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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 125)

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
omg asma diii that was awsome and you told me it wouldnt get any better it was seriousky awsome
and suprisingly im still alive lol
it was seriously to good
the way you described it i was just wondering who was more hurt lol
aww nivi is sooo lucky

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Ashma di sorry for commenting late, i had busy with studies,so could nt read clearly,now only got time...
Both chapters are amazing as usual di,, nivi's care for viren and vice versa,, this showed their deep and true love... So touching di,,,, and my mind now thinking about what nivi had forgot???,, can't wait too longer for niviren's trip to farmhouse... Continue soon di... Love to read Heart

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hiii Asma swwetiee my Krazyy Sis hu r u ? miss u n all my Krazyy5 soo much :(
Jaan 1st of all A very veryy bigg apology frm my side for my such a latee replyy . I was reallyyy buzyyy n Still buzyy but Finallyy I read ur all scenes rght frm where i left n now i m commenting . So i m soo Sorry for my Late comments .
Okk jaan now abt ur FF n all scenes . Main kya kahoon yaar , wht 2 say I m just Speechless . I don'tt hav words 2 explain hu much i lovvv ur FF n u as a writter . U r God Gifted writter my jaan . Seriouslyy Just awosome jitna kaho kam hai . Wonderful , Fantablous , amazingg just out of d world .
Update soon jaan n Once again i m reallyy reallyy reallyy Sooryy . lovvv u muhwzzz

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prajee Senior Member

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
wow... both the chap are beautiful asma... loved it... cant wait for next part... Smile

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
all parts super duper part
love it
cont soonnn
sorry for late comment
but me busy
ty 4 pm

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wow Asma thanks 4 the awesome chapters sweetheart
sweet n romanticDay Dreaming
waiting 4 the next part

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Chapter 62
'Are you still awake Moti?' Nivi smiled at the message on her phone and looked up to see if Divya had come up yet but she hadn't. She sat down on the huge king sized bed and started to reply to Viren's text; it was almost 11.30 in the night and they were at the Sood farmhouse. They'd got here this afternoon and it'd been a nice evening, full of laughter as the families relaxed and Nivi was feeling glad she'd come even though she had brought some work with her too.
Viren had been in his element all evening; cracking jokes and making everyone laugh and although he'd teased Nivi a lot, he hadn't tried to get her alone or held her hand or anything... Nivi knew she should be glad about that but she couldn't help wondering if he was up to something; he hadn't mentioned whatever it was that she'd lost yet either. She'd just come up to the room she was sharing with Divya and was getting ready for bed when she got Viren's text. 
'Nope, I'm fast asleep Viren...' Nivi leaned back on the pillows and looked around the room as she sent the message and waited for Viren to reply; it was a beautiful and spacious house and every room was fully furnished and theirs even had an en suite bathroom. 'Haha very funny Moti... what're you doing? I can't sleep...' Nivi laughed as she read his message, 'It's almost midnight Viren, what do you think I'm doing?!'
A minute later the phone rang, 'Mere baare mein soch rahi thi?!' Viren asked without even saying hello and Nivi laughed, she'd seen him about an hour ago and he was only a couple of doors down the hall sharing a room with Sid. 'Nahi toh...' She lied, 'Why are you still awake anyway? You came upstairs ages ago...hold on a second, Siddarth kaha hai?!' Viren laughed on the other end of the line as Nivi sounded a little panicked.
'Relax Moti, he's snoring away! Wait a sec...' Nivi waited and was surprised to hear rustling and then loud snores as Viren held the phone out and sighed, 'That's actually why I'm still awake!! How am I supposed to sleep through all that?!' He sounded so hopeless Nivi couldn't help laughing and then she thought of something else, 'Oh my god, poor Di...!' Viren started laughing too, 'Poor Di?! Poor Sid after Divya finds out!' Nivi was still laughing when Divya walked into the room, yawning, 'What's so funny Nivi?' Nivi shook her head, 'Uhh kuch nahi Di...' she said at the same time as Viren whispered in her ear, 'Don't tell her or she'll call the whole wedding off!'
Nivi laughed again, 'Don't worry Viren, I won't say anything! Goodnight...' She was about to put the phone down when Viren said, 'What? Wait Nivi! You're going to sleep?! But what about me?' Nivi thought for a second and then smiled, feeling a little evil, 'There's plenty of wool in the pillows, use that! Night...' Nivi laughed and Viren made an annoyed noise as she put the phone down and Divya asked what was up as they got into bed. 'Kuch nahi Di, Viren can't sleep or something...' Divya rolled over and winked at her, 'Toh tu jaa ke usse lori suna de...!' Nivi went red and hit her over the head with a spare pillow.
Divya laughed and rolled back over to her side of the bed as Nivi's phone buzzed, 'You're so mean...' Nivi rolled her eyes at Viren's dramatics via text, 'Maybe I'm mean but you still love me...' she replied, using his own words. 'True...' Nivi could almost hear Viren sigh as he replied and she smiled as she sent a quick, 'Sweet dreams Viren.' She hadn't expected him to reply but he did and Nivi hid her face in her pillow and wondered how she'd ever fall asleep after she read his response, 'Only if you're in them...'
'Nivedita, tum mera ek kaam kar do gi please?' Nivi nodded in answer to Chanchal's question; it was the next morning and she was helping Vandana with breakfast when Chanchal had noticed her there. She handed Nivi a file, 'Yeh file tum Siddarth ko de aao; aur kehna Jawahar ne di, teek hai?' Nivi nodded but she must have looked a little confused because Chanchal sighed and pointed out of the window where they could see Jawahar talking loudly on the phone as he paced the lawn. Nivi turned to go but Chanchal called her again, 'Aur suno, agar Viren ut jaaye toh usse breakfast ke liye bula le na teek hai?' Nivi nodded again and Chanchal smiled as she left.
'Siddarth?' Nivi knocked on the door and waited but there was no response. It was early and she'd expected Viren to be asleep but she thought Sid would have been awake; she knocked again and then tried the door when there was no answer. The curtains were open and Nivi could see the room was empty as she peeked in. She took a few steps in and saw this room was furnished in bright colours and had two single beds, one of which was neatly made with light blue covers and another which was messy and unmade with purple sheets and pillows hanging off it.
Nivi smiled as she easily guessed which one was Viren's and then laughed when she saw a couple of purple pillows by the floor near Sid's bed and she wondered if Viren had chucked them at him in the middle of the night. She shook her head and went to Sid's bedside table and set the file down next to his watch. She was turning to leave when she noticed Viren's duffle bag open at the foot of his bed with tee shirts and jeans spilling out of it like as though it'd exploded. Her fingers itched to clean the mess but before she could move, she suddenly heard a door she hadn't noticed before open behind her.

