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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 132)

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Hi hamlet ,Thanks for reply. it was my first comment i was nervose thanks   for comforting me . I am not new to this froum when i came i was not a member after i start reading all ff .it made me to join the froum becaus i want thank all the ff writers for making my day . As i said i was rerly very busy i used to read in train my 2 hours travel was so enjoybel thank to you all .

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[QUOTE=p_riya]hi, Hammie
As allways excellent. Waiting for ur UD. Patch them up as fighting couple is not their image...u know it...then why I am telling u?Unhappy
hello meri saad se priya...oye pyar ka tu tu mein mein hai...okay sun le hai teri baat ab kal ja ker UD read kerna ..phir mujhe se baat kerna,koi change of mood hya ya nehi? ..xxxhammie
thanks for liking it ...lady.

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NO UPDATE???  [bangs head]Dead    ulta humpe ilzaam hain ki 'im difficult to please' lo karlo baat.D'oh

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Originally posted by brvr

NO UPDATE???  [bangs head]Dead    ulta humpe ilzaam hain ki 'im difficult to please' lo karlo baat.D'oh
oye gana sun you lost that loving feeling da da dda da da ...ohhh .o baaaby...
haaa LOL...roothe raho jane man ..aur bolo bundar mujhe ko ..waise dharrr meri sher ke mafak hai...oye didn't you like the song brvv you were the one i sent it too no one else ...tom cruise kaise laga?

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                                   Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                     Painful Rapture: chapter ~34

                                    "Lord, what fools these mortals be" Shakespeare

Dutta was most disconcerted if another exposed an issue where he might be implied in the wrong. This was all the more so if it was finely or otherwise pointed out by someone emotionally close to him. Baji he thought, was getting to big for his boots, acting mentor , guide ,instructor to him, the one and only Dutta.S. Patil, who himself meted out instructions to officers and galvanized them into shape, so really and truly there remained around him an air of a certain confidence that could easily be mistaken for arrogance .He set foot in the house and alongside him came Naku, followed by an apprehensive Baji and Roops. Baji's eyes shifted restlessly and his pressed lips revealed his dimples. He knew his Bhao, well, come what may, he predominantly heeded to his own mind .Baji watched the backs of the two people who were the world to him, his Bhao and his vahini. Dutta's large uniformed frame semi marched forward ,and he turned his head slightly as he caught sight of her eyes ,her feet tried to match with his briskness ,and he compressed his mouth and noticed her flushed cheeks prompted by her trying to keep pace with him .He slowed down by a notch and their arms that hung by their sides allowed their outer hands to brush against each other .Naku  ,smiled shyly as his smooth skin brushed her knuckles and with part slanted fingers she almost reached out for his loosely hung wide palm and he immediately turned sideways and darted her with a furious look .Baji watched from behind and turned his head towards Roops and shook his head at her in dismay at her brother's skin deep awkwardness. Dutta felt he was scrutinized and he shifted his head a little and opened his long slender fingers and closed them towards Naku's lower arm. His  fingers tightened and she looked up at her man and smiled, but he looked straight ahead firmly but  her quick peek at a bit of his  twitched stubble square jaw said it all , her man did the act for ceremony, to keep up appearances .AS stood before them held by Kishore on one side and Kala on the other ,her face a picture of maternal affection and love for her son, her only son, Dutta! the heir of this house hold .Dutta speeded up and almost dragged Naku in his haste as he bent his upper body to feel his mothers knees .AS stood rooted with her head bowed down briefly over the heads of her darling children, the chicks had returned to the roost! she smiled as tears glazed her eyes and her hands parted with an unspoken caresses of immense contentment. Once the blessing was collected Dutta and Naku straigthend up , as Dutta  released Naku's wrist and moved forward and put his arm around his mothers shoulders and walked her over to the red Roman one armed lounger and sat her down .AS showered her combat uniformed son, with gazes brimmed with proud fondness, as she sat with her hands held in her lap. Dutta, meanwhile turned to Kala and embraced, "as if you were not enough to snuff people out with your stature baby! you come home looking like an out of this world soldier boy gear! ..I am sure all the female officers are smitten by your commanding personality my sherro Bhao!" she teased as she  took his stubble face in her painted manicured hands and planted a kiss with her rouged lips on his rosy cheeks .Dutta lowered his eyes shyly as she further rubbed off the lipstick print from his cheek .He looked up at Naku who stood quietly with a Chesire cat expression ,which annoyed Dutta, trying to be chummy but you can smile miss prim and proper! he thought as he doubled his chin and turned his face .Baji, who keenly was doing a surveillance job on the odd couple's  behaviour  jumped in with fear that Dutta might, misbehave "challo re sab bare bare action man ke gala laggo!"! ,and he looked at Naku and giggled " nehi Naku tu nehi...tera time abhi nehi aya!" and he winked at Dutta who gave him a jerk of head and frozen look .Dutta hugged Leela, Sudarshan and Kishore ,while Naku touched Kishore's feet and gathered his blessings .Dutta looked at her crouched frame and felt his hardened heart soften at the sight of the  attractive dip of her waist and hips she pulled his mouth to one side and gently blinked as he gazed upon her  feminine frame and  ,demure ways .He sucked in and air and almost clenched his palms so hard to check his desire  that his buffed finger nails dug into his palms .

