Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge~The Mohabbat Lives On...

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Mohabbat Lounge-The Mohabbat Lives On

Kitani mohabbat hai- its not just a name or just a serial...It is a journey of so pure'so intense...that every one who came across the love two love birds arjuhi were left asking kitani mohabbat hai?and the love birds happily kept on proving it that kabhi kabhi ise junoon keh sakte hai bas itni mohabbat haiROFL [ who didn't get this smack yourself on my behalf for not knowing that kmh was first going to be named kabhi kabhi ise junoon kehte hai]

Season one mein humein arjuhi ne sikhaya ek dil ke liye duniya aur ek pal ke liye zindagi dena toh season two mein arjuhi ne sikhaya nafrat mein bhi mohabbat karna...after all it is all about the love and mohabbat...Arjuhi ne kabhi dur rehke toh kabhi paas rehke prove ki hai apni mohabbat...their beautiful journey ended on 26th may 2011...We know everyone is upset...Arjuhi will be dearly missed but the saga that spread and brought mohabbat into our lives shouldn't be give such a thanda send off...So lets smile,lets cheer,lets appreciate the mohabbat that our arjuhi taught us and the entire cast and team that made this journey what it was...lets celebrate the spirit of mohabbat cause the mohabbat lives on...So heres to giving kitani mohabbat hai a send off in ML style with fullon masti and dhamaal cheers...come on people let the mohabbat keep coming its all about the mohabbat!!

*Special Rules For Special Thread*

1) No bashing talking about anything that had went wrong in past weeks we have had more than enough of that in yesterdays lounge Evil Smile

2)  No one is allowed to be devdas/devdasi in here warna we have 3 weeks of torture that PB made us go through to punish you Evil Smile

And most importantly just have fun...Cause thats all ML is about...

Happy Ending~Friday Surprise

We wish everyone from the kmh team lots of success, happiness and good luck in the future'thank you for coming into our lives and entertaining us and giving us so much happiness through our kmh2

This is a small message from ML for our dearest karanika and kmh

We love you today

As we have loved you from the start

And We'll love you forever with all our heart


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It came as a breath of fresh air, and went like beautiful refreshing rain..It brought with it, Many beautiful memories, smiles, tears and headstrong emotions..Some of the emotions not so lovely , but..They were still strong emotions none the less...
Brought back on demand for it's second season, Kitani Mohabbat Has been an amaising journey from season 1 to 2, comprising of wonderful cast and crew, beautiful episodes in between :-P, and the ever lasting sizzling, crackling chemistry between the LEAD PAIR (Karan & kritika - i thougt i should clarify that, lest somebody might think Chachu was the lead as per the last episodes.. (not))
Such was the height of our craze fro KMh, that first kiss, first eye lock, first hug first touch, first meeting, and every possible first was cheered with beating hearts, teary eyes and everlasting smiles.
BUT all the beautiful moments doesnt mean we dint have our insanity moments..! and we had those mements in a bulk as well..If the Craze and appreciation for the LOve scenes was unmatched, them the Anger and frustration for the famous destructive CVs was also unparalleled...The HATRED towards the channel just cuz they're finishing our show was just intense..Season 2 brought with it a love hate relationship with the episode we scolded them, and in the next episode, we thanked them bundles for a beautiful scene...WE loved to hate them..
Amidst everything, somethng that remained itntact was the love for Karan & Kritika, the appreciation for good work and the applauds for outstanding performances...

A Very special Thank you to all the ML Residents..:-) You guys have been truly amaising, and a treat to read every day..! I just wish i was able to write more often...:-)) will miss reading all the takes by such brilliant ppl...
Ari - Aksh - Kavya - Anchi - Jannat - Tannu - Esha - Apu - Rosh - Chand - Kuki( where is she BTW??), Shikha, Anjali, Prani, shibz, Anita and Shilpa and Anybody else whom i might've missed ...Each and every one of you have inspired the writer in me one way or the other..(Thank you Shilpa specially for bringing me to ML Smile)
Thank you every so much for your beautiful words on an amaising love story..!
you guys have given some amaising thoughts to read, BUT most importantly  pages upon pages of Spamming and the ROFLemos to read..Tum sab ki Jai ho.LOL

hope you all stay so i canget to know each and every one of you :-)

"Buhat Hogya Zindgi Ka Yeh Khel
K Ik Mazak Bangai Hai Muhabbat Meri
Ik Ik Karke Har Sapna Bikhar Gya
Har Khawahish Khamosh Hokar Reh Gaye
Uran To Meri Unchi Nahi Thi
Phir Bhi Zakhm Zindgi Bhar K Mil Gaye
Rooh Lahu Luhan Hogai
Aur Muskurahatain,
 Wakt Ki Dhool Main Kaheen Kho Gayeen"


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Okay Guys Since Someone Was A Bit Too Eager To Reserve This Is Going In The Third PostROFL Kitani Jaldi hai ROFL

Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2 has come to it's ending. But, never forget, every good thing has to come to it's end. Though we are biding goodbye to our most favorite show, let's wish Karan and Kritika the best for their life ahead :)
They've given us Arjun Punj and Arohi Sharma...we didn't think there could be any other Arjun Arohi to be able to replace the Punji and Sharma duo, but we were wrong. Arjun Singhania and Arohi Ahluhwaliya made even a bigger place in our heart. Karan Kritika, thank you for giving us such a beautiful journey of KMH2 and even though the show is ending earlier than expected, thank you for keeping those smiles on those beautiful faces and helping us ease our pain of letting KMH2 go.

