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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Zeenat-

Amazing Update!!

Thanks Zeenat Embarrassed !!

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1gunjan7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged
HI Joseph ,Soham,Swati,Sonia ...Hug...When is the next update Yaar? ...I am very excited and curious 2 know what will happen next ...Embarrassed...Do try 2 update soon plsss...

Love GunjanSmile...

Edited by 1gunjan7 - 14 October 2011 at 10:35am

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
Updatee Soonishhh Embarrassed

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1gunjan7


Hi Joseph,Soham,Sonia,Swati ...Hug...

OMG! Wow!What a Fantastic update...Clap...It was totally rocking and Fully OUT-Standing...Thumbs Up...Bahut bahut bahut bahut mazza aaya read karkey...Thumbs Up...I loved and enjoyed reading this update a lot...It was so so so good that I am speechless ...Mindblowing and Fantabulous update...Thumbs Up...though I love your all updates very much and Tinku-Samrat part is my favorite But this update Tinku-Samrat part was so rocking so awesome,amazing and fabulous that I loved it the most...Samrat stole the show today...Very well written and Presentation was fantastic...each part each scene and Every dialogue was amazing and Excellent...Gr8 update...Thumbs Up...You all Joseph, Soham,Sonia,Swati are great and out-standing n excellent writers..Thumbs Up...Maaza aa jata hai your FF APHG and MBYPH read karkey...they are Rocking FF's.....Thumbs Up...

In this update also you have written everything so well and each situation, each scene and each characters emotions feelings have been described so properly and so awesomely that imagining each characters expressions and visualizing each scene and each part was easy...I felt as if I was watching a show ON TV ...I really could imagine in my mind every part ...and how this character must be acting and expressing his emotions in this particular situation ...the update was just AMAZING and FULL ON ROCKING and FANTABULOUS...ClapClapClap...EXCELLENT WORK Joseph,Soham,Sonia,Swati..Clap...Loved the whole update a lottt...You know the update was not long at all infact it was a short update...I was enjoying reading it so much that when it ended I was like Oh! man It has ended ..I wanted 2 read more n more...Infact I will say THIS JOSEPH SOHAM SONIA SWATI PLEASE Plsss update SOONNN...I am desperate 2 read Whats Gonna Happen next In Both your FF's APHG and MBYPH......Plss jaldi update karna ...Once again MAZZA AA GAYA READ KARKEY...Fabulous Work Clap...

Samrat-Tinku-gunjan-GM_GD part was just Rocking Guys...I enjoyed it so much that I couldnt stop laughing....Just imagining and Visualizing the scene  and characters expressions Especially Samrat-tinku part made me Roffle hard..Infact I am still laughing after LOL..I have never laughed so so much ...WHAT a fantastically written part Clap...TINKU My God he is so naughty LOL...He was enjoying samrat in trouble infact he was making sure Samrat fell more in troubleROFL...Bicharey samrat ko bolney hi nahi diya when  GD (AMIT) was speaking 2 samrat and asking him questions...1st Samrat was in trouble and Tinku was enjoying and calling him funny namesLOL.Then Tinku in trouble and Samrat was smirkingLOL...Tinku toh Phir bhi kid hai But samrat he is also too much he also becomes a Kid when Tinku is around...LOL...Tinku is so naughty...loved the whole part ...from GD asking samrat who is he and tinku enjoying you know though Tinku didnt make face at samrat when his dad was there but I could just imagine Ki Agar tinku laughing faces banata seeing samrat in a situation toh kasey Gunjan saving samrat that was very sweet  but we know why she did it ...LOL...then tinku getting scolded samrat enjoying and samrat saving Tinku from getting scolded just 4 gunjan was very sweet and it showed Samrat really like gunjanSmile.....I COULD visualze this scene when TINKU said SORRY 2 samrat Bicharey tinku  ko kitana effort karna pada hogaLOL...U know when AMIT GD said 2 samrat stay 4 DInner this scene and GUNJAN-TINKU WHAT dialogueLOL...When I imagined this scene I started laughingLOL...And Samrat so naughty full FAYEDA uthayaWink LOL...and TELLING NISHA-GM that mein SIKA dunga CUSTOMS...LOL.LOL...Man Gunjan and tinku kitana angry huey hongey I could visualize itLOL...U know when in real life also parents Praise other children we children think the same in our minds GHAR ki MURGI Dal BARABARWinkLOL...MAN what a PART Fully AWESOME...Clap ...MAN Poor samratLOL  yeh Naughty and sweet and over intelligent Tinku Samrat ko kitaney Name dege...MOGAMBO-LOLGABBAR SINGH-LOLCHINDI CHORROFL-GANG ko belong karta hei yeh and Call POLICE when Tinku said this I cracked up with laughter LOL-----CHOR-----ROOM SERVICE MANROFL-------BANDHAR------LOLLOLMonkeyLOLLOLLOL-----SPIDER MANLOLLOLLOL------------BHUKKHAD--------LOL--------ROFL----U KNOW when Tinku said meri sari mango custard na kha ley...LOL..I remembered When My sis and me were kids very small kids and Mom made our favorite sweet dish for us only and that day only always guests used 2 visit and BEING small kids we used 2 think like this only KAHIN humrai FAVORITE DISH na finish ho jaye...WinkLOLLOLLOL...WHOLE PART WAS AWESOME ...ENJOYED it a LOTTTThumbs Up...Clap...

