. " No... you may go!" said Geet. James nodded and he was about to go until he stopped.

" Geet madam... your brother has sent you something... Rajveer sir asked me to give it you as soon you board the jet" said James as he took something out of his pocket.Geet smiled.. " Lets see!"

Maan peered over his iPad and saw a small plastic case come out and he gave it to Geet. Geet put her magazine down and opened to to reveal a thin diamond bracelet. " Omg! that is so pretty!" screeched Geet.

" I should call him up.. thank you James!" said Geet. James only nodded his head and went off to get their orders. Geet put on the diamond bracelet on her delicate wrists and Maan only admired it... " Damn... Sid was right... she is beautiful" thought Maan as he smiled to himself.

Geet took out her phone and started to dial a number and transferred the call onto her bluetooth. " Veerjii!" said Geet. " I loved it so much! thankyou..." said Geet.

" I hope you liked it Pari... love you sis... take care of yourself" said Jai. " I will veerji.. remember what I said okay? good.. bye now!" said Geet. " Bye pari" said Jai.

Geet shut her phone and smiled... " Jai veerjii is the best brother ever"

" Just because he spoils you with gifts? seriously? is that all you women care about?" said Maan. Geet sighed, " Listen... its my veerjii.. and its my early birthday present"

" How sweet" said Maan. " Listen Khurana... Im not trying to fight with you... so just try to cooperate with me" said Geet. " Im not either... " said Maan. " Just end this off here Khurana... Id rather read then listen to your comments" said Geet as she took out her iPod and put her headphones in her ears. She began looking at the magazine again... and Maan only thought, " But I love fighting with you... I don't know why... But I do"

" What the hell!?" thought Maan again. This was definitely going to be a long plane ride for both of them... two polar opposites in the same mission, was NOT going to be smooth.

" I swear Sid.. after Ameera delivers the child... I'll kill you for leaving me with this!" thought Maan. Maan just went back to his thing and they talked less in those 8 hours that they were going to be in the plane together.

Geet and Maan reached their destination and Geet was excited to step out... " Don't break your nails" mumbled Maan as Geet frantically put her stuff in her bag. " Don't make me break something of yours" mumbled Geet.

Maan stepped out of the jet first and saw a tall man standing there... Maan came down and he greeted the man, " Hey man"

They shook hands and talked for a bit until the man said, " Where is your new partner?"

" One second... madam should be coming out soon" said Maan.

Just then, Geet stepped out and she came down the steps and waved, " Hi Rudra Veerjii!"

" You know her?!" asked Maan. " Dude... if you didn't know... shes my cousin.. she is my moms sister's daughter... " said Rudra. Geet came down and she hugged Rudra, " Kaisay ho yaar?! I haven't seen you since Oxford!"

" You both went to the same university? and you're related!... why didn't you ever tell me?" asked Maan. " Of course!" said Geet. " I'm so glad to see you again Pari" smiled Rudra. " The whole family is in the business aren't they?" said Maan.

" Of course! how is Pihu?" asked Geet. " She is waiting for you!" said Rudra. " Veerjii.. seriously.. .Ive missed my best friend the most rather than you!" joked Geet. " Tu bhi naa... baad mein dekhta hoon" teased Rudra.

" So how do you like my sister?" asked Rudra as he put his arm around Geet. " She's great..." said Maan as he didn't put that much enthusiasm in it. Geet only narrowed her eyes at him and Rudra continued " Rajveer told me the details and I'll be helping you out and Pihu will be as well"

" Pihu is helping out too? great!" said Geet. " So we'll be in the headquarters while you are both out!" said Rudra. " Thanks veerjii... " smiled Geet. Maan loved that smile on her...

" Chalein?" said Rudra as he cleared the way for Geet to walk ahead. " Jii" nodded Geet. Geet walked on and both the guys were walking behind her.

