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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 94)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 6:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by brvr

Good One Hammie!Star   "The one who tells the stories rules the world." (Native American proverb) liked the quote,especially the word me a power ,supremacy feeling ...haaa ,i hope it was for me and not that Major..ju diloon pa raj kar raha hai..Wink 

                    I just had a virtual tour of the academy nd was a student myself gaping at the tutor wide eyed.   Such was ur description of the entire class nd the happening there.  Luvd it!  Actually thinkg of changing my profession now but i guess its a tad late in the day from advocacy to military lifeCool.
haainn da!!yaar you in litigation..pheli batna ne tha ..Baji ka case free of charge you would have done ..but I guess Dutta would never allow any hing for free.haaa 
The pupils blown away by the aura of this man nd his intensity.  Well that was expected... the ladies drooling nd a couple of them taking it a bit far,...  that was expected too,... but what was not expected was our Major recollecting one of them nd being reminded of naku, how dare he do that?Pinch 
haaa yaar kitne jealous aur one track minds hain tumhare..oh for heavens sake what se did was something naku is likely to do ..look after others...jus calm down ..
Naku nd Harshad calling a truce was needed for them to concentrate on their jobs at hand atleast naku.  But, she would be well advised to steer clear of this "mantally the sssick buoy"ROFL
haaahaa .this cracked me up and me floored once again..had to pick myself up bruised my bum cheek .haaa,.
 Actually how i wish naku would use him to instigate dutta.. i mean behave as if things were hunky dory with harshad nd things like that, then watch the dramaLOL. the chances are that dutta will say naku tu ghar baith!! bas koi kam sham nehi..sit at home like a victorian times lady...  aur Harshad ,i dont know brvr koi evidence bhi tu nehi hai Dutta ke pas of the man's bad be haviour??
  Yeeaah, Naku is too innocent, too timid to try something like this, infact she is a bit boring for my taste.  She is so giving and forgiving nd even forgeting.  She has to play it haard, atleast not receive his calls immediately to start with, i know this is asking for TROUBLE, but what is life without some adventure? so you want a bit more spunk from her...well kiss shiss main tu kafi aage hai choorrie, 
Yaar,  Baji toh gaya kaam se, roops ka baap bangaya hai nd he wont let her breathe till she's finished her Uni i guessBig smile, man he needs to take a chill pill, bechari toda masti karna chahti hai Bus! 
but really ..roops does take liberties especially with him.and dutta has given him a task ...and above all he does want to marry roops so he's on the straight and narrow... 
AS remembering dutta nd as ever mother's pet project of feeding their sons.  Hahaha!  Baji on the dot,... not giving those dried fruits or anything to this man who is all but fired up anytime, sach me!!! LOL  haaa.yesss long may he live Missile Man!!
Im begining to suspect foul with your major's intentions.  Khud toh maze leraha hain, aur naku ke liye mana karaha hai.  He is like this cobra waiting to take a bite at every small provocation,  NO photo, NO visitation, No this, No that, Not fair!Pig  Wish somebody stole the chuni nd see what happens, think iska sabr toot jayega nd he will be with naku the very next moment. 
haaa ok time to get he other bum cheek to be bruised...haaa ..haven't thought of hat that would be nasty likre his woman being kidnapped!!!!!maar de ga apne ap ko!!!
Donno why i experienced palpitation everytime Bhatnagar was mentioned,,,, okie dokie! im ready for the battle of wits so bring it on baby... oh nehi yaar keen student hai if at all he admires the kuri gytsy hai
A short update as u said but nonetheless very happening one indeed.  So Miss Hammie decides to get back on track with her friday schedule,  TGI Friday! for me.Party..   
Thank u dear, u take care, 'ciao' till next .  yesss wakeel shahiba... thank you for your case ...loved it with lots of your honour ..your honour...xxhammie
[oops!! donno if im allowed to post it other than the reserved place, somebody help!   i promise not to 'res' again ever  comedy of errors] haaa what were trying to do me belly wobbling when i noticed the firsttime ...hopping all over the place haaa

