Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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nice post

hmmm very nice start ari read it now. Kabhi kabhi ise junun kehte haiROFL I remember when I first time came to know abt it I wasShocked .

And what my internet connection not working properly use bhi kmh se bahot mohabbat hai isiliye woh bhiCry and went to commaLOL

Whatever the song suggestion is:

just adding the link : What yaar links bhi nahi daal pa rahi hun

The song Hum hain rahi pyar ke phir milenge chalte chalte

check itBig smile

Other song that I would luv to dedicate wud be:

amaro porano jaha chayi (but its bengali)

and another song:

Panchadara Bomma (but its telegu) (awesome song if you understand the meaning)

Another favorite: (but its in korean)

another song:

Ever ever after (hopefully its in englishLOL )

Thank god I don't know any other language otherwise you all would have gone madLOL


Luv KMH2

For me you (referring to kmh2) will always be very special. Cuz you were awesome amazing adorable bubbly beautiful best wait with the rate I'm going I will write 3 words for every letter. When I first saw you it was in my frnds home and it was not first sight love but rather like. But the next week itself I met you again and in just one eyelock I lost myself. I fell head over heels for you. Back then it was a beautiful feeling I used to sit in front of my compy hours to catch up with you and used to wait for you everynight. My life was perfectly fine when you didn't came into my life it was balanced but it was dry. But then you came into my life and everything changed my dull life blossomed with scent of love. With you I laughed mostly, cried and understood the real meaning of love, sacrifice, and how hate is also so lovable. You are perfect. You made a special place in my heart and always would be there. But one day you left me. You left me mid way when I had just started loving you like crazy to share my feelings about you to someone. But don't worry I'm not shattered I'll live long because the strength you have put in me is immense and it would never let me fall in life but rather make me rise. You were amazing

P.S : I love you

Don't worry people I didn't steal anyone's Love letter LOL If I sounded devdasin then sorry but rather wanted to seem like a deewani.

Hmm to cast and crew : You all are gr8 love you all you were gr8 actors and hope to see you all in many more projects and wish you guys a succesful life ahead.

Karan Kritika Luv u both sooo much hope you get all the happiness in the world and success too. Luv you guys together and hope you both always stay this way smiling and back-slapping buddiesLOL. A life full of bliss is awaiting you go get it get some rest go have some fun with frnds and family but definitely come back when you feel that your fans are going crazy to see you on-screen but wait then you won't even get a holiday LOLbecause I'm going crazy already.

And to MLians:

Hi, you all are gr8 and luvable. Keep luving keep living keep loling

AND to those who are still upset that kmh2 ended and crying a poem for them:

Aapke aasun hai bahut anmol

agar aise hi rote rahe to ho jaoge golmatol

Aapke aansun hum aake pochenge

Par itni karoge aaken nam

to sath mein hum bhi roenge

Thoda sa toh hans lo jaeya yeh sama tham

Ab agar ek aur aansun nikla

Nahi bakshenge tujhe hum sochke bachcha

Marenge tab sochke tumhe hum Rajveer chachcha

yehLOL nahi toh yehSmile hi kar lo

Somedays earlier I wrote a poem on Rajveer but forgot to post and don't remember all the lines but still writing:

Rajveer, hain humare mahan aatma

Jinka karna chahte hain hum khatma

Jab jab diwaro pe zulm kiya tumne

Tab tab loling session diya hai humne

OHO rajveer

kya bhara hai tumhare sar mein kheer

Pagal kyu hue jaa rahe ho

Kya nahi mili tumhe heer

Hmm forgot the rest but this was for my very special very own rajveer chachaji because of his royal ullupanti this journey became more memorable ab to ise chah ke bhi nahi bhula sakti main.

With loads of love


Hum hain rahi pyar ke phir milenge chalte chalte

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@ari great offence dear but i only disliked this week epi. superluved last 2 weeks epi excluding one character. i dont think there is any need to tell who is he?
      kitani mohabat hai
    pure luv story
i m really proud to say myself a kmh2 fan. it gave new definition of luv which was so pure. arjuhi2 were cuttest couple i hav ever seen n the most underlying thing in arjuhi 2 luv was  both crossed all limits to get each other luv which is rare thing in present luv stories. both gave first preference to their luv more than anyone else. arjuhi2 gave us a glimpse of pure deep n strong luv which knows no bounds n which has no limits. its the first luv story in which i can say female character too fought with everyone to get he luv back. it may appear a little selfish to society but it is the purest form of selfless luv in which we liv for the happiness of our luv.arohi is a character with whom i can fall in luv every day. she is height of cuteness she is cute sweet paagal funny luchi badmaash but still one of most luvable gal in whole world. she is unique n arjun a perfect guy having smoking hot personality n a diamond heart.arohi luved everyone but still could not get the luv which she deserve in true sense. her frds ditched her. her family luv was fake. arjun who never got luv frm anyone in the way he wanted to get.then god gave them what they could not get in their life.
 both luv for each other completed each other.their luv story was sweet adventurous funny n at the same tym very intense n deep one.hats off to cvs for giving us such a luv story.hats off to karanika to giv life to arjuhi character. hats off to dialogue writers to gv us such memorable dialogues.hats off to whole kmh team. 
will edit later more.

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gr8 opening ari.. will keep popping in

* k i think am done.. will come bak n edit if i rem anything more.. LOL ab shuru mission everests chadho!! see ya at the bottom of each of ur pahaads Wink*

Its a goodbye KMH thread..Cry KMH ke bina ek wkend nahi kat raha.Cry. forum pe aane ka mann nahi..Cry ML itna suna suna lag raha hai (edit) tha..Cry abhi sab log spamming ke josh mein aa gaye hai.. lage raho MLians.. will catch up soon.. Tonguen since ari has kept this thread bashing-proofed, we will move onto more senti n 'fun' stuffEvil Smile

herez my short n sweet thnk u speech.. best place to ugaad-fy gade murde.. the very beginning.. ROFL

thnx FB.. tum na hote toh ekta wudnt have found KK..LOL tum na hote, toh hum sab KMH2 aur Crapgin ke pages pe vent na kar paate LOL tum na hote toh hum sab KK2 ke updates se anjaan reh jaate Hug tum na hote toh hum MLians ko IF ke pgs refresh karte rehna padta..Ouch u offer a much easier medium to spam on ROFL

thnx Ekta Mayya.. ke aap ko pehli nazar me KK n KK ki chemistry dikhai di..StarDancing n that u decided to make kitani mohabbat hai..ClapParty KMH erased my notion abt BT n Ekta that all they can produce is KSBKBT style stuff..Embarrassed they still have that signature touch but i will eternally be grateful to Ekta for having given us two such awesome actors and 4 such awesome characters!! StarStarStar StarStar mwah!! Hug

thnx YT.. i am so thnkful to u for connecting familiar vids due to random tagging..ROFL if i hadn't been bhatkofying in ur galiyan.. i wud have never come across the promo for the fire scene in Season 1.. Hug

yep.. that was the first vid of KMH i ever laid eyes on.. this was back in last july.. kmh had long since ended.. n i think i was looking for some ekta related vid.. KZK or something.. n i came across the promo for the fire scene.. watched that.. n then it gave a connection link to the title track.. aah that tune, the lyrics, punji n sharma in white..Day Dreaming all so mesmerizing.. n well... addicting..LOL karan's kohl filled eyes..Day Dreaming kritz nose ring..Hug tabhi se fan hun in dono ki.. although i dint look them up on FB or anywhere at that time..Ermm too busy watching the show n studying..Geek did default research, google n wiki ofcourse..LOL n watched season 1 .. once, twice.. n then i lost count..Embarrassed was studying for yet another exam of mine n kmh kept me company..Hug used to watch other random shows.. at some point i had the gist of all shows on zee.. but saare piche reh gaye.. kmh ka charm aisa tha, ke nothing else compared..Dancing  k bak to thank u speech..LOL

thnx IF .. you have been my go-to place to catch up on indian television ever since you came into existence years ago.. Hugn you yet again became my source of info when i read season 2 was coming.. n thats when i started bhatkofying n stalking the KMH2 forum LOL

thnx KMH2 - mein tumse kya kahu?Embarrassed you've been my best friend for 7 odd months now.. though ur stretch had to come to an end, you leave me with valuable lessons and precious friends.. you were my background noise when i was studying endless hours for my exams.. you gave me ML and I thank you for that!! Hug

thnx ML - a tight bear hug to u..Hug Ignorantly, I was actually present when you were born. When you were christened Analysis and Discussion thread.Wink It was around the time we thought Ahlus were good and RPS was the evil godfather taking full use of our father Teresa..LOL we have come a long way from that.Cry I did not actually even make an account until Gauri turned evil and my first post was in the 'Pl help me kill Gauri' thread!!ROFL I watched you grow silently and reading all the different takes, one day I think just after the first maha episode when arohi found out who arjun really was, I started my interaction in ML.. still I was largely of the silent stalker category.. ROFLfirst thing I was smitten by about ML was the takes.. Nishu, kavya, shibz, shilpa, anita, neethi, aparna, anji, shikha, Jannat, Pooja (ya now i rem reading ur takes PC.. nearly forgot abt that in all this time) (hope i didnt miss anyone, miss hogaye ho toh *kaan pakde*), all awesome writers, when they show up ofcourse..Tongue aaj kal most of them are specializing in special disappearances .. Disapprove

