Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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beautiful siggie...Clap..n lovely opening speech...StarHug
Star Jannat Hugthankyou so much for the sweet Happy Ending...Embarrassedmade our day...its really so sweet..a perfect Happy ending.TongueDancingAlso , Kavya , Aksh , Ari for the efforts u have put in for this beautiful surprise...Hug

                                            Kitani Mohabbat Hai...HeartHeart

Isnt this pic epic?Embarrassedmakes me feel like singing"Kitani Mohabbat hai...haan mohabbat hai." in the title montage of season 1..Embarrassed

I still remember the day I was bored of my life..Sleepy LOL.(which im always..ROFL.).n in sadu mood surfing channels  came across dis show... got a shock of my life seeing the  male version of my personality on National TV..ROFL..(Our Punji..Heart)..ROFL...yes , I m female Punji...Embarrassed LOL.i found him exactly like me "sadu" "khadoos".."short tempered" "jalaad"ROFLROFL...Evil Smile "introvert".EmbarrassedROFL.(but im not innocent , caring n loving like him..Evil Smile CryLOL).I cant believe the character who is so special to me today n as I put it to be "The first Love of my Life"..(cheesy it is..Stern Smile..ROFL) I myself made fun of him crazy I was then LOL used to love the show n watch it regularly..Embarrassed.was so mesmorised by the girl playing Miss Sharma (Kritika) her sweet voice...her charming smile..EmbarrassedTongue but  dun know why I kept making fun of Punji .ConfusedOuchLOL.. may be coz he was like me..ROFL..N then came dis episode which made me fall in love with him foreva HeartDay Dreaming.

After that just fell in love with the n nite instead of thinkin bout board exams thot abt Miss Sharma n Punji EmbarrassedDay DreamingLOL.Later through SBS interviews I came to know my Punji is actually "Karan Kundra"...Embarrassed..Such a sweet name..Tongue..Was more happy to know he too is  Punjabi n hails from Punjab..EmbarrassedLOL ..I made an impression about Karan that He is sadu like our Punji in real life as well...ROFL..ShockedLOLBut the videos proved me wrong..TongueLOL..He is such a genuine adorable...our shy boy as well as naughty boy too..EmbarrassedBlushingLike every girl here I too day dream bout him..Day Dreaming LOL..Kritika out Kitloo is a sweetheart..Embarrassed ..the girl gifted with the sweetest smile..Embarrassed.Its a pleasure watching their interviews..Tongue.I have never been a crazy fan of nyone..ny actor or star..its only karan Kritz who made me their pankhas..ROFLROFL...I just love this couple...can nyone get sweeter than them? Tongue

 Then came my next level of  craziness for them..ROFL..searched on Net bout KK2' n then came to know bout their FB accounts n watched all their interviews n KMH episodes I had missed..Embarrassed..Then ek din random search karte karte I landed on IF..ROFL.ROFL..pehle toh kuch samajh mein nahin aaya ConfusedOuch ROFL...Today i love using emotions , uss samay when I was new to this place I used to wonder what these emotions mean? Ermm Confused.ROFL...ROFL...Used to love reading the posts on the Forum silently..EmbarrassedLOL..But then I had a cut off from this net ki duniya for few months coz of exams.Cry n till then KMH had gone off mujhe phir se IF ki yaad aayi.Shocked..ROFL..n thot of making an account over here...started interacting with people..participated in the discussions..TongueLOLjisko "discuss" karne ki jagah sirf har article ya video pe members ko "thanx for sharing" bolti i was na..Embarrassed din know much..LOLLOL

Shibz (most stylish username..Cool LOL)is the one coz of whom Im  spamming here ..ROFL...the first person with whom I interacted here n my first virtual friend...Hug...our badi South Indian Sanju me too love her sweet "sa" i mean "si" Hindi.Tongue.ROFL.Most intelligent member of our Forum..ClapStar..her sarcasm ..Stern SmileROFL..our loyal Arjuhi Fan/Loyal Mohabbatian foreva..Star.ROFLROFL..Hug..i love you babes..Embarrassed..n din ho ya raat love to irritate u Evil Smile ..n then came across Pranii..Hug Our Positive Devi..our nicest n cutest member..Embarrassed..who always protects me from the evil ppl in this virtual world..Evil Smile...pampers me..loves me so much..Embarrassed..U write so well n such beautiful posts...ClapStarEmbarrasseda True Arjuhi/Karan Kritika fan. KK2' are lucky to have fans like you 2 ..HugHug.. Dese 2 mahaan ppl being my only friends here  had to bear with me n my questions D'ohROFLn made me familiar with  dis IF ki duniya ke rules...ROFL..

