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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 47)

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                                         Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                             Painful Rapture: Chapter 13

                                       " Marriage of true minds"...Shakespeare

Dutta whined into the morn, plagued by a headache. His  head, with dishevelled hair lay cradled on his crossed muscular bare arms, as he gazed into empty space  in a dead stare. He blinked the stare away as he recalled the events that rendered his spirit restless. He nipped his closed mouth , much too much was passing by in his life that was fast tracked. In addition all spelt transition in his otherwise cut and dry army fashion life style. His fine fingers stroked his bare hairy chest. The rains had loosened the track of emotional guard and ramparts that he had erected around himself. He blinked once and a teeny smile danced on his lips as he recalled his inflicted boorishness on her. He sighed had it not been for her timely interventions heaven alone knows what he could have done to her. He creased his brow and his eyes rolled another way, there was no justification towards his waywardness as he was not drunk but fully of sane mind and aware. He sighed as he screwed his lip, perhaps from now on he needed to keep his hands well off her, he chided himself. He moved his head as if he needed to change his thought ..there was the Mumbai incident domino effect in his  Patil Wadi. With a degree of helplessness he mused ,where all else could converse willy nilly about the seriousness  of the incident ,he Major Dutta Patil had to abstain from the issue due to his duty bound requirements; sans expressions on political affiliations, internal or external affairs! He just followed orders not how he felt about the rights and wrongs, the fair and the unfair, the just and the unjust! For the soldier just carry's out orders! And therefore he would remain aloof...starting from the ones closest to him. .his family...there were sectors of his life that he would never disclose, not even to his family!



She came in bearing his morning tea. He stared at her turquoise green peeshwas shirt with a  low cut scoop neck, the shirt was pulled in smock style flattering her full figure  and then hung loose all the way  down to her knees. Her extra elongated sleeves were gathered in bangles over her hands and made her arms appear slim , elegant and graceful, a flimsy net chunni hung around her fair neck  and her shapely legs were covered in a tight churridar which gathered like thick  fitted bangles around her ankles.  He lay still blinked after seeing her and rolled his eyes the other way. She could sense his distance ,but still took it upon her self to sit in front of him on the edge of his bed .He stared at her eyes, that looked directly  at her Saab's swollen top eyelids which told the tale of his bitter weeping last night . her gaze shifted to  usually neat sid parted hair,that looked like a roughened lion's mane, his over night prickly stubble too needed a shave .His cocky stare at her lovely fresh continued, as his arms still held his head .She looked at his knotted biceps taut and humped,streaked discreetly with maroon swollen veins ,she noticed had  a faint ring of bruising just beneath his biceps ,she leaned as she  stroked his warm   crossed arms ,he looked at her beautiful face surrounded by loose long hand span length of silky strands of hair dangling before his eyes , he gently bl inkedhis eyes ,she was so dainty and feminine compared to his largeness that it was unbelievable he thought!  She challenged his some what frigid stare with her large doe eyes ."Saab ye kya hoya? she stroked the marks on his arms cuff se hoya ha? she bent down to plant a kiss but he held her back with his broad palms ,but she decided on a naughty onslaught, "Saab gosh! even your armpits have long straight hair, talk about being hairy are you flesh anywhere or are you all hair! she teased him, but he blinked and stared at her totally un moved by her coarse humour ..."you must shave them like you do to your beard Saab!" she continued trying to lighten his mood .."Nakku main  Koye aurat ho ,ye phir koye "heshe" whose is likely to wear a sleevless top  that I should shave my armpits!" ..she stood humiliated ,  "and he continued in his guttural voice "by the look on your face you seem to be deriving a thrill at looking at my armpits he said dryly.. Nakku fumbled "here have some tea" , he looked at her with anry still twinking eyes and nudged his head ""rakh de"...she looked on affectionately as he swung his legs across the side of the bed rubbing his eyes. She bent to passed him the crutches ,he stared at her move and indicated with his upturned palm,to stop . He heaved himself on his feet and stood looking coldly into her big eyes  "Saab is every thing alright with you" she whispered, as she moved her arms and placed her soft fingers on his hard upper arms . He stood erect and still " what is it with you women if a man is not falling over and groping you about you conclude there is something wrong  with him! he gibed . Nakku took her hands off him, as he turned and walked away towards the bathroom door .."tayaar hona de ,waise bhi Aye se kuch baat ker ni hai mujhe".she stiffened, when she heard that and looked at his smooth back not far from the bathroom door ..and dared to enquire" kise bare mein? his ,hand gripped the arm handle of the crutch ,as he reeled around to face her, "sorry ?  can't a man talk to his mother? he questioned "sure he can" said Nakku timidly, he looked at her with waiting eyes, his nostrils flared just slightly .."bole gi ahgaye ye mein jaon nahaney? Just as he turned she cogged up her valour and faced his polarized looks.  "Saab baat Mera bare mein hai kya? he heard her, and for a split second shook his head slightly as if on a on a spring."jee nahi Nakku jee"! ap ka bare mein nahi hai! and he jerked his head hard rolled his eyes and pushed open the bathroom door. She stood crest fallen as she stared at the closed door, was he going to talk about setting her up with Harshad?..grrr! she reacted why oh why is he the way he like! per is singham ko pyar karti hai Nakku.. jan se be zaida...