Then I opened my first topic.. something about the cast section in the forum not being updated..Ermm I had two replies.. first one was from nishu.. if i had no replies, i might have not thought of taking anymore initiatives on my part.. so big tight hug to her..Hug n the rest of u can send ur ande tamatar aloo angoor to nishu as well for having effectively encouraged a future spammer!! ROFL

then I met Jannat.. she had a thread going to save kmh during the chikbootar wedding.. haha the posts i came across bashing chikbootar wedding..Day Dreaming had a blast reading them.. i replied to her wid the petition thread that i had chura-fyed from some other thread.. ROFL

so continuing ML aur meri history.. my first actual take was when the dhoka wala shaadi happened.. is it a surprise that my first take was actually a bashing session for the ullus!!D'oh chachu ko meine tab bhi nikamma hi kaha tha!!LOL

@ari guess what.. i was sphyming even then  Shocked

then the shaadi thread, O.M.G.. a wkend of nonstop rofl fun.. helped me so much coz i was in boston n i was studying thru the nite.. the shaadi kept me company!! aah all that food n masti, felt like i was actually attending some function.. what wid the dulha gone missing n dulhan ke gifts etc.. (nutcases thru n thru we r!! ROFL) itne varieties of rituals saare ek shaadi mein .. most detailed n thorough wedding in the world i can assure u!!ROFL mohabbatians wanted to make sure arjun arohi cannot be split up easily... toh har tarah se shaadi confirm kiya.. Clap but DVs ne diya zor ka jhatka, bina court ke divorce kara diya LOL khair.. the shaadi thread initiated my spamming talents..Embarrassed

the court thread on the other hand, initiated my evil side..Big smile i mean i had one already before that too Tongue but this brought it out in a creative way.. especially since my co-prosecutors had disappeared.. i was left to prosecute arjun cunningly.. which btw some of u havent read yet *evil stare*..  but udhar bhi i redeemed prosecutor aksh LOL all thnx to father teresa's acchai n charm Day Dreaming 

n yahan khatam hua history.. ab aage badhenge humare thnx messages ke saath 

thnx google.. if it werent for u.. i wudnt have come across a stash of shayri bak in december n that coupled wid arjuhi chemistry wudnt have prompted me to write any of my bakbaki poems!! Embarrassed nor to do atyachar on the world by bloggin them n then sharing them in ML!! LOL was going thru some old ML's.. look what i found..  Wacko

thnx Karan: you r an amazing actor n an even better human being.. its a feeling to have known u or rather known abt u .. n proud to be a fan of KK Smile both ur Arjun portrayals swept me off my chair LOL u r rightfully the master of expressions n in the words of ur angels.. BORN TO BE A LEGEND!! n i wud definitely deem my life incomplete if i didn't watch KMH1 & 2 atleast one more time!! p.s. ur eyes *faints*

thnx Kritika: arohi sharma n arohi ahluwalia singhania .. you've portrayed both impeccably n still maintained ur own identity as well!! ur strength n maturity leaves me in awe of u n its been a wonderful journey wid u.. proud to be a fan of KK Wink n again..
i wud definitely deem my life incomplete if i didn't watch KMH1 & 2 atleast one more time!!

thnx Karanika: first off.. its interesting how karan gets his whole name into that tag while kritz gets only half Tongue.. true to that funda.. karan u r fulto baccha n kritz bechari ko tumhe jhelna padh raha hai!! tum dono aise hi haste hasate raho.. keep fighting, coz we know the funda behind it.. Evil Smile n its true after all that couples who don't fight, r probably not couples!! love ur nok-jhoks, synced humor, which might i add is howlarious!! KMH fever is so much that.. the minutest things trigger some or the other memory from either the show or SBS or from FB or from the spam sessions.. a simple dairy milk or a white SUV or my ringtone (flute tune Day Dreaming) can get me going.. best part is .. i dont wanna lose this disease.. u guys simply rock n can't wait to see u bak on screen.. good luck to you both, for an amazing rocking future.. which better include updates to us Tongue mwah!!Hug

thnx Arjuhi: tum nahi hote, toh zindagi aisi hoti, vaisi hoti.. jaisi bhi hoti.. adhuri hi reh jati..Embarrassed i know thoda OTT ho gaya..LOL in layman words.. u came at a time, when i wud absorb the concept, funda, meaning, definition of love the most.. n i will always associate true love, soul mates, mohabbat, sacrifice, ek pal mein zindagi, ek dil ke liye duniya with you both!! kaise, kahein, hume kitani mohabbat hai!!
thnx Arjuhi V2.0: i experienced u guyz much more gradually than punji n sharma coz i watched u while u aired.. n my god.. wat an experience.. tashan n galis, badmaashi n besharmi, droolers n bloopers, pyar n nafrat, hayye KITANI MOHABBAT HAI!! 

To Singhania's: I wish you had gotten a better send off!! Daddi, RPS, Romit, Rashi, Raj, Kumud, Micky - I will miss you. You guyz were super cool n I wud pick you over Ullus any day!!

To Ahluwalia's: I wish you had been written better n that DJ didnt have to be bhagaofied in such a abrupt fashion!! Its sad that you started off as a happy, overprotective family only to be recognized at the end for your ullupanti n girgitwalia nature!! farewell, am happy you are fictional!! but thnx.. for u gave us a reason to crack endless jokes.. aaye toh aaye, kisi kaam toh aaye LOL

To Cupids: Shefali - you are a sweet heart n agar tum jaisi ek bhi dost ho na zindagi mein, phir kisi aur ki kabhi zarurat na pade!! Romit - baal ki dukaan ne finally apna image shed kiya and looked uber cute in the end!! but for us u'll always be our dumb iq35 wala baal ki dukaan..we lub u!!, Sanchit - no dostana mention will go widout ur memory.. n u were the sweetest bro ever.. n stood up to our expectations.. Clap, Simi - didnt expect from u so Clap, Raj - you are the sweetest kid ever, n i wish future interaction had been shown between u n arjuhi n their kids! Daddi - u rocked!! u simply absolutely rocked!! aap ke jaisi daddi sab ko mile.. n sabko waisi hi gaali mile.. thnx for inculcating ML wid nalayak, khotte, n besharmon!!LOL Bua.. my condolences that u had to be in such a family n worse, u didnt get ur Mr. Right this before the story ended n that u had to stick to being 'Lovedeep Ulluwaliya'. 

now to the next segmenet which is the messages segment: 
tab tak ke liye aap sab lijiye ek chota brk n listen to our fav song:LOL

mere ML ke saathiyon.. tumhare liye khaas paighaam.. ye saath kabhi na chute, ye trend kabhi na tute, yun hi haste muskurate rote rahe hum.. aur ye pyar kabhi na hoga kam!! Hug

olly.. as long as ML is there.. ur growth hormone comment ka memory is not gonna die.. that goes down in history of ML!! ROFL luv ur takes n luv ur karan/arjun jaap Tongue 

nishu.. love ur analysis, ur takes make mine look like pure spam.. which they are..Ermm but urs emphasize that further.. ROFLaah n ur stories, songs, some of them went over my head..Embarrassed n then i tuned in to that frequency.. ke iss gyani member ke gyaan ko absorb kar sakun.. ROFL the kismat se thread totally blew my mind.. i was amazed that someone cud or wud even go into that much depth!! am gonna love analysing mahabharat with u ROFL luking foward to more wacko convos dude.!!!Tongue

kavya.. what can i say.. back then, i noticed ur takes, posts everywhere.. initially i was of the impression u were in the MOD category..Embarrassed u know u wud have done well there.. the right amount of sanity, patience and creativity u got.. Approve n insanty too ROFL loved doing the court thread with you .. sweet memories Hug n sorry i kept shooting down every attempt ur defense team made to save arjun.. finally aksh ko redeem karna pada LOL.. the plea thread, all the besharmi, the mini FF in ML.. the kitane mauke gavaye..LOL KMH is so much more than a show to us!! n we have enjoyed it every bit.. n am so thrilled to have known u guyz!! n Clap for the happy ending idea...