Then came shows like Beyytaab n PKB..
ROFLROFL..sirf naam hi kaafi hai inke...ROFL...jhelofied dese shows only for Karan Kritika Embarrassed LOL loved them as Veeru Prateeksha...again great performances Clap Clapbaaki show ko TV pe YT ki tarah  FF nahin kar sakte par memory mein FF kiya.ROFL.ROFL.Sillyn then had fun at KMH Forum...our first virtual home..Hug...lived our memories of was great knowing different people having same interest "Arjuhi/KK2'" I came across Chotu Angel..Hugno less than a  real sister to me..EmbarrassedI know i dun need to do her taarif coz all the ppl here know such a sweetheart she is..TongueEmbarrassed...being the youngest follows our orders politely...ROFL." clicking like" n "quoting posts n replying" are her such  a young age you write so well..ShockedClapLOL..n inspite of ur school/hwks manage to give ur takes here regularly..Big smile KK2's sabse choti pyaari Fan... Star

Then came ZND...ROFL...Loved watching KK2' in the show..n gota know more bout them...Embarrassed..From the SBS interviews always saw the naughty side of Kritika..the chirpy bubbly girl..Tongue..n here we saw a shy reserved girl..TongueShe dances so well..EmbarrassedClapn our Karan whom we thought to be a lil shy proved to us how naughty he is.Blushing.ROFL...awe He is so sweet.n genuine..a Rockstar..!!StarStar..A Bindaas person..ROFLWinkLOL.n thoroughly enjoyed his moves in the show...its a pleasure watching him dance..Embarrassedwhatever he does he does from his heart..Embarrassed..even he sings so well..Tongue..n our KK2' shared with us their beautiful moments..n about each other in the showTongue..By dis time i was addicted to the net..ROFL..gota know more bout Karan on FB..Tongue.Coming back to KLounge, .here we shared our feelings for KK2' n our madness/insanity for them "Karan Kritika lounge" se "spamming Lounge" ban gaya with the entry of 2 members..Evil Smile..Evil Smile

Olly our Karan deewani...ClapEmbarrassed..dont u mess with her when it comes to Karan..Evil Smile..i know im goin to get chappals from her for this lineDead.LOL... who applies her science knowledge in "G**** H****"...ROFLROFL..craziest spammer i hav ever seen..ROFL.n great basher too..ROFL.too emotional..Cry LOL..u write so well n u say u dun write well?ConfusedLOL..learn to smile now..Big smile LOL..

Sanju the girl whose inbox I spam Evil Smile...who never has the answers to my questions..Stern Smile.wittiest person  here...ROFL...who has the answer to illogical things but never to ny important virtual twinErmm(bolne mein kya jaata hai?ROFL)...very intelligent n mature .Big smile. ShockedLOL...ur  so lucky to have met KK2'..Day Dreaming..n thanx for making our dream come true..Hug..

Tanu our sweetest member..Hug also joined the Forum then n participated with us...very sweet n straighforward...Embarrassed..Karan's sabse pagal deewani..Embarrassed LOL n love her sweet poetries she writes for KMH/Arjuhi/Karan..ClapStar
met us in the last days we spent at KMH Forum..EmbarrassedOur elder sis...I would say the care taker of our ML.StarLOL.the Star of our ML...Hug...very intellectual n a pankha of her posts..EmbarrassedLOL.I gota know bout ur funny n naughty side in ML..Evil Smile WinkROFL...u dun make us feel ur elder to us..all of us here are so comfortable sharing nythn n everything with you..Embarrassed..ML is what is today coz of you..Hugwe love you...Hug

Then came the news bout KMH2...we were so happy to get our fav show back...Party

.We decided to open our own discussion thread here on KMH2 Forum n  Pranii Shibz Kavya came up with the idea of how the discussion thread should be..n here is process mein we gota know  Miss PC...aka ROFLing behena ..those who are new to ML go back in the past LOLn read her ROFLing posts...ROFL...her long crazy posts will surely make u die out of laughter...ROFL...n her PC act...ROFL...who doesnt remember dat?Shocked..LOL.The act dat made her the "Star of this Lounge..."..Star LOL.miss you...n ur active soonEmbarrassed...wil have a nice ROFLing session then LOL.ur dedication towards ML..HugClap.Along with her we got our Tehru aka Tehreem..Embarrassed...who always reserves first but edits late...ROFLROFL..sorry for the taangkhichai Tehru..EmbarrassedLOL.Sweetheart you are,..Tongue..our "Miss Stern Smile" Stern Smile...jisne mujhe har jagah "stern smile" post karne ki aadat lagayi hai.Stern Smile Angry LOL..But , always up with new creative ideas for ML..Hug.

