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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 37)

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So late yet i hope not so late that u will kill me...It was lovely check that it was awesome update...Dutta is finding it hard to keep his hands off nakku...But u know in a way i feel he is male chauvinistic...Sorry to say that but his chauvinism is endearing...because it ricks of Possessiveness... He is so very possessive of his woman that he wants to keep her sheltered yet he understands her need to work.

The less i say about harshad the better..The guy was actually too juvenile to even be considered a threat to Dutta...I think in Dera Dutta will show him tht getting a haircut doesn't make u a soldier...Blood sweat and flesh is burnt to mold a man to being a soldier!

I wonder why nakku has not told anyone yet about refusing Harshad...she should let it out soon before it can be used by him against her.

Wonder how Dutta managed to keep quiet at the brunch..i was expecting that anytime now Harshad will have a flying saucer hit him on his head...but was surprised that dutta controlled himself...Major Dutta should get a medal for that herculean task itself.

Glad he stood up..and now is on the mend and on his feet...GO Major  Go u Can do It! 

Thanks hammie and sorry mate for being so late! In all the Jazz taht is life i just was left clutching at stuff! its past 12 here in India..and i am commenting on ur FF...hope u can understand how much this means to me! Waiting for more.

Thanks Hammie...Sorry mate for being this late this time...u know how it Life,work,friends and all that Jazz circus! It was aroyal

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Ha haaa ummm clears throat 
Hammiieee (shutting eys tightly*

im im sorry for being gayap 

sorry dear , i know tumhare military rule main no sorry only punishment but u see i so wanted to heal Major Dutta k went to learn some physio theraphy

but u know what Major saab said to me

Therapy Stunts Posters

mera dil he tod diya ,
he didnt take theraphy from me

is liye was collecting my dil kay tukray !

almost got 100 parts out of 1000 pieces ,

will b eback soon 

dont use ur military orders on me plzzz!

i love uuu :)

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                                Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta

                                           Painful Rapture: chapter 11


                                         "Cudgel thy brains..."  Shakespeare [Hamlet]

Dutta, deterred from going to sleep right away, felt the need to bond with Baji,so he whirred Rascal  along the dimly lit corridor towards his friend's room. He approached Nakku's room and saw her door ajar and her voice audible ,hence he tarried a while before her door ,she sat cross legged upon her bed facing the wall..her mobile phone against her ear ." Hain Harshad, no that's fine  I am not asleep yet but getting ready, bolo why have rang me ? yes it has arrived finally .. yes 11.45 am mine is.. yes after yours ,looks like it'll be 45 minutes.. no I am not nervous. We will set out at 10 am, on the day,  I guess it'll take us an hour.. yes so if you come here by 9.45 am they we can set out... yes bye".... Dutta had heard what he wanted to and moved further towards Baji's room towards the corner of the corridor . Nakku turned back sharply, she felt that he as around, but when she turned he was not there ..she smiled she could see him every where such was her action man ,her love, her Saab!. She left her door ajar and decided to read a book...

Dutta pushed Baji's bedroom door and found Baji poring over some business papers. Ho bhau aja  it's good you came,I was going to come for you anyway ,Bhau aaj to special din hai, you took a step and are beginning to find your feet ,tu pina tu banta hai, Baji said with a wink ,"haan Baji you're ready for a drink any time you just need a bloody excuse.. chaal ab botaal nekal! said Dutta dryly. "Ho bhau kya chala ga ..Dutta said.Baji set out the crystal tumblers and the ice bucket and poured the whiskey. He was about to pop a couple of ice cubes in Dutta's tumbler when Dutta tapped his hand nehi "Baji neat he chala ga"! Baji sensed his friend was not quite there as  Dutta encircled his long slender middle finger on the rim of the tumbler . "to you Bhau" said Baji as he lifted his glass. Dutta nodded his head once and looked in empty space "yes to me" he repeated and gulped his peg and pointed to Baji to refill his tumbler. Baji looked at his mate and thought best to grab this moment to say that he wanted to say "Bhau main tu thuje ye salah de ga, ke tu Nakku ke dera jana se phelay us se saggai kar lai! Dutta turned his face the other way as he continued to mouth his whiskey." "what the hell are you talking about, Dutta reacted, saggai  bullsh##and he set his glass down on the table and rested his back against Rascal, held its handles and rocked his head slowly towards Baji with narrow eyes, ."what's the hurry.. koi train chootne wali hai" .. Baji smiled weakly,"nehi  Bhau tera aur Nakku ka ek pukka rishta ho jaieyga.. and Baji gulped his whiskey and added slowly "koi beech mein nehi aa sakta" Dutta ,on the ball replied "meaning like who,Baji?" Baji poured himself another peg and braved the reply "Harshad, Bhau... Dutta reached for his glass to sip his whiskey and chuckled quietly and dismissed anything more to comment. "Waise eik baat tu hai Baji" Dutta smiled patronisingly, he is getting some attention these days' " Baji stuck in "ye tu Bhau ! tu na dekha tha uske bakwaas table per! ..mein tho us ka bajanawala ..Dutta raised his hand... "Baji he's not that important why the hell are we talking about him.. "Bhau I still think he has his eye on Nakku, Baji argued. Dutta smiled and bent forward  and peered into his friend's eyes "Baji cool it ,I know how you feel for her ,like a sister , a dost,, and he stopped and mused and smiled shyly Nakku hai he asi sab ke dil mein hai"..  "ho Bhau but Iam still warning you" .Dutta slapped the tableand hollered .."Baji tu muhje warn ker raha hai,mujhe baat raha hai Major Dutta Patil ko . you'll teach me  how to deal with loop holes . he picks his drink up so you're saying I should rush into an important decision of my life because of that bloody idiot Harshad!" Baji was about to butt in and Dutta stops him by his upright hand "because Baji Rao Patil you think he fancies Nakku... no Baji there is not enough evidence! one bloody conversation at the table does not yes Baji! does not make the man guilty! especially  when it was related to their student life scenarios" Dutta ranted. Baji argued "so you are not going to do anything about it". Dutta smiled and nodded his head. "No Baji not sufficient evidence to damn the boy yet". "But Bhau when if at at all will you act? complained Baji . "when the time is right Baji" Dutta said with calm, "and who decides when the time is right Bhau!, Baji retorted back ,"Why I do Baji, I do... and Dutta tapped him on the shoulder picked up his glass and glugged the rest of his second glass of whiskey and whirred Rascal out of Baji's room. Baji looked after him irated ,puzzled "Bhau teray demakh mein kya chaalta  hain ? ek din tu muhje  pura  ardha bana  dey  gaa!"!

