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PR Reloaded- II (FF) Note on pg. 76- do read! (Page 64)

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by umayal

Nikki Dear,Hey Umi!

You have Left a Large grin Big smile on my face with your Update.
thanks a Lot for it.You're welcome Umi! So glad you enjoyed it.

As said, Trust is of more forms and here too you have fulfilled for the one we have.EmbarrassedBig smile

Every part of it, as said in the parts, was amusing, amazing ,Happy to read and leave a smile.

Archu's reaction  Shocked  Big smile   and Savita aai's reaction ShockedBig smileLOL I take it that you had not expected that.LOL
And Manav's reaction and His self talks Thumbs Up  Smile. All were too Good.

This Slap was one slap  which  was fully acceptable slap that should had been Given.There have been more slaps in PR, but this one was always Pending and not be given.Totally agree. Actually Umi, by throwing in Sachin's death track and Shravani's track, the CV's lost focus from the earlier track of Manav Vs Ajit and ArMan Vs Lokhande family which was way more interesting. They did not complete that story fully, nor did they deal with the harassment complaint issue- it was left hanging and many of the laws shown were wrong- (they showed Manajusha got arrested for making a false complaint- that is not possible, even if complaint is false, person is never arrested for it. But I guess I'm deviating from the main point, yes, that slap and Manjusha's boycott was something that should have been shown way earlier in the serial, by the time it happened, people had actually got fed up of ArMan's mahanta and said that Manjusha got emboldened to this level bcos nobody kept her in check!

Archu as once done I think ,but for her mother she did.
For Manav sake it wasn't done I think. whereas it was the one that should had been given first and foremost. So ,i am so happy to read it in yours.

The below part had got me LOL...Savita aai bhi na...LOL

"Where is she? Where is she?" came a voice and the next moment Savita Aai burst into the room. "I came to know what happened in the court. And I.. Arey move na!" she said dismissively, shoving Manav aside so that she could sit next to Archana. "Why are you chipkoing to her so much? Reserve all this stuff for the bedroom, right now let me talk to her."

Embarassed, Manav moved away quietly while she sat next to Archana. To his shock, Savita took Archana's hand and kissed it hard.

"Muah muah muah!!" she kissed her hand. "Yayyy! You slapped Manjusha with this hand!!! Wah meri bahu, kya chauka mara! Today you have proved that you are eligible to be the daughter in law of Savita Deshmukh, otherwise I was thinking why has God given me such a cow for a daughter in law! Haha! Vandu told me about it! What a slap! What a slap! Wish I'd been there, I would have given her one too!"

Savita Aai to rockstar hai Umi!Clap She will always be a scene stealer bcos of her dialogues, characterisation,mannerisms and most importantly bcos of Ushaji who played this character so well that we still think of her even while reading a OS or FF.

And Finally, Manav coming to Know about archu's return, the moment I had waited for, when will this fellow know that she had returned for him and to be there forever rather than for illness.
It happened today Party.Picture abhi baki hai Umi, reserve the celebrations for the next part.Wink Abhi to Manav has just realised how much Archana trusts him, even if it was nt in the way he expected it, and how much that girl has changed just for him.

Last line and Para was Heart  Day Dreaming. surely could imagine the way archu would have sleep and the way Manav would have saw her. Like sleeping beauty and her Prince!Day Dreaming

Pony's last thought of night counselor and Enjoying the cat fight ...LOL...Good one.Pony is a reflection of we the audience actually.LOL What we enjoy, Pony also enjoys.

So many elements are there that I had liked and loved. will write it again as I am off to sleep now.

Thanks again Nikki.

Originally posted by umayal

And Nikki,

One more question. Smile.
You used to have  the Pictures of ARMAN during the 3 months divorce period and Hands folded  above the parts you write.

But Now the Picture in this part have the scenes of ARMAN after their second Marriage.

So, it means ARMAN coming closer.Big smile 

and the previous ones were ARMAN crying,consoling,comforting each other at tough times.

