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Maneet OS-The Agents Last Part 5 Page 25

Desigirl144 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 7:49pm | IP Logged

Hi guys! its me again! I hope you are all doing well Smile And again, I've came up with another OS to entertain you on a boring rainy day or when you feel like lazying around! Or... simply an OS with our lovely couple Maneet... which is always a treat for all of us! I've already written two Os's... Suna Suna Lamha Lamha and The Vampire's Angel...!Here is my new creation and I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it!

Happy Reading everyone!Smile

(Part 1)

" Geet, please come into my office" said a strict voice. " Will Do " replied Geet as she put her bluetooth in her ear. Geet walked fast through the hallways with her pure black high waisted skirt and red blouse. Her 6 inch heels made a loud noise as she walked through the hallways of the Indian Intelligence agency, located in a remote area of India.

Geet walked to her bosses cabin and she knocked on his glass door.

" You may come in" said the same strict voice.

Geet pushed the glass doors open and the same warm smile appeared on her lips, " Good afternoon Agent Rajveer"

Rajveer Singh Rathod was Geet's boss and he was the one that every agent working, reported to everyday after a single mission.

"Agent Handa... welcome, I hope you are liking your new workplace" smiled Rajveer.

Geet smiled, " Thankyou Rajveer"

"And thankyou for calling me by my name like everyone else Geet" said Rajveer. Geet laughed, " You're very welcome"

" Since you are new and you've just newly come from the British Intelligence Agency, then you must know that there is a new mission that you must go on with a partner that I have already given you... and he has worked for the intelligence for about the same time you have for the British Intelligence" said Rajveer.

" A new mission? Great! please do tell me the details" said Geet. " Here is the file to the mission and I have to discuss this with you thoroughly before I introduce you to most favorite agent" said Rajveer/

" Please continue" smiled Geet. Rajveer nodded and gave her the file and they started to converse about the mission.

" Hey Maan... wassup dude?" asked Siddhant as he poured a cup of coffee for himself.

" Nothing... you?" said Maan as he looked through his file. " Kya hua dude? what is going on? you seem down?" asked Sid. " Nahin yaar, I'm fine... just a little stressed... did Rajveer really have to pair me up with this new Brit?" said Maan as he sat down on the couch in Sid's office.

" New Brit?! Oh yeah! that Agent... Agent 004... as in Agent Handa?" said Sid. " Yeah that agent, Its been the first week of that job for him or her, and Rajveer insists that I work alongisde him or her?!" said Maan as he stroked his forhead.

" Dude, don't panic..." said Sid. " Dude... I've been partnering up with you ever since I joined and now he asks me to partner up with the new agent on the block?" said Maan.

" I'm sure Rajveer thought it through before sending you with that agent" said Sid encouragingly. "Please! give me a break... I could do this mission alone" said Maan as he rolled his eyes.

" I've heard that the agent is probably one of the best, and thats why he or she works for both..  British and Indian intelligence..." said Sid. " I could care less even if he or she worked with Obama!" snapped Maan.

" Dude... don't be bitter.. hota hain" said Sid.

" Me and not bitter? impossible" sneered Maan.

" Dude... she'll be gone... trust me... how can someone stick with you too long except me?" said Sid.

" Dude... your wife is pregnant and you have to go back to the city and you're leaving me! thanks dude... so much for staying" said Maan. " Yeah sorry, Meera is pregnant and I need to be there for her, she wants me back now!" said Sid.

" Thanks man... thanks" said Maan sarcastically.

Sid was about to say something until Rajveer's voice came on the little device on Sids ear, " Call Maan into my room now... "

" Will Do Raj" said Sid. " Sun liya... araaha hoon" said Maan as he got up and straightened up his tie and waist coat. Maan walked out of Sids office and he walked through the protected hallways of the agency.

Maan entered Rajveers office and he saw a petite feminin figure sitting across Rajveer. Maan couldn't see her face and only her long silky brown straight hair that was down her back.

" Come in Maan!" exclaimed Rajveer. Maan nodded and he sat on the chair beside the girl... not looking her way.

" May I introduce you to our new agent, Geet Handa" said Rajveer as he smiled at both of them. Geet stood up and Maan stood up too.

She faced him with her same warm smile, " Nice to meet you..." Maan looked at her and he only analysed her.