Nakku left his room, unloved and snubbed she headed towards Baji's room to change the flavour off her mouth she could over heard he had company, familiar to her .There was general laughter, it was Roops voice coupled with Baji's cackles.. the do was ajar . "Baaji ,Roops yelled you are such a dirty devil you fancied me oh this is absolutey in credible.! ",why" protested Baji is mein itna harran hone ki kya baat hai?  Roops giggled" well I don't know what to say really.."oh come off it Roops itni chooti baachi bhi nehi hai tu ke thujhe meri vibes na mile hoin? " Bbuut.. "chaal chor aur marey damakh ka dehi maat bana... tera kya feelings hain mera bara mein? .".weel said Roops "you're ok looks wise ,a bit short for my preference,  Baji got up to strangle her with palms poised at her "ruk teri tu main.. "leave me alone! She screamed alluringly and ran from him.. Nakku moved from the door, discomfited at being led, inadvertently into this interchange between two people she loved, she receded, turned and furtively made her way down to make poha for him...

 Dutta emerged from his room clad in his grey blue pathiani, he wondered about her where abouts and led himself to his balcony overlooking the ground floor area of his house ,he looked at Bappa's lone statue ,looking up at him as  if in wait. He blinked and was about to move when he heard rowdy banter,  he stood with one eye brow trivially raised and  his jaw dropped it was that bloody Baji riding Rascal again! Going haan shabash Rascal that's my boy!  Followed hot on heels  by a hysterical Roops yelling "ruk ja Baji ! mujhe bhi ride leni hai!  Bhau so  raha hoga"! .Dutta's face broke into a minute smile as he brought his knuckle to the side of his lip, "pagal lardki he thought with fondness' but releasing is earlier foul mood he stopped short as he saw the spectale of Baji stop and Roops perched on his lap as he whizzed Rascal towards the kitchen.. Dutta's hand gripped his crutch arm rest and his face thundered. He did know what to think an how to react ..he heard Nakku's stern voice " Baji what are you doing? ,if Saab sees you messing about with Rascal he'll make mince meat out of you and as for you Roops she admonished you are as bad as Baji!  stop it you two ,Aye will be coming down for breakfast as well. The pair protested ,with their hands in the air.. "Nakku tu Saab ke theran bahut serious hoti ja rahi hai"... mocked Baji coupled with a  he wink at Nakku, as she tapped his shoulder to silence him with her finger placed on her little mouth. Dutta heard and saw,  he was somewhere despite of what he saw ,pleased that she confronted the situation and was clearly in the offensive ,she had them in hold.. his woman!

He gradually retracted to his room, hauled by fresh preoccupations, his best friend with , his baby sister, since how long since ? how far gone it was?  and what course of action was needed? as he was Roops brother, older brother for that matter! and that bloody Baji!!! And Dutta paused to ponder what did he feel about Baji?  ... gambit of thoughts..

Nakku came back bearing his breakfast. He peeked at her as she placed the tray on the treasure chest boxed table in his room, he sat on his turquoise sofa and  this time looked  up her with intent.  He leaned forward a bit brought his hands in front of him, his finger tips of corresponding hands delicately touching each other. He needed to iron out certain issues with her , before he spoke to Aye. "Nakku I need to speak to you he began in clear crisp fashion ,she stiffened oh dear Bappa, have mercy on me ,Saab had been odd this morning she prayed oh Bappa!  hope he has not changed his mind!. She moved forward to sit beside him but he took her slender arm and  swerved  her to sit before him, and arranged both her arms  on his knees She waited apprehensively as her heart pounded against her ribs . He looked warmly into her eyes, yes he preferred her sitting before him so he could study her thoughts and emotions right to the profundity of her soul. He opend his mouth and took her hand in his and  assured her "Nakku pyar to main thujse karta hoon ,shaadi bhi chaata hoon tera saath per,I just want to know how you feel about one thing, she waited with a lump in her throat as a vein throbbed uncontrollably on her neck " that about being married to a man in the Armed forces, I want to hear your views.. about your fears ,no don't say that you love me Nakku ,please ,and he stroked her hand tenderly I know that, it's  your fears Dutta wants to know  only" .She was stunned into silence ,this was an interrogation he was undertaking ,"and I want the truth it's important ! chaal ab bata." Nakku sat up her shoulders squared up  with boldness and she looked into his intense eyes.  She bit her lip "Saab my main fear would be to bear your absence, kay ab mera pas nehi hoga ga, Dutta nodded as he encouraged her, I will miss you", he knew,  she was just saying the obvious. She took a deep breath, "I would wait for your return , and she faltered as she hung on to his palm ,"I would live in the fear that you may not return home! she uttered, with her big doe eyes swimming with tears.. he withdrew his hand and declared "no tears  Nakku! for you are not the only woman who waits for her son, brother, father, and he stopped and sucked his lower lip "or husband who or is riddled by the fear of losing their loved one , but still the soldiers and their families continue for they are propelled by something that sets them apart from all else.. passion for king and country!"

