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When U Say Nothing At All, MN, Pt 7 Pg27 19Jun (Page 21)

mayur.forever Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
seriously y cant the 2 just marry???LOLlol..jokes apart i really loved ur just made the scenes come to life...thanx a lot for d pm...Tongue

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 June 2009
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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Will update today guys! I got busy in bet! cudnt even PM..anyways, today is the day :D LOL

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 June 2009
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:40am | IP Logged

Akki - ahaa :D so now someone *ahem* u know who is blushing?? Worth it, worth it
totally worth it *smirks! *
Oh well, u r an inspi...ra..tion..u get it!! so now I need to read stuff written
by u .unless i lose the inspi etc ..get it? hmmp!
Wallowing ...u know some ppl were just made to wallow in self pity.. poor souls ;)

abt the year, yes i makes a LOT of difference, sometimes even with a month or 2 u
end up so close to the person (ur best frnd instantly) that u realise, they
know so much more about u that all the other ppl put together in ur life. hmmm
so thats the basis I'm working on LOL
and love ROFL is almost the destructor of good old friendships! but its all for good:)

being in love with ur best friend is really the best thing in the world,
though the journey sometimes put u thru utter shite ROFL
its worth it ;)

@arjun- forever thank u so much! sanchari, nice name :D

@payal thank uu pallu  Hug  (ok, question,..why r u called pallu n not payu or
something? ) erm ok beside the point! LOL
So glad u r liking this!!
ha ha u read somewhere havent we been witness to it? *oh ignore me, u know how
delusional I'm  :P *
ya I was trying out the varun side of mayank n i never thot it was out of place
infact that smugness defined mayank :D (my opinion ofcourse haha!)
oh i liked ro ash when with MN (cud be my obvious bias LOL)
and yeah i think benji n dia r outright cute :D

@sariska thank u sooo much Hug
no worries, love the comments :)

@roshnee ofcourse, they are infuriatingly cute n irritating at the same time :D
they are bloody awesome arent they? :D
Pls keep reading n commenting~~!!

@bhawna - thanks!! :)

@ridi - thank u so much, i agree with u so much, 2 crazy ppl, and we r completely crazy
about them :D cant help it, they are so cute! :)
Plus I always wanted to say this, that siggy u so awesome, the mayank and the nupur
and the mn Day Dreaming
(i mean u caught the right attitude in that sig!)

@kinzu - aww thanks :D he he for laughing ur heart out!! :) if u hadnt, my attempt
wudve failed miserably! so I'm really glad!!
I have a soft corner for that song dil kyun ye mera ;) thot it suited their situation
too :D and I'm soo touched to read ur lovely comments Hug

@jaee- still waiting :)

@jiya -I'm sorry cudnt PM anyone Hug
aww so cute, ur reactions r Hug
about that sequel..aww thank u soo much Hug
wow u r making me dance around now *blussshh*
he he studies n mayank r inseparable..u shud know ROFL
poor nupur indeed !! :D
hahahaha love guru somebody ROFL ROFL
u r cute u know *pulls cheeks!*
pls continue with ur awesome comments!! :)

@mou Hug
he he thank u thank u  :)
chars better :O no no, they are just the same crazy twosome
whom the cvs dint bother to evolve as much! hmmm!
I think i have a vague idea as to how much u like the convo
based on ur comment ;)
hey i always thot DDLJ was a good influence
its not my fav movie for nothing LOL
and nupur;s too apparently LOL
ooo [:O] u think mayank shud lecture poor nupur :O
poor nupur LOL
but yeah u r so right . its perfect when they do that Day Dreaming
eek i m not supposed to get dreamy...but u make me think
of them that way :)
watching on tv..haaye humara sapna..hmmm
i have watched both ur VMs quite a few times :D
will comment too,..i totally loved ur seedhi saadhi
VM more *for obvious reasons!*
but i want my birthday VM  too *Chidlish muh* Big smile
love ya Hug

@swatzzz thanks u soo much Hug
aww so sweet of u to say that!!
he he glad u liked the ilove u s ending in marriage
he he!! :)
cheers!! keep commenting (With ur dreamy them!)

