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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 68)

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i loved it & i know the other half is yet to follow ,comment karne se discourge kiya hamlet par kya kare haath khud he tarref ke liya type karne chal padhe Smile plz post part 2 soon hum sab bekaree se intezar kar rahain ,Smiletc dear

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"No comments"D'oh...
 Wink    ...                  Thumbs Up !!,             Clap !!,              Party!! ,    Hug!!!!!!

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awesome update hammie

you give every minute detail girl superb
love it

finally they are engaged Embarrassed

bajji was too their love itBig smile

breakfast scene lovely Wink

superb update dearClap
thanks for pm

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Painful Rapture: chapter 18 part~2,continued from[67]

As he stood tall admired and looked up to by his platoon soldiers she thought of the one most important thing that cemented their bond ,she concluded dressed as his future bride, it had to be the utmost desire that both shared to serve their country and their people! it was the call for duty passion that had linked them together the most and finalized their relationship ...

Naku, tore her eyes away from her golden lion ,but turned towards him again ,although at a distance she noticed that he had groomed his beard down to an almost clean shave, which inevitably always made his face and square jaw appear wildly raw, leaner and more frigid, cold almost like a sharp naked blade ,she lowered her eyes as she blushed and he looked  her way and gave her that narrow icy dart with his eyes, above the heads of his surround of his platoon soldiers. She heard female laughter almost hysterical and she looked and smiled at Roop's surrounded by her friends, as every so often they whispered in their little gang ,turned towards the soldiers and giggled .Naku smiled, as  sufficed she could what the girls were on about. It was obvious the night now gravitated towards light frolic, as the soldiers moved towards the young ladies, smiled and nodded as they stood tall with their feet slightly apart as they so to say spoke to the young ladies who were the more obvious ones in chatting up these uniformed personnel! Naku smiled as she saw the keen figure of her brother as he held a large platter of sweet meats,  and  weaved in out of the spaces .He smiled and made small conversations ,but mostly hovered around the soldiers! There followed a tap clicking of the drums and Baji appeared on the dancing space carrying a big smile" now as this evening is all about my brother ,my child hood doost ,my dostaana! yarana ! all the performances that Roops here, and he signalled  Roops amongst a thunder ofclaps and girlie screams  "have coordinated,  and this  one is from Roops and me ! the music starts and Baji pushed Roops and instructed her to stand next to him facing the audience and they moved in their spaces , smiled at each other and the lyric blared "hoo akkhan de katore, surma batore! and Baji moved his torso forward and his hands pointed to the shape of the eyes as he looked at Roops who moved in her place with attiude on her face lagde chichore bade hi fi! he mouthed as  he shook and jerked his head in her direction ,dil pe daraati, saade chal jaati! and he made a cutting sign towards his heart, maare dil gulati! ,and he suddenly performed a cart wheel and Dutta shook his head in disbelief as he looked at Naku and Baji jumped back to Roops and shook his palms at her ,pooche why why! ,and suddenly Sethji appeared on the dance floor holding a clear glass of tea with a biscuit sunk to its bottom and passed it to Baji amidst clapping, while Baji showed Roops the glass of tea with the dunk biscuit chai mein doopa biscuit ho gaya!  and he flicked his palms main toh ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya!  , he waved his arms about and shook his shoulders in Roops direction as he repeatedly thrust his torso and knees "ho mai toh ainyavi...lut gaya!   Roops pushed him to oneside,  hyae  hatt  re nigode ,she made a circular movement towards her temple," picha kyon na chhode" ,she pushed him again "ghume dayien bayien"! and swayed her arm left to right "thujhko sudarhoon "!and she slapped him on his head, and pushed him on the floor where he begged for her mercy by touching his rears  "jutti main utaroon"! and she took her heel off and waved it around his head sar pe de maroon tere dhayien dhayien  she wacked him on his shoulders .But he jumped up in front of her and she pointed a finger in his face as she jerked and arched herself forwards "romeo bina permit ho"! giya! Tu toh ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya she waved her hands before him and he faced her and bent towards her "mai toh ainvayi ainvayi lut giya!" and their foreheads touched and amidst whistles and claps they held each other hands smiled at the audience raised their clasped hands up and bowed...  Aye Sahib saw the pair and , smiled with a certain apprehensive twinkle aboard her eye as she turned to see Dutta's reaction .His face didn't reveal much, other than his eyes seemed amused and he stroked the area behind the corner of his lip.