She looked up at him as he spoke to her" pata hai Nakku  I am talking to you about the emotional trauma you are likely to face , of having me your spouse in the event of combat! He continued,I was once talking to a colleagues wife at a mess get together and I remember her words "waiting for my husband to come home is a feeling of unease and worry that one has , when a police car is driving behind you! now Dutta try having that feeling for 10 years straight"! Nakku snuggled up closer to his knees as her Saab continued Nakku ,when I saw that young pregnant girl once married now a widow yesterday at Zaveri bazzar, I vowed to myself that I would talk to you about what it's really like  being the wife of a man like me .. Nakku in our training we are also briefed on mental health issues, soldiers awareness is raised towards the emotional and psychological issues their wives could suffer from.. "Saab" she put her palm against his warm mouth to stop him.." nehi Nakku I have not finished yet! he said with some aggressiveness as he put her hand back on his lap and pressed his palm on it .. "you will have to let me finish.. let me point out  straight what  military spouses can experience! , insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, loss of concentration, depression, headaches, avoidance of the outside world, neglecting meals and even their children..staying in bed all day!!! Nakku shook her head in dissent ! "I know you'll say that you can deal with all that I have pointed out to you... emphasized dutta ,but by now you should know Nakku ke tera Saab sab such bolta hai, I don't want you to just go for the glamour of the stars and the stripes.. reality ab tera samane hai .. Nakku you choose .. Dutta stated in all earnestness.

 He gripped the sofa side and hauled himself up she helped him and he made way towards the central edge of his bed. "come and sit here Nakku" he called  and she obeyed ,as she waited to have him sitting close to her, but was surprised to note that he rested his crutch near her side, on the bed ,  he placed his palms steadily on each of the bed where she sat on the edge and backed himself ,bent his knees and sat on the floor his long legs parallel on the floor ,he smiled at her shyly and put his arms with pushed up sleeves on her knees and beamed his eyes at her and held her knees with his hands he looked up into her eyes. "Nakku its not just soldiers wives that suffer ,its soldiers as well, Nakku looked down searchingly into  his eyes.."you know there have been endless moments where I suffered from anxiety and fatigue ,his face twisted a little ,fear that I would lose my boys ,my friends, he sucked his lower lip sighed and carried on ,there were times when I suffered short spurts of memory lapses and moments when my concentration was impaired,he divulged to Nakku . He nodded as her eyes widened at his report, he tilted his head slightly and his narrow eyes glazed in recollections of the past, and he continued "It was like a mental illness ,not obvious like the physical illness but, hidden never spoken about,for fear of demotion, or being seen as a weak soldier in terms of Military valour. He sighed and disclosed he remembers his father  saying to him" Dutta ,in the army to admit to mental illness is seen as a weakness! He became silent. As his eyes gaped slightly as they spelt his vulnerable moment , for he had never before commented on his line of duty or his professional unit. He raised his eyes to fathom the depth of her eyes. If only her eyes can speak the truth to him ,that he was one hell of a soldier! and one hell of a man! and that they both are one! and that she wanted to join the one to make it two!,  He had said what he wanted to say ,  she was still willing to start her life with him,in quiet complacency, he  lowered his head to look at his clasped palms on her knees and Nakku bent and kissed his head. He moved back as he had thought it best to stay away from her till everything was formalized and finalized between her and him. He stood up and walked away from her.  

She sat on the edge of his bed as she looked at his tall slightly leaned frame her eyes stung with a admixture of emotions, his candour, his listening to her views about his profession ,and from her point of view his inability to see her acceptance of him as her Saab one and only Saab, the one and only man she will ever love as a woman!

She stood away from him as she whispered "Saab" and turned to face her with quiet cold stare of a lion awaiting her move.. "well Saab  if you are at war than I will treat it as something normal! It's our new reality"! and she turned her face the other way as she saw him blink and smile at her gutsy answer. He crutched himself towards her ,as he saw her full and firm back ,and admitted he could not stay away from her! he had to be close to her .He heaved and walked towards her and let his crutch fall on the bed ,and he gently placed his slender fingers on her love handles and slide his hands slowly up her tiny waist, gradually relishing the feel of her sweet smelling warm body, he moved his hands up her shoulders and folded one hand around her neck burying his face in her neck ,giving her tiny peeks and he pressed his front into her back , she jerked and swiftly twisted herself to face him ,he stared wide eyed into her green eyes and with his fingers caressed the mark on her neck she closed her eyes and threw her head back ,he sank his hungry mouth on the same spot but refrained from sucking the skin of her neck .and instead dragged  his lips back and forth on her neck which now was becoming his favourite spot to vent his passion on her..