The new one have their smiling Happy face and both of them being together with so much ease and comfort and comforting each other too.

So ARMAN being Closer and More Happier times ahead????Day Dreaming   Big smileYou got it right Umi! Actually I had used that new banner for part 82 also, but I don't know why it didn't come up. I made some mistake in putting it up, I guess.Confused I love these pics, Archana and Manav look totally at ease with each other. All credit to TB for the banner.

Ok,Ok,enough of my troubling. So sorry.  wont trouble you much, here I end my today's  Quota.
Will see you back soon with the essay. Embarrassed  LOL

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Originally posted by stefanandre

Hi NikiHugHugHi dear!

Thanks for the updateDancingYou're welcome!

Such a lovely update, loved how Archana stood up to Manju and fought for her ManavThumbs Up and just loved to see Manav realizing that Archana has in fact come back for good and the bed scene with his pushing Archana's hair back and him staring at her made me remember the bed scene when he had come back after disappearing, how he was stroking her face and looking at herDay DreamingHeartI love that scene too! Such a beautiful, beautiful scene, with ArMan getting all comfy with each other...Day Dreaming

Loved the little bit of Savita coming and praising Archana for the slap, so wanted to see the special MIL-DIL bonding on the show, CVs cheated us of so much. You bet! I have a long list of what I wanted to see on the show but never got!Angry  Looking forward to the time when Vandita warms up to Archana and also Savita, would love a united Deshmukh family taking on the world---Big smile.

Vedant is really a wonderful little brother to Manav and I love his character so much. Hoping Archana succeeds in bringing Sachin back. Let's see what happens on that front- all the Deshmukhs do have one thing in common though- all are stubborn.LOL

Pony is a good confidante Smile.

Hope the court case goes well for the Deshmukhs although I am sure the Lokhandes are going to do something but this time it will be ArMan united fighting them and I am so looking forward to it.

Niki, the previous two updates were also wonderful, loved the beach scene of ArMan and Archana building her castle although it kept being broken and Manav helping her. Also loved the special scene of Savita-Archana where Savita talks about the finances and shows Archana how she saved. Wish the CVs did not have to make Savita a negative character. I and Lunza were talking about the same thing last night- the CV's ruined one of the best characters of the show by making her so negative. Savita was interesting cos she was a grey character- the novelty of the character lay in the fact that she was not really bad blood- it was her ideology and what she had endured in life that had made her money minded, controlling and even a little selfish. In that sense she was very different from the Lokhandes who tortured people to no extent for their own egoes with no sense of pity or humanity at all, Savita on the other hand was not like that. They could have shown Savita as being a strict teacher to Archana, since Archana being a simpleton and demure, could really do with a saas like Savita.

By the last line in the recent update - seems we are for some lovely ArMan scenesDay DreamingBlushing so patiently waiting for the next update.----Big smile I hope you will not be disappointed..Embarrassed

Love the BannerThumbs Up

Thanks again for the update and pmHugHug

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Originally posted by suan

Hi Nikita,HugHeartHug
You are darling.Aww.. thankyou!Embarrassed

Such a wonderful Sunday treat!
Thanks for the pm my dear and I love the new banner!Hug
Much love and appreciation to whomever created this masterpiece!Its TB!Clap

I must again let you know how much I appreciate your hard work in bringing us these updates, considering how busy you are.SmileMy pleasure..
Though you said it was long, when I reached the end I wanted more.---Shocked
Greedy me, hai na.WinkGreedy you and poor me!CryLOL

Now to the update.

I loved Savita in the opening section.
I could clearly imagine Savita's actions, expressions, tone of voice etc., as she "ordered" Archana to do her bidding.LOL
Typical Savita.

I love the developing brotherly bond between Manav and Vedant.
It was so funny the way Damodar told Savita to get a dictionary so that she could find another word other than "stupid" to say to him.LOL I loved Damodar -Savita fights on the show... they were a special couple in their own right.. always quibbling.
Once more I could clearly imagine their "fights" as we saw on PR.

