Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

new fanfic part 26 on page 38 (Page 10)

.Dulcet IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Great Update :))

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
good job - nice update - thanks yaar - pm me if possible
deeshu Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
intresting update, thank god arohi now think positive about arjun
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I like your FF,  Please include me in yr list.
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I wake up at 8am. It's pretty early as I don't hear anything. Chal ek cup chaii bana, sar mein bohut dard hai, my conscious orders. I quickly get out a clean pair of clothes and my toiletries, and head to the bathroom. After a quick 5 minute shower, I get ready in the bathroom. Note to self, leave clothes in room next time; the bathroom is way too small! I run to my room, apply a layer of lip gloss, and run to make myself a cup of tea. I'll eat breakfast with the rest of the house. 

As I run to the kitchen, I see a figure in the living room. Oh yeah, Arjun and Romit are in the living room. I feel bad that I was making noise by running. I walk slowly so the boys won't wake up.  I walk to the kitchen and start the kettle. As the water is boiling I hear a cough. I look to the side and see the cutest sight ever! Arjun fell asleep reading his medical textbooks! Wait, did I say cutest! eww, Arohi... what's wrong with you! I shake my head and decide to be nice for once and make enough tea for both of us. It's the least I can do, right? I mean he did give me his room! Okay the tea is done, in the cup, and ready to be served. 

Arohi: Ahem...

Arjun: zzz...

Arohi: Arjun...

Arjun: Huh? (He woke up with a shock

Arohi: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were sleeping. I thought you were working or something so I made you tea.

Arjun: Hmm.. Thanks. I was studying. I guess I didn't realize when I doze off.

We both sat sipping tea. 

Arjun: So Arohi, what are you doing up so early?

Arohi: I just woke up and had a throbbing headache, so I thought some tea will help. Then I saw you studying and thought maybe I should make you a cup too.  

Arjun: Me? Why would you make a cup for me? I mean you've been so rude. Didn't even answer me last night, just ran away.

Arohi: Listen, I'm sorry. I really am. I don't know why I was so rude at first. I guess I haven't seen you in such a long time I was accustomed to it and then having to see you here... It was too much for me. If you remember, I was never a sharer or anything. I want to ask you something though. Can we start again? I mean, we don't have to be friends; I mean honestly we never were to begin with. But can we be like before.

Arjun: Okay, so koi baat shaat nahi. Bas Hi and Bye. Is that what you want?

Arohi: Look, don't get me wrong here. 

Arjun: No, I get it. For two years, you don't see me, barely hear about me and all of the sudden its all ARJUN ARJUN.. I wouldn't be too happy if I was in your place either. Just have one thing to say to you Aro. Be at home. Stop worrying about taking over my room and Romit and Gauri. Romit is just pissed about having to sleep on the ground and you know how Gauri is. I mean you understand her better than I do. 

All I can do is show a small smile. "Thank you Arjun, for understanding me. And don't worry, like you said, this is my home too, so why would I feel bad about Gauri and Romit?"- with this said I walk away, unable to stop smiling.

I went to my room and closed my eyes. Flashbacks started starting from Altoona's conversation with Kumud Aunty and Mama, all the way to today's conversation with Arjun, when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly opened the door to see Shefali up.

Arohi: Arre Shefali, tu utt gayi. Chal bahar chalte hain.

We go and sit on the dining table. Till then, Arjun was was seated on the couch working on his laptop. I sit at the head of the table with Shefali sitting at the seat next to mine (with her back towards the living room/couch).

Shefali: Haan, voh tu kal Romit ki baatein sun ke... bura laga?

Arohi: Arre, tu kaisi baat kar rahi hai. Tere bhai ki baatein se mujhe kya lena dena? Aur waise bhi (looking at Arjun, smiling) kissi ne kaha tha yeh mera ghar hai... tho main kyun kisi bhi cheez ka bura maanoon?

(Arjun hears this and smiles but shows as if he didn't hear anything as he is too busy studying).

Time flies as Shefali and I continue chatting and goofing off about the wedding and what songs to dance to. One by one everyone starts to get up and so do I. After all, I have to prepare breakfast before Rajveer gets up. I know Arjun said he'd take care of Rajveer but he's studying. I don't want to disturb him. I make omelette for everyone and set it on the table with toast. This way as people get hungry, they can eat. As I get out, a surprise is waiting for me. Both Rajveer and Raj are dressed, waiting for me to eat. It's a habit for us siblings to sit down and eat together. I find mom alone as dad left at night due to some work.

Massi: Raj puttar, tu tho khaaley.

Raj: Main chota zaroor hoon, par apni badi behen ke liye thodi dair bhooka nahi reh sakta? Voh aayeingi tho hum sab khaayenge.

Arohi: Badi badi baatein karna shuru ho gaya na, mera chota pra! Chal main aa gayi na. Now eat!

Maasi: Amrit, kuch bhi kahe par tere bachey bohat pyaarein hai. Par ek baat bol, jab Arohi hostel chale jayegi tab kya karega. Khaana hi chod dega?

Raj: Maasi, how long is she going to leave us? She has to come one day.

Maasi: Yes, when she goes to college, but what about when she gets married?

Arohi: Oh God, not again! Maasi please! Abhi meri umar hi kya hai... sirf 18 na!

Maasi: Par yeh sab sochna tho hai na?

Arohi: Tho app sochein na.. Arjun ke liye. He's a good six years older than me. Let him get married first, then I'll think about mine. 

Maasi: He wants to wait till he becomes a doctor and starts a career.

