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Hues Of Life (AR/ArSh) Pt 12 pg 54 (Page 41)

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Hello people, i am back with an update. First of all, many many happy new year wishes to u all. Though i just dont understand ki digits ke alawa change kya hua hai. Everything is just the same. Baaki years ki tarah ye bhi aayega, and chala jayega. Anyways, still wishing you all a very very happy new year, and may you all have a good life ahead.

Now, coming to the updates, i've worked a bit on them this time. I am hoping that it will be liked by you all. Please do let me know.
This time, the updates are a dedication to a few special people. But before that, i heartily thank all my readers, who press the like tab, and who take time to comment. Thank you so much guys, its your response that keeps me going. Thank you to these people in my life:

Wild.Aimee - Aimee Di, aapko jitna kahoon kam hoga. You are my inspiration, and its like aapko kuch bhi kehna would always be less. So i would rather not waste the words, coz honestly, i have no clue what more should i say, jo maine pehle nahi bola hai...

riddhan - Bestie, tumse kuch nahi kehna, coz u know it all. Am sure you'll understand...

karan007 - brat, tumse bhi kuch nahi kehna, you've become one of my closest friends, one of who i still believe is a good friend...

ssh57 - Shardha di, you are another person, whom i admire a lot because of the person you are. I really love your stories, as well as many other times, when ur pm has a wish for a festival, or any other inspiring thought. Just to let you know di, that though i dont comment regularly, i still read ur updates, and i do miss you, although i am unable to msg u...

Ethereal-Path - Vini my jaanu, i am a bit unexpressive person, isliye i dont reply to ur comments with the same excitement that u write them, but trust me, i feel real elated to see ur comments. We've had our share of cute moments of friendship, so trust me, even though i dont keep in touch, you are always touching my heart (i do remember u r a mumbai-te, haina, though am not sure ki u r an engineer as well ya nahi, lols)

sjain - for being the only spammer in my ffs, for being such a motivation to write n update, for being a reason of my smile every time i check the comments, n everything else, thanks for jatao-ing ur hak on me n for liking my stories so much...

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Riarai2346, AR_LOVER, aashizin, SamiraARTiMAYUR - guys, thank you for being such tolerable readers, and reading whatever i type...

also, there's this cute group of friend, whom i totally adore, this part is also dedicated to them, they're very sweetly crazy, trust me - Medzi, Maitree, Trisha, Radhika and Zarqaa

loads of thanks to all those, whom i have mentioned, and whom i havent...

Part 8 (ArSh)

Shilpa entered her office, with Leo by her side. His tiny hands clasped hers tighter, when he felt so many people staring at him. He felt Shilpa squeeze his hand, and relaxed a bit. It was now he noticed that everyone had gotten up, and he knew it was because Shilpa had entered. The whole time he'd been with Shilpa, he'd seen that people hated her for her stern-ness, but even then their eyes held respect for her. Leo was more mature for his age, and he understood people a bit more. Shilpa went to stand in the middle, and announced that he was her brother, Leo, Leo Malhotra, and he should be treated in a similar manner. As soon as his full name, his new name escaped her lips, she saw tears spill out of Leo's eyes, that silently thanked her. Shilpa showed him around, and they finally settled in her cabin, where she ordered some pizza, burgers and cold-drinks.

Outside her cabin, employees immediately lined up, thinking of every possible reason why Shilpa would take Leo's responsibility. Most of them were too embarassing to even talk about, the final conclusion being Leo having an illegitimate relationship with Shilpa. Shilpa called Mrs Briganza inside to give her the schedule for today. After they were done, she asked.

"To Mrs Brigz, aaj ka hot topic kya hai? Leo and mera secret rishta huh?", Shilpa smirked, while Mrs Briganza's eyes immediately went down.

"Areh Mrs Brigz, aap kyun itni tension le rahi hain. In logo ko apni frustration utaarne ke liye koi milta nahi hai, isliye mere baarw mein kuch na kuch bolte rehte hain. Dhyaan mat diya kijiye, bas jaeeye aur chill mariye, us chhutanki ki tarah", Shilpa pointed at Leo who was busy with his burger at the moment. Just then, they heard a voice outside, and frown lines appeared on Shilpa's face. She immediately rushed out, followed by Mrs Briganza.

