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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 117)

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                                      Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                            Painful Rapture: chapter 30

                                       " a hit, a very palpable hit".. Shakespeare

Naku turned from the cold air of the lawns and entered her room, she stumbled straight onto her bed and reached out for her Lion, "Saab! Saab" she tearfully nuzzled around its furry taut body ,"how I miss you Saab" ,she talked at her cuddly lion..but my man! you calmed me today ,yes she shook her head morosely as she lay on her belly ,clutched on to her lion king.. yes I want to be huddled amidst the pit of your muscular arms soothed against your chest, but I know Saab that in terrible toils you would want your woman to be a resilient woman , as much as you adore the femininity of your  demure, dainty, delicate, doll, with rose bid lips that you plant kisses on,  your Naku, with green doe eyes that you drown in, who has the  long porcelain neck upon which you take many a passionate journeys ! ,oh Saab how you delight in my beauty, but in as much as you love my womanly beauty, Naku knows that you far more love my mettle ,my self reliance ,my courage ,for Saab you know that your Naku has the fighting spirit in her , as much as you want to protect her against the big bad world ,you also recognise Naku's durability, her intelligence and her conviction, and Saab, your Naku, knows her man will encourage rather than ,discourage her in matters good or bad ,for Naku's Saab wants her to walk beside him rather than behind him, and for that I love you Saab she nosed the lion's snout.. she sprang up from the bed and faced the mirror as she saw her face ,she felt she wanted to retch as he recalled her photograph asleep on Harshad's shoulder which he had captured on his mobile and shown to her when she went to confront him. Her face reddened with a  spasm of extreme rage. She clenched her teeth as her eyes filled with tears, tears which spelt bizarre emotions to cause this reaction. She looked at herself intently ,and thought as she faced her doe eyes.. today she  faced forked issues ,one that Harshad who she considered her friend ,since university days ,her colleague recently ,the man from her home territory ,today sunk to the level of black mailing her with a camera capture of a moment that had no weight to it ...but then it was evidence, that he planned to use, for he knew her weakness ..the one man she loved ,the only man she loves and will ever love her Saab. She wiped a tear that escaped her eye and sat on her bed. What did Harshad say she recalled "defend the driver and lose your Saab" .She flattened her palms on the bed and squared her shoulders, no it's not about defending the driver Harshad ,it's about exposing you for what you really are , a man who steals from the public purse , a dangerous unsuspecting debase who can slip through the net easily...she stood and went back to the mirror but now you have been caught Harshad humari dosti, humara kam kerna ab beech mein nehi aya ga  bahut jahela hai mein ne tumhe ,tumhari  mera mein dil chaspi ,mera na chate hoi , mein na sab bardhast kiya magar , ab! sirf jurm ke saza hogi or woh saza tumhien tumahre he dera ki ye lardki dilwai gi!! , tum kiya mujhe black mail koro ga ,tumhare taseever  dekhna se phela he main apne Saab ko sab kuch khud batie gi ,tu Harshad! Naku evidence de ge! zaroor de gi! ...

Lauren calls the military school and reports the matter of the missing wheel chair to Brig. Parekh, "Sir ,sorry to bother you over a trivial civilian ,public services matter but as it is army hospital related I thought it best to discuss it with you, before it goes to high command ,for surely they would expect us to iron out issues as the high command gets onto matters of national and internal security affairs ,she explained to Parekh ."you did the right thing Lauren so tell me what the issue is chivvied Parekh .Lauren explained , and in addition mentioned that Harshad also knows and works with Nakusha, hence she suggested may be Major Dutta could assist in enquiries so the detained driver could be released. Parekh , assured Lauren that since things had been brought to his attention he would see what he could do in the situation.

Dutta stood, in front of the bathroom mirror, his naked torse displayed his well formed brawny biceps and triceps his chest matted with shiny black curly hairs he raised his hand and stroked his chest and soon after felt his stubble that poked out showing he had not groomed his stubble for a couple of days, he grabbed his shaver and razed it over the contours of his defined stubble and tweaked his well defined nose as he ran the shaver around the sculpturing  of his beard around his lip .He finished and saw the outcome,  his narrow eyes stared back at him in his reflection and his square jaw and fissured chin with a spot of jet black hair made him look raw ,almost coldly aloof and very unapproachable, he thought, but he approved. Eventually he pulled the towel around his haunches and stepped under the shower folded his muscular arms rubbed his hair and his tall toned frame delighted under the jet of warm water. He came out refreshed ready to embrace the first day back at the Military school. All his uniform was ready, right down to his polished boots to his belt and buckler. He stood before the dresser clad in crisp clean, camouflaged combat wear, brushed his hair into place, patted his Armani cologne ,and finally put his black chronograph watch. Last of all he slanted his olive green beret firmly on his majestic broad head.  He picked up and breast pocketed his mobile and grabbed his brief case , room fob and left his apartment.