" Do you like her?" asked Rudra. " No dude" said Maan. " Shutup... do you like her? I mean... you two look great together... did you know that she was the most sought after girl in Oxford? every guy loved her, but she stayed with her books and close friends... and you dude... the hearthrob of Delhi University" said Rudra with a smirk. " Nah man" said Maan as he shrugged it off.

" So why do you look at her every minute?" asked Rudra. " Nah dude... she is just a colleague." said Maan. " My foot... I bet you... you'll end up liking her..." said Rudra. " Dude... can we not talk about this? I haven't seen you in awhile" said Maan. " Yeah yeah.. fine... baad mein poochoonga..." said Rudra.

The three got into their cars and drove off towards the headquarters. " Take seperate routes" ordered Rudra. " Sure" said both Geet and Maan at the same time.

It was a fork in the road and Geet took left, Maan took right and Rudra took straight.

The porche's roared through the dusty Delhi roads. They reached the head quarters around the same time and all filed out of the car. The three went into the large building that was secured by the Indian SWAT team and security system.

"  Geet as she put another tiny device in her ears and spoke, " Call Uday into my office..."

" Yes maam" said the secretary. " Call Monali into my office... I need her to run off a few copies of documents for me" said Maan as he already had that same device in his ears.

" I'll see you back in a couple of minutes guys... Pihu is just coming right now..." said Rudra as his agents lined up behind him. " Bye Ve-.. Agent Rudra" smiled Geet. Rudra only nodded his head and smiled, " Bye Agent.. Geet"

Geet and Maan went off towards their offices and Geet was only saying, " Dev Singh will be at his private lounge tomorrow evening with the other underworld dons and you and I will be going there... as Mr. and Mrs. Khurana.. and we live in Dubai... and you own Khurana Constructions... we will be going to his dinner... since he has invited us"

Maan didn't know why... but he loved the sound of Khurana out of her mouth... Mr and Mrs Khurana eh? This would be an interesting mission!

" He invited us?" asked Maan. " Well... yes... you made the call so thankyou" said Geet. " Thankyou... thats more like it!" smirked Maan.

" Okay so tomorrow night... is where we target him first... but right now... we will be going out to watch him. He is in town right now and later on he will go back to Dubai, we are going for a business deal only" said Maan.

" Got it" said Geet.

" So right now, we will be heading off towards his private lounge... since he drinks 24/7" said Maan. Geet looked at him for a second... he looked good when he was serious and on topic. He wasn't saying anything sarcastic. He was tall dark and handsome... Just like Meera predicted for Geet. She'll get a tall, dark and handsome guy. Wait wait... was Maan the one that Pihu kept on mentioning when she was in Delhi University?... No.. Wait.. yeah! Maan.. Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet was surprised... what a small world! " Great... and guess what? you'll have to wear this" said Maan as he sent a message to Sonali.

" Wear what?" said Geet. " Yeah... I don't want him to hit on you... well... Rajveer doesnt.. and I dont either... but you'll have to look like Mrs. Khurana" said Maan as he was on his blackberry.

" What.. do you mean?" asked Geet. " Sindoor and mangalsutra..." said Maan as he looked up at her. Geet broke into a tiny grin... " Seriously?"

" Sindoor, Mangalsutra, and ring.. all provided" said Maan. Geet blushed at the thought of wearing sindoor... she always saw her mother and Meera putting it on... it was a sight to see. But she would be doing it? Seriously? It was a dream come true... maybe?

Maan saw the tinge of pink on her cheeks and he only grinned, " Are you okay?"

Geet snapped out of it and smiled, " Yeah I'm fine.. chaliye..."

" The dressing room is downstairs.. and Sonali will be there to supply it all" said Maan. " Oh btw.. Uday messaged me and told me that you will have to wear a ring as well" said Geet as she read her message. Maan nodded, " Great... I'll see you later"

Geet nodded and she went off towards the elevator and went towards the dressing room. Maan's eyebrow went up, " Was she blushing... because I told her she would be Mrs. Khurana.. as in.. my wife?.. and wear sindoor?"