Was surprised by Vinod's reaction to Manjusha's outburst to Archana.
He seems to be the opposite to the PR Vinod, unless he reverts to the docile Vinod when they reach home.Yeah, Vinod was shown as  a douchebag later, but the initial Vinod was very much like this who was very protective of his family.

Savita's reaction to Archana slapping Manjusha was a delight!!!!ClapThumbs UpSeems like Savita and Archana are the stars of this part! Saas bahu duo rocked it!StarStar
Would love to see more of such "bonding" in the future, though not always as a result of physical actions.

Pony's late night conversation with Manav is important as I think this will confirm for Manav that Archana did indeed return to him because she loves him, and not out of sympathy due to his illness.

The most tender moment of this update has to be the very end.
This scene, of Manav gently placing Archana's strand of hair behind her ear is so reminiscent of some PR scenes.Day Dreaming
Brought back good memories for me.

The part that trust plays in a relationship and in our lives is very significant too Nikita.
Loved that part a lot.Smile

Looking forward to the next installment.HugThanks for the comments Di, agree with all that you said.. hopefully I will update soon.. and yes, the next part is veryyy important.

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mayusushita

wowww vry nyc update nikkiThumbs Up loved s archana and savita scene ...she kissed her and said 'WAAH MERI BAHU 'Smile 
also loved loved d scene when savita told 2 manav 'arey move na' why so much chipkofying here it in ur roomEmbarrassedhaha manav was so  embaressed ...
hey nikki want some more romance of our arman in ur next update Winkplzzz

Thanks dear! I think ArMan have got serious competition from SavChanaLOL.. as for romance, wait for the next part.Big smile
Originally posted by dhahi

lovd it as always..
So manav slowly starts understandin how archana feels..
wow.. wat a thappad..
i was so so excitd..
n savita aai's reaction..
i can really imagin ushaji kissin ankita's hands..

I can imagine it too... LOL.. especially with that tun tun tun music in the background which plays when Savita Aai comes onscreen.Tongue

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lunza

OMG OMG ... you wrote just what I have wanted to see since such a long time !!! Party DancingLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Archu-Manju catfight !!!  Dancing  ..
I am not sure ...but i think I even mentioned it in a post once .. wishing for a cat fight ... Yes, I remember it, at that time I was like- do we share such a pavitra/psychic rishta that she can get into my mind and read the story ahead?ShockedLOL

I felt like I was in Pony's shoes .. watching things from the sidelines .. sort of shocked , awed .. and kinda enjoying myself ...Yeah, I sort of wrote her out as the voice of the audience, like us, she wanted Manav Archana to get besharam with each other and other such stuff..

Aha ... so we will see or hear from girishji again .. 
I am happy to hear that actually .. bcuz the way he and manav parted ways .. was well , not exactly nice .. lot of unresolved .. uh.. emotions.. no closure .. dunno how to put it in words ..
It was just uneasy .Yeah I know. I didn't put that up at that point bcos I intended to bring him back in the story later... Girishji is an important figure in Manav's life, it would be odd to leave him out at that point when Manav needs all his near and dear ones for emotional and moral support.
In contrast , manav-shravani talked things out at the airport . 
Hmm... so we might see shravani again too .. I'm more or less done with her yaar.. no more of Shravani.. and the way Manav Shravani track ended, with both of them deciding to stay away to give Shravani space and time to forget him, I don't know if it would be logical to bring her back.. as of now have not thought about it... she will be mentioned a lot though..

Did shravani help sachin land a job ? just a wild guess ..Keep guessing.LOL 
Is there scope for shravani-sachin falling in love with each other in the future? You liked that pair so much Lunzi??

