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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 126)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 4:42am | IP Logged
hellooo are you ..thank you for reading and commenting ..have to say I enjoyed writing the firing range bit ,certain sting and challenge tha the activity..  next part in the making... xxhammie
Good updateClap Firing range's session was good. Waiting for the next part. Thanks for the PMSmile

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
Posts: 22322

Posted: 22 December 2011 at 5:40am | IP Logged
hain mere jaan adher kaise ah gaye??? dilse! dilse re..dil tu dil hai...

My Name is Khan aka Hammies Jaan LOL
Will edit this spot shortly
and stop glaring at me hammie I know im Dead  LOL teri tu ...honestly next time firing range pe tu hogi taget ke bajjaye and that too stationary target so no miss  and the shooters will be Khan and her tutor Dutta!
Edited:  so welcome back jal pari!  missed you saach mein.. wondered ke mujhe se kya khata ho gaye ke tum gaye?    LOL cheesy phesssy! no jokes apart tera comments i missed. the lambhe he way you evil conevil aurat you should tell our Forum friends ke tune kitne chapters miss keya tha and then you had to catch up ..I bit tune theekh se read bhi nehi kiya hoonge now that makes me madddAngry
gosh doing it after a long long time... pardon?
Whenevr i start reading a book...ive got a habbit that after reaching midway ...i run to the ending part just to ensure myself that all is well in end...haha...though I try to control my habbit a lot...but uptil now unsuccessful... what..but you cannot know the end ,for you have to take a journey and experience what comes along...but we all want to know the even in life ...well the Almighty has set limitations! there is only so much you can know about what comes ahead bi bi jee..tu wait ker !
For somebody like me reading so many updates in a row was a revishing treat...when im too eager to know whats in the next part ooh good  now you are making sense ..will let you off!
even now whenever i start reading an ff i stick to precaps enough now moving on
so the precaps are of some use ..learnt his from raj.the prncz! 
Firstly from the previous ups as well loving this Dutta romancing chunni a lot...even more he does with naku ...What A Crazy lover *dreamy*
well judai tu hoone the between them , so i had to use a prop ,a subway,a substitute! but looks like it's taking over ,naku is beginning to feel in secure
Secondly...Harshad ...Glad his nonsense was not dragged ...poor guy...aik chori ki...and caught so soon..LOL  but baad mail tu prisonable offence!
okh on a serious note...I guess his presence and his dialogues like I will show you naku how a young man can love    haaa well harshiwas referring to age difference between him and the mighty sher!
were a real pain to ears...Wish He had seen a demo what actually dutta was capabale of *devilish grin*  yess he is too much! perv ,frus,despo! the lot ..poor naku...theekh bolte hai dutta ko to hold his horses ..but all to no avail ,for when he gallops he just carries on his eyes are hooded with horse blinds ! 

Thirdly ...apparently it should take the first place..My Baaji is back *dinchak dinchak*
Roops and baaji...hmmm...few things never are
ohhh lovvve them, try to have them in UD when I can,if not together at least him! 
Dutta back to work...Instructor...are the OUTS able to concentrate...I guess nO...Blame the man
Wish I had any Instructor like him...The attendence would be perfect...otherwise im alwayz complained regarding short attendanceLOL
yes it would be ,but he is bit of a grouch ,and can be short as well but looks and Tashan wise tabhai
LAstly..*Cough Cough* KHan *No comments* or hammie already has her hand on the trigger *FIRE* LOL
hai Khan now she is a bold ,daring ,very able officer ,stay focussed please ,thre are lots of pupils who fancy their instructors tu what's the big deal ?

NAkusha...why are you so plain stupid..Ouch haaa  love it thicko she can be!LOL
Hitting him where it hurts the most..I know she was joking but ermm with that unpredictable MAn
ANd Dutta had taken a vow that he will not touch naku again...I fear he will fulfill his words
for somebody like him whos stern and stuborn and above all a man with strong commitment and self control *biting nails*  good major se itne urse dor reh ker bhi you know him well warda ..hammie lkes it!Big smile
Excuse me...what a time to introduce this track. hammie ...when i came back *desperately searching for my gun* LOL    haan! tera sazaah hai ye...ab tarap pyar ke liya!  mood hoga tu ere ga warne tha tha tha! 