Dutta walked towards the seated AS, folded his muscular loins and sat on the floor beside her, his doubled brawny elbow posted on her lap .He looked up at her with wide rounded eyes ,with lips that stretched into a smile and in sheer relaxation mode his head slowly sank to rest on her lap. .AS looked at the exposed half of his stubble face and wide head and her palm played with the mop of his hair as she ran her fingers on his warm skull, AS smiled in eternal bliss but looked up ,instantaneously at her sons beloved, "ah ja Naku tub hi humare pas!" ,called AS. Naku who had watched this mother son oneness from a distance , perked up at being part of it as well, so she moved shyly and folded her legs and sat down and rested her elbow on AS's lap .Her finger tips nearly touched Dutta's elbow  and the sleeping lion stirred out of his slumber, parted his lips and narrowly glared into Naku's innocent green eyes .She lowered her eyes, straightaway ,lest she caused him provocation. He saw her action ,and continued to stare at her and when she looked across at his eyes again in AS's lap he blinked his eyes and then twitched them a little in a cocky expression.AS ,unaware of this visual exchange of sweet nothings!  continued to stroke her children's hair placidly. Dutta, with flared nostrils, stared across at Naku and pouted his lips a little and she closed her mouth tightly rejecting his suggestion whatever it was!, consequently he immediately compressed his mouth and pulled it to one side ,the blooming cow!  thinks I want one from her lips! and he further flared his nostrils to show disdain!. She couldn't but help observe his moves, and  responded by a bite of her lower lip and a slow rise of her arched eye brow .Dutta broke away from her gaze , and looked up at his mother's face "humara Dutta, bahut thuka hoya lageta hai, haina? she asked him lovingly as he stroked his stubble face ,while Naku looked on at him with covetous eyes herself .Dutta could feel the adoration of both women, and he moved his mouth in a tiny smile "jee AS ,shower bhi nehi kiya bas jaldi se Rahman ko order diya ke saman bande or nikale parethe,  yehi kohish thi ke jaldi he ghar phoonche jaye, phir Naku ko lena gaya tu pata challa ke woh ja chuki the" , he added with a cheeky smile and she glared at him for landing her in it. Baji thought Bhao you are an evil man..absolutely wicked!, but was stopped in his tracks when Naku replied "haan AS jaise he ab se baat hoiya mena jaldi taxi book keraiya aur ah giye , waqat nehi zaya kiya ,Saab ka intezzar nehi kiya kyoun ke Saab ko to kam katam ker ke bhi hazoron dossera aur order mil jata hain , jo un ko duty samjhe ke pura kerne parthen hai ,fauj mein jo hain Saab!" replied Naku as she stared challengingly at Dutta ,AS was so impressed by Naku's answer that she bent down and gave Naku's head a peck! Dutta turned his head the other way and rocked his head slightly  jhotte kahien ki! he grilled internally, while AS, stroked Dutta's face with her sari pallu ,"ja Dutta apne kamra mein, aur shower ker le ,thakawaat door ho jaye gi, Naku ja beti is ke kapre nikal de" she instructed ,as Naku looked at her huffed sore lion! Dutta looked fiercely at her and hauled himself and stretched his lofty frame as he began his move towards the stairs. Naku followed the soldier boy like a pet lamb..he who must be obeyed!!  she almost tittered in silent glee. As soon he got to the flight, he spread his long legs and scoured two steps at a time so as to leave her behind ,just for public display, for he knew he was observed, so he stopped and turned his head backwards towards Naku with a crooked smile and once she was a step lower than him ,he suddenly charged up the steps, accompanied with squeaky friction noises of his  rubber boots against the smooth marble!,he thumped in double fast action as his knees pumped up and down while his legs heaved him forward ,he thumped and stretched his long legs till he got to the landing and turned around to acknowledge the claps and whistles of Baji and Roops!. He gave Naku a mocking look and she continued at her own pace, unmoved by the spectacle he created and started to walk down the corridor with her head held low towards his room .He quickened his pace and neared the vicinity of his closed door and opened the glass door with a mock chivalrous look, held his right palm and invited her to enter. She walked past his action and he came in behind her peeled off his Velcro  sleeveless bullet proof jacket,  encircled it in the air in an index finger hook and sent it flying across to his head cushions on his bed! .Naku folded her arms and looked at this demented gremlin ,oh Bappa!!  he's back in his room! , she thought and crossed her petite fingers at least he's coming out in bouts of mass idiocy! rather than his rage antics ! ,before she knew it he arched his arms ,elbows bent in dive posture and propelled his body forward,  tipped his toes jumped and landed on his back on his wooden framed bed with a loud crash and creak!  .Naku took a step back Bappa!! he is definitely filled with some demonic power!, this was a well disciplined man!  behaving very badly!  without a doubt!,  he shoved his folded arms under his head and with half opened eyes he gazed at her standing before him ,looking shell shocked .He sighed and pulled his lower lip ha! !a! at least he got some reaction from his pretty pink lady!. Soon after, he lifted one booted, knee padded clad leg and looked at her reaction which was highly perplexed ,and opened his mouth and yelled "Rahmaaannn!, Naku startled as she saw this huge frame sprawled on the bed with one muscular leg up in the air!. Rahmaan  emerged and  saw his jee saar's action he got to work straight away ,pulled off jee saar's boots one at a time, then the knee pads , when Dutta pointed with his inverted thumbs to his knee pads !Naku watched her Saab being all time pampered,  and her arms that hung by her side were itched to shake this spoilt big brat ! she smiled lovingly as she noticed how relaxed and openly elated he was to be back home, she decided that with his sort of regulated, restrained life even he needed to let off his guard once a blue moon .and she made her way towards his wardrobe to select clothes for him, "aur kuch saar" asked Rahman, "haan mera kapre nikalo".said Dutta spitefully as he saw Naku moved towards his wardrobe .She froze and brought her hands down away from the cupboard took a few steps and reversed out of the room. He smiled maliciously,  good! he thought, simmer some more my petal! won't let you off that easily!.  Once she had gone Dutta commanded "bas Rahmaan tum ja sakte ho ab ,par bad mein mera uniform wardrobe mein laga dena" . "Rahman , took on board the instruction and left the room.

Dutta got out of his uniform and walked bare bodied , as god had created him!  toward the shower, he looked around to see if all his toiletries were there on the right of the shower ,checked if he had his sweet scented fresh clean burgundy towels ready for him .He checked the shower knob and smiled ,oh good his water temperature was still set to his exclusive requirement, which meant the likes of Baji would naught have used his bathroom while he was away . "hummhh Naku!! he thought as he turned on the jet and the water sprayed his warm muscular body mercilessly and travelled and moved past all the reachable parts of his taut, he yanked his knotted sinewy arm to the shelf and, his fingers entwined around the foam shower gel, while his strong sturdy hairy column like legs held his body from top to bottom. Dutta controlled the jet and squeezed some foam and rubbed his hairy chest, which changed hue from black curls to frothy white hue, his fingers smoothed and rubbed foamy gel over the rest of his body. He balanced and creased one at a time his  well formed taut leg as he worked the gel foam in lower extremities of his body. Once he had cleaned himself to his satisfaction, he straightened up and squirted the shampoo/cum conditioner into his broad square palm and worked into in his thick mop of hair. Finally  once fully soaped he stood under the shower and let loose a powerful noisy hissing water jet on his complete frame, the water gushed and spluttered across his squared jaw face, crowned with flattened but fringed hair. His eyelashes amassed droplets of water and he blinked his eyes,while he stroked his chest and thought about her as he twiddled his long slender toes , haan Nakusha tera Saab intezzar mein hai ke tu sorry bole gi! and he wiped off the water from his stubble face , sorry bole gi tu mein soochoon ga ke thujhe maaf keron ka nehi , and he stroked his hairy chest , haan Naku tabhe thujhe is sena se lagoan ga! phele sorry bol! Sooorreee he went as he blew raspberries under the jet phurr! phurr! he went with his pink shiny full lips, he pouted as the water dribbled on his pink slippery mouth.

