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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 33)

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

@eternityluv: oh thank you for your lovely comment ,,,yep sahu tu ha hamara Gadha ,but smart ass ..look at all the fun he's having with her exploiting,and exploring  every avenue of Nakku's emotions!  Nooo don,t worry he'll  never  goli se urdhaa her ... he wants to keep her captive yaar! Itna  gadha  nehi  haiii ye Sher... paltu bena ka rekhey gaaa!  xxxhammie


paltu sher lovely

yeah he always exploit her for fun but love that

am ranjana hammie so next time you can write my name i would like that

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                                    Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta


                                            Painful Rapture: Chapter 10


                                            " green-ey'd  monster" ~ Shakespeare[Othello]

Nakku tousle dried her long black tresses that dripped at the ends, while she examined her fitted low neck daisies and blue bells printed white shirt in the dresser mirror. She smoothed the hint of her camisole that subtly alluded at her full figure from behind her muslin shirt. It was decent she judged, for there were men in the house, servants, Baji and him the lion-hearted... gosh she reflected, the thoughts he gave her about him and her defied belief!  she blushed, and her dressing up was marred by the "prr prr" of her mobile ."hello yes this is her., "oh hi Lauren this is a surprise, yes he is here, have you tried his mobile queried  Nakku" I have Nakusha but no answer" complained Lauren , "ooh may be he's  still asleep Lauren" remarked Nakku "what at 8.30am ,don't tell me Nakusha he's becoming a lazy so and so".. "noo I don't think so Lauren I'll look up on him straight away" assured Nakku "yes you do that Nakusha for I am coming over to do a home assessment on him in an hour's time.. is that ok? asked Lauren .."yes that should be fine Lauren, looking forward to seeing you" replied Nakku...

Nakku hurriedly ran her fingers through her wet scraggly hair and made her way towards Dutta's room. She quietly opened the door and she found him sleeping topless on his side one musuclar arm under his head and the other on the top side of his waist and hips ,she smiled as his white pyjama clad legs were again on top of each other with a cushion between his loins.  His back was smooth and shiny and showed the slightly knitted together  scared skin above the lower end of his spine where the gun shot had just missed by inches. She clasped her hands in silence in adoration to Bappa as thanks ,for things could have been  much worse! With stealth she crept towards his smooth shoulder and bent slightly to put her soft hand on his shoulder,to awaken him. He quaked a little and his reflex brought his strong arm sharply to wack her fore head, in an instance she held back stunned by his  unprecedented gesture..ooh! she went,he woke and flattened himself aahh on his back, and looked up drowsily  at her ,with wet hair, he pulled her to his bare chest and took her face in his hands and brushed his lips against her smooth fair forehead as he held her face and looked with half opened eyes into her doe eyes her cold wet hair fell on his hairy chest and he winced ..he pushed her up with her shoulders and roughishly said Nakku "tu kya neyi nawaali dulhan, ki terhan baal gelay kar ki subabh subah meray samana ah gaye hai"... she smiled and ignored him and he continued for her reaction ..."you known the morning after the first night"... "oh be quiet" she said as she stood up.."you have such a one track mind Saab" he smiled as he crossed his muscular naked arms under his head and smiled at her .."nahin, you tell me Nakku you come in to a bachelor's bedroom  sporting a Medusa head, looking like you have emerged out of the bath how am I supposed to react"? ... she went to the other side of his bed where he had thrown his white kurta and came around and sat down on his bed and pulled him up bashfully by the arms, blushingly ignored the bare top half of his body,,"ye lo Saab put this on please" and she held the neck opening of his kurta against his head , he gave up but still loved the attention as he shoved his arms into the sleeves... he complained "she put her hand against his soft lips.. "Saab athooo! Lauren is coming to carry out a home assessment on you need to get ready... I'll get your clothes sorted". She walked towards his ward robe and laid out his clothes. He rubbed his palms gently "oooh Lauren! it'll be good to see her ,its been long ... Nakku came across to his bed and yanked his legs down the side of the bed "athoo Saab please", and she goes to collect his bathing wheel chair...


  Nakku, welcomed Lauren and the two women exchanged salutations cheek to cheek .Baji who sat at breakfast table suddenly felt a spark go through up his body and pushed his plate away and gambolled towards the lovely PT, "well hello Lauren this is a surprise"... beamed Baji as he checked out Lauren, who wore a black bold floral printed jersey sleeveless pinafore and tight regular rise black capris... with black canvas cork wedged heels. Nakku, smiled as she looked at Baji's balled over looks as his eyes bounced up and down upon Lauren ," Baji ... please can you give a hand with Lauren's stuff" Nakku instructed... "yeess ummmh" Baji went as he put his hand awkwardly over his head .."sure! sure! he went I'll get the rest from your car Lauren...where do want it"? "Oh thanks Baji, "yes can you take the stuff to Dutta's room..if that's alright Nakku "Lauren confirmed ...