"Just shut-up, all of you, chup ho jaeeye aap sab. Areh sharam aani chahiye aap sabko apni boss ke baare mein is tarah ki baatein karte huye. None of you deserve to be employed in this firm"

Shilpa saw Atul glaring at all the people, and Amit standing next to him.

"Ho gaya drama ka act r shuru, baith ke araam se maze lo Mrs Brigz", Shilpa muttered to Mrs Briganza.

"Aap logo ne is firm ko apna daily ka chat room samajh rakha hai, har roz ek naya topic, and shuru ho jati hai aap logo ki group discussions. Agar itna hie dhyaan apne kaam mein lagayein, to shayad aapke saath saath is firm ka bhi kuch bhala ho jaaye. Shilpa ke baare mein itna kuch bolte hain, sachchayi pata bhi hai aap sabko?", anger glowered from Atul's voice, as his red eyes scanned the whole room. Shilpa did not like the way things were going to happen. Atul was about to speak something she didnt want to come out.

"Atul...", she tried to speak, but he gave her one look, and she shut-up. Atul was one person whom she was truly scared off, maybe becauae she respected him too much to defy his orders.

"Kya, kya baatein karte rehte hain aap log huh? Ice Princess, yehi bulate hain na aap sab Shilpa ko? Kyun, sirf isliye kyunki wo kaam ke maamle mein strict hai, bas isliye? Bhool jaate hain na aap sab ki yehi Shilpa hai, jiska dil barf ki tarah pighalta hai, aap sabko problem mein dekh ke. Firm ke har employee ko jab bhi koi problem aayi hai, Shilpa ne aapki help ki ho, chahe wo financially ho ya mentally, yaad kijiye zara. Aap se zaada useh aapki families ki chinta hai. Aap mein se kitne logo ke bhai behno aur bachchon ki education mein isne help ki hai, achhe se achhe schools mein aap logo ke liye recommendations dekar, tutions ke liye help karke. Aapke ghar mein shadi ho, ya koi death huyi ho, kya isne aapki help karne se kabhi mana kiya. Haan ye hamesha thoda rude behave karti hai, aap sabse strictly kaam leti hai, par boss hone ke naate ye iska hak hai. Charity to nahi chala sakti na wo yaha, par kabhi isne help karne se mana kiya? Aur kya keh rahe they aap log, kaunsa rule toda isne huh? Hamari firm criminal cases mein specialize karti hai. Ye ek unwritten belief hai, koi legally written rule nahi. Shilpa ko poora hak hai apni dost ke liye ek civil case ladne ka. Kyun? Kya past mein isne aap mein se kitno ko hie apni families ke liye civil case ladne ki permission nahi di, bataeeye?  Hamare yaha interns civil aur corporate cases ki bhi practice karte hain. I am sure aapko jaankar shock lagega ki hamari firm ne criminal cases hie nahi, civil aur corporate cases lene ka written rule apply karne ke liye procedure shuru kar diya hai. Taaki yaha ke interns ko civil aur corporate cases ke liye kahi aur na jaana pade. Ye procedure apne completion stage per hai, iski announcement hum next official employee-staff meeting mein karne wale they. Wo sab bhi chhodiye, Sushmita Sen ne apne relationships ki wajah se news mein hone ke baad jab betiyaan adopt ki, to aap sab uski tareef karte nahi thake. Aur ye, is Shilpa ka to poora schedule rehta hai na aap logo ke pass, kitne boy-friend hain iske, bataeeye zara. Haan, ye Amit, ye shadi shuda Amit, jiski shadi Shilpa ki hie friend Sapna se huyi, wo iska boyfriend ho sakta hai. Ya phir main, main aur Shilpa, hum dono to perfect couple hain. Yehi sochte hain na aap sab? Areh areh areh, kahi Leo hum dono ka hie to beta nahi, mujhe aaj hie jaake dna karana chahiye, Shilpa, zara Leo ko to bhejna. Hum hospital mein dna dna khel kar aate hain...", Atul was still speaking as he moved in Shilpa's direction.

