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Thursday  12/5/11

Ingeyum brief update thaan - romba kevalaama pOguthu serial ..awww

Sanjivi correct aa lands at the window of the room where Anjali is jailed. Anjali
once again begs him to abort the murder spree but Sanjivi says that he is such
a bad man that he does not listen to his own self Wink"Satish ai mudichitta...apram
naan free, neeyum " (aama, rendu perum Onnu rendu moonu da pOnnungalai paaru
da nnu abacus school kambi count panninde paadalaam !!)
Anjali offers him money -
Sanjivi takes it "pocket money kku aachu " Calls Murali from Sathish's mobile - Sathish mathiri pesaraar " abroad pOriyaam, sOllave illai??" Murali says that his dad wanted
things to be kept under wrap. Sa (thish) njivi says that he has organized a farewell
party - " kandippa vaa da " Murali says that his dad won't allow him but says that he
will manage to con him and come. Anjali is privy to this conversation . Sanjivi leaves
 ( aama party arrangements ellam pannanume !!) Anjali shouts  for mommy - "open
the door, or at least give me a phone...I have to call ubiquitous ( athu sari, vera per
solli yiruntha NS MAY have helped !!)
Amma kkari categorically denies any request  -
"unga appa varra varai ingeye kida "

Finally Anjali manages to call Omni - phone le charge kOnjam thaanaam...pattu nnu
 vishayam sOllame...habba...somehow Omni gets the news " Murali kku sAngu...guest
house thaan venue later " Ubiquitous has no clue as to how to stop the assassination - Pearl lands to talk about her divorce - Omni gets 2 things - a baby sitter and an auto
 to reach THE spot.

Party hall - Murali's friends are arriving - missing Sathish...finally Murali arrives, Sanjivi welcomes...


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Friday 13/5/11

Murali - Sanjivi - tete et tete - Sanjivi tells Murali that Sathish has gone to get a parting
gift - " you join the crowd and enjoy " Murali bhakra goes in and starts dancing - red
shoes illatha Onnu thaan kOrai Wink Sanjivi comes in, manages to switch off Murali's
 mobile. Ore Aattam pAttam kOndaattam thaan... Sathish comes to Minister's house,
learns that Murali has gone for Sathish's party !!???? doubts and OPeration Net Spread
Search Murali starts. On the way, the politician calls ACSR and asks her to double up -
destination guest house.

Sanjivi draws Murali aside, in fact to the next room saying that Sathish's gift
 is waiting - Murali drools, follows the executor "item enge, enge??"" ( Enge
 yenathu item, Sathish ready panniya item??? Next room il waiting O amma
mma paarkka epdi irukkumO...enge... BG by Roja )
Well, Sanjivi has the murder
 equipment ready - Murali kku  Thiru Chatthu Chathal vaibhavam ...ayyo amma
ennai vittudu ..happens...As this is on, Sathish and Murali's dad are  rushing to the
 spot...AC Sivaranjani also is rushing... but namma  Omni arrives before all of
them ...has a good view of Sanjivi bashing Murali...inimel thaan tamash aarambam.

Omni holds Sanjivi by the collar...gets to know that he is Sanjivi in spite of the
beard and shouts " Unnai police le pidichu kudukka can't escape
Omni !!" Sanjivi has decided to try Sama, Dhana, Bedha and Dandha techniques.
First pleads - "madam, let me go, I am doing all this for Anjali...she pays me...
I have some family commitments...athaan killing for money.." Omni is unrelenting..
" Killing is bad...I won't let you go.." Sanjivi assumes his real self " ennai kaatti kudutha
na Anjali yai pOttu kuduthuduven, epdi vasathi??" Omni kku amma paasam pOngi
varathu...Sanjivi is let free...he runs away least after that Omni kOnjam buthiyOda
act pannalaam illai??? NO NO " Naan yaaru?? OMNI UBIQUITOUS ..ennai yaaru enna
panna mudiyum?" attitude surfaces...Goes near Murali, tries to feel his breath
( Yen ppa irukkiya, illatta La La land pOittiyaa??) ...eyes the murder weapon...which
has been cleaned and hid under the bed by Sanjivi...Omni to Abacus training???
Eclat, all yours...Wink