She was wearing a high waisted skirt with a red blouse. The skirt fit her petite and curvy body perfectly, and the skirt gracefully rested on her knees, leaving her legs exposed. She was wearing pure black heels... Her long straight brown hair rested at her back. Her eyes were hazel and were lined carefully with kohl and she had light pink lipgloss on, leaving her lips rosy and luscious.

 Maan could tell that she wore minimal makeup because after all the girls that he has seen, he knew when exactly girls had too much on.. or too little... or just about right. And Geet had just about the right amount of makeup on. There was a sense of freshness in her face and her warm smile. She truly reflected purity.

Maan held out his hand and only smirked, " Nice to meet you too Agent Handa"

"Geet.. this is Agent Khurana... or informally known as Maan... Maan Singh Khurana" said Rajveer. Geet shook his hand. As soon as they touched, a sort of shiver went through both of their backs.

Geet looked at Maan even closer, carefully... he was quite handsome. His deep chocolate brown eyes and his perfect nose... his jawline that perfectly shaped his face. His M shaped lips only made her smile to the side. His muscular arms and chiseled abs clearly showed in the white short sleeved dress shirt with a black waist coat and perfect white and black tie. His taste was definitely very expensive. But one thing that she couldn't stop looking at... was his empty and sarcastic eyes. Why were they so empty?

Maan and Geet both sat down and Maan couldn't help but stare at her beautiful face.

" Well, since I am more acquainted with Agent Khurana, you should probably run the details once again for times sake" said Geet.

Rajveer nodded and said, " So you two will be heading off to New Delhi, and you will basically be watching over and reporting to us about the well known Don... Dev Singh Ranawat... we are hoping to catch him because he is one of the biggest drug lords. All of the worlds intelligence agencies are after him and you two must in essence...get rid of his presence... for good..."

Geet looked at Rajveer and then at Maan, " Are you sure you should partner up Maan and myself?"

Maan smirked, " Exactly my point"

" You two are my best agents... and you two can only do the job!" said Rajveer.

" Well now, I should get going, nice to meet you Agent Khurana... I look forward to working with you" said Geet as she held out her hand. Maan leaned on his chair and held out his hand, " Of course... I look forward to working with you... Agent Handa"

Geet let go of his hand and she excused herself out of the room, leaving Rajveer with a smirk on his face..." She is the best out of them all"

" Tell me one thing Raj... how long does it take your wife to get ready?" asked Maan as he played with a tiny globe in his one hand. " She takes about two hours... why?" said Rajveer.

" Does it seem like she took time to get ready?" said Maan. Rajveer understood what he meant, " Stop being so rash on the poor girl, she is new and you're already throwing your sarcastic remarks at her!"

Maan laughed, " If shes the best, then I'm always going to be better..."

" Right... use this attitude during the mission and don't forget... you two will be leaving tomorrow morning" said Rajveer. " What do I wear?" joked Maan. " Be normal Maan... thats all and I told Geet the same thing" said Rajveer.

Maan nodded, " I'll see you and we will contact you as soon as we reach Delhi"

" Oh and by the way, you will be in a small apartment shared by Geet and yourself" said Rajveer. Maan raised an eyebrow," What?"

" Just kidding, no... you two will be having an apartment right beside each other... but it is seperate..." said Rajveer with a smirk. " Thank God... you scared me there" said Maan.

" I did a good job... thanks... well you should get going and get home because you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow" said Rajveer. " The flight is 6:30 am... so you should be at the airport at around 5:00 am" said rajveer.

"Okay... anything else?" asked Maan. " No... you may go now" said Rajveer as he opened the computer system.

Maan nodded, " Excuse me"

Maan exited the room rolling his eyes, " For a month!? I have to stand HER?..."

Maan was dreading this mission but he had to stay professional... or else... that girl would captivate him again. He couldn't let her do that... seems like her eyes could pierce through your soul if they wanted to.


Geet walked through the hallways and into the common area, where the kitchen, TV and couches were located at. " I should get some water before I completely get dehydrated"

Geet walked through the hallways and she could tell that she had all eyes on her. She only kindly smiled to everyone and greeted them. She walked into the common area to find a couple of people sitting and conversing.

Geet smiled nervously and she walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. She opened it to find everyone staring at her. She drank the water and said, " Hi guys!"

