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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 75)

anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Wow thank u to everyone for commenting and for saying such amazing and sweet thingsEmbarrassed!! I'm so glad ur all enjoying it so far, will update in the next few daysHug

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Woww..asma jaan...u r amazing..a gifted writer...and triple dhamaka again...thnx dear..awesome...!!

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wowww...Asma dear its awesome...m speechless...Luv ur writing skills...m getting addicted to ur FF...Cant wait for ur next chapters...Post them soon SmileEmbarrassed

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sorry dear i m very busy thts y i havnt commented on ur FF's

But it was too good!!!!!!!!!!!!

waiting for next FF

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love_never_dies IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanx ashma di, you are always a magical writter, something in your words which made me to feel like iam in somewhere,not in this world,, it is almost a dreamland,i could nt want to leave it... It was a different kind of confession,i had also got tears in my eyes, i fully drowned in to the story di... Loved it from bottom of my heart... Continue soon di... Day Dreaming

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 40
'Viren, tu koi zaroori kaam kar raha hai?' Viren turned at the sound of his mum's voice behind him. It had been an hour since he'd got home and he'd been walking around in a daze the whole time; just now he'd been standing at his window thinking about Nivi when his mum had interrupted him. 'Maa, main woh..' before he could think of something suitably important his mum cut him off, 'Accha woh sab chod, tu chal mere saath, mujhe kuch kaam hai!'
Viren sighed; if she didn't care what she he'd been doing, why did she even ask?! 'Maa...' before he could argue she shook her head and grabbed his arm pulling him out of the room with her. 'Iss waqt kya kaam hai Maa?!' It wasn't late at all really but he didn't feel like doing anything, he was waiting till he could call Nivi...'Viren? Tu sun raha hai naa?' Viren blinked; they were downstairs already and his mum had been pointing at some baskets of fruit other things on the coffee table.
'Umm yeh fruit basket?' He asked hopefully, thinking maybe she wanted him to do something with them. His mum sighed, 'Yeh sab humme Sharma's ke yahaan le kar jaana hai Viren...' she explained that they were for Naintara Dadi because they were going to see her since she'd come back from the hospital but Viren wasn't really listening, all he'd heard was they were going to Nivi's house. 'Tu chal raha hai ya phir main Siddarth ko bulaoon?'
'Nahi Maa!!' His mum looked surprised and Viren realised he'd yelled; he quietened his voice as he said, 'I mean, main chal tha hoon naa...' he smiled as normally as he could at her and she frowned but pointed at the things she wanted to take as Vandana came out and asked if they were ready. Sid came into the room too and Vandana asked him if he wanted to go; it looked like he was about to say no but Viren had a sudden thought that Divya would probably be there so he joined in saying Sid should come too and he gave in.
Viren couldn't believe his luck but now they were all just standing around and he was getting impatient. 'Accha ab chalte hai!' He picked up a basket and then moved towards the door. 'Viren ruk toh! Hum Maa ka bhi intezaar kar rahe hai.' He made an impatient noise and his mum frowned again, 'Tujhe ho kya gaya hai Viren? Pehle aana nahi chahta tha aur ab intezaar hi nahi ho raha..?!' Before he could say anything, he noticed Dadi had come and joined them. 'Thank you Dadima!' He was so relieved she hadn't taken too long, he hugged her while she looked surprised and then said, 'Ab chale?!'
'Nivi!...yeh tu kya kar rahi hai! Tera dyaan kaha hai beta?!' Nivi jumped and looked down at Dadi's words; she was making soup for her and it had started bubbling over without her noticing even though she'd been standing right above it. She quickly lowered the gas and then made an excuse to Dadi who shook her head, 'Tu kisi baat ko leke pareshaan hai?'
Dadi was asking it sweetly but Nivi felt herself start to blush and she quickly turned back to the soup saying 'Nahi Dadi, woh main kaam ke baare mein soch rahi thi...' She felt bad lying to her; she wasn't used to it but she couldn't tell her she'd been thinking about Viren. She hadn't been able to think about anything else since he'd gone and now she tried to focus on the soup as she told Dadi to go and rest in the other room till she brought it out.
As Dadi left, Nivi sighed in relief and told herself to pay attention to what she was doing and leave thinking about Viren till later. She couldn't help it though; he kept popping into her head at every opportunity and every time she had a free second she kept thinking about what had happened that evening, she still couldn't quite believe it.
After she'd come into the house, she'd stood in the kitchen for a few minutes trying to calm her racing heart before going out to see Dadi and her father; she'd made sure Dadi was comfortable before she went into her room and read and re-read Viren's note to remind herself it was all real. Just thinking about it made her heart beat faster again and she couldn't help smiling. She turned the gas under the soup off and turned to see Divya coming into the kitchen.
'Nivi, I heard about Dadi...I'm so sorry I wasn't here; aaj hi jaana tha Maa ko shopping!' She hugged Nivi and rolled her eyes when she spoke about her mum and then suddenly looked at Nivi's face. 'Wait...tujhe kya hua?!' Nivi tried to look innocent but there was no way she could hide anything from Divya and she couldn't get rid of the smile either, 'Kuch nahi Di...'
Divya shook her head, there was something Nivi wasn't telling her, she looked way too happy and her eyes were sparkling and there was just something about her...'You're not fooling me Nivi, what happened?! I heard Dadi tell Maa that Viren brought you back from the hospital...Oh My God! Nivi!!!' At Viren's name Nivi's smile had doubled and her cheeks had gone pink and Divya suddenly knew there must have been some major developments and she couldn't contain her excitement as she grabbed Nivi's hands.
'Sssh Di, you're yelling!' Nivi quickly looked through the open door at the other room and then said, 'Come on, I'll tell you in my room but you have to act normal till we get there!' Divya's eyes widened and for a second her imagination started going crazy 'Oh my god Nivi, you didn't kiss him did you?!' Nivi looked shocked for a minute and then hit her on the arm and Divya started laughing, 'Oww, I was just joking...and by the way you've gone all red again!' She rubbed her arm as they left the kitchen but they hadn't gone far when they heard the doorbell ring. 