The waiters wheeled trollys of all manner of desserts traditional, continental and fresh diced home grown to exotic fruit to fancy the delight of many a palates. Few smokers made their way outside to indulge in tobacco fixes. Dutta gazed at Brig.Parekh  in quiet resolute, waited when he could have a moment in private with his boss, and was relieved to note that his patience was over ,as Parekh turned to Dutta with his crystal cut  glass of Whiskey "shall we pop out for some fresh air Dutta" suggested his boss" "sure Sir" replied Dutta, and led his boss out to a  folly in the garden. There were already a few smokers out, swirls of grey winding smoke  lingered about the semblances .Parekh put his drink on a white circular wrougth iron table near the folly and reached out for his cigar from his inner breast , unwrapped it, bit an spat out "yes Dutta another one of my despicable vices ,but I hasten to add my boy only on special  occasions and today is special and he winked at Dutta ,it's your engagement Parekh remarked lightly as he struck a match, lit his pipe and embarked on a spree of short puffs .Dutta waited ,his eyes intent like a lion about to attack. "sir I have been meaning to talk to you about what I am about to say for quite some time recently and he pulled his hands in front and started turning his ring around his finger" Sir do you recall an incident back in 1999,where an enquirey was conducted regarding the death of a soldier in your unit?" asked Dutta with a degree of caution  "ah yes I do Dutta ,was a sticky affair! got myself in a bit of a pickle , I suspect you must have read about it" he turned towards Dutta ,and Dutta nodded once , which indicated to his boss that the result of the situation perhaps would not be amiss to mention here "then you also know that I was cleared and the matter was done and dusted with" said Parekh with a certain degree of calm. Dutta 'eyes  narrowed and he disaggred  with tenacity "sir let me assure you it  is not done and dusted", Parekh stopped puffing for a brief moment "how do you mean Dutta? please elucidate he asked " well sir, the soldier involved is none other than a cousin of my wife Nakusha, he  was her Mamma's son ,I think as such I own it to her that I set the matter straight" ,emphasized Dutta to an agreeing Parekh who nodded his head, "you see her Mammaji harbours a very negative opinion about the hierarchy of the Indian army ,he spoke to me, he feels his grief was not dealt with properly and on my asking him what further help  he would he like in this matter, he expressed the desire to but once meet the officer involve in his son's case! Parekh looked at Dutta's face and held his shoulder" is the man here tonite Dutta , answer me? Is he? repeated Parekh as he shouted, Dutta pleased by his almost triumph said firmly as he looked straight into his boss's eyes "he is here sir " "well then what he bloody blazes are you waiting for Dutta! go and get the man, this calls for a PR job ,after all it's our reputation at stake boy! now get on with it and bring the man I'll wait here for him"! said Parekh .Dutta squared his shoulders and took long strides in his golden Dothi, moved with hasty grace like a lion that stalked  towards a focussed target!

Aye Sahib looked at her bahu and bent down to stroke her cheek, "ek dum sundar porgi! Naku chal meain thujhe logon se milwaon ,aur phir tu mujhe mer karma tuk chore ana ,ye silsa tu kai der challi ga abhi" ,Naku walked  elegantly towards the guests and Dutta saw as she walked with his mother and he felt a sudden urge to grapple her in his arms ,as if she felt his burning glances she turned and met his gaze and he cocked his head to the side and winked at her, she turned her face and he lowered his face and pulled his mouth to one side.