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Anjali still thatting the door...Madhu sitting outside and AK comes and asks...naan ambuttu busy...why r u disturbing me?...Madhu says...for ur daughter...AK asks what happened to her?..Madhu tells abt DC sivaranjani...CM and anjali dhaan DC car la bomb vachings nnu DC saying...Madhu goes on thitting CM and anjali...says idhu podhadhunnu anjali wants to go to CM's house aam...adhaan i locked her inside the room...
AK asks why?...Madhu says CM dhaan kolaikari...i want to save anjali...adhaan i locked her inside...AK supports CM..Satish comes there...Nakkal adiching AK...AK stops him...Sathish says CM is in lock up...Ak shocked...asks sathish why CM kambi counting?...Sathish says  CM is the serial killerLOLLOL...Naandhaan police la pudichu kuduthen...Ak thoughts...
Sathish tells madhu everything...Ak still in thoughts...thiru thiru nnu muzhuchings..says CM will never kill anyone...sathish and madhu grrr...Ak send sathish out...Anjali still tak tak nnu thatting...
Madhu comes near and Ak and r u saying...CM kolaikari illainnu...?do u know who is the killer?...AK shouts at madhu and comes to anjali's room and locks the door inside...Anjali tells her to go and help CM...Ak says no...he will not go...Ak says i know CM kku indha kolaikkum no link...but DC dhaan karanam...Ak asks anjali...needhaan CM aa anga poga sonniya?...Anjali cries...Ak consoles her...Anjali aska Ak...ippo lock up la iruka vendiyadhu CM aa?...Ak stops her...says he will not help CM...let her be there for some time...Anjali tells her dad he is wrong...kolai siyaradhu paavam...(appo Ak dhaan kolaikararu polaConfused)...Ak tells he rto calm down and leave sthe room...
CM in lock up...DC SR visaiching CM...CM silent...DC asks abt thekolais...CM says she dont know anything...DC sooper sooper aa kelvi kettings..CM says if u have any other pending cases..pls adhaiyum en thalaiyila kattungaLOLLOL...Dc says she will not beleive CM...Cm says i recieved a phone call..adhaan i went there...DC akss yaaru phone senja?...CM silent...DC says i'll not always talk..i'll beat u...Cm says produce me in court...i know to prove that iam innocent...DC says anjali dhaan ungalukku last phone senja?...CM says yes...but anjali kku no sammandham in this case...
Again and again same story otting...DC and CM thurppi thiruppi pesinadhaiya pesings...CM asks DC...why r utalking like a fool?...DC  kku ears la smoke...shouts...u calling me a fool?...grrr...DC says even if u r not linked in this case...i'll get u lifetime imprisonment...wait and watch...
Idhudhaanda (di) tamil naatu police...Dead

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Chellamey Updates,
18th May 2011 - Wednesday...
Anjali trying to escape from NS. But, NS enna ilichivaaya????? Catches Anjali red handedly (summa oru hypekku sonne) and pardons not to go to Omni. She tells that she is all kuppai kotting with AK all these years because of anjali only. But, Anjali doesnt listen. She says that NS paasam on her is natural but Omnis paasam is unnatural. So, I have to save Omni. NS kku sema kovam. Omni Omni Omni eppo paaru omni puranaam...stop it and come with me. Anjali disagrees. Now NS becomes Omni. Gives a strong palaar to Anjali and takes her into the bar -sorry sorry i mean house.

At Abacus school,

Omni busy kambi counting and is disturbed by her very own husband. Cute bharati in his hands crying. Omni face lights as 1000 watts bulb. (Mine toooBig smileBig smileBig smile) starts Crying on see the child. Vadai cries, omni cries and child cries.. All are having a crying session. Vadai questions why ur at the kolai place??? Omni says that she didnt do the murder. Vada says he knows that but why she is at that place?? Omni pleads him not to ask further details because of the chichuation she is in, she cant tell anymore. Vada thiru thiru muzhichings.

All this is heard by ACP Ranjani (Thanda police of the millineum).She comes to Vadai and scolds CM for not telling the truth to her husband also. Vadai shows the child and asks her to tell the truth. CM repeats the same old thing that she didnt do the murder. Its hightime for Omni to tell about herself (Enna panradhu. Ippodhuvarekum ellarum omni pathi sonnanga--- Aaana ippo omni pathi omniye solra nilema vandhidchi) She herself says that she is thangam, diamond and she never even dreamt of hurting anyone. She pleads Ranj to agree for keeping the child with her in the cell. Ranj agrees.. Omni face again lightens up.
At, Amudhas house,
Panpark starts her torture again.Vasu comes and tells the Omni kambi counting news to Amudha. All are shocked. Amudha says she will also come to see Omni. PP stops her. Both have an argument. Vasu is vexed with all this. Says to stop this non-sense. Amudha looks at Vasu and says''Unn madiri dubbakorekella edhukku marriage?? pondatti?? '' Vasu kku smoke coming. PP kkum thaan... Vasu goes out. Amudha goes in. PP polambing as usual.
At Abacus school again,
Snake and Goms come there. Snake says that this is the same abacus school where she got aaappu recently. LOLLOLLOLBoth enter. Oru lady police comes to them and tells them that they can sepak to CM now only 10 mts. But, they should not beat CM.(Beating?????? Comedy keemedy pannaliye??????) Snake says where is the other police officer from whom she received the torture. Lady police says that he was transferred. Snake and Goms going to have a look at Omni
Omni who is busy with little Omni stares a look at Snake.
Thodarum...  (Happada!!!!!!!!Serial gaining momentum again... I am happy that I didnt get a tortorous episode)