Nisha(Eshu) met us here..all of us know such a beautiful writer she is...Hug..Star...who has inspired us to post long speeches here...ROFL..always up with crazy ideas..!!TongueLOLour Rockstar..!!Star...

I never thought I would love ny show as much as I loved much as I thought no  onsreen character can be like Punji , Our Arjun Singhania has to be one of the best characters on TV...Clap Star.Kudos to Karan for portraying such difficult intense characters so well..Star Star..Im glad you got to play such unique roles in just the start of ur career..Clap.Kritika as Arohi Ahluwalia has been too good n so natural.Clap Star..They made us fall in love with Arjuhi all over again..Embarrassed..Their chemistry with their coctors is amazing...!!Star..I have to say no other couple touched my heart as Arjuhi/KK2'...They are so natural...StarStarEmbarrassed

KMH2 has been an amazing journey...Day Dreaming such a beautiful love end mein Cvs ne family story bana di..Cry Dead LOL...nyways keeping that aside can never thank them enough  coz of whom we got to cherish those beautiful moments again..Embarrassed..Clap..KMH2 Team has done an awesome job with the show.Clap..powerful script , story. , dialogues , Direction ,.editing , camerawork ,  screenplay , music , cast !!ClapStarWish KMH2 title track was played more often in the show..Cry ..

 Karan Kritz are the pillars of KMH2.Star Star.apart from them Mr Mohan Kapoor deserves a special mention here for his amazing performance in the show..!!ClapStar..Danish , Sana , Rupesh , Aradhana Uppal ,  Neelam Mehra (Daadi..) ,Mrinalini , Areesz , Puneet Tejwani , Karan Arora , Nitin , Parul Gulati, Dilnaz , Priya Chauhan , Sami (Raj) , actors who played the roles of Kartar Singh Ahluwalia , DJ , Amrit , Sudhir , Arvind , Preeti , Sanchit did great job in their roles. , Shardul Pandit(Jai) , Sourabh Chakraborty(Dhondz) , Jai's parents..StarClap


Karan We love you hold such a special place in our hearts..Embarrassed...we are ur crazy fans..n our sense of humor is inspired by you..ROFL...LOL...Im glad I have so many things in common with abhi mention nahin kar sakti..warna speech lambi ho jaayegi..Dead SleepyLOL...n u are my superhero..Embarrassed...n ofcourse the Punjabi connection i share with you Embarrassed LOL...feel so proud of it ur sweet si voice..n smile..Day Dreaming..amazing screen presence u have..StarTongue..there has been no actor who could make me cry or smile like u u for what u are..Hug.thankyou for such amazing performances..Clap Star..All the very best with everything...Hug...will always follow u wherever u go..ROFL

 Kritika my fav actress.Embarrassed...extremely pretty n gorgeous Tongue..u have amazed us with such amazing performances..Clap Star...proud of you n the success u have achieved at such a young age...u truly deserve all this..Hug...u have the sweetest smile...Embarrassed..i love it when u do Karan ki taang khichai..Evil Smile LOL ...atleast there is someone who can play pranks on our prankster..LOL Tongue i need to say u two make the cutest couple?Embarrassed..I love your voice..its so unique...Tongue...n ur a bundle of talent..Clap ya Kitloo...keep smiling wsihes for future..!Hug

Coming to ML , love this place..Embarrassed..jahaan hum apne mann ki bhadaas bina kisi darr ke nikaal sakte hain..ROFL.ROFL..have met the sweetest people over bahaar se hi sweet dikhte hain..Evil SmileROFL..Started our journey with discussing the show we love the most EmbarrassedBig smilen ended it with bashing every possible people who ruined the show.Evil Smile.ROFLROFL..amazing forever to be cherished journey.Hug.Clap Star LOL..keeping my sarcasm aside..LOL all of you are really sweet..n ML would not have been possible without any of you.Hug.Star...