aanchi.. urs n PC maam's ROFL reputation gave me my inspiration to abuse this emoticon further!! btw me gave up hitting like button here.. but started that in FB.. to irk some of my faujis.. it works wonders!! i shud thnk sanju n anji for that idea LOL we all shud write spamming 101 ka book LOL n ML is very customer-oriented.. when we say everest.. we mean everest.. hope u enjoyed reading.. 

tanu.. sweetest person i have met virtually n shyest person i have ever met.. the passion n affection ur posts brought to ML were n are amazing n heartwarming.. u never left the side of arjun n arohi n ur emotions r ur greatest strength n weakness.. hope u convert it all into strengths.. never allow others who don't matter to rule ur heart for they r not worth it.. n some decisions though taken emotionally shud be capped by wisdom.. n so i understand wat u said.. its a pleasure to have known you.. you showed me there r real ppl in the world who care abt things to such an extent as u did for kk2 n arjuhi.. luv ya.. mwah!! keep in touch!! Hug

shibz.. never learnt to address u by ur real name n never asked why this id LOL love ur gyaan, n ur jokes, n those takes.. n ur to the point direct hit sixers in some threads outside ML walls where we hummered Evil Smile it was great knowing u.. 

pranii.. i have special respect for ur patience n positivity!! take a bow gal.. ur sanity among all this pagalpanti does luk a bit off LOL just like kavya's farewell take in the Bashing lounge Wink but love u for that!! Clap 

Rasika.. thnx for dropping by from time to time.. hope to see u again.. phir kisi din, kisi thread mein!! Wink

Srujana.. love those emoticons.. cracked me up no matter how the epi was LOL

pooj n tehru.. (RESERVED purely to irk PC maam.. n apparently tehru too.. Tonguewill come bak n edit this special spot wid some special wordsTongue..) n now to those special words.. we hate u.. coz we lub u.. we luv ur cute, n sometime not so funny arguments.. loved ur intro in the 100th ML party... jiske awards hume abhi tak nahi mile Evil Smile n.. pooj.. i love irritating u as much as u love irritating me Tongue keep at it.. kisi din, mein apna mouse ya speaker nikal ke aisa phekungi, ke tujhe OR mein mil hi jaayega LOL love ur takes (which i had to go bak n read Evil Smile coz someone these days sums up the episode in one word 'res'!!! or better yet.. shows up in ML to ask if they shud watch the epi at all!!) n hate u (coz i lub u) for hooking me onto DMG.. but i successfully ditched it at #152 Tongue tehru... didnt interact wid u  much.. coz i think i came n u left kinda thing happened.. but since i have heard so much abt the two of u.. i assume u r as irritating as pooj!!LOL n as sweet too Tongue so ditto all that i wrote to her to u LOL o n before i forget.. i lub KaSh Tongue coz u hate 'em Wink

anjali.. u write so well that i didn't realize u were the youngest until someone mentioned in one of the MLs.. Clap keep writing

Amna.. love ur poems n those siggies.. n ur takes always started wid the declaration of the xfactor in that epi.. ur signature style i will say Smile gr8 knowing u.. milte rehna FB aur IF ki galiyon mein

Sanju.. didnt interact much wid u until u brought up the scrapbook idea.. it was a beautiful creation.. n more beautiful was ur gesture.. u included us n our msgs in ur experience n then came bak n ardently shared it wid all of us.. ofcourse u were too excited n wud have done it anywayz.. but still the gesture was very sweet.. n u'll say why formality n all.. but it really was a lot of effort u put in there.. so thnk u.. for bearing wid my endless drafts!! Hugn ofcourse thnx for the lovely memorable autograph u brought bak for us to decipher LOL

Hetal.. u'll be remembered in ML history for those teddies.. LOL which btw were uber cute!! thnx for the pics.. n those memories, n that autograph n come meet us more often.. at 456 Fauji Gali, Mohabbat Mahal, MLSA ROFL

Mandy.. i always luked fwd to u dropping by wid ur accurate, positive take on the day.. n ofcourse.. am a gr8 fan of ur siggies n avi.. pleasure knowing u..

to my MLSA spamming buddies.. no gud bye speeches.. nahi toh tum log zarur hummer bhar bhar ke ande tamatar laa kar mere sar pe dump karoge!! ROFL i wud normally not mind it.. coz wapas utha ke tum par phenk ne ke liye.. alag se laana nahi padega Evil Smile .. but aaj bohot neend aa rahi hai.. Wacko
chandni.. tere power cuts kab khatam honge!!!D'ohtu apne electric company ko bol de ke KMH1 ke saare episodes hum vapas dekhne wale hai n that saare r available on YT.. so they r invited too.. shaayad unka gham kam ho jaye aur tu aur zyada online dikhe LOL kidding.. i know u got exams.. khatam karke aa jaa. hopefully we will be able to have some old laidback spammering fun again.. 
roshu.. crazy crazy crazy.. thats the word for all of MLSA n we r proud of it!! craziness ki jai ho!! ROFL urs n jannat's combo spams, the vids u guyz came up wid.. the world cup.. the bashing.. the tweets.. n the fb msg to a certain person Evil Smile omg.. i once even edited a vid so u cud watch the epi coz Eros had locked the epi in SL for it used some song!! ROFL n the case-fixing we did on the court thread... all the crzy research we did on guns n bullet for that case ROFL n the petitions.. i am yet to go bak n save those precious precious petitions ROFLluv ya my crzy friend.. mwah!! Hug
ari.. tujhse na kisi din mein itna kaam karaungi, itna kaam karaungi ki tu lazy word ka meaning bhul jaaye.. ..phir uss dine mein dictionary se smack karungi Evil Smile keep writing those FFs.. humare dukh bhari zindagi ke ik laute chiraag, humari bujhti hui tiliyon ke dabe hue angaare, humare aandhi aur toofan ke beech mein mila ek kinara..  ROFL aur sunaun? ke itna makkhan kaafi hai? LOL makkhan nahi toh torture hi samajh le... keep writing gal, 2 mahine ki chutti bekaar na jaaye!!.. on the whole.. luv u .. will miss u.. n hope to meet u when i come to our geographical home grnd Hug
Jannat .. will never forget those vids.. ever!!ROFL love ur sense of humor.. n thnk u... u n chand started the 'aaja meri gaddi mein baith jaa' concept.. there by leading MLSA to one day invent the hummer.. the official transport of the MLSA!ROFL! not to forget its fully loaded accessories.. the emoticons, the galiyan, not to forget ande tamatar n mustard!!ROFL.. n a bear hug to u for making that happy ending vid.. made our season finale memorable.. pat on the bak to all of us to have vented out in such a creative n productive way.. instead of just bashing.. we actually did offer an alternative solution of our own design.. proud of ML for that.
imti.. i rem me n kuki asking u to incr the length of ur takes.. n now u r an expert mt.everest take(r) ROFL.. we have had so much fun in here.. n we will continue to have them..  phir kisi thread mein, phir kisi betuke topic pe karenge hum spam ROFL
naina..tum late aayi, par jab aayi.. u brought ur endless ROFL.. which somehow hasn't taken a hit even in this weather.. Tongue.. it was gr8 spamming wid u n knowing u.. aise hi milte rehna aur hasna hasana Hug p.s. sorry i cudnt come n grill u in the MOTW thread Evil Smile

kuki.. congrats on that job.. get bak to ur health.. missing ur presence in ML.. jo DVs ki band bajao mission mein humne chaar chaand lagaye the, uss mein tera ek chand missing tha.. Cry.. n KMH ko alvida karne ka waqt aa gaya.. aur abb bhi aap darshan nahi de payenge!! khair.. it was a pleasure meeting u twinny!! itz amazing how we turned out to be so similar n so diff n since am sleepy n running out of words.. am gonna use our very own.. ditto LOL to ur gussa, advice, takes, n well love for ML, KMH, Karan n Kritz LOL mwah!!

