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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 117)

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Originally posted by anjaani07

Originally posted by Jafrina_luvs_KM

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#000066" size="2">omg asma dii awsome awsome awsome. sorry 4 de late comment didnt get to read it b4 but now im read it in skool trying my best not to scream at de words. de picnic viren sleeping de teasing de sweet kisses wow dii im absouloutely amazed. reading this is worth alot if i didnt try n bunk and den get caught and sit in an quite exclusion room on my own on de comp den wow i wud hav had to wait 4 ages b4 getting to read dis awsome scene. dii ur fab u left me flabbergasted i dont even know if wat i said even made sense. but all you need to know is ur awsome. </font>

OMV jafrina!! You read the chapters in school while u were in the exclusion room?!!! OMV that's just classic sweetie, ur too cute!!LOL

Well I'm glad that the bunking paid off but Im not saying it's a good thing to bunk...Wink Thanx 4 ur sweet comments n yes it did make sense!! I've started writing the next chapter (while I was stuck at the back of a boring meeting at work!!) but will probably post it on friday or sat!

Talk to u soon, thanx 4 reading, love ya Hug
aww cant wait 2 read more
luv you too

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OMVVV!!! Asma DIII !!!AWESUM AWESUMM !!seriouslyy dii i love it to the core yaar awesummm nivren are jus too good in your chapteR yaar 
I dont have words to describe how good it is dii  i love the lunch scene soo much by the wayy all scenes are superbbb cant wait for next chapter!
Asma dii rock !!!!! sooo soz for late comment i read the chaters since long but cud nt  put a comment !!!so sorry dii !

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pls continues it...

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thanks 4 the awesome chapters
all were just superb