      Aksh , amazing ur poetries...Star...ur oxford dictionary..ROFL...omg u beat everyone when it comes to pagalpan..ROFL...and ur imagination...ROFL..our gyaani member..Geek LOL .u truly deserve to be the Creative Director of next season of KMH ur username..Cool..Ari..Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka of ML...ROFLROFL...crazy you ur bashing n galiyaan dene ka style..Evil Smile..ROFL...n the crazy ideas u come up with.ROFL.n ur sarcastic postsROFL.ROFL..keep up the good work..Clap LOL ..Jannat...firstly , Hug for givin us such a sweet happy ending..Hug n CVs ke muh pe tamacha maarne ke liye.ClapStar..ROFLROFL.ur a sweetheart Jannat..Embarrassed...n who can forget ur crazy videos?ROFL.ROFL...Kuki..Hug wish u a speedy recovery..Hugcome back soon..miss ur Mount everests..Cry LOL...Chandni  (biggest Raj Fan..Tongue) ,Roshani..Hug..havent got a chance to interact with u much but im aware of ur "sphyming"..ROFL..ROFL..n ur Mount Everests..ROFL..Rasika Hug ur so sweet...coz of work u arent able to post here much but love to read your views.Embarrassed...Sruju Hug..ur so funny n cute...ur big emos.ShockedROFL.ROFL..scared me at first but now used to them..LOL...Shilpa Di Anita di ML is incomplete with out u..Hug..miss ur presence here...Amna Hug..again beautiful posts u write n funny too..LOL..Neethi miss you.wish to see u here again..Hug..Vaishu Hug havent interacted with you but who doesnt know u..?Tongue...KK2's sweet si fan..Tongue...Shikha ,Imtiaz ,Naina , Bollywoodcrazed (Mandy), Sweetgirl(Hetu) , Aparna , -Pooja- , Shivani , Roma , Zach , Hetal, Pinky , DutchPrincess(neelu),Janamanasi , Piamist , Mushirox , Sur ,  have read ur post sometimes reading them..Hug..All those who take out time to read ML n like the posts everyone of you...HugML is incomplete without any of you..Hug..i m sorry i havent mentioned all the names...dats coz I got inactive n dun know so many of you.OuchLOL.but each of you are really so important n special n have made ML what it is today..Hug(my patent line in this speech.ROFL)

Love ya all...Hug..I feel so special n lucky to have virtual friends..Embarrassed..I love this place n love the members n I have never seen such a sweet Forum..KMH2 Forum is really the sweetest forum n the members here are so helpful n sweetHug..n Im glad we are not parting away..n will continue our masti again with discussing Season 1...Hug...Dancing

              you..Heart.will miss you ...Cry Cry..u have a very special place in our hearts...Hug..

Song of the Day...TongueLOL
For Arjuhi/KMH..Cry

For my ML saathis Hug

Ok this seems like an "Autobiography of Aanchi".Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...I have never got a chance to write bout my KMH/IF journey..Cry LOL wrote in this post..*sigh*..Embarrassed LOL

