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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 54)

VirMan_ArShi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
amazing chapters Asma
write more plz

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Anisha_91 IF-Rockerz

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Dii...finally got the chance t read it, that was totally fantastic LOVED IT!!! Oh Do you have no idea how scared I got when Nivi stopped hearing about Sid's marriage but thank goodness it was 'cos of Divya. Loved it, you're absolutely awesome!!! its getting more and more interesting totally loving it, continue soon x

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Soryy my krazyy sis for my Late reply . I didn't get d time 2 read but Finallyy I read it n It was asusual awosome . lovedd it .
For 1 sec me2 got scared by Nivi'sreaction lol but Thank god It was nt like tht wht me n Viren was thnkng n scared for lolzz . aww Viren wanted 2 say his feelngs but dis damnn Phone , Will waitt for tht moment , hope it will come soon . update soon jaan .

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Flame. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Omg the 3 Chapters r just wonderful...Muaaahhh Heart Update the next one's Sooon...just cant wait to read them...Your tooo GoodClap

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Chapter 28
Later that day, Viren walked into the dining area and saw Vandana sitting at the dining table doing something to vegetables he didn't even know the name of. He sat down on one of the chairs opposite her and picked out an apple from the fruit bowl as she looked up and asked if he wanted something. Viren shook his head, 'Tayiji...woh actually, maine kal kuch suna tha...' and he told her he'd overheard them talking about Sid's marriage.
'Viren..! Tu chup chup ke hamari baatein sun raha tha?! Vandana sounded shocked and Viren rolled his eyes as he bit into the apple, 'Tayiji, aap log itni zor se baat karte hain, iss mein meri kya galti hai?!' He shrugged and Vandana started laughing, shaking her head. She asked him why he was interested and Viren smiled, 'Kyu ke mere paas ek perfect ladki hai...' Vandana raised her eyebrows and he said 'Actually aap usse thodi dher main hi dekhenge...' He waited for Vandana to catch on that they were due to go to the Sharma's in a bit and carried on eating his apple.
He'd come home after dropping Nivi off and found that Sid was home early for once so he'd spoken to him about Divya and also generally, thinking he might as well but it'd been a total waste of time and now Sid probably thought he was a nutcase asking all these weird questions about people. Sid hadn't made it easy at all and Viren had finally given up, concluding that Sid was only interested in reports and land valuations and saw Divya and pretty much every girl he'd ever met as just a friend!
Viren sighed; maybe if Divya came in front of him dressed like a walking land survey report Sid might start seeing her differently...he tried not to laugh at the mental image and looked at Vandana who was still thinking. He thought it couldn't hurt to put the thought in Vandana's head about Divya, maybe if the family sorted it Sid would open his eyes? He took another bite and then started choking badly as Vandana finished thinking and said, 'Nivedita?!' in a surprised voice.
Viren choked as the apple went down the wrong way at Nivi's name and he felt his eyes start to water as he coughed and tried to speak at the same time. 'Viren?! Hai bagwaan, itni jaldi mein kyu kha tha hai yeh ladka, yeh le paani pee!' Vandana had come around the table and given him some water but he pushed it away and croaked 'Nivi nahi Tayiji, Divya!' He finally cleared his throat and wiped the tears off his face trying to catch his breath, 'Divya! Main Divya ki baat kar raha tha!' in a still rough voice. He took a big gulp of water as Vandana looked at him curiously.
Vandana hoped Viren was ok; he'd gone oddly pale since he'd started choking and the colour wasn't returning to his face even now, 'Divya? Oh accha...lekin Nivi bhi toh..' but Viren cut her off firmly, 'Nahi Tayiji, Nivi nahi, woh...woh toh Siddarth se bohth chotti hai naa?!' Vandana did think Nivi was a little young to be thinking of marriage so she wouldn't have considered her for that reason anyway but Viren was acting so odd that she said, 'Haan woh toh hai lekin tujhe kya ho gaya?!' She couldn't help feeling that Viren had another reason for suggesting Divya over Nivi and it made her wonder.
'Kuch nahi Tayiji, main teek hoon.' Viren calmed his breathing and cleared his throat again. He was such an idiot; he should just clearly have said Divya. He was lucky Vandana had agreed with Nivi being too young otherwise he'd pretty much written his whole life off not to mention what Nivi would do to him.
Vandana was still looking at him and he stood up saying, 'Main toh sirf keh raha tha Tayiji, Divya bohth acchi ladki hai, aur kuch nahi hai' He gave her his most innocent smile and hoped she'd believe him; he wasn't lying, Divya was really nice and she loved Sid and he would be lucky to have her.
Vandana gave Viren one last look and went back to her place at the table and said, 'Yeh sab meri bas mein nahi hai Viren, teri Dadaji yeh faisla lenge' Viren considered that and then said, 'Teek hai Tayiji, main toh bas idea de raha tha...' He turned to go, thinking this whole evening had been a bust so far and he hoped it didn't continue that way at Nivi's later and Vandana reminded him they were leaving in an hour and to not be late.
She watched Viren go and smiled thinking how sweet it was of him to worry about his brother's future. She thought about Divya as she worked; she'd always liked her, she was sweet and well spoken and always seemed happy. As she worked, she wondered if she should mention her next time they all spoke about it.