"Bas Atul, band karo ye sab", the whole office banged as Shilpa's voice echoed around.

"Bohut bol chuke tum, aur bohut sun liya maine. Haan, ye sab jo tumne abhi kaha na, ek ek word suna maine. Kya saabit kya karna chahte ho tum huh? Kitni mahaan hoon main, aur kitne bure hain ye log? Ya ye ki kitna dukh hota hai tumhe jab ye log meri achhayi bhool kar mere baare mein aisi aisi baatein karte hain? Nahi Atul, tumne aaj ye saabit kiya ki tum mujhe kis tarah se, aur kitna hurt kar sakte ho. Nahi hai mujhe parwaah, ki kya sochte hain ye log mere baare mein. Areh bachpan se isi sab ke saath badi hui hoon main. Jab mere apne baap ne mere vaare mein nahi socha, to in logon se kya ummeed kar sakti hoon main? Aur ummeed karu bhi to kis hak se, koi rishta nahi hai mera in sabse, siwaye iske ki ye log mere liye kaam karte hain, aur main inhe uski salary deti hoon, bas, fullstop, aage kuch bhi nahi. Par tum, tum to mere itne close ho, in sabko kya matlab hamare beech kya hai aur kya nahi? Lekin aaj in sabko explaination dekar tumne ye dikha diya ki hamaro dosti par in sab ka effect hai. Meri life ke baare mein explain karke tumne in sabko hak de diya meri life mein interfere karne ka, ye jata diya ki in sabki mere liye kuch impirtance hai. You hurt me Atul, you hurt me very bad. Rahi baat aap sab logo ki, bas itna jaan lijiye ki aapko jo sochna hai sochiye, it is a democratic country people, for you, as well as me. Leo mere saath kyun hai, kis liye hai, kab tak hai, aap sabko us se koi matlab nahi hai, kisi ko bhi nahi. Aap sirf useh mere bhai ki tarag treat karenge, apni boss ke chhote bhai ki tarah, aur agar aapse itna bhi nahi hota, to aapko darwaza dhundne mein problem nahi honi chahiye. Now back to work everyone", saying this, Shilpa went flaring back to her cabin. Atul and Amit followed her lead.

Armaan and Anjali had entered the office right after Atul, and had been a witness to the whole commotion. Armaan was left speechless, while Anjali just moved ahead toeards Shilpa's cabin. The whole office was silent right now, going back to their work, and Armaan sensed the authority Shilpa held over them all. Armaan and Anjali were crossing Mrs Briganza, when Anjali stopped to talk by.

"Atul made out quite an act today, nai?", Anjali smiled as she hugged the lady.

"Yes he surely did, and you can view act 2 inside the cabin. I'll give it a miss though. I've cancelled all the immediate appointments for now, shall reschedule them for later today. Mr Mallik, i'm afraid your appointment as well stands cancelled", Mrs Briganza said with an apologetic look.

"Oh dont worry Mrs Brigz, Bhai mere saath hain. We'll see to it", Anjali grinned giving Armaan her victorious look, while Mrs Briganza just shrugged her head with a smile on her face, as they entered Shilpa's cabin.

Inside, Armaan saw a totally unexpected scene. Shilpa sat on the couch, with a kid, whom Armaan supposed, was Leo, thanks to the angry guy's speech, who according to him, should be Atul. They were munching on the food in all glory, that lay in front of them. The way Shilpa was smiling, Armaan doubted if she'd been even angry outside. But the view of the other side assured him that he'd she was angry indeed. The Atul guy, and another one of them, sat ont he other couch next to Shilpa's, with sullen faces. They were conversing in sign language, and Armaan had to give it to them, they looked big time entertainment doing that. When they both coudnt understand each other's signs, they gave a peeking look to Shilpa, and started whispering rapidly. Armaan shifted his attention back to Shilpa, and realised that even though Shilpa wasnt looking at them, she was aware of their activities. There was a glint of humour in her eyes, and it gave her away to him. She smiled very very slightly, and her gaze turned to Armaan for a fraction of second. She understood that he'd caught her farce, so she wiped the smile off her lips and looked back at Leo. Armaan smiled at her act, and was about to call her, when he saw Anjali rush from his side and hug Shilpa ever so tightly. He also saw her wink at Atul, as she showered her hello-hi-missed you messages, while Atul showed her his tongue. Armaan got it that there was this competition going around, and the target to be accomplished, was Shilpa's attention, and according to him, as of yet Anjali held the lead.