Nakku ears picked up the mechanical whirr of Rascal and she fixed her shirt and lowered her legs off her bed looked sideways at her open door. .. she saw him as he stopped in  front of her now open door and looked at her across from where he was , his slanted eyes swam slightly as he saw her running towards him and he held his slightly rocking head. She ran and sat on his lap and held his face by the cheeks and looked into his pupils which were slightly dilated 'Saab pershaan ho" ,she asked softly he tried to move his face aside from her face ,she continued "kuch to hai Saab, but he to avoided her eyes yet she ignored that and rubbed her nose against his and brought her lips to the dent in his chin and pecked it and then moved her lips slowly towards his lower lip . He gripped her shoulders immediately and tried to push her face away and drawled "you don't have to appease me woman"! she withdrew her head back as she strongly smelt spirits on his hot breathe close to her face she slid off his lap and touched his shoulder "Saab ajao mera khamra mein" as she sensed he looked unwell ,he pushed her hand away "nehain !  Dutta was aware he had drunk but he would never set foot in a woman's room..  she bit her lip as she felt embarrassed at the suggestion she gave him ! But still Nakku was restless and she squatted on the floor and placed her crossed elbows on his legs and gazed up into his eyes ,he looked down at her loose opened hair and his eyes received her blurred her face on and off "Saab ap na daru pe hai" she chastised him , "haan pee hai"! tu! he stammered defiantly "Baji ke saat pee hai dost hai mera koi jarum nehi kiya hai".. Nakku moved her arms of his legs while she saw him trying hard to keep his eyes opened. That baji I'll kill him.. she thought ..there was no point in this argument with a sloshed lion she thought! His eyes saw her sitting on the floor near his legs and he peered into her upturned face with his eyes narrowed and his lips screwed up "su ja" he said as he  pushed her arm off his legs and his gaze froze on her face ..abruptly he folded his palms before her upturned face and slurred "ab mein chalta hoon Nakku jee,neend aye hai Nakku jee! he moved his bent head towards her ,"mujhe kamaray tak choor deyain gee Nakku jee!" Nakku had tears in her eyes something had wound him up and she got up and held on to his shoulder as he slowly moved Rascal and Nakku towards his room. He was conscious enough to park Rascal at the foot of his bed. He turned his head sideways as he ensured she was there and looked into her lowered eyes ,she came before him and he held his arms limply before her like a child waiting to be picked up. She looked at him overcome with emotion and bent down under his arms which he rested and caught her shoulders. She heaved him and he tried to maintain stability near the edge of the bed but lost his balance due to being slightly over the limit of drinking and he pulled her with on the bed as he crashed on his back she fell halfway on one of his legs and her upper body landed on his chest and the side of her face smacked on his face, one of his arms lay bent underneath her but he seemed unaware, so she moved and he moved his arm around her but clutched on her sleeve. While he carried on breathing his mouth was slightly open and he breathed heavily, she gently pulled her sleeve from his grip and straightened up ,covered him up with the counterpane gently as she moved his legs .."Nakuuu", she heard him,  bent over him but he was already in deep drunken stupor, so she ran her fingers through his hair ,and as she walked  towards  the door  she looked back at him. For now thank you Bappa! he's sound asleep but Bappa troubled he is! please give him peace.. she closed his door behind her and headed towards her room.


Baji was propelled with purpose in view of his conversation with the man whom he loved more than himself. First thing after dressing up having sorted half of his mid morning he headed towards Aye's room. He knocked and she looked up after she had fished veneration and he assisted her to get up from the floor and led her to the bed. She sat down perplexed looked at Baji . For Baji she was the only mother he had know, surely for her he was her choota Beta ..he sat down on the floor and cuddled her legs , "kya baat hai Baji aaj tu yahan humara pas ,kam per nehi giya tu "? "nehi abhi jaoon ga ,Aye Saab pun ap se pehlay baat kerne hai , mun pe boojah hai mera" ,Aye ran her fingers through his wavy hair ,"bool Baji,  humara beta kya kehana chatta hai. Baji moved back and sat crossed legged like a little boy and looked up at her with his big round 2eyes ,"Aye main Bhau ke tirf se chinta mein ho, mera matlab hai ye Harshad ka koi ne koi tu locha hai". Aye smiled and encouraged Baji to continue as she nodded. "Aye Saab" and blushed a little "ye tu sab jante hain ke Bahu aur Nakku ek dossara ko pasand kerte hain ..pun Aye Bhau ka tu ap ko pata hai ekdum sher ki mafiq ekdh  pun mein rahta hai ,tu aye mein sooja ke aap Bhau se baat karo or jaldi se us ke sagaai fix ker du"! .said Baji rubbing his hands .. "ek dum chakas! Aye, sadly looked at him and put her hand up . "Baji hum na tu Dutta se tu pehle he baat ker di the ,per us ne inkar ker diya, ye keha ker ke Nakku ke liya Harshad hi bather raha ga".." kya" screamed Baji irritated ,"such much aye Bhau ekdha hai!" Aye continued ,"Dutta kehta hai us ki jaan ka koi bahrossa nehi, or Nakku ki zindagi aga chal ke barbad nehi karna chaata hai agar aur kuch ho giya! tu Baji hum ne tu ause  waqt de diya hai  Nakku ko janae ka". Baji had heard enough, his friend had not confided any of this to him, and he felt a bit snubbed and unwanted. "Theekh hai Aye Saab ... ap chinta na karyan Baji hai abhi! Baji kuch na kuch to ker ga ... and he left Aye's room.