Welcome back guyzHug
n now Start sharing your views, critics and commentsLOL; not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
5First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for Mohabbat lounge"

*Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team*

Mohabbat lounge now has a FB page, so join in & spread the word

Give your feedback & make your requests at
Kitani Mohabbat Hai official Page!/kitanimohabbathai2

Also join Karan n Kritika's official FB pages 2 stay connected wid d stars..

Karan Kundra
Kritika Kamra

For the hard work the actors do to entertain us, watching whom on TV is a pleasure to usLets bring them to the top in IF rankings by joining & getting more pplto join their fan clubs & writing in their fan clubs twice(max allowed) every day.. links below..and also please comment on the KMH2 articles which have KK and KK2 can comment 4 times a day...every 30mins.

To bring Kitani Mohabbat Hai to the top in IF rankings, rate the Chaska meter everyday without fail here:

And contribute a little time to this forum & help make it active; Comment on the articles, Photos & Videos(in the main gallery) as many times as possible. Also rate the same. Lets show hume Kitani Mohabbat Hai se kitani mohabbat hai.

Link to next thread:Mohabbat lounge #133 [26/5:Epi-153]


Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
HeartThank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug


Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode

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Ari...nice post!!*claps nd hugs*


Oh nd btw nice siggy in the first post!! Can i use it??Embarrassed

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so ma take,
      KITANI MOHABBATH HAI was nt just a shw f all of was our life our love..
two names ARJUN n AROHI was a part of our hearts...dey were met as destiny decieded n dey entered our life ...dat was also a destiny.. i still remember NOV 1 .. d eagerness d tension d happiness everythng ,,it was just lyk w8ing to c a new born baby !! Day DreamingHug
n den it became 8 o clock fynally ... saw our don singhania n naughty aluwalia..
as always dey were nt different frm our punji n sharma who statrd der journey of love thru fyts..

just in addition kmh2 had more youth flavour... remembering everythng it feels lyk all happened just 1day b4 ..n nw god was so patial fr us.. kmh s officialy over.. nthng moe on dat as its said no rona dhona !!WinkLOL
       appreciation fr actors : obviously frst prioity goes to KARANIKA !! i was a simple typical malayali gl who used to watch movies , songs n it was kmh who made me to sit infrnt of television.. within few days itself karanika attracted me wth deir awesome acting n soon dey found a special place in ma heart ... i thnk i dont wanna explain abt deir magical onscreen n osceen chemistry dat create goosebumps on us.. dey cd be said as heavenly made couples at d frst site itself !!
individually i lyk karan's emotional scenes + hawt attitude.. dese r ma pers fav.. wen he cries onscreen i also cries . n i used to thnk abt him during ma class hrs .. bt i like is comical act too... he s just perfect in everthng he do n same goes f kritika too.. i like her drunken scenes + jelousy moe.. she acts dat pat so naturally lol...
as i cry wen karan cries same thng happens to kritz too.. n in addition more dan dat i love deir ROMANCE !! dey did a wnderful job in kmh2 by giving lyf to ajun n arohi !! only 1 tn dat makes me sad dat deir hardwrk was never been appciated !! i wd lyk to dedicate ds lines..EmbarrassedHeartDay Dreaming

 "teri saaason se hi mri saasein chale tu hi dikhen jab bhi aankhen khule..kaise kahe hame kitani mohabbath hai "
                        next acc to me d most billaint job was done by 3 ppl dats mohan kapoor (rps) , mohammad sami (raj) Embarrassedn danish pandor (micheal) ... rps was outstandin thoughout d shw.. n raj was a little smatie n have gr8 future ..he s ma fav !! ma babe... mised him thouogly... n danish omg whre was he till d last epis?? he was a superb performer n i must say dept hasnt seen him evr b4 !!n den comes omit,sanchit simi amrit sudhi arvind preeti lovedep kumud jignesh rashi dadi dj rajver n gauri makand ...dey were gd at deir parts thogh sm went missin at tymes...ConfusedTongueSmile
                      d tile song was a r8 comp by devendra n sunil singh n d singers were also too gd..ClapClap
wats d use dey havent used it ...instead we had to satisfy wth film songs... hate dat !! abt d concept i must say it had moe poential bt dint use any creativity !!OuchSleepy

                     abt d cvs... pheww no more cmnts..only1 umple req ( lmao ) PLZ DNT DARE TO DO ANYMOE SHWS.. all fans may nt be lyk us who r decent n have patience..dey may nt follow ahimsa better find sm other job dat suits u ...AngryCensored
                   allover kmh2 made me smile frm heart in d begiining n made me cry at d last epi..(only seeing hw much kk was nt respected n also hw dey uines a beautiful love stoy) ..n last bt nt d least to imagine... "oh god agle janam hi inhem thodi akal de do" i feel pity on dem..ROFL
 watever u did to kmh was unbearable.. DeadCensored
bt STILL kmh wil be close to ou hearts 4ever... Embarrassed