"Cut it out Anjali, sending me a chocolate cake doesnt mean i'll forgive you for disturbing my sleep at 2 in the night", Shilpa spoke as her face was still hidden in Anjali's hug. At this statement, Anjali's face left its colour, while Atul sniggered evily.

"But, but Shee, i thought i was forgiven...", Armaan was enjoying this. Someone could leave Anjali Mallik short of words, perhaps the game had just begun.

"Yeah! Cake was awesome, but if you want to be truly forgiven, ek punishment hai. Bolo manzoor hai to lets talk, nahi to...", Shilpa said in a casual manner, while Anjali didnt take a second to decide.

"Haan haan, manzoor hai, pakka, whatever you say", as she let out a breath. Next Atul went and sat besides Shilpa.

"Shee, i am very sorry. I didnt think ki main tujhe itna hurt kar dunga, i mean, i had no intentions, sachi mein, believe me. Us time pe when i heard them all talking about you, i lost control and wo sab bas nikal gaya...", Atul immediately stopped talking as he saw Shilpa turn towards him and look intently.

"Kya hua, bolna band kyun kar diya? Bolo na, main sab sun rahi hoon", she said sternly.

"Woh main... tum woh... yehi ki...", Atul stuttered under Shilpa's gaze. Just then, Shilpa's loud laughter banged through the room, while everyone looked at her in surprise. After a few seconds, Shilpa managed to control her laughter, and spoke.

"Atul, tu sachi ek number ka entertainment hai. Chill yaar, tu to aise behave kar raha hai jaise main tujhe kha jaoongi. Bhool gaya na, main veggie hoon yaar, tujhe kha hie nahi sakti", Shilpa pouted.

"To phir, ab tak ye jo hua, ye sab kya tha? Tum, tum mujhse gussa nahi ho?", Atul managed to ask her.

"Ye sab kuch hokar bhi kuch nahi tha. Main gussa thi, bohut thi, par andar aate hie Leo ne mere ko ye burger khila diya. Aur tum jaante ho ki khana andar jaate hie mera dimaag bhi apne aap chalne lagta hai. Bas, jaise hie dimaag chala, to mujhe laga ki tum par gussa hone ki koi wajah nahi hai. Baaki sabka gussa tum par utaar kar kya milega, kuch bhi nahi. I agree i feel ki tumhe kisi ko bhi mere baare mein explanation dene ki zarurat nahi hai, but on second thoughts, agar koi tumhare baare mein aise baat karta, to shayad main bhi kuch yu hie react karti. Isliye, you are forgiven", she ended with a smile.

"To phir ye sab kya tha, ye tumhari asaadhaaran chuppi?", Atul said accusingly.

"Wo to bas, kya kahoon. Its not everyday that i get to see you with such an appealing face. I just couldnt resist, from pulling your leg", Shilpa said with a naughty glint.

"Shee, tu sachi mein ek number ki item hai", he said, and everyone in the room laughed with him. Suddenly Atul noticed Leo, who was looking at them observingly.

"To aap hain Leo, mere aaj ke angel, jisne mujhe Shilpa ke dangerous gusse se bachaya. Thank you so much, and aap mujhe nahi jaante. Well, hello Mr Leo Malhotra, main hoon...", Atul was cut in between as Leo spoke up.

"Atul Joshi, apun jaanta hai tere baare mein. Tabse itne zor ka bhashan diye ja rela hai tu, aur sab tera naam le rahe hain, to iska matlab yehi hua na ki tu Atul hai", Leo spoke with a casual attitude. Atul was left gaping, while the others stiffled their laughter.