@ML - its a great pleasure knowing u all, spamming wid u, discussing the episodes wid u, living KMH wid u, bashing the destructives wid ya, yeh dosti rahegi hamesha.. its gotta be our motto..-'we'll be there for ya..' a big tight jaadu ki jhappi to all of u.. KMH had to end one day n now it has.. but Mohabbat Lounge is a keeper.. hum nahi jaayenge, aur nahi jaane denge!! special thnks to all those who contributed to this awesome concept.. mwah!! dunno what we wud have done without u!! HugHeart

p.s. acchi cheezen sirf unhi ke saath hoti hai, jo acchi cheezon ka intezaar karte hai.. n hum bhi karenge.. karan aur kritz ke vaapsi ki LOL

time for some special memories: 
the one where PC n KK met - the night history was created... n the one that paved the way for 'superstars' to visit our forum. ROFL
Mohabbat aur Math make sure u read nishu's additions Big smile
100th epi - the night we went crazy... sleep deprived, coffee toxicated and KMH intoxicated!! kuki partner.. this one totally has u n me written on its walls!! ROFL
Maha Episode ka Maha Hangout Day DreamingDancing- makes u read the mohabbat ke funde in there Wink
nishu's bin tere postwhat next?Kismat Se there r so many more.. will add later Smile
the time roshu became MOTWDay DreamingEvil SmileROFL
the one where ari admitted 'gauri i lub u'ROFL
WC finals @ ML Dancingwe r truly crazy ROFL
Kitani Spamming Hai ROFL
Ari's 52 reasons to love KMH n if u dont already... vardi utar ke phenk de ROFL
100th ML Day DreamingParty
100th ML party thread.. PartyPC u rem this..? Tongue i n kuki answered ur quiz questions.. 200th ka bhi manayenge.. iss baar hum season 1 ka bhi ratta maar ke aayenge LOL
FF:Different Strokes ROFL seems like i am accumulating proof for being deemed clinically mad n to be officially thrown outta here!!ROFL
KMH Save Thy Soul Disapprove we tried our best.. n at the end of the day.. the thought is what counts.. n ofcourse our saath!!ClapStar
ari ne uksaaya, roshu ne banaya - twins ROFL
Court our baby, our masterpiece..Star
 @ari.. get to work... picture abhi baaki hai!!ROFL
Eilaan Thread 1 for anybody crazier than us to read thru to see the inner wirings of those court case dealings ROFL
Eilaan Thread 2 n if u read the first n wanted more ROFL
Ari's Amanpreet kab aayenge CryBig smile  gud effort Clap
Dhyaan se dekhiye ROFL Dhyaan se dekhiye iss post ko, ye AT nahi, speech thread hai jahan ek ek member, ek dusre ko apne mt everest se maarne ki koshish kar raha hai!!ROFL
kavya's masterpiece.. kitane mauke gavaye ClapROFL
Imti ne Mohabbat Mahal ko finally khada kiya ROFL kya wonderful planning ki thi hum ne na MLSA? shaayad ab KMH2 ke baad waqt aa hi gaya ke hum Mohabbat Mahal ka official udghaatan kare!!! wid the 24*7 high speed internet, food, AC, surround sound speakers n Karan n Kritika wall papers where there r wallsWink, for the roof is gonna be completely glass so we can sit n stare at the moon.. n talk endlessly about KMH, arjuhi n karanika!! ROFL
PC ke quotes Star - btw.. pc ji aap ne kabhi kuch kyu nahi likha?Tongue

and some memories i wasn't active for.. but wished i was..

Guys, mujhe padh ke bohot mazaa aaya.. Aanchi? LOL Anji? LOL
shibz.. dillogical Day Dreaming kmh1 Clap 
pooj.. HAHK
And then finally.. Mohabbat Lounge
k i didnt get the chance to crawl thru every pg.. i was luking for the first ML n came across a few extras that i cudnt resist opening LOLdid i miss out any memorable events? Tongue

n end credits.. thnx all for reading.. if u dint read.. *aksh smacks them, ari ishytle* ab padho!!Tongue

n ofcourse hum MLSA hai toh, jai ho's ka quota pura karna zaruri hai..

ML ki jai ho,
MLSA ki jai ho
KMH ki jai ho
Karan ki jai ho
Kittu ki jai ho
Arjuhi ki jai ho
pagalpanti ki jai ho
ullupanti ki jai ho NOT!!
spamming ki jai ho
hummering ki jai ho
mohabbat ki jai ho
dosti ki jai ho
jai ho's ki jai ho!!



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Good bye to the best love story in Indian television. I will cherish the beautiful memories you have given us. Thank you for coming in our lives & teaching us the meaning of love. You have taught us to love & the depth of love. Which you guys Karanika have played so beautifully. You guys are the soul of Kitani Mohabbat Hai. Both seasons are so special & loved by millions. No-one could have done justice to Arjun & Arohi like you 2 have. Thank you so much for the love & dedication and all your hard work you have put in this show. For which is the main reason of Kitani Mohabbat Hai gaining the success it has reached today. Love U guys forever. A standing ovation & a round of applause for your never ending effort for KMH. Thank you to the whole cast & crew you all have given us an amazing journey of love that will remain in our hearts for ever.


You Are the best in both worlds. Be it Arjun or Karan I love both. What I love the most is your emotions the way you make me cry & laugh with U. A true hero who always brings out his best. U cared for all relations in your life. Sometimes In arjun I see more of karan & that increases my love because that makes it unique & original. I love your masti & how you are so down to earth there is no two images you just be your self. Which is how all your fans love you & wish you remain the same. Not many actors can do this but those who can go a long way. You are 1 of them. I pray you gain more success & happiness in your life. Pls don't stay away for long because it will be difficult for us. Stay in touch with us & come back soon. We will be missing U & waiting for U. Lots of love & best wishes for the future.


U are our Cinderella. Love U loads. You have portrayed every avatar so beautifully be it the bubbly arohi who is full of masti or Don's wife. You have been amazing. I loved the Mrs Singhannia who fought the world for her husband. And like dadu said it is easy fighting the strangers but difficult fighting your family. I loved the nok ' jhok's U two shared it was so cute it showed love in all your sweet fights. But when it came to arjun you always protected him even in times when you ended up needing his help. Just loved the way you 2 cared & supported each other. All the best for your future may you achieve all the success waiting for U. We will be with you at every step. Come back soon. Thank you for bringing Arjuhi & Karanika in our lives. Love both of them forever.

The background music.

Has been amazing to connect with. I loved the music it has been heart touching with outstanding & true lines. That said all the feelings. The Teri saanson & tujhe choo kar has bought magic to my heart. These songs are forever cherished. Thank you for bringing these into our lives. The lyrics are heart touching.


U guys rock. Are the perfect soul mates. May you remain together forever Cos U complete each other. Stay the way you are.

These are for U Karanika.



The Dialogues have been amazing.The writers have bought some amazing lines. Especially Karan's line have been powerful & the way Karan said these lines have been the best. I love all the dialogues written by the writers & said by karan. Even kritika had some really good lines recently.

Singhannia Family.

U all have been amazing. Performed really well. Dadi U have been the best dadi anyone could wish for. Understanding & loving your grandson. Supporting him in everything.i loved your Punjabi conversations you dadi pota shared. Rashi U are a very supportive sister. Rommit the silly brother but caring & doing anything for Arjun. Raj like father like son. A very smart son. We all mohabbatians love U all. And daddy Rudra pratap A very Sharp manipulating Dad. I have loved your character so much. It was never possible to judge what you are thinking of or going to do. Mohan Kapoor you have been perfect. Mickeal the jealous brother U have been amazing especially in episode before the last. You did a very good job. Mummy khumud singahnnia U have been a perfect Saas & mother always ready for a competition & a perfect Don's wife who sometimes went off track but we loved U in all avatar's even chote Dada ji. Jignesh always outsmarted by Arjun & even Arohi but U have been great.


You have been an amazing support for arohi. She loved her family to bits. She had the Morals taught by U. Support the truth no matter what. Dadu & DJ love U for supporting Arjuhi. Bua you were the best of friend to arohi who even took courage to go against her family for her. Bua we love U.U have portrayed the importance of relations very well. Sanchit was the perfect brother who stood by his sister. And did all he could to help her. Thank you for being the sweet & brave brother.