          @KARAN n KRITIKA... u guys nt only tauht me to lov bt gave me a new life n gifted me wth most beautiful frens one cd ever have ..thanku so much.. may guys gt all d happiness u deserve n gt moe success in future projects.. n haan live happily n stay together 4va love u ...ClapEmbarrassed
          thnks fr reading ma bhaashan u allEmbarrassed

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..Amna, Naina(arjuhi4eva), Aparna, Anjali, Eshu..

..Sur(katrina_petrova), Tanu, Aksh, Vaishu(summergirl92), Imtiaz(KMH-NASHA), Shibz, Chandni(channi_star), Ari..

..Aanchi, Kavya, Sanju, Hetal..

..Jannat(glitter567), neelpatel82, leafskit16, bollywoodcrazed, zach..


..Pinky, Olly..

..Anjali(speech part2)..


page 37

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@Ari...superlove the ML siggy...StarClapEmbarrassedHeart...Day Dreaming and superlove what u rote
@Sanju...Superlove the ML siggy you made for us ML saathiyon...Hug
Song of the day has to be YaadeinDisapprove
and the first song aanchi has posted...i remember first hearing this song on the last day of KMH1...made me cryCry Cry Cry...but no Rona dhona today...TongueLOL.. n no Bashing tooEvil Smile...this is a strictly No Bashing ThreadEvil Smile...ROFLROFL...
@Pooja..i wud suggest you change the previous ML from Mohabbat Lounge to Bashing Lounge...ROFLROFLROFL...i never thot i wud say this but Mujhe Kitani Mohabbat Hai - Bashing seHeart...ROFL...Silly
Pre-Intro speech...ROFL.ROFL..
Here i start my pre intro speech *Clears throat and drinks paani*..ROFLROFL.. and Sanju...i will try not to break your record of ur lamba yet awesome speechLOL...keeping in mind that you also broke aanchi's record..Shocked.Clap.Clap..ROFLROFL but ab lagta hai ke aanchi will break your record againShocked...ROFLROFL...seeing as her green baati has been on for a whileEvil!! this record breaking is going around in criclesClap Clap Clap..ROFLROFL In Aksh's style *Taaliyaan* LOL..ROFLROFL..and esp because i don't wanna get any scoldings from shibz aka superstarTongue...a speech haterShockedLOL...or more like seeing speeches she goes straight to sleepSleepy..ROFLROFLROFL...(Ari's style of seedha seedha bolna..ROFLROFL...(sorry shibzEmbarrassedLOL..lekin thori TK to banti hai na?!Tongue..LOLEmbarrassed - just like you do ours esp Olly's n aanchi's...LOLLOL..Tongue)..
P.S a Pre-intro speech is a speech that comes before a Intro...but im sure you guys kno that alreadyCryLOL...ROFLROFLROFL..unless i just invented it..Clap.Star..ROFLROFL...
My Intro speech...ROFLROFL
*Clears throat again" (Arjun ishtyleDay Dreaming...LOL)...Well...kaha se shuru karo?!!LOLLOL..hmm let me introduce myself if anyone has forgotten meEvil you know my Name is Anjali and I am a big big Karan-Kritika, KMH and Arjuhi fan.Embarrassed.. -  well we all are...LOLLOL..but I'm the biggest choti fanTongueEmbarrassed...LOL (Courtesy aanchiLOL)..I'm 15 years old...(sabse chotiTongue) and I'm super proud to be a fan of KMH, KK2 and arjuhiHugStar...i feel blessed to have experienced magic in my life on TV...EmbarrassedHeart and now my following speeches are below..Evil Smile...happy reading/sleeping/climbing...ROFLROFL..and i wud suggest to get your climbing gear ready..with lots of water and food..cuz you'll need it..cilmb karte karte you will b very tired...ROFLROFLROFL...<----- the more i see the ROFLing emo..the more i get tempted to try it out one day...Silly..ROFLROFL... 
My Journey Of Kitani Mohabbat Hai HeartHeartHeart..Day Dreaming
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 3 words that have captured my heartEmbarrassedHeart
My journey of KMH started lateOuchLOL...I hadn't known about KMH untill June '09..ShockedOuch..LOL..anyways..better late than neverApprove <----(I was never a fan of this emo..but untill i saw Pooja and Tehru use it...i love it now...LOL LOL LOL) My mum was browsing thru the channels and den she came onto NDTV Imagine...and was watching a film...which one? I don't knoD'oh.LOL..and then came the advertisment aka breakLOL and came the KMH1 title trackDay Dreaming..(that time they used the title track to promote KMH along wid promo's tooEmbarrassedTongue) and i had instantly fell in love had touched my heart so deeply...Nothing has ever touched my heart so deeply and i had never fallen in love wid sumthing that same moment as i did wid the KMH1 title track...I don't kno whether it was KK2's magical chemistry, music +lyrics, the white montage or all of it that had made me fall in love with it that very moment...Now wen i think of was everything about itEmbarrassedHeart
I was only 13 wen i had heard the title track n found out abt KMH...and the same age that i was allowed to join IFLOL LOL LOL...and because the title track had touched me so deeply, i decided to research more about it..find out what the name of the leads were..find out the storyline..find out everything i canTongueLOL..but luckily i already knew abt IF (courtesy my mumLOL) and i had joined in April '09, so all I had to do was go to IF and start my researchWink...i still remember that tym in July '09 i went to the KMH forum and the first thing I did was make a topic n ask a questionLOL..but that tym i didn't kno the rules dere...LOLLOL...I asked about the story so farTongueLOL..