Once he had breakfasted he walked in long decisive steps towards his office entered and pulled out his pupil assessment folders, and beavered away at the formal reports about the first field trip with his Outs. The buzzer rang and he responded "yes". "Sir said Parekh's PA "Brig Sir would like to see you in his office straight away", "yes tell Sir I'll be there shortly" replied Dutta. He got up and gathered his draft pupil report of field exercise,  alongside he noticed, Khan's report that he had prepared for Parekh regarding the selection of Khan for training in the anti terrorist squad. He prompted himself with mental preparation ,as he wondered issues that may have caused this sudden meeting, was it was about Khan's report? was it the field trip debrief?.  Dutta arrived at the door to Parekh's office, "ah yes come in my boy said Parekh, the Dera hospital has a sticky situation that perhaps needs an army style clean up, so, you up for it Dutta"?."good day Sir" said Dutta and saluted his senior officer and boss, while he stood tall and straight, he internalized what was reported, and waited to be commanded to be at ease . Finally Parekh commanded "at ease Major and do sit down." Dutta sat back erect with his palms formally on his knees, and then with narrow eyes fixed on Parekh he parted his compressed lips and repeated "Dera hospital in a sticky situation ",his brow began to moisten slightly. Naku was there ,with immediate agility he put two and two together ,no wonder Naku sounded odd last night on the phone .He perked up and with a lowered guard revealed his concern "why has something happened to?  he was about to say Naku ,but realized the formality and continued , my fiance Sir ,I am anxious!" .Parekh played with the paper weight on his table and assured Dutta "relax Dutta ,naught is the matter with Nakusha ,but what her role in this sticky situation is yet to be gleaned". Parekh could see Dutta was not satisfied as his face looked firm and set, so he continued , "Lauren briefly reported me the matter ,some wheels chairs ,as per requested by the military hospital have disappeared, the dispatch was organized by another PT named Harshad from the Dera hospital, but it appears  only half the goods arrived, apparently the driver seems to have been responsible, as reported by this  Harshad chappie, and further more the driver is in custody. With a slight flare of nostrils Dutta  narrowed his eyes even more and he pulled the corner of his lips to one side of his mouth .ummmh Harshad the sullied man ! , looks like I may finally have something on him , mused Dutta. Parekh gave an account of the complete issue as told by Lauren. Dutta sat unruffled as befitted an officer of his station. the more he heard the more tranquil he remained, however past moments silently raised their ugly head, the times when he Dutta ShreeRam Patil was expected to retaliate to Harshad's low level passes at Naku , but Dutta had more faith in his war stratagems, for it was then that he had recognised the man's ignoble soul and had therefore decided to wait. Thus resided in Dutta now, the expectation that orders were once  again making a head way towards him, and there remained no other option but to obey, as a soldier, this may not be front line combat ,however for the soldier any challenge under duty that is given has to be treated as either an offensive or a defensive! He sat up, wide eyed which sported a ready for action glint."So Major now you stand in the knowledge... find out the truth! commanded Parekh, "but Sir is this the truth"? Dutta replied unconvinced  "exactly Dutta then uncover the truth my boy" ,argued Parekh .Dutta compressed his mouth and his brow creased a bit and he expressed himself "Sir if I may be allowed to speak" and he lingered a while as he waited for the go ahead to continue "yes sure Dutta say what is on your mind" ,encouraged Parekh "well Sir I would like to raise the  matter of legality of army involvement, under what authority  do I carry out orders as this appears a civil court concern?, also Sir the hospital I suspect has its own investigative and disciplinary procedures in place, all in all if you don't mind me reiterating Sir, it's a civil matter and for us to deal with it seems farfetched and perhaps inappropriate". Dutta stopped as he narrowed his eyes which looked slightly the other way as his head sloped a little. "Sir , we are a democracy not a military dictatorship where we are seen to meddle in public affairs , and the government judiciary may frown upon such an action, he bit his lip slightly to cease himself. Parekh was familiar with Dutta's forth right mode of thinking ,  no dilly dallying, beating about the bush, clear cut and defined. Parekh shook his head to show dissent  "not really Dutta it's the army hospital ,and Lauren reported it and now we are dealing with it our way ..first talk ,next action..  you need to check out this disdemeanour , crack the racket! check! get a feel who else is involved? or is it a one man operation, mind you these pilfering of supplies never is !   ...get 'em! get to the bottom of the matter!"  Parekh commanded his voice raised. Dutta with a dropped jaw pointed to the side with compressed mouth ,his eyes completely frigid ,he parted his lips "what method Sir? he asked just to double check. "any that you deem fit Major !just do it! and sooner than later!"confirmed Parekh. Dutta ,stood up tall and up right his hands behind his back "will do so Sir ! ,he acknowledged with a click of heels ."oh one other thing Sir!, this is Khan's report regarding the unannounced assessment for anti terrorist squad, said Dutta as he passed over the file to Parekh , who looked up in a hurry ," give me  your verdict Major yes or no"! he said impatiently ,Dutta hesitated and finally said "at the moment "no  Sir". "what the hell no Dutta, why" ?bellowed Parekh ,"well Sir! she was spot on ,above average in all required categories ,as my report outlines ,however at the termination of the activity ,she swooned at the sound of a  blast of a fire work, defended Dutta. Parekh chuckled at Dutta , "oh for goodness gracious chap! the girl swooned under emotional strain chappie! have a heart, get real ,after all checking a scenario with the possibility of incendiary devices is enough to unhinge any one" quipped Parekh .Dutta titled his head to one side and carried on  firmly "that may be a factor ,but than if you are part of such an  elite squad ,this action could be detrimental in an operation". Parekh smiled at Dutta's focussed stand and suggested "ok tell you what Major we'll keep this assessment on hold for review ,you test Khan on the firing range and then we'll see what we can do for her", dismissed Parekh ...