ARNAV part was also good it showed arnav love 4 gunjan and that arnav is a good person and his talk with his friend raj was interesting also the bonding close between both were excellent and showed they were loyal n good friends...Friendly Taunts and teasing happen like this only between friends...Smile...ARNAV worry is genuine I also want 2 know What happened after arnav left and though arnav said he said yes 2 marry  Gunjan bec he fell in love with her but he also Said he did it 4 another reason ...I really want 2 know what that reason was ConfusedConfused...and WHY was ANKIT as shown in last part was SO Rude when talking about Gunjan and what was he hiding and it looked like His wife had left him ...ConfusedConfused...Kya Hua tha 2yrs back ...Confused...
Do tell soon Joseph,Soham,Sonia,Swati...Plss...whats the MysteryConfused and Why does gunjan take injections ??Confused...accident ka tetinus injection toh doc neh lagaya hoga then when Tinku said in last part injection liya di ?what injection??Confused...

SD and SM talk was also interesting ..U excellently showed the Generation gap which happens between parents and children due 2 lack of communication....Same has happened with SD ..though Sd loves Samrat in his own way and wants best 4 him but he is also Stubborn and just thinking about Society thinking and his friendship with yamini dad and he gave his word BUT why did he gave word without even asking Samrat once whether he now loves yamini...just bec they found his pictures with her and they studied in same college and work same office OK Misunderstandings like this happen when parents find PICTURES of their SON/Daughter with another girl/boy but atleast ONCE only SD n Sm should have asked samrat DO you Like yamini  ?  I agree with SM she understands samrat more then SD and respects her sons feelings also And The way U showed Her taking Samrat side and trying 2 make her husbands understand that Samrat View who he wants 2 MARRY should be asked Once his view is important...The motherly love and trust U showed 4 her son was excellently written Joseph ,Soham,Sonia,Swati..I agree Ultimately Samrat view who he wants 2 marry is Important as he has 2 stay whole life with the girl whom he marries and girl should be of his choice...ACCORDING 2 Sd he is doing right I know Sd is right in his own way what society thinks is also important BUT ONLY upto an extent as SOCIETY TO KUCH BHI BOLTI HAI and everytime if we do what society thinks and wants then What about what WE want????? As in bad times society doesnt come 2 help only our close and loved ones help us...and INSTEAD of saying what society thinks SHOULDNT SD think what his SON WANTS...SHOULDNT SD trust his SON and instead of believing a Rumor ...I FEEL their is communication gap between father n son as Mother has understood her sons feelings But father has not and SD doesnt even realize and know what TYPE Of WIFE his son wants...he is Judging his SON DESIRES and what Samrat may like in his wife by just seeing Samrat outer image But inside what he thinks SD doesnt know...I WONDER WHAT SD will say if he knows Samrat wants a Sweet ,SIMPLE and TRADITIONAL girl as His WIFE ...??I think he will be shocked...BUT will He agree 2 GUNJAN-Samrat Marriage?Confused As RICH Class status is important 4 SD...BUT  1 qs is will Sajan marriage happen ??Confused...ONCE AGAIN TOTALLY Gr8 , RAPCHICK, MIND Blowing Update ...Loved each part a lottt...Excellent work Joseph,Soham,Sonia,SwatiClap...