My first topic someone kindly had given me the link to Mohabbat i started to read the story so far and i just loved it..!!Star the office scene updates i was reading just kept me mesmorisedDay Dreaming..and i didn't read anymore because I had decided to watch the epis on YT...i just had to watch it..TongueEmbarrassed...I also remeber asking my first question in the help desk - Page 94...LOL LOL LOL...n that question was: " hiya i wanted to ask if Karan and Kritika are going out? =) " *embarrased*Embarrassed...LOL.LOL.LOL..Then i started my 2 week journey to watch all the epis..from January to July...the reason it tuk me 2 weeks to watch all the epis is because i had a limit to how much i cud use the netAngryOuch...but even thought i spread it in 2 weeks...the internet bill was still high...Wink..ROFLROFL..and yes i did get scoldings from my mum...but for KMH i dnt even mindTongueEmbarrassedLOL...just in the first episode itself i feel in love wid PunjiHeartDay Dreaming...his natural acting..his emotional jail scenes.Cry.Cry.Cry..his dialogues..his stubbleBlushing...everything in that first episode made me fall for him..n den wen it went to FB mode..i cudn't keep my eyes off himDay Dreaming...he was just one of a kind..StarEmbarrassed...i was just sent to dreamland wenever i watched arjuhi scenesDay Dreaming...whether that was their cute nok jhoks, or romantic moments...from Sadu punji to bubbly arohiHeart from the train scene to the rain sceneTongueEmbarrassed (that rhymedLOL)...from the slap scene to the saree sceneEmbarrassedDay Dreaming...and from the lift scene to the fire sceneHeartDay Dreaming...each arjuhi moment had that magic, that charm that left me speechless...all credit goes to KK2's undefinable chemistry and the KMH1 team...Clap Star...before 2009, 19th January was just a normal date and month, but now it means has become a place in my heart...the day where love changed not just arjuhi..but me tooEmbarrassed..the day where i saw a different definition of loveHeart..during that time i had also catched up wid all the sbs and fell in love wid KK2..they were just awesome..!! their sweet talks on sbs and i love how they were both honest and down to Earth...KK2 r the best of both...amazing and talented actors and sweet, humble and down to earth ppl of screen..!!Star...thats what i loved about demEmbarrassed...i loved Karan's pranks, his looksBlushing, his attitude, his personality and the fact he is so down to earth in real lifeEmbarrassedHeart (Okay this was supposed to go under the Karan and Kritika section...LOL LOL LOL) and i love Kritz eyes, her smile and her sweet personality...EmbarrassedStar
When KMH1 finished i was hurt really badlyBroken Heart...i felt lonely..sumthing just felt so incomplete...Disapprove and then wen they came bac...only to work in different shows on the same channel..but their show timings were after each other...i was super happyBig smile...they were always saath saathEmbarrassed...I was sad that they wern't together in the show but it was better than nothing..Tongue...n of course my love for Karan kept on increasing...Blushing and my love for KK2 to..they both complete each other...just how arjuhi doEmbarrassedHeart...Phir aaya ZND and KL lounge where i met my 5 wonderful friends mean alot to was easy for us to get 2 kno each other better because we had the same interests..n we spammed day and nite like crazyLOL.LOL.LOL and most of you guys have also read KL..all 12 lounges.. - I give you my claps Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap...ROFLROFLROFL...and it was the first time where we saw KK2 perform and dance on the screens...!!.Star..i must say they both impressed me so much..they may not have been professional dancers, but for us they were the perfect dancersEmbarrassedStarClap...whether that was Karan's charlie chaplin dance or Kritika's yeh mera dil one...or whether that was KK2's Aankh Mare or Main agar kahoon duet every step of the way they have always amazed us n made us love dem even moreEmbarrassed..all the time they do dese little unique things which just makes them so unque n specialHeart Their chemistry together is unbeatable..StarClap
When i found out KMH2 was going to come...i couldn't ccontrol my excitement n happinessBig was like a dream cum trueDay Dreaming...meant so much...the magic was guna come back to set our screens on fire againHeartDay was such an amazing feelingDay Dreaming...KMH2 came back wid twice the passiom, twice the intensity, twice the nok jhoks, twice the romance and twice of KK2...(Coutesy Karan's status on FBLOLTongue) and once again we fell in loveHeart It has ended now but that doesn't mean it has ended for us...deff not..KMH is very special and will always stay in our hearts it can never be erased because it has imprinted in our hearts like a tatto...Hug..(not a sticker tattooLOL)..This journey will never endHeart..The KMH2 title track has made another speicial place in my heart...the lyrics r so everything about itHeartDay Dreaming