Nakku, walked decisively towards Baji's room down the corridor . Baji was collecting his brief case when she knocked, he beckoned her in and she came in and affronted him with a defiant look . "Nakku Tu theekh tu hai barey gussa mein leg rehi hai" ... "haan gussa mein hoon main Baji,you gave him spirits to drink last night ...Baji smiled and continued to place his files in his leather case ..he smiled you mean "Bhau", oh come on Nakku, get real it was just a harmless drink between two lads ,besides we were celebrating his home assessment mein koon se buri baat hai? "Baji I saw him as he went past my room he was near inebriated, you know he cannot yet retain stability in his legs , have you thought if he would have tried to stand up on his feet off Rascal he could have very well collapsed ! she yelled "you are so stupid Baji it's unbelievable! men! she moaned. "Oye Nakku calm down! ok it was a bit short sighted on my part, I'll be careful next time, Deva shapat" and he felt his Adam's apple! She held her hands up in the air and started to leave the room . Baji swiftly caught her arm and closed his door "Nakku baith ja thujhse koi baat karni hai" Nakku sat down on one of the arm chairs  "haan bol Baji mein ne Saab ka nashata bhi lek ker jana hai un ke karma meni". "Ahem" Baji cleared his throat "ye tera aur Harshad ka kya locha hai Nakku?.. "Baji!! Nakku complained "what are you saying and why are you asking in that tone , "no Nakku I want you to tell me! never mind what I think or any one else!.. Nakku shifted forward in the chair her hands clasped ,"Well Baji we are just university course mates ..yes! Baji nodded "and now you will be working together,  "yes! Baji we will be that's correct" "and that's that! Nakku  confirmed to Baji .  Baji sat in the opposite armchair and bent forward and brought his arms to rest on his knees . "Nakku ,have you told Bhau that there is nothing romantic between you and Harshad... Nakku laughed nervously "well no I 'haven't Baji, there wasn't any need, besides I am too shy to say anything of the sorts he might think I am too full of myself ..thinking that every man fancies me. Baji puts his hand on her arm ,"then I suggest you tell him that Nakku,because  Bhau has told Aye saab that Harshad is the best man for Nakku who can give Nakku a secure future". "Saab said that" she sought clarification ,"but why did he say that Baji?" , well Nakku Aye asked Bhau what he thought about you, as Aye wanted to make your her bahu"..Nakku blushed but she also was becoming emotional "but Bhau rejected the idea and said that he won't give be able to give  you a secure future due to his army job! .. so he suggested to Aye to get you married off to Harshad. Nakku held her face in her hands fighting her tears back, "Saab oh Saab! Baji why does he do his own thing! draw his own conclusions .owwh he! .. "look Nakku I suggest before he influences Aye Saab you need to clarify your feelings about Harshad to him. Baji smiled and scratched his head from one side great Bappa at least I have set the ball rolling!  So she knows ... "oh I will Baji you wait and see ,oh and thanks for letting me know" and she walked out of Baji's room, toward's his room she peeped in and she noticed he was up and she heard the radio playing , his electric razor whizzing and shower jetting in his bathroom ,she headed towards the kitchen to get poha and tea for him...

Dutta , showered and thought about Nakku and Harshad's advances, he rubbed his palms against his chest and the milky soap rivulets of water trailed down his torso to his legs and sputtered on the floor, he moved his palms across his head as he dug his fingers in his scalp to rub in the shampoo... in view of Harshad, Dutta decided that he would ask Nakku directly about her affiliations towards the man, once he had concluded he was content and turned off the shower and wrapped his burgundy bath towel around his torso and rubbed his wet hair with the  other smaller maroon towel which he carried around his neck. He stepped out into his room , she had been in his room he could see his bed was made and his maroon kurta and payjama had been set out for him on the bed...

Dutta once dressed and grommed ,brought his air step balance dome near his  mahogany framed turquoise upholstered sofa, strewn with lime green cushions and performed 6 attempts at balancing on the dome on the 8th attempt he could smell her essence of peachy honey suckle in the room mixing with his cologne. He heard the rattling of cup and saucer on a metal tray and although he faced the bathroom door he could tell she was nearby and he stopped and put one  long foot on the carpet and groped for the sofa's wooden handle lest he fell he straightened himself on one leg and carefully and gradually brought the other leg down on the carpet . She quickly put the tray she held on the treasure chest styled centre table and came and stood before him. He stood straight with his arms by his sides and just gazed down upon her beautiful face, her middle parted hair with little wavy bangs just above her sharp neat winged eye brows her little sharp nose and luscious thin pink rose petal like lips . "Nakku uphar dekh" he said softly,and she glanced up at him  with her  large doe eyes which had a dash of ember today as the light yellow shirt with a scoop neck reflected in her eyes! He raised one hand and moved part of her short bangs with his index finger and then put his hand on her shoulder, he felt she flinched and his brow creased a little as he looked into her eyes with a perplexed look she ignored his supplicated gaze and caught hold of his arm and helped him sit at the nearest to them end of the turquoise settee. She stood before him as he spread his arm on the back rest of the settee. He looked at her shirt tightly fitted around her body complimenting all the curves and contours, he bit his lip and twisted his mouth as he continued to feast his eyes on her. He caught her eye and with a raised his eye brow shook his head to the space near him commanding her to sit near him .


She sat next to him at a distance and he lifted his arm from the sofa back and encircled his fingers around her soft shoulder and tugged "pas kyon nehi ata hai Nakku bhhau kha rehi hai kya? he commented as he looked at her sideways . She resisted and he moved a little towards her and pulled her towards his arm pit. She blanked his advance and bent forward to arrange his breakfast on his treasure shaped boxed centre table. "Saab poha kha lo I just made it" he looked at her and nuzzled his nose towards her face close to him , "yeah and you're smelling of fryups as well! He chuckled,"are you going to eat it or shall I take it away "she sneered back , he complied and bent forward to help himself and munched quietly at the spoonful helpings from the china bowl. "yes tasty just like you "and he glanced at her sideways only to find her staring at her clasped hands. Once finished he could sense her frigidity and he stroked her shoulder with his finger " what's gnawing you woman" he grumbled as he with drew his arm from her shoulder. There  was a pregnant silence between them ,he helped himself to the cup of tea sipping gently, midway he stopped and cupped her hand in his palm. He played with her palm and said "Nakku kya tu Harshad ko pasand karti hai? ,she froze for a second and looked up into his cold interrogating eyes. He looked on at her totally detached and she after a brief moment of shoocked recovery, she jerked her hand out of his hands and stood up before him! He could see he had touched a raw nerve and he looked at her from where he sat, a bit shell shocked. "Saab she protested is sawaal ke jawab ap mujhe do ? he threw his head back a little .. question upon a question ..she's learning to play mind games Dutta!. He leaned forward and brought his arms forward to rest on his knees and looked up at her ... "no Nakku I am the one who asked you a simple question, now you need to give a simple answer"... he waited but she remained silent which was beginning to wind him up... she looked down at him defiantly and then burst into a tirade "what do care Saab! You don't plan to marry me in the first place! you are just using me for yourpleasure"! she carped , he couldn't take it anymore and he banged the  table with such  tremendous force that the  cup of tea jumped up on the saucer.! she whined on "yes  Saab I am a time pas for you! His face was flaming red  with fury and he heaved himself up and straggered to his feet holding on to the wooden sofe side handle "main time pas ker raha hoon .. ya tu mera saath time pas ker rahi he! he yelled .. "you bloody go around hiding things from me Nakku!... she opened her mouth to defend herself "shut your mouth"! he roared as he pointed his finger at her his eyes flashing with rage went to see that bloody Harshad ! that bloody boy friend of yours in the early hours of the morning ..but you never told me did you Nakku?.he roared "did you ..anwer me" !  Saab please she tried to defend herself seeing that his body was rocking with anger! "Tell me woman why the hell did you go to see him"? he fired "what was the reason"? !  he demanded. On seeing her silence he said to her with dewy eyes  "see you have nothing to say have you ,tu kya batie gi mujhe kyon ke tu us admi ko pasand kerti hai yeh nehi! Dutta ko saab nazar ata hai Nakku! he moaned. "Saab" she butt in "shuttt up!! kal raat ko use se phone per tu baat ker rahi thi"! you never told me . Nakku threw her hands up in the air peeved .."so now you eavesdrop on my phone conversations also !  "Zayda bikwas maat ker Nakku! he yelled and answer my question why! why did you! and he pointed his dagger like finger in her face " not tell me that you went to see Harshad? .She broke down finally and walked towards him touching his shoulders,  "because Sssab yyyou would cut me out of yyyour llife"! she spluttered Dutta rocked as he stood balancing his legs with one hand on the sofa back and with the other balancing his mind!!!..he looked into her eyes and moved his face side ways to hide his own tears that were held in his eyes. He moved his head back and looked down into her weeping eyes"so that's how much you know me Nakku..he shook his head slowly you do'nt know anything about me then Nakku.. she nodded her head as she clasped his shoulders.. but he shook his head gently and looked deep into her surrendering eyes "you think you know me Nakku he said seriously "but really you don't know me, not even after all this time we have been close" he admiited despondently! She put her hand on his cheek and tearfully yet with sincerity  confessed "Saab mujhe maaf ker do, bhool ho gayi ap ki Nakku se"  he took her hand away from his cheek and tottered and seemed in pain aaah ..and she gently sat him on the sofa..and stood over him and he   continued "Nakku when two people are close to each other they have to trust each other..see you never told me even up till now why you needed to see Harshad".  Nakku became agitated again "so that's your mistrust in me than Saab! she fired back! Dutta with fresh rage propped himself to stand again and raised his voice to her again "ok fine you don't trust me ,I don't trust you! so there's no point in continuing this bond anymore! he declared and she nodded back provoking him so he barked "we need to call it off then! ..Nakku was infuriated and she shouted back "sooo be it"! and she stormed out as he watched her leave and he stooped down and punched the centre table with a knock out punch awwwh!  he hollered and he shook his fist in pain and sat back on the sofa and rubbed both his fist and wrist. He closed his eyes as he threw back his head to rest on the back rest of the sofa. Dutta wondered what would Harshad say about this showdown that happened between him and Nakku...what was happening to the two of them...was this a knock on effect of Harshad's entry in their lives...