Mamma ji and his wife alongside Dutta made their way towards the garden .Dutta felt he was duty bound to these in law elders that he escorted them ,he felt protective towards them and sentiments of profound affection ran though him as he saw mamma ji's hand on his arm "Bappa tumhein hamesha kush rekhe Dutta" she said ,he looked down at her "bhudhi ke zaroorat hai mammi ji,  bhudhi ke kami hojate hai mujhe khabi khabi" replied Dutta.  Parekh stood up and made an concerted effort in making himself appear and look less authoritative. He offered his t hand to Mammaji and for a brief instance the two man looked at each other, one more in  an offensive position as the perpetrated, and the other in defensive due to his perpetration.  Dutta  stood and watched the two men, both tall and commanding in their carriage as the other, both roughly in the mid years of life ; he thought it best to remain a silent observer as he had faith in the good sense and level headedness of both men. Parekh held on to mamma ji's hand and put his hand upon the father's hand and said  "I don't know if you find this credible but I always wanted to meet you Sir, for my own sake if nothing else, and therefore I have to say Iam very fortunate that I should meet you here tonight "he said in all earnestness .Mamma ji who was a well read, well experinced man in dealing with many a people could safely concluded that this officer spoke with truth. "I do accept your feelings Brig.Parekh , this is my wife" ,Parekh offered namaste and invited the lady to be seated on one of the three wrought iron cushioned garden chairs. Once the three had settled down, Dutta thought it best to leave and looked at "Mammaji ap log batien karein mein under guests ko dekh ta hoon"...Parekh declined to puff his cigar and cleared his throat to speak as he leaned forward and rested his hands on his knees " I remember your son sir ,he was one of the finest, and a fast learner, quick silver in prowess,  never afraid to take risks ,the rest of his unit were fond of him as he was a bit of a  young philosopher, gave meaning to ordinary thoughts and unit members including officers  nick named him as philsifadan...Parekh stooped as he noted tears welled up in the eyes of the listeners ,he told me once "Sir you know my dad you know, is bit of a sage in my dera ,my dad is a headmaster and he would have liked me to become a teacher ,but sir he knew my first and last obsession was to join the army for sir I am in love with higher order things! doing something big and then going down in the annals of history" . Mamma ji wept as he held his hands in his face , both parents eyes questioned and Parekh continued,  "you see sir even when in his last his moments he kept his strength and held my hand in the ambulance and muttered "it is great to go to war but greater to rise above and strive for peace" his words I have engraved on a plaque in my office with his name engraved underneath, complete with the date Kargil 1999". Both parents smiled as they noted not sympathy, but heartfelt warmth in Brig.Parekh as he talked about their son ."now sir and ma'am allow me  if I may, to share my own grief with you, my mother like Dutta's mother was a war widow..we grew up without a father, me and my younger  brother, who like me and my father carried on with the tradition and joined the army much upon the opposition of my mother who never wanted my brother to be comissioned,but I saw the fire burn in him and assured my mother he would do well. He did, he was  given the sword of honour at he end of his training ,that which even I did not acquire, and mamma ji interrupted in great pride "but Dutta did! ,Parekh nodded and than patiently carried on,"soon after sir the 1970 war was declared and my 21 year brother, a newly qualified Captain was posted to the Rann of Kutch area, where soon after he went missing in action, later taken POW and eventually his body was sent home after the war ended and POWs were exchanged and accounted for by the two countries this moment in time my mother mourns the death of her youngest son whose body she never saw all she has now is the flag of the Indian Army that draped her sons coffin? folded way in some old trunk"... Parekh, stopped for a while and the three sat dewy eyed and morose in the stillness of the night .Parekh looked across to the man who lamented his son' death ,his face had a certain  composure about it that which seemed to be bounced off Parekh's face also . "you see sir and ma'am grief binds..soldier's families apart from being connected by patriotism  ..there is empathy that unites them!  The air had cleared and suddenly there was an affirmed healing within mammaji and his wife's hearts..the three headed indoors to participate in the rest of the evening celebrations.

Dutta saw the three people return and guided them towards a comfortable corner..and signalled the waiter to offer them dessert before he moved of,f Mammaji put his hand on his shoulder and spoke to him as man to man "don't know how you do it Dutta, magar ye tu kehna parhe ga pukka fauji hai tu war stratagems  mein" !and he boxed Dutta lightly on the arm and sat next to Parekh to chat about the philosophy of life... but Dutta was not really interested in anything other than hounding Naku's movements with his shifting eyes, he noticed she was taking Aye Sahib up to rest and he yelled "Baji " and gestured him over maein ata abhi apni kamara se ho ke tu adher khayal rekh " Baji complained "ab Bhau aisa kya kam per kiya thujhe? Dutta replied have to take a P!" and he stuck his little finger up at Baji, who laughed and gibed"it's all that whiskey you have been drinking that wants to come out haaa! "Shudddup! said Dutta as he literally raced up to his room trying to score as many stairs as possible..he got to his room at last! opened the door and stood behind the ajar door, he heard her payal on her way back  from his mother's room... his eyes and ears hiked up for the right moment and he opened the door grabbed her wrist pulled her in and shoved her against the closed door staring at her his head to one side, his lips opened ready to pounce on her lips ."Saab kiya ker rahe ho ap !oh Bappa!" she struggled as he pressed his body against the closed door she put her hands on his shoulders to ward him off and he grunted and pushed her further into the door "Saab mera kapre! She protested "tere  kapaproon  ke aise ki tasise"! he said as he put his hands on his shoulders and flung her hands above her head against the wall "oww" she went and he growled "bahut nekhra dekha rehi hai tu!" and as he moaned he put his burning lips on her neck hungrily kissing her neck madly from both sides but  her necklace kept coming in his face and the hooks caught him across the lips and he moved back in pain "ja mera kamre se isse waqat! he roared ..she tremblingly, moved, opened the door and sped off.