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 41
'Viren tum...? What are you doing here?!' Nivi was stunned and a little panicked as she opened the doors to find Viren standing there... and why was he holding a basket of fruit?! Her heart leapt at seeing him and Viren quickly leaned forward and whispered, 'It's ok Moti, I'm here on official business!' He stepped back and winked and Nivi blinked, trying to focus as she saw Vandana and the rest of them walk up the stairs behind Viren.
Viren said hi to Divya who was smiling widely and then watched as Nivi greeted Sid, Vandana, his mum and Dadima and then asked them to come inside. As she moved aside to let them in, she shot a quick look at Viren and then blushed and looked away when their eyes met. He could feel a big smile on his face and as he went into the house behind everyone else he saw Divya watching him with a smile and raised eyebrows. 'What's up Viren? Aaj tum aur Nivi dono itna muskura kyu rahe ho?!!'
'Woh... umm Nivi se pooch le na!' Viren smiled at Divya happily and she felt glad for both him and Nivi; she hoped it worked out for them because she thought they made the cutest couple. She wondered whether Sid would ever smile like that while thinking about her... she tried not to let the sadness show on her face but Viren seemed to read her mind. As they got to the living room door he stopped her and said, 'Divya, Sid has a few days off next week and I was thinking of organizing a family picnic one of the you think Chacha and Chachiji will let you come?'
He explained it was only an idea yet but Divya shook her head. 'Viren, if you want to take Nivi on a picnic, take her naa? I'm sure you can come up with a good enough excuse?!' Viren started laughing and Divya frowned, 'I'm trying to help you here Divya, this isn't actually about Nivi...' He nodded his head towards Sid sitting talking to Dadi in the living room and Divya got the point. She looked at Viren's hopeful face and thought it was sweet of him to think about her even though he obviously had Nivi on his mind but she felt like giving up on Sid.
'It's ok Viren, you sort out the picnic if you want but I don't think I'll come...there's no point... Thanks for trying though.' She smiled at him and went into the room and Viren let her go but narrowed his eyes, thinking there was no way he was giving up that easily! He went into the room and spoke to Dadi and the rest of them while his mind tried to come up with a plan. He looked around for Nivi and right on cue she came in with a tray of snacks for everyone.
As Nivi poured out tea for Sid and Vandana, Viren looked at her and tried to indicate with his eyes that he needed to talk to her. Nivi frowned but didn't seem to understand so he rolled his eyes and picked up his phone. Nivi looked at Viren's lowered head as he bent down over his phone and wondered what had gotten into him as she left with the empty tray.
When she got to the kitchen she heard her phone beep on the counter and she picked it up to see a message from Viren. She shook her head as she opened it thinking he was beyond hope; it read 'I need to talk to you Moti, its important!' Before she could reply another message came through, 'Stop hiding in the kitchen...I miss you!' Nivi smiled and walked out of the kitchen as she replied, to where she could see Viren looking at his phone while everyone talked around him.
'Everyone's here so we can't talk properly now anyway; talk later? PS: I'm not hiding, I'm right here...' She watched Viren frown first and then look up quickly; he gave her such a sweet smile when he saw her standing just beyond everyone else, Nivi felt her heart skip a beat. She tried to keep her expression neutral; she wasn't being funny in her message, how were they supposed to talk with everyone sitting there?! A minute later she got his reply, 'Nope, later is too late - right now!' She frowned and then a few seconds later, she got 'You forgot to water the plants, they're probably dying...'
Nivi frowned at her phone again and then looked up at Viren but he was standing up; she went a little closer and stood behind the sofa where Divya was sitting and listened as Viren spoke to Dadi. 'Sorry Dadi, mujhe kuch zaroori kaam hai, aap sab log bet ke baatein ki jiye; main kisi aur din aa jaoonga?' Dadi thanked Viren for his help earlier and Nivi realised what he wanted her to do as he said bye to everyone and then said bye to her politely while raising his eyebrows and looking towards the front door.
She said bye and Viren left while Nivi wondered what to do. Viren might not have any fear whatsoever but the thought of going outside to talk to him while everyone was sitting right here scared the hell out of her! She looked at everyone; Vandana and the two Dadi's were talking while her father was talking to Chanchal. Sid and Divya appeared to be talking about Sid's stay abroad; everyone seemed busy, would they notice if she went out..?
Viren had given her a good enough excuse and maybe it really was important... and she did want to talk to him as well; she didn't really know what she wanted to talk to him about but she wanted to see him... Before she'd even consciously decided it, she realised she'd already started walking towards the back door where she'd left the watering can earlier.
Viren looked up at the new moon that had just come out and wondered if Nivi would come; she hadn't replied to his message and it had been almost 10 minutes. He put his hands in his pockets and sighed thinking she wasn't coming but then he heard a slight rustle and turned to see Nivi standing there holding the watering can with a nervous look on her face. When he turned to look at her, she smiled shyly and Viren felt his heart warm and it felt like time had slowed down as he moved forward saying 'Hi.'

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Asma too good hun. I'm still in Icu recovering from your last dhamaka

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