  It was a mild mid afternoon as the spitting of rain outside dropped the high temperature. The family sat drowsily sprawled after a filling meal, on the settees  in the lounge area. Dutta walked towards the seated family, he looked for the one person he needed ,finally she came in her  peshwaaz outfit carrying the bowls of dessert, his favourite gujar ka halwa .Dutta stood towering over every one waiting and watching her , her slim lithe body bending and passing the try of bowled halwa helpings to each person around the sitting area . Some had already started eating like Baji and Roops ,Nakku bent the tray before Aye sahib. Dutta sprang into action "Nakku" he called firmly his voice made every one still,  she straightened up "Jee Saab". Dutta walked towards her and said" kya tu mujhe she shaadi kera ge"? . Nakku was flabbergasted  the tray wobbled in her hand. There was pin drop silence in the room, the silence was broken by "Jee Saab ! Aye was in complete shock. Baji jumped up from where he sat Roops ran to hug Nakku who was trembling like a leaf. Kishore leapt and blessed Nakku on the head ,Leela ran to stir her mother .Dutta saw the scene with his brown slightly furrowed his eyes beginning to well up as he walked towards his mother who still sat in partial shock! , he bent to touch her knee "Aye Shahib Dutta ne ap ki kowhish pur ki hai." Aye got up and clasped him to her bosom and both mother and son shed a tear in silence as they buried their heads close to each other.! AYE released him and said "jagdamby jagambay "she moved to Nakku who stood behind Dutta shy and demure ,adher ah Nakku ,tu kush tu hain na? she asked and Nakku nodded flush faced, "tu aj se ,abhi se hum na thujhe humare betey Dutta ki liya roka and she took her thick gold bangles and put them on Nakku's palms. Dutta turned to look at her, his eyes speaking volumes of love to her silently .."Bhau put the bangles on her wrists! Roops and Baji shouted , Dutta looked on innocent and shy and his lips opened with some gallantry ,as he gingerly got hold of one of her wrists looked at her with a wicked grin and cupped her delicate fingers in one of his strong broad palms and with the other slid the thick gold bangle past her smooth hand looking out of signs of hurting her "dossra haat ab Bhau! called Leela .Dutta slanted his lips to one side and reached out for her other hand held it for a second as he glanced into her green eyes with besotted looks, wedged her palm, and slid the other bangle on as well .Every one clapped and cheered .. Baji ran to Dutta and embraced him snivelling at his neck "Bhau main tum dino ke lya bahut kush hoon". Dutta moved him away from him "aye  Baji tu larkiyon ki theran her baat pe  ro detah ai, chal ap drama band ker aur mujhe halwa kahana de! jested Dutta .. "kye Bhau aaj tu aur vahini saat saat bethoo ga saab ki sama ,haina AYE " haan Baji ..she smiled Dutta sat down and Roops brought Nakku over to his side and made her sit next to Dutta , he glanced at her side ways and her eyes smiled with mischief and he gave her discreet wink .Nakku lowered her eyes with immediate effct and blushed, her face and neck turned red. "Chal Bhau  ab apne  chammach se tu vahini ko halwa khala ,aur use cham che se vahini tuje kalai ge . so cute na said Roops.  Dutta held a spoonful of halwa near her rosy mouth, that mouth he so desired to taste, he thought uneasily trying to banish his shady intentions, she took the spoonful looking shyly at him and she took his spoon and scooped the spoon and brought it to his mouth , I wish you would bring your lips near me as readily as now Nakku! his eyes cried out to her eyes...Dutta gave the empty bowl of halwa to Nakku and he sat with his hands on his knees looking at every adorned with happy quiet dignity. He dutta had done what was expected of him to confirm his desire to marry the girl his Aye had chosen for him.. butin clandestine he knew that every one was aware how he felt towards Nakku .Roops quickley came over and sat on the sofa arm and but her arms around her brothers shoulders ,he turned his head side ways to meet her dancing eyes "now what do you want Roops? He questioned affectionately "oh Bahu I want a big celebration ,a big event for your engagement ,big and bold .and Baji cheered "beshak Roops event tu hoga mein aur Sudarshan bhau  saab intezzam karenian ka haina Sudarshan Bhau main "Baji mugar mehjhe tu dera ki pas wali zamame par hasab lena hai." replied Sudarshan dis tastefully. "chola acha hai.. hum na dera jana hai Ganapat aur Babi ki ghar Nakku ke ristha ke baat ker ne ke lya,Aye notified.  Dutta looked at Nakku his lips parted and his eyes fixed on her as she walked away to the kitchen with the tray try to ward off his calling eyes ,for every time she looked at him he lifted his eyes brows towards his room on the first floor and her answer would be biting her lip and a quiet shy smile. "Jee Aye" said Sudarshan ,disappointed because he thought he could do his own side sub deals with buyers ,and now Aye would be accompany in him which meant he would have to take the car.


Aye drew every one's attention to outline what she was planning to do after this announcement. "Mein aaj he pandit je se subh mahurat k baat karon ghi .. aur kal hum Babi anur Ganapt ki haan Roops aur Leela ki saath rashte ki baat laye ker jaina ga ; su ki bad Baji tu mehmannao ki list teyar karna, hamari beta ki sagaai ki resm hai dhoom dham se hooni chai . "Aye interrupted Dutta, as he knew in all the mini pandemonium what he was about to say would not be audible or forceful enough he pushed himself up against the sofa arm and arose  Aye Shahib and every one else may I be allowed to say something please ,it's true what you are dealing with presently is great news of accepted traditional festivity for us all, and yes in our rich utasv tradition ,most undoubtedly calls for a celebration by way of announcing to others the confirmation of a union between me and, he paused ,titled his and looked at Nakku with totally surrendering eyes ,and Nakusha". Nakku smiled and lowered her eyes and grappled on to the sides of her turquoise green peshwazz shirt, Dutta explained "but I do wish to remind you of the tragedy that has transpired in the 6 houses of Patil Wadi which has shook all of us who are around ,now call this soldier and man soft in the heart and mind,  but Aye Shahib how can we have mass festivity and merriment in our house when there is bereavement and mourning in the house of our people.. he moved his  head a fraction to the side where his love stood, his mouth opened as he looked at   her for opinion . She nodded her head and her eyes beamed at the sensitivity and compassion of her soldier/lion/ man.. Aye too smiled at Dutta and said "hum tere baat samajhe gyain hai Dutta, hum jo kuch bhi karien gi choote paimana mein kare gain .. "aur ek baat Aye! ap ju itna paise saagai per jo kharchaien gien wohi kuch paise Zaveri bazzar victims ka khandanon keyi mudaat aur imdad ki fund mein de sakkatien hain"... suggested Dutta with an affirmed look on his face..his eye brows slightly creased and his eyes staring downwards... "tu phir sab kuch set hai... tu chalo list banian,!! shouted Baji.