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Chapter 63
Nivi whirled around and was stunned speechless to find herself face to face with a wet, shirtless Viren who looked just as surprised to see her standing there. 'Nivi...what are you...?' Viren seemed a little puzzled by her stunned expression, 'You ok Moti?' Nivi blinked and tried to remember how to speak but her mind was a total blank as he looked at her questioningly; he was only wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and as he walked over to his bag she saw he was still dripping wet and barefoot and in the back of her mind she thought crazily that he was dripping water over the wooden floors.
Viren dug out a towel and started drying his hair before turning back to her with a curious look still on his face and Nivi swallowed as she tried not to watch the way some water was still running down his smooth chest; he wasn't heavily muscled but he was slim and toned and kind of perfect... Nivi suddenly had the urge to run her hands over his shoulders and felt herself start to blush badly as she blinked and forced herself to focus on his hair instead which was messy and all in his eyes.
'Umm, I'm fine Viren, I was just...' she couldn't even remember why she was here anymore and she looked around quickly feeling like she needed to hit herself on the head and wishing she could just disappear. She looked at Viren again and went even redder when she saw the slow smile spreading across his face as he realised exactly what was making her so flustered.
'Kya hua Moti. are you ok?' Viren asked innocently as he took a step towards Nivi and he tried not to laugh as she stepped back quickly. She was dressed in a flowing white churidar and he'd been so surprised to see her there when he'd come out of the shower that he'd half thought he'd imagined her; she'd looked surprised too but it hadn't really clicked why she was acting so strange till just now. Now her face was bright red and she wasn't looking directly at him as she suddenly pointed to something behind him, 'Sid's file! I just came to give Sid a file...' She looked a little relieved and he nodded seriously, 'Hmm accha, lekin Siddarth toh yahaan nahi hai...' He took another step forward and Nivi blinked but seemed rooted to the spot.
He took another step and Nivi stared at him with huge eyes as he grabbed her right hand with his and smiled innocently, 'Was there something else you wanted Nivi...?' Viren watched as Nivi broke eye contact and looked either side of him and then at the floor; anywhere but at him. 'N-no, nothing else...' She tried to pull her hand away but he leaned towards her and she jumped a little as a few drops of water fell on her face.
'Are you sure?' He stared into her eyes and she nodded wordlessly; she was breathing fast and looked dazed and Viren suddenly shook his head so drops of water fell all over her and then let out the laugh he'd been holding in the whole time. Nivi jumped again as the water fell on her and pulled her hand out of his before taking off for the door.
'Nivi wait...' Nivi turned at the door as Viren called her, still laughing. Her face was still red and he tried to catch his breath, 'I'm sorry, I couldn't help it; you just looked so...' he started laughing again and Nivi glared at him before she disappeared. He shook his head and wiped his eyes and then finished drying himself before pulling on a short sleeved navy blue tee and his purple Converse, still laughing at the way Nivi had gone red at the sight of him.
A few minutes later his phone beeped and he opened a message from Nivi, 'Tell Sid the file is from your Dad... and your mum said to come down for breakfast.' Viren started laughing again as he walked out of the room and replied, 'Khud mere saamne aake nahi bol sakti?!' He got to the top of the stairs and leaned over the bannister; Nivi was leaning against the side of a sofa, looking at her phone. He waited a minute before sending another message, 'Wimp!' he laughed as he saw Nivi go red again and then glare at her phone before switching it off and folding her arms cutely.
