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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 132)

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Aww hi Jafrina! It'll be tomorrow jaan, i've almost finished the next 2 but need to make sure it makes sense...Embarrassed

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K dii u do dat will be here tomoz deff just to read ur ff

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pls ...keep writing next chapter
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Pls continue very eager to know the next scene
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Chapter 64
Viren watched Nivi walk out onto the back porch empty handed and sighed as she sat down looking like she had no intention of going anywhere with him; he should have known, she never did what he said! He gestured to her but she shook her head a tiny bit and looked down; Viren narrowed his eyes and looked at the two Dadi's and Dadaji who were sitting on the veranda and decided it was time for action... 'Nivi! I told you to bring your work stuff with you...!' He said suddenly and made an upset face as he went and hugged Dadi from behind, 'Dadi, aap ki pothi ko mujh pe bilkul barosa nahi hai!'
Nivi looked confused but Viren ignored her and when Dadi asked what he meant he told her how he'd told Nivi he'd take her to the perfect spot where she could work on her design assignment in peace but she hadn't believed him and refused to go. Nivi frowned at him as he spun his story convincingly but Viren kept the innocent hurt look on his face. 'Nivi, tu ne hi toh kaha tha ke office ka bohth kaam poora karna hai; toh tu chali jaa thi kyu nahi Viren ke saath?' Viren tried not to smile as Nivi began to look a little annoyed, 'Lekin Dadi, woh sab toh baad mein ho jayega; ghar ka bhi kaam baaki hai...'
Viren narrowed his eyes again as Nivi made excuses but then grinned as Dadaji cut her off, 'Nivedita, tumhe kya hum yahaan kaam karne ke liye laaye the? In sab ke liye kitne log hai!' Viren stepped forward, 'Bilkul right Dadaji! Maine bhi yahi kaha tha, lekin yeh Moti toh sun thi hi nahi!' He laughed as Nivi glared at him and stood up, 'Dadi! Mujhe iss ke saath kahi nahi jaana!'
Nivi couldn't believe Viren; he'd only told her to meet him here but she hadn't brought her work because she'd known he was up to something and now here he was, enjoying himself while Dadi and Dadaji told her off! She told Dadi she didn't want to go anywhere with Viren and expected someone to say something to him for calling her Moti but instead everyone just laughed along with him!
She rolled her eyes as Viren gave her a smug smirk from behind Dadi; ever since he'd saved her from Sameer, Dadi had said nothing but nice things about him, not that she'd ever had anything bad to say but now it was like he could do no wrong and Viren was taking full advantage! She made a face as Dadi let Viren off.
'Nivi tu bi naa, Viren toh bas mazaak kar raha tha; tu jaa ab, office ka kaam bhi toh zaroori hai...' Dadaji agreed with Dadi and Viren nodded seriously as Nivi shook her head in amazement; somehow Viren had got them all to actually tell her to go with him and she wasn't even sure where or why! 'Lekin Dadi...!' Dadi raised her eyebrows and Nivi stopped and sighed, knowing when to give up, 'Teek hai, main abhi aayi.' Viren gave her a big smile and she tried to frown at him as she left to get her things, feeling annoyed that despite everything, she still just wanted to smile back!
Viren was waiting for Nivi on the lawn and was getting impatient when his eyes fell on Siddarth and Divya sitting opposite each other at a round picnic table in the shade, away from everyone else. He looked down at the book in his hand and a mischievous smile spread across his face. He made his face serious and walked straight over to the two of them and pulled out a chair in between them and sat down noisily. He opened his book and pretended to read, ignoring the sudden silence. 'Err Viren...'
Viren looked up innocently at Sid's words. 'Haan Siddarth?' Sid gestured over to Divya who looked down shyly and Viren pretended he had no clue why as he said, 'Oh don't mind me, you both carry on...' He smiled into his book as Divya sighed. 'Actually Viren, we wanted...' But Sid never got to finish. 'Viren...what are you doing?' It was Nivi and she had her work things with her this time. 'Nothing, just reading my book while I waited for you...' He held it up and smiled at her and Nivi shook her head, not fooled for a second, 'Tum bhi naa Viren! Don't you think we should leave them alone...?' He shook his head, 'No it's fine really...' he winked at her and Nivi couldn't help laughing at his cheekiness.
'That's it, I'm moving you!' Viren widened his eyes and raised an eyebrow, 'You're 'moving' me?! What does that mean...?' She suddenly poked him in the shoulder through the navy blue tee he was wearing and he jumped a little, 'Oww Moti!' but she kept poking him till he stood up and then he started to laugh as she slowly moved him away from Sid and Divya, who waved as they went. 'Oww! Ok you can stop now, I was just messing around!' She stopped when they were out of earshot of the other two and Viren rubbed his shoulder as he carried on, 'And it's your fault, I got bored of waiting!'
Nivi shook her head, 'I was only 5 minutes...' She sighed, 'And what was all that before? Mujhe daat suna ne ki kya zaroorat thi?!' She frowned as Viren shrugged, 'You weren't moving and you know, all's fair in love... aur bachpan mein maine kitni daat kaayi Moti, all because of you, this was nothing!' Nivi rolled her eyes as they walked further away from the house towards what looked like gardens; Viren had everything backwards! 'Because of me?! Everything we got told off for was always your idea Viren... Who's idea was it to see if we could get the ball through the window when it wasn't even open?!' She shook her head and laughed as Viren made a face but didn't deny it.
They argued back and forth, laughing as they tried to out-do each other with childhood stories as they walked and Nivi didn't realise when they'd ended up at a little stone gazebo which had ivy and flowers growing all over it. It looked old and hidden away but when she looked closer, Nivi saw it was pretty well kept and there was a round table and chairs in the middle. It looked like a peaceful place and the view of the trees was amazing from here; she set down all her supplies on the table and looked around as Viren waited.
'Is all this part of the grounds Viren?! Its beautiful...' Viren smiled and nodded as he looked around, 'Yep, I used to come here whenever I needed to hide...' he laughed as he realised what he'd said, 'I mean, when I needed to think!' Nivi laughed too, 'Right...I imagine you needed to 'think' a lot hai naa?' She shook her head, he'd always loved creating mischief and he hadn't changed at all. 'Did you really bring me here so I could work Viren...?' She looked doubtful and Viren acted surprised, 'Of course! Unless you had something else in mind...?'
Nivi sat down quickly before Viren could get any ideas, 'Nahi toh, I'm going to start on some designs; you sit over there and read your book!' She pointed to the furthest chair from her and Viren made a face, 'Tumse itni door Moti?!' Nivi laughed as he pulled the chair so it was right next to her and sat down, smiling happily. 'Fine but I have to work...' Viren nodded and gestured for her to carry on as he opened his book and Nivi started to work, wondering how long Viren would actually be able to sit still.