"Iam back,mein ah gie! Kishore jumped to his feet and so did Roops and Kala, as they saw the person with the voice, in all her splendour and metallic grace the mercurial,charismatic Diva of P atil Niwas  Kala tai! .. Dutta pushed himself and walked towards her with his crutch.. she was overcome with the sight of him! and opened her arms for him to hug her ,he stopped and stood in front of her.. and looked at her with narrow keen intense eyes .. yes his female version of himself in many ways had arrived! "Kala tai!" "Dutta mera beecha how handsome you look meri jan ,the elegance ,the sharp edge, the aura, come let your biggest admirer give you a hug aja meri jan! Dutta clasped her and whispered in her ear ..missed you loads tai! "me too" she whispered back. "Oh I have to say Dutta you look even more distinguished with your crutch, Kala chatted. "Kala chaal ab bethi ja aur humein baat ki safar kaisa raha"? Aye adviced . Kala swished herself in sheer elegance to the settee where Dutta walked towards and sat by him.. well she went , "safar theekh tha , koi problem nehi tha hotel bhi 5 star tha tu saari amenities thein.. Abhey kaisa tha?, asked Kishore "well he was a bit weepy initially but after some pep talk he managed to see the exciting side of Woodstock  Missouri boarding school  she continued with the reply "I bet he did, this  should be the start of his journey towards becoming a tough ,disciplined man! said Dutta as he rubbed his palms gently with a twinkly smile .. yes I tempted him that Abhay you get to do ,horse riding ,archery ,fishing,  cricket foot ball,and martial arts, Kala reported. Did you get him enrolled him in the finer arts activities like painting ,music ,and dancing also ? enquired a concerned Kishore. "kya  Kishore Bhau us se lardki wala kaam ker wala hai kya!  said an amused Baji,  Dutta quirked jaise tu karta hai Baji, bina naach ki training leya begar jab merzazzi naach dah mal shor kardate hai ! yes good one! shouted Roops and Baji broke into  his gyratory  gig! "dhinchikaaa dhinchi kaa" .".waise Tai abhi abhi Bhau ne zaroor ki dahmaka kiya hai! Baji yelled,  Dutta jerked his neck and gave Baji a look .. "tai apna bahu sagaai ker raha hi!, what! said Kala as she stood up and faced Dutta and tilted his chin up to question his face  "kis se Dutta  bolo jaldi? ! Dutta moved his eye brows towards Nakku who stood on the side Nakusha se tai".. "hain humari Nakku se! Kala confirmed as she clasped her beautiful hands. She sailed towards Nakku "come here my beautiful thing , Nakku finally you got him baited! ..well done girl! you sort him out and mend his ways"! encouraged Kala. Nakku looked at Dutta who gave her his narrow slanted leering looks, tame me baby go on .She blushed  and responded to Kala's exuberant embrace, "oh this is fantastic"! Kala approved joyously "this calls for a celebration, and she winked at Dutta and Baji ... the rest of the family dispersed to do other things , and Nakku went into the kitchen to prepare for the evening meal.