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Nakusha]awesome update hammieSmilewhile reading i just had one regret wish we had such a teacher Smilemajor dutta as always was authorative & commanded respect ,girls going gaga over him its natural but i hope he doesn't get carried away by it
 oye naku..parhai pe dheyaan laga ,edher udhur dekna band ker!...
 ,one cadet reminding dutta of naku the tea wala part & scared me ,
look naku woh cadet nehi hai Khan is a 1st he rest of his 15 pass kerne ge tu 2nd liet.hoon ge..  
convo btw dutta -nakku was sweet ,aree hamlet kab inka band baja baraat nikaloge ,humsab baraati intezaar kar ragein hai , yaar patna nehi?..they haven't spoken about it as yet...
now something to boost your egoSmileyou are amazing as always ,jokes apart you actually deserve all the appreciation ,ha UD short tha aur friday ko nahin tah ,next time long UD & on friday Smile ,enjoy the weekend & tc     thankyou naku ..i looovvve ego tripsss..deti ja isse theran her coment mein...mera pyar thuje xxx hammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by daya0628

R E S E R V E D ...

it might be a while before i de-res :(   SORRY ...

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 23

Thanks for the beautifully detailed and well written episode HamletHug. Sorry for the late comment'.MaafiEmbarrassed do you know hammie is so blessed to have such an avid reader like you my dearst ivy...hugg

Major Dutta is back to what he loves doing. The army, duty, service to the nation, discipline and challenge,  not necessarily in that order, are the things our man is passionate  (Of course his queen of heart'Nakusha!) about and thrives on. It gives him a sense of purpose.Thumbs Up
yes the true son of the soil,a real knight in shining armour ..battling to up hold ,truth and justice and rescuing a fair maiden when he need yes a hero!

Girls drooling over Maj. Dutta is expected but ladies beware he is already committed to his Naku in each and every sense. He just needs to make it official for the society's sake. For D-N, they already belong to each other. dont know how and when tat would come about it's early day's yet ,he's too busy teaching and asessing them yet ..and he's keep them at arms length! who would dare ask him?

Dutta has Naku's dupatta for comfort. Thankfully we get to see the romantic side of the Major. Naku talking to the lion is so cute. Real lion na sahi tho stuffed bhi chalega after all it has been gifted by the Lion King himself.Day Dreaming yes have to you use props.haaaWink

Harshad reminds me of a strange mutation of Slimy Suds and Creepy More.LOL

classic remark ..brvr loved it as welll!!!
Will catch up with Chapter 24 and comment on it later. thank you love you  xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ivy_11

Chapter 24

Another awesome episode Hamlet. Clap thank you my friend means a lot to me ,impetus to carry on...

The impact of Major Dutta.Day Dreaming.Hai mein mar jawan. Dutta will make the perfect instructor with practical and theoretical knowledge combined with organization, attention to detail, open mind and a great attitude.  his main strength would of course would be as the saying goes"children are born with wings ,teachers help them to fly" Dutta as a teacher...

Tasha conversation was interesting but our Major Dutta blows hot and cold. Poor Naku.
yeah but the nasty seems to enjoy it the gadha..likes to hear her snivel..

The girls can dream about DSP all they want but he should think only of Naku and steer clear of them. Wasn't one Lauren enoughAngry

yaar ab yeah tu hoga ga looker ju hai ye stud tu heads to turn hoon gain ...
Thanks for the pmSmile thanks again for your comments ivy ..this writer is well pleased

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=noreen]Brilliant update! now we get to see Dutta in action (i mean how he works and how he ticks) poor N has to work with thatDead HARSH guy, hope she doesn't fall into any traps he lays 
D is lucky having the chunni but poor N didn't even get a photo (maybe Baji or roops could post her oneLOL ) well that's how dutta is akward..listens but does his own thing ...what he thinks is right in a given situation...
Baji coming to give Halwa, wonder how D will recieve him,
saab theekh hoga jeep pick kerne ah raha hai was Dutta's idea any way.. 
good update waiting for next  
thanks noreen thanks for reading and giving a lovely positive comment
much love xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by suhana19