"Apun ko sab pata hai, ye saamne jo hai, ye hai Anjali. Pyaari hai, achhi bhi hai, lekin ek number ki ziddi hai. Par koi na, apun ke saamne koi nahi tik pata. Aur ye, ye tere side mein kya, Amit hai. Kaam mein super achha hai, mehnati hai, mast hai. Bas apni biwi se thoda darta hai, pyaar bohut karta hai na... ", Leo stopped talking midway, when Shilpa placed her palm on his mouth.

"Leo, aaj ke liye bohut bol liya tumne nahi???", Shilpa flushed, while everyone looked shocked, but Atul moved her aside, as he took Leo in his lap.

"Areh nai nai Leo beta, aaj jitna bolna hai bol. Aur kya kya boli teri Shilpa didi?", he coaxed Leo.

"Bas, abhi zada nahi bataya, itna sab hie (Shilpa let out a sigh of relief) Areh haan, ek aur cheez yaad aayi jo isne bola tha (Everyone looked alarmed, while Shilpa knew she would have to face everyone's wrath now, and shut her eyes) Sister boli ki tum sab uske sab se pyaare ration ho, aur ki ab mujhe bhi tum sabko apni life mein daalna hoga, kyunki tum Shilpa ki life mein bohut bohut bohut zada zaruri ho. Ab se, tum sab meri life ka hissa ho, aur main tumhari, kyunki... kyunki... kya tha wo... haan kyunki tum sab uski life ho", Leo finished, and Shilpa opened her eyes. She saw everyone look at her with a little moist eyes, the pool of warm emotion floating in them.

"Guys guys guys, now dont go all mushy on me ok. Wo Leo to bas...", she started speaking, but choked on her words itself. After a few seconds, it was Anjali who spoke up.

"Shee, baaki sab to samajh aa gaya, but was that? Hum log tere ration hain???", Anjali wiped a lone tear, while the others smacked their forehead.

"Ration nahi relation", Shilpa, Atul and Amit spoke together, and they all burst into peals of laughter. Just then, Shilpa noticed Armaan also laughing with them.

"Mallik, tum yahaan kaise?", she questioned him, and everybody turned silent as they looked at him.

"Shee, wo bhai ki tere saath appointment thi, but wo cancel ho gayi, to main hie bhai ko apne saath le aayi", Anjali answered.

"But Anjali tum jaanti ho ki jab appointment cancel ho chuki hai to...", Atul raised his voice a bit.

"Appointment cancel ki kisne", Shilpa spoke in a confused tone.

"Woh, tumhari secretary Mrs Briganza ne", it was Armaan who had spoken.

"Itne sab drama ke baad Mrs Brigz ko laga hoga i wont be attending any meetings, but kaam aise to nahi chal sakta. Amit, jao aur Mrs Brigz se bolo ki meri sabhi appointments waise hie rahengi, and agar koi cancel ki hain to call back karke fir se meeting fix kar de", Shilpa told Amit and he left.

"Ok guys, pack up time, abhi work time shuru. Atul, tu aaj Aunty ke saath kaam karega ya yahaan per?", Shilpa questioned him.

"Aaj office mein zada kaam nahi hai, mom sambhaal lenge, so main rest karne yahaan aa gaya", Atul lay on the couch in a sitting position keeping his hands under his head and closed his eyes. His eyes jerked open as Shilpa hit him one of the cushions that lay on the couch.

"Uth jao Mr, and get to work. Tumhare kafi cases pending hain, go and have a look. Waise maine tumse kitni bar kaha hai Atul, tum kyun yahaan aa jate ho. Already aunty ke saath itna kaam ho jata hai, wahaan raha karo na. Yahaan ek do cases na handle karne se koi tumhare paise ki incoming kam nahi hogi", Shilpa told Atul.