NAkus take on Harshad being redundant was so like naku..very well in character
the convo between nandi and naku ragarding harshad highlited how mature and sensible she is
God knows where did she left it when was talking to major early morning Ouch
over clever bun rehi the ..goody goody..thabhe use ne kha get lost..nake perveen!LOL
Majors sessions with the outs even in the previous ups have been very interesting
once again a very detailed and well informed approachSmile
thee bits of army training is what hammie likes writiung about really..masala tu tera liya hai kha aur mazza le ...Wink

So Dutta landing in the firing range with a foul mood...courtesy Naku 
and here comes the ever phamous KHAN hiting all targets with a bulls eye  LOL
I know you have asked me to leave her alone...par kia karon I just cant resist LOL
ye na bhollena ke nAku ke bhi chum bun gaye hai woh...
AS and her fainting spells...i tell you this one person who is by far the most in character ClapLOL
I mean ...Realy...what consistency Lady...LOL   awwwah   but apne duno betoon se dil aur jan se pyar kerte hai AS,  frets for them!
and finally naku got a chance to visit dutta at his site...but what a wrong timing*kismat*
baji is partly to blame she told him that saab and her had an altercation,but naa he had to stick his oar in...
Now if there first argument was not enough..My baby naku grow up!!!
Naku comments regarding khan were really cheap ...I know girls are possessive...but Hold on have gone through such a  big incident regarding that pic...which if was not taken in a sensible way as dutta did...would be enough to spoil her life forever... true he could have ditched her,but  then again Dutta may appear stupid but he has learnt a lot in his profession!
here the contrast between dutta and naku was very evident ...
well said he thinks professionally in a given situation..but she lost he balance in a given situation..jealousy..insecurity. loved the complete remark Warda ...

but as usual dutta's  rude tone...which makes me appreciate nakus tolerance alwayz...and her unconditional love makes me so possessive about this couple that I just cant see a hint of anyone else b/w them...guess  you got the point Wink
Loved nakus reply a lot ...that she didnt wanted to come at D's work place but she had to...*sherni*
i got your point my beauty queen!trouble is the both have issues and they both sound and rattle each orther off ..but pyar tu hai inka ek dossera se...

And hopefully Dutta will go to patil niwas soon...and so will naku ...Embarrassed  we'll see ...AS does'nt need more hassle!
Update soon ...Lots of Love Hug
Loved all the ups...Embarrassed
heyyy baaby soo so good to have you back activating like my girl ..thanks for reading the UDs chaal tera se mulaqaat ho gi pms pe ..but pheli UD kahtam kerne de  xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
Posts: 22322

Posted: 22 December 2011 at 5:56am | IP Logged
hi buttbhai!  welcome  ,I mean in written Comments ,so gracious of you it means a lot to me ... 
]hi hammie, though i was silent reader as brvr mention we should appreciate u all ff writers we visit this forum just because of u or 2 get any news of mishal i not only love your writing but also addicted to it.u r an awsum u all but lazy 2reply waitng 4 the next what major dutta will do but have an idea AS is ill a week holiday of major best time 2 get them marry.
 thanks for your lovely thoughts,yes the reasons you have mentioned are the ones i have stayed on this forum... hummh so you await the next UD... i am writing it as we speak.  dekho if i can finish it by tommorrow... bold sooche  ne mein koi harj nehi... will keep in mind...
thank you once again and will pm you .. xxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
Posts: 22322

Posted: 22 December 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged
hi priya...great to hear from you ,Ifeel very valued and encouraged!
]hi, Hammie,
I want to thank u for this wonderfull FF. The command u r having in describbing the minute details is incredible. i am silent member of this forum but from first part i am following ur FF . Every time i thought  to reply u but i can't  as I can't put it in the words to describe any emotions. This is for the first time i am trying to post this msg. I think ur born writter... words come from ur pen in a smooth flow I want to read ur FF again & again u can say it kept me hooked to u always waiting for ur UD.
I want you to give us ur UDs regullarly. dont know how? per yesterdays news.
Once again thank u very much for this amazing FF. & want to know that if ur writting any other FF.
look priya your complete comment me has humbled me tremendously,for what does a writer desire ,hanker and wish for ,but avid readers that appreicate the thoughts and words that pour out of his /her yes Iam beginning to feel that Iam blessed...thank you again  will pm you from now on...xxhammie 

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 September 2010
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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hamlet53