And oh .. the savita-archu scene in the beginning LOL ...
lol... so archu is picking up naatak-baazi from her saas sasur LOL ..

and eekss.. did savita actually say archu is worthy of being her daughter in law ?!! ..
I did a double take when I read that ! ..
Now I really wish savita had witnessed that scene outside the court ...Yeah sure, if she had heard Manjusha wishing that Manav should not come out alive from hospital, she would have killed Manjusha then and there

That would have reminded me even more of all the large scale dombivli-wide famous dramas that have occured in PR the first two years ... ah... the good old karanjkar-deshmukh spats LOL ... True, the whole of Dombivili had witnessed this love story firsthand.. LOL

And , I am just imagining the expressions on mano-sulo's faces if they had actually seen her kissing archu's hand LOL ...

And thumbs up to vinod !!!... he does have a spine after all ...

Now , only if the blinders are removed from his eyes ..Aagey aagey dekho hota hai kya! Clue: I really don't have time to add details and dialogues just to add to the length of the FFLOL- so if I have written something, it is bcos it has some significance in the storyline ahead.Big smile

And ... loved the last bit .. ! aww Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Main bhi! Awww... Day Dreaming
EDIT ADD: While you're guessing about Shravani and stuff.. you might as well guess about something else- after Varsha, Sachin, Pony and Girishji, another character is all set to make a short re-entry in the story, next part actually. Who could it be?

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Originally posted by Swati_

Hey Niks *hugs tightly*
How are you ? Hey Swati! How have you been? ASR ke desh mein jaake hum logon ko bhool gayi..CryLOL

I Loved , loved , loved the update. :-) Big smile
Archu was the star...Oh how i wish this was the way PR had been...the original story got ruined th day archu came to stay with the d's...Arey before that also.. original story got ruined the day Sachin died...Cry
Coming to your update...
I am just loving the way each and every character is being focussed and growing...Yup am trying to show each character little by little along with Archu-Mannu cos the whole cast of PR was fab and each character was special.
Loving the way Manav is thinking about the future and is investing..
Dharmu seems to be practical and not evil...Arey he is Gaurimisha's golu molu pyaar Dharmu, not evil at all.
Twins helping is also good...

Coming to the court scene which i lovedd the most...
Urgh...i personally want to kill the witch Manjusha...Join the gang.Angry
Hope the case actually turns out to be good for the d family...enough of losses and sorrows... comments...LOLLOLLOL

Archu...ah...loved her...well deserved slap girl...loving how she is strong for Manav...
Loved Archu and Savita's scene...i am actually liking Savita's grey character..Big smileBig smile

Awww...pony is such a good friend...ha midnight calls...

Niks its been many parts and yet story is so so good and interesting..I hope it stays that way...
You should take up writing as your job dear. EmbarrassedAww... come on.

Update the next part jaldi se...
Waiting eagerly...
Love you loads...
Take care...Will try to post soon Swati.. do keep posting here sometimes... not just in this FF thread but also in Sushant's BW thread and FC..

Edit : Awww...this is my 1000 th post...after two years...
Dedicated to all my PR friends...
I really miss this forum's masti...drooling over Sushant..
Love you all..

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Originally posted by Athena.


Especially Savita's part after the slap! LOL her reaction was so accurate! SPOT ON. "arey move na".. LOOL 

This woman is really irritating.. even if I am mad at her.. she makes me laugh with her comedy face.. it all goes to Usha ji - what an amazing actress! Smile

When't the next update?Tongue
True, Ushaji is seriously fab! She made Savita come alive for all of us, I think Manav Archana and Savita (Sushant, Ankita and Ushaji) were the main highlights of this show, supported by a very talented ensemble cast who had awesome chemistry amongst themselves.
The next update will come soon, hopefully...

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Originally posted by umayal

Dear Nikki Hug,

I am Back to trouble you and write a essay on how I enjoyed your part. What to do,Your parts are like that I end up in essays.LOLLOLLOL Go on dear, I love your essays.