"Yahaan aake kaam karna mera apna decision hai, kisi aur ka nahi. To tum kaun hoti ho mujhe yaha aane se rokne wali? Aur jitni ye tumhari firm hai na, utni meri bhi hai. Jab se tumne ye firm ka sapna dekhna shuru kiya tha, tab se tumhare saath saath ye mera bhi sapna raha hai. To fir kis hak se rok rahi ho mujhe", Atul answered back.

"Maaf kar do baba, main kaun hoon tumhe rokne wali. Shauk se aao, aur peeso khudko kaam ki chakki mein. Main kaun hoon tumhe rokne wali", Shilpa folded her hands as Atul got up to pick the files from a nearby table.

"Anjali, tum yahi ho, i think tumhe bhi jana chahiye. I am sure main tumhare bhai ko khaaoongi nahi, and ab to he has an appointment as well. So you just chill ok?", Shilpa asked Anjali to leave.

"Par Shee, main bhi yehi rukti hoon na. Maybe i can also help you guys. And beech beech mein hamari baatein bhi ho jayengi", Anjali pleaded.

"Nahi Anjali, tum jaanti ho, kaam ke time sirf kaam. You will have to leave. And haan, about your punishment, tum Leo ko apne saath le jao. Aaj ka din useh ghumao, khilao, shopping karo, just take care of him. Get him familiarised, for me, please", Shilpa said with a hope in her eye, and Armaan felt that he himself would say yes, if Anjali didnt.

"No probs Shee, moreover mere aur Leo ke liye bhi achhi oppurtunity hai, to become friends. Waise bhi aaj mera office jaane ka mann nai tha, main to pehle hie sir ko mana kar chuki hoon. I'll take him with me, and i'll make sure he's fine", Anjali smiled, and Armaan beamed in pride.

"Thanks Anjali, i know he's in safe hands. Now get going guys... And Anjali, Leo has hiw own credit card, please make sure he uses it", Shilpa said. Anjali nodded, and just when she was near the gate, she heard Armaan call her.

"Have fun Anjie, and i hope you  wont mind if i tell Shilpa ki wo cake mom ne useh thank-you bolne ke liye bheja tha", Armaan grinned, and gave her a victorious look. Anjali knew it was because he was staying here, while she was leaving. The scene had been right opposite a few minutes ago, when she was to stay here, and he had to leave due to the cancelling of the appointment. Anjali cursed him under her breath as she left.

"So!", Armaan said, as Shilpa sat on her chair next to the table, and Armaan settled opposite her.

"So?", Shilpa looked at him questioningly.

"So wo cake mom ne bheja tha, tumhe kal ke liye thank you bolne ke liye, Anjie ne nahi", Armaan smiled.

"Main jaanti hoon Mallik ki cake kisne aur kyun bheja tha. Main unhe thank you bhi bol chuki hoon...", Shilpa was speaking, but was cut by Armaan before she could complete.

"Kya? Tumne mom se baat ki? Kaise? Kab? Kitni der..."

"Mallik! Maine unhe flowers bhijwa diye hain, thank you kehne ke liye..."

"Par agar unhe flowers nai mile to? Chalo mil bhi gayye, to unhe kaise pata chalega ki wo tumne bheje hain? Mere khayal se..."

"Mujh mein itni akal hai ki maine flowers ke saath note bhi bhijwaya tha, ki wo flowers meri taraf se hain, and that i am thankful for the cake..."

"Wo theek hai par mujhe fir bhi lagta hai ki tumhe mom ko call karke thank karna chahiye tha. After all unhone itni mehnat ki, itni subah uthkar cake banaya, unhe achha lagega agar tum khud thank you bologi. Tum to jaanti ho na ki subah subah uthna kitni mushkil ka kaam hota hai. Par mom subah uthi, aur unhone fresh cake banaya. Waise ye bhi ho sakta hai ki mom raat bhar soyi hie na ho, dad jo wapis aa gaye they kal *giggle* par ye sab humein nai sochna chahiye na. Its their personal matter, but baat to wahi huyi. Mom ne tumhare liye itna socha...", Armaan suddenly stopped as he saw her reading the file very carefully.

"Shilpa", he called softly.

"Er... Shilpaa", his voice got a bit louder.