Sudhir & Arvind & Rajveer you guys have been supporting each other through out. Though U did not support arohi but you still portrayed what you were told to very well. Rajveer was the best chachu & best friend to arohi as the show started & we loved that avatar more.

Amrit & preeti Also have been very good. Though Amrit had more screen space. She did a very good job in crying & sticking by her husband. Even wanting to go against him but did not. All of you guys have been an amazing family. Overcame everything together.

Billu & Makrand.

You 2 have been mind blowing. Both have stuck by your Arjun brother even though Makrand you vanished in most important time of need. But billu U did all you could. Just as concerned about Arjun as he was about U 2. I loved the relation U 3 shared. Also the perfect cupid gang member.


The best friend everyone would wish to have. Even having a low IQ of 35 you managed to expose gauri. Thank you so much we love U. I loved your friendship you supported Arohi when she needed you the most when her family went against her that shows who you true friends are. One's who stick by you through difficult times are worthy & the best friends.

The whole cast & crew.

U all have worked together to bring KMH 2 this far. You have give us so much that we can't thank you enough. At a time I never thought it would be possible for a season 2 But you all made this possible. Thank you so much All KMH fans are grateful for this. We got to see Arjuhi in new Avatar's. They have rocked the screen once again. Forever we will cherish these memories U have given us. Thank you to all the cast and crew cos this is a team work with just 1 or 2 it would have not been possible. A round of applause to the whole cast & crew.

For The whole cast & crew.

Enjoy yourself & best of luck for the future.

Mohabbat Lounge

This journey of KMH 2 has been extra special for me because of all U mohabbatians. I watched season 1 on my own had the same love I do for KMH 2 but had no-one to share it with. Cos I was unaware of this place. Through India forums I have shared my love & made friends. Thank you to all for welcoming me with open arms & sharing our feelings. I am now addicted to both Kmh & IF. I am finding it hard to get out of this addiction cos I am missing KMH badly. But you guys have all made it possible to get through this by re-living the memories KMH has left for us. May this friendship & mohabbat lounge live forever. I am bad with names so sorry if I miss any-one out.

Aksh, kavya, Ari, naina, jannat, roshani, Kuki, maria , Prani , Anjalii , Chandni ,shibz , olly , Rasika  all you guys have been very caring & loving. Thank you so much for this love & support. Thank you to all for liking my posts. Be it our predictions on the epi or Cricket & our court thread but it has been fun with you. I have enjoyed this journey with all of you & hope to continue the same way.

For all of you my friends.
 quotes for best friends forever
my farewell vm for Karanika/ Arjuhi & kmh. No words ca describe my love for kmh & karanika but through this video i have tried my best. These lyrics Are saying my feelings & karanika's feelings for each other.
To everyone.

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Beautiful siggie AriDay Dreaming

yet to read onLOL will be back!!


when i knew wat to write i couldnt come back to write but now i feel lostD'oh.. will come back to edit thoughLOL hopefully i'l rememberEmbarrassed

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maine bhi attendance de diya.. will be back after power cut is gone.. 

gr8 opening ari.. 
KMH1 gave us karan n kritika as punji n sharma!!
KMH2 gave us karan n kritika as sadu akdu monster arjun n chirpy n bubbly arohi!! Smile
KMH1 showed us how love can melt a person, how love can change a person...  Smile
KMH2 made us believe in destiny...and how love can change a persons love can change a criminal to a gud person (father teresa LOL)
KMH1 showed us the bonding of sisters and shwd sister in law (purvi) can be the best sister n firend...such a sweet relationship! Smile
KMH2 showed the bonding of friends  Smile
KMH1 gave us 'ek pal ki zindagi de de ek dil ke liye duniya'
KMH2 gave us ' teri saanson se hi meri saasein chale' 
the whole journey of KMH from season 1 to season 2  and karan n kritika as arjun n arohi hv taught us the meaning of love n relationship. Smile
ekta kapoor:
thankz for giving us KMH season 1 and 2. beautiful concept n perfect selection of characters...
thankz for givin us karan n kritika as arjun n arohi   Smile
the so called creatives...ooopsss! destructives Tongue
i hv no words to praise them...coz i gt tamaters n andes.. LOL
if u dnt like the tamaters n eggs den v gt words for u too...
2 c how much v love u kindly go through the last ML...  Evil Smile
well on a serious's u did a gr8 job in the startin episodes but ruined it towards the end...
the dialouge writers:
good work but the same goes 2 u.. ruined sum episodes with silly dialouges...addressin arohi as a ahluwalia after marriage rahter than singhania...well!!
Clap to 1 of ur dialouge ' i hate u coz i love u'    Smile
costume designers & makeup artists, camera man,  lights man and the entire crew of KMH  u did a good job.. Smile  ClapClap    best wishes for ur future!! 
the caterers: LOL
thankz for serving karanika n the entire crew wid yummy food... Smile
coming to the actors:
strtin wid the KING N QUEEN of KMH!!  karan n kritika
always get blank wen it cumz 2 writing about you both...coz no words can describe my love for u!!
thankz alot for entertaining us.   Smile
yes v r gonna miss u alot but at the same time happy u got rid of crapgin channel...
they dnt desrve u both!!
loadz of opportunities waiting for u...grab them... Smile
enjoy ur holidays..n cum back wid a bang!!   
luv yah both n wil do so till my last breath!!  Hug
cupid birgade : shefali, romit, billu, sanchit and simmi    Hug
u guyz potrayed ur characters very well...
shefali n romit, was gr8 watchin u!!!
best of luk for ur future...hope 2 c u bak onscreen soon... Star
ahluwalia family:
daddu, dj:  (whu was lost aftr sumtym)  best grandparents sweet n cool esp dj  Wink
love bua:  ur such a sweet bua ny1 can have... dilnaz u played ur character vry well..  Smile
rest of the family : was gud watchin u all sometimes   Smile
best of luk 2 u all!! Star
my fav singhania family:
mohan kapoor / rps: i think  ur the 1st negative character (u actually were nt bad, u were a gud person ) i loved 2 watch ...  Clap
daddi : Cool cool daddi ... luv yah.. 
rashee: such a sweet n lovin sister... Smile
raj : my cutie pie...was a pleasure seeing u... Smile
mickhail / danish: u were too gud!!!  wish v gud hv seen more of u rather den sum unnecessary ppl
kumud: u were a cool sasuma  LOL
wish v could see u all in the last days of KMH. Embarrassed
awesome work by all the actors  Clap
best of luk for ur future!! Star
all KMHians/ MOHHABATians  luv yah all...
enjoyed the journey of KMH wid u guyz!!
MLSA loadz of hugs n kisses to my spammers...  Hug
yes ur gonna c MLSA bhatkofyin n cumin up wid new stuff every now and then to keep us close to KMH evn after it over...
as derz no KMH now plzz spend that half an hour of kmh to comment on karan n kritika's fanclubs, picz, articles..if u cnt commnt den view them inorder to increas the number of views... Smile
itz our time to show humme kitni mohhabat hai karanika se...
bring them on top!!!!   Smile
get goin kundrians n kamrians...

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So Here goes my late mount everest which you all have to read come what ever mayEvil SmileBig smile...and since i m the masoom innocent girl that i m me starting it by agreeing with you all and repeating the sameWinkEvil SmileROFL

Ari wonderful siggie for ML and awesome opening are the most masoom person of MLROFLROFLROFL[I m goanna get thrown to the sharks for this oneROFLor maybe might get myself hit with a dictioneryROFL]

So heres summing up everything i want to say to ML,karanika,arjuhi,kmh,MLSA etc etc all in one goEmbarrassedLOLWink

HugI Love YouHug

Chota haiShocked Mujhe pata tha nalayako mujhse kaam nahi karwaoge toh tumhara din nahi khtaam hogaROFL...lemme get started with itWink

Ekta mam:

The thing i want to mention is ekta mam she is the first in my thank you list as well...A big big big thank you to you...For spotting our karan...for seeing the arjuhi magic in karanika in the first go...for first giving us our ajruhi1 which gave us our karanika which then gave us our arjuhi2...thanku for kmh1 thanku for kmh2 thanku for everything...For all this and more will always respect you...