@love.mayurarti thank u soo much!! :)

y y y dint u unres earlier?? *khafa muh*
but ok :D since u wrote this comment, i'll unkhafa myself!!
he he u knew u'd like that for obvious reasons :D
and u dont have to ask do u ? :D
love ya..loads Hug

@Mahima thank u so much :)
 glad u liked this!! :)

@debz..oh yeah i forgive u (i do that quite easily LOL)
and esp those who comment in such an awesome manner ;)
thank u sooo much Hug *tears*
I loved reading ur winderful detailed comment
debz, pls keep them coming, they r huge motivation!
love ya! no no no...dont get me wrong,
its not because u dint edit that i dint pm
i dint pm anyone, cos i got busy :(
so please dont think that!! :)
so so glad to read ur comment
oh i m happy u like the light heartedness
ah the cvs, they wud never ever let things be
good with mn , they had to ruin any peace
at any point of time
its weird actually isnt it?
i m not going that way :D
he he i love ur promise :D
ab drama king aur queen dono saath mein vaar kare
hum bechare praani kya kare LOL

haii allah!! i kno u wudve killed me had u not seen this update
sorry baba, dint find time to PM anyone :D
love ur detailed comments n the enthu for the FF
makes me want to sing n dance around LOL
ok that wud delay updating, so i'll do that first!!
face to face tho hoga, zaroor hoga ;)
thoda intezaar karo :)

@mayur.forever he he they totally shud!! :)
but then even after marriage they wont spare us LOL
so no difference LOL
thank u so much sruti! :)

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 June 2009
Posts: 29530

Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Part 5 - page 18
Dear All
I cant believe I took 3 extra days to post an already written part! blame in on the number of PMs I need to send (tooo many!) so I ended up not sending any LOL sorry sweethearts!! the easy way out is to keep checking, I'll update more often than I PM LOL sorry sorry sorry!! :)
LOVED all ur comments Hug Glad u r enjoying this journey as much as I love writing this!! :)
Do use the LIKE tab and Comment !! :) pleasssee!!! :)
I sincerely reply to all ur comment (read post above for this time's!)
Just to tell u I like calling this FF Teri Ore chale LOL (just like that )my own working title (yeah I'm a hindi music freak like that LOL)

Of course, it's a love story, if the hero doesn't love the heroine, then who will (the villain? Huh!)? Somebody tell our heroine Nupur that . She thinks her hero doesn't love her.

Meanwhile, our hero Mayank is in a daze.

Did I just have the most absurd conversation of my life? Well, what do you expect when you have such a nautanki for a best friend? I wonder why I love her, she makes me so mad, it's like I get so mad that the madness makes me love her more. Get the logic? No? Well, I don't think there is much space for logic here, I am in love with Nupur I-don't-believe-in-logical-conclusions Bhushan. So, love in, logic out. End of story.  

Have you seen the way she twists logic to suit her? It can only be beaten by the way she gracefully twists the end of her duppatta on her finger. I sound sickeningly like a love sick puppy. Gags. Mayank Sharma is not a filmy lover boy. No way. Except maybe once or twice, around Nupur, but then Nupur is different. I mean she is a full too film heroine.

You wouldn't believe the kind of stuff she does. Who have you heard of last (movies not counted!) , who missed a bus and got lost in a jungle? I mean imagine this girl would've been left alone in some lonely place but what does she do when I get down to keep her company? Shout at me for being angry with her. Whatever has this world come to? Balai ka zamaana nahi raha. Did I just say that!Why am I increasingly sounding like Nupur? Don't ask me, she has invaded my life. Blame her.

Actually don't blame her, I love playing hero to her. You won't believe it, this once when Nupur got herself locked in the staffroom, the first person she called was me (*smug look*) and I went running to save her like a true filmy hero and ok, no you don't need to know this part. That would be the end of the fine image I have painstakingly cultivated over the years.

 Ok, fine, this is what, her leg was hurt so I picked her up in my arms and walked. No, I won't hide my face, because I was really proud of what I did, don't you understand- she was unable to walk. I couldn't imagine letting her strain her feet. We had a play to do, I dint want a heroine who couldn't walk properly right? What would happen to the reputation of Excel college, Tam mam's (that would be our drama teacher) dream? Fine, the real reason is I couldn't see her like that. She looked so cute, completely helpless unlike the jhaansi ki Raani, Morena ki mallika avatar she is normally in. *not that I love her any less then* (There you go Mayank!)

See what you have done to me, now I miss her. Right now, if Nupur sees me, she'll say one word 'sadu. No not because I miss her, but became of my mood. Maa is on the phone with someone for hours now. Nupur's phone is engaged as well. How can I stay normal?

 I have finished all my college work, to add to my misery I have 10 days off for some god forsaken reason and that gives me more time to miss Nupur. Atleast college keeps me busy most of the time. Right now, I want to meet Nupur badly. It's been so long since I have been subjected to the volcano called Nupur. I think maa is right my every sentence begins and ends with Nupur. Hmmp. Maa is always right.