  After kala had freshened up, Baji knocked at her bedroom door and said "Tai ah jao galla sooka jai raha hai". kala sprayed herself with Cacheral's Amore Amore! and made her way to the bar..where Dutta was already waiting for her at the bar stool.  She came looking as elegant and glamorous as ever in a tiger print georgette sari and black sleeves choli blouse.. Dutta looked at her he loved her so much ,she was his confidante like Baji.. he tended to look up to her in needy times and moments of certain his decision making, about Nakku he had not consulted her as things werefast tracked and Tai was else where,  but he hoped  and was convinced she would have no qualms. "Ok" the she said as she demurely sat in one of the easy chairs ..Baji poured some whiskey for the three ofthem , "now tell me Dutta this marriage with Nakku is this your idea or Aye Sahib's idea ? I know Aye always liked Nakku as she was there and it was natural for her to choose her Kala reasoned, nehi Kala Tai dil ka mamala hai guffawed Baji .She sipped her drink" what you must be joking!,  and she looked at Dutta "dil aur tu koi baat nehi jame Dutta! come now! Kala coaxed him her eyes flashing "tell me from the horse !  Baji interrupted nehi Tai sher's mouth!,  before Dutta could answer Kala took another sip ,and carried on with the enquiry "don't tell me you flipped for her  little girl lost looks, Dutta ,I mean does the girl know what she is heading for being your wife,I mean teri nukari" .. Dutta took another sip of his whiskey and nodded and spoke with gravity his jaw in  firm jut "she knows Tai  we have talked it and she is quite sensible about it". "Oh chaalo that's good! said kala ,"but like I asked you before Dutta and this thick head Baji interrupted was this saagi and lagan Aye's idea?  Dutta sat back and looked directly in Kala's eyes .. "I love her Tai"..owowh!!! said Baji and both Kala  and Dutta, kicked Baji's  leg under the little serving table. Kala beamed "that's great"! and she got up and tousled Dutta's  hair, whereas  he  shook his head sideways "kya Tai baache nehi hoon ab mein .."yes I know Dutta tu bacha nehi hai big man hai! but for me you'll always be my baby brother, who I loved to play mummy to and still do ,that's why what happens in your life is my business!, she said firmly "sure Tai" agreed Dutta, ok now tell me Dutta have you also considered her social standing in comparison to ours ,I mean Ganapat kaka his status in our house hold, Kala reminded him.  Dutta took another sip and squared his shoulders and rocked his head a wee bit his eyes intense and full of gravity ,"that's irrelevant Tai .. absolutely of no significance",he set her right ,but Dutta  it's factual is it not? Kala argued  ,it may be so Tai but like  it said has no bearing on what I feel for her, if at I have to say she is straight forward ,intelligent has moral relgious values, respect for family ties and her roots ,and above all Tai she has an awareness of the call of duty that, if her country needs her she would be there to answer the bid! and that for me Tai is her biggest quality!  her loyality towards the state!. So Dutta spoke in praise and defence of his woman. "Wow Dutta you have grown up ..but still how do you see her in future roles "questioned Kala," well Tai see the future but based on what I know about her, it appears that she would be a faithful wife, and a good mother, he paused a little "a good manager of the house  and but he stopped Kala chivved him "and what go on".. Dutta decided to with hold information from Tai about Nakku working and very soon and that to away from PW.. " okeey Iam satisfied for you Dutta ,but we'll talk more yess "she emphasized more! as she lifted his chin and stroked his cheek .."I'd better go and check up on your jeju he must be waiting ",and she took out the    freshener spray from her clutch bag and sprayed her mouth and left.


 Dinner h was overand done with Nakku verred towards the cool patch of the pond area,  buried deep in her thoughts as the day's events ran past her ,he was so unpredictable ,fancy proposing again in front of the family she smiled at his patent behaviour, when he had said he needed to talk with his mother ,how frightened she was and imagined him to set something up between Harshad and her, oh he's a sly one she surmised with affection.. "Baji you really take the cake ,such a whoosh you are cant' you " Baji! Roops complained" Bhau tumhara dost hai us se ,zikar tu karo is baat ka" ! ."Roops edhi ho gi hai kya Bhau se main bolno ki Roops se mera kagan kera dey".. he put he is hands on his head , koli se mera bhaja aurah dega woh .. he'll me cut me up in so many pieces and scatter my bits for vultures to feed on .. na baba tu mujhe maaf kar mera maa. Acknowledged Baji..oh Roops got up and pinched his arms  hila maar dala Roops ki becchi and he chased her near the pool side and Roops ran and bumped into Nakku!  Nakku! oh my god .exclaimed Roops at being caught with Baji at this late hour . Baji sat by the pool side slightly tipsy from his earlier shots .. "oye Roops its ok its only Nakku she's a friend yaar ,in fact she's the pipe line, the tunnel that leads to the cheez called Dutta Bahu",he looked at nakku and beckoned her with is fingers ah ja Nakku and he cleaned the spot near at the edge of pool that she could sit "hiala Baji said ab tu tu vahini hai ,haina  vahini jee".! Nakku smiled at her beloved Baji before he could say boo he jumped and squatted at her feet , "woh kiya hai na vahini jee mein aur Roops ek dossara se pyar karta hai,aur Roops ne muhje kha hai ke mein Bahu se dirrreckt!  baat karon bahla  ap he suchoo ki mujhe marna hai" said Baji as he touched her knee and looked up at her with round glazed ayes... Nakku could'ent help but smile at his spectacle and at that ,Roops sat next to her pulling her shoulders in her two arms "please vahini  will you talk to him ,at least he will lend a ear ,without blowing his top.  Nakku tapped Baji on his shoulder "go and get some sleep the pair of you and yes leave it to me", said  whispered ,  turned ,smiled and went her way.

Nakku headed for her room carrying his the nightly jug of water. She was sticky and humid  ,and the day's events triggered her hormones even more, she most definitely needed cold energizing shower.  she smiled as the water danced on the ups and downs, flat and mounted rough and smooth parts of her body.. "Saab" she went he was hers , she stroked her neck with foam her neck, that belonged to him now! she blinked her eyes and smiled as she cuddled her arms  and pretended they was his warm strong muscular arms , that were squeezing the life out here making her breathless with his passion! Saab she blurbed under the trickling shower. She turned the shower off,  after her mini trip of vicarious pleasure to La,La,land .She choose her lightest muslin white kurta and churridar pyjama ,she did the metal fasteners of her kurta; .combed her hair thick long hair,  run her fingers through her hair giving herself a tousled ,teased look .She smiled as she saw her face, pushed up her kurta sleeves like he does and picked up the gold bangles and slid them on at the end of each arm .She smile broadly as he recalled his earlier romantic move of adorning her arms confirming she was his ,for she wore his mothers bangles She peaked her eyebrows and took one final look at herself and picked up the jug and left her room for his room .