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Chapter 65
Viren peeked over the top of his book to see if Nivi was nearly done; he had to let her get at least some work done before he distracted her with other things... otherwise he'd never hear the end of it! He enjoyed just watching her work though so he wasn't bored; she was so focused on what she was doing and occasionally she'd just stare into space for a few minutes with the end of her pencil in her mouth as she thought of something.
He gave up pretending to read and put his book down, resting his chin on his hand as he watched her. He was sitting right next to her but since she'd started drawing, she seemed to be unaware of him. She looked beautiful in white and he remembered thinking he was dreaming when he'd found her in his room earlier that morning. Some of her hair had come forward and he had the sudden urge to give it a pull but before he could move Nivi suddenly gave a little shriek and jumped up off the chair. Viren stood up too, feeling a little alarmed, 'Kya hua Nivi?!'
Nivi was standing a little behind him now and staring out at the table where she'd thrown down her pencil and he followed her gaze as she pointed silently but didn't notice anything. 'What...?' Suddenly he saw what she was pointing at and started to laugh. 'Still?! Abhi bhi you're scared of spiders Moti?!!' He shook his head and stopped laughing as Nivi whacked him on the arm looking embarrassed but still a little shaken. 'I'm not scared of them Viren...I just don't like them a lot...' Viren nodded, 'Haan haan sure, I believe you Nivi...'
Nivi made a face, 'They're just creepy and they're all...' she wiggled her fingers to demonstrate and Viren tried not to laugh again; she was too cute, he remembered she used to be afraid of spiders when they were younger but he didn't think she still would be. 'Just please move it...?' Viren looked at the tiny spider again doubtfully, 'Ok Moti...but what if it jumps onto my face and eats me alive or something...?!' Nivi folded her arms and glared at him as he tried to keep a straight face.
'Sorry sorry, I'll move it!' Viren had just reached out when Nivi stopped him from a few feet away, not wanting to come any closer, 'Wait! Don't kill it...just move it somewhere else?' Viren rolled his eyes as he picked up the spider carefully and then walked over to the railing around the gazebo and let it crawl away; it was funny but also sweet that even though Nivi was scared of it, she didn't want it harmed. 'There, it's gone, ab khush?!' Nivi nodded, looking a little relieved and Viren smiled as Nivi started to put her sketches away.
Nivi was glad Viren hadn't teased her too much about the whole spider thing; they'd always freaked her out and she didn't really know why, other bugs didn't bother her at all. She decided she'd done enough designs for now so she'd put them into a file and was just about to suggest they leave when Viren came over and grabbed her wrist. 'Not so fast Moti...' He'd been pretty good this whole time; she'd felt him watching her as she worked but he hadn't disturbed her at all. Now Nivi looked up at him and felt her breath catch at his expression; he pulled her towards him and she vaguely thought to herself that his good behaviour was definitely over.  