Kitani mohabbat hai 1:

I had not seen kmh1 on tv before cause we didnt have imagine back then...but i started seeing the repeats that were
telecasted in the evenings somewhere in january last year...gosh i liked it so much...the scene after the party where arohi is in pink saree and arjun tells her that he is with rupali for protecting his father...that scene gave me goosebumps...completely bowled me over...after that day everyday i used to watch it sharp at 5.30pm without a fail...i remember the party epi where arjun gave arohi flowers to mislead the office people and asked her to throw away the flowers and went to search for them later on and on not finding them he was like "kisi ladki ne unhe dekhk utha liya hoga...par use nahi pata k un phoolo mein kise ke jhoot ke sath kiseeka sach bhi tha"...but i couldnt get to watch it properly on tv also...that scene in the hospital with arohi on the bed and arjun by her side in tears that was one of the most powerful scenes till date...i watched till the part where arjun jumps in front of the car in mumbai after being dissapointed for not getting a job...i was like is he going to give his life so easily??and then i was amazed at what he did he asked the guy for a job instead of money...thats why punji was different and thats why we loved him...i saw season one mostly in bits and pieces then too i couldnt deny the fact that i loved many beautiful scenes that cant be many moments that just took you're breath away...I have atleast always watched serials and so my love is understandable...but the power of kmh is that my bestie whose mother tongue isnt even hindi loves it and she says "its one of the most beautiful shows the definition and meaning of love"

I was always curious about how it ends...cause i never got to see it...then again in august i guess i heard the news of kmh2 coming increased my i came onto youtube to complete the incomplete love story...and i completed it and god was it worth many days so many nights continuosly watching kmh epi after epi i never got bored of it...who could?Every scene was beautiful,mesmerising and magical...a fairy tale...something that made you believe in true love in todays world...there are uncountable beautiful scenes i dont need to list them here cause if i start talking about em then i wont ever be able to stop theres so much to write about each thing...but the best part was karan and kritz di...they brought to life arjun and arohi...they made us feel their feelings...they made us understand k kitani mohabbat hai...i can cross my heart and say this no one could have done a better job at this then them

The moment when arohi found out about arjuns sacrifise on 11th july...their conversation on the phone that was just heart breakingly beautiful...But the one i will never be able to forget will be 16th july...gosh the fire accident...their reunion...i have lost count as to how many times i have seen that scene...each and every dialogue i have memorised...kmh was truly one of the most beautiful serials on tv...will never forget arjun punj and arohi sharma...their love story ended but their love will always be new in our hearts...We'll always love them i cant forget any part of this journey...and above all one dialogue that i will always keep close to my heart "ik dil ke liye duniya de di ik pal ke liye zindagi bas itani mohabbat hai"...The serial that redefined love...The serial that spread love...we loved it so much that we could never describe kitani mohabbat hai and to complete that incomplete job kmh had to come back with season 2 to yet again show us kitani mohabbat hai

Kitani mohabbat hai 2: isnt constant it has many forms and it can be expressed in many ways...if kmh1 showed fairytale soulful romance in kmh2 we saw reality,passion and destiny...kmh2 showed us that marriage isnt the end of love it infact can be the factor that increases love which can turn hatred into love...that marraige isnt just a lifelong commitment which people bear...if kmh1 made people go aww i wish my lover was like arjun/arohi i m sure after watching kmh2 people would have thought awweee i wish i have a husband like arjun a marraige like arjuhi where even in hatred there was trust [jiggy incident],where even in jealousy there was faith[dhondu incident],where arjun and arohi stood by each other through thick and thin...where they together faced the world and proved kitani mohabbat hai...i loved arjuhi1 but i m proud of arjuhi2 proud of knowing em,loving em and being their for giving us kmh2 with double the intensity,love i thank everyone who was responsible for bringing back this magical show which made us love it with double the love...kmh2 will always be my baby whom i will always love for being unique,awesome and amazing and anyone who says otherwise needs to get a better taste cause the truth is if u look at it with love no one will be able to deny that our kmh is freaking awesome...if kmh1 taught us ek dil ke duniya ek pal ke liye zindagi dena toh from kmh2 we learnt i hate u because i love you...

The destiny moment,the jungle track,the sarhali sunrise,arohi going to live in singu mansion,the raj track,the dhondu track,arohis b'day night so many more uncountable beautiful moments...kmh2 has been a beautiful journey which gave me smiling tears and crying smiles...the journey ends but our love will never end cause love is forever...

India Forums n ML:
I am very very attached to india is the place that gave me my MLSA...where i saw the first interview of karanika...which led me to the official pages which in turn brought karanika in my life who brought angels...this place is where i learnt i could be creative...where i knew i could write and that too pretty wellWinkML this place has given me so many many much happiness and a few tears...this place has given me so much...i know when i m in the gloomiest of moods i can come in here and there will be someone or the other who can make me smile...who will bear my tantrums...i really lucky to have you guys in my life and to have this lounge where i can chill and go i wanna thank all those crazies whose dream this lounge was which became our reality thanku for giving us our ML...baki toh tum log sab jante hi ho i loved you yesterday i love you still always have always will...thanku for coming into my life and making it more beautiful

Now to the show makers...

Karan and kritz di...what to say about you guys...knowing you and having you in my life is a pleasure...i m glad i love you and proud to be your've grown so much both as actors,individuals and as a couple in the past year that its really amazing to see...every end is a new beginning this journey ends here but our love for you will neva end...baki toh mere past mount everests and posts and messages se aapko yaad hi hoga mujhe kitani mohabbat hai aap dono se...i dun like to talk much you see so m sparing you guys another speech ROFL[pssshttt m just being lazyROFL] Love you guys...bless you...may you achieve bigger better things in the is the limit and inshAllah we'll be here to see you guys reach itHugtake care...stay blessed...stay together

This one is for you

My first VM dedicated to both of u

Karan arora:
The billu of real life as well...the cutest devar anyone could ask for...he looked like such a kid in kmh2...but he was so adorable while he was at it...humare father theresa ka laxman...i m really glad they chose him for the role more so because i love seeing how close he has gotten with k n k and whenever i see him with them and all three of them together i just inevitably break out into a smile...wish him all the best in the future and may he always be in their life

Mohan kapoor:
Standing ovation to you sir...damn you've been a thorough entertainer throughout...the best don tv has ever rocked it...and you amazed and excelled while you were at it...the baddy who made everyone root for were just awesome...i loved it and looked forward to it when you came onscreen...ahh well i m in such aweee i can go on and on and on about how fab a job you did...thank you for giving us the best villian we could have...wish we had a proper farewell but never the were amazing...wish you all the best for your future

Olle le le our cute lil adorable rocktar...can i take you home pleaseeeEmbarrassed Raj the love guru...raj the genious...raj the detective...raj the cute lil son...gosh kitne roles play kiye stole so many hearts the most adorable cutie sweetie pie ever HugHug you are definitely going places...take care roll no. 11 hope we get to see u adore the viewers and screens in the future coz i definitely havent had enough of u yet LOL

Danish pandor:
dude where were you????Shockeddo you know that you were completely amazing in ur last sequence...i mean seriously you amazed and pleasantly surprised all of beautifully did you play your part that i was left cheering for you and smiling and was happy after a long time watching did a brilliant job...i wish you were given a better role and we got to see more of you but whatever all of you have better opportunities ahead of you hope you excel in whatever you do in the future
p.s i will always respect you and admire you for the professionalism you showed and the way you gave your 100% even though the show was ending...thanks for not giving up thinking kmh to be a lost made that one episode of the last weak worthwhile

DJ,Makrand[wish you hadnt dissapearedCry],Daddi[thanks for khotte word it has become a personal fav nowadaysEmbarrassed],love bua,our cute shefu,romit,simmi,sanchit.preeti thanku all for your contribution you were all adorable in ur parts,sudheer[thanku for giving me my vampy you did a grt job with those disgusted looksROFL],mr shut up [haha i will surely crack up many times in the future thinking of shut up and bullet woundROFL] rashi [mrinalini awesome job by you thanks for giving me and kmh its princess loved youClap Arohi is the queen peopleWink]chote dadaji [aradhnaji was fab...the most hip and cute and adorable saas and i love that she is good friends with kittu di off screen too will miss u chote dadajiLOL]daddu[thanku for giving us one sensible ullu whom we could trust and atleast like you were really good in ur partClap]Rondu[haha i will miss calling her that...kudos to the actress for putting up with so much glycerin...i wish u get less crying centric roles in the future u have cried enough for a lifetimeROFL] Gauri [gauri i still maintain i lub you...wish u had gotten a stronger charecter and stronger actor but never the less parul whatever it might have been you dont deserve to be blamed and criticized by some good for nothing people...wish you get better in the future and get loads of success and shove it in their face so that they can stop thinking so highly about themselvesEvil Smile]

ML-Thanku for giving us our virtual house to all those sweethearts who are behind this idea whom i was lucky enough to know through this journey of love...

