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FF-Meri Nanhi Dulhan-thread 4 (Page 132)

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                                      Chapter 55

Geet dragged herself  towards maan's room'her legs were giving up  '
her heart is wrenching  with a thought of maan marring someone else..
 I learn to love by seeing him'I learnt to live when I got into relation with him''''what I am without maan?'nothing'tears were non stop flowing
down her cheeks''..

She entered room and saw him standing near window looking out..'

So U are looking  bride for me'''.?he said without giving her a look'
maan she moan 'and  covers her mouth with her hand controlling her sobs'.he turned to her''..kya hua mishti..?
Isn't that U is here for'? his eyes were filled with pain''..
After all, for U family comes first'.and u can go to any extend for keeping them happy'''...
Aren't U the part of my family'she said with hiccups.
he smirk' part just a part'.and U know what jaan ? U mean world to me'''.
she closes her eyes with guilt

I am so in love with U that can't see anyone else. Then U,...'can't think about anyone rather then U... No one matters to me more the U. '
she fell on her knees
crying' I am sorry,'I am not worth of U'though I tried but couldn't  reach  the level of your love and I am hating  myself for that' ..par main kya karu'this family is my weakness''. I can't bear .seeing them. Broken and ripped ''I was just trying to bind them together 'and give them all the happiness I can'
.and in that process I again hurt' U. .Made U suffer for my one glimpse'though I felt you craving for me 'still stayed indifferent and heartless to you.
.bahut bure hu main bahut bure''.
her each sob is stabbing maan's  heart.

He went close and picked her up,
carryied her to bed'''
Making her sits he sat facing her''..
She is still weeping''..

He slowly picked her veil'she closed her eyes in guilt, unable to meet in gaze'
his heart skipped many beats'''..
uff geet tumhare yeh khubsurati, yeh masoomiyat toh mere jaan lelege''..
she turned and fell on bed hiding her face in pillow and crying more'''
he smiled and laid on her'
  U don't need to feel guilty jaan'
 love is not a debt which need to be paid off equally'
 I love U 'it don't mean I expect something for U'
he laid beside and pulled her in his embrace'.facing him'
he wipes her tears'and caresses her back, calming her''
U knows something Geet. .after getting married when I brought U in this house. I never knew U will love my family this much'
even I cant love the extend U do'.
your heart is not selfish like mine its so pure and divine'..I am proud to be owner of that golden heart''..
she smiled with tears and hugged him tight'.I love U''
he closes his eyes absorbing the most pleasurable movement in him'' U too jaan'
jaan are U not angry on me'as I didn't came to get U back'?
not getting her response he raised her head, holding her chin''
and found her sleeping serenely''
he smiled seeing her  not changed a bit, still  same, very  innocent and childish.' pulling her more closer'he drowsed off  ''

Geet woke and found maan getting ready for office''.
she remembered the last night issue of priya'?
Seeing her lost in thoughts, maan raised his eyebrow'asking what?
she smiles nervously and rushed to him helping him wear his vest '
he pulled her closer kya hai jaan?
aap ne priya ke bare main kya soncha hai'?
kisi aur ke bare main sonchne ki fursat kese hai'
he said moving towards her lips''
she keep her hand on his lips stopping him'.
I mean how are U going to stop this priya matter'?

maan frees her and moved to mirror combing his hairs''..
why will I stop'?
yeh raita tumne phehlaya hai'tumhe saaf karo'''
she gulped main?and  hugged him from back trying to melt him'
aap sambhal lo na'
he turned to her taking her into his embrace'
jaan I am yours, U need to claim me. Posses me'.show your right on me'
Geet---how I am going to do that'
fine, if U can't then move I will go and end this priya matter now'

she blocks his way''if U do in this way,It will hurt dadi 'why don't U understand dadiji is still not well'.it may effect his health too'

what the hell U want to do then ? Maan said bit rudely'.
she caress his chest'calming him' just don't be rude to dada dadi and keep postponing this issue till dadaji recovers''..
maan hugged her 'jaan do what ever U want but don't involve me in all this'''.
she pushes him fine, if U don't want then don't help me' I have my dearest friends to help me '
maan 'thanks for reminding me'I have to first deal with those two rascals'

Geet gets worried for them...covering her face' she ran out to alert prem and vicky
dadi and jaya was in garden 'she took a relif breathe and  undid her veil'looking for vicky and prem'''
they  were sitting on dinning table, waiting for breakfast'.
vicky'mishti ji '.why have U  made  an  effort to come out'we would have send your breakfast too  in .from morning dadi and maa was asking  where is mishti '?
What should we suppose to answer? Romancing with their son?
sorry naa '.she said with a cute face'.
Sorry no sorry' U better give us what ever salary you get'.
for handling your messed situations 'vicky said with a smile but his smile vanished seeing maan   who is approaching them  with a serious look'

 They tries to escape, when maan gestured them to sit back on their seats'
they sat exchanging nervous looks''..
maan'so Vicky do U really think U can fool  me'.
vicky---no bhai' never'
maan---then why U were trying ?
vicky---cause in childhood U taught me try and try until U succeed''.
maan raised his eyebrow'ok
and prem--who is misti to U this time'.
prem'I think cousin sister,..
maan---U think?
prem---stammers 'I mean sister'
maan---ok 'first boy friend, then fake fianc and now sister'.great'U are a complete package of relations''isn't it'
' 'we were just helping geet'Vicky said in a low tone '

maan--U guys are too much. Always ready to help her in her mischief's'right'

prem'murmurs, after everything when U can't stop yourself from loving her'then how can u expect us, not supporting our friend..
Hearing it'Maan couldn't stop from smiling''.
 prem and vicky teased him more '.thought out the breakfast'

after that,
giving a quick peek on geet's forehead maan left to his office''..
while prem left for his medical practise'''.
Hi guys, here is part 55
hope U all like it ..
sorry for mistakes ..
and please comment



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awwwesum prt
make every thig fine sooon plezzz

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wooohooo    Party 
me waiting   

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Yaar yeh daadi ka kuch karo . . . . Aur geet ko itna acha honey ki kya jarurt hai.