Dutta held his face in his hands and took deep breathes to calm himself Rahmaaan he yelled "jee sar" .Rascal ko aher ley ker ayo. Once rascal was near him he pulled himself up with the help of the sofa and stood and took a step towards Rascal and sat himself down in its lap. He relaxed his head  against it back and held its handles as he felt secure as if back in an armoured shell to protect his soft interior! He glanced side ways to wards his neat bed that she had made and with flashing eyes and twisted nose and lips he whirred towards the bed and growled arrrh and got hold of the corner of the bed cover pulled it towards himself stretched his hands to get some head cushions and flung them in rage across different directions of his room. ,He sucked air and jut his chin ,and still not satisfied  with giving vent to his anger venting he pulled the bed cover and chucked it across the floor. He looked at the deranged sheets and pillows and dusted his hands and turned Rascal and revved out of his room over to his balcony he paused as he looked down there she was ,lighting the devotional candles around her beloved Bappa. He watched her, this tiny little beautiful girl who had reeked up havoc in his life so much so he didn't know if he was coming or going. "Ahem" he cleared his throat, hoped despite of his rage at her, that she would look up at him. She looked up and he pulled his lips down and turned his face the other way as he stroked his chin with one hand. Shortly he saw her from the balcony heading up the stairs. She came with his glass of orange juice and came towards him staring at the orange juice, bloody nerve and cheek, first she kept secrets from me and then gave me attitude he folded both his arms across his chest and waited for her to speak... which she did not he looked up at her with cold narrow eyes which she understood , and decided to take his juice in his room as she entered she was greeted by this tornado ravaged room oh Bappa she tought he's such a baby.. thrown all the toys out of the pram! He sat their looking at her back as she stood in his bedroom door way ,he lowered his head a little and grinned with hooded slyness  ..bull's eye that's wound her ! serves her right for back chatting to me! She turned to look at him and he quickly looked the other way and  started to twist the hairs around his mouth...

He couldn't keep away from her even if he tried and he quietly whirred back into his room, he turned on the radio .. here's some music to calm you folks down... a song from the film Guzarish ,she completely ignored him the song started , when Nakku bent down to pick up the cushions he had chucked all over the room " keh na sakoon main itna pyaar, Nakku smiled shyly for she knew he had followed her into room, she crouched and collected the cushions from the floor ...he looked at her from afar... yes he was angry with her and he bit his lip "keh na saku main itna pyaar"... she looked back at him from the floor, his looks sent her a thousand messages of wanting... "arrey seh na saku main itna pyaar, he sighed as he moved around her and stretched his leg towards another cushion on the floor and picked it up and flung it over to his bed. She smiled at his soft centre yet hard outer edge, as he tried to help clear the mess that he had created in the first place thought Nakku "arrey seh na saku main itna pyaar... he saw her get up to hold the corner of his counter pane and he whizzed Rascal to the opposite end to hold the corner and looked at her totally smitten.. "kha na saku main itna pyaar karta hoon" ... he appealed to her as there eyes met "keh na saku itna pyar karte hoon"  they both moved towards the top end of the bed with the bed spread... Dutta gazed at her half amused and lowered his eyes churlishly .. the song played it's dulcet notes in the back ground. He watched her silently as she smoothed the few creases ,and he whirred over to her on the other side of the bed she straightened up as she saw him sitting there staring at her with folded arms, it's as if he knew she had something to tell her. "Saab she said mera interview kal hai," ... he turned Rascal and muttered "hmmm" on his way out of the room...Nakku looked after him with sullen looks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dutta stirred and did not expect her to wake him this morning ,he strained his ears any way to listen out for her arrival .he heard a knock at the door ah ja he called jee saar it was rahmann ,saar nakku bibi ne ye chai bahje hai ap ke liya aur kha hai ki ap raydey ho jain saar ..rakh doo adher and rahmaan placed his tea by his bed side and brought and parked his his bathing chair  near his bed . Saar nakku bibi ne kha hai mein ap ke kaprahe nakul do... nehi rahmaan theekh hai tum jaaoe ordered Dutta. Dutta lowered his legs and stretched his arms and yawned.he ran his finger through his disgrunteled wild hair and then rubbed and scratched his hairy chest with one of his palms the other reached for his bed tea and he sipped his tea and thought nakku never relly told him wheter or not she liked harsad .well what ever happens she would be with her harshad today and she's welcome to have him he narrowed his eyes he's always maintained  that she would be  secure with Harshad.. dutta showered chose his steelblue pathinani and made his way downstairs for breakfast.