He came out of the shower into his haven, little beads of water shone on his well rounded smooth skin muscular shoulders. He looked around in vain for his clothes ,the bloody woman had not taken anything out for him his vest or clothes! he turned his back to his room faced the bathroom door and opened his large bath towel and drapped it securely like a sarong and shoved the corner end at  he side of his hairy torso and nimbly walked with semi wet feet towards his toe post beige slippers ,reached out for his wardrobe door flung it open and took out a low cut white wrestler's vest and twisted his bulging arms throw it and pulled it down his neck .His chest pumped up beneath the fabric ,he pulled out his boxers and help them underneath the towel and pulled them all the way to his v shaped torso .He fumed with anger how dare she defy him, AS and AS! and leave his room ,he ran his fingers through his wet hair and flung open his door and marched down the corridor Naku teri aise ke taise!  he grumbled as he made his way towards her door he was about to barge in when he paused for a moment he had never entered her room ,and today ,hummh he thought as he arched his eyes brows and flashed his eyes and lifted his foot up and almost kicked opened the door stepped in and closed the door behind him , stood there before her enclosed half way in his bath towel showing his naked muscular beefy body held by hairy legs and a half naked hairy chest with completely bare shoulders .She got the fright of her life oh Bappa! the demon had now entered her room ,he had never done that before! she stopped unpacking her clothes and ran towards the door which he had shut and stood frightened plastered flat against the wall her pupils dilated ..he faced her, masculine and imposing!  and slowly walked up towards her and stood a couple hands spans away from her shaking body ,he pierced her with his eyes and slowly raised his muscular strong arms and gradually posted them palms flat one by one on her either side ! her eyes were struck with panic as he moved his  face slowly towards her and she closed her eyes, and he moved back from her and she opened her pleading eyes but he moved his head and shoulders forwards again towards her and breathed heavily on her and she shut her eyes and he moved his head and shoulders back again ,then he slowly came forward again "mera kapre kahan hain nakushaa".?he said grinding his jaw and teeth ,she piped up courage and opened her mouth "apne he ne tu kaha tha Rahmaan mera kapre nikalao" .He moved forward menacingly again and in a hoarse voice repeated "m e r a kapreta! nikal!! he yelled in her face that she almost hit her head against the wall.."dont act smart with me woman...get my bloody clothes out!" he yelled and she ducked under his arm to escape, "oh no you don't you moody cow!  abhi tera samne me ye towel neeche pheenk doon ga you bloody deserve it you! you you!!! he went as he slid his arms closer inwards so she couldn't escape. "Saab don't you dare! she said as she lifted her head up and looked him straight in the eye and as he met her gaze with his narrow lion like eyes as she placed her palms on his hairy chest to ward him off ,as soon as her soft hands so much so touched his skin he jerked back and shouted "haat maat lage mujhe samjhe! and he repeated or rather commanded with his finger pointed to her door "mare kapre de muhjhe!" she walked relieved, out of her door but he stopped her with his arm as barrier and took the lead and walked before her she looked at his his huge compelling frame his towel wrapped tightly around his rounded buttocks and his v shaped torse toned not a sign of flab, gaped Naku .Naku smiled Bappa now she's seen all ,he was so completely shameless and brazen in front of his rage .for his fury makes him do anything and everything , she thought and blushed profusely as she followed him down the corridor once he got to his room he thumbed her to get in and pointed to the cupboard and she stepped in and with haste got his lemon kurta and pyjama out and set it out on the bed as soon as his clothes were for laid out he went for his red towel and Naku ran out of the room ,giggling and he heard her and smiled as he whipped off his towel and said " hai girly giggles!  lardki ko cheap thrills mile rehe hain!  Dutta tu cheez he zalim hai ke  thujhe dekhta he dushman ka satiya  nash ho jata hai! , he chuckled as he pulled on his pyjamas . Once dressed he splashed himself with his cologne and combed his stubble and brushed his hair and gave himself a final look . Lemon color suited him he smiled at his reflection, gave his face a certain glow.