Lauren looked impressed as she scaled the stair lift and ticked the form on her clip board. Nakku looked side ways at Lauren ,she did look very beautiful, her face, her make up and her lovely flowing below the shoulder thick flowing kinky hair...and as for her dress thought Nakku as they walked down the first floor corridor towards Dutta's room , it was very flattering to her full figure.. Lauren was stunning! ..well Nakku receded, compared to her simplicity ... they entered Dutta's room and Nakku feel in love with him as she saw him sitting squeaky clean ,scrubbed and groomed ...he wore a grey marl tight fit tank top with a short buttoned v-neckline, and an anthracite black cropped pair of track pants, she lowered her eyes as she caught his shy glance noticing her approval. She could smell the vapours of his Emporio cologne.. Lauren leapt towards Dutta with a huge smile and gave him a kiss on the check ,"well my dear Major! here let me look at you! and she bent over him and held his strong shoulders as she checked him out,  Dutta lowered his eyes  as he blushed with discomfort  as he glimpsed the full view of Lauren's full cleavage! "Soo how are you my man? Now major today Iam going to assess you on all the equipment you brought home to see how strong your legs are "?  Dutta nodded gently,  "yess I am fine Lauren ticking along".. replied Dutta as looked side ways at Nakku ,he thought she looked so stunning in her linen daisy and blue bells printed tight shirt he noticed her  tiny curvy waist and shapely bodice and suddenly remarked out of nowhere .."Nakku teri chunni kahan hai? he narrowed his eyes in a warning "woh Saab ,I was in a hurry to receive Lauren so I forgot it in my room"..she stuttered and he slowly looked at her and moved his head down a little bit, Nakku left to get her chunni,  a bit snubbed .. "oh and please Nakku ,can you get some tea for us he called after her". "Oh leave the girl alone Dutta , you're lucky she puts up with your stroppiness... choded Lauren... yess  agreed Dutta as he pushed his lips to the right corner of his mouth ,his eyes twinkling that's what you think Lauren but I know how much fire there is in the woman , I've been stroking that fire....he chuckled inside in silence. Baji barged in, with some new equipment that Lauren had brought.. and he laid it aside at a convenient place in Dutta's spacious bed room...  Dutta put one hand under his chin and narrowed his eyes as he decided that he would let Baji stay with him in his bedroom while Lauren conducted the assessments on his legs ..he shyly turned his head to one side ...he didn't want Nakku to think that he was hitting it off with Lauren in his bedroom... although would be nice, he mused to see his Sherni's reaction and he smiled as he stroked his chin ,one never knows she might even turn more wild! "Ok Baji you can be of help so put out the blue foam mat! instructed Dutta ,  Baji smiled with his dimples in full bloom.. "ho Bhau , waise bhi it's my pleasure to be Lauren'sassistant! . Dutta give him a dirty look and Baji got to business. Lauren placed one of her chunky bangled  armaround Dutta's  broad shoulders and got hold one of his arms and wrap it around her shoulders so as to sit him on the edge of his bed . Nakku entered the room with the tray of tea and biscuits and caught the action and  also  caught Dutta's  compressed lipped nod which he performed to assure her, she lowered her eyes demurely.

 He put his long slender toes and balanced to stand and  gingerly took a  small step towards the bed and sat down with a slight thump .Baji clapped "kya Bhau tu nai ek khadum liya Deva shapat Baji ki jaan main jaan ah gayi hai.... he said emotionally as he touched his Adam's apple . Dutta looked up at Nakku whose eyes were swimming in withheld tears in both her eyes and Dutta tenderly from where he sat appealed to her not to cry with his eyes... yess Lauren if  I took  this giant step today it's because of her! and he jerked his head towards Nakku who stood beside his bedside with his glass of orange juice.. "well yes!  Lauren said  "the credit really goes to both of you for your resilience ... Dutta for the first time heard the referral " both of you" he smiled both as opposed to "him".. the soldier was on a high...Lauren examined his legs from his toes, to the lower and upper leg muscles; his Medialis, Laterlis, Intermediate and Femoris ,and ticked boxes on the chart... Lauren assessed Dutta on all the excercise kits that he brought home and continued to tick boxes... Nakku served them tea and biscuits in a short break and then left the room much to Dutta's dismay.