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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lovely chapter Asma sweety...Viren is so funnyLOL
continue soon

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Alphabet26 IF-Rockerz

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Asma another nice chapter, i was laughing when VD took nivi's name ... for a minute viren's idea was about to back fire him... LOL thank god he's saved... Wink hope we get some good moments b/w nivren, when  soods are at sharmas... Embarrassed

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 29
Around the same time, Divya found Nivi sitting on her bed with tears in her eyes and she rushed over to see what had happened. She had a creased piece of paper in her hand and Divya couldn't tell what it was but it looked old. There was a box full of stuff on the floor too and Divya saw with surprise that it had an old doll of hers on top. She sat down on the bed next to her, 'Kya hua Nivi? Tu teek hai naa? Kisi ne tujhe kuch kaha kya?'
Nivi always took things to heart even though she appeared to be strong on the surface; Divya wondered what had happened as Nivi wiped her eyes and passed her the piece of paper. Divya opened the worn and folded paper and saw it was old notebook paper with some scribbled writing on it and she knew what it was as soon as she read the first few words because she remembered Nivi crying and showing it to her years ago.
The note read, 'Hi Moti, I don't know why but they said I have to go to a new school now and I have to stay there cos its really far away so I can't come see you anymore. I don't want to go. I won't be able to show you how to ride your new bike sorry. Siddarth bhaiyya can show you, he knows too. Don't cry please ok? I don't know which time I'll come home but I'll come see you one day because you're my best friend. I have to go now, sorry I shouted at you yesterday too, don't be mad at me ok? Tell Divya bye too. Viren.'
There were lots of crossings out and some of the words were spelt wrong and lower down he'd written 'Don't cry!' again underlined. Divya smiled at little Viren's sweet note and looked at Nivi who was still looking down and she knew what the matter was. 'What's wrong Nivi? Are you upset because you're in love with Viren?' She said it quietly and waited but Nivi didn't look up or say anything. Divya sighed as Nivi turned and hugged her wordlessly. She'd known it for ages but she'd wanted Nivi to figure it out on her own, 'What's there to be upset about silly? You haven't done anything wrong.'
Nivi pulled away and looked panicked, 'But it's Viren Di!' She pointed at the note on the bed as if that would explain it. She couldn't believe she was in love with Viren; he was her best friend like it said in the note. Somehow, even after all this time he was still her best friend but she couldn't deny that it was more than that for her.
She'd come home and helped Dadi cook and then Dadi had given her a box saying it was the old things she'd asked her for the other day. She'd taken it to her room and eagerly found Viren's note which was with some old school books and suddenly the realisation had hit her while she read and re-read it and it'd made her cry because it was just hopeless and crazy.
How had she not known it all these days? She didn't know when she'd fallen in love with him but now it felt like so many things pointed towards it; how had she not seen it...or maybe she had just chosen not to. She always thought about him, she missed him as soon as he was gone, seeing him made her smile, even hearing his voice made her smile, he annoyed the hell out of her but he made her laugh and he made her feel safe. Maybe all those things were things she could feel for a friend too but whenever he came near her she couldn't think properly and found it hard to breathe. Just thinking about looking into his eyes made her shiver and she tried to focus as Divya spoke.
'Toh kya hua Nivi? Isn't it even better that you're best friends too?' Nivi thought maybe Divya was right, if Viren felt the same way, but she didn't think he did. She thought back on everything that had happened since he'd come back to Shimla; it hurt her to realise he'd treated her as a friend always, all the weirdness was probably her feelings getting in the way. She remembered something and sighed, 'I don't think he feels the same way Di, he still calls me Moti!'
Divya started to laugh but then stopped when Nivi glared at her. She shook her head; she was almost 100% sure that Viren was in love with Nivi too but she doubted she'd be able to convince Nivi of that so she just said, 'THAT'S what you're basing this on?! Viren will always call you Moti trust me, even if you got married and grew old!' She smiled as she imagined it and Nivi shoved her, 'I'm serious Di, what am I going to do? I have to pretend I'm fine somehow!'
Nivi had suddenly remembered Viren was coming here in a bit with his family and she felt both excited and scared at the same time. She had to act normal...but she had no idea how, her head was still spinning! To make things worse she remembered talking about marriage earlier and her disappointed would her father and Dadi be in her? She shook her head; she had to try and bury her feelings somehow. Viren didn't feel that way about her so maybe it wouldn't be so hard...she felt all panicky again and knew she was only fooling herself as she looked at Divya.
She saw that Divya had bent down and found an old photo of Siddarth and her in the box and she was looking at it sadly. Nivi felt bad and hugged her again, surprising her, 'I'm so sorry Di, I've just been going on about myself! Are you ok?' Divya smiled as she pulled away, 'I'm fine Nivi, don't worry about me.' She had a sudden thought, 'God, what have those stupid Sood boys done to us Nivi?!' She made a face and Nivi started laughing despite herself. 'I know Di, it's not fair...we'll show them!'
They both laughed even though neither felt like it and Divya stood up, 'I have to go, I'll be back a little later when everyone gets here. Will you be ok?' Nivi nodded, she had to be ok somehow and she was glad Divya would be there. Divya hugged her and left and Nivi picked up Viren's note again.
She brushed her fingers over his words slowly and then left it on her bedside table. She felt strange, she wanted to see Viren so badly it scared her but at the same time she was worried about seeing him too. She sighed and picked up her phone off the table and then felt shock run through her as she saw she had a message from Viren from a few hours ago.
She opened the message with her heart beating fast and saw it read, 'We need to talk Moti, Siddarth is just useless!!' Nivi frowned, why was Sid useless? Viren could have given more information... She wondered if she should reply, wouldn't she normally have replied? There was no point, he'd be here soon and he'd sent the message a while ago. He wanted to talk to her...Nivi felt a thrill of something run through her at the thought, she knew she should probably avoid it but how could she? She didn't even want to really. She hid her face in a pillow and tried to clear her mind but all she could think about was Viren.

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