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MG ff - FAIRY...TAIL???!!!! Thread 3 (Page 8)

-kawaii- IF-Sizzlerz

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so sorry gouys for not updating for so long!!! actually a few more xams were left for which i had to out of station for a few days so couldn't update!!! SO SORRY GUYS!!! now all xams i can update regularly!!!!Big smile

Geet: SO..IF I LEARN LEARN TO PLAY BASKETBALL HERE, THEN IF I GO BACK THAT ONE DAY, THEN I CAN JOIN YOUR TEAM! In that way you won't miss your sessions and we'll also get our much needed SWEETU-MK time!
At this…Maan started laughing aloud!
Geet was at first surprised…and then got angry!

Geet: arrghh MK….you are again making fun me?
Maan (still laughing): haha…are yu serious about it Sweetu??? Hahaha…and I was not making fun of you….hahahah…I was just wondering how silly can you and your ideas get! Hahahah

Geet (angrily): MY IDEAS ARE NOT SILLY…SAMJHE AAP! You don't understand anything!
And she banged the phone on the receiver and walked off. She sat on her bed, legs crossed, arms crossed on her chest and cheeks puffed up!
Geet (angrily to herself): stupid MK….doesn't understand anything…huh!

X       X       X      X      X      X      X     X      X      X

Geet: hey MK..whats up?
Maan: nothing much…I just came back from practice!
Geet: oh good. Then….know what…I've resumed my piano classes here.
Maan (cheerfully): oh really!!! Am so glad about that!
Geet: and you know I…
Maan (cutting in): know what…I learned a Blind Pass (basketball term) today!
Geet (confused): A blind pass??? Nani desu ka? (Japanese wordings)
Maan: a blind pass is also…

He stopped in between….sweetu told something weird! Now it was his turn to get confused!
Maan: hey Sweetu….what was that last sentence you said?
Geet: hmmm? Which last sentence?

 Maan: arrey when you asked about that blind pass you said something like na-nai…de….???
Geet: ohh you are talking about that! ahh..don't mind it…it was Japanese which meant " what is it!"
Maan: ohh so you learnt Japanese too!
Geet: yeah…I had to you know…its very difficult to interact in school if you don't know the language! Yeah I was saying…

Maan: oh ya…a Blind-Pass – its also called a NO-LOOK-PASS where you look at one of your team mates when you have the ball and your enemy is in front of you! But you pass the ball to another of your team mate without looking at him. So in this wayyour opponent gets confused and you get an easy chance to score!
Geet: wow….it seems really interesting. worries…I'll learn it soon!
Maan: okay..listen… I got a new cell phone. Keep the number and call me on that!
Geet: ohh CONGRATS MK…yipie you got a new cell phone!

Maan: ahh yeah thanks..ok Sweetu am keeping. Have to finish up my corse! Bye
Geet: but MK….at least listen to me na..I wanted..
Maan (ignoring): not now really busy! Will listen to all your Crap later…bye!
And he hung up the phone!

Wow…now her talks became a crap for him! Awesome! She has made a habit of him not listening to her…he did that everytime! She has probably been used to it by now! But crap…..that too without listening to her…now that actually made her angry! A person can bear pain and ignorance for once…..or may be twice…or atmost thrice! But more than that……the patience snaps….emotions turn wild! A storm of dejection, anger, grief overcasts the heart!

Same was with geet….her parents had no time for her! She thought she could turn to MK…and she did that! but what did she get in return???? Pain and rudeness and ignorance!

But still…..there was this heart of hers which constantly kept on telling her, " don't forget….MK was and is your best friend! He has come to your rescue so many times and has helped you to become what you are today…so You cannot be all so selfish! Always remember that its all because of him that you are excelling in your studies, good at basketball and anything and everything that you do!"

And whenever she asked, " What did I get in return….Rudeness and crap!!!"
Her heart would say, " Stop bothering Sweetu….he still thinks of you as his best friend but YOU are the one who's spoiling your friendship with your own hands! Yes he has changed a lot…he has his own life and other friends too..That's bound to happen! But tell me…did he forget you in all these years…Answer me..did he?"