With a bounce in his gait Dutta stepped out of his room and very nearly collided with Naku coming down the other end with a tray of jug and glass from AS' room he stopped short as he looked down at the top of her head ,a little kinky wisp of hair escaped from her plait he almost raised his hand to move it with the tip of his fingers,  but brought it down as she looked into his eyes with her large green doe eyes ,"ahem" he cleared his throat as he looked at her tenderly and stroked his cheek ,she looked up and politely asked "Saab chai pian ga ?he was going to rattle but, her innocent face and tender manner just took the noise out of him and he very nearly smiled and nodded "haan le ah AS ke kamre main" ,it seemed he desired to carry on the speech but lowered his eyes and like a ghost moved past her ,towards his mothers room. Naku's heart leapt for joy as she literally ran towards the kitchen to make tea for her beloved Saab, her man, only her man no one else's. "ah ja" Dutta said AS as she lay on her bed propped up against her head rest .Dutta sat at the foot of her bed, and held her ankles with his broad palms and gently pressed them .She closed her eyes in bliss "kitna din ke bad paroon ka dard katam hoi hai Dutta, tera haat lagana se mere bete". Dutta, smiled like a dutiful son as he continued to press and work his way up his Aye's lower leg. "Dutta, tu dekh reha haina ke humari halat mein kitna sudhar ah gaya hai jab se hum ne thujhe dekha hai ,she said as she bent forward and fondled his head, "par Dutta ab ye bata ke laggan kab kera ga? ,asked AS, expectantly . Dutta blushed as Naku came in at the right moment holding a tea tray. Dutta looked up at her and blinked once and lowered his eyes as if butter wouldn't melt in his eyes. AS, looked at the pair with a view to egg on more liaison betwixt them. "ah ja Naku tu bhi beith ja udher "she patted the space directly adjacent to Dutta on the foot of her bed, "ye tray bhi adher bed pe he rekh de" she instructed. Naku sat knees and feet together and Dutta moved back a bit, as she poured his tea, he checked out her tiny fair toes in  flip flops, and he moved his long slender toe post sandal and aligned them with her foot, and nudged her teeny toe ends with his long toes. She blushed and pleaded with her eyes with a tongue in cheek expression. He saw it, instantaneously slid his foot away from hers and crossed his leg as he poised his body with his left palm. Naku held his cup for him to hold and He gave her a jut of the chin look and moved up his eye brows "gram hai tray pe rekh peeloon ga". Naku looked snubbed and literally pushed out her lower lip at Dutta who sucked his lower lip in with a frown. AS, looked at Dutta and rubbed her nail polished fingers,"Dutta hum ye dekh reha hain ke tu kafi badteemazi se Naku se baat kerta hai" ,Dutta who took his first sip of chai, choked! doubled ,and coughed violently .Naku grabbed his wobbling cup and securely placed his on the tray ."aram se Dutta!" ,fussed his Aye, and she turned to Naku and pointed to the box of tissues ,Naku with a naughty look pulled a tissue and walked defiantly towards Dutta and stood in front of him for a moment as her belly nearly touched his crossed leg, she waited then bent forward and much to his utter dislike wiped his mouth, his jaw twitched in anger and he grated quietly how dare the blooming woman treat me like a baby, AS clapped her hands in glee "haan Naku tu he tu hai jis ke age Dutta chup retha hai", she uttered with hilarity .Dutta rocked his head, and glared at Naku and thought oh no AS Naku gets as good from me as she gives me! ,"aacha ye bataon tum duno lagan kab ker raho ho tum dono? repeated AS. Dutta lowered his eyes and much to Naku's dismay threw the ball in AS's court "jab ap khao gae AS ,waise aise bhi koi jaldi nehi hai he said coldly as he looked at Naku,"  "per kyon nehi hai jaldi Dutta ?humein to jaldi hai ,humari tabeeyaat bhi nehi theekh rehe te, kisi waqat bhi" ...Dutta moves closer to his mother and grabs her hand "AS aise baat maat mau se niklan kuch nehi hoga ap ko ,bas zarra sa ruk jain mera tutor ka course khatam ho jage kuch haftoon mein, aur and he turned and gave Naku a help me look ,she came forward and sat on the bed next to AS and put her arm around her shoulders "AS, bas meri ek patient chalena lage tu, tu mujhe kushi mile gi ,mujhe lage ga main ne dera mein apni pheli zimadarri puri ke hai, baki AS ap hokum de tu Naku kya bol sakti hai" , she explained as she gave a shy look to her Sher...who bowed his head once silently, as he gazed upon her face in silence...she was too good to be true ,but he screwed up his nose when he recalled the rubbish she spewed about him! AS yawned to signify tiredness and Dutta felt her feet as he stood up "AS ap aram karien, mein ja ke ata hoon " Naku looked at his forceful person and he jerked his head towards the tray "chaal AS ko aram kerne de", he mumbled and resumed his grizzly ways as soon as his mother had dozed off.

The first day back had just fleeted away, given the fact that both Dutta and Naku had arrived in the afternoon, since it was winter , the days appeared shorter and the nights longer. Dutta  felt he needed to be by himself to clear his mind, desired an unannounced inspection of security in the grounds. He descended down the stairs of the main winding staircase of PN that joined the ground floor to the first floor of the house. Naku looked from above and wondered what he was up to, but even from the back of his head she comprehended that he continued to maintain his aloofness with her! Her eyes welled up ,what an option they had at their finger tips to be together, close to each ,talk to each other and he had blown it at the hands of his obstinate rage. She blinked her tears and threw her head back to swallow her tears , however she noticed he walked down the corridor that led towards the exit of the house and she understood the prospect of him visiting the lawns of PN. She ran toward's his room and flung open his cupboard and got his woollen shawl and raced down the stairs and finally caught up with him panting and puffing. He heard her and stopped and turned his head and raised one eyebrow as he enquired. "kya hai thuje Naku kyoun aye hai mera peecha" , he drawled she stood before him with upheld palms upon which rested his shawl "ap mujhe se naraaz reho ,pun ye shawl apne khandoon pe dal lo ,bahar sarde hai"he pulled his head to one side and before he could  blink she swung the shawl and it descended on his majestic broad shoulders.He simmered inside  and barked!"stop mollycoddling me baache nehi hoon big man ho have been taking care of my life!" .he paused and contiuned "tu to abhi  aie hai mera zindgai mein.. zayeeda dependant maat apne pe bana" .she opened her mouth to address what he had mentioned but he raised his palm before her face and said "ja ab under is se phele thuje sarrdi lage jai",she stood there staring into his cold eyes , drowned in the sound of his voice ,he held her gaze ,flared his nostrils and rasped " chaal ja ab, khare khare mera mau kiya  dekh rehe hai ,ja"!