He only grinned, " Interesting... I would love to see how my fake wife would look... gives me a model of my future"

Maan went off towards his office where he had a meeting with Rudra and Uday.

On the other hand, Sonali was helping Geet. " Hey Geet... my name is Sonali.. nice to meet you" said Sonali as she gave Geet a light pink sari to wear. Geet smiled, " You too Sonali...!"

" Here is the sindoor.. ring.. mangalsutra and your clothing" said Sonali with a smirk. "Thanks!" said Geet as she took it. "Do you need help with tying it?" asked Sonali. " No no.. I don't.. I know how to tie it.. thanks! but stay here to entertain me!" smiled Geet. Sonali nodded and the girls conversed..

Geet was behind the screen changing into her sari. " So how is it like working for your boss Maan?" asked Geet. " He is good... very serious though... but he is nice and he is a good human being" said Sonali.

" Wow.. a compliment eh?" said Geet. " Many people compliment him...he is nice" said Sonali. " But why is he so sarcastic and rude to me?" asked Geet. Sonali laughed, " Probably because he met someone of his takkar..."

" His takkar?" said Geet. " Geet... everyone says that you are of his takkar... no girl says a word in front of him... they only go weak on their knees" said Sonali. " He's that good?" asked Geet.

" If I wasn't married Geet...I would probably fall in love with him" said Sonali. " Have you?" asked Geet.

" No I havent... and never will...because my one and only love will always be my husband Rahul" said Sonali. " Awwh! how sweet!" said Geet. " Yeahh.. we're expecting a baby soon.. so Im really excited" said Sonali. " Congrats Sonali! so happy for you!" said Geet excitedly.

" Yeah!" said Sonali with excitement in her voice. Geet came out and Sonali just stared at her. " Geet! you look beautiful!" said Sonali. " Thanks Sonali..." blushed Geet. " No seriously girl! you look drop dead gorgeous" said Sonali. Geet smiled, " You are too sweet"

" Acha chaloo! warna Maan aajayega" said Sonali. Geet sat on the chair and she parted her hair in the middle and put sindoor on herself... Geet felt really odd... but she felt her heart flutter. Sonali just smiled at her, " Its a good sign Geet..."

Geet looked at it and smiled and she parted her hair again to the side and put her bangs on the side of her face. Geet put on her bangles and earrings... and finally she put the long mangalsutra around her neck. It rested perfectly on her and she smiled even more... " I really feel married..." said Geet.

" You will.. soon" smiled Sonali. Geet put a pair of stilettos on and pinned her sari properly. She tied her dori's and put her hair to the side... " Let's go" said Sonali. Geet nodded and filed out. As soon as she walked out.. she felt her cheeks go red... " Haye rabbaa.. kahaan phas gayi.." mumbled Geet.

Geet walked confidently towards her office and put the devices in her ear. She walked to her office and she found all three men standing there... They turned around and went dead silent.

Rudra, Uday and Maan... all were shocked.

" Pari?!" said Rudra with a large grin. " I know I look like an idiot..." frowned Geet.

" You look beautiful" said Maan. Geet turned her attention towards him and she only smiled and looked down and quickly up again, " Thankss.."

Maan couldn't stop staring at Geet... she looked... drop dead gorgeous. Geet blushed at Maans stares... " Shall we get to work?" said Geet as she held Maan's gaze. Rudra noticed the interaction between both and he only grinned. " I told you dude... you would totally fall for my sister"

Geet went to her seat and she sat down, " So we'll get going in about two minutes?"

" Maan... did you wear the ring?" asked Geet. She looked at him... he was not responding... She looked at Rudra who wanted to laugh really hard... but he kept it back with a large grin.

" Maan... I'm asking you something" said Geet. " Hm." replied Maan.