Harshad sat in a local barber's shop as he stubbed out a cigarette in the stub squashed ash ridden, once silver ash tray perched on the mirror. He  wearily  looked over head to  check if he was going to be attended to. Finally a fortyish man, clad in a sweaty tee approached him "cut and blow sir "? "cut and beard" Harshad answered , "it'll  be a 10min wait sir"  Harshad nodded as the man put an protective overall around him. He reached for another cigarette and inhaled the nicotine right in, till his chest fumed , he withheld the drag till his eyes swam with the fix. He looked at his reflection in the mirror as smoke emanated out simultaneously from his mouth and nostrils. He took another drag and gazed at himself, here he was a 23 year old stud .. a newly qualified PT with a secure job that waiting for him ...waiting to work alongside the woman he loves and want... a relationship of endearment over a period of two years waiting to be culminated in the bond of marriage... he stubbed the cigarette and lit another straight... he took a long drag Nakusha!... how I love you with a burning passion and how  cruelly  you turned my an ingrate you turned out to be! How could you forget all the support I gave you in your semesters ! you used me Nakusha! you got what you wanted out of me and then you spurned me out of your life like a piece of dead meat!  How could you  misunderstand the moments when  the whole world would stopped for me when you were around ,those moments you spent with me  during breaks in the canteen, the countless love torn glances that I bathed you in during lectures, those times when you sat close to or adjacent to me during research in the library ... you frosty frigid woman surely you knew!  ..never for once did you impede my advances! ... how I loved you I hate you... he pulled another drag of nicotine and it charred his gullet all the way down to his chest... ok sir I am ready said the barber so what did you want done with your  hair? He enquired as he lifted Harshad's below the neck tendrils of hair. Harshad stubbed his cigarette  "I want you to give a short army cut!"  The barber proceeded the snip and clip dexterously with his fingers and scissors, and with each snip of his lock Harshad clenched his jaw as he glared at his face thunderously in the mirror... you bloody man Major!.. noo why the hell should I call him major ! you bloody Dutta ! you are the real culprit you are the reason my Nakusha turned her back to me his red eyes shouted in the mirror you bloody man you may be a hero but to me you're still a cripple! a legless man! , for  walk you can't Dutta! Oh nooo!"he screamed at his reflection you can't! but Harshad can! .. the barber bent Harshad's hair forward ...  why you're not even a complete man ! you can't even satisfy her  the way  I can! ... Harshad clenched his jaw and tightened his clammy fists ... why you bloody man you can  probably never father children you don't have it in you  son of a #####!  The lower part of your battered blasted body! probably doesn't even function...  Dutta! deprived of life's pleasures you are and now you want her to be deprived of those pleasures too!  You hear me Dutta! you're only fit to hold a gun! not hold a woman !  only a gun can perform for you, not a woman! He felt the Barber's scissors shear up to the nape of his neck and holding his bent head he clenched his tearful eyes took her away from me she's mine and I'll wage a war with you soldier to get my woman back off you. The barber's hand pushed his head sideways to snip his side locks. He raised his hand to stop the barber so he could ignite another cigarette .. "ek minute sir let me cut off the locks from the other side first then you can light your cigarttee" said the barber. Harshad titled his head the other side ...oh you bloody! Bloody Dutta ! you are no match for me! I am a lot  younger than you are! my blood is steeped in the passion of fiery youth,  while yours is probably starting to go cold, devoid of youthful vigour! Oh get ready for battle Dutta! this time not with an army guy who you can out smart,  but a civilian man who will lick you out in getting his woman back!!!!!  "Ok sir you can light your cigarette now".  Harshad smiled as he saw the new himself short close cropped hair brushed back from his fore head his eyes approved what he saw , he was no longer the dishevelled unkempt carefree Uni pupil! instead he was desirable, attractive  young man! He offered a cigarette to the barber, and he took a first draw of the own cigarette. The barber balanced the lit cigarette in his mouth as he puffed and cut  .. "ok sir now the shave what do you want me to do"? ,Harshad looked at his face  "well I want the lowest number one cut on the stubble ,just a hint of hairs on the face".. The barber did what was asked within seconds, as Harshad smoked and watched the gromming in the reflection the barber. Once finished.. the barber remarked "Harshad I have heard through the great vine that you are going to have your saaghaai soon with some girl who studied with you" , Harshad stiffened how do know?  "well you Patil Waadi is a small place word spreads like wild fire".. "yes"  agreed Harshad  "nehi kaka abhi paat paaki nehi hoi, par jald ho gai gi" . The barber started to trim his side burns and Harshad looked at his face in the mirror... Nakusha tu aur tera woh Major Saab will pay for this humiliation Iam suffering amongst people ... sooo get ready I am not going to be stopped now for its' true what they say everything's fair in love and war!!!!


Nakku returned to Dutta's bedroom to collect the tray of tea stuff. She fixed her chunni across her bosom and Dutta saw her do that and he  parted his lips and softened his eyes as he looked her way and then slowly moved his head the other way. "Well Nakku reported Lauren Iam extremely pleased with the health ,strength and sturdiness of his legs .. I have brought some equipment that he needs to use now to maintain the balance of his legs ..he will need to do this as often as he can to maintain body equilibrium". She took out the first piece of equipment, "this is called a wooden rocker board, it is a useful adjunct to posture improvement and trunk strengthing, along with increasing tone in the quadriceps, ham strings and calf muscles. As you can see Lauren demonstrated this on the top is the 50cm cork surface..."how much weight can it take asked Dutta "well the recommended maximum weight is up to 25 stone and Lauren continued it can retrain proprioception... "pro what"? said Dutta and Nakku chipped in proudly "proprrioception Saab the sense of balance"! Dutta looked at her and squared his shoulders at her to approve of her intelligence in her field "that's right Nakusha" praised Lauren.  "Now Major the rocker board will only rock either forwards or back wards , or side to side depending on how you postion your self on the board. "So am to stand on this then Lauren? asked a daunted Dutta yes would you like to try it .. Dutta bravely nodded while an excited Baji and Nakku stood and watched. Lauren helped him to stand on his feet and asked him to carefully stand on the wooden rocker . Nakku stood with her hands tightly clasped as she saw him stand for the first time after a year she gulped her tears and whispered Bappa thanks I love you ! Dutta tried to balance as lauren instructed him to put his weight on both legs .."if it's easier Major you  can spread you arms across to maintain stability" Dutta spread his muscular arms wide his long slender fingers quivered a little, and  Nakku had to stop her urges to run and hold him ,prevent him from falling as he rocked side ways but steadily he stood straight and baji clapped "oh Deva rahe Deva  .. Dutta gradually encouraged, slowly folded his arms across his chest still pretty steady on his legs for a beginner... his face became flushed with part anxiety of not falling and Lauren told him to stop and asked him to try to get off the rocker without her hand assistance.. but he could'ent manage so she helped him to get off he stood for a few seconds and then pressed his palms flat on his bed and sat down... Nakku wanted to give him a hug but abandoned the idea due to others. Nakku said "Baji go and call Roops,  Leela and Aye Saab"...

