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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129 (Page 16)

saumiee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 4:31am | IP Logged
omg so sorry for not commenting earlier...u know..i accidentally deleted all my pms...D'oh

but awesome update...i am seriously loving it...EmbarrassedClap
do cont. soon..Embarrassed

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am_sweet_pari Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged


plz add me in pm list

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Dhara_s IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 5:35am | IP Logged much like Kajol in Pyaar toh hona hi tha LOLLOL...

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 5:44am | IP Logged
part 2
Geet was funny...
i think the guy is Maan...
cont soon...

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MsMovielover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:18am | IP Logged
loved the update...
haha omg geet was just hilarious ROFL..
continue soon

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged

Today, i don't wanna say anything as i'm not in mood and i'm sleepy ! BTW, i watched pirates 4 today ! all i can say is that i love J.Depp more and more..! Day Dreaming

Something Called Love


As she landed, the very own place where she belonged, New Delhi, she was exhausted and tired, even business class could not aid her, but made her more angry and nervous. In the hot temperature, sun puking fire flames on the earth, in the mid of summer though it was unbearable heat, she felt better. The home coming feeling was always special for her; even though how much she loved other parts of the world but no place except for her home could make her feel contended. But, this time she was depressed as she just lost her promotion, she uninterestingly, took his luggage and headed towards the exit doors, switched on her mobile and saw bulks of unnecessary messages of her friends and colleagues, for work of course. She read the message of her friend, her only friend in the office – Nikhil Kapoor whom she fondly called Nik. He was a family friend, and then she met him in the Gujrals. She always considered him as a nice guy and supporting friend, but lately she found his behavior very strange and awkward as if he wanted to say something. She quickly read it, few important ones and deleted all 'sweet and cute' messages. She was at the exit gate with her luggage and her phone ring and she saw it, displaying 'Monster Gujral Calling' and her expression turned into loathe and hatred, but she had no option but to answer her boss.


'Yes, ma'am'

'Come to office in fifteen minutes, if you want a handsome increment.'

'But ma'am…'

'…fifteen minutes, handa and few seconds left' she ordered on the other hand and cut it off.

'Crap' she muttered under her breath and ran to catch a cab as fast she can.


He was waiting for his chauffer and his car, to be taken him to his mansion, but still it has not arrived, he was getting angry by each passing second and then, his phone rang, which was from, adi, his honest and sincere employee and close friend and only friend 'In-Real-Term' on the earth.

'Yes adi!'

'Maan, the clients from Canada has arrived!'

'What? Now? Without any appointment?'

'Maan, they took our appointment before three months, if you can remember, they reached today only and they want to meet you, now!'

'But…I just arrived; I'm still at the airport…'

'…maan, it took three whole months to get them, it's a very big and important deal, there is huge sum of money involved, we could not miss this opportunity, please, if you can make it here in fifteen minutes…'

'…okay, coming! Handle them till then, will be there; prepare presentation and papers, I will make deal today only, I waited for this moment for long.'


And he quickly ran towards the cab, he had no time for luxury anymore, not which was important, then. He was about to reach one of his thousand goals determined.



'I'm first…can't you see me holding the door?' he shot in anger as he saw her opening the cab's door to get in.

'But, my luggage is already in the car, do you see that?' she smiled foolishly and pointed at her small red bag.

'Like I care…' he smirked.

And he opened the door and got in and asked the driver to move. She was shocked by his downright rude actions and she screamed and stopped the driver. She opened her purse and gave him a sum of money to bribe him.

And, within split of second, he opened his purse, and gave him all that he had.
'Bhaiya, once you take me to my place, I will write a check for you, as much as you want, but please, let's go from here!' he said in proud and of course, in local language of the town.

'Sorry madamji' cabby said and they left.

She stood there, rooted for a fraction of second and then, it clicked in her mind, her luggage was gone.

She screamed in panic, 'saala, ghadha' but it was of no use, they left, along with her luggage.

She did not waste more time there, thinking about her loss, and quickly took another cab and left for her destination.


'So Miss Geet Handa, you finally reached.' She said, while wearing her red lipstick.

'Yes ma'am.'

'But, I'm afraid, handa, you are late. You just lost your opportunity.'

'But…ma'am I'm on time…'

'…five minutes late, handa! It does count, when you are working in Gujrals, for Maya Gujral. Did you get that?' She said with an extreme proud and arrogance in her tone.
With that, the lady dressed in complete white, and little gray hair on the head, but beautiful and fair complexion, and powerful personality got up, and took a glass of champagne in her hand, and headed towards the glass window, to look over for the sky, the height, the small cars and people, whom she loved to make suffer. It was top floor of the building and she was standing like a royal queen, as a matter of fact, she was indeed, the queen of the empire, Gujrals, Gujral Group of Companies, her business empire, her late husband's one and only possession she got, which was everything.