Karan and KritikaStarHeart..Hug
Karan and Kritika...2 names which became KaranikaEmbarrassed...2 people that gave us arjun and arohi and 2 people that changed our lives for ever..2 people that we love so people who we can laughLOL, cryCry, smileBig smile with...2 people that have become such an important part of our lives..2 people that r so down to earth and make us fans feel so close to themEmbarrassed...Hug during 2010..i came across Karan's fan page...his official one..and just loved the way he interacted wid his fans..he treated his fans like his was really can someone b so genuine, so honest and so down to earth despite being star..?Embarrassed superlove Karan for this...Hug..i loved reading everything about him...loved to find out more things about him...everyday i used 2 find out something new about him..TongueEmbarrassed...just one status or pic update used 2 make me superhappyEmbarrassed...even on my sad days he never failed to bring a smile on my faceHearthis love for his mum, dad, his closeness to his 3 sisters is just amazing :D and then I came across Kritika's fan page...i loved many things about her too..she was also so sweet and down to earthEmbarrassed...just like KaranTongue...her onscreen prescence just lit the screen upBig smile..n KK2 as a whole just made even the dullest atmostphere filled wid colour!!..Star...Love them lots...i really hope they get every happiness in this world, i really hope they get all the achievments they deserve...i hope they always get the path to sucess...because they deserve every bit of it...Hug...KK2 a big thank you for giving us Arjuhi..the most epic coupleHeart..the most passionate, intense, sweet and cute couple...i have cried wid every emotional scene, laughed at every comic scene, went to dreamland at every romantic scene and got goosebumps wid every passionate sceneBlushing...i love the way you guys made arjun and arohi full of life..made them so realistic...your natural acting is a result of the magic we feel in guys have grown as actors and people..!!.Star..well done actors you have stole our hearts but as ppl you guys have captured itHeart...Hug Hug Hug have a great holiday guys...Embarrassed n waitinf for you comeback...wid a big bangLOL
KMH2 teamEvil Smile...LOL..ClapStar
Jitni taarif karo utna kaam hai (sarcastic or guys decide..ROFLROFL..) Kudo's to everyone for giving us a beautiful love storyHeart...beautiful moments in the show.Day Dreaming.only to ruin it in the endDeadAngry..(No bashing i know but i had to take this dig at demStern Smile..ROFL) but a big thank you for giving us an amazing season 2...for giving us moments we are going to cherish and love all our lives...for giving us twice and passion and intensity...Thank you Dialogue writers for giving us brillaint dialogues this season..they have been unique in their own way...Star..Clap Clap Clap...Hug..Scrip n story writers thanks for giving us an amazing script and story...Thank you camera wale for giving us great angles in which the scenes in the show have been a pleasure to watch...esp dose closeups..Stern Smile..ROFLROFLROFL..Clap.Clap.Clap Hug even though the technical dept hasn't been that impressiveOuch...but they have done a great effort..n have tried their bestStar..but overall it's been great..Clap.Clap.Clap..Thank you to the Directors for great direction for the scenes...some scene have been very effective n it's those scenes which we love so muchHeart...Thank you CVs for giving us dese special arjuhi moments which have sent us to dreamlandDay Dreaming (I too will xclude PBEvil Kavya did...n Ari hu has given her special taarif to him...ROFLROFLROFL..Clap.Clap) and last but not the least...thank you Ekta maaiya for giving us arjuhi in the first place and listening to our demands n giving us season2...means alot..Hug...and thanks to the supporting cast:  Danish, Sana , Rupesh, Aradhana Uppal, Mohaan Kapoor, Neelam aka arjun's dadiTongue, Mrinalini, Areesz, Puneet Tejwani aka Cheeku aka Mr. Perfect...ROFLROFL..., Karan Arora, Nitin, Parul Gulati, Dilnaz aka Lovedeep, Priya Chauhan, Mohammed sami (RajTongue aka Chandni's faveEmbarrassed) who have played the roles so perfectly...amazing..!! and also kudo's to the actors hu played Sanchit, daddu, Arwind aka "SHUT UP"..ROFL...Sudhir, DJ, guys have been great...n gud luck with your future shows...Embarrassed...Hug 
ML SaathiyonEmbarrassedHug
My special message for you guys...Embarrassed
ML - Mohabbat Lounge..the name itself has so much mohabbatEmbarrassedHeart
I still remember the day wen we were deciding to to come up wid our own discussion thread...ML the name was decided later gave us two options to was Lounge De Mohabbat and the other one can guess..LOL..Mohabbat Lounge..Tongue...most of us went for Mohabbat Lounge as we just liked the name itselfEmbarrassed...but this choseing was a few threads after..but before that the thread was called analysiS & discussioN...came up wid our shibz..TongueLOL..I still remember that time wen Kavya, shibz and Pranii aka the gyanii ppl too..LOLLOL.. came up wid the mahan idea to have our own discussion thread so we can write watever we want abt the episode..of the show we loveEmbarrassed...yes..dese 3 ppl r the masterminds behind this star-studded, pagal and yet mohabbat bari loungeStarClap..CoolGeek...ROFLROFL