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Arjun Arohi & KMH had become part of my routine ever since it started, and now that this journey has ended no idea what I am going to do from tomorrow Cry , Yes we have ML and we will relive all the moments of KMH1 and 2 , but the fact remains that KMH2 ended and I will miss it terribly. Their love touched my heart and put me on bright side always , whenever any sad of negative thought came to me, a glimpse of arjuhi would do wonders. and the credit completely goes to Karan and Kritika for enacting so brilliantly that they made the characters arjun and arohi real .
Standing Ovation to you both ClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStar . Karan Kritika you guys have a very bright future and I wish you all the happiness and all the success. May you reach the pinacle of your career.
That said about your acting , your personalities too are wonderful, you have never put yourself before the show and have always been humble about your roles and all the accolades you received. that is the main reason that I like you both. I wish you all the luck in both professional and personal life.
Mohan Kapoor : A special mention had to be made about you sir, you were amazing as Rudra Pratap Singhania, the creator and manipulator of Arjun Singhania , It was a treat to watch you on screen. Standing ovation to you ClapClapClapClapClap. In the show I liked Singhanias better because they were real characters and did not show fake emotions. Thumbs Up
KMH Cast : Danish Pandor, Areesz Gandhi, Parul Gulati, Parul Chauhan, Karan Arora, Sana, Roopesh, Sanchit , Puneet, Sami, Daadi, Kartar , DJ, Mrinalini , Aradhana sry wont be able to write everyone's name, But job well done ClapClapClapClapClap. Some of the characters were awesome Rudra, Raashi, KSA, Daadi, DJ, Raj, Shefu, Billu, Romit ,kumud, Sanchit, Bua, jignesh, Mikhael, chiku to name a few and these characters had the right actor for the role ClapClapClapClap some characters like gauri, sudhir , arvind , amrit , though I did not like for the fakeness in the character, were consistent atleast that they were forever against arjuhi - but the actors did their job well ClapClapClapClap, gauri was a strong catalyst for arjuhi's lovestory . chachu's character was okay in the beginning but of recent it went downhill .  Not to forget dhondz , jay and his parents , Makrand and all of the cast. sorry if I have forgotten anyone. All the Ahluwalia's and Singhania's best of luck for all your future ventures. Smile
Director(s) - you gave us some amazing scenes and superbly directed ones for that I am thankful, all the best in future ventures ClapClapClapClapClap
Dialouge writers : Amazing job Aparajita Sharma and Divya Nidhi Sharma, outstanding dailouges for the season, I enjoyed them throughly. Standing Ovation to you ClapClapClapClapClap
Music Director : You have given us some wonderful bg score, many songs that I had not heard I heard for the first time and fell in love with it , coz they suited Arjun Arohi and the story of KMH so much, for example 'Chaap tilak sab cheeni ...' wonderful choice. Clap. Wish the makers allowed you to use the title track more often 'Tere Sason se hi ..' It was tailor made for Arjuhi and we did get to listen to the original version even once. anyways job well done ClapClapClapClapClap
Editing and Technical team : while there were errors many times, it was still a good show and thanks for working hard on it. The technical team remains in the background and does all the ground work, slogging day and night to get the things right. It was a wonderful show , thank you . Embarrassed ClapClapClapClapClap
CVs of the earlier episodes of KMH : Thank You for giving unique scenes of arjuhi and for having a vision of their love story and for keeping the rest of the characters in focus and making them grow along with the story. Some of the scenes were mindblowing, wish you stayed till the end. Standing ovation to you ClapClapClapClapClap

CVs of the current episodes : You could have done better , sorry , but this is true, all we wanted was to see arjun and arohi live their life together and all we got was unnecessary overdose of characters Thumbs Down, nothing wrong in showing other characters, it is needed for any story but you lost focus of the track and patched up here and thereThumbs Down. But still you guys gave some of the arjuhi scenes like the rain one and the rajasthani couple one thank you Clap. not for the final few episodes though , the show and arjuhi deserved a better ending and classy one not a patched up oneBroken Heart wont be able to forgive u for this.
Sorry if I have forgotten any department , but a big Thank You to each and everyone of the team and to the makers for giving us the wonderful KMH2.


ML & MLSA (and now I cry CryCryHug) thank you thank you thank you , for this amazing togetherness in this journey , Oh what would I have done if not for ML. I suck at emotional farewells yaar, see till now I was fine and as I type these words I am all teary and misty . Love You All Muaaahhh.
Standing Ovation to all of you who made the show more magical with your beautiful words .
bless you all and lots and lots and lots of best wishes for a beautiful wonderful future.
thank you for all those who have written in ML takes or just commentsHug
thank you for all the silent readers who liked my posts Hug
wanted to take everyone's name who wrote in ML from the beginning lekin I am too emotional to do that now .
Love You KMH2 forever - only show that rocked my world


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Res for Sanju..
Here comes the torture..Evil Smile..Sanju's speech is below Evil Smile..ppl who can manage to read it , i clap for them!! Clap Clap(Anji style..ROFL..)..ROFLROFL..enjoy this "double sleeepy" speech.Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy..LOL LOL LOL(shibz style..ROFL)..revenge successful yayy!!LOL..Evil Smile.DancingCool...ROFL.ROFLROFL

  HeartKitni Mohabbat Hai..Heart
 Do Chehron ne badal di zindagi..
Ek show ne basa di nayi duniya..
Bas itni mohabbat hai...