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Thursday 19/5/11

Ayyo da, Roja kku ipdi Oru kashtamaa??? Snake , athu hairstyle apram Gomz ..
hayyo hayyo
...anyways Snake and Gomz must have thought that the police station
is a picnic spot ..rendum entering with gusto - gloating time . Snake recalls her own
stint in the police station - apdiye pathindu varrathu athukku - Tells Omni "pay back
time sweet heart,  you made me count kambis for no fault of mine !!! Now, you are a
murderer..." Omni says that she knows only too well that snake did not kidnap Rathna.
That is why, I requested AK to withdraw the complaint ...the circumstances were
such that you were  a possible kidnapper " Gomz is veeram personified ( aww,
kambi kku veliye, Omni kitte irunthu far away...naamum kOnjam thulli paarkkalaam -
attitude )
Shouts at Omni "how dare you answer back??? Naanga ninaichaa... " Omni
says " ada , nee enna thullare??? Unnai Oorai vitte viratti nathu forgotten??" Gomz
says that even the chef is scared of her " nee en kitte dairiyamaa pesare??" Omni
asks her to come nearer and repeat...Veera dheera Gomz does that and PALAAR
Gomz Oda cheek hot water pour panni pazhukka vaicha mango mathiri aagarthu...
Well, retreat is in the anvil but Snake promises that she will never let Omni come out
of the abacus school.

SOga chef comes home - Pearl confirms that Omni is learning 1 2 3 all over again
 and also learns that Bharathi pays dearly for being Omni's daughter. Consoles Chef
 who is actually livid " Omni can count kambis or even go to the gallows little girl ..
why should she learn counting so early ???? And Omni promised that she will never
poke her ugly nose in to other's affairs??" Pearl has no answer for this and Vaasu
 lands - just in time to rescue Pearl. Vaasu suggests that Vadai should meet the commissioner ( puthu commissioner aa??? IppO neriya transfers nnu  Paper le Roja padichaa?? !!Wink) Vaasu promises to look for a good advocate.

Snake and Sathish - go to meet the commissioner (athaane paarthen... Snake
 yaaru???? Wink)  I
n short, Snake wants Omni inside - for ever " Veliye vitta she
will meddle with all the witnesses ( aamaa periya Kanimozhi pOdi pOdi punnaku !!) 
and what ever material you have collected on her !!" Sathish for his part says that it
was Omni who planted the bomb in his car  - "just five minutes...she planted it !!"
Snake goes on and on about  retaining Omni in the abacus school - Roja kku suru
suru nnu vanthu thu ..Pesame intha snake ai kOlai pannittu , antha murder ai yum
 Omni mele pOttu tta enna ???
- Finally Commissioner says that he will take care.

Amutha and Mookuthi less biting each other. Amutha is not in a mood to cook but
 MIL wants food. MIL needles  " unga anni kOlai pannittu police station pOitta, none
 of us should eat?? Police enna summa va pidichittu pOgum?? " Amutha says that
anni has taken the blame for some one -  " she did not kill any one "  MIL now has a valid argument " athu epdi?? YaarO Orutharai save panna, kozhandai, purushan ellaraiyum
ditch pannuvaalaa?? " Amutha says "athu thaan Omni anni, if she decides to save
some one, she won't bother about any thing. Until anni comes out, I refuse to drink
green water " ( appO blue, red, yellow color le kudutha saapiduviyaa?)  goes in
MIL is happy that some food will be saved !!!


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Friday  20/5/11

Roaj vOda kashta kaalam continues - Aadi paadi methuva Chef Commissioner
ai paarkka pOrrar - snake and Sathish are coming back from the same arena -
Stair case le nakkal adichal happens - Snake says " vaanga vaanga...enna
veetukkari yum pappa vum picnic pOittangalaa??? Neenga free aa??? How
about  a hot date?" Sathish for his part needles ..Chef looks lost and is quiet -
 finally Snake lets him go ( EnnamO YethO...Commissioner solluvaar...EnnamO
 yethO... bail thaan illai - BG by Roja )
Having come all the way, Chef plays advocate
 and asks commissioner not to contest the bail application. Commissioner says
that Omni comes with a bag full of complaints - " IppO Snake vera puthu complaint !!"
Chef says that Omni is trying to help some one "ava kOlai yellam seyya maatta
sir " Commissioner then says "ask her to come clean !!!" (Yovvv, nee enna kirukka??
Antha amma yaar sOlrathaiyum kekkathu !!!! Romba logic aa pesaratha ninaippu ...)

Chef knows that he is trapped.

Adutha segment le Pearl mookku sindhings - kOdumai da sammyyy . Daddy says
that Omni is inviting trouble always " eppO paarthaalum poking her nose in to
other's affairs ...ipdi thaan maattikkanum" Pearl lists all the good done by Omni 
and says "ipdi nandri ketta thanamaa pesaathinga " Rathna takes grand dad away
 and mommy pacifies Pearl - Serious application to God happens.

ACSR - is in the station - openly discussing Omni's schedule - Omni listens to
every thing. ACSR says that Omni will not get bail - "judicial custody eduthu...
apram visaarikka vendiya vithathile visarippOm " Asks the inspector to keep
a close watch..and leaves...


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