The day our first thread was open on the 29th November 2010...we were so happy...Big smile..we only covered 3 pages...n still i hadn't edited my res spotD'oh..ROFLROFLROFL..
That time it was Shibz, Kavya, me, aanchi, Pooja aka PCCoolLOL, Sanju, Tanu, Nisha and olly.
Then as the threads went by...Aksh, Kuki, Ari, Rosh, Chandni, Vaishu, Tehru aslo came n joined us..n in no time we all became on close to each was like we were a close family n now we r...Embarrassed..Hug and of course the day and nite spamming added to the fun and always cracked me up..ROFLROFL..whether that was spamming or was great :D and now ML has also become star studded thanks to Pooja and her comment "and I am Priyanka Chopra"...ROFL...that comment still makes me laugh so much that my stomach and jaws hurt..Ouch...ROFL...Clap.Clap.Clap...and hu can forget olly's "growth hormones" comment about Karan..Shocked..Clap.Clap.EmbarrassedTongue..ROFLROFLROFL..ML is my virtual home and I'm proud to b part of it...Hug
Messages time...TongueEmbarrassed..LOL
Shibz...the Gyaani person in this lounge..(along wid Kavya and Pranii...ClapStar)and my virtual dictionary...Embarrassed..ROFLROFL..n the sweetest member along wid me that we shareEmbarrassed...because wenever i don't kno what a word means...shibz is always dere to give me the definition.. TongueLOL...You have always been my elder sis to me and have always been dere for me...Hug your awsome takes...Clap.Clap.Clap..I also love how you stand for KMH always...and always give those long yet smashing replies to does eppl hu speak ill of KMH...Clap.Clap.Clap ..proud of you...Stari've always been a fan of and remember i'm ur number one fan only..Star..EmbarrassedLOL...Love you..Hug
Pranii...what can i say about you..?our lovely positive deviEmbarrassed...who makles us feel better even in the most worst love everyone so much and it's ur positivty effect that has made me think more positive in are a very sweet person...and your love for Karan and Kritz..esp supersweet...your words have so much sweetness and prescence in ML is always dere..and love all the hugs you give usTongueEmbarrassed..Love you..Hug
Anchi aka Dramebaaz first virtual Badi behen...Embarrassed..I love how your so sweet and yes..very much dramebaaz along wid being have always treat dem like ur lil sis...n it feels great...EmbarrassedHeart..i love how you can make everyone ROFL wid your posts/takes and your lamba speeches..which i'm the only one hu reads it matter how long or sleep they areTongueLOL..ROFLROFL..Biggest Punji deewaniHeart...Love you...Hug
Sanju aka my FF reading partner *hi5*Cool...the one hu calls me baccha..TongueEmbarrassed...the only virtual friend I have spoken too...Embarrassed...i still remember that tymmwe spoke in October...2 times..Tongue..i was so nervous..but den after a few mins..all the nervousness went away and we spoke just like normal best your sweet nature and even in that you have ur funny side too...Wink...i hope we can speak's been 7 months since we last spke..Shocked..Ouch...LOL...and once again Thanks for going to meet KK2 at the sets n getting our messages and autographs..means alotEmbarrassed...Love you..Hug
Olly...who doesn't kno her?!!LOL..the biggest Karan fan...LOL..and the inventer of the Growth hormones comment...Clap..ROFLROFL...and our Rondhu...CryLOL...but ur so cute olly...the biggest Karan fan i have seen in my virtual life...EmbarrassedLOL..Love how you make us laugh..sometimes without even trying...LOLTongue...and the siggy stealerEvil Smile..ROFLROFL...olly can go on abt Karan 24/7 and not get tired...thats how much of a fan she isTongueLOL...your takes are hilarious in the lounge...Love you..Hug
Aksh...deff the most funniest and hatke person i have come across in my virtual have a amazing skill of writing, making us laugh all in one...!! peoms you used to rite in ur takes in the previous lounge were one of a kind..they were awesome..!!EmbarrassedStar...your an amazing person...i'm glad i have got to kno you...Love you..Hug
Kuki...the person hu invented the MT. Everest takes...ROFLROFL...hats of to you...Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap. I remember the day where you had your first lamba sa MT evertest take...! it tuk me a long time to climb down..!!LOL.LOL.LOL...I love how sweet you are..but from the past few weeks u have been missing...miss youCry..get well soon..Embarrassed...such a sweet person you are...and hu can forget your gussa...WinkLOL...hehe...Love you..Hug
Ari...the best line that can describe you is: Chota packet Bada Dhamaka..!! r just amazing...super love your style of bashing...I'm a huge fan now..!!Star..the way your speak seedha seedha is great!!LOL.LOL..your takes are a pleasure to read..and love how sweet you are..Embarrassed...Love youHug