Baji waited for Dutta who finally appeared all flustered, he smiled chalo theekh hai he thought this is perhaps the right moment..the lights dimmed and red and green spot lights danced about Baji, as he stood with the mic in hand "aur ab ladies and gentleman ek khas item, its a classic number pun aaj bhi hit hai...this one is especially for Major Dutta as he looked at Dutta who sat  perched on his bar stool his elbow relaxed against the serving top, whiskey in hand, he looked at Naku as she sat on the red one armed Roman lounger, she looked at him from far, her eyes wide as a doe.. the lights dimmed and a fair maiden arrived  about whom Dutta seemed unsure, for she looked more of.. and he sipped his whiskey and moved his eyes the other way the music started and the belle with her head covered gyrated  her among the onlookers who hooted wildly Dutta lowered his eyes, She sang  athra baras ki kanwara kali thi !and swayed herself and spread her hands as she brushed  her body she lifted her veil and looked at Dutta at the bar  Ghoonghat mein mukhda chhupaake chali thi! and pointed at him  Phasi gori !  and moved towards him as he moved back red faced  Phasi gori channe ke khet mein! and stood there alluring him while others around him cheered ,she shook her hands and widened her eyes at him  Hui chori channe ke khet mein! as she wagged her finger at him, but he looked the other way ,but she took his glass and put it on the work top .Pehle to julme ne pakdi kalaai !and forced him to hold her wrist ,his nostrils flared slightly as he looked at Naku who turned her face in anger and he smiled , the dancer bit her finger and winked at him Phir usne chupke se ungli dabaai and he smiled a little as he checked Naku's face  she pretended to struggle with his hand on her wrist  Jora jori! Jora jori channe ke khet mein! she danced with her hands on his shoulders as he still sat at the bar  Hui chori channe ke khet mein! she brought her face closer to him and he moved his face,  every one sang along Tu tu tu tu, tu tu tu tu!! and she took Dutta by the hand and placed it on her shoulder and walked with him to the dance floor,  stood him and danced around him singing and pointing to all the areas where the man shouted and hooted!  Mere aage peechhe shikaariyon ke ghere!! she made a sign of a sling shot and put her arms around his neck Baithe vahan saare jawaani ke lutere!! and she wriggled her body in front of him as he turned his head to see Naku,  she pulled his head towards him and turned his body around and he smiled as he could see Naku who sat there in a sulk!  which pleased him because she turned down his advances earlier, Joban pe chunri giraake chali thi!! she covered her bosom seductively and walked towards Dutta and he moved back  but she lurched forward at him Haan, joban pe chunri giraake chali thi ,he ignored her with  glare!  Haathon mein kangna sajaake chali thi and she waved her arms and her bangles and lurched forward at his neck and put her arm around his neck, he caught her wrist aaround his neck!! Choodi tooti Choodi tooti channe ke khet mein! and she wrenched her wrist in pain as she banged on his chest, Naku was going starking mad!  Jora jori channe ke khet mein! and the woman caught his arm and encircled her shoulder,  Dutta pulled his arm back in anger! and narrowed his eyes! and jut his chin in warning! she shook her waist and hips and touched her ears Tauba meri tauba, nigaahein na milaaoon!  and pointed her finger at him,  Aise kaise sab ko kahaani main bataaoon! and moved her pointed finger from him to the wide audience  Kya kya hua mere saath re ! Koi bhi to aaya na haath re!  and she pointed her finger at Dutta as she lifted her lengha up to her ankles Dutta panicked! and jerked his head towards Baji ordering him to come to the floor Lehnge mein gota jadaake chali thi!  Dutta started to recede and Baji came to the floor and started to flirt amdist a shrill of whistles and cat calls  Baalon mein gajra lagaake chali thi!  and the woman gyrated with Baji as Dutta wiped his brow, he looked back at Naku who clearly showed signs of a stroop, Baji pulled Dutta for the girls final moves  Athra baras ki kanwaari kali thi!  Baji tried to peek at her face which she covered again Ghoonghat mein mukhda chhupaake chali thi!  Baji went for her wrist that she wiggled at him Phasi gori!  Phasi gori! channe ke khet mein Re!! hui chori channe ke khet mein ! and she spread her arms and turned round as moved her arms up and down   Jora jori!   Jora jori!  channe ke khet mein! There followed great pandemonium after this number and Baji put his arm around Dutta's shoulders and shouted three cheers for Bhao's dancing on a seductive number and every whistled as  Dutta moaned "tu mil mujhe bhar tuhje rough up kertu ho mein Baji touched his ear lobes and started going up and down on his knees as people clapped at his comic antics!  Dutta walked towards the empty space  near Naku and sheput her hand in that space as he  was about to sit "it's taken ,am looking after Roop's  place" she said as she glared up at Dutta with her green kajal doe eyes he narrowed his yes a little, frowned and flared his nostrils and sauntered off  her "moody cow" he mumbled. She smiled as she watched his golden attired back..with deep affection and longed to be with him...