Geet snapped her fingers and he snapped out of it. " Sorry what?" said Maan looking a little embarassed. " I said... we will be leaving in two minutes, put your ring on" repeated Geet.

" Oh yeah.. Uday.. where is it?" asked Maan. Uday took it out and he gave it to Maan. Maan put it on his left hand and the silver band gleamed inthe light. " Let's get going" said Maan as he got up. Geet stood up and they all filed out of the door. Geet kept a special clutch with her which wasn't actually a clutch... It had a laser... alarm.. and little blades in case she came across anything bad. She fastened the tiny device into her ears and put her hair to the sides to cover it.

Maan and Geet walked through the hallways with everyone staring... Maan looked at Geet, " Don't pay attention to them"

Geet nodded and she walked out with Maan and went into a black BMW. Rudra waved and Maan backed out the car and they started to drive into the main city. Geet was talking to the agents that were already in and around the private lounge.

" Shergill... make sure you put that device around the door... and fasten the lock..." said Geet. Maan drove ahead without a word. Geet shut the device off and she looked at Maan who was looking straight ahead.

" That was probably the sweetest thing you've said to me... Maan" said Geet. Maan looked at Geet from the side for a second... his name sounded so good out of her mouth. They had a sort of melody to it.

" You can call me Geet instead of Handa" said Geet again. Maan smiled to the side, " Okay... Geet it is"

Geet loved the sound of his husky voice when he said her name...

They drove in silence and approached the lounge. Geet and Maan got out of the car and then walked to the front where the guards were standing. Maan slid his hands around her waist and she looked at him in surprise... His touch sent shivers down her back.

" Mr and Mrs. Khurana... we are here to see our friend Dev Singh Ranaut" said Maan. The guards nodded and they let Geet and Maan enter. Geet's clutch also took pictures of the lounge...

Maan still had his hands on her and she didn't seem to protest... They seemed to tell her that they'll protect her and keep her safe... no matter what. They walked on and approached two large glass doors and Maan opened it for her and let Geet in.

" Good evening" said Geet as Maan slid his right hand around her waist. "Good evening Mr. Ranaut" said Maan.

Just then, a tall man turned around in his bar chair and gave an evil smile, " Good evening Mr. Khurana... nice to meet you personally"

Dev eyed Geet and he said, " Your wife?"

Maan looked at Geet and smiled, " We just got married a few days ago"

" Congratulations" said Dev as he got up and shook hands with Maan. He looked at Geet and she only put out her hand for a handshake, " Nice to meet you Mr. Ranaut" Dev took her hand and he kissed it.

Maan flinched a little and Dev only looked up and smirked, " I hope you don't mind"

Geet took her hand away and put it on Maan's chest, " Of course not..."

Geet could see Maan's teeth clench a little, but she calmed him with a reassuring smile. He looked to the side trying to keep his composure.

" Please come sit" said Dev. Maan and Geet nodded and went to the table in the middle of the large lounge. Maan and Geet sat beside eachother while Dev sat right across them.

" One hard rum..." called Dev. " Yes sir" said the waitress. " Hurry up Naintara... I don't have time to listen to your 'yes sir' crap" said Dev. Geet looked to the girl who was wearing the most tiniest black dress with a plunging neckline. Her face was quite narrow and her eyes big and dark... with large eyelashes. She was a pretty girl, but there was a sort of evil thing about her. Geet couldn't quite figure it out.

" So about the business deal Mr. Khurana, we want you to build our office in Dubai" said Dev as he leaned back on his chair unprofessionally. " My assistant will give you a copy of the documents.." said Maan.

" Great... but enough about business... how about a drink? its on me!" said Dev. " I don't drink this early in the day... thankyou" said Maan. " Biwi aagayi to sab adatein chor di kya?" said Dev.

" Its my personal preference Mr. Ranaut" said Maan. " Actually... he doesn't drink at all anymore... right honey?" said Geet as she squeezed his hand. Dev looked at Maan amusingly.