Dear hamiee Sowiee Iam late .. hi suhana koi baat nehi fear was like daya tu wapis aye gi ya nehi...but hammie smiling ke tu ah gaye su...
Reserved will be back soon ...
Hey dear hamiee"hugs"
First of Iam truly very Sowiee for been late .."maafi"..bas ker maafi mang na friends mein koi sorry nehi hoota ..haaa kissi fil ka dia louge hai mera nehi .us leye zayeed kush hooni ki zarorret nehin...
Thanx alot for the superb update and pm as Always ...loved it as always  good you liked it su..
Hain mein marjawaa dutta is going to kill ..hai yeh teacher toh jaan Le ga
 oye kuri baaz ah ..tu sabaq par dehyaan rekh ju paretheya  ja raha hai ..teacher ko jhoor!!
...seriously gals are drooling ..well gals stop drooling ..he is hooked and booked by Naku ...
Loved baAji and roops Convo ...and AS and baaji"s Convo ...awesome yaar ... Baji has certaintasks to fulfill givn by BIG BOSS...
Nandini and naku"s interaction was superb ..loved the way she explained her man ...a true fighter ...
Harshad arghhh can't stand that creepo no comment ... phir sharu ho gye hai anti Harshad agenda ..yaar pyar katra hai naku se ..use bhi tu chance milne de suhana ..
Finally dutta called her ..yess naku also miss him terribly Cry ..I know..but duty is duty!! and she does understand this...
Dutta And his mood swings romantic and then angry at times ..but Naku knows him in And out And loves him madly ... yes she does..this is the bond between them..even apart they know how the other feels and how he other would react to a certain thing..naku understands...
The phone Convo bought tears to my eyes Cry Awww pls make them meet soon .. hain??they have to fulfill there lakshaya Suhana ..aise kaise they meet...?.
Thanx once again for a brillant UD Will wait for the nxt part
.listen lady roses,bears or chocs for hammie today..seems that I have fallen from grace...haaa no only jokin shokin...thanks a lot suhana ..with much love xxxhammie
Lots of love and hugs
Suhana ..

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prncz

WOW Hamie loved your update awesoem read
rajuuu my dosst yaar! pasand aya chaalo good.. wrote it to make you happy shappy... 
i coudl visualise the class room ,, and the entire settign and ofcorse hats off to you of cmng up with the terminology for the new officers ,, i felt i was attednign the 1st day of the course my self ,,
every one thought hat too,yes tupical really at any .school /college or uni/type mahool.but of course with a difference...relevant to the was challenging to come out with terminolgy ..had a phone brief with my law who is a colonel and has outstanding pupil award at MILITARY briefly chatted to him
Dutta commands respect just by his attitude towards life , his work ethics and respect for privacy
oh yes ..raj you porotect..most places here practice it waise bhi its called professionalism.
rao the shy girl ,, seems to be like nakku ,,how will dutta look upn her ,,, is going to be interseting
infact how dutta is gonna behave with his class is going to be interstign
its Khan,the one they call sharmilee[my name for daya]..chai pilina mangti the ..but true to his nature put her in her place!!
hmm this greedy reader is lookign forward to your pen or ur fingers movng faster on the key board LOLLOL..yes greedy have come up with some intersting phrases...haaa..not as fast as you your highness...
loved AS worried abt her son's food needs ,, baajii worriedd abt Roops studies LOL he is tryign to win his trust back that i for sure   yes..for sure itna bara dent jo mara hai baji ne apni integrity mein ..ab time ah gaya hai to sort it out...
omg the best is yet to cme ,,the ph convo between dutta and nakku
i just loved the line nakku tells
 "Saab mein hoon na ap ka bas,  ap ke dill mein, ab challo aj raat ko abhi thore der baad mujhe sapno mein apne bahun mein le laina" she whispered  awww i know phir kya kha poor Naku ..she has to appease the beast..
loved dutta ,, missing her  "this is ridiculous Naku...its becoming difficult to stay away from you" he gruffed. ,,hmmm lets see whn they meet n get married ,,,
soon...well i dont know..what about their jobs and goals...??
waiting for ur next update hammie loved it !!!   fri is so faar Embarrassed aww my sweet mate ..let you in a secret i haven't even bloody finished it yet sshhh..xxhammie

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