Finally, maa has finished her unbelievably long phone conversation. Maa, Who do you talk to for such long hours ?

I was just talking to my future daughter-in-law (bahu, hayye!).

What? I freaked out understandably. What rubbish, who on earth was she talking to?

Don't freak out baccha, I was talking to the one person who is on your mind 24*7.

Nupur? I said automatically. Oh no!! I need to learn to shut up in front of maa.  I can't believe I just said that. Now this is enough for maa to pull my leg for at least a month! Mayank Sharma, you need to stay more alert around such a smart mother.

My mom was grinning like a cheshire cat. Nothing I said to cover it up obviously mattered to her. Just my luck!

Strangely maa just grinned, shook her head, ruined my perfectly set hair and went to the kitchen.

She dint even hear me whine asking her not to touch my hair (maa balon ko mat chuo!)

After a while I heard a song playing, Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hai'kya karoon pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hai'It was a beautiful melody. I tried to match my situation with the words and mentally kicked myself, I was doing exactly the set of things I had promised myself I wouldn't.

Maa was back eyeing me with interest, I pretended to read something. She knew me too well though, she took the book out and asked me if I could relate to the song. I rolled my eyes indicating my (supposed) exaggeration and secretly wondered how she knew exactly what I had thought. Or was it that she had pre-empted my reaction? She is too smart for my good, my mother!

My padaku (Studious!!) seedha-saadha (straight forward) and a little sadu (is that rude?) beta (son) is now looking lost.  The best part is he doesn't realize she loves him and she doesn't realize he loves her. Did I say it was the best part, sorry, make that the worst part. I can't believe they still haven't confessed! I thought kids these days were ahead of their times. I obviously dint have much hopes from the son as he was never the social kind, but Nupur? I would've expected her to have asked him to marry her by now. They worry the other doesn't love them, the usual! I'll need to talk to my son, no that won't work, I think I'll try a different approach. He'll get it, he is an intelligent boy, but god knows he needs the push or I might never see my son getting married. Ok, I know that was a little dramatic, but what do you expect? I was just talking to Nupur and By God, She brings out the best in me :D

So I told Mayank to go to Mumbai to finish off some work on my behalf (this was only an alibi! He he!). He seemed suspicious, but I was a good actress (I even won the best actress award in my college days not unlike Nupur, besides where did you think my son got his acting genes! Ha!). I told him that I had arranged for the keys of our old house, since the current tenants had to shift unexpectedly and the next tenants would shift in only next month, it was vacant for a while. I had already spoken to the owner, I briefed him in a matter of fact tone. He believed me. Way to go Shilpa! *pats self*

Much later, I casually asked my son if he were getting any gifts for Nupur. When he glared at me, I shrugged my shoulders and said I thought she was your best friend, I dint know you were so averse to gifts.

 I walked away nonchalantly, but there-I wanted to do a little jig- I had planted the seed in his head. If I know my son even a little, Nupur will get the best gift ever. How I wish I could get him to confess too. Oh well, who knows even that might happen, when the two love birds (oh sorry! Best friends) meet! I sent up a small prayer that everything becomes alright (filmy hi sahi, maa tho hoon na).

Mayank had already planned his entire itinerary in his mind for his stay in Mumbai, first was finishing off the work his mom has assigned so that he could dedicate all his time to Nupur, thereafter. He wanted to surprise her, since she had college he knew she had no other plans. That was one good thing about being Nupur's best friend, she would keep him updated about every minute detail of her life.

Nupur..he thought happily, you are going to love this surprise!! Smile

Part 7 - page 27

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2011
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
res!! don't have time right now!!
I'm a little tied up, and I don't want to comment just for the sake of itOuch.. I'll edit this soon with a proper "jiya" commentEmbarrassed... but, I have read the chapter, and its amazing as usualBig smile.. sorry again!!