Naku, realized that he wanted solitude ,so she carried out what he desired ,left him alone .She came in the house and her favourite man number two sat with his bottom perched on the high stool at the bar .Naku came closer and caught Baji sitting and staring at the bottle of rum and two empty tumblers. "Baji" she came closer and squeezed his arm" tu ekleya baitha hoya hai"? ,"haan Naku ,ekaleya he hai mein ,tera Saab is flying high ,with his nose in the air, seems the fauji plane doesn't want to land, chaal choor use ,waise Naku kadher hai Baho"? asked Baji full of mischief.Naku too joined in the when the cat's away the mice play scenario, and quipped "Saab?,woh baher lawans mein gayen hain ,walk pe","hain walk pe use ne khaana hasam kerna hai kya? ,ye apne gussa? !,pun mein to edhurich intezzar mein hoon ke woh apna gussa rum mein mila ke peiya! cackled Baji as he performed a high five with Naku. Naku ,warned "nehi Baji no darro for him please ,aage he has been behaving in an odd manner, very peculiar ", said Naku with a pensive nod, as she bit her for finger nail. Baji shuffled on the stool and exclaimed "chaal Naku ,given that he is not in the building ,lets gossip a little ,so tell me" he said rubbing his palms "how did he beat the hell out of that chooha Harshad!",Naku nodded "nehi Baji choor beechare ko",oye Naku I missed the damned action ,come on wont you give your bhai a little pleasure .chaal shooru ho ja!"he begged as he leapt up and arched his arms and clawed his fingers in front of Naku ,"aise hiyah yaah! Baji went and Naku giggled and eventually gave in to the madness and tied her chunni around her waist and lifted her leg up and lurched forward with a mock kick at Baji's stomach ,then she changed her leg and swung the other ,with a swing of left upper cut arm aimed at Baji's jaw !hooahhh! went Baji as he ducked ,and Naku kneed her leg and came charging towards a hysterical Baji, while  Naku ran and gripped Baji in an arm lock and he mock screamed arhhh!,  she let go of him backed off and came charging before him with a clench fisted right cut with all her might and frozeee! as Dutta gripped her wrist in a clamp and flashed his eyes at the pair of them, "band koro ye drama! bewakoof kehi ke ,he let go of her wrist and pushed her away and wagged his finger at her "woh tu pagal ha he!!  growled with a pointed finger at Baji tu bhi us ke saath mushkariye kerti phir rehi ,jahal aurat!! .pata hai na AS su rehi hain, Dutta bellowed "Bhao mein ne bolo tha Naku ko mujhe Harshad wali dhoolie, batie,! ye le mafi!" rambled on Baji as he clasped his hands. Dutta darted the pair of them with an unfriendly gaze " pata hai mujhe sab dekha hai main ne tum dono ke performance!,aur tu Nakushaa !zabaan ke saath tera haat paon bhi bahut chalne laga hain ,chal zara mera karma mein ,ab main tera kacchai kera ga achi theran se!! he yelled as he stormed off towards the wooden steps that led to his room ,with Naku following suit behind him..."yesss!! went Baji, thanku Bappa ! ye tu kamal ho giya !ab kuch to hoga hechhh! Un dono nadan parindoon ke darmain! "he rubbed his hands in great delight "chaal Baji Rao, ek peg ho jaye un dono premiyoon ke name !,he poured and brought the glass to his lips, "hain?Baji ekeleye ekelaye! Humein bhi saath lae lae! said Roops and plonked her self next to him on the other high chair "chaal gimme a drink"she said dreamily to him, Baji looked at her "Roops are you out of your mind? Not on your nelly! Ja ja , nasha kharab maat ker mera! he snubbed her,"oh such a bore you are Baji Rao, my pappoo!, she flirted as she palmed his face flirting ,come on papss! one tiny ghoont, she persuaded "chooti se if Baji loves Roops"! ,she pleaded with seductive eyes .Baji smiled shyly , and his dimples showed he was a loser ,ache jahl pun ,rum nehi ,meri ma, wine pee le thore se ,he gave in and before he knew it Roops run to the other side of the bar and helped herself to a goblet and poured an already opened bottle of red wine and before he blinked she said cheers and gulped the whole glass down. "aye Roops pagal lardki sip kerta hain, aur tu pura glass coke samjhe ke pee kgaye !hai Bappa"! he said as he slapped his head. Roops stood behind the counter looking peculiar..."Baji tu mujhe chaar chaar kyon nazar ah raha hai" she slurred ,he ran behind the counter to hold her crumbling body..."hooon gadhe kahanin ke! he muttered ..ek bhai gadha!  upar se bahni bhi gadhe!... 

Dutta entered his room, and with lowered sided eyes checked if she was behind him ,an seeing she was he moved to let her in and moved his palm towards his turquoise settee ,"chaal beith udher and tell me what is your bloody issue" he said as he stood superimposed over her ,she faced him "excuse me I am not willing to engage in a conversation where your manner is so militant" she pointed out .he looked at her with a shake of his head and narrowed his eyes "oh I see you are still on your high horse Naku ,look all I want to know is what is really eating you inside? ,come on spill the beans ,because that day at the firing range when I took Khan in my arms and looked at her dreamily and felt her warm shoulders against my body wishing by jove! that the moment never end"! ,he stopped "you Naku have been in a tis'was !, "be quiet!! she shouted and he continued "noo I haven't finished and oooh how badly I wanted to kiss Khan's lips you will never even imagine,i was so close to stealing a kiss !he said enjoying the moment and Naku finally burst out "yes this is it! this is exactly what you were thinking! See! now you have said yourself ,I knew it!!she shouted  "bas shut up"! he said "you stupid cow ! that was your filthy mind and overactive imagination I was talking about!! ,me? I wouldn't even dream of such an action with my student ,but you Naku have shown yet again that you cannot see the difference between professional and non professional behaviour" he grumbled .She blew her nose, loudly and argued "mujhe nehi pata Saab bas Naku was jealous! when you touched another woman? I was jealous!" , she sobbed in hurt and fury. He threw his hands up in the air "look Naku we have had this conversation before regarding who we work with and how we behave with colleagues in a professionally befitting manner, and so" ,he raised his palm, "enough said about this rubbish ,and he looked at her ," but trusting each other is something you in particular need to think about ,for goodness sake stop being such an insecure person! we have committed our lives , our thoughts ,our feelings ,our highs and lows  to each so surely there has to be integrity in this relationship ,without benefit of doubts...for I tell you straight , distrust niggles , it festers and makes a mountain out of a mole hill , and sometimes a mole hill can dishevel a bond think about it,Naku.. he said morosely ..she sniffed and looked up at him "Saab I am"...he raised his hand "don't say any more Naku I know, sune le hai tera dil na jo kha",.he said with a calmed expression. She saw he appeared pulped, and moved towards him to touch his arm. He had enough, hence he lifted his arms up and peeled his  head out of the lemon kurta his back arched and Naku gravitated to help him take off his lemon kurta head first, the instant he felt her warm finger tips, he jerked and straightened up naked from the torso ,and he gave her a dirty look and swiftly in a huff, folded his arms and turned his back to her ,oh how she longed to hold this mass of rudeness and arrogance , "meri nazoor se door hoja Naku, me bad man! he moaned "oh Saab leave it please" she begged him .He kept his back to her and rumbled "leave it ,..remember sirf aurat ke izzat ke sima nehi hoota ..aadmi ke bhi hoti hai .bloody nonsense"! his back rocked in anger ,as his mouth let off angry words , "I damned touched your damned belly you got defiled and you just touched me or tried to touch me! shall I now scream I have been molested, assaulted, taken advantage of and the rest!!"..bas Naku ja mare kamre se aur doobra maat ana ... tera Saab will never touch you again sooo  go dream on baby ja ja get lost"! he ranted "mujhe bolete hai ke I only think of making a grab for her ,ummh! he rasped and slammed his right foot hard on the floor...  