He sat with family partaking his breakfast, "teri balancing kaise ja rehi hai Dutta" Aye asked "theekh hai Aye ,exercise tu karta hoon jab bhi time milta hai" he replied as he finished his sandwiches. He looked around for her and could not find her . He wondered if she had already left as it was 9.30am, and Baji was no where to be seen. "Wow Nakku" Roops called Dutta turned his head from where he sat and found her walking towards the dining table. His heart missed a beat, who was this ravishing elegant woman! she neared the table and stood there with a tiny smile her doe eyes beaming, "main kaise dekhtee hoon for my interview?she asked nervously. Dutta like every one else gaped at her in disbelief! Incredible he thought.

She was dressed in an olive green French chiffon sari which drapped around her body as it subtly hinted at her light skin navel. Her pallu was neatly pinned on the shoulder of her three quartered sleeved burnt ember silk blouse that had a low scoop neck displaying her long fair swan like neck. Dutta with open mouth stared at her hair which was twisted and secured in an elegant French roll  at the back of her head and in front had an inch side parted tendril of hair slanting across her fore head. Dutta gazed at her face that hinted coral make up ,cheeks dusted with deep russet tones of blusher which contoured her cheek bones. Her eyes which were his biggest weakness were accentuated with a hint of old gold and olive green eye dust. Her long dark eye lashes curled displaying her large kajoled greeny hazel eyes ! what a stunner thought Dutta as he turned his face slightly to catch the rest of the family at the table who were stunned into silence. "khobsoorut Nakku, Aye admired as she brought her folded palms to her ears "bhaut sunder Nakku" ,Nakku steeped forward and bent to touch Aye's feet. Roops jumped up and held Nakku's hands and turned her around "saache mein Nakku so cute haina Bahu" she chirped at Dutta who muttered "hmmm" as he sipped his orange and gazed at Nakku with narrow side eyes. She looked at him and gave him a teeny smile which he completely dismisse. Baji jumped up to her side "Nakku main tu abhi ke abhiech  tuhuje kaam de doon"..he gaffawed. "Chalo phir agar ready ho kalay pigaro nekal. Dutta carried on with his sipping and Baji turned to him "chaal Bhau"..."nehin main nehi ah aha Baji" Dutta affirmed ,Nakku looked at him her smile vanished and her gaze trailed to Aye saab ,who turned to Dutta "tu nehi jaraha  saat ? magar kyon? "Wo main aye udher kya karoon ga? Aye decided not to argue she just ordered him ."Duttahumain kuch nehi suna thuje Nakku or Baji ke saat jana hi hoga! Dutta compressed his lips and nodded once in obedience. As he looked up at her discreetly he caught her winsome yet down expression. "chaalo mein ah gaya"! exclaimed Harshad as he came through dressed in a smart black suit and white shirt ,holding a small brief case . he namasted Aye saab  "well Nakku Iam here as you said by 9.45 am tu shall we go" .Baji who was clearly the party leader saidr" ho and they all made their way towards the car Baji and Harshad walked ahead and Nakku waited for Dutta as she feel into step with him.She touched him on his shoulders but he revved up Rascal and sped past her. She felt so low by his behaviour , she knew he would cut her out and he was on that route already ,s he felt she could have done without this especially today, the day of her interview!

Harshad opened the back door of the pigaro for Nakku to get in, and as she got in he said"Nakku you look absolutely gorgeous today". Dutta blanked them out completely and accepted,Rahmaan's shoulders to get into the vehicle and settled in the front passenger seat next to Baji. Baji looked behind at Harshad and Nakku "so you two ready for your interview the" He started the car as soon as Rahmaan put Rascal in the back and settled down ".you ok Bhau" Baji asked "yes Baji now start up and cut the small talk I have a head ache" . Harshad smiled wickedly, yes Dutta you're likely to have this headache for the rest of the day .Baji drove at a medium speed. Nakku looked across to Dutta in the passenger seat and wished he would look at her once, smile at her ,acknowledge her. But he had turned his face the other way as he looked outside at the passing view. Harshad looked at Nakku ."so Nakku have you prepared for the interview ,"no not really I'eve left it in Bappa's hands if it's his will that I get the job than so be it. Answered Nakku curtly "Shall I go over some questions they are likely to ask you ..said Harshad but Nakku was only interested in gazing at Dutta in front, who sat as if he had lost his tongue!  They reached the destination and both Harshad and Nakku disembarked. "Well wish us luck" chirped Harshad as he helped Nakku to get out . "yeass goodluck" said Baji "Nakku tera interview kitnay bajay hai? Baji pehlay Harshad ka hai 10.45per aur mera 11.30am per hai and they both walked away towards the hospital entrance .Dutta watched Nakku as she walked with, but well away from Harshad by her side . Dutta smiled as his folded fingers stroked his stubble cheek.

It was just past 11.00 Dutta sat fed up of his waiting for the damned interviews to be over and done with ,he was annoyed for giving in to Aye's wayward suggestion that he accompany this party .Baji had gone out to get him some cold water. He rolled his sleeves up, and screwed his eyes and face as the bright sunny glare got to him. He is left arm reclined  on the open window ledge of the pigaro. He out of the blue saw her approaching the drive she walked swishing her delicate sari against her legs her thighs shook gently as so bid her bosom under her pallu ,he looked at her with sided narrow eyes as she neared, leaving him breathless. She stooped near him and put her hand lovingly on his folded arm. He turned to look into her face "Saab ap theekh ho, "hummm" he nodded "why have you come out Nakku"? .."oh I just wanted to check up on you ..where's baji ?she asked ..ummh he's gone to fetch me a drink .she continued to stroke his arm and he lowered his eyes as he saw her hand and then he looked up at her ,he noticed her pallu had shifted and was rather boldly showing part of her cleavage ,he raised his eye brows towards the sight and said "apna pallu theekh ker Nakku she bent her neck to check what he had pointed out and blushed and hurriedly covered herself appropriately. He  sniffed air and turned his face ahead on the road. "Saab ap ne kuch kaha nehi" ? he turned his head and looked in her large innocent doe eyes "kis bare mein "? "yehi ka mein kaise lag rehi hoon". he tilted his head slightly and jerked his head and smiled women! He turned to look at her his eyes twinkling "hawwt lag rehi hai Nakku bahut garam! and he opened his mouth and went "awwgrh" snapping his teeth at her she laughed covering her face with both her hands "kha jaon ka thujhe aagar mera samna se nehi gya tu Nakku, she put her hand down on his folded arm and pinched his arm! and he went "ouch ..junglee billi"!  And she smiled full of mischief .Baji saw them talking and felt happy the ice between that he had noticed this morning was thawing. "Bhau ye lo pani "and he passed Dutta the bottle of water...and decided to saunter off so they could continue to chat . Dutta unscrewed the chilled bottle of water and brought it to his lips and slowly washed his throat with water ,he brought the bottle down ,looked at her and offered her the bottle "ye le tu bhi pe le" he said shyly. She smiled and accepted the bottle and brought it to her lips, once she finished he grabbed it back and brought it to his lips and drank he smiled and passed the bottle back to her and she drank again from the bottle where he had placed his lips..and gradually in this passing the bottle the bottle the water finished! and both of them smiled in satisfaction. She turned to go I'd better go now Saab he reached out for her shoulder and said lovingly "good luck woman! and Nakku  replied as she turned to salute him "yes Major sir!  and went off gay as a lark with a spring in her step!  He looked at her back no matter how hard he tried to stay away from her she is like air to him!