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awesume diii ..plz continue

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Chapter 58
Nivi hurried up the few stairs to her house and almost bumped into someone on their way out. 'Sorry,' she said quickly, and then looked up and was surprised to see Sid's friend Sameer in front of her. She frowned when she saw him but before he could say anything, she saw an older man who looked like he could be his father coming out behind him. Sameer smiled at her but Nivi remembered their previous meeting and ignored him; she said 'Namaste' to his father and then carried on inside wondering what they'd been doing here.
It was early evening and she was already late, they were supposed to be at a party at the Sood's and she was meant to have gone with Divya but she hadn't got home in time; there'd been a pooja that morning which she'd missed too. It had been a busy day and she'd had to present some designs to a client and the meeting had over-ran, she hoped Divya understood. At least I don't have to worry about Viren being annoyed, she thought with a smile as she went in; he was held up somewhere himself and he'd text her earlier to say he'd be late. She hadn't heard anything since so she assumed he hadn't come home yet.
As she walked into the living room, Nivi saw Dadi sitting on one of the sofa's rubbing her arm. Her cast had come off just last week but she still hadn't got used to it. 'Tu ne itni dher kyu laga di Nivi?' Dadi sounded concerned and Nivi explained about the meeting before asking what Sameer had been doing here. Dadi told her they were here for the party but Sameer's father had come to see to Keshav as they were business acquaintances but Keshav wasn't home. Nivi wanted to ask more questions but Dadi told her to hurry up and get ready so they could leave 
'Don't talk to me Nivi, I'm still too angry!' Nivi rolled her eyes as Divya turned dramatically and folded her arms; she'd already apologised twice for being late. 'Siddarth, tum bolo naa Di ko?! I couldn't just walk out of a meeting!' Sid held up his hands as if to say 'I'm not getting involved' and Nivi sighed, wishing Viren was here to help her. She went and hugged Divya from behind, 'Diii, I'm really sorry! You're getting married next month and we've barely got any time left...don't waste it being mad at me...'
Nivi smiled as she felt Divya sigh, 'Fine Nivi, but that was the worst guilt tripping ever!' Nivi laughed as Divya turned and hugged her back, 'It worked though!' She asked Divya what she'd missed and Divya filled her in while Sid went to speak to some friends. 'Did Viren help you decide about this weekend?' Nivi shook her head, 'He didn't really help me decide; he just told me I had to go or he'd find a reason not to!' Divya laughed, 'You know Viren; he'll do it as well, so you might as well come!' 
Divya smiled happily, for once glad Viren was so stubborn but Nivi sighed, 'I'm still not sure Di, shouldn't it just be yours and Sid's families going?' Divya glared at her and Nivi sighed; they'd already had this argument before and Nivi had already lost it. 'You're coming Nivi and that's final!' Divya gave her one last glare and then went to go and stand by Sid and Vandana so Nivi couldn't argue anymore.
The Sood's had invited Divya's family to their farmhouse for the whole weekend while the wedding decorators got to work on the house. Nivi and Dadi had been invited too but although Dadi was happy to go, Nivi wasn't so sure. She had a lot of work to catch up on and as well as that, the thought of what mischief Viren might get up to over the 2 days scared her; it wouldn't bother him that both their families were there, he was just fearless!
Nivi laughed to herself as she remembered Viren threatening to climb through her window again when she'd first said no to going over the phone, 'Main abhi aaya Moti! There's no way you'll be able to say no when I get there...' He'd sounded so determined and she'd wanted to see him so badly that she'd almost let him come till her head won over and she told him to stay where he was and that she'd think about it. They were going on Friday evening and it was Wednesday now so she had a couple of days to decide.
As she thought about Viren, she looked towards the door; he hadn't come home yet and she was missing him; it had only been a few days since their picnic lunch but Nivi felt like she hadn't seen him in weeks. She sighed thinking he'd driven her mad when she got a text which made her smile, 'You missing me yet Moti...?' How did he always know?! She decided to surprise him by being totally honest, 'I've been missing you all day Viren.'
It didn't take long for Viren to reply, 'ALL DAY?! Pehle kyu nahi kaha? I'll be there in half an hour!' Nivi laughed at his response, knowing he would get here as fast as he could now; she had a sudden thought, 'Ok but don't drive like a maniac to get here! I can wait...' She waited and a few minutes later he replied, 'Teek hai Moti, I'll be careful...I'm even wearing my helmet! See you soon xx' Nivi smiled at the two kisses he'd put at the end of the text and wondered when he'd get here.
'Beautiful evening isn't it?' Nivi made a face as she heard Sameer's voice behind her. She'd come outside for some air and also to wait for Viren because it'd been almost an hour and he hadn't got home. She'd just got to the gazebo when she heard Sameer. 'It's ok I suppose' she shrugged and folded her arms as she turned around, she really didn't want to speak to him any more than necessary. He had a half empty champagne glass in his hand and from the look of him it probably wasn't his first. 'Actually I'm a little cold so I think I'll go back inside...' She tried to walk past him but he stood in her way. 'Ek minute, I just wanted to talk...'
Nivi waited and considered her options for a minute; maybe he just wanted to talk but it was getting dark and she'd rather do it inside where there were other people around. She tried to walk around him but he moved so she couldn't and she started to get a panicky feeling in the pit of her stomach. 'Umm sure...we can talk inside...' she said, trying to smile but not quite managing it.
Sameer shook his head, suddenly sounding really angry, 'So you can ditch me like you did last time?' Nivi jumped a little as he yelled; he wasn't making any sense and he was clearly even more drunk than she'd thought originally, 'Except where's Viren today..? I saw you dancing with him that night, we can dance too..' He smiled as he took a step towards her and Nivi automatically took a few steps back feeling her fear growing.