She came and stood behind him and with trembling hands she feebly feather soflty, only just felt his muscular naked upper back, he sensed and in reticence, drawled "main nehi lagea ke haat tujhe jan le tu, "ummh she went rebuffed, "pun main tu lage sakte hoon , haat ap ko Saaabb  ..and began to sing softly, "kyon na bole mo se Mohan kyon? and she gently placed her palms on  smooth, soft back, as he jerked in silence and stood with his back to her, he closed his eyes as her hands moved gently on his body, and she sang " kyon? hai roothe roothe Mohan yun" ,and he looked up and flared his nostrils , while she put her soft cheek against his upper back and his body twitched as he bit his lower lip" kaise maanaaun ..kaise maanun and she slide her soft palms down his back and pushed them forwards towards his hairy chest and he took a deep breath and closed his eyes while her fingers stroked the hairs on his chest and she placed her lips on his back and cried as he rubbed her lips on his warm back "un bin kate naa raina ,"and hugged him tightly from the back and rubbed her nose on his flesh" unn bin aawe na ik pal chaina "and she moved her hands on his chest , while her cheeks and lips caressed his back, Dutta pulled his mouth to one side closed his eyes in deep emotion under the warmth of her touches. She sighed loudly and sobbed against his back "unn bin jeeun to kaise main? jeeu'n haay!.. and her welled up eyes tipped over in tears.. "bahe naina ..bahre morey naina".. she cried "jhare morey naina..and rubbed her tears all over his back.. "mere naine sune naahi kehna", she sobbed against his back "bahe morey naina ,bahe morey naina "...Dutta squirmed and roused beneath the effect of her warm wet tears on his naked back "bahe morey naina" she cried he clenched his jaw and reeled around and grabbed her in his brawny arms and bent her over his arm and empowered her tiny body with his  arched heavy  body over her! Within an instance he grabbed her lips with his open mouth ,and kissed her warm lips with lips that burnt, groped, shook and quivered as he  bit her mouth mercilessly! She shuddered under his bent frame, as her hands groped on his naked back, breathless. He let go off her with a big heave of air and stood her up , took her face in his palms and kissed her tears away "my baaaby beautiful stupid baby! chhaaal ah ja and rest your face on your favourite place, mera chest mera dil ke pas nakuuu!" .She clung to him and brushed her soft cheek on his mat of chest hairs, and he put his arms around her waist loosely and caressed the small of her back ,as he placed tiny kisses on the top of her head "gosh woman you to bits , aur tu hai ke drama kerti hai ,"he moaned as his hands gradually travelled to her rounded hips ,he felt her stiffen and he pulled apart and doubled his chin and looked into her eyes while his hands continued to brush her hips "ab phir thuje daura pernewala hai , Naku berhossa nehi hai thujhe apne Saab per? look if I wanted to sleep with you I could have done it ages ago, but I haven't have I?...because I respect religion, tradition and family values, so worry not Saab no sleeping with you before lagan" ,he winked "oh Saab why do you say sleeping with me , makes it sound so gross", complained Naku as she gazed into his wide tender eyes "hain sleep ne bolon tu kya bolon? tell you what Ms.PT take it from me,  a man sleeps around before marriage and after marriage you could say he makes love to his wife and in crude language he" ..Naku put her palm on his warm lips "thank you Saab don't want to know ..but in my language pati aur patni shaadi ke bad pyar kerte hain apas mein, see sounds much more polite aesthetic" she saidin the security of his arms ..Dutta threw back his head and chuckled "kya faraq partha hai Naku procedure aur intention tu ek he hai to express love to each other"...he said with a devil may care expression, Naku blushed "waise Saab ap bahut he badmassh hote ja rahe hai" ,he moved his head towards her in affection and parted his lips, "chaal Naku gimme a kiss aur thore se badmash tu bhi bun ja" he flirted as he looked into her eyes, and she slowly shook her head "oohhun, nehi de ge Saab" ,he rejected her response and lifted up her face and his parted famished lips rubbed against her soft pink lips ,he pecked at them and kissed the side of her face, her chin and moved his head towards her long neck and opened his lips and pulled bits of her soft flesh in his mouth ,greedily ,she pushed him away "Saab nehi don't mark my neck please", she pleaded ,he snorted and instead gave a warm hard kiss on her neck ,the neck he adored he also helped himself to her ear lobe and pulled off her jhumki with his teeth and caught it near her face in the palm of his hand, and took her soft ear lobe in his warm mouth Naku tightened her grip on his broad muscular shoulders ,and he brought his lips back to her mouth and he opened his mouth and entered into a long and passionate kiss with his beloved woman , whom he had vowed not to touch ..but that seemed history now! They were two peas in a pod, inseparable, desiring each other, wanting or needing each other ..who's to know?..

Both lay in their own beds, at their beloved Patil Niwas. Dutta lay naked from the top in his white pyjama bottoms Naku's purple chunni entwined around his usual places ,his nose buried in the bunched up chunni ,if any one saw him they could clearly make out a look of satisfaction not only on his angelic face but his complete loosened lofty frame. Naku sniffed at the lion clutched against her bosom. "Saab, kya bole the ap haat nehi lago ga...pun Naku ko bhi aap ne hosshariye aur badmasshi seekha de hai" she giggled as she kissed her cuddly lion's head...