" Shaadi yaani barbaadi... What I don't get is that... why do people get married? I mean you could have fun even if you aren't? women.. money.. sex... everything without that big paper that says you're stuck with someone for the rest of your life" said Dev.

" Haven't you found someone yet?" said Maan. " I don't need a wife to make me happy... that b**** Naintara does it all for me..." smirked Dev. " I mean if I tell her to strip.. she'll strip... If I tell her to get lost... she'll get lost... how delightful!" said Dev.

Geet looked at Dev with clear disgust in her face, " You really don't have respect for women... do you Mr. Ranaut"

" Not really.." said Dev. Naintara came by and she brought Dev's drink and said, " And you two?"

" Give some respect you wh****..." said Dev as he grabbed her wrist and twisted it. Naintara winced in pain and she said through tears, " What may I get you?"

" Nothing..." said Geet and Maan together. " A glass of water" said Dev as he let go of Naintara's hand. Naintara nodded and she massaged her wrist that was clearly red...

Geet wanted to punch him out... how disgusting! She felt like slamming his head into the glass table. " What is the deal worth Mr. Ranaut" said Geet as she tried to keep her composure.

" $350,000,000" said Dev casually. " How about $450,000,000?" said Maan. " Now now Mr. Khurana... we can't push the amount too high...I have to take care of my finances as welll" said Dev.

" What finances? hiring hookers?" thought Geet.

" I'm sure this deal won't cost you too much Mr. Ranaut... you won't get better architects in any other company" said Maan. " Its the money matter eh? wonderful... if it makes you happy... go right ahead... I'll make it  $550,000,000... how about that? said Dev.

" Makes us even happier" said Maan.

" He is such a devil!" thought Geet. " Now.. Mrs. Khurana... what is your first name?" said Dev as he leaned a little closer. "  Mrs.Aanchal Maan Singh Khurana" lied Geet.

" Smooth Geet... Smooth..." thought Maan with a smirk

" A beautiful name for a beautiful lady I see?" said Dev. " A very pleasant name for an unpleasant man" said Geet with the same bittersweet tone.  " Witty... " said Dev. " So we have this deal Mr. Ranaut" said Maan.

" Of course" smiled Dev.

Maan called over his assistant which was Agent  Hiten Shergill...  " Give me the documents please"

Hiten gave Maan the documents and Dev read over it and signed it. And Maan did as well. The two men stood up and shook hands, " Thankyou for your business" said Maan. " No Problem" smiled Dev.

" Please excuse me... where are the restrooms?" asked Geet. " Over to the right and down the hall" said Dev. " Excuse me" said Geet as she stood up at left towards the restrooms.

Geet walked down the hall to find her agents in the ventilation systems... she only looked up and she saw them disable all the cameras and lasers. Geet didn't say a word and she went into the womens washroom.

She heard soft whimper in one of the stalls and Geet frowned. She slowly walked over to the stall... to find someone throwing up. Who is it?

I hope you liked it! Comment and Like!Smile

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amazing update.. luved their attitudes.. erhh dev is s such a jerk.. itz getting really interesting... continue soon
mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
mindblowing part
love it
cont soonnn
thanks 4 pm
zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
loved it Tongue

I loved Maan's and Geet's interactionWink

Dev is so disgustingAngry

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sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
loved the convo between geet-jai!
maan and geet both are falling for each other!...interesting!...
dev is so disgusting!...
i think the girl is NT who was throwing up!...
continue soon!
ajenn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
Maan was really being sarcastic during maneet whole interaction. 
He did sounded nice onie afta seeing geet as fake Mrs.Khurana.
I can see the possessiveness in his hold towards geet. Sth is really cooking.
Dev is really sounds dangerous.
I guess its NT who is throwing up.
Btw r there two Meera in dis story.
One is Jai's wife n another is Sid's wife?
Thx for the pM

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