Nakku and Harshad came out smiling ,Harshad held his suit jacket on his arm and both exclaimed we're hired"  Nakku gave Dutta a beaming smile,at which he noddedhis approval and Baji said "well done guys ..and lets get a bite to eat Bhau Iam sure we're all famished! Nakku clambered to the backseat of the car while Harshad got in as well.  Dutta looked over leaf to meet her eyes ,which told him how much she wanted to be sitting near him. "Nakku when do start here then" enquired Baji for Dutt's benefit ,for Baji knew that Dutta would not ask that publicly. "In three weeks time Baji" and she looked sadly at Dutta. "Rok de adhr hi Baji Dutta instructed and they parked at a small pizza diner. Rahmaan scrambled and arranged Rascal near the passenger seat and helped Dutta to sit, shortly revved towards the entrance as the rest followed ,he turned "Rahmaan tum  jo tumhara je chaeya" and he looked at the kebab shop kha sakte ho! Baji...Baji dug into his trousers and gave Rahmaan couple of thousands... the door man not surprisingly knew Dutta and stood before him with folded hands "Bhau kaise ho" and he held the door wide for them to enter the owner  ran to greet Dutta and Harshad thought, is there any one on this flipping planet that does'nt know the blasted man. They were shown to their area, which was peaceful as Dutta had requested, it was a curved foamed seat to fit two to three adults with back rests. Nakku edged in first and sat at one end as she looked and predicted her Saab would park Rascal near her the curved head of the table and she smiled when he heard and granted her heart's desire . Baji went around and sat at the other end where Nakku sat. Harshad stood as he appeared stupid and left out ,Dutta looked up and with his fore finger pointed to where Harshad stood and ordered the waiter "ek chair edher lay ker ayo" . Harshad nodded at Dutta with respect ..and thought cocky b'######d! Dutta  slowly turned his head towards Nakku who was already lusted and leered at his face, and he pulled his lips to one corner of his mouth and stretched his arms across the table resting his beautiful long slender fingers. "so he said happy Nakku" she smiled coquettishly at him biting her upper lip and nodded her head hum, she went .He studied her face ,arms, hands  and withdrew  his lower lip in his mouth  with a small  suggestive nod of the head. She blushed a little ."Saab ap kya kahoo ga" she asked to avoid his meaningful glances. "Anything Nakku you can order for me" , she ordered a thin crust pizza with chicken and mozzarella cheese for him and ordered sweet corn prawn salad and garlicbread for herself. Baji and Harshad did their orders. They all tucked into thier meals and from time to time Dutta and Nakku exchanged stolen fleeted looks  ..but Harshad rasped in jealousy, what did he not have that this incomplete man had ...he nearly choked on his food as he looked disinterestedly at his plate of fried scampi and salad, how much he hated this war dog! Harshad laid down his fork "does anybody mind if I smoke", he questioned politely. Dutta who was about to bite into his triangular piece of pizza stopped and narrowly glanced at Harshad, "yes I do, I  do not wish to sit here eating my food while you exhale your bloody smoke in my face, ."Saab" Nakku touched his arm, "I have not finished yet Nakku  ,besides young man there are young children here with their families , Baji here uses an inhaler and you expect us to be passive smokers! Dutta roared. Harshad stood up "ok sir point taken I'll go out "and Dutta looked up at him and nodded "yes you do that kiddo"! Harshad nearly kicked his chair and picked up his pack of cigarettes and lighter and made his way towards the exit. "Saab ap apna pizza kahoo, use chordho!, Nakku reminded him "Yeah Bhau why should we spoil our lunch" Baji chipped in  ..Dutta bit into his pizza and said licking his lips "I can't understand how can a responsible trained professional be so unaware of health hazards to himself and others,jawani chaiey hoi hai salla per".. "Bhau tu bola tu  us ki ka sara josh bhar ja ke nakul doon abhi ki abhich kya ? Baji asked waiting for Dutta's command . "nehin Baji abhi time nehi ahya is salla ko sab sekhana ka"! . Nakku   changed the topic and asked Dutta "can I have a taste of your pizza"? he smiled and picked up his last piece and pointed the triangle into her mouth she leaned forward her mouth ready to bite in and he said "ja ja Nakku tu moti ho jayeg"i! and pointed the pizza to his mouth .Baji laughed loudly..Nakku turned to him Baji "you as well" she moaned and punched him with her fists Baji sniggered "Bhau muhje is se bachoo!, job kya mila  hai ise, ye tu abhi se hai zoora azmaye ker rahi hai! , "ok you two stop it now! people are looking at us"! Baji go and pay and lets go"!

Dutta , Nakku and Baji met Harshad at the entrance still puffing away, probably his umpteenth  drag of nicotine. Dutta walked past him and dragged Nakku with him .Baji called out "Harshad yo'd better stub that out I don't allow people smoking in the car either". Once they were all securely seated Baji was homeward bound . Harshad said "Baji can you drop me on the 8th avenue please that's were I live" .Baji was relieved to hear that and he said sure and he turned the car into the road "tell me when to stop" "yes just here will be fine" ."Harshad you stay here"? Nakku asked, as it was a worn down multi-storeyed  building that could do with a lick of paint ."haan Nakku I've just rented a studio flat mera real ghar to dera mein aagay chaal kay hai,this was temporary whilst I was at university . any come in for some coffee? ,Dutta shook his head and nakku said "nehi Harshad thanks but Saab is tired , besides Aye Sahib must be waiting for us" . "Ok then thanks a lot for the lift , see you around and I'll give you a call Nakku bye" ,and he turned to look at Nakku who smiled at him and jerked as Baji revved the engine and sped off.