  He stood there ,dressed in his white kurta and pyjama ,with his arm in the cuff of the crutch he ran his fore finger under his bottom lip, as he watched her enter bearing the jug of water "it's about time Nakku that you turned up "he said dryly cocking his head . She walked past him to place the jug by his bedside and turned to leave.  He heaved and walked towards her in some speed and before she got to the door he picked up his left crutch and almost slammed it past her head on to the wall ,she stopped pressed against the wall!   "and where the hell do you think you're going woman, she pressed her hands flat against he wall and he moved forward and lifted his left leg with some difficulty and kicked the door shut. He stood before her and moved closer to her as, upper usual her belly shivered with fright as she turned her face to the left where the crutched was held in place by left hand , he dropped the crutch and put his arm against he wall and stretched his palm to support himself he lurched forward towards her tiny frame , he looked into her eyes "well Nakku so how do you feel today as the future patni of Dutta Shree Ram Patil? she was absolutely tongue tied so he pushed himself forward to jolt her into answering his question,  he perked up her chin to gaze into her stunning smooth face,with his other hnd ,"bol na Nakku how do you feel? "Saab mein kya bolo you know Iam not good with words" she replied timidly "don't give me that line woman" he said,and pushing her body deper into the wall by his bodily force. He clenched his teeth slightly and brought his face forward to her face menacingly .. "chaal maat bol" he receded back  a little so see his frustration "per main bologa how I feel he declared  I feel I can rightfully take a bit of what is mine now abhi! Aur tu mujhe roke gi nehin! he bent his head forward again, as he looked at her face with fire in his eyes he held her face up and opened his starving lips as he brought his lips towards her trembling lips she turned her face the other way and he jerked her face back into postion near him ,again with bold frenzy he tried to come down to her lips with his parted lips,but she moved slightly and their fore heads bumped slightly! ,Dutta bit his lower lip and gazed side ways and his blood started to boil ,he would attempt again and he pushed his body forward pinning her to the wall squashing everything about her body! he turned in rage ,he was going to do! what he was going to do! and nothing in hell will stop him today!, moved his palm down and held her  head with his long fingers against the wall and with the other hand pushed her face into a steady position again,staring at her with defiance, nodding his head in a yes i wil!. He bent his face again and she moved her head again and suddenly their noses collided and Dutta was lost as to what to do with his strong nose ,he sighed and moved his head and looked at her with slightly annoyed eyes "this is turning into a bloody circus! he growled in her face and just as he was about to pull back his complete body from her body she put her arms around his head and looked into his hurt eyes  flung her head back and closed her eyes and her mouth parted slightly.Those luscious lips waited for him he pushed his body forward again pressing her and himself to the wall to maintain his stability, cupped her face in his hands and brought his parted lips oh her mouth he trembled slightly as he brushed his lips slowly over her lips once to the right he stopped to look at her her and brought his lips down to her lips again and caressed his lips on hers, she winced as perchance she was pricked by a pokey stubble around his mouth  he kept,brushing,stroking, caressing her lips with his burning lips again and again till they both shook in rapture, today no music was needed, there warm erratic breathing was melody and their beating hearts was the cadence of the drums! she gripped his shoulders .. .in one final caress to the right his eye caught sight of Bappa's little idol that sat sedately on his side board, and he Dutta smiled thanks mate! at least we both have made a start ,he moved his head and buried his head on her slender neck and opened his mouth and sucked in bits of the nape of her neck in a mad frenzy of passion ,he was careful not to sink his teeth on her delicate skin,  his lips moved from spot to spot on her neck  deriving a different ecstasy from each point of her neck... to be continued Hamlet: 29.6.11


 Precap: Ganpat, hum tumhara aur Babi se, humrae  betay Dutta ka rishta apki beti Nakku ka leya  aie  hain said Aye Shahib said humbly.










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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged

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Me 2nd... 

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Reserved ...I owe you comments for two parts will do both here Wink


Hammie mein aagai ...kaan pakoding...maafi saab :P
sorry i don't know how i forgot to come back to ur last update so me making up can not just leave it will read comment on both here we go...

Chapter 12: Love is a many -Splendored Thing

haye haye major Dutta sitting in drizzling rain...loved how he called her and then was like fully checking her out to bottom, every curve lol...aww and he is not wanting to go in either...wants to just be in the moment...omg this was a damn hot all blushing reading it ...ahahah omg Naku is such a teaser LOL...very well written scene hammie...enjoyed it...poor major totally being denied access alll this i loved most that Dutta did not do anything she didn't want...

oh yay Dutta all ready for crutches ...i am more excited lol...i want him up and walking ...back to his fomer self soon.

ROFL @ Suds wanting to join army...omg i am so with also would have worked on keeping my drink in my mouth and keeping from choking LOL

Major working hard to get back in action...all determined to get this if its the last things he does...and very intelligent...Lauren is right to call him her star patient lol...ahhaa omg i really love Baaji...jumped on the chance to further befriend Rascal and Dutta all like get possessive of it ...