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Chapter 59
Nivi looked around quickly as Sameer came towards her; she was trying to stay calm but it was fully dark now and she felt her heart pounding with fear. She could hear music and laughter coming out of the house and she knew no-one would hear her over it if she screamed all the way out here. Dadi and Yash were in there too so there was no-one at home. And she'd left her phone in her bag... there was no other option, she had to do something herself.
She took a deep breath but her voice still shook as she spoke, 'Look you're obviously drunk, let's just go inside and...' her words ended in a shriek as he suddenly threw the glass he was holding and it smashed on the stone floor. 'I'm not drunk!' He took a breath and said in a quieter but somehow even scarier voice, 'I'm not drunk, this is a party right? Let's just enjoy ourselves...'
Nivi panicked and pushed a chair between them as she went around the table and Sameer stumbled around it laughing and Nivi felt a chill run through her as she watched him come towards her. She pushed another chair out as she got to the other side of the table and then she turned and ran towards the house, feeling glad she was wearing a churidar and hadn't worn heels. She'd almost made it to the driveway when he grabbed her wrist and jerked her around and without thinking, she slapped him as hard as she could, feeling her hand stinging with pain.
He looked mad and there was a bright red handprint on his face; Nivi pulled her wrist out of his grip and she could feel bruises there but she ignored the pain as she stumbled away and onto the lit driveway without looking where she was going. She fell into someone and when their arms went around her she knew instantly it was Viren and she held onto him, breathing hard and feeling relief run through her even as she started crying.
'Nivi?! What's wrong? What...why are you crying?' Viren looked down at her and Nivi saw his bike, still running, next to them and realised he must have only just got here and hadn't seen Sameer but now he looked up and she saw his face go from concerned to angry in an instant. He was dressed all in black, jacket and jeans with a red tee and red trainers and he threw his helmet to the floor as he turned Nivi around quickly so he was standing between her and Sameer.
He looked down at her face for a second. 'Are you ok Nivi?' Viren's voice shook as he looked at her and Nivi could tell he was trying to hold his anger in as he waited for her to reply and she sniffed and nodded, wiping her cheeks as she took a deep breath. She felt shaky with relief and both her hands hurt but otherwise she was ok. 'Good...' his eyes fell on her wrist as she wiped her face and Nivi saw his face go white and he lost all his calm in a second.
Without saying another word he turned and punched Sameer full in the face and Nivi winced as she heard a crack and hoped it was Sameer's nose rather than Viren's hand. Sameer staggered back a few steps holding his face and he tried to say something but Viren grabbed his shirt and pulled him onto the driveway before he punched him again. Nivi had never seen him so angry, she could see he was shaking as he punched him again and then threw him to the ground.
Viren couldn't think as he beat Sameer; all he could see was Nivi's crying face and the bruises on her wrist as he punched him, feeling bones crunch under his hand. He'd barely parked the bike when he saw Nivi run out of the darkness onto the driveway and he'd grabbed her knowing something was wrong. When she started crying he got even more worried and then seeing Sameer had made him see red. He'd barely been able to control himself and then he'd seen her wrist... Now he threw Sameer onto the ground and kicked him as hard as he could in the stomach, wishing he could kick the life out of him for hurting Nivi.
'Viren!' As Viren pulled his leg back to kick him again, he felt Nivi put her hands on his arm, stopping him. 'Viren, stop please, he's not moving...' Viren didn't care, he kicked him again and Nivi pushed him back somehow and put her hands on his shoulders; he blinked a couple of times and tried to catch his breath as he focused on her scared face. 'Viren, it's ok, I'm ok...'
She brushed his hair back off his forehead as she spoke and he pulled her into his arms feeling guilty. 'I'm so sorry I didn't get here earlier Nivi...' he said into her hair as he hugged her tightly to him, trying not to think of what she must have gone through. He felt the anger again and Nivi seemed to as well because she put her arms around him and hugged him back as she said softly, 'You got here Viren; that's all that matters.'
'Viren? What's going on?!' Viren looked up and saw Siddarth standing over Sameer and he looked worried. Nivi turned around but Viren kept his arm around her and Sid's eyes widened as he saw her. 'Nivi...? What...' He looked at her tear streaked face and then at Sameer's bloody features and finally at Viren's bruised knuckles on Nivi's shoulder and he seemed to guess what might have happened.
'Are you ok Nivi?' he asked quietly and Nivi nodded, still looking shaken. Viren was suddenly angry again, 'No thanks to you! What kind of friends have you got Siddarth?!' He knew his anger at Sid was probably uncalled for but he still wanted to break something and Sameer was already down.
'Viren...' Nivi put a hand on his chest as she spoke but he frowned down at her. 'No Nivi, Viren is right; actually I barely know him, his father is a business partner of ours.' Sid sighed, 'I'm so sorry Nivi...I had no idea...' he shook his head and Nivi said it was ok and she felt Viren jerk and make an annoyed sound next to her. She understood why he was so angry but there was no point in blaming Sid. 'Well his father went home earlier so what should we do with him?' Viren shrugged at Sid's question, 'I say we string him up by his...'
'Viren!' Nivi sounded shocked and Viren shrugged again, 'What? It's more than he deserves!' He frowned at her again but Sid interrupted them, 'It doesn't look like he's going to wake up anytime soon...he's not even moving...' Viren used the tip of his Converse to push Sameer's shoulder and he made a groaning noise. 'He's alive,' Viren sounded disappointed and Nivi pulled him back before he wanted to kick him again. 'I'll get Nandu to put him in a taxi or something...' Sid muttered as he went back into the house, leaving Viren still holding Nivi.

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Very emotional chapters sweet heart..but i liked it and enjoyed to the core..loved the way our hero hold nivi in his arm when she runs for help..continue soon:):)

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