Its a whole new world here..our world..Karan n Kritika's world...dat we get more n more into everyday...lost in d world of Mohabbat..Embarrassed
Dis virtual world dat i became a part year d ZND days..Big smile during d same time imagine had beeen re-telecasting KMH1 epis..i had jus caught glimpses of..i had caught d office sequences den...n needless 2 say..dey wer uber-cute...jus held on my attention...i had not even made out at wat tym dey were aired..i jus used 2 stop on imagine wen i found KMH on while surfing channels in d evenings...d 1st epi dat i watched 4m start 2 end...was epi#50..n i remember it so well...cuz dat has been my most fav..Star d epi after Salil's sangeet..n deir garden confession...deir 1st day in office...n i was lyk...awww...Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming...after dat i made it a point 2 catch all d epis...till CRAPgin decided 2 stop airing d epis...Angry
den i caught a ZND epi...Karan's charlie chaplin vala dance...Embarrassed n den blowing flying kisses 2 kittu..n i was oo happy 2 c dem der...den began my search on d net...pehle youtube pe i watched d entire nite..jus me n youtube...Tongue i was lost...din even talk 2 any of my frnds den...KMH dominated all my thots..den i came across d sbs segments...i watched dem umpteen times...over r over again..i cudn't get over d KK2 magic...Embarrassed dey jus looked so perfect 2gether..dey din hav 2 b cute, sweet, romantic or all dat kritz says dey r not..jus themselves..n everything was perfect...
searching 4 more n more abt dem...i came across sum RKA links..wich i loved reading..RKA (season1) still remains one of my fav reads..Big smile Dat landed me here..on i-f...i used 2 read d KMH forum..n d K-Lounge in d ZND forum silently...till i made an acc n jumped in..n became a part of a virtual duniya...where ppl arnd d world..who had never seen each other...were d best of close dat dey cud share everything abt demselves..wich is pretty surprising at d 1st i was welcomed der..n encouraged 2 spam by my 5 pyaare pyaare saathis...i introduced myself as Sanjana...n shibzy began calling me sanju...n sinc den dat is wat m addressed as everywer arnd...n dat eventually became my username..dey made me accquainted wid d fact dat der is soon goin 2 b a season2...n made me create n FB acc...n follow KK2's pages..wich i neva knew 1st acc on FB is my nakli wala..LOL i made my orignal acc later..LOL.LOL.LOL...
Wen u come across ppl wid similar interests..ur interest jus keeps growing...n dats wat happened here...being a part of dis ever-so-crazy group made me love KK2 even more wid each passing day..2day it feels like we kno dem so well...dey r so close 2 us...we mite b strangers 4 der r lyk our closest buddies..much more dan jus our fav. actors..2day u see a ford endeavour pass by..n d 1st name dat strikes ur mind is AudiQ7..n u jus want 2 wrap it up n take it 4 him...u play an old interview 2 refresh ur memories...only 2 realise it neva faded away..u still remember every line dey said...small things also remind us of dem...n dey hav become so dominant in our thots..
i mite hav been alone wen i watched season 2 was xtra special bacause i've lived every moment wid u it through FB or i-f..dissected each episode..atleast watched u do dat..LOL been angry 2gether...bashed 2gether...applauded 2gether...Big smile drooled over d sbs segments 2gether...LOL
Initially..we din hav took birth 2 shoo away d negativity created due 2 ppl who were never intrested in d jus pointed out all d bad in it...Tongue
bt dis has become...such a sweet home...Embarrassed i was very happy wen Kritz pointed out wat ML i was talking abt...n said dat she reads it..Embarrassed more spcl cuz of d wonderful ppl i met here...n spcl because it was abt sumthing as spcl a KMH..wich is much more dan a show 4 us..its my definition of so pure...we hav loved it like our baby...we complained cuz we cared..we got angry wen we saw bloopers because we wanted it 2 be d best...Big smile we want d title track 2 b played..cuz we knew it was mesmerizing..Embarrassed we did dat..cuz KMH meant more dan jus a show 2 us...
we got such wonderful epis.. dat m goin 2 cherish 4ever...some scenes dat will always b fresh in my memories..
KMH will always be spcl..cuz it touched my heart like no made me smile even wen i cud find no reason 2..n it has basically turned my world upside down..LOL.. i hate it cuz i love it so much dat i can neva get over actually..i dun want 2..m happy wid dis addiction...
Speaking of KMH..der r those 2 ppl..who played d biggest role in making it so spcl...Karan n you...Hug.Hug.Hug.Hug.Hug...u guys keep a lot of importance in our life..more dan u cud imagine..we laugh n cry wid u..fight 2 protect u...u reserve spcl places in our hearts...we'll always be der 2 bug u werever u go...LOL pests we r...Stern Smile..LOL.LOL.LOL...All d very best 4 ur future
Special thankies 2 all those who made d show possible...Star.Star.Star.Star.Star...cast..crew..production unit..every1 involved...thank u..thank u..thank u.. 4 giving us our KMH...4 detailed credits..refer 2 Kavya's take..(PB xcluded)..i ditto dat..
4 PB..we have special ML bashing 2 wich is in Ari's 3rd post...LOLn like i said ystrday...we r planning 2 put it..rather.."fit" it in a book.."Bashing ke anek dhanng..ML k saang.."..I am planning 2 take d initiative 2 make d book...after d success of "Bas Itni Mohabbat Hai...ML scrapbuk"..ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...n m sure even dis one will b a hit..wid all diff kinds of bashings dat we hav covered..
Kavya's..1st polite...den not-so-polite bashing..ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...
Shibzy's sarcastic bashing...ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...
Ari's dill kholke galliyan do bashing..ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...(my favourite..Tongue)
Amna di's pull-ur-hair-out-of-frustation bashing...ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...
Aksh's to-d-point bashing...ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...
n Anchi's funny bashing...ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...