  It was nearly dusk and the sky was overcast with swelling, swirling, spreading charcoal hues across the sky . Baji looked at his friend who was lost in indolent thought.  He picked a secluded spot and yanked the car slightly off the road and pulled the hand brake. "What's the matter Baji why have stopped? "woh Bhau woh saabzi ke dhookan se kuch vegetables leni hai Aye ne bola tha ..  Baji got out and yelled for Rahmaan "tum bhi mera saat chalo" .Dutta stuck his elbow out of the window as he looked out and smiled, he angled his wing mirror and caught sight of her beautiful face as she looked at him tenderly. "Aaah" he went and groped at his fore head with his long sender fingers "Saab what's the matter are you hot? "Yes and I have a head ache Nakku and my back hurts as well .She pressed the recliner button to his seat and pulled it right back as she moved to sit behind him and caught his reclined seat in her lap Dutta was caught by surprise what the hell are you doing Nakku "sssh" she went as she placed her hands on his fore head and pressed gently on his fore head, eyebrows and temples. She ran her finger through his hair backards to her and he went "uhhhmm.. this is nice".. she continued and he brought his hands back lifted them up till he caught her face in his palms ,pulled it down to his lips and kissed thecentre of her chin. She smiled and pulled her face back, and rubbed her palms against his prickly cheeks, "don't Nakku he went "I'll get too relaxed and go off to sleep. She continued to press his temples and fingered his thick mop of hair. "Tu tone batiya neha Nakku kya tu Harshad ko pasand karte hai? Nakku pulled her hands back! "Saab my answer is the same ask your self that"! Dutta pulled the reclining lever of his seat and lurched forward to a sitting postion. He weaved his eye brows in a foul mood, "akdhe aurat,jawab tu main tera mau se hi suno ga Nakku" and Baji arrived back with Rahmaan. And they headed home...


Once at Patil Niwas,the family rallied around Nakku with praise and blessings . Dutta was tired hence headed straight towards his room but he signalled Nakku with his eyes and head to follow suit. He reached his room and pulled off his shoes and socks. He was hot, tried,sticky..and bothered as he had not had the chance to do what he wanted with her, partly due his earlier tiff with her and then the interview trip. The sky outside was turning pale and he could hear pitter patter of rain, he wriggled his feet to ease his long slender toes, as he looked at his bedroom door waiting for her ..perhaps she won't come so he could burn him in a sustained wait, the stupid woman he thought. He whirred Rascal towards the radio and  brought it out to the table under the awning on the terrace. Seeing the rain, the impulse to have a rain shower possessed him, he smiled and stripped his steel blue kurta and left it hanging on the garden chair . He revved Rascal towards the outer wall of his room on the terrace he braked, and stood up straight and placed his palms against the wall arching his back the drizzle of cold water hit his sweating back and he sounded off with ecstatic "ohhs and aaahhs. His steel blue bottoms clung to his hips and strong muscular long legs .Nakku barged into his room and heard the radio played on high volume she ran and stopped as she saw he stood on his legs both palms pressed  against the wall to help balance. She kicked of her sandals and ran to him and put her arms around his back and waist and smiled as his hair dripped and he turned his head and called "tu ah gayi Nakk"u... The radio played... "now every body in keeping with the Mumbai rains this romantic number from Guzarish...the song started with bells tolling and characters a man and a woman speaking.. Nakku let go off his waist and ducked underneath his outstretched arms and stood  trapped facing him her back to the wall she looked up at him his hair plastered in a watery  dripping fringe. He looked down at her stunning eyes and green sari and ember blouse which she hadn't changed! and she stood underneath his eyes like a water nymph...the melody sounded "bas itni si tumse guzaarish hai  Dutta begged with his eyes "guzaarish hai" he moved his head to one side looked longingly into her eyes "guzaarish hai he! he" parted his lips at her eyes.. he looked up at the skies "yeh jo baarish hai and he brought his face back to her face and nodded slowly with pleading eyes  "dekho na, ye jo baarish hai and she stuck her hand out to catch the drops and hugged him tightly "iss mein teri bahon main mar jau he he brought his lips on her neck as she clung to him,  he moved one of his palms from the wall and lifted her chin up to him.." bas itni si choti si ek khwaash hai... bas itni se tumse".. he took her arms from his waist and pushed her arms up against the wall and fattened her against the wall "tumse guzaarish hai" and placed his palms on her open palms and interlocked their palms pressing his body against the wall. "Bas itni se tumse farmaaish hai yeh jo baarish hai" and she moved her neck against the wall as his dripping head and lips groped for her neck  he caught hold of her earlobe with his lips and pulled it slightly and she moved pressed against the wall "dekno na ye jo baarish hai" he looked into her green eyes nodding his head "is mein mere sang gunguna na na na na na..and and he moved his lips to her other ear lobe caught it between his rain washed lips and pulled gently this time "gun guna na na" she moved her knuckles against the wall and he let go of her palms and she put her arms around his neck and he buried his lips on her neck as he tried to brutally pull the soft skin off her neck with his lips "Saab" she winced and he stopped and embraced her passionately around her waist and gently balanced her and himself against the wall, "bas itni se tumse guzaarish hai..guzarish hai.. she pushed him away, they both looked at each other drenched in passionate love completely.. he looked at her intently as the rain drizzled on them.. "Harshad ko chaathi hi kya tu Nakku? Dutta had demanded an answer from her and he would get one from her mouth not from supposition "Bol de Nakku teray mua se suna chahta hai Dutta! ..she hugged his neck nehi Saab nehi ..Nakku sirf marte dum tak ap se pyar kare gi! sirf ap se! he pushed her away and  smiled sideways he had won he had make her speak! , what he already known !  he held her head against the wall and fiercely said "mujhse shaadi karegi Nakku"? ... she cried with joy tears streamed down her face as she held his face "haan saab haan"! the rain suddenly stopped and the drenched lovers made their way back to his room, him in Rascal, and her walking besides him... to be continued Hamlet 15.7.11

Precap: " yes hi Lauren, can you get some crutches sorted out for me please"





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Awesome update yet again...and i am the first one too!LOL

The tiff that they had had me get so angry with Dutta...why can't he let go his ego for once n speak softly to nakku..He always orders the brute...But then even when they call it quits they are not quits...and how can they be! its not possible na!Embarrassed

Dutta getting drunk with baaji and then being found out by Nakku was good one..

So was the interview ke time pe TaSha's drink sharing session..

OH Major Dutta had a Major heart attack seeing his cute si poppet in Sari naa!WinkEmbarrassed Gud he deserves many such Major Heart arrests...He troubles our poor PT a lot! 