'Good morning everyone!' Nivi jumped a little as Viren suddenly ran down the stairs and appeared in front of her just seconds after texting her. He looked clean and fresh and in a cheerful mood as he said good morning to everyone and Nivi made a face and muttered good morning as Chanchal and Vandana replied too. She knew why he was in such a good mood; she couldn't believe she'd acted like such an idiot, so he was shirtless, she was an adult; it wasn't that big a deal... She closed her eyes for a second and tried to get rid of the image in her head and then sighed thinking it was no use trying to kid herself.
Vandana asked Viren how he'd slept and Viren avoided the bit about sleep as he replied happily, 'Aaj subha maine ek bohth haseen sapna dekha Tayiji...' He picked out an apple from the bowl on the table and bit into it as he wiggled his eyebrows at Nivi, who went red. He continued to joke with Vandana and his mum as he sat down to eat and Nivi remembered his last text; Viren wasn't far wrong in calling her a wimp; she really hadn't had the guts to go back and tell him to come down herself! She sighed and went outside to where the two Dadi's were sitting to see if they needed anything and wondered how long Viren would tease her about this.
'Hi!' Nivi looked up from the food she was putting away to see Viren leaning against the kitchen counter. She smiled a little and muttered a hello before carrying on; it was just after breakfast and she was clearing up while Vandana had a break. Divya was supposed to be around but Nivi half thought she'd snuck off somewhere with Sid since she hadn't seen either of them since she'd woken up. 'Hello?!' Viren clicked his fingers in front of her face and Nivi blinked. She still felt embarrassed about this morning and was finding it hard meeting Viren's eyes.
Viren sighed, 'You can look at me you know, I'm fully clothed and decent!' He smiled as Nivi went pink and then looked around to make sure they were alone before knocking the door shut casually with his leg. That seemed to get Nivi's full attention and she finally looked at him properly, 'Viren! Kya kar rahe ho?!' She frowned and he shrugged, 'Tum meri taraf dekh hi nahi rahi thi!' He smiled and stepped closer to her and Nivi shook her head, 'Stay right there! Remember you promised to behave...aur aaj subha bhi...'
Nivi's voice trailed off and Viren laughed, 'First, I didn't promise, I only said I would TRY! Second, this morning was all you! Maine tumse kaha tha mere kamre mein aane ko...?' He raised an eyebrow and Nivi blushed as he continued, 'That was actually quite a smooth move Moti, sneaking up on me like that! Vaise toh tum itni boli lag thi ho...' Viren winked and Nivi shook her head and turned her back on him, feeling annoyed and embarrassed as she folded her arms, 'You're enjoying this way too much Viren!'
Viren didn't need another excuse; he pulled her into his arms from behind, resting his hands on her folded arms, 'Ok ok I won't tease you about it anymore...but you have to admit it was funny!' He rested his chin on her shoulder and after a few seconds she relaxed a little but said 'You just love making fun of me aur kuch nahi!' and Viren smiled into her hair, 'That's very true, but it's not the only thing I love about you Nivi...'  
Nivi felt her annoyance slip away and she smiled and let Viren's words sink in for a moment before she moved out of his arms; she turned and raised an eyebrow, 'You're a pretty smooth talker yourself Mr Sood...' she laughed as Viren took a bow and then kissed the back of her hand very grandly.
'You brought work with you right?' Nivi blinked at the sudden change in conversation. 'Haan...I've got a few sketches to do, why?' Viren gave her a bright smile, 'Great, meet me at the back porch in half an hour...and bring your supplies!' Nivi looked confused and tried to speak but Viren surprised her by giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, 'Bye Moti, see you then!' And then he disappeared before she could say another word, leaving Nivi wondering what he was up to now.

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