Some special hugs n msgs...4 my ML saathis...for being such wonderful frnds... pyaari behena..who most of d tym spams my inbox wid "hate u" msgs...LOL..i love u 2 sweets...ur takes 4 d initial epis..wich hav made d whole of ML laugh r still cherished..u din hav d tym i hold no rite 2 complain abt dat..ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...
Pranii...our positive devi..Hug(courtesy :Anchi..Embarrassed LOL)love u loads darling..u r d one showing us d ray of hope wen everything seems dark..ur love 4 KMH is so pure..n so sweet 2 kno u 4 dat...HugEmbarrassed south indian badi behena..wid d sweetest hindi..LOL.LOL.LOL..ur a true how u've been standing by KMH 4 soo long...u r d only 1 amongst us who was d part of d campaign 2 bring KMH bac..u r d only one who knos how much efforts it took 2 bring it u superstar...HugClap Clap(dese claps are added by me GF jee...Stern Smile.ROFLROFL..LOL.LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL .*heads nod*.ROFL...)Ms.Gyaani...ur our one-stop-solution 4 any query regarding I-F or abt any article on kk2..or d epis..LOL
Anji..d youngest amongst all of us..n also d sweetest...always ready 2 help..Embarrassed love u baccha.(meri Chotu EmbarrassedLOL..)n love ur takes...u write really well...Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap...claps ur ishtyle...ur take is always a mixture of humor, apreciation, anger n details...u attach everything u say wid proofs..ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...
Olly..ur biased..ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...karan-only..Tongue( Evil Smiledis is from Me for Karan jaap...ROFL) bt ur love 4 karan is unique...very emotional..n love u 4 dat...sumtyms i get doesnt mean i dun love u...u r equally spcl a frnd...Big smile like our elder sis..d perfect you 4 everything...Hug love ur takes..2 d point n perfect..
Aksh..i love ur takes..u speak our hearts...i love how u do such detailed analysis of every epi...n hav d right thing 2 say...n i love ur poems..very genuine...Tongue
Shibz, Kavya n Aksh..u've been our guides..lead us through..MLs perfect writers...n d ones who cud put up d perfect debate against d bashers..Big smile ur rplys r like smack on deir faces...*bows down*..u hav been ML's pillars..making sure everything here is set rite..always marked ur attendanve in d tym of you 4 all d support...Hug.Hug.Hug.Hug...n no! i have no intention of making u seem elderly...ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...
Ari...Hug..i love you 4 d honesty in ur nature...u speak ur heart...Big smile..jus how frnds shud beating around d bush...seedhe seedhe..galliyan..ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...i loved ur note 2 PB in d last ML...khotta deserved it all...n love how ur so protective of KK2..Embarrassed
Pooja n Tehru...d 2 of u'll r sweethearts...Hug.Hug.Hug...u mite not find enuf tym 2 write ur ur always thinking of ways 2 make ML btr..n more fun..n wid d 2 of u'll arnd its always fun...n i love ur emos..hahah..i remember bugging d both of u'll on april fool's day wid dis-->> :|
EshuHug love ur writing skill and ur intellectual takes..ur analysis is amazing..Embarrassed
Chand, Jannat n Rosh..nw-a-days jus giving guest appearances in d love u guys...knowing u is so much fun..n also spamming wid u..Ari n Aksh(read: Crazy spamming queens)..Wink
Kuki...miss u...hope u get well soon...n cum back soon..miss u in d you sweets...Hug..n love ur humor..n ur ghussa...LOL
Vaishu..ur such a sweet you..ur experience of meeting KK2 in wat inspired me 2 gear up...n sumhow make it 2 d sets..Karan n Kittu kno u..doesn't it feel spcl..Tongue bt u've been arnd 4 so long now...supporting dem always..n u deserve it..u made us come across so many old KK2 memories dat we were unaware you...Hug.n both of us r of d same age na..Wink..presently in std.12..*hi5*
Tanu..d most senti senti kk2 fan...ur so emotional abt dem...d kind of attachment..i've neva you sweets 4 d depth in ur love 4 kk2...Hug