THANKS 4 Pm friendsHug..really want 2 know what will happen next ...SO PLSS PLSS...DO Update soon JOSEPH,SOHAM,SONIA,SWATI ...and Do pm me whenever you update Plss...

Love your good friend

Thank you so much Gunjan for this detailed Review.SmileIt is so precious for us.Embarrassed.Thanks for appreciating our Team effort.Embarrassed . We really work hard on each n every part...this is the 1 of the reason for our late updates.Embarrassed.

Samrat-Tinku part is our favorite too.We love to write their parts..We are glad that readers also like it. Thanks for liking our writing style... Now,We are working on next part of APHG (Will B post very soon) and I think MBYPH's new Update is readyEmbarrassed...But,I don't know woh kab post hogaConfused

Tinku is really a trouble maker of Samrat.LOL Actually, It is totally 'Ser-Sawa Ser' type condition... They hate each other so muchLOL.and their dislliking to each-other presence creates some funny atmosphereEmbarrassed. Tinku is Mature then his age but over all he is some time He behave or thought just like his same age group kids. We really want to write or show some very common things of our house... Possessive about his 'Mango-Custard' ... Parent praising to others childeren is very common things...n irritating tooAngryEmbarrassed.

Arnav is really nice guy. He didn't know anything about his Family or Gunjan's family problem.We reveal  it very soon... Here Tinku is asking for
'Tetanus Injection' Gunjan ne woh injection nahin liya hai..Ouch.

I am speechless after reading your depth view about SD-SM scene... You understand their feelings very well.So,what can I know everything n I really agree with you... Its the main problem of our society. Parents knows his decision is best for their children... some time,woh decision Right proove hote hain some time nahin...Ouch.

                                         is will SaJan marriage happen ??Confused

Bro favorite answer... Wait n Watch..!! LOL  Embarrassed


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SandCastle. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 3:57am | IP Logged
Ye Aaplogo ke 'WAIT & WATCH' ke Chakkar me Logo ki Zindagiyaa Barbaad ho Jaani h, By God..!! Stern Smile ROFL 

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 4:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ekta_monaya

Ye Aaplogo ke 'WAIT & WATCH' ke Chakkar me Logo ki Zindagiyaa Barbaad ho Jaani h, By God..!! Stern Smile ROFL 

OMG !! TL here...Shocked Shocked Shocked...ROFL ROFL!! What a 'Besharm' followerShockedLOL LOL ROFL... Ab tak Previous parts par Comment bhi nahin kiya aur Next update bhi chahiye...??Ermm Unhappy.

Yaa...ZINDAGI NAA MILEGI DOBARAEmbarrassed...toh apna FF kaun se janam mein update...sorry Start LOLkarogi...??Wink

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 7:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gunurlove