Dutta wants to tell his aye he wants to marry Naku but then that last scene am speechless

Hammie big hug for you on the last part here...the bomb blast a very known issue now and you have brought it into this so beautifully...yet it was so heart wrenching...everything you wrote there was so true...the fact of facing such horrid situations or hearing even it really makes you feel for them and pray for heart reaches out everytime in any such incidents.

Awww omg Dutta was so troubled he couldnt even get himself to tell AS about Naku and him...i don't blame him such incidents really catch you off gaurd...and really make such a difference in whats going on but I hope he tell AS soon.

Last scene glad it was Tasha and they had this moment to be there with each other for comfort...its really needed in such experiences be able to just get that support and love that is needed.

Wonderful update hammie...loved it to its have magic in ur writing that keeps me wanting more :P ...and me now heading straight to next chapter ...

Chapter 13: Marriage of true minds

loved how you started this update...Dutta's behavior, Nakus reaction...had me kind of thinking what is major up to...there is like a pull and push in  their relationship ...

ahh omg Baaji and Roops have a LS and seems cute and funny ...i did not expect that at alll...omg both on Rascal too...lmao these too i tell u and Dutta is in utter disbelief with what he saw and is confused what to think and then the right person comes at the right time ;) hehe who else Naku ...Dutta still thinking about Baaji-Roops...hmmm...

ok so Duta needs to speak with Naku and I love how she in her  head prays to bappa to save her LOL...

omg i loved this, he wants to know about her fears, this is good straighten this out beforem they both needed to talk about this...she needs to know what his life is like...I loved her reply to this to...slowly letting each thought come out...really well written scene here hammie...the part about the polica car...and hving that feeling for 10 yrs straight...i can just feel that to...well explained...he said cut and dry...laid it all down for her to see to acknowledge and o understand...what life of being married to him would bring...brilliant ...

OMG what a proposal LOL ...just came out in the spur of the moment...AS shocked B-R happy... wow...really wow...

owww he put bangles on her *me going all dreamy eyed here* ...all so happy with this announcment or rather declaration...

loved how dutta remembered the incident and hurt families of Patil Wadi...and also wanted things to be done simple ...

hmm so Kala has come ! OMG is she really happy for her brother and ok with Naku...*blinks fast and thinks* hmmm...well i guess time will tell :P

oh Baaji and Roops cracking me up with their rubbish fights and talks of marriage lol ...aww i love Baaji Naku relationship casual it is ...very light hearted convo there...and so much comfort...

haha Naku so drowned in thoughts of her saab...mee too joining she brings the jug of water to her man who was waiting for so long for her...and takes his chance to trap her...and has her completely at loss for words...oh ho major is trying sooo hard to get what he wants...i am laughing with each collision ...forehead...nose lol...his rage is spiking...aww like a kid who didn't get to taste the ice cream...was about to leave and Naku puts her hands around him...haila...aww they kissed ...loved that line about no music needed...i totally agree...there was music there already :P

Precap :
so AS goes to ask N's hand in marriage for Dutta hope all ends well :)

Great updates and again am extremely sorry this is so late ...amazing writing...was a joy to you lots...take care...cya :D

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love the update 1st part the talk of duty is full of emotion and the understanding tasha held is also a fab part of this relation and the propose infront of family and the way dutta said to aai about the marrige expense and donate the money to victims he had a golden heart and the baaji roops love and the way baaji and roops make nakku understand and the last part is so romanticEmbarrassed

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love it hammie

so finally dutta tell her mum that he wanna marry nakkuTongue but wow in front of whole family he propose nakku halia kya ashique haiLOL

kala like the way you introduce her exactly female version of dutta LOL

so dutta get a glimpse of bajji and roops relationship Wink

last but not least our hungry lion finally get what he want LOL

thanks for pm hammie

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Reserved Winkwill be back laterHug
EditedBig smile
Hey Dear HamieeHug
Thanx alot for the wonderful update and PmHugLoved it as alwaysWink
Major really have mood swings LOLthe starting was bit scary yaara ...
Omg u paired Roops and baaji Winkthat was a suprise ...But i think dutta saw them and some what have the idea what"s brewing btwn them Wink
Haila what a proposal indeed a shocker ...But loved it style really unusal ...ekdum hatkeWink...
Awww he wants a simple ceremony and donate the money to victims Embarrassed...
Kala is in townShocked and that to positive "suhana rubs are eyes and reads again in disbelief"...Oye is she really goody gooody ..or just faking it all ...chal will wait to see that ...
Awesome convo between baaji ,kala and dutta Thumbs Upwhere he said he wants to marry naku coz he loves her not from any pressure ...
Just mindblowing Convo btw naku and major ...Clap...Such a comfort and ease ...
Loved the last part ...Wink...Finally he got what he was waiting for ...rightfully hisLOL...
Omg the precap is just good ..but iam really worried ..i hope all goes well and ganpat and babi shouldn't any problem accepting the proposal ...
Thanz yaara .. u take care and see ya around ...
Lots of love and hugs

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wow only you can create magic between D and N, so much passion from D's side and it suits N to be shy and timid. awesome update!!!!!!! Kala is kala as usual

thanks will be waiting for the next update 

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