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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 49)

Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
i am waiting anxiously for the update & here you surprise everytime with something mind blowing ,so dutta formally proposed & i like the way he did ,waiting for the engagement ,update soon dear Smile

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mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 30 July 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged

Nice updateClap an armyman's would be wife has to be mentally prepared for many situations, a very important aspect of their llife was explained here. Naku's answer was good. finally Datta has fuffilled AS's wish. Thanks for the pm, waiting for the next part.Smile

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prncz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2011 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
Hey Hammie me uodated my comments
ciao , Enjoy ur  weekend . did u shop online today Wink

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2011 at 7:36pm | IP Logged
Hey Hamiee i have edited my comment on page 47 yaaraHug

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 4:30am | IP Logged
edited my spot Tongue

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged

Hey hammie Hug
hope you are doing well Smile
im late as usual *maafi for that* Embarrassed
the update is fantabulous...i loved it loved it loved it
uptil now this is my most favourite one...enjoyed it to the core

awww dutta is so disturbed by that incident add to that his job bounds him not to react...but i loved this senstive side of him a lot...specially the way he was weeping all night for requires  so much courage to shed tears...that too on others pain

He sighed had it not been for her timely interventions heaven alone knows what he could have done to that even i would love to know what would he have done Wink

but this man and his mood swings...this advice is for naku [itnay nakhray mat uthao...aik thapar lagao... your gadha will come back to his senses]
i mean dutta ...bachi ki jaan lougy kia...poor girl was so scared thinking is he upto pair her with harshad...btw where is he?? not that im missing him
jahan bhi hai wahin rahy...dont come back to our tasha land LOL

Now that baaji and Roops pairing up is another surprise...though it was a pleasent oneEmbarrassed
but both of them are just like kids...their interactions makes me giggles...fighting for riding rascal was so cuteLOL
but the way they are dealing with each other...makes me wonder yeh dono romane kesay karain gay ...hehe
baaji and roops should learn something from their bhau and to be vahini..Wink

ahmm dutta actually saw baaji and roops together in that posture *runs to drink a glass of water*
may be it will be hard for dutta to digest that her sister and best freind are together...but what a lovely realtion would it be between dutta and baaji as jiju and saala
i always wanted to see that in serail ...but sigh!!!!
hope so through ur ff we can enjoy that moment tooSmile

Loved the convo between dutta and naku a lot regarding his job...i loved dutta's straight forward attitude...where he was clearly telling her the facts of his life style..
for me this part was the best...specially naku's one liner reply "well Saab  if you are at war than I will treat it as something normal! It's our new reality"!
hats off to that girl's courage...and what a simple yet intelligent way to sum up her thoughts...Dutta must be prould of his selection im sureEmbarrassed
and another highlight of this part for me was dutta mentioning  that emotional trauma is not only faced by the soldiers wives or moms but by the soldier himself...seriously all the way i was only
thinking about the sufferings of those who are attached to the soldiers...till i read this line..

Haila dutta proposed her in front of everyone*faints*
loved it how you always keep him in character...he is simply unperdictable
though i expected aaye saab to faint...just like the way she used to do in LTLLOL...awww miss those days a lotCry
i love this thing a lot about ur ff always brings out a lot of pleasent memories of the show
ab tou dutta nay kangan bhi pehna the girl officially belongs to him *imagine what can he do now*
that was so cute the way dutta was signalling her to come to his roomEmbarrassed...waiting for their engagement ceremony...awww dutta wants to keep it simple and donate that money to bomb blast victims...that was such a kind gesture

Kala is back...interesting twist hammie
though she is trying to act good but dont know is it just me...she actually gave me negative vibes
specially the way she questioned their status difference
keeping fingers crossed...but would be damn interesting to see what she is actually upto
haila both bro sis
but it shows what bonding are they sharing...seems she has a lot of significance in dutta's life
now im having butterflies in my stomach...thinking what if she is negative...would be damn interesting !! long our tasha's relation is safe...

Ohh baaji and roops will take naku ka sahara to convey their message to kidsBig smile

And the last part was Day Dreaming
what to say hammie...
finally dutta's long lasting wish is granted...great going major...thats the spirit ..try try till you succeedLOL...and he has finally succeededWink

Thank you so much Hammie for this wonderful updateSmile
for this you deserve not only lions award...but filmfare Oscar too...for you and Your Sher-e Dil aka Mishal/Dutta Smile
i wish Mishal actually plays an army officer's role onscreen too...would suit his image a lotSmile
waitnig for next friday..Smile
lots of love Hug



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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

Reserved ...I owe you comments for two parts will do both here Wink


Hammie mein aagai ...kaan pakoding...maafi saab :P
sorry i don't know how i forgot to come back to ur last update so me making up can not just leave it will read comment on both here we go...