[QUOTE=brvr]Yes, finally the weekend ending, free to blurt it out Smile
 oh my gawwwd sounds ominous
Actually it was a difficult proposition to comment,  the tiff between the two put me off or or ur UD was uninspiriing hahaha! [ducking frm the missiles aimed at me verbal or otherwise]
 'Aa bhail mujhe maar',   phir bappa ko bulaoD'oh     naku  has all the wisdom in the world when dealing with everyone except the man with a short fuse.  Boy o Boy! major is too touchy, naku was not far from truth by any stretch when she complained, major lacks a sense of humour n is silly at times.  oh come on  brvv every one is cranky when they get up in the morning ..upar se she lapses into song...
oh come on Hammie, have a heart, naku has to be on tenterhooks as to his moodswings n his short fuse, one can never guess when n what ignites him.
Looks this time he is not just barking.   The cold war begins,  only divine intervention can save naku.    well i mean  SHE DID go a bit far ,zayeeda freedom of speech ker diya ! hummmh ..ab tera kiya hoga nakusssha!
I dont think she went too far, not with the conventional standards maybe major is a bit conservative.
Naku nandi ko chalaye bina nahi chodegiBig smile, ziddi PT ke saat phas gayi nandi.  Luv the friendship of the two n their convo, typical for two females who share n care.  Naku evidently not elated at Harshad's dismissal but hoping that he will find the right path n reform for good, she is made for this profession, born healer of suffering mind n bodies except it doesnt work with her man
haaa bold...yess nandi ko chaleya gi tu naku lagan lagaye gi apne sher ke saath...oops given a clue ...yeah you're right Naku ke mental massage sab ke saath except the lovable gadhera!! see mulkes ,are none to be stubborn which one of us will give him a sugar lump ,carrot or BPL!?
Ok...  got ur clue, that still doesnt alter things with major, he will not change n naku will be more under his leash than ever b4.
Major with a foul mood in the firing range.  After wounding naku's feelings he is all set to spit fire at the OUTs.  But as always our dearest of all Khan the oriental swan steals the show n major's attention too.  Its as if major is here to see through khan achieve her goals n the rest, go to hell!!
Taaliya taaliya
!    khan madam will not miss a single challenge, bull's eye! but sorry dear no surprise for meEvil Smile.   LOLLOLLOLLOLHAAA hai hai mirchee uff mircheeWinkhammie loving this feeling gives me a devilish kick...oopps not the word!   kahi kick butt na ho jaye hammie ka already sprawled on the floor on a sore  hind!  marcy brv!  
Make hay while it shines baby, har kutte ka din aata hain suna hi hoga?
 Gosh! AS ill n PN in a tizzy. Baji at his wits end calls naku for help instead of major, it speaks volumes.   Baji n naku playing passing the parcel except here it is passing the buck of informing Major.  Finally naku with the dreaded task is all set, setting foot in the lion's den.
LOLLOL...haaa,true ..well said!  jaane de militant     

Naku is hit where it hurts the most, she has the worst day goin for her where now she has the misfortune of seeing what she sees.  Ab naku pagal, bhootni dikne lagi hain, what a fall from grace, indeed!   no you imagine  camou tin helmet on head ,giving him the wide , large doe yed look! gremlin I would say haaa...
Yeah, when it rains it pours, naku looks bhootni with a helmet n what is he tom cruise with the same 
Naku did well to give him back some of the crap that she was taking, the basanti- veeru dialogue just added fuel to fire, grt going girl! Thumbs Upluv to see someone stand up to his autocratic ways
Major should know the difference between a cheap mms on the sly, courtesy Harshad n a live display of physically compromising position of him n khan irrespective of his intentions n the degreeDisapprove.  How i wish he gets to witness such a thing of naku n then let him try to remain calm n composed.  Its not that naku is suspecting him but it is just not digestable.  I hope naku has in her some strength to take this cold war to its logical end. my word brv whose side are you on? me majja of course! ohhh he knows naKU is not likely to get into such a middle ..erhh she can at he dera ,but fat chance of him seeing some win some lose!y
Why not! never say never dear.
Thank u Hammie ji! for the lovely update, its time for Mission Impossible n looking forward to it,  for now, this is me, this is the back of me....oyeee what's that face suppose to mean? ..i bore you now? thujhe neend ah rehi hai ,tu ja mare kamre se...Angry...aur jab tak dil milne ke liya betaab na hoi tu mera kamre mein wapis maat ana naku!!!
Yeah u observed n i was wondering if u would,   its all ur fault,  hum kahin nahi jayenge major  aur naku ko chodke aur aap hamein rok nahi sakte. 
thanks for reading and all supporting all FFwriters and other creative mediums on our thread ..thank you  brv!  xxhammie..  No, u n all the other writers deserve it n it was high time somebody pointed it out, n i only backed nakusha's bold comments. We r eternaly greatful for ur hardwork n inspired writing, thanks a zillion!
Response @ red

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
Posts: 22322

Posted: 22 December 2011 at 6:48am | IP Logged
brvvv arhhhahhh roar!  haaa
rolling around on the floor ..super haar kutte ke ek din/haaa
oye tu mujhe kutta bole ..ja  now   rinse your mouth dirty gal..yes ma'am i know every dog has his day!
waise was talking to some one yesterday ..about what oscar wilde who  said ..."women are  to be loved... not listened to" dutta should... in one ear and out the other to her gyan's and do what he's gotta do! chumma!   haaa  

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 September 2010
Posts: 6279

Posted: 22 December 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hamlet53

brvvv arhhhahhh roar!  haaa
rolling around on the floor ..super haar kutte ke ek din/haaa
oye tu mujhe kutta bole ..ja  now   rinse your mouth dirty gal..yes ma'am i know every dog has his day!
waise was talking to some one yesterday ..about what oscar wilde who  said ..."women are  to be loved... not listened to" dutta should... in one ear and out the other to her gyan's and do what he's gotta do! chumma!   haaa  
gadhe ka kahani likte likte tu bhi gadhi banti jaa rahe hain hammmie ma'm, itni haisiyat nahi hamari, apne aap ko bola, hoho! this is getting insane nowLOL

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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged
supreb hammie loved the entire update,so dutta naraaz how cute n nakku getting jealous seeing dutta n khan together,hope now our tasha will get married soon,thanx for the pm hammie,

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