Baji appeared in the spot light yet again,  "ok ladies and gentleman before the finale song there are some mini speeches in order!.. so first and foremost Brig .Parekh, who stepped in the spot light and took the mic from Baji.. "on behalf of the Infantry platoon, Major Ram and myself I would like to offer my thank Dutta and Nahuska's 'repected families ,for inviting us to be part of this auspicious occasion, it was a joy to be here everything from food to drink to entertainment was spot on Bravo! , however since I speak, I would like to remind people present that one of the reasons that Dutta's platoon could make it tonight is because they were in Patil wadi for a week leave to visit their families for Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid! so I have to say it was really the brilliant coordination of Baji, that made it possible for all of us to be here, so here's to you Baji Rao"!. And there was a loud cheer for Baji! Dutta looked at Baji and thought sudhar reha he ye aistha ahista..   Baji took the mic from Brig. Parekh and said and "now three important perons from the two families, Mamma ji ,Kala tai and Dutta Bhao himself firstly Naku's mamma ji, Mammaji came, a giant of a man "all I wanted to say is that it gives me great joy to accept Dutta as my son in law ,before I had met him I was apprehensive because of his occupation, the risks invloved in his job for my fears were more  about the stability and seciurity of Nakusha, who is like my own daughter ,but after meeting Dutta I have come to the conclusion that Dutta would look after her no matter what and where ,I have no hesitation in saying that they have been made for each other".Dutta could feel water welling up and his face turned bright red as he went towards mamma ji and shook his hand . Baji looked at Kala as she took the mic,  "well" she smiled "on behalf of Aye shahib and all my family I'd like to thank all of wonderful guests for making time to make my brothers engagement ceremony a special event ,there is plenty of food still around for those people who are peekish ,there are fresh snacks laid out in the garden so thank you once again, and now it looks ie the man himself wants to say a few words" and she passed the mic to Dutta there followed loud clapping and cheering and hooting emitted from the soldiers" well yes really most of the bits I was going to say have been covered by Kala Tai, to which I now wish to make some additions .First and foremost I'd like to thank my three wonderful sisters who organized, managed and implemented the decor and music/entertainment for the evening, next I wish to thank my two jijuus Kishore and Sudarshan for dealing with the catering and security side issues. ..and last but not the lesast a big thanks to myplatoon, Brig Parekh and Major Ram, whom I publicly invite to stay the night at PN, as Baji's room is temporarily  unoccupied..and before Baji kills me with his deadly looks my special thanks to my best friend and my brother Baji Rao for making it possible for my platoon to be present here..and last but not the least to Naku's family for giving me and Naku your blessings"...and after a pause, he raised his head and looked straight at her and said "Naku thank you for accepting me as your future husband" there were sounds of awww aww all over the place as Naku looked up him from where she sat on the red one arm Roman lounger oh Saab ,my missile man, my action man, mein kya bole gi Saab...