Kavya...i met you before KMH2 started in the KMH1 forum..and ur dedication towards KMH, KK2 and arjuhi is a huge fan of your takes as well!! have always been dere for KMH, arjuhi and KK2 and you r an awesome personEmbarrassed...and only during ML i got to see the funny side of you..not to mention the besharam side too...LOL.LOL..Thanks for giving us the SR of arjuhi in jail...Day Dreaming..ROFLROFL...Love you..Hug
Jannat...My virtual friend that lives in the UK *hi5*Tongue...superlove your happy ending you gave us for the last sweet fof you...for making us happy...Embarrassed...loved everything about it...Embarrassed...and your one hell of a funny person..!! love your takes...and all ur VMs u have made...really amazing..!!Star...Thanks alot..Love you..Hug
Chandni...biggest Raj fanTongue...your very sweet person i have metEmbarrassed...funny and love your love for Raj..TongueLOL..your style of writing takes is very came in ML after sum time..but in that time you we have all become such gud friends wid love KK2 and arjuhi and KMH lots...superlove your funny posts and spamming...TongueLOL...Love you...Hug
Rosh...even though we havn't had a chance to interact wid each other have been an amazing person..!!Star...i love reading ur takes..n not to forget your pagalpan spamming wid Aksh, ari, nisha and's hilariousLOL.LOL.LOL.LOL..kudo's to you guys for having such a huge sense of humor...Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap...hope we get to interact more now..Tongue..Love you..Hug
Pooja and seperate posts for you guys because you guys are so much similarEmbarrassedTongue..LOL...virtual twins and you both give your guest appreacnces in ML..ROFLROFL...but you guys r very lovely and very's been a pleasure to be friends wid you guysEmbarrassed...your stern smiles are so funnyStern Smile..ROFL...the way you guys have your convo's is ROFL worthy...ROFLROFL...Pooja..will never forget you PC wala comment..ROFLROFL...i think you created history with that comment...ROFLROFL and the way you stood for KMH was awesome..!!Star..n of course you sleeping habits will never change...Sleepy..LOL.LOL.LOL...and your ROFLing takes wid your ROFLing twin aanchi...hayyee..!!! Kitne ROFLing the..ROFLROFL...and Tehru...your love for Karan is super sweet...TongueEmbarrassed..because of you i have also strted to use dose stern smiles...Wink..Love you both...Hug
Nisha...muah!! because of your one post in the RKA thread...i saw a whole new different perspective to KMH2..!! your one post made me fall in love wid KMH2 even moreHeart...thank you soo much...Embarrassed...the way your rite and analysis is amazing..!!Star...i love how your posts just make the whole episode better and make us love it even the way you rite...your an amaing person..i'm glad to have met you...virtuallyLOL...and another UK virtual friend along wid Jannat *hi5* you..Hug
Vaishu...another virtual friend who got a chance to meet KK2..Star...your such a sweet girl...very nice and love your love for KK2 and KMH...Embarrassed..and your such a lucky girl that KK2 kno you well...n u have dem on their asli acc's too...thats deff something to feel proud and special your posts in ML...Love you..Hug
Sruju...TongueLOL...your Big emo takes in ML always make me laughLOL.LOL...even if your take is serious and is bashing the CVs or if you didn't like the epi...ROFLROFL...the big emo's r just 3 much..LOL LOL LOL...and my FB chat buddy...Tongue...keep the big emo takes wen we watch KMH1 and talk abt dem...Star Clap..Love you..Hug
Tanu...The most shyest person love KK2, KMH and arjuhi more than anything..n thats what makes you so get very emotional wen it cums to dem..but thats your way of showing how much you love dem...your a really nice friend...and your peoms in ML r lovely and sweet :") you..Hug
Hetal...superlove dose teddy's you gave Kritz and KaranEmbarrassedHeart..and you too got to meet KK2 along wid sweetBig jus recently joined IF...but spamming wid you, sanju and aanchi was soo funny yesterday..LOL LOL LOL...and don't will soon learn to quote posts...ROFL..Tongue...Love you..Hug
Naina..i just recently got to kno you..your a very sweet girlEmbarrassed..n reading your spamming wid the others is super funny...your takes r fun to read in ML..and once again congo for being MOTWLOL...Love you..Hug
Shilpa di and Anita di..again 2 everything you guys did for KK2 and guys are sweethearts...Love you..Hug
 Rasika, Neethi, Imtiaz, Amna, Mandy and guys are so takes in ML are again so gud..!!Star..well done and thanks for coming to ML and showing you love for KMH...Embarrassed...Neeti..missing you badly..Cry..miss your takes...please do come bac..Tongue..Love you..Hug
Love you all my ML Saathiyon[>:D<..Hug..Hug..Hug...KMH has ended but we will not partEmbarrassed..we will always stick to together and stand for the show we loveHeart
..looking forward to watching KMH1 wid you guys...Love you all...muah!! Hug
 Phew..!! took me two days to finish my MT EverestShocked..Sleepy..LOL.LOLEmbarrassed...happy climbing...just make sure you guys have lots of water and food...!!..ROFLROFLROFL...