Dutta's family gathered in his room he looked at them with slightly  furrowed eye brows but his eyes and mouth both smiled as he saw the joy on their face ..Lauren smiled at all of them and then took out the final piece of equipment "now this here 66ft  air step balance Dome which is designed to integrate balance and fitness and build core stability.  If you turn it upside down  it has a heavy duty plastic base and Major it can be used for balance excercises on both sides once the simple exercises are mastered. Now this is what you get with this air dome,these two attachable tubing with handles ,this foot pump for air and major this excercise booklet for you to look through . now what do you think you have to do with this equipment Major? Laurenquizzed Dutta" he has to stand on top of it and pull the handles" prompted Baji as Dutta smiled at him with a nod, letting Baji get the credit... "correct Baji" smiled Lauren and Baji's day seemed made as every one smiled at him except Roops who stuck her tongue at him and he smiled shyly.   Dutta stood gingerly on his feet pushing his palm off the bed .. every one clapped and Aye saab said Jagdambey Jagdammbey as he wiped her tear with the corner of her pallu .Nakku again held her breathe and held her neck with one hand and clasped Roops hand with the other.. Dutta stood on the air dome with ease and held the two pulls by the handles one in each hand he stretched his arms across as he stood straight and every one clapped and then he moved the pulls above his head and pointed his two muscular arms straight above and than brought the pulls down and folded his arms across his chest. Every one cheered and clapped and Dutta looked at Nakku whose doe eyes widened with exciting times ahead and dutta looked into her eyes briefly as he stood tall and gave a subtle nod "ok Major you can step down and sit on your bed ..  Lauren said "Major you have to continue with these stability and balance exercises regularly, if you feel sprained then by all means you the cold gel massage and Dutta looked at Nakku devilishly or use cold compress and he twitched his lips in descent at Nakku when no one was watching.  "Now the last thing I want to say to you and its a good thing your family is here to listen to this,  Lauren took Dutta's hand you need to let go off Rascal ,his face fell with a thud. "For as your PT I would now after carrying out your assessment recommend that once your legs are good at balancing you need to start the use of crutches or perhaps one crutch.. Dutta seemed shocked "I don't think so Lauren" he said vehmently , "well Major itall depends how desperate you are to get back on your lower limbs" ..she gently adviced him .."think about it Major and let me know so we can order the aids for you" . Aye saab intercepted "haan dutta Lauren theekh kha rehi hai" .. "added Roops and "ho Bhau lauren's right" supported Baji. Dutta moved his head discreetly and looked into Nakku's eyes which were already glued to his face,  her eyes begged him silently and pleaded.. he sucked his lower lip and finally said to lauren "I'll think about it and let you know"... "ok then I'd better be on my way"... and she turned to Nakku "he can have music playing in the background while he balances Nakusha especially in the initial stages to help him get his mind off from falling, so get a radio in here ,won't you .Nakku smiled "I'll see to that"  she said thinking Saab and listening to music and songs ooh..! "ok Iam off then Lauren stood to leave..and Aye came forward and put her hand on Lauren's head "beti ye humara pyar hai thumara us ehsaan ka leya jot um ne Dutta ko theekh ker ki hum saab pe kiya hai and she took of a gold bangle from her arm and put it into Lauren's palm .Lauren blushed "nahin Aye saab ye tu mera farz tha ,Major jo theekh hoya hai tu woh uske and she looked at Nakku ,aur Nakusha ki koshish se hoya hai ... she made her way out of the bedroom and dutta jerked his head at Baji who picked up her  brief case etc every one left to go including ...Nakku

 Dutta grabbed her hand and put his finger on his lips his eyes twinkled with innocence and mirth ..."tu khadher ja rehi hai they all know the way you don't have to see her off you need to look after me .. she blushed as he  yanked his head slowly looking towards the door she went to the door and closed it , as she came back he was already standing on the wooden rocker near the edge of he bed...  she held her breathe as his yes called her to come near he spread his muscular arms trying to show off in front of her and gradually he brought his arms to rest on her shoulders  his posture started to rock a little as he folded his lower lip in his mouth and once he became stable he moved one of his hands from her shoulders and slowly at snails pace propped her chin with his fore finger and released his lower lip and his mouth fell slightly apart as he looked at her with longing he moved his hand back to her shoulder and in a moment of passion tried to pull her close to him ..and whoops!  he lost his balance as he grabbed her shoulders and she toppled on the bed and he toopled heavily upon her she winced and he pressed one palm on the bed and heaved his body off her and dragged himself on her side he looked at her his face very embarrassed, Nakku was too shaken by  his heaviness and unprompted action he reached out for her hand and brushed it against his lips.. "tu theekh hai na Nakku"? she smiled and gave a small nod ... There was a knock on the, "haan Nakku main radio le aya hoon Nakku ah ke laye le door main se ... Dutta  with parted lips shuffled away from Nakku who promptly stood up as Dutta yelled "ah jaa to Baji" who came in all cocky and smiling at both of them "here Bahu music for your ears"! and he leaves the playing radio on the display table.. "lagey raho Bhau! he shook his  head to Dutta  who showed him his fist "jata hai mein Bhau iam gone" and Baji back tracted and closed the door behind him .Nakku turned to Dutta who looked completely besotten today was a special day and nothing will stop him from holding her. He beckoned her and she came and put his heavy arm around her shoulder and took a step towards the step balance air dome and he put one slender foot and heaved himself on Nakku's shoulder and arranged his other foot on the air dome "Nakku pass me the pulls and he holds the pulls by handles and steadied himself on the air dome..