Dutta walked back to his office, he entered and sat on his swivel chair at his desk and put his hands on his face, his slender fingers rested on his stubble and rosy smooth cheeks ,his mouth twisted as he spat out "Harshad teri tu main!, the knock on the door made him stand on his legs and he complained ,"hummh first day back on parade! ..he opened the door and Khan stood in his face spic and span in her uniform ,her hair middle part ,plaited and pinned  crisscrossed behind her head. She smiled innocently as she lifted her hand apologetically "Sir, I saw you go and come out of Brig.Sir's office , Dutta looked down at her as he slowly stepped out of his office and closed the door behind him .She looked up and then down while his nostrils began to flare, "where the hell is your beret officer yank it up on your head right now" ,he ordered .Khan wilted away and pulled her beret from her shoulder strap and angled it on her head with shaking hands. Dutta rolled his eyes, dropped his jaw, parted his lips and looked the other way . "Sir did you see Brig Sir about my assessment? , please Sir! what verdict have you given? .Dutta tightened his hold on the door knob he held as he stood with his back to his office door .and with the free hand he raised his hand and with narrow eyes and one eye brow arched  he grunted "officer Iam astounded that you are you acting like a school girl again ,how dare you! , inspite of me reminding you umpteenth times to come out of your school mentality mode! you question me yet again ,and once again I remind you that let this be a last warning to you regarding your insubordination of questioning a senior officer ,i.e , crossing the ranks line , next time I'll be forwarding a written complaint ,and now if you excuse me I' have work to do , so as far as I am concerned  you're dismissed officer!" , he ordered and pushed his door open and slid into the privacy of his room.


Baji walked up and down restless in his room his mobile phone clasped in one hand .He reeled around and yelled "Kale tum ko ek kaam main deta hai aur woh bhi tum theekh se neh ker sakte ,abhi ye dekhu main tumhara haat jorta hoon ..mafi de do mujko ju tumhe kaam diya abhi main khud he kera ga us Hakra ka keema banyiya ga main" he moaned . "Baji  Bhao use bolo tha kerya nikal tu woh bola ke kis ka order hai? ,ab ap he bolo main kya kera ,ap ne he bola hai koi jor jabber desti nehi, woh bola uske lardka ke pas kam nehi hai , isi liya ghar mein paise ki kami hai ,clarified Kale. All the BGs  were familiar with the fact that although Baji was a toughie like their Dutta Bhao ,he too was a man of compassion. Baji checked his outburst and turned towards Kale ,"acha acha ,theekh hai sun le hai kahani , abhi ja wapis aur dekh us ka loonda kya ker sakta hai aur bol dena  Hakhre ko use ke lardka kaam pe laga diya hai ,abhi ja edhur se  kya zamoon pe baaut bun ke khera hai" . Roops sailed in and found Baji in a restless pace , "Baji Rao,kiya hoya why are you pacing up and down is this your new mode of exercise pee pee ke tond nikal aye hai teri, good 50 paces like the ones you're doing should tone the belly flab" teased Roops "ay Roops! flirting kerne ko maan ker reha hai tera ,to bol na Baji tujhe dekhta hai flirting kis ko bolten hai..,he said as he looked around and quickly lifted his brilliant blue kurta to reveal his belly ,yeh dekg flmi hero ke mafaaq six pack , jaa  kya yaad kera gi mard ke baache ka deedar kiya hai".he said with a wicked show of his dimples , Roops giggled and he clapped his hands "hai hasse tu phasse!"! ," AYE shahib! said Roops loudly and Baji turned quickly and pretended to look closely at a house plant ...Roops laughed and said "dera tu phassa"! Baji turned to check the false alarm and then dashed towards Roops and caught her arm as she tried to sprint off . "kahan  jale tu ,Roop ke beechi!  lagan hona de ..Bappa shapat thuje ye Baji Rao Patil batega  ke main cheez kya hai, lagan ke baad!" and he twisted her arm gently and she ruffled his mop ,"yes I am waiting to see that side of you, waise dimpled pappu grow up first"!! she ribbed him and he folded her elbow and reeled her around " abhi ki abhi ye pappu thujhe ek pappi ka sample de ke dekhai  ke pappu ki pappi me kitna dum hai! he flirted back , Roops sniggered and poked the dimple in his cheek with her finger "Bhao!" she screamed and Baji let go as rushed away wagging her thumbs at him "darr giya kya pappu? she laughed as she stood leaned