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esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Nice part...Maan always manages to make Geet understand the situations...and also calm her down...nice bonding between them...Vicky is really hilarious...he wants to try n try fooling Maan until he succeedsLOLLOL...bechara ye ek kaam hai jiss mein woh kabhi successful nahi ho saktha hai...Tongue

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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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loved part 55 ... Geet is still so naive ... alwayscaring for other's happiness over hers and in the process she end up hurting herself and Maan the most ... ufff .. kia hoga is larki ka ... Prem and Vicky are sooo adorable
waiting for the next part

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fairyland_1234 Senior Member

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                       Chapter 56


maan called home

vicky picked ph'
maan--- geet kaha hai'?
bhai she is in kitchen'
send her to office with in few min. .maan said in  a strict tone'
vicky informed geet'
Geet went to dadi and took permission for going out saying, she is going to temple'
dadi happily  agreed'

vicky waited out with her dress'geet wore dark blue suit and got ready  in out house ..Then vicky dropped her to office''.
geet entered office'all men's were drooling over her marvelous beauty.
While girls eyed her evilly'..
Geet is about to enter maan's cabin when shasha stopped her'
ek min..geet'..
she scanned geet and said why U are here..?
geet'mujhe unse milna hai
I came to know U doesn't have any relation with khurana family
then why U wants to meet MK '?
geet'stood silent '
 shasha..U are fired from your job'main said ''.standing back of them'
Geet and shasha turned instantly
shasha 'eyes widened in shock
while geet looks at shasha with sympathy'..
maan went an opened door for geet asking her to get in'.
geet silently walked in''.
closing door maan angrily picks phone, dialing numbers .. geet cuts it'what are U doing?
maan---I am calling press conference now to declare our marriage '
geet ---please calm down'how can U declare our marriage'?
What will U say them? that U married me 5 years ago when we both were minors'.isn't it illegal?
maan'I don't care'? I will declare that we are marrying soon..
geet---please stop, till things get right at home'
maan'geet I cant tolerate all this'
he helplessly agrees'.
geet ----by the why did U called me here?
maan ---turned to her ---I want to know your education status''..?
geet gulped in fear'looking down'
maan snaps his hand on table'I am asking U ?
geet jumped 'woh actually brij veerji made my admission in college for graduation 'but I couldn't concentrate on studies because of U'.
I was missing U'''
great maan said 'U loose your concentration when I am close to U, and U loose Your concentration when I am away from U'what is your problem..
U want to study or not'U know only 2 months left for your first year exams..
How will U prepare ...?.
I will prepare'she said in feared voice'
how? When U doesn't have a min from your maid service'''
Aap ho naa pada dena''?
geet I am not any super hero?
Mere liye to ho'she said nervously scratching the table..
his anger vanished seeing her blind trust in him '
he glares her for few minutes..
Then pulled her to him,'
will U marry me. geet.?
Geet'got'little shocked 'by his mood swing '
I think, we are already married..?
maan'no we need to marry again ,legally
, will U marry me?
Geet blushes and hides her face in his chest 'saying yes'
his heart skipped a beat with her yes'.

he raise her head holding her chin and took her lips in his mouth'''
geet closes her eyes''.

shasha---should I go and request Mk, one last time'.she prays and peep in his cabin'and was completely shocked by the sight,''..
Where maan is kissing geet hungrily'''

maan  wildly pushes geet to wall ,throws away her dupatta '.geet moans "maan  please"' shhh  he said kissing  and sucking her collar bone, passionately  'then  trails kisses on shoulders ,neck and again back to her lips 'silencing her moans'..

shasha got a mini heart attack'seeing everything'she stood like a statue watching them ...After few min when she coudn't take any more...she got back,closing door she knocks it 'Geet snap open her eyes, and pleads maan to stop 'freeing her lips he moves to her cleavage'..maan please koi hai'chodeye naa'

maan groan ..nahi..
she pleads him again
he frees her ...frustratingly
Geet quickly corrects herself, while maan covers her with dupatta'
and turns to door ---come in''.

Shasha---sir please give me one chance'..
No, now leave''maan said'
geet looks at maan pleadingly'he nods for no''
shasha'Geet mam please, help me'..
Geet was little shocked'shasha mam please U is my seniors, don't call me mam'.

Maan smirk at shasha's trick''..

Shasha ---Geet mam please''.
geet moves to maan 'please'''.
maan---U don't need to request me'every thing is yours...if U want  her to work for us'
then  ok'
maan called adi'Adi transfer shasha to any other branch'I don't want to see her face again'''
thanking Geet shasha left office''..
Geet'can I go now?
maan'wait I will take U'by the way what did U lied for coming here?
geet---I didn't lied, I said I am going for meeting my lord'..pati  bhi  toh parmeshwar hota hai ''.hai naa''..
 maan chuckles  at her innocent  excuse'..
lets go 'they left to KM..
She again changes her dress in out house and go back to mansion as mishti''

(Geet knowing about couples physical relation)Shocked

Hi friends here is part 56Big smile
hope U all like it...Embarrassed..
sorry for mistakesOuch
and please comment..Smile
will pm tomorrow.Sleepy




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