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged

''Tumko Chuke bhi chune se karta hai dil, paake bhi paane to karta hain dil. Chuke bhi se chune kara hai dil paake bhi paane karta hain dil.Awargi chaane lagi, saason se khushbhoo aane lagiii. Dil ke deewangi chagayi iss kadar,ban aakhon se bhi mujko aye nazar,kaise kahein humein kitani Mohabbat hai,kitni mohabbat hai,kaise kahein humein kitni Mohabbat hai,kitni mohabbat hai. Mahiyaaa o Mahiyaaa. Mahiya o Mahiya. Mahiya o Mahiyaa. Mahiyaa o Mahiya ''

Kitani Mohabbat Hai is a show that will cherish in my heart and mind. It brings such a soulful thrill in me that it will remain my companion to this step of life. Beautiful enough that I keep it close to my heart as it brings out my real self and the extent I can go for something I love and care a lot- May it be as myself in real life or to the virtual side! I may be practical in my thoughts and love and respect the whole cast as professionals but I never deny the fact that the lead couples, despite their fights, love is seen in them, and that too, abundantly! I admire them for so, as they are indeed complement to each other, be it Arjun and Arohi or Karan and Kritika, the truth remain they are soulmates that bring a smile to us.
I will not like to spoil the season 2 charm by talking about the already established chef d'oeuvre of season 1.
Kitni Mohabbat Hai season 2 started in November 2010, for me the ideal time to start popping on a new show, as the show I used to watch ended a week before,making me have amplify time to watch the season 1 for me to decide whether is it a worth one to watch or should I choose something else but choice has never been regretted.
The promos of the season 2 left me always with wide smiles on my face and kept waiting for it to start. I thought it to be a comedy this time where it gonna be evolved between Arjun and Arohi as bunty and bubli, kabhi bank ko lootna ya kabhi doctor bana,operation theatre mein or painter,I love the promos!
Amazing work on it ClapClapClapClapClap and they were so natural on it that made me wait for it more and more.
Until the show started, I was just fell in love with the sufi and rock version of ''tumko chuke bhi'' that made me felt how rocking the show will be. I liked the innovating, chill and thrill introduction of the characters, it was the most beautiful introduction I have ever seen in the television screen and so chilled that at times I felt watching it with my friends in realLOL
Arohi and Arjun in their new avtars were never ever felt that there was something to be improved or missed in the acting, it has always been flawless, absorbing and they became my companion when I was in UK. I felt to have night studies companion, when was in homecountry,used to be my darling brother, but here, it became Arjun and Arohi and their friends and family.
The concept was a simple one,very much focused to the lead characters  but with a huge characters cast, in thus, made some never got a real role as such, but few who were repeated, I love them, Shefali has been my favourite character in this season. She was the sweetest character in the show and I always hope if they thought to extend the show, make her parallel, kabhi I thought her for Mickey,kabhi for romit or sanchit, but that was because they were the next three characters whose first time I watched a show where they acted and I like their actings.
Still coming to the elderly characters, I have only two singhanias who became my favourite, despite I enjoyed watching other characters too. Dadi and RPS were other flawless actors that bring live to the show.
Dialogues delivery in the show was amazing and left in mind for long time but with some weakness unfortunately from the cameraman. Yet the filmy feel of the show that turned unexpected to be of season 2 was still a beautiful love for me, I love the intensity and passionate thrill that was the concept of this new love story. Some scenes that will always remember will be the first cottage scene, the jungle scene,the stylish entry of Arohi Singhania in their house, all Arohi and Arjun scenes as the couple who thought they hate each other, the feel of love between them again, in short everything that I watched. I love it. It remained the only entertainment for me when I had to give full focus in studies and internship.
Getting another beautiful song as ''teri saason'' and perfectly fitted the kismat track in the story was beautiful but the background score for the feel of filmy was sore for me on the violin theme even if I know it was used to create melodrama effects.
A love story that started on highway, had rollercoaster bumps and then I lost in touch of it,when I travelled back to homecountry and I made the ending to be on my version as thought that they are parents LOL
The journey did not end here,I travelled to UK back before the show ended and watched the ending. It was definitely abruptive but I have erased this ending in my mind and kept it to be like the chilled sufi version of tumko chuke bhi.
Ever love show who brought peeps from the world to meet and share their same love of the show, some more than others, and turned this forum a ''must visit'' and 'a must stop over the lounge, where it is made with beautiful friends and new friends..''
Together we will withstand it and as life goes on, the show end, the characters have opportunities to exploit the skills in different roles and for so,I will say,looking forward to see them.
From Nisha's side: *** Mohabbat se Zyaada *** hein mera pyar *iss show se* : Bas itni si Mohabbat hai ''kitani Mohabbat se''
Come back with a bang,guysStar

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