Arohi: Well so do I.   

Amrit interupts: Arohi! chup kar.

Arohi: Sorry Maasi. (maasi shakes her head as in its okay and it gets quiet)

In all this, Shefali, Romit, and Arjun arrive.

Arohi: Oh, thank god. Chal ab tu bhi kha.. phir practice karna hai na.

Shefali: Par baat kya ho rahi thi. Why is it so quiet?

Arohi: We're brown. Aur kya baath ho sakti hai  (and the girls laugh leaving the two boys confused.)

The boys (Arjun, Romit, Rajveer, Billu, Raj) are inside playing video games and the girls are practicing dance in the living room; actually, Arjun does not approve of dance so we have to do it quetly, out of his sight. Personally, I could care less but Gauri cannot hurt her older loveable brother in any way (Notice, I'm being sarcastic here), so for her sake, we have to be aware of Arjun. Anyways, while we are practicing, the phone rings and Maasi receives it. 

Gauri; Kya hua ma, bohat pareshaan lag rahi ho?




Arohi: Na.. Karan Bhaiyya aisa nahi kar sakta. Voh Ganga bhabhi se bohat pyaar karte hain! (Shefali nods)  Probably just cold feet. Give him some time.

Savita: Abhey khotiyan, chup karegi thodi dair! Poori baat tho sun le. Ladki waalon ki request hai ke shaadi ho gi tho Taj Mahal mein. 

Arohi: You can't change the venue last minute!

Savita: Issi liye Karan khud finance kar raha hai. He will pay for the tickets.

We all got so excited but then mom interrupted. 

Amrit: Par hum nahi jaa sakte.

Arohi: Par kyun?

Amrit: Puttar, Rajveer ke appointments hain.

Arohi: (disheartenly) Oh yeah. You're right mom. Lagta hai no dance Shefali. 

Shefali: Nahi aro. We practiced so hard. You can't back out now!

Arohi: Koi baat nahi. Gauri hai na.

Gauri: Sorry Aro. Main bhi nahi kar sakti. I have classes and a job. I can't go to India either.

Shefali: Well, I ain't dancing solo!

Savita: And you won't have to either! Amrit, Arohi ko mere saath bhej do.

Arohi: Nahi maasi. Main Rajveer ko akela tho nahi chod sakti na.

By this time, Arjun, Romit, and Rajveer came out.

Rajveer: Kahan nahi chod sakti?

Arohi: Woh, kuch nahi. Tumhe kuch chahiye tha?

Rajveer: Ya, the truth. Come on Aro, you know you can't hide anything. 

Arohi: Woh, Karan aur Ganga ki shaadi agra mein ho rahi hai..canada mein nahi.

Rajveer: Tho problem kya hai?

Arohi: You can't come. You have so many doctor appointments lined up.

Rajveer: So, I won't go. Why can't you go? Expensive?

Shefali: Nope. They're paying for it.

Rajveer: Then? Come on Aro! You can't sacrifice everything for me dude! I'll be fine! Ma, isse bolo na. Go to India yaar. Phir mauka kab mile, pata nahi

Amrit: Beta, Rajveer sahi keh raha hai. Main Rajveer ko sambhal sakti hoon.

Arohi: App ko graduation practice ka din yaad hai ke nahi?

Amrit: Galti ho gayi yaar. Maaf karde. Aur vaise bhi, uss waqt mujhe nahi pata tha par iss bhar tho pata hai ke tu India mein hogi. 

Savita: Dekh Arohi. Ab teri maa ki umar ho gayi hai. Thoda araam karne de isse. Sab ghar mein honge tho yeh kya araam karegi? (everyone giggles).

Amrit: Baji app bhi na.

Savita: Jokes apart. Dekh Aro, Gauri bhi nahi ja sakti aur Billu ka camp hai. Tho bacha Arjun aur voh bhi apne dostoon mein laga rahe ga. Main tho bilkul bore ho jahoongi! Tu aayegi tho dil lafa rahe ga.

Arohi; Ji maasi, i'll talk to dad and make a decision. okay?

Shefali: YAYYY!!!! Sudhir uncle kabhi nahi mana kareinge! YAAYYY!!!

Like Shefali said, dad said I can go. I'm not surprised as though he can be clueless, he really cares. He knows that if I stay home, I'll be taking care of Rajveer and in the kitchen or cleaning. He doesn't realize that I don't mind doing all of this, especially since it's for my family but he says "apne sasural mein ye sab kaam naseeb honge.. abhi tho araam kar". Dad, what can I say about him. Anyways I'm off to India with Maasi's family, or Maasi and Arjun. Maasa and Gauri have work, while Billu is going to camp. Suprisingly its the same camp Raj is going to. I feel bad that mom can't come with me but she's the one who's forcing me so I guess I get to hang with my favorite girl and attend an actual Indian wedding in India- who would've thought!


sorry haven't been updating.. just have been sick so brain isn't working...   if you want a pm, add me to your buddy list.. else its veryy hard... thanks

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 1:26am | IP Logged first and can't wait for the next part!

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Thank you all who read this fanfic and comment but I am very sorry for those who are not getting pm's. I cannot send a pm out individually as it is very hard for me. If you want a pm, please add me to your buddy list and let me know (by liking this post) and I will be sure to send out a pm after I update. I hope you all know how hard and time consuming it is and I get time LATE at night to update. So it is very hard. Thanks for understanding and sorry if anyone is hurt.

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i'm second
 gr8 update and plz update soon :)

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