Chapter 12: Love is a many -Splendored Thing

haye haye major Dutta sitting in drizzling rain...loved how he called her and then was like fully checking her out to bottom, every curve lol...aww and he is not wanting to go in either...wants to just be in the moment...omg this was a damn hot all blushing reading it ...ahahah omg Naku is such a teaser LOL...very well written scene hammie...enjoyed it...poor major totally being denied access alll this i loved most that Dutta did not do anything she didn't want... yeah rember officer and a gent!

oh yay Dutta all ready for crutches ...i am more excited lol...i want him up and walking ...back to his fomer self soon. i should hope so enough of sittin on his buttTongue

ROFL @ Suds wanting to join army...omg i am so with also would have worked on keeping my drink in my mouth and keeping from choking LOL
idiot what else can be said! lost his marbles
  Major working hard to get back in action...all determined to get this if its the last things he does...and very intelligent...Lauren is right to call him her star patient lol...ahhaa omg i really love Baaji...jumped on the chance to further befriend Rascal and Dutta all like get possessive of it ... yeahbaji ka cometitor for dutta 's affection

Dutta wants to tell his aye he wants to marry Naku but then that last scene am speechless

Hammie big hug for you on the last part here...the bomb blast a very known issue now and you have brought it into this so beautifully...yet it was so heart wrenching...everything you wrote there was so true...the fact of facing such horrid situations or hearing even it really makes you feel for them and pray for heart reaches out everytime in any such incidents.
cant ignore human suffering can we ?
Awww omg Dutta was so troubled he couldnt even get himself to tell AS about Naku and him...i don't blame him such incidents really catch you off gaurd...and really make such a difference in whats going on but I hope he tell AS soon.
wait to see in next epi

Last scene glad it was Tasha and they had this moment to be there with each other for comfort...its really needed in such experiences be able to just get that support and love that is needed.

Wonderful update hammie...loved it to its have magic in ur writing that keeps me wanting more :P ...and me now heading straight to next chapter ...
listen friend thanks for making theie to read it  much appreciate

Chapter 13: Marriage of true minds

loved how you started this update...Dutta's behavior, Nakus reaction...had me kind of thinking what is major up to...there is like a pull and push in  their relationship ...called forces in  action  law of physics

ahh omg Baaji and Roops have a LS and seems cute and funny ...i did not expect that at alll...omg both on Rascal too...lmao these too i tell u and Dutta is in utter disbelief with what he saw and is confused what to think and then the right person comes at the right time ;) hehe who else Naku ...Dutta still thinking about Baaji-Roops...hmmm... yes i thought have a bit of mix and matchWink

ok so Duta needs to speak with Naku and I love how she in her  head prays to bappa to save her LOL... yes Ganno bhaiyaa humari nakku ka!

omg i loved this, he wants to know about her fears, this is good straighten this out beforem they both needed to talk about this...she needs to know what his life is like...I loved her reply to this to...slowly letting each thought come out...really well written scene here hammie...the part about the polica car...and hving that feeling for 10 yrs straight...i can just feel that to...well explained...he said cut and dry...laid it all down for her to see to acknowledge and o understand...what life of being married to him would bring...brilliant ... well that's life for wives with hus bands etc in army

OMG what a proposal LOL ...just came out in the spur of the moment...AS shocked B-R happy... wow...really wow... well impulsive hai koi nehi chala sakta hai use karta hai apna maan ki

owww he put bangles on her *me going all dreamy eyed here* ...all so happy with this announcment or rather declaration... maha filmy come DayaWink

loved how dutta remembered the incident and hurt families of Patil Wadi...and also wanted things to be done simple .. quite sane and sensitive,focussed.

hmm so Kala has come ! OMG is she really happy for her brother and ok with Naku...*blinks fast and thinks* hmmm...well i guess time will tell :P oh yeah life was a bit dull with out the glamorous mature shrewd female version of Dutta

oh Baaji and Roops cracking me up with their rubbish fights and talks of marriage lol ...aww i love Baaji Naku relationship casual it is ...very light hearted convo there...and so much comfort... basically they need a slap the pair of them jumping the gun!

haha Naku so drowned in thoughts of her saab...mee too joining she brings the jug of water to her man who was waiting for so long for her...and takes his chance to trap her...and has her completely at loss for words...oh ho major is trying sooo hard to get what he wants...i am laughing with each collision ...forehead...nose lol...his rage is spiking...aww like a kid who didn't get to taste the ice cream...was about to leave and Naku puts her hands around him...haila...aww they kissed ...loved that line about no music needed...i totally agree...there was music there already :P  well there were certain dreamy damsels who are in love with the army guy ..know they desired he plant one on her ..beechare i wonder is ka koi reaction hoi ga ?

Precap :
so AS goes to ask N's hand in marriage for Dutta hope all ends well :)
watch this space waise apas ki baat hai unko kia objection hoga lardki is sooo dishy

Great updates and again am extremely sorry this is so late ...amazing writing...was a joy to you lots...take care...cya :D thank you sooo much Daya such a commited reader you are faith ful..hammie is grateful for your encouragment!Big smile

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rrs1391

love the update 1st part the talk of duty is full of emotion and the understanding tasha held is also a fab part of this relation and the propose infront of family and the way dutta said to aai about the marrige expense and donate the money to victims he had a golden heart and the baaji roops love and the way baaji and roops make nakku understand and the last part is so romanticEmbarrassed
thanks for comment  glad you enjoyed the sequences in the update hammie

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