They all smiled. One girl spoke out, " Hey... you are the new agent that everyone is talking about?"

"The name is Geet Handa" called Geet. " Come sit with us Geet!" said the girl.

Geet nodded and she came forward and sat on the couch on the side. " Hi! my name is Ashlesha and this is Grace, Arjun and Sameer!" said Ashlesha. " Nice to meeet you all!" said Geet.

" What brings you here! you belong to the British intelligence and you choose to work for the Indian Intelligence?" said Ashlesha. " Yes well... I've just done my degrees in London, but I grew up in Hoshiyarpur, Punjab... but my family is settled in both Punjab and London" said Geet.

" Wow! from a tiny town to a big city? how?" asked Ashlesha. " dad really encouraged education and I got scholarships to go to Oxford University!.. and thus I became part of this all!" said Geet.

" You really got everyone staring..!" said Sameer with a smirk. " Everyone? or just yourself?" replied Geet. " Ahh... witty... I like that" said Sameer. " Shutup...bohot flirt karte ho Sam" said Ashlesha. Sameer laughed, " Nice to meet you Geet!"

Geet continued to talk on with Ashlesha, Arjun, Grace and Sameer. " Sorry guys! gotta head home and I'll be talking to you guys in a bit!" said Geet. Geet got up and she waved and exited out of the common area.

Geet walked through the hallways once again and she found Maan a little bit behind her. " It pays to introduce yourself" called Geet as she continued to walk on. Maan loved the sound of her voice. But he snapped out it and said, " I already have to spend time with you for a month, I'm sure we'll get acquainted with each other"

" All that bitterness won't get you everything" smirked Geet. " How the hell does she pick that up in my voice?!" thought Maan.

" No.1 Rule, don't let anyone recognize you so easily Agent Khurana" said Geet. Maan walked up right beside her, " Oh really? and how did you recognize me?... Please do enlighten me"

" No.2... If they do, don't tell..." said Geet. " Oh and let me guess...there is a no.3... " said Maan. "  I hope you figure that one out... I really look forward to it" said Geet.

Maan looked a little puzzled but he covered it up with his stern expression, " Try me Handa..."

" Its a challenge" called Geet as she rolled her eyes.

" Agar angrezi mein baat karni hain to sahi tareekay se karo" snapped Maan.

Geet only smiled, " Karo nahin... kariye"

" Mind my grammar" said Maan as he rolled his eyes. " Koi baat nahin... aakhir, aap Maan Singh Khurana hain... humari itni majaal kay hum aapko beizzat karein?" smiled Geet.

" bittersweet comments! Typical woman" thought Maan.

" You have quite the urdu/hindi Agent Handa..." smirked Maan. " Thankyou, our job does require us to speak our own languages fluently" said Geet. " Nice to know Agent Handa... I'll keep that in mind" smirked Maan.

" Great and I'll see you tomorrow morning" said Geet. Geet waved from behind her and she left into the other hallway opposite to where Maan was going.

 " Typical woman... pride... bittersweet comment and hell of a lot of attitude" thought Maan.

I hope you liked my attempt in entertaining you! I love reading comments! so pleeease comment!LOL

Part 1: Page 1
Part 2: Page 6

Part 3: Page 13
Part 4: Page 18
Part 5 (Last)- Page 25

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I am FIRSTT!!!

Yaya dude!!

This was amazing!! I love this style of yours more than anything! Maan seems egoistic and Geet is the usual sweet sexbomb witg attittude! Love it! Maan has a past i suppose?? He is so stereotypical when it comes to women! More than MaanEet I will enjy their time together!! Do update soon!! Wonderful start!!


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Going good, Agents right now i am going gaga over agents.
Last month I just read two books over FBI agents: Something About You and A lot like Love.
The Agent character really suits Maan and u wrote Geet's line very well, I really would love to see geet challenging maan more than once and she should win most of the time. Geet should win because we girls rock at being sneaky!

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cont soonnn

thanks 4 pm 

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continue soon

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Wow luvd this new OS
Maaneet are secret agents Yayy
Maan alwaiiz be's the big headed serious one wile geet is the full ov life types
Oooh both ov em living together,,,,interesting
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the Pm
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ahhh I can only imagine how much hotter Maan will be as a secret agent! amzingly written!! thanks for the pm! please update soon! Smile
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