She looked at him a bag of nerves as she saw him let go of one of the pulls and he moved his long fingers with the free hand and calls her towards him  "adher ah" .she approached him nervously it's was like going to an unknown man, he was a  complete stranger to her ,seeing him on his legs ,the radio played on Indian filmi songs as soon as she got near him he looked down from his height into her green eyes with a narrowed glance he slowly put both his hands once again on her shoulders and lowered himself off the dome standing on his two strong legs before her tiny frame , she felt she was going to disintegrate in a thousand pieces as he gently levelled his tall standing body close to her, he wobbled a little enough to make her lose her breathe "Saab ap gher jao ga" ,he smiled into her eyes which were mesmerised by his lion eyes as his hands gradually groped her love handles and he moved her little closer to his frame "no Nakku I won't fall he pleaded with his eyes to her eyes "tu jo hai muhje thamnee kaliya, so how can I fall when you hold me, with parted lips he urged her to look at him "meri terif dekh Nakku" she lowered her head and shook it side to side and hid her face in his  bushy chest. Nakku he groaned as he felt her warm body pressed against his and she embraced his chest tightly with both her arms while he smelt the honey suckle and peach fragrance on her body and her silky hair as he rested his chin on the top of her head.  The radio played on at a medium volume and now ladies and gentleman said an all time classic from the film Silsila ,and the baritone of Amitabh's voice  starts the song main aur...

Dutta removed one hand from her love handles and propped up her face to him and he opened his mouth with a curved smile and said "main aur mere halaat aksaar ye baatien karte hain" ,he smiled into her eyes, as he tilted his head in one direction, "agar meri thangien kam kertein tu kaisa hota"? ,he sloped his head the other way "tu kya hoti? his eyes  glinted vividly and his voice asked her romantically..main kya kerta?,he kissed her head tu kya kerti? ,Amitabh's voice continued and Dutta looked into her  green eyes and his eyes twinkled,as he carried on with his rendition "main woh baat karta! and he cocked his head ,and she lowered her eyes and smiled "tu us baat be hasti... he took her chin in his hand and brought his face close to her "main aur mere halaat aksaar ye batien karte hain and he smiled at her as she squeezed her grip  around him and kisses his chest,the song played she looks up into his eyes "Yeh kahan aa gaye hum, yunhi saath saath chalte"  and their bodies rocked pressed against each other Dutta pushed her frame against his ,"teri baahoon mein hai jaanam, mere jism-o-jaan pighalte"  and she moved one of her arms around his neck ,"yeh kahan aa gaye hum yunhi saath saath" ,the melody played on as the lovers were consumed in passion, till he moved away from her and placed his arm around her soft shoulder. She encircled his waist and they moved towards the edge of the bed where he sat  with one knee  propped up..and  stretched the other leg across the bed. Dutta gently laid her head on his thigh and the song plays "o tu badan hai main hoon chhaaya , he looked down at her stunning face on his leg and caressed her cheek with his pointer finger, "tu na ho to main kahan hoon", and he fondled her soft silky hair, "mujhe pyaar karne waale ",and he bent forward to kiss her fore head with his hungry lips,  "tu jahan hai main vahaan hoon" and then kissed the side of her face, Nakku opened her arms and he leaned forward as she clasped him to her bosom,"Hamien milna hi tha hamdam and he scooped her in his arms and gripped her soft body against  his  torso  and looked  with desire into her upturned face against his chest  "isse raah pe nikalte"..  their fore heads met .."ye kahan aa gaye hum ,yuhi saath saath chalte.... "ahh Nakku Dutta said hoarsely "soo close yet soo far" and he breathed heavily as his arms squeezed her .Nakku ruined his sublime moment of the unvanquished conquest as she shuffled to get up from his bed hurriedly "Saab have a shower and change your gym clothes"... "why woman" he moaned you! he pointed his fore finger at her as he watched her with narrow eyes  "you haven't even given me a proper well done in all the effort I've put into getting up on my two feet" .. she turned "what do you think I've have doing with you since the past half an hour Saab! she sneered aww have a heart Nakku that was all you! having a kick for yourself out of me! she giggled and covered her face shyly "Saab you are becoming beesharam by the second"! "mein beesharm Nakku maaza to tu bhi lae rahi thee"! oh just get ready ..oye waapis ah or get my clothes out my sherni.. nakku gets his cobalt blue kurta and white pyjamas and brings his bathing chair near him he beckons her with his hand but she wiggles her thumbs at him and departs to her room.