Speaking of virtual buddies..i cant help bt mention d only one i've met..Hetal..meeting KK2 wid u was so much fun...1 experience d both of us will cherish 4ever..thanq 4 being a sweet frnd..n a sweeter sis...n paying 4 me twice...n also 4 d pav-bhaji treat...Hug.Hug.Hug...
Phew!! longest..D'oh
Love you guys...n looking 4ward 2 watching season1 again wid all of u'll..Hug.Hug.Hug...
Dis is a song...4 all u wonderful frnds of mine...wid a promise 2 stay connected always...

A sigg i made 4 u guys..HugHugHug...wich u r already using...ROFLROFLROFL...

Edited by Aanchi - 28 May 2011 at 12:49pm

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 January 2011
Posts: 18035

Posted: 27 May 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Link to friday surprise added in main post hope u all like it...

We are firm on what we said no devdasis no bashings...that is for making everyone happy...and not so that we hear wish it were like etc etc which will start another bashing it smile...feel good and come back to join the party...Party
warna we still have many more innovative punishments lined up Evil Smile

Edited by --Ari-- - 27 May 2011 at 10:38am

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
will come back n edit my post to shower dher saara pyar to our KMH.. but until then.. guyz enjoy this:

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..Hatz.. Groupbie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged


kitani mohabbat hai...???
a question which is itself is an answer...
a question  which every grl or a boy wants to ask to his or her loved one...
a question which we all asked on 19th jan ...
a question which gav us an answer in the form of two angels karan nd kritika/arjun and arohi...
a question whose answer set our tv screen on fire...
a question which gav us answer in the form of melodious songs lyk season1 & 2 title track and all the other version...
a question which gave d most beautiful lines ever " ek pal ke liye zindagi de di,ek dil ke liye duniya...bas itni mohabbat hai...
a question which gav us characters lyk rps,michail,dadi,dj,ksa nd many more...
a question which gav us answer in a sweet way wid romit shefu nd our cute lil raj...
a question if asked in exams we all wud end up writing 1000 pgs for its answer...
a question which drives us all crazy...
a question with which we all travelled from shimla to chandigadh...
a question which has becum an integral part of our lyf...
a question which binds us all together wid one thread...
a question which gav new meaning to my lyf...
a question which has occupied our mind nd heart since last 3 yrs...
a question which gav all of us an answer in the form of unforgotable memories which v all wil cherish in our entire lyf...
a question which has "paused" temporary nd v all are waiting for karnika to press "play" again for all of us...
 a question...kitani mohabbat hai..??? which v all asked in d beginnig nd d answer v got...kitani mohabbat hai...Day DreamingHeart
I hav never luved any question in my lyf like dis nd will never b able to..
A big thank u to karan kritika nd entire team of kmh for giving me the reason to luv dis question lyk mad...thank u for being part of our lives...
luv u karanika...Heart

Edited by ..Hatz.. - 28 May 2011 at 12:11am

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Ari  maine  dekha ki u have reserved for me on page 2,   maine  thread dekhta hi reserve kar liya .  sorry abt that  Ouch.     Is there anything we can put in the spot u reserved,  how abt links to our court threads  etc or something spl.   Earlier I had thot of posting links for all ML thread, but we have them in fb, 
aksh any ideas what we can use the spot in 2nd page for?  
Jannat  Video is super super super super.  I commented there, aur yaha main post mein bhi woh video daal do ari.

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kavyasam

Ari  maine  dekha ki u have reserved for me on page 2,   maine  thread dekhta hi reserve kar liya .  sorry abt that  Ouch.     Is there anything we can put in the spot u reserved,  how abt links to our court threads  etc or something spl.   Earlier I had thot of posting links for all ML thread, but we have them in fb, 
aksh any ideas what we can use the spot in 2nd page for?  
Jannat  Video is super super super super.  I commented there, aur yaha main post mein bhi woh video daal do ari.

kavya m thinking of what to do in that will think of something of or the other no probs
n meine main post mein us thread ka link dala hai coz just vids would seem lost waha pe full explanation se likha hai hope thats fine

hey why not add all ML siggies in that spot?

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