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Chapter 66
'Viren...what are you doing?!' Nivi blinked and tried to clear her head as Viren pulled her against him. She took a breath and tried to pull her wrist out of his but he shook his head with a smile, 'Uh uh Nivi, you're not going anywhere just yet!' Nivi opened her mouth but Viren raised his eyebrows and her words faded away. 'I let you work in peace didn't I..?' Nivi nodded wordlessly and Viren leaned in and whispered in her ear, 'Toh ab meri baari...!'
Nivi shivered as Viren smiled against her ear, 'Lekin Viren...' She forgot what she'd started to say when he brushed kisses along her cheekbone. 'Lekin kya?' he whispered but Nivi couldn't think enough to answer and Viren laughed softly, 'I still have to give you what you lost remember..?' Viren pulled away a little and Nivi was able to think a little more clearly. 'But Viren, I thought about it and I haven't lost anything!'
Viren rested his arms on her shoulders and raised his eyebrows, 'Toh phir you owe me...!' Nivi frowned, looking like she didn't believe him and Viren laughed, 'Maine Dadi se sach hi kaha tha ' tumhe mujh pe bilkul barosa nahi hai!' He shook his head and then reached into his back pocket and pulled out the silver anklet Nivi had dropped on the bathroom floor during Sid and Divya's engagement.
'Where did you find that?!' Nivi eyes had widened in surprise; she'd totally forgotten about it, her feet had been hurting too much that night so she hadn't really given it much thought. Now she looked at Viren's smug face as he held it out and felt a flutter in her tummy as she wondered what he'd make her owe him. Viren shook the anklet in front of her, making it jingle and Nivi blinked and came back to the present.
She reached out to take it but Viren held up a hand and Nivi was surprised when he suddenly knelt down on one knee and carefully began putting the anklet around her right ankle. His fingers brushed over her ankle lightly and Nivi felt herself start to blush; she took a step away but Viren reached up and took her left hand, staying where he was. 'Ek minute Moti, there's something else I need to do...' He looked up and gave her the sweetest smile and then reached into his back pocket with his free hand as Nivi looked on in amazement and thought her heart would jump out of her chest when she suddenly realised what he was about to do.
Nivi watched, wide-eyed and speechless as Viren took deep breath, 'Nivedita Sharma; kya tum apni poori zindagi mere saath bitaana chahogi?!' Nivi was still stunned as Viren tugged on her hand lightly and said 'Will you marry me Moti?' in a soft voice. Nivi couldn't think, this was the last thing she'd expected! She felt light headed but managed to nod slowly and whisper 'Haan Viren' and then she laughed with happiness as Viren's face lit up and he gave her the biggest smile and kissed her hand softly.
'I don't have a proper ring yet but can you wear this till its official?' Nivi nodded again shyly and then smiled as Viren placed a delicate silver bracelet around her left wrist. He stood up slowly, still holding her hand and they smiled into each others' eyes for a long moment before Viren gave a happy laugh and pulled her into his arms. Nivi smiled into his shoulder, still feeling a little stunned by what had just happened. Viren was so sweet; they'd already spoken about letting the family know so she hadn't imagined he'd propose, and with a bracelet rather than a ring!
Viren pulled away from her slowly and Nivi looked at the bracelet while Viren watched her with a smile on his face. Viren always did things a little differently and now she laughed as she saw that the bracelet had two small charms; one was a heart and the other was a tiny silver ring. 'Do you like it..? I know it's not an actual ring...' Nivi smiled at Viren's apologetic tone and then shook her head. 'It's perfect Viren; I couldn't really wear a ring but this way I can!' She held her wrist up and shook her head, 'Where do you get these ideas from Viren? You always surprise me...'
Viren smiled as Nivi blushed a little while she spoke; he was glad she'd liked his surprise; he'd been waiting long enough to do it! And it was worth it all just to see the look of surprise and happiness on her face. He pulled her close again and was about to tell her that she was his inspiration and his every idea was down to her but then her phone rang on the table and they both jumped a little.
Viren kept hold of Nivi's hand while she answered it and he figured that they had to go when Nivi said, 'Haan Di, we're not far; you all start lunch and we'll be right there.' Nivi put the phone down and looked at him and Viren could see she looked as disappointed as he felt and that warmed his heart. He nodded to show her that he understood and she smiled before turning to gather her things. They walked back slowly, neither wanting to go back and as they neared the lawn, Viren sighed as Nivi pulled her hand out of his. When they stepped onto the empty back porch Nivi suddenly stopped and turned around to look at him.
'Wait a minute, what do I owe you Viren?!' Nivi looked a little wary and Viren smiled slowly as he brushed passed her, leaning in as he went, 'A kiss...' he whispered and Nivi went bright red. Viren laughed and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before opening the back door to go inside. He turned when he was half inside and saw she was still pink; he reached out and brushed her cheek where he'd just kissed her, 'Aur haan, that kiss right there wasn't it...' Nivi's eyes widened and Viren laughed again as he went into the house, still smiling at her expression.

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omg asma wid every chapters u surprise me !!
wat chapters ...i luvd it !!! i esp luvd da last chap ...viren proposed nivi Day DreamingDay Dreaming n like u viren also surprises me LOL bracelet instead of a ring ...OMG sooo romantic Blushing !! srsly yaar tumhare dimaag ki daad deni padegi ..who would hav thought abt bracelets !!! n da kisses Blushing Blushing lucky nivi !!

thnx asma for triple dhamaal ..once again i m saying u truely awesum in writing romantic stories Hug 
will be waiting for more Wink though i will nt able to read dem cuz i m going for vacations..but will read dem afterwards Smile

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