MLSA-well mohabbat ke safar se mohabbat karne wale arjuhi+karanika ke mohabbatians ho tum sab tumse toh mohabbat honi hi thi...afterall humare toh rishte ki shuruwat hi mohabbat you all...thanku for coming in my life...the journey ended but our masti and mohabbat will live on

KMH,KARANIKA,ML,MLians,MLSA-loved u yesterday love you still always have always will...

And here i come to an end of another mount everest...sorry i m late but i got so busy...but never the less m done and now u all have to go through the torture of reading thisROFL *ducks to avoid ande tamatar* make an omlette please i have enough of those for myself at homeROFL

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beautiful siggie...Clap..n lovely opening speech...StarHug
Star Jannat Hugthankyou so much for the sweet Happy Ending...Embarrassedmade our day...its really so sweet..a perfect Happy ending.TongueDancingAlso , Kavya , Aksh , Ari for the efforts u have put in for this beautiful surprise...Hug

                                            Kitani Mohabbat Hai...HeartHeart

Isnt this pic epic?Embarrassedmakes me feel like singing"Kitani Mohabbat hai...haan mohabbat hai." in the title montage of season 1..Embarrassed

I still remember the day I was bored of my life..Sleepy LOL.(which im always..ROFL.).n in sadu mood surfing channels  came across dis show... got a shock of my life seeing the  male version of my personality on National TV..ROFL..(Our Punji..Heart)..ROFL...yes , I m female Punji...Embarrassed LOL.i found him exactly like me "sadu" "khadoos".."short tempered" "jalaad"ROFLROFL...Evil Smile "introvert".EmbarrassedROFL.(but im not innocent , caring n loving like him..Evil Smile CryLOL).I cant believe the character who is so special to me today n as I put it to be "The first Love of my Life"..(cheesy it is..Stern Smile..ROFL) I myself made fun of him crazy I was then LOL used to love the show n watch it regularly..Embarrassed.was so mesmorised by the girl playing Miss Sharma (Kritika) her sweet voice...her charming smile..EmbarrassedTongue but  dun know why I kept making fun of Punji .ConfusedOuchLOL.. may be coz he was like me..ROFL..N then came dis episode which made me fall in love with him foreva HeartDay Dreaming.

After that just fell in love with the n nite instead of thinkin bout board exams thot abt Miss Sharma n Punji EmbarrassedDay DreamingLOL.Later through SBS interviews I came to know my Punji is actually "Karan Kundra"...Embarrassed..Such a sweet name..Tongue..Was more happy to know he too is  Punjabi n hails from Punjab..EmbarrassedLOL ..I made an impression about Karan that He is sadu like our Punji in real life as well...ROFL..ShockedLOLBut the videos proved me wrong..TongueLOL..He is such a genuine adorable...our shy boy as well as naughty boy too..EmbarrassedBlushingLike every girl here I too day dream bout him..Day Dreaming LOL..Kritika out Kitloo is a sweetheart..Embarrassed ..the girl gifted with the sweetest smile..Embarrassed.Its a pleasure watching their interviews..Tongue.I have never been a crazy fan of nyone..ny actor or star..its only karan Kritz who made me their pankhas..ROFLROFL...I just love this couple...can nyone get sweeter than them? Tongue

 Then came my next level of  craziness for them..ROFL..searched on Net bout KK2' n then came to know bout their FB accounts n watched all their interviews n KMH episodes I had missed..Embarrassed..Then ek din random search karte karte I landed on IF..ROFL.ROFL..pehle toh kuch samajh mein nahin aaya ConfusedOuch ROFL...Today i love using emotions , uss samay when I was new to this place I used to wonder what these emotions mean? Ermm Confused.ROFL...ROFL...Used to love reading the posts on the Forum silently..EmbarrassedLOL..But then I had a cut off from this net ki duniya for few months coz of exams.Cry n till then KMH had gone off mujhe phir se IF ki yaad aayi.Shocked..ROFL..n thot of making an account over here...started interacting with people..participated in the discussions..TongueLOLjisko "discuss" karne ki jagah sirf har article ya video pe members ko "thanx for sharing" bolti i was na..Embarrassed din know much..LOLLOL

Shibz (most stylish username..Cool LOL)is the one coz of whom Im  spamming here ..ROFL...the first person with whom I interacted here n my first virtual friend...Hug...our badi South Indian Sanju me too love her sweet "sa" i mean "si" Hindi.Tongue.ROFL.Most intelligent member of our Forum..ClapStar..her sarcasm ..Stern SmileROFL..our loyal Arjuhi Fan/Loyal Mohabbatian foreva..Star.ROFLROFL..Hug..i love you babes..Embarrassed..n din ho ya raat love to irritate u Evil Smile ..n then came across Pranii..Hug Our Positive Devi..our nicest n cutest member..Embarrassed..who always protects me from the evil ppl in this virtual world..Evil Smile...pampers me..loves me so much..Embarrassed..U write so well n such beautiful posts...ClapStarEmbarrasseda True Arjuhi/Karan Kritika fan. KK2' are lucky to have fans like you 2 ..HugHug.. Dese 2 mahaan ppl being my only friends here  had to bear with me n my questions D'ohROFLn made me familiar with  dis IF ki duniya ke rules...ROFL..

Then came shows like Beyytaab n PKB..
ROFLROFL..sirf naam hi kaafi hai inke...ROFL...jhelofied dese shows only for Karan Kritika Embarrassed LOL loved them as Veeru Prateeksha...again great performances Clap Clapbaaki show ko TV pe YT ki tarah  FF nahin kar sakte par memory mein FF kiya.ROFL.ROFL.Sillyn then had fun at KMH Forum...our first virtual home..Hug...lived our memories of was great knowing different people having same interest "Arjuhi/KK2'" I came across Chotu Angel..Hugno less than a  real sister to me..EmbarrassedI know i dun need to do her taarif coz all the ppl here know such a sweetheart she is..TongueEmbarrassed...being the youngest follows our orders politely...ROFL." clicking like" n "quoting posts n replying" are her such  a young age you write so well..ShockedClapLOL..n inspite of ur school/hwks manage to give ur takes here regularly..Big smile KK2's sabse choti pyaari Fan... Star

Then came ZND...ROFL...Loved watching KK2' in the show..n gota know more bout them...Embarrassed..From the SBS interviews always saw the naughty side of Kritika..the chirpy bubbly girl..Tongue..n here we saw a shy reserved girl..TongueShe dances so well..EmbarrassedClapn our Karan whom we thought to be a lil shy proved to us how naughty he is.Blushing.ROFL...awe He is so sweet.n genuine..a Rockstar..!!StarStar..A Bindaas person..ROFLWinkLOL.n thoroughly enjoyed his moves in the show...its a pleasure watching him dance..Embarrassedwhatever he does he does from his heart..Embarrassed..even he sings so well..Tongue..n our KK2' shared with us their beautiful moments..n about each other in the showTongue..By dis time i was addicted to the net..ROFL..gota know more bout Karan on FB..Tongue.Coming back to KLounge, .here we shared our feelings for KK2' n our madness/insanity for them "Karan Kritika lounge" se "spamming Lounge" ban gaya with the entry of 2 members..Evil Smile..Evil Smile

Olly our Karan deewani...ClapEmbarrassed..dont u mess with her when it comes to Karan..Evil Smile..i know im goin to get chappals from her for this lineDead.LOL... who applies her science knowledge in "G**** H****"...ROFLROFL..craziest spammer i hav ever seen..ROFL.n great basher too..ROFL.too emotional..Cry LOL..u write so well n u say u dun write well?ConfusedLOL..learn to smile now..Big smile LOL..

Sanju the girl whose inbox I spam Evil Smile...who never has the answers to my questions..Stern Smile.wittiest person  here...ROFL...who has the answer to illogical things but never to ny important virtual twinErmm(bolne mein kya jaata hai?ROFL)...very intelligent n mature .Big smile. ShockedLOL...ur  so lucky to have met KK2'..Day Dreaming..n thanx for making our dream come true..Hug..