Nakku treated her longing eyes to Dutta as he arrived at the bottom of the stairs still riding Rascal .Nakku was breathless as  she ran her eyes over him, he was absolutely delectable in his steel blue kurta with all the buttons undone at the neck, his strong sturdy legs that she had already had a feel off rested calmly. He had trimmed his beard and there was a dark circular of clump of hair in the fissure of his jut chin. His whole face glowed.. he trapped her gaze and he narrowed his eyes at her and jerked his eyes at his lap ,urging her come and sit in it! She blushed profusely and walked away towards the dining table where the family assembled for brunch. Dutta followed her towards the table and took his place at the head opposite Aye at the adjacent head seat. Dutta watched her as she served every one. she laid down his plate of sandwiches and he looked up at her slyly.  "Dutta ab jald he hum thujhe is ke ghud mein se nikalna dekhna manta hain ,Aye said as she refrred to Rascal "jee Aye" said Dutta as he stroked  Rascal's handles.

"Ahem!", someone cleared their throat, people at the table looked up and found a handsome young man dressed in a red polo shirt and cream pair of chinos and brown casual sneakers . Nakku's face froze  with disbelief. "Harshad"! she called as she drew near him. Dutta looked from where he sat and brought his glass of orange juice to his parted bottom lip. "Kaise hai tu Nakusha" Harshad exclaimed as he tapped her shoulder, and before she could verbalise he lifted his hands up and questioned "mein kaisa laga,in my new look" , Dutta took another sip as he watched narrowly across the table to the two of them, he moved his lips to swallow the sip and wiped the side of his mouth with his index finger but his  sharp gaze persisted on Nakusha,who brought Harshad towards the table and informed "Aye ,ye Harshad hai meray saath partha tha"... "haan! Aye looked up as she reckoned the significance of the face and name of this boy ... "haan Harshad aao bhato nasta karo" ,Nakku Aye looked at her...

Dutta looked across  at Harshad who sat down graciously, Nakku  turned over his plate and he "looked up at her, "Nakusha tuhje yaad hai jab tu jaldi mein apne nasahta bhool jati thi tu ,hum dono canteen main dus bajey brunch karte the...Nakku moved away from him swiftly ,but Dutta listened watched and bit into his sandwich silently, unconcerned .Harshad looked for Dutta's reaction and thought oh playing it cool are you! .Harshad looked over to Nakku who sat next to Baji across Harshad ."Nakusha muhje yaad hai how much you used to beg me to get dehi chaat for you and then you would ask me for my napkin to wipe your mouth which watered with the tang of tamarind" ..he chattered and Nakku smiled feebly... Dutta took another bite into his sandwich and saw Nakku's flush caused by Harshad's familiarity in front of the whole family.. "Nakusha do you remember when I had to get coffee for you during those late night research studies we used to sweat over,  Dutta cleared his throat as his slender finger's sip his orange and he choked and coughed , Nakku mouthed Saab as she looked at Dutta going slightly red in the face  Dutta bowed his head at her to signal he was fine yesss!! gloated Harshad this is just the start Dutta .. "Aye sara college janta tha ki mein aur Nakusha bahut kareeb hain"...,Dutta stretched his long arm across his place on the table his hand inches away from his cutlery knife . Baji glared at Harshad with slightly flared nostrils and turned his head to his side to look at Nakku, who straightened her shoulders "thumara matalab he Harshad ki sara college ye janta tha ki hum acche dost hain! sirf ache dost! he repeated.. people accepted that at the table while Baji smirked at Harshad ,Nakku looked up at Dutta who sipped his orange and turned his face sideways, totally disinterested. Harshad struck again "hain Nakku use din jab you came to see me , because you were in such a hurry to leave, you said no one knew that you were missing from the house,I forgot to tell you that the MS from the Dera hospital has sent me an interview letter ,did you get yours? .. he asked nakku cunningly , "no I haven't yet Harshad". "But honestly you were in such a hurry the other morning" he rubbed in again to stir reaction ,Dutta cleared his throat and pushed his plate away ."Saab poha kahao gay? Nakku urged him "nehin bus  Dutta said as he held his right palm up. Harshad stretched his hand for some sandwiches as Dutta watched him semi amused what a prat you are boy! "So Nakusha I thought when you get your letter, we can go together for the interview hainaa Aye saab ap ko bhi fikar nehi ho gi main jo nakuska ki saath hoon ga ,Aye nodded ... "nahi Harshad is ke koi zarorrat nehi main aur Bhau use lay ker jain gay". Baji interuppted Harshad nodded but was not going to give up... "yeah that's fine and perhaps I can get a lift from you guys seeing we are all going to the same place!..he chirped, Baji glanced at Dutta who calmly nodded,and Baji agreed, unwillingly. Harshad, smug as a bug, spread his hands "tu that's done then"! and he heaved himself up with his palms from the table, before leaving he smiled broadly at Nakku, "oh you'll let me know about the programme wont you! Nakku,he called her deliberatey" Nakku nodded silently ."thankyou Aye saab for the nashta I need it I hadn't eaten" and he bent o touch her feet .,as he stood up he caught Dutta's cold blank eyes "oh how are you keeping Sir? he asked as he looked at Dutta's lifeless legs.D utta nodded with a quizzical smile, and Harshad turned, slightly frustrated by Dutta's baffling expression. "Aren't you going to see an old friend to the door Nakusha? Nakusha got up painstakingly and walked towards Harhad as he tarried  in the long corridor area of the lounge he tapped her shoulder with one finger and Dutta dug his slender fingers into Rascal's handles so hard that his knuckles grew pale!