Baji appeared in the blue spot light "now for the last waltz the finale item..a song for Dutta and Naku,I have to say I asked both of them for their preference ,Naku is as bad as Dutta she said "ju bhi Baji I have to say it was better than "Baji me nehi kare gi" ..but the surprise was that Dutta who I could place a wager on,  that he never listens to song or watches bollywood films says "he never has the time" ... still he chose this song for himself and Naku so if the engaged couple can step in the spot light please....Dutta moved like a lion towards his lioness and offered her his hand.She looked up nervously in his eyes a slight frown sat on his forehead right in the middle of his eye brows on top of the bridge of his noses. She,took his warm broad palm and he touched her gently on the small of her back he led her up to the dance floor all eyes were on them,  a tall lion of a man and a demure, dainty princess in her crystal glinting taupe jamawar and coral sharara. They stood facing each other and the music starts he looks with warmth into her doe yes and held her finger tips he nodded gently at her "haan yehi rasta hai tera,tune ab jaana hai! he moved his head towards her a little,  his eyes shining "haan yehi sapna hai tera! tune ab jaana hai! peechana hai"! .He put his hands on her shoulders and she pouted her lower lip and smiled at him "thije ab ye dekhna hai"! and he raised her chin with his finger tips " roke tujhko "aandiyaan ye zammen aur aasmann!"  he knelt before her and offered his hand to her" paayga jo lakshya hai tera! and she placed her palm in his "lakshya toh har haal mein paana hai!,and he looked up into her eyes with immense emotion as he remained knelt on one knee before her "muskil koyi aajaaye toh"! and he turned his face the other way as tears welled up in her eyes ,"parbat koyi takraaye toh"! and he turned to face her as a tear dropped and he begged with a motion of his head taaqat koyi, dik laaye toh! toofan koyi mandlaaye toh ! and she put her hand on her hand "barse chaahe ambar se aag"!  and he looked up, "lipte chaahe pairon se laakh"!   payeega jo lakshya hai tera!! and he stood up and held her face in his palms and looked in her saddened eyes  "lakshya toh har mein paana hai! –and he nodded in her face and she smiled, as he stroked her temples, his hands glided to her shoulders and he held her at bay kya dooriyan he moved his head to one side and smiled into her eyes "kya faasle, manzil lage aake gale" and he gently pulled her close to his chest  and placed one arm around the small of her back and with the other he  stroked her head with the duppata on it , "himmat se jo koyi chale ,dharti hille gadmom tale" ! and they both rocked close to each other, he moved his hand and bent  his chin and lifted her chin with his fore finger and spoke to her in the words of the song with his eyes "tu chaal yunhi sub-o-sham rukna, jhukna nehi tera kaam! and he nodded once paaayega jo lakshya hai tera"!! ,he released her,  held her apart and held her finger tips again,  clasped her tiny hand and smiled and she shyly smiled back and the words spoke to them "lakshya toh ha haal mein pana hai"! and they faced the audience smiling and Naku faced the applause  unafraid holding on tightly to her Saab's hand .Single roses were showered at them as the spectators shouted once more! once more! Encore! and Dutta lifted up his palm and shrugged his hand at them ..people  rushed up to hug them and many patted Dutta's shoulder at his effort.Baji came running and said with one arm held in the air "kya Bhau tum ne tu aaj ek dun PDA ker dala! ..Aye Shahib ko dher honaieechi tha! ..Dutta glared at him in the up roar "Baji tu tayaar ho ja tera susral wala aane he wala hoga.....warned Dutta...

Soon after the crowd began to dwindle, the platoon left amidst salute and thank yous .Dutta and Naku stood near the door with Baji and Roops seeing the last of the guests. They all go outside.  The police van arrived on the dot at 12am to collect Baji who moaned "in saalon ko waqat pe anne ki kya zarorraet tha aur koi kamam ne  mila inhen"  Dutta gestured his head towards the van" Baji you might as well go" Baji turned to Dutta and started his snivelling "Bhao tu kal aye ga na mujhe milne? aur mera kapre bhi lae ker ana, he went. The havildar says "chaalo Baji bhao tumhara shahi poshak inteezar ker rehi hai" he snided. Dutta glared at him" havildar sahib detainees ki saat baat ker ne ka koi dhung hota hai ,aager ap un ko izzat nehi dein ga, tu kanoon ke izzaet ye bhi nehi karien ga" Dutta said dangerously "mafa ker dein major sahib chalo Baji bhao .Roops came running and gave some plastic containers with snacks in them "Baji take this if you get peckish in the night...she looked at the "havildar ye chale ga jee" he smiled and said" theekh hai bibi ager ap itne pyar se de rhi hin ..Dutta signalled to his bodyguard and two large basket covered with red protective film were given to the havilda. Dutta said" havlidar sahib ye ganesh utsav ke mauqie  per qaidiyon ki lye  humari Aye ke tarf se choki mein banet dejeihiga...