Geet found herself in extreme anger and then, she realized that, she lost her chance, and she was about to leave the place when she was again called by her, the same sweet but bitter voice interrupted her, it was her boss, whom she had given name in extreme hatred, 'Maya - The Monster Gujral'. She recalled the name in her mind, and a small smile came to her beautiful face, despite of her anger, she bit her lips and tried to forbid a smile.

'Wait handa. You still have a chance, if you want to…'

'Yes, ma'am…anything, anything possible, you just order!' geet said it without even much thinking, as she was indeed, in need of money.

While speaking it, the unfortunate image of her father and family came to her mind like a whirlpool, their worst living condition and demand for money, she was one of millions people in the country, for whom money was everything. The bitter memories of her childhood, lived in a small town, mere a village named Hoshiyarpur came to her calculating and sharp mind, her face expression changed a little bit, into pain and then, weakness. Money, the simple yet, powerful word, was the weak point of her, she had no other option but to reach her goals and her ambitions, her dreams. And she was not ready to compromise for her dreams, not even a slight chance for that. She was a basically an ambitious girl, who achieved things on her own, a smart, educated, ambitious and independent girl, who was on her own, in this city and she was proud of herself, to accomplish her father's dream. Abruptly, she remembered something, and her face became pale and disturbed and she stopped thinking, paying more attention to her boss' words.

'You know, you are a smart and intelligent employee to get work done with, handa'

'Thank you, ma'am…it's a pleasure working for you' she said, as dramatically as she could. Eventually she knew it, she was joking; working with a monster was not a simple, sweet job. She hated her to the core, but she was the one, who was giving her, fair amount for her work, she was in need of money, and her boss was giving her the same, it was plain, simple business.

'So, here is the deal, listen to me very carefully'

She continued.

'You have to work for me only, but in another company, as in my employee in disguise of their employee…'

'…I'm sorry; I didn't understand what you are…'

'…I know, handa, just listen to me first, okay?'

'You have to work for me, but in our biggest rivals company, The Khuranas, as in Khurana Constructions'

'First things first, you will get a job there, I know, because as I said, you are a smart and intelligent employee to get your work done with. You will get it, I'm sure, but you will have to wait for two to three months. There is a big and significant tender coming in few months from government, and you know, how much important it is, it's one of my dream, I need that, and you know very well, that from last five years, this contract has been given to only khuranas, and this time, I want that, I deadly want this contract, geet!'

There was outlandish desire and rage, which was reflecting more of revenge than desire in her eyes, geet was scared a little, but she decided to keep mum. And, above all, she said her name, which was weird, she would only call her name when she was far happier or far angrier, but geet did not find any of the expression in her deep, dark eyes.
'And handa, I assure you, I will fill your life with all your luxuries, and I know, how much you need money, and of course, your family too! When will they shift from hoshiyarpur to Delhi? You must be impatient to give your father all he need, right?' she asked as if she was touching the nerve of geet's weak point, and she knew that, she hit it right in the hub.

'But…why I have to do this? I mean, I can work here and work hard, too!

'Handa, you really don't understand, there are many contacts, money and politics involved in this business, in short, if you want me to say in one line, that is, honesty is not always the best policy, darling ! '

Geet was much scared then.

'And, what if I get caught?'

'No, dear you won't. Because as soon as we get the contract, you will resign and come to me again, and if anything happens, you know who I am? I'm the Maya Gujral, You are my employee, handa! I will protect you, no need to worry for that, trust me!'
She tried to assured her, but still geet was not convinced, as she found it little bit, out of her ethics, and her standards she set to reach her goals.

'I know handa. You must be thinking that, it is unethical, but you know something, everything is fair in love and war, and this is a war, between the Gujrals and Khuranas.' 

She again, hit the core.

She kept quiet for some time, and maya understood that, she was confused; she added the last fuel to the fire.

'You can take your time, handa! And, yes, you can reject too! There are too many here, who wants money, just like you! Think and tell me, otherwise, Nikhil is ready, too!' she only, knew that she had succeeded, she better knew how to play her cards.
After a silence of thirty minutes, she left the cabin of her 'Ex-Boss' for the whole world, with a small smile and a worried eyes, with one last word to her  'I, Agree!'

And, then, Maya Gujral, took another glass of champagne and stop the tape, and put it carefully in her safe, and an evil, dangerously wicked smile appeared to her face and she said out loud, looking at the small cars from the window and a little beautiful bird, who was caught in the wires, moaning in pain and death, 'Here, I come Maan, get yourself, prepared! Poor handa, I'm so sorry!' and she laughed monstrously.



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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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wow..awsome update,
geet n maan working together.
love it
hate maya..

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shah10

wow..awsome update,
geet n maan working together.
love it
hate maya..

Thank you ! Smile

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