  Dutta entered his room, he was deep in thought something was amiss, something was not as it seemed for "fair is foul and foul is fair" ;  there was  a rancour of deception, an anguish of an unsolved riddle ,for a riddle he could sense, an enigma he could feel surrounded him ...  what was the truth about Harshad ,for he was trying today to relay a message .. about him and Nakku ,but  what has prompted it Dutta pushed his longer slender fingers across his temples as his buffed nails shone when they caught the light, WHAT! he thought he was bored because of a void of war games and now finally something might just be there to whet his savage attitude for combat! and some excitement has approached his life ...yesss!

Nakku crept up behind and put her arms around him "mera jano kya sooch raha hai? .He reached up for  her arm and pulled her on to his lap "main sooche raha hoon ke thuhje stand up ker ke taste karoon ye bathe hoi .. she turned and pulled his cheeks "you dirty dirty man"...  "look woman he held her face and drolled over her with his eyes, I am no where near dirty with you nakku don't even poke me" ! she got up tittering and he went towards his mobile..  "Good day sir its Dutta here sir! Yes thankyou, much better, miss the good combat life though sir! " Sir,I feel I am rotting at home, is there any chance for me of being ,utilized at the GHQ, I am sure we can put  something together for your young chap! replied Brigadier Parekh, I had my assessment with Lauren today", "ah yes Dutta she has reported back I am delighted with you son of a gun ,looks like all systems go for you! I tell you what young chap 'll arrange for you to have a final medical and yes than we have a job for you" ,"you have sir asked Dutta with immense delight "yes Dutta there is a batch of newly qualified cadets who need an instructer in Infantry skills  would you be interested? "Oh yes sir! Dutta confirmed. "Ok then that's done its good to have our star officer back on the serve! We'll talk about the finer details after your medical..oh thank you so much Sir! much obliged Sir and Dutta saluted from where he was ,good day sir ,"to you as well Dutta and my regards to your family..... 

Nakku stood before him as he looked up "Saab ap kaam pe ja rehay ho? he lifted his arms up to her wishing to stand she responded to her gentle pull and he balanced himself on his feet as he grabbed her tightly and showered her head with little kisses as he squeezed her in delight" hain Nakku duty hai! Dutta ki duty useke saab se bahre takakkat hain" she looked up him, and he looked at her with a slanted smile "tera bad Nakku" ... and he planted a kiss on her forehead ,that which was not fulfilling,  so in a moment of passion he pulled her head back arching over her and she bent like a bow under his pressure as with one of his hands as the other caressed her long slender neck with his fingers, he brought his hungering lips to her neck and slid them lower down her neck, she winced softly nipped by his stubble and he looked up into her dreamy half opened eyes  willing to give as much he wanted to take!  and he continued to tow his lips  till he was stopped by the edge of her low cut shirt neckline, he closed his eyes as he glimpsed a bit of her cleavage and slowly pulled back his head ,his parting lips quivered slightly but he looked side ways biting his bottom lip. She looked up at him and he buried her head on his hairy chest, the area she adored. He rested the curve of his neck on her head and looked with mellow eyes at his uniformed photograph. He was a man with integrity, especially so, for the woman in his life, and no less of a man or was he a real man? ..they stood in space as one body, bathed in each other's warmth... to be continued.. Hamlet 8.7.11

Recap: "Bhau main tu thuje ye salah de ga, ke tu Nakku ke dera jana se phelay us se saggai kar lai! Dutta turned his face the other way as he continued to mouth his whiskey.

The Silsila song dedicated to Warda, as it was her idea!












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Warda. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 January 2011
Posts: 6007

Posted: 08 July 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged

First of all a big tight hug for u hammie  Hug dedicated that sisila song to me Embarrassed
its really sweet of you Hug

its a brilliant update as usual ...i loved how you describe each and every detail about their postures and their makes it so easier to picture if we are actually watching them in front of our eyes...
loved dutta's remark of naye naveli dulhan for her wet *blush blush*

Awww...baaji  Big smile...was so happy to see lauren there...checking her out...laage raho baaji Wink