And she would say a big NO! then her heart would say, " don't worry Sweetu…JUST KEEP HOLDING ON! Everything will be fine!"
And god only knows the reason as to why on earth she choses to go with her heart – ALWAYS!
Every night before drifting off to sleep, she'd talk to her heart about anything and everything that was going on in her life! She'd fulfill that empty space that MK had left in her life!

X       X       X      X      X      X      X     X      X      X

Maan:………now am nervous…very nervous! Do you think I'llbe able to do it?
Geet: oh yeah you'll be… damn sure! Don't get nervous!
Maan: ummm….this is like NOW OR NEVER! Sweetu…it's the 1st time I'll be subjected to a very tough surveillance!
Geet: when is the final match?
Maan: three days later from today!
Geet: okay…keep practicing and don't get nervous! I'll be texting you!

And both hung up their respective cell phones. Geet sat in her room, thinking deeply! Its been 3 years since she has moved to Japan! She is 16 now! So MK has turned 17! It's his final year in High school…he'll be going to college after a few months!

Things have changed so much for both of them! She has stopped speaking anything about herself or her life unless he asks for it! Whenever she is on his call, she'd speak only that much what she is asked and what is needed!

But still…..somewhere………somewhere deep inside she really wanted to speak out! She wanted to say so many things to her MK..her basketball lessons…he summer courses in figure skating…..he punching boys and so many more1 but she didn't…knowing Mk's nature! It was suffocating her…but if remaining quiet could preserve their friendship…then be it!

That night, in fact every night, she took out the music box that MK has gifted her a long time back….she still wore that pendant key near her heart! She inserted the key and tuned it……the familiar music began to play! She kept the music box in front of her and started speaking to it…just as if MK was sitting in front of her! Ohh how nice it felt!

Geet: MK…mamma & papa seem very tensed nowadays! They don't have time for me…they don't even tell me anything! Always busy! And the way they speak to each other and everyone around them nowadays…I don't like it! Everyting seems so wrong!
She continued speaking…imagining MK sitting in front of her! The music continued to play and she continued to speak!

Geet: I don't know why but am having a very eerie feeling…like something is not right! Something very wrong is going to happen!
The music stopped. The dancing dolls stopped moving with the music….silence covered the room…pin drop silence! Yet she sontinued to speak…
Geet: I feel so lonely MK…..
Her voice was cracking!!!

Geet: but..but you are there with me, right MK? Am sure nothing will go wrong…you are here with me! So I guess..i don't have to fear!
She smiled…a painful one…a fake one! Somewhere in her heart, she wanted MK to be there in front of her at that moment itself! She wanted him by her side so badly…but she knew the truth! She carefully placed the music box back in the cupboard and with a fake faith and assurance of a better tomorrow…she slowly drifted off to sleep!
 next: ooo sms ki baarish!!!! and a WildcatShocked...
i wonder whos it!!!!Big smile

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plz plz plz post ur comments guys..and a request...LONG COMMENTS PLZ!!!!
they really make me feel lyk continuing with my FFsEmbarrassed

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awesome upd 

ash babes

loved it Clap 

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Amazing update...
Please update soon...
Loved ittt...

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awsome update.
poor geet

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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absolutely amazing update
simply awesome

i really loved the line

but if remaining quiet could preserve their friendship...then be it!

poor geet n her inner turmoil...!!!!
hope maan understands that soon
me wondering how will you carry the story
continue soon
thanks for pm

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wow...wonderful update... but i m upset with MK... he should listen to her Sweetu na...Unhappy

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wow updated after a long time
waiting 4 1 more
plzzz give us d nxt prt soon

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dimpzz Goldie

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feel so bad for sweetu!
poor thing she has become so lonely
and mk doesn't even listen to her
he'll always keep talking about his basketball and forgets about sweetu
feel really bad for her and her aprents also are behaving weird now wonderw hats the reason for that

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