*edited* phew!! finallyBig smile so, lets start from the start, shall we??Embarrassed

@jiya -I'm sorry cudnt PM anyone Hug  its okayEmbarrassedHug
aww so cute, ur reactions r Hug  thank uEmbarrassed
about that sequel..aww thank u soo much Hug i really want you to write that sequelBig smile pretty please *pouts*
wow u r making me dance around now *blussshh* you also made me dance, so that's my badlaLOLEmbarrassed
he he studies n mayank r inseparable..u shud know ROFL i know i know!!D'oh no one can ever sudharo mayank, except jhaansi ki rani nupur kumariBig smileLOL
poor nupur indeed !! :D
hahahaha love guru somebody ROFL ROFL  yes.. mr. somebody who sets others love stories, but is miserable whn it comes to his own D'ohROFL
u r cute u know *pulls cheeks!* thank youEmbarrassed
pls continue with ur awesome comments!! :) sure willBig smile

okay, now coming to the chapter!!Big smile

Somebody tell our heroine Nupur that . She thinks her hero doesn't love her.
 Well, I don't blame Nupur, Mayank is so sadu naa!! he needs to move his eyes off that book and make his heroine realize that he loves her.. Stupid Sharma!! sheesh!! *sticks tongue out* 

So, the Mayank Padhaku, seedha saadha and a little sadu Sharma, has transformed into the love-sick-puppy, sickening filmy lover boy who is so totally truly madly and deeply in lowe with Ms. Nupur I-don't-believe-in-logical-conclusions Bhushan... do I need more reason to do salsa in lala land??Day DreamingDay Dreaming
"Ab mujhe raat din, tumhara hi khayal hai... Kya karoon pyaar mein, deewano jaisa haal hai..."Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Haayye!! I love Shilpa Aunty!! She's the best mom one can ever have, and she's the bestest MIL everEmbarrassedEmbarrassed She sent Mayank to Mumbai!!Big smileBig smile I am eagerly waiting for the surprise now!! *sigh*Day DreamingDay Dreaming

continue soon Divya!Big smile
nd sorry again for editing so late!! *hides face*


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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
res .. i was stalking you!! ..Cool ROFL


awwwiiieeesss ... Day Dreaming Embarrassed Day Dreaming Embarrassed Day Dreaming ... Mayank Sharma .. *sigh* .. this person will leave me speechless all the time .. Embarrassed ..

he is such a cutie .. love playing a hero to her .. Day Dreaming .. and the madness makes me love her more .. Day Dreaming .. she has invaded my life .. Day Dreaming .. and awww .. my sweety .. ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayaal hai .. Embarrassed ROFL ROFL ..

it was a lovely update !! .. how much i love reading from mayank's side .. Embarrassed ..
continue soon di!! .. Hug

Edited by Fantasia. - 28 May 2011 at 1:00am

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 1:04am | IP Logged
Love it when u stalk me
 n comment b4 i get a chance to PM  Hug

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 May 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged

@payal thank uu pallu  Hug  (ok, question,..why r u called pallu n not payu or
something? ) erm ok beside the point! LOL
So glad u r liking this!!
ha ha u read somewhere havent we been witness to it? *oh ignore me, u know how
delusional I'm  :P *
ya I was trying out the varun side of mayank n i never thot it was out of place
infact that smugness defined mayank :D (my opinion ofcourse haha!)
oh i liked ro ash when with MN (cud be my obvious bias LOL)
and yeah i think benji n dia r outright cute :D

good question Divz...why am i actually pallu...LOL

becoz one fine day Ayeshu asked ki all have a nickname n why not Payal has one...i suggested ki i already have many...sometimes i forget all those...Payu, Poly, Aps, PM...etc etc... LOLLOLLOL but Komzie just did my naam karan according to her new mood that day n next i know is everyone calling me PalluROFL

yup we Delusionals have witnessed too many delusional things together..."sigh" the people making us delusional must have tooWinkLOL
i loved the Varun side of mADE ME GLUED TO THE SCREEN for the active participation of expresion that Mayur exchangedEmbarrassed

i liked them wid Mayur too but i don't think its owing to biasnessLOL

n Benji n Dia are actually under used i guess...

okay now coming to FFLOL
i just loved it usualLOLEmbarrassed

i wonder why CVs never put those scenes which u Mayank remembering her leaving the bus n thinking about how deviated she was always from the main point of wht the discussion shud beLOL
n that Staff room...uski toh baat hi mat karoDay Dreaming
once i saw that scene n described it whole aise hi in the CC just coz i couldn't help...hopeless case u see when it comes to themROFL

n Shilpa Aunty...she is the best Mom ever...n that makes Sharmas the best Family everLOL
okay coming back...i m loving every bit of Shilpa wonder Mayank is so...n she kept talking to Nupur for so long n announced to mayank straight away...BYGOD loved itLOLEmbarrassed

n now Mayank is gonna go to Mumbai...yayyyDancing
i love it when Mayank surprises Nupur...Day Dreaming

dheere dheere i'll start writing comments bigger than ur FF update

Edited by Payal-15 - 28 May 2011 at 8:34am

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