"Shilpa", he suddenly shouted, and Shilpa jerked in response. He saw her take out some cotton plugs from both of her ears.

"Tum... tum meri baat nahi sun rahi thi?", Armaan questioned, a bit disappointed.

"Mallik, i am sure tumhe yahaan baithkar gapshap karne mein bohut mazaa aa raha hai, par unfortunately mujhe bohut kaam hai. So if you dont feeli like working, please mujhe apna kaam karne do", she replied sternly.

"Par Shilpa, main to sirf...", Armaan tried to speak.

"Aur ye kya Shilpa Shilpa laga rakha hai?", she said a bit irritated.

"Kyun? Tumhara naam Shilpa hie to hai", Armaan said, a bit amused.

"Haan hai, maine kab mana kiya? Par tum mujhe Malhotra bulate ho na, wahi bulao", Shilpa answered.

"Mujhe to Shilpa hie bulana hai. Kyun? Tumhe mere muh se Malhotra pasand hai kya? Are you missing the way i call you 'Malhotra', hmm, bolo bolo?", Armaan smirked.

"Are you nuts Mallik? Calling me by my surname just ensures that we remain on a professional front, samjhe?", Shilpa glared at him.

"Oh! Matlab tumhe darr hai ki kahi ek dusre ko naam se bulayenge, to hum thode personal na ho jaye. You know what i mean, right?", Armaan just couldnt control his smug look. Unwantedly, a very little patch of red colour formed on Shilpa's face, but she tried to compose herself.

"Listen Mallik! Bohut masti kar li tumne. I guess you've forgotten ki hum sirf ek apne apne business ki wajah se saath aaye hain. Tumhare dad par case abhi bhi pending hai, khatam nahi hua hai. So i'll request you ki tum aisi koi harkat na karo, jis se mera tumhe jhelna aur bhi mushkil ho jaye. Then i wont even remember ki maine ye case liya kyun tha. I hope you understand what i mean?", Shilpa emphasized her last line, and Armaan saw the seriousness of the situation.

"Malhotra, main mazak kar raha tha, and you know it. Tum bhi thoda mazaak kar sakti thi na?", Armaan asked her.

"Mallik, tum bhool rahe ho. Hum ek case ki wajah se saath hain, we arent friends, remember?", she answered.

"To hum friends ban bhi to sakte hain? Main jaanta hoon tum mana karogi, lekin aisa kyun? Kyun hum dono dost nahi ban sakte?", Armaan searched her face for an answer, while she looked back at him, searching for an answer in her own mind.



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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2008
Posts: 13134

Posted: 02 January 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Yay!! I'm the first one.
Happy New Year Pooja.
This update was awesome.
I just loved Atul-ridz's relationship.
the way Atul took stand for Ridz was amazing..
AR's banter was quite fun to read.
Anjy has got a nice punishment it seems.
You are a great writer dear.
Plz update the next part soonest.
love u

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gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 September 2010
Posts: 3374

Posted: 02 January 2012 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
wow... u updated quite early.. i didnt expected an early update...
but that was awsome..
i just luv ridz character...
aww.. armaan's the best..
and here no luv between anjie n atul..
atul too s just too cool yaar...
loved it..
happy new year...

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-Jhalli- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 June 2011
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Posted: 02 January 2012 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
hey wats up dear!!!!!!
gr8 update
loved it to core
love AR talk,atul scene love it
thankx for pm in advance
continue soon

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 December 2009
Posts: 22539

Posted: 02 January 2012 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
loved da bond between shilpa nd atul
loved armaan teasing anjali
leo is sooo cute
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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desikalakaar Goldie

Joined: 13 September 2010
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Posted: 02 January 2012 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
Nice part! :)
Update soon!

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karanjen071 Groupbie

Joined: 01 March 2011
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Posted: 02 January 2012 at 7:33pm | IP Logged

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Lekshmic7 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 September 2010
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Posted: 02 January 2012 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
Awesome update!! Atul ws such a sweet heart, loved him. AR moment ws cute!! Will rids accept armaans frndshp offer? Continue soon. Thnks alot 4 d pm. Happy new year!

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