once the coast was clear Duttal ooked at Naku and jerked his head towards the garden ."Saab main? he placed is finger on her lip "chup aur ehder ah koi baat ker ni hai mujhe thujhe se" he grabbed her by the her wrist and brought her near a wide tree, with  warped curvy trunk he placed her back against the trunk and un pinned her dupatta,he stared at her in awe of her beauty as she layin the curve of tree trunk. He raised his arm and rested his palm above her head and bent his head to look at her from even a more closer angle, she was quiet.. " just wanted to tell you how stunning  you look Naku" he said his voice dribbling with an under tone of some mischief,for she could see it inhis eyes .."by the way how long did it take you to do all this make up" he tease "Saab you are incorrigible  ,you don't even know how to complement a girl"!she complained  , "but Naku" he brought his face closer and shook his head gently "you are no girl you are Naku my wife to be Dutta doesn't use words! he uses actions! here let  compliment you on how lovely you look" and he leaned forward and went on a kissing spree on her neck and stops midway "do you think you could take this bloody thing off! now Naku the party is over! and he flicked her necklace with his finger and she looked up at him and shakes her head slowly. He bent forward pulled her towards  him embraced her back, moved her plait and undid her necklace and dangles it on his fore finger in front of her , and sinks back towards her neck mmh he murmured "what would your Saab do without your long slender sweet smelling neck" and he spoke and continued kissing her his hands brushed her arms and he turned her face towards him she looked into his eyes with the same passion that he felt for her he opened his lips and went for her rose bud lips, she held him tightly and he kissed her long and deep consumed with tremendous longing that increased speedily, but Naku was rendered more on edge, and she pushed him back as he breathed fire on her, in her,  "Saab" she said firmly "saagi hoi hai koi laagan nehi" and she got off the curved tree trunk and began to walk away from him he called softly  "mein intezar karon ga lagan ka,Naku" she turned to look back at him a lone tall figure ,gathered up sharara and ran indoors he stood their briefly leaning back against the curvy tree trunk and looked at the brightest star in the heavens above  with tears in his eyes" babba aj sab kam bahut ache aur bere discipline ke saath hoya just the way you would like it ship shape bristle fashion... end of part 2 chapt.18~4.9.11 Hamlet  


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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged
awsem update totaly loved it dutta fulfil his promise and the fight between dutta and nakku's necklace but finally he got his wants love every bit part of it

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged
reserved ..i hve no net connection at home -_-

Hammie I'm back for part 2 :)

liked the mention of the fact that both thier desires to serve their country & people are what linked them together ..the relationship is stronger when one understands the others duty and even better when both want the same thing ...

Loved the looks shared between tasha ...their eyes have always spoke volumes ...

Baaji-Roops dance...i loved it...espcially the tea & biscut's entry lol...chai mein doopa biscut hogaya LMAO ...yeh baaji bhi na...but it was a cute dance ...enjoyed it...and AS seems approving of their pair..

Brig.Parekh and Dutta out for some fresh air ...and Dutta takes the opportunity to talk to his boss about maamaji's son...I am pleased Dutta has addressed the situation and more so that Parekh has agreed to speak to maamaji...situation was very well approached by our major :)

haaye Major's eyes on his prize...following her every move...and as soon as she turns to see him he does what he does best and winks haha ...

so Dutta takes Mamma ji & wife to garden...escorts them himself...nice to see his protective side of his in laws :P ..Brig Parekh and Mamma Ji's convo was touching and the words he got engraved was beautifully put...i really loved that line "you see sir and ma'am grief binds..soldier's families apart from being connected by patriotism  ..there is empathy that unites them! " it was like the closure needed for this little situation...the thing to heal the hearts ...