Hey Joseph and S3...Smile
hope so this time im on time...As Usual update was Superb...Mind blowing and very very very interesting...Embarrassed
Very Well written...Clap
Tinku Samrat's AS Tom and Jerry scene was fantastic...tinku was not missing a single chance to trap samrat...Poor sammy had completely in traped between Tinku and his dadBig smile
after all Tinku is indeed a very smart kid ...i thoroughly enjoyed Samrat miserable condition in this scene..unless Gunjan didn't come...
Tinku ka bas chalta to sam ko Jail bhijwa k hi dam leta...LOL
i love the line when Tinku said after long pause of Samrat's silence...that kuch bolte kyu nai..tum is tra papa ko ignore nai kar skte..then to to apko importance hi nai de raha...Big smile
and the best thing was...when GD kept asking to Sam what was he doing on window...and he had no excused and reason to tell then only one reason did strike in my mind...and it was the same which u mentioned...n i was again so happyyy...SmileEmbarrassed
Finally Gunjan saved Samrat...thats what he wanted..but this Tinku was trying to creat pangaaa again n again ...obviousely na..he cant see samrat in peacefull condition..n most of all his Di was trying to defend and save  him...and tinku simply couldnot digest this...Wink
and then its Samrrat's turn to tease Tinku after convinced GD...that Mukka-laat line was also very Gud...i must say...Samrat ka ek hi "Saala" he jo k us ko bht bhaari parta he...ya parne wala he...
but for Gunjan he'll surely tolerate him happily...abi b to Gunjan k liye bacha lia na us ne Dad ki daant se...Wink
Extra ordinary smart and intelligent child...that whole scene since start to end of Samrat Tinku Gunjan and GD, GM was tooo really speechless to tell how much i love this whole update and specially for this scene...when samrat himself invited him for dinner...what a straighforward most fav part was last part of 3/ was outstanding part...
here Tinku's irritation was worth to watch..calling Sam's bhukkadd...Chipku..n etc etc...
Finally Samrat was successfull to won GD and Gm's hearts..his 1st gud impression works on them...morever he was trying to be extra taking aashirwaad and giving gyaan to Gunjan..badon se behass nai karte woo...i was feeling like laughing on this whole scene...LOLBig smile
this time i dont think therez any particular my fav line..but i think the whole whole part was mine fav...but the last sequence was out standing...that "Sanskaari purush kk sanskaroon ki dukan me band krwata hun"...haan ek line thi jo mujhe bht achi lagi...
"YEh kuch b khanne nai aye hen ..Yeh to Dinner khane aye hen..." oh God Tinku is sooo Sweet and soo doubt hez my fav character in this story...kahan se dhoonda he aesa bacha...Hatts of to Joseph and S3...for making Tinku's charcter so interesting and mind blowing...and Hatts of to you guys for writting all this lines and stuff u used to write this scene..Star
Superb work guys...after so long u updated but with very splendid and tremendouse peice of workClap
Samrat's Mom Dad scene was also very nice and wonderfully written...dont know his dad is ryt or wrong at his own place..regarding to chose a life partner for samrat...what to say...samrat k past ko dekhte hue to theek hi lgta he uska dad...apni jaga...but now atleast they have to ask to him abt his choice ...atleast for once na...Ouch..but hez adamant for Yamini's proposal...Ouch
Arnav and his frnd phone conversation was very again i liked one more line..that jail one was...LOL
overall Amazing and Fantastic words to describe...EmbarrassedClap
thanks for the continue soon the next part...Smile

Thank you Rija for your sweet n long feed-backSmile.Your comments are very precious for usEmbarrassed.Yes this time you are on time...(Umeed se bhi pehle...Embarrassedactually,want to say sorry for my very-very late ReplyEmbarrassed)
Thanks for appreciating Samrat -Tinku parts...Smile We got mixed response for it...we really respect the readers view...any way, yes They both are trying to re-difine, Tom-Jerry type chemistry. Tinku don't like Samrat because,in his view.. Samrat' car was reponsible for her Di enjury. Toh woh toh itni asani se Samrat ko chhodega nahin...Ouch That comparison with 'Spider-Man' was instant reaction for anyone.wonder,we thought same thingWink.
Tinku was feeling little bit jealous...why her 'Di' protect to Samrat...Confused this is the another reason of her rude behavior. Second side, SAMRAT knows that GUNJAN loves her little bro too much... totally 'Tedha hai par Mera hai' type situation hai...LOL Tinku ko kuchh kehna means GUNJAN ko upset kar dena... 1 hi baat, 'Keep Silence' is best option for himLOL.
I am so glad that you liked whole Update n sequences... Thanks for liking n appreciating Tinku's character...Embarrassed We love his character too... because,the character of Tinku is very-very important part of story... he is not only for fun making scenes... His Naughty but,mature character is 1 of the main USP of this story...without his character..story can't be move...Ouch.
SD is self-obsessed person...He thinks,Woh aur unke decisions always right hote hain... and this is the problem. Arnav is very sensible person... he wants Gunjan in his life with his family acceptance.. He didn't know anything about Problems of his family or Gunjan's family. We'll be reveal his family problem very soon. Its totally different from Bhushan's family problem.
Thanks again Rija for your regular detailed view about this story and all updates...Smile Its very encouraging for us...Embarrassed New part is almost ready...We'll be post very soon...Embarrassed 