You have done a lot of research regarding PT instruments and fact from the very start you have always mentioned very precisely about PT sessions...its really informativeSmile
Dutta he wanted baaji to stay behind when lauren is in his bedroom...he he ...very carefull Tongue
and what else would have baaji wanted to spend time with that beautifull lady Wink
awww...dutta took his first step today...what a moment it would have been for the patil family...and most importantly for was so emotional...
harshad ...what is he upto...i swear hammie you are doing really unexpected things...just like Vintage LTL was...extremely unpredictable...!!!
Last time when naku had a clear cut word with him...i thought just like a goody good boy...he will leave for Dera...but today we just got to see an entirely different side of him...his anguish and jealousy had taken him to some another fact he appeared like he had comletely lost it...i meaan what is this with an army hair cut...huh...not even in your dreams you can become DSP...what i disliked the most about him is that he is not at all in love with naku...he is just not accepting this fact that she choose somebody else over him...what a loser !!!
i was very scared after reading this part...but what ever he did at the table in front of the whole family was way too kidish...what is this Harshad are dealing with Major...grow up kid
The way dutta remained calmed and listened silently ...made me smile...what a fool Harshad must be looking ...he he...if dutta would have been a young college going boy like him then maybe his reaction would have been different...but this is what i was expeting from a matured person like him .. Shabash Jawan *in army style* Big smile
and now that leech would accompany them for Dera...i wish dutta and naku could go alone...get well soon major ...dont miss this chance Wink
and im coming to this part in the end ...that song sequnce one Embarrassed
Hammie are you planning to kill us *faints faints*
yaara you are too good in writing romantic interactions...what an apt song for them...brilliant...and thank you so much for keeping my words ...means a lot to me Embarrassed
the precap will keep us on toes...pls make him say yes this time...and get them engaged soon...specially if harshad trying to get closer to that naku who is dutta's fiancee...maaza aa jaye ga...EmbarrassedBig smile
Pls update soon...yeh next friday kaab aayega...just cant wait Smile

Edited by Warda. - 08 July 2011 at 1:53pm

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 March 2011
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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 4:44am | IP Logged
love the update  harshad is really a bad guy yaar i think he sacrifices but he just started a war but our dutta is show him his place oh precap sound interesting waiting for  jali karna okBig smile

Edited by rrs1391 - 08 July 2011 at 5:47am

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krishaa Senior Member

Joined: 13 April 2011
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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 5:03am | IP Logged
good one ,so dutta is ready to fight battle with harshad to win nakku.i think he is aware of harshad intention and will save nakku.would be a treat to watch how dutta handles harshad.thanks for pm and a lovely update.but a bit sad that i have to wait for next update acccording to the precap which sounds interesting but no problem will wait thanks again.

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 February 2011
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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged
H a m m i e ! ! ! !  Mein aa gai Tongue

omg i missed first spot lol ...but anyway am here now ...ran to it as soon I saw

so let me get down to it :D

Starting with Naku out of a shower...tousling her i do exact same thing never ever dry my hair just use fingers and give quick tousle and let it air dry lol...anyway so Naku makes her way to find her saab sleeping that too topless...oh love Dutta how he reacted to her touch and then him asking what is he supposed to do if she comes like that before him first thing in the morning...yeh Dutta bhi na...this scene reallt brings out the relationship they share...soo much love...

aww Dutta decides to get Baaji to stay while Lauren doing the assessments Naku doesnt think i am sure Baaji is happy...but even I would've liked to see our sherni's reaction. Awww omg he toook a step...<- honestly writing this i pictured a baby taking hid/her first step lol...all emotional and loved how Dutta says its only thanks to Naku...and liked the reaction he gave to lauren saying 'both of you' showing really how much she means to him :D

eek Harshad...hmmm sketchy character...and he is doing army cut LMAO doesnt make him part of the army lol...he thinks Naku turned on him ...when in fact she has never had such feeligs for him...idiot...but then again I guess because D was never there he wouldnt know..and now he blaming D for it...i am not liking him :P OMG jerk he is picking out his injury ...calling him cripple...i'd give him a slap just for that ...oh and his thoughts are just digusting... omg and he can't satisfy and have children ahh i want so punch him for even thinkin like that ...ewww...that tells me his thoughts of Naku are not just about personality...and that is even more disturbing...grey shades of Harshad not liking him...

for first time in year Naku seeing him standing ...damn she must be extremely happy and she is really wanting to hug him but cant lol...aww Baaji haha felt proud about getting the right answer for laurens him...oh no ppoor dutta has to let go of his love...rascal...but crutched are good progress i want him back to shape ... fit and fine and ready to mingle LOL

ahh he grabbed her wrist ... love wen he does that lol and both topple to the bed...and of course Baaji comes with a radio ..would be nice to have background music for such moments lol

ahh see how i got it...bgm for their moment...that whole 'main aur' song seq was great well done hammie :) good choice.and well written. It was so romantic and cute...loved it...

oh he just had to show up for brunch didnt her...argh Harshad! and all he is doing...arghh Naku's answer but would've liked er to give him a very slick yet harsh response  that gets sends him far way !

loved the last scene. there was so much emotions...and love again

well done hammie ...wonderfully written part as usually ...

no flaws all thumbs upThumbs Up

really enjoyed the thank you Big smile

love you lots..Hug...take care ...will cya around Smile

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prncz IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 October 2010
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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Finally Hammie , you updated ,, and boy wht time did u update , me daya, missy and su were wondering if u dozed off LOL
were u proof reading all this while,  we were dringkin shakes and eating chocl cakes and mangoes ? whn did u sleep by jo,  did u sleep or u were dreaming abt major dutta like missy ?
ok me res  for now Embarrassed will love reading wht Major dutta is up to  LOL
see hope u still here for the day  LOL

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sdr66 Newbie

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
great update:)

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