 The banter of Roops on her door startled Naku out of her deep slumber vahiani "AS ke tabeeyaat phir se kharab ho giye hai", Naku jumped out of bed completely bedraggled ,she took a deep breathe as Baji too came racing down the corridor ,he very nearly stopped behind Dutta's room and Naku with her hair all tousled grabbed her white chunni and signalled Baji not to go to Saabs' room Baji came over and naku ordered him to ring for an ambulance the fainting was happening more often .she ordered Roops to pack the stuff AS' nightie and gown if kept in for observations and asked them to go down . She made her way towards his room opened the door and entered ,and smiled as he saw the familiar sight of her semi naked man  on his side one hand tucked under his head the other between his legs around the purple chunni ,she moved forward ,and sat near his bed side and stroked his shiny rounded shoulder ,Saab ,.she spoke but he was unaware and she moved her head near his ear and whispered as she continued to shake him "Saab" he opened his eyes,"hummh Naku kiya baat hai?hummh" he tossed his head like a little boy woken up for school, he opened his eyes and put his muscular arm around her face and kissed her on the cheek ,she pushed him and grabbed his kurta ,"Saab utho AS ko ambulance lena aine wali hai" he bolted up and sprang up to his feet and yelled "tu bole kyon nehi haat"! he pushed her shoved on his white kurta slid his toes in his slippers and ran down towards his mothers room. She lay propped up against her pillows with her arms raised towards him and he ran across and held her "Dutta! Dutta"! she sobbed at his neck and he fought back his tears as he held back his face, his hair ruffled and tousled " AS kuch nehi hoga ,ambulance ah rehi hai abhi pata chal jauye ga kiya problem hai" ,she clung to his neck, "tu aye ga na Dutta?" "haan AS main ata hoon kapre change ker ka.."he left his mother's room. He headed towards his room followed by Naku as soon as he got in he sat on the corner of his bed and held his face in his fingers and Naku sat beside him and put her arm around his wide shoulders he stretched his arm and clasped her shoulder and buried his head on her shoulder and neck ,with a moan "oohh Naku" he went as he fell on her lap and moved up towards her warm body, and she hugged and cuddled him like a baby "Naku AS ko aagr kuch hoya tu main marjayea ga" he clung to her and she kissed his head and forehead "ssh ,just calm down Saab" he encircled his arms around her and muffled "nehi Naku main.." she stroked his hair from his forehead and as he looked up at her large  green doe eyes they too welled up "Saab ap ek fauji hain" she said as she held his stubble face in her petite hands and reasoned with him, "per Naku ye mera Aye hai meri maa"he cried, she kissed his forehead "challo utho mein ap ke kapre nikalete hoon jaldi se badal lo phir hospital bhi jana hai...

Dutta dressed in his black pathaini, looked the true sher of PW, a look of axiety washed over his face as he sat in his black mercedez with his Naku beside him dressed in a pink sari with a blue border and blue blouse he moved his head to the side and glanced at her ,even in times of trauma he never failed to notice the light of his life his stare lingered over her and she turned her face towards him ,her man in his black pathiani her favourite clothes ..she smiled at him keeping up a brave appearance , "ap theek hona Saab?" ,he nodded "Naku AS thujhe kitna chate haina" ,she blushed "tu unke beta ke pasand jo hai" he added bravely she put her hand on his shoulders "Saab Bappa se parthna ke hai maine is liya AS ko kuch nehi hoga" ,"hummh" he went as he turned his car into the military hospital car park .  Once in the building ,because of who he was the usual formalities of accepting and returning salutes transpired till he and Naku walked briskly towards the private room she was in .The door was closed and he found his sisters Baji and Kishore outside ."kya hoya hai?doctors kya ketha hain? he enquired,"woh  Bhao humien tu kuch nehi batien"replied Baaji .Dutta's face became bright red with fury and Naku held on to his arm and bowed her head to signal to him to maintain calm. But Dutta blanked her completely  and opened the door of the private room where his mother was .AS smiled at him ,as she lay there with the BP and heart monitor and other equipment,up and running. The middle aged doctor turned towards and abruptly said "excuse no visitors allowed" .Dutta stood with his legs slightly apart his arms behind his  back, "you're excused, doctor and may I remind I am not a visitor I am Major Dutta, and your patient happens to be my mother he declared ."oh said the doctor ,I didn't realize he said apologetically ,"never mind  all that doctor cut the chase and tell me why does she keep fainting? you are the expert what have you diagnosed?, I insist the family needs to know and right now they need to know" Dutta demanded, "well Major it's a little complicated, to say right away certain pathology tests have to be carried", Dutta raised his palm and pulled his mouth to one side English please, he asked "erhh certain test like blood ,urine to study the nature of illness have to be administered out to confirm the illness" reasoned the doctor .Dutta's wrath was on the rise "can you stop beating about the bush and tell me clearly about her condition, what is the  prognosis!", demanded Dutta, the doctor felt bullied, by a patient's relative, and appeared helpless. Naku pushed the door open and Dutta defiant posture with his hands crossed tightly across his chest his head tilted to the side and his mouth pulled to one side with narrow eyes fixated on the doctor told her the tale that her Saab was giving the doctor the Spanish inquisition, she moved past Dutta "excuse me and went over to the doctor apologetically and said "hi I am Nakusha ,the patient is my mother in law" ,at which note AS smiled and looked at Dutta who pulled his mouth and rolled his eyes and looked up wards ah gae hai big madam he thought "yes doctor could you kindly tell us what your likely thoughts are about her condition" ,asked Naku and Dutta came and stood beside her so he could be in the visual range of the doctor. " why yes of course now as you know her was BP is border line, now I hear that the last time the doctor visited her at your residence ,it was border line hence the doctor prescribed an increased dosage ,Naku nodded her head, while Baji was called in. Dutta his arms still folded, interrupted "Baji was there he can explain" suggested Dutta as he narrowed his eyes, but the doctor dismissed "that's fine I am aware however, despite increased dosage it continues to be high", Dutta could comprehend the expert view that his mother had issues with her BP, and his face fell slightly as he looked at Naku with disquiet who gently touched his bare arm under his black pathiani shirt, her touch calmed him and with hooded sideways gaze he gave her a slender smile and a sideways bow of his head. Dutta, now composed ,courteously questioned the doctor ,"are there any other causes of concern doctor?", "arrhh apart from hypersensitivity, Major, your mother also suffers from diabetes, which explains the fainting spells" answered the doctor. Dutta stroked his cheek as he held one folded arm across his waist and the other held up as he felt face. "ok doctor you have identified the two conditions, now tell me the prognosis for the two" he asked in brisk rational army fashion. "well Major, in both circumstances her diet needs to be monitored, along with her medication" replied the doctor , but Dutta intercepted "well as her son I would want her to be monitored by the hospital under out patients every three to six months with complete checkups ECG, scans or whatever else she needs" he said firmly .Baji, Naku and the doctor nodded in agreement. But, Dutta was still weary about his mother's hyper sensitivity "actually doctor I am anxious about her blood pressure, if it keeps shooting up, what is the worst that can happen"?.The doctor looked up straight into Dutta's "the worst possible scenario Major is that she might suffer a stroke" said the doctor up front .Dutta, let go of his folded arm and groped for Naku's hand and held her palm tightly and she her tiny fingers folded over his wide palm ,as a sensation of unuttered panic ran across in Dutta, Baji, and Naku.. Baji walked over and sat near AS and put his arm around her, "Oye ye sab loocha hai! maine nehe manta ,main hai na, AS! Baji hai na ab ko kush rekhna ke leya! ,he turned to Dutta and called out "oye Bhao! bol? dil wala dulaniyha kab le jain ga? bol re !!" cackled Baji as he held AS 's hand and kissed it and they both laughed. But Dutta looked at Naku who stood by his side, his eyes dewy and his nostrils flickered a little as he swallowed the lump in his throat, she squeezed his be continued Hamlet~ 31.12.11