Loved how nakku held her fort but then had to give in to that hot hot man na...I don't blame her..Barish and mausam and uspe romantic  Dutta...Ye to hona hi tha!Embarrassed

But loved loved loved his simple straight-forward Proposal! it was such a heart-warming one!Big smile

To make for last times tardiness..i saw this before u Pmed and Reserved the spot..See So cute Naa!LOL

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love  the update the comment of nakku look and thedutta harshad part and the last part i love that

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Reserved...why didnt i see this ...Confused ...will be back after work :D

E d i  t e d ...

H a m m i e ! mein aagai :D chalo...imma read and comment at the same time :P

Chapter 11:
Starts with D riding away in Rascal to meet Baaji but decides to eaves drop on the way my major is very possesive lol...I liked how Naku sensed him but just miss eh ...he left by time she turned to look...Baaji busy with business related paperwork...haha omg D is so right Baaji will find any excuse to drink...but then loved how D is just like botaal nekal...he is no less am sure :P Aww our man is kind of out of thoughts of his beloved...and Baaji my man...suggesting he get his saggai done before she leaves. Oh ho...Dutta being all cool and saggai is all bull to him ...says one thing but hearts says another how Baaji just bluntly states it would only make his Naku his for sure and oush Harshad out of the picture...both arguing about Harshad's feelings...i enjoyed this scene...well written hammie...loved the tasha moment here...when he comes by to her room and their little chat...and the way he asks her to drop him to his room. loved the way she he held his arms out for her and she heaved him and both fall over...but she does manage to get off the man as he was in deep drunken stupor lol...but loved the way he called her and she turned back and prayed for him...loved the bit between AS and Baaji...and aww poor guy felt snubbed and unwanted but i would too in that how he says 'aap chinta na karyan Baji hai abhi...baji kuch na kuch to kerga' ..fear not right :P ... love the very laid back relationship Baaji and Naku have...pure friendship :D yay baaji told i want this all to be set straight...D and N only together...there is no room for a third wheel here...TaSha convo...liked Nakus behavior here...while he was trying to be cool and flirtly with her...and then he asked her about harshad and she responded with a question...well done ...and omg her out burst...he is using her for time pass..i was like :O ...and then he said same to her omg lol...and god this guy in anger says too much...poor girl not even given a chance to explain herself. OH no she thinks he would cut her out of his life...and man this fight is heating up ...oooh and it reached high point re...breaking the bond? *shocked* :O  ...these two are being stupid...but haha they had their first major the coming back together will be sweeter na ...I hope so...and stupid Harshad had to land up in their lives ! omg these two i tell u ...not talking to each other...yet the feelings will never change and they will never be able to stay away from each aww she's tidyin up everything and he ends up helping ...quite a softie on the inside...oh there is so much love btwn these two...oh this major sach mein gadha hi hai ...treating her like that esp day of interview...tsk tsk...lekin at the same time he also feels that she would be better in hands of someone with more secured life...aww that scene btwn tasha at the car was hot and the water drinking damn...wat a moment...they mustve really loved that water ..yaya he wished her best of luck...and like baaji said ice is thawing... lmao oh i love this major..the way he said he minds about Harshad smoking and he ended up leaving the moment LOL loved it...i love Baaji them moments to themself...the car scene was nice too but then again there come that question again  ...hmmm he will just not understand it...she will have to say it straight to him...he knows but he just needs to hear it and am damn sure he will not let it go ...omg hammie...the song sequence was amazing ...well written can imagine it so perfectly...and haha like i expected he asked her and she gave him the answer he knew he would love how he says he won it out of he mouth ...OMG he asked her to marry him and she said yes WOOHHHOOO ...yay...and u had to end it here eh ! ...although this was quite a long part...loved it to the core...and sorry...i wrote so much ...didnt realize...will keep them shorter and sweeter next time lol...update next part you lots...take with u soon Hug

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Thank you sooo much for this wonderful and long update Hammie Hug
dutta is such a tuff nut yaar...i just cant imagine...what patience naku have got to tolerate his attitude...or i would say she is sooo much in love with him...that she is so fond of pampering him like a kid
Hats off to that girl!!!

haww...tasha had their first major clash..though I was very angry at dutta regarding his question about harshad...
but keeping in mind his possessive nature i think even this part was very well can somebody like him
tolerate that his naku was talking to that leech ...or went to meet him without informing him...

LOved baaji a lot...the concern he shows towards dutta and naku as a friend/brother makes me wish everyone should be blessed with a friend like him... Smile
Naku in a sari can so imagine major k dil ka haal...LOL
how was he holding himself...
Thank God nothing unpleasent happend at the interview trip due to harshad...infact i would say it was not your day kid LOL
poor guy was so frustrated ...Dead
I liked that drink sharing scene a lot was very cute...what i liked the most was although they had a tiff earlier but they both started again so if both of them know that they just cant let go off each other no matter what happens
aww...naku was so eager to know from him that hows she looking...
i guess his reply "kha jaoun ga" was even more hotter
the brief moment they shared in the car alone was very nice...Embarrassed...thanks to the girls PT skills Big smile
and the last raining part was something else...everytime you take such moments to another level ...very well written...and song selections are killing in every update Day Dreaming
and the proposal...Finally the Man had done it... *dancing* ...yayyy
what a kodak moment it was...Embarrassed
it was so straight forward...just like the way dutta is...
and icing on the cake was the rain and topless dutta and bheegi hui sari main naku...*faints*
but still he brought that question in between...gosh...bohat ziddi bacha hai Big smile
poor naku had to answer that to make that lil baby happy Embarrassed...
.the way he said he won ...*devil* Big smile
awww...but will she leavefor dera within three weeks...hope she leaves after saagae..
sorry Hammie im bit late with my comment...actually was badly strucked in college today till evening due to preprations of an event...and add to thatheavy rain...gosh it was a tuff day today...still damn tired...
but thanks to your refreshing update...enjoyed it a lot...
pls update soon...i know like bollywood movies next part will be released on will count the days...thanks for being so consistent ...and giving us a weekly dose of ur brilliant Ff...Embarrassed
lots of Love...stay blessed Hug

Edited by Warda. - 16 July 2011 at 1:18pm

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 6:48am | IP Logged
Mindblowing update Hammie dear!!  Dutta at his best in playing the mind game.  Nakku paying the price for keeping a secret.  Wow!! so he got it out of her mouth nd he is equally smitten by her nd wants her forever for himself.  He  is an extremely intelligent , supersensitive, unpredictable, posessive lover, nakku ko bappa bacheyeD'oh. The long update is sooo goood that i had to read it again nd again.  I hve gone bonkers over this story nd it is insatiable now.  God help me tooStern Smile.

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