Dutta watching his lady love with hooded eyes LOL and making an excuse with baaji to leave ...but i loved the excuse...his little pinky shot up :P ...and he races up and waits for her ...and baam grabs her and pins her to the door ready to attack the lips ...dutta in full romance mood...

oooh la la ...nice item number...girl all over Dutta and he enjoying Naku's reactions...poor girl having to watch this is sulking ...wah hammie quite liked this number ...good selection...and that to for dutta ...

Baaji has planned everything so thoroughly ...loved the speeches...but of course Dutta's speech was best ...even i awwed at the last bit lol...

so the finale item...TaSha dance ...beautiful song choice...from Lakshya i believe...omg it was so well written...him kneeling and giving his hand...and then all the emotions and words through their eyes...just great...the love is so evident and so is their very impressed ...standing ovation for u ...honestly loved this scene to bits...aww PDA from Dutta and Duji moment at the end very nice

so all left ...including Baaji ...and Dutta takes Naku to the garden near a wide tree...yeh bhi na...his thghts only on having him complimenting her with actions ...and he is really not liking the interruptions from what she is wearing now is her...why would he when its in his way! :P aww the passion is building up but she is on top of her game...pushing him away and leaving ...loved the end

great update hammie...loved reading it...fully enjoyed...will wait for next...take you lots...Hug

phir milenge chalte chalte Wink

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res i will come back after some time
waiting ur comment on my os hammie

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Posted: 05 September 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Firstly it is gonna be an uphill task to comeup with a comment worthy of the twin updates "Sagai special", still would give it a try.
So Baji is back where he belongs and doing what he does best. Cannot imagine PN without him and his antics. AS is now breathing easy after seeing him and her motherly instincts draws her to Dutta's room. She has every reason to feel proud of the man lying on the bed and the convo between the two just proves how tight this bond is. The Good Son even in his half awaken state thinking of his mornin arouserBig smile.
Baji's quick meeting with roops was cute and well thougt out.
Baji and Dutta are more than friends, i feel Dutta is like a fatherly figure, disciplining and controling the crazy streak in him, now that he is going to be the son in law, its all the more the responsibility of Dutta to see that Baji is capable of handling the new role. Its an unenviable position he[dutta] is in, hence the ziddi lover boy when he is with nakku.
The Baji, Dutta and Sethji interaction was so natural and even there dutta makes sure that sethji does not get wrong ideas. Sethji and Baji have some common traits and the most important common trait being their veneration for Dutta. Aaw! poor Dutta baby will not eat if its not made by his momma nakku. Yeh toh kaamse gaya, pyaar ka maara, bechara. See, every now and then he has to be pampered by nakku. Glad, nakku understands him so well.
Nakku naturally nervous and getting ready to suit 'His taste'. Sirpe chada rakki hain nakku ne. Dutta is dressed to kill as Baji rightly points out, "zinda mardalega" [as if we didnt know].
So all set for the big day and Brigadier Parekh perfectly put it when he says Dutta is ambushed, and i will add taken captive for life by nakku, a "Prisoner of Love".
Loved the song selection of 'Ek ladki ko dekha' as it perfectly brings out Dutta's thought process when he sees her coming. After the exchange of rings, she is officially His nd he in turn officially wil be her stalker for life. The song and dance sequence by the Platoon soldiers was another highlight of ur update. More than anything i luved how u described every step and movement for us. U deserve one standing ovation for thisClap
Dutta and nakku eyeing each other every now and then, admiring one another not finding a pvt moment for themselves, luv struck doves.
  Baji and roops dance was spot on and goes with their characters as well, ainvayi lut gaye dono ne ek duje ke liye.
Dutta very cleverly took the opportunity to set the meeting of Brigadier and mammaji and helped them clear the air of doubt.  Meanwhile he finds time to stalk nakku and ambush her. 
Hammie, u put in an item number tooParty and dutta even thou' in an unfamiliar ground enjoying the rooti hui nakkku.   Wow! u put in my fav movie Day Dreaming'Lakshya' song and what better way for the major to show the world what this relation means to him. Perfect ending for a perfect evening, but somewhere the looming seperation [due to call of duty] of the two was bothering me. 
Finally after the surprise PDA of Dutta and the send off including Baji, the two had some quiet time together where our 'man of action'Wink got busy with his fav pastimeLOL
 Thank U dear Hammie for a wonderful double bonanza, looking forward for the next instalment as always, Luv u, take care. 

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