Tanu our sweetest member..Hug also joined the Forum then n participated with us...very sweet n straighforward...Embarrassed..Karan's sabse pagal deewani..Embarrassed LOL n love her sweet poetries she writes for KMH/Arjuhi/Karan..ClapStar
met us in the last days we spent at KMH Forum..EmbarrassedOur elder sis...I would say the care taker of our ML.StarLOL.the Star of our ML...Hug...very intellectual n a pankha of her posts..EmbarrassedLOL.I gota know bout ur funny n naughty side in ML..Evil Smile WinkROFL...u dun make us feel ur elder to us..all of us here are so comfortable sharing nythn n everything with you..Embarrassed..ML is what is today coz of you..Hugwe love you...Hug

Then came the news bout KMH2...we were so happy to get our fav show back...Party

.We decided to open our own discussion thread here on KMH2 Forum n  Pranii Shibz Kavya came up with the idea of how the discussion thread should be..n here is process mein we gota know  Miss PC...aka ROFLing behena ..those who are new to ML go back in the past LOLn read her ROFLing posts...ROFL...her long crazy posts will surely make u die out of laughter...ROFL...n her PC act...ROFL...who doesnt remember dat?Shocked..LOL.The act dat made her the "Star of this Lounge..."..Star LOL.miss you...n ur active soonEmbarrassed...wil have a nice ROFLing session then LOL.ur dedication towards ML..HugClap.Along with her we got our Tehru aka Tehreem..Embarrassed...who always reserves first but edits late...ROFLROFL..sorry for the taangkhichai Tehru..EmbarrassedLOL.Sweetheart you are,..Tongue..our "Miss Stern Smile" Stern Smile...jisne mujhe har jagah "stern smile" post karne ki aadat lagayi hai.Stern Smile Angry LOL..But , always up with new creative ideas for ML..Hug.

Nisha(Eshu) met us here..all of us know such a beautiful writer she is...Hug..Star...who has inspired us to post long speeches here...ROFL..always up with crazy ideas..!!TongueLOLour Rockstar..!!Star...

I never thought I would love ny show as much as I loved much as I thought no  onsreen character can be like Punji , Our Arjun Singhania has to be one of the best characters on TV...Clap Star.Kudos to Karan for portraying such difficult intense characters so well..Star Star..Im glad you got to play such unique roles in just the start of ur career..Clap.Kritika as Arohi Ahluwalia has been too good n so natural.Clap Star..They made us fall in love with Arjuhi all over again..Embarrassed..Their chemistry with their coctors is amazing...!!Star..I have to say no other couple touched my heart as Arjuhi/KK2'...They are so natural...StarStarEmbarrassed

KMH2 has been an amazing journey...Day Dreaming such a beautiful love end mein Cvs ne family story bana di..Cry Dead LOL...nyways keeping that aside can never thank them enough  coz of whom we got to cherish those beautiful moments again..Embarrassed..Clap..KMH2 Team has done an awesome job with the show.Clap..powerful script , story. , dialogues , Direction ,.editing , camerawork ,  screenplay , music , cast !!ClapStarWish KMH2 title track was played more often in the show..Cry ..

 Karan Kritz are the pillars of KMH2.Star Star.apart from them Mr Mohan Kapoor deserves a special mention here for his amazing performance in the show..!!ClapStar..Danish , Sana , Rupesh , Aradhana Uppal ,  Neelam Mehra (Daadi..) ,Mrinalini , Areesz , Puneet Tejwani , Karan Arora , Nitin , Parul Gulati, Dilnaz , Priya Chauhan , Sami (Raj) , actors who played the roles of Kartar Singh Ahluwalia , DJ , Amrit , Sudhir , Arvind , Preeti , Sanchit did great job in their roles. , Shardul Pandit(Jai) , Sourabh Chakraborty(Dhondz) , Jai's parents..StarClap


Karan We love you hold such a special place in our hearts..Embarrassed...we are ur crazy fans..n our sense of humor is inspired by you..ROFL...LOL...Im glad I have so many things in common with abhi mention nahin kar sakti..warna speech lambi ho jaayegi..Dead SleepyLOL...n u are my superhero..Embarrassed...n ofcourse the Punjabi connection i share with you Embarrassed LOL...feel so proud of it ur sweet si voice..n smile..Day Dreaming..amazing screen presence u have..StarTongue..there has been no actor who could make me cry or smile like u u for what u are..Hug.thankyou for such amazing performances..Clap Star..All the very best with everything...Hug...will always follow u wherever u go..ROFL

 Kritika my fav actress.Embarrassed...extremely pretty n gorgeous Tongue..u have amazed us with such amazing performances..Clap Star...proud of you n the success u have achieved at such a young age...u truly deserve all this..Hug...u have the sweetest smile...Embarrassed..i love it when u do Karan ki taang khichai..Evil Smile LOL ...atleast there is someone who can play pranks on our prankster..LOL Tongue i need to say u two make the cutest couple?Embarrassed..I love your voice..its so unique...Tongue...n ur a bundle of talent..Clap ya Kitloo...keep smiling wsihes for future..!Hug

Coming to ML , love this place..Embarrassed..jahaan hum apne mann ki bhadaas bina kisi darr ke nikaal sakte hain..ROFL.ROFL..have met the sweetest people over bahaar se hi sweet dikhte hain..Evil SmileROFL..Started our journey with discussing the show we love the most EmbarrassedBig smilen ended it with bashing every possible people who ruined the show.Evil Smile.ROFLROFL..amazing forever to be cherished journey.Hug.Clap Star LOL..keeping my sarcasm aside..LOL all of you are really sweet..n ML would not have been possible without any of you.Hug.Star...

      Aksh , amazing ur poetries...Star...ur oxford dictionary..ROFL...omg u beat everyone when it comes to pagalpan..ROFL...and ur imagination...ROFL..our gyaani member..Geek LOL .u truly deserve to be the Creative Director of next season of KMH ur username..Cool..Ari..Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka of ML...ROFLROFL...crazy you ur bashing n galiyaan dene ka style..Evil Smile..ROFL...n the crazy ideas u come up with.ROFL.n ur sarcastic postsROFL.ROFL..keep up the good work..Clap LOL ..Jannat...firstly , Hug for givin us such a sweet happy ending..Hug n CVs ke muh pe tamacha maarne ke liye.ClapStar..ROFLROFL.ur a sweetheart Jannat..Embarrassed...n who can forget ur crazy videos?ROFL.ROFL...Kuki..Hug wish u a speedy recovery..Hugcome back soon..miss ur Mount everests..Cry LOL...Chandni  (biggest Raj Fan..Tongue) ,Roshani..Hug..havent got a chance to interact with u much but im aware of ur "sphyming"..ROFL..ROFL..n ur Mount Everests..ROFL..Rasika Hug ur so sweet...coz of work u arent able to post here much but love to read your views.Embarrassed...Sruju Hug..ur so funny n cute...ur big emos.ShockedROFL.ROFL..scared me at first but now used to them..LOL...Shilpa Di Anita di ML is incomplete with out u..Hug..miss ur presence here...Amna Hug..again beautiful posts u write n funny too..LOL..Neethi miss you.wish to see u here again..Hug..Vaishu Hug havent interacted with you but who doesnt know u..?Tongue...KK2's sweet si fan..Tongue...Shikha ,Imtiaz ,Naina , Bollywoodcrazed (Mandy), Sweetgirl(Hetu) , Aparna , -Pooja- , Shivani , Roma , Zach , Hetal, Pinky , DutchPrincess(neelu),Janamanasi , Piamist , Mushirox , Sur ,  have read ur post sometimes reading them..Hug..All those who take out time to read ML n like the posts everyone of you...HugML is incomplete without any of you..Hug..i m sorry i havent mentioned all the names...dats coz I got inactive n dun know so many of you.OuchLOL.but each of you are really so important n special n have made ML what it is today..Hug(my patent line in this speech.ROFL)

Love ya all...Hug..I feel so special n lucky to have virtual friends..Embarrassed..I love this place n love the members n I have never seen such a sweet Forum..KMH2 Forum is really the sweetest forum n the members here are so helpful n sweetHug..n Im glad we are not parting away..n will continue our masti again with discussing Season 1...Hug...Dancing

              you..Heart.will miss you ...Cry Cry..u have a very special place in our hearts...Hug..

Song of the Day...TongueLOL
For Arjuhi/KMH..Cry

For my ML saathis Hug

Ok this seems like an "Autobiography of Aanchi".Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL...I have never got a chance to write bout my KMH/IF journey..Cry LOL wrote in this post..*sigh*..Embarrassed LOL

Edited by Aanchi - 30 May 2011 at 1:34am

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