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cool_tuli

OMGGG m soo sorry i cannot read it now...
I have sum prior commitments to fulfill... Big smile but will comment as soon as possible pakka... Big smile LOL
The pics r soo lovely that m really desperate to read it fast...

See I said I'll edit is soon... I wonder what can be d definition of SOON LOL LOL
Awesome Teaser...!! But again CONFUSING...!!
Woahhh the 1st part of d teaser was scary... Shocked Arnav in that tone???? Surprising hun... that too Gunjan k saath?? Freak... I don wanna imagine wat r u all upto with this write up...!!
Very nicely explained... Superbb dialogues... Gunjan's especially... very matured n heart touching! Smile
Brij came to noe something???? WHAT???? I mean not d shocking waala What? Its like What did he come to noe... LOL Nai nai kuch mat bolo... I noe u'll say "Wait for d Story to unfold. U'll come to noe..." Wink But seriously this is teh best thing in your writings... hell lot of suspense...!! Loving it yaar...Big smile
Yamini is such a B****...Angry... Poor Sam...
Samrat-Tinku conversation was sooo damn adorable mahn...! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed  Tinku was sooo good! Loved him soo much...! The way he teases Samrat n then manages the situation to flash a smile on his face. Sooo cute.

S - WIFE...?? (shockingly) Who...? Meri ab tak shaadi nahin hui hai...
T - Oh...Sorry 'To-Be' add karna bhool gaya tha...I mean "To-Be wife",Arre wohi jo last evening aapse Favicol ki tube ki tarah chipak rahi thi... But,I must say...Your face expression was so funny... lag raha tha... jaise koi vamp,kisi villain ko kidnap kar le ja rahi ho... and start to laugh... SAMRAT stopped his Cycle and glared at him so angrily...
TINKU stopped as he SAMRAT's face red with anger... and looking downwards, he said meekly... "Sorry...just kidding..."
SAMRAT started walking pushing his cycle along with him. TINKU too got off and started walking... mumbling...  "GABBAR ke liye MONIKA Darling ! WoW !! Kya casting hai..."
ROFL Awesome dialogues...!!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL Cudnt stop myself from laughing loudly... ROFL ROFL
Superbb post guys...!!! Waiting for d story to uncover itself soon... so that all these teasery stuffs r cleared... Wink Wink Wink 
Keep writing more... not a huge comment lyk always but Teaser k liye itna kaafi hai, hai na? Wink Tongue

Thanks Tuli for your belated UnreservedLOL. Thanks for compliments about Pics. selection...Embarrassed

Yeh TEASER bhi Confusing...??Confused LOL. ((Promo curiosity develop nahin karenge toh Movie dekhne kaun jaayega...Wink

ARNAV-GUNJAN scene is very important sequence... (Obviously,this time can't reveal main content of that sceneEmbarrassed You know me...EmbarrassedLOL Bachhon ko zyada tang nahin karte...Embarrassed) Yes,GUNJAN dio reflects the true situation of girls in our society   ((By the way, here I am not talking about you...You are exceptional case...Sabhi tumhaari tarah 'Jhaansi Ki Raani' thode na hain...

Samrat-Brij scene is very emotional part... You can better judge that scene after reading whole sequence. usual... what can I say...Embarrassed??

That Samrat-Tinku scene is our favorite too... Tinku can't leave any chance to tease Samrat...LOL Poor Samrat... due to Gunjan he can't say anything to him...Embarrassed.


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