Happy new year everybody!  ..good health and good fortune for 2012

Also this Chapter 34 is dedicated to the soni kuri Warda for her happy birthday...for hammie only has words and thoughts to offer ...kush reh hamesha...  with love... I, Me & Myself!

Precap: "Kala hum sooch reha hain ke Dutta ka lagan, aur Roops ke sagai jald he ker dein, tera kya khayal hai? said AS.               




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Reserved !Big smile

"Lord, what fools these mortals be" ' need I say more? I think not :P

Note worthy:  this slight brushing of the outer hands, does it not count as touching? Haa I think it she got a glimpse of the rainbow not long before she strikes a pot of gold! Lol and all went kaput for the sake of AS, he touched he touched!!!

Baaaji!!! Actually I would love to take this action man in my arms haa push Naku further down the line lol...ME first!

He'll give in...he will ...just look at him soften at the sight of her feminine frame...taking it all in...taking her all in...head to toe...what she does to him by just being lol

Their little interaction while resting on AS's lap was interesting...speaking in silence ...all sorts of feelings flowing about...loved how he called her out on her leaving before him and then her answer haa had AS impressed and him all turning his head away...sach mein these two behave like children!

OMG this Major is not only acting marvellously but also running marathon to his own room lol...trying hard to keep up the image of a happy go lucky couple...when in fact at the moment both are far from that...

So both in his room...and yeah the disciplined man throws Velcro jacket and crash lands on his bed with no decency at all haaa omg he is too spoiled...called Rahman to handle his boots...god he is going backwards in aging kya...? pampering thoda zyaada hai..even if he was home and more relaxed place ...and he sure is getting reactions from Naku ..which I think is what he is really wanting...oh the rude man...poor girl came to get him clothes...and he treats her like she is invisible...

Haayyee omg imma die...a shower scene... with Dutta...need I say more...uffoo..damn what a hot shower ahh... he wants her to apologize but wen she does he plans to decide only after that whether he will forgive or not? Hain...he is already so drowned in her...he'll given in eventually.

What? Didn't he technically ask Rahman to take out his clothes and now the sher is fuming on her...he is crazy! He just wanted a damn excuse to march up to her door and kick it down full filmy style mein haaa

OMG what is he doing...looking like that and trapping her to the wall...the guy's ishmart! I swear he has like personality minute he is saying one thing and next he is blasting for same thing to going hai bappa !  ... Haaa OMG hammie me on the floor with : "abhi tera samne me ye towel neeche pheenk doon ga you bloody deserve it you!" every girl here is waiting for that now LOL

Oh oh oh another touch but more bold...right to the chest...must've sent volts of electricity poor guy was shocked and yelled haat maat lage he literally orders her and makes her get his clothes...and she does just that...lmao i love how he went for his towel and she ran giggling while he too smiled...these two are really something else !

Haaye new game started for these two children...footsies! Oh and then AS calling out his way of talking with Naku...guy almost else does he expect to be treated when he behaves like a kid haa

So talks of their marriage...yes as expected AS wants to see it sooner as she fears she may not get to see expected D and N both have goals and given they r to be completed soon they have no issues with wat AS decides...hmmm but these two have to work out their damn problems first...yes as always Naku handles all well...and he still well him !

My my he is good at this rage stuff...the girl was just caring for him and all he does is blow up ..boom boom boom! Ahh Baaji and Naku are too good together...loved their moment about the action baaji had to miss with regards to harshad...of course Dutta would see this...and crazy man thinks these two have lost it ...i think whole PN has lost their marbles...but he yells at her to come with him lol ...and baaji is all like 'yes'! haa yeh bhi na :P

:O :O :O :O :O omg what is he saying about Khan ...confrontation time...and I know he's to trying to get a point across but wow that was one hell of a way to do enjoyed tho :P Yes Naku was jealous and he is definitely not helping the matter

ROFL omg major has been kya molested assaulted taken advantage of by naku for she did what OMG she bloody touched him :O lol

Hammie the song...kyun na bole mo se mohan kyun...awww love it listen to it often now...he is melting slowly but surely love loved this part...all it took was a song lol turned around and he captured her lips ...aww and all his lovey dovey dialogues ...knew he would give in soon... there love is strong! So much for never touching her...

Oh no AS is getting worst...and Dutta is breakdown bless his soul, he so very deeply loves his mother...and glad Naku is there to comfort him...worst situation not looking good...dutta seems even more worried.he is totally a mama's boy...he will strive to make her healthy again am sure of that...

Chal hammie ...loved the update to its core...lots of fun it enjoyed it thoroughly ...thanks for posting earlier :)  great applaud ur writing...loved reading me will go to bed smiling after one steamy update you lots ...take care...
a brush of the hands LOL see you when i do ...pms mein :)


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REsvd Big smile

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as happy to see dutta kala kis duttaand dutta drool on nakkuand his heart melting  dutta glaring at her
and nakku and dutta  ne nakku ko fasa diya but nakku is smart to handle major and so dutta want sorry from nakku and angry on nakku for clothesand entered her room and kapre utarne ki dhamki and totally but nakku  and akele mein  major apn i tarif kar rahe haidutta meet AS and she complain about badtammiziab she wants them to marry and dutta nwant help from nakku and nakku is smart and he melted but don't wamt to show it and baaji nakku bondingand dutta saw nakku action and take her and baaji and roopsand tasha talk finally mana liyaand AS AND TASHA  worried

 happy new year

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