It seems you are more busy and have hectic schedules. So I would give you a Big Hug and Thank you for doing such a detailed Long update for us(Though wish to read more.Embarrassed..Thats how we know how much we like your FF and writeups) .
Really really worth reading, Loved it and it doesn't failed to bring a smile on my face when I needed it the Most. Really a relief giving writeup that makes me forget my hectic schedules and problems.Thanks Umi.. makes me feel really good that this FF makes people happy.Embarrassed

This part had two important ones that gives more satisfaction for me
1)one is  a funnier enjoyable part with enjoyable ones like the clash between archu and Manju,
the slap and Sav aai's reaction
2)The next one is my most fav, manav coming to Know the fact or aware of the fact that archu came as she loved him or trusted him and not for illness sake. Thats was the sweetest one for me.

Though you have written it, Really a visual treat it was as I had imagined the manju-Archu fights with actual ones,I had visualized archu and Manju and the best was Savita aai with archu,I could really visualize how Ushaji would have acted and anki's response reaction would be.

She telling MAnav to move and kissing archu's hand and archu's state, everything would had been funnier ,cute and Lol scene with Sushant-Anki-Ushaji in picture. Really they would have given their funniest,cutest reactions.Yeah Umi, I miss the trio, not only in their roles in PR, the three were a fun riot even in the offscreen segments.

So, it needless to say ,I enjoyed the Cat fights and then the Response from Savita aai.
Finally touch Savita aai gave by telling, this Girl would do na was LOL  LOL and archu's reactions would have been worth watching.LOLLOLLOLBechari Archu! She probably thought she would get some reward and what she gets is an order to make Paneer Kolhapuri, Dal Makhani and Ras Malai while Savita parties!LOL Savita will never change!LOL

Then comes the Favourite part of Manav being aware of archu's love or trust and he admiring at her Lovingly. The last scene was so cute and awww...And it makes me think that, more cuter moments are lining up ...I am right na Nikki Smile...Big smile Keep reading..Wink

Really really wish to see some nicer moments between them.  Loved Manav's self talks and the way he looked at her and moved the Hair on archu's face.

Then some more good parts were also there which I liked.
One archu going to have a confrontation with Sachin, she going to meet him. I hope we get some news on him and may be he coming closer to deshmukhs's by this.

Second one, though Vinod was backing his wife, he reprimanding her for thinking of trying to do anything that harms archu. Still have a Hope he wont be more spineless.

Third one is Pony. I like  her a lot for giving Centric advices without supporting either of the side,
A totally Unbiased friend with unbiased solutions,advices.
I truly wishes such a Friend  for archu for long time. She needs such a friend to back her up on tough situations. The PR archu missed this very element which made her take insensible decisions as she doesn't have anyone to give her unbiased views.

She had swathi as a friend earlier but not a strong one like Manav had Tarun.That also vanished earlier. So true Umi! Archana had very few friends, she actually needed one very badly cos she was always being led by her family to do what they wanted.
I still remember ARMAN's first cute Hug in PR and archu's outburst of what she feels for Manav.
she herself said she doesnt have friends whom she feels comfortable with and share everything and now she is happy that she has one in Manav. Thats was so sweet but unfortunately she lost it  also later.

So i am Happy that Your archu have a Friend like Pony.

Then Manav was shocked to Know that archu share most of their things with Pony. Dont be shocked Manav...Most girls would be like that...EmbarrassedThey openly talk everything with their close friends...

And one more thing was ,First scene of archu acting frightened in front of Savita.
It so reminded me of Anki's offscreen ones . It sounded so Ankita there rather than archu.
The way she acted like frightened  and had smiles all over.LOL I had fun writing that one, I was trying to imagine Ankita imitating Gopi bahu (Gia Manek).LOL

Ok ,Nikki,Enough of my essay...will stop it here.
Just wished to say again,I loved this part and eagerly waiting for the Next Update ...
and eagerly looking for it...

Though I know you are busy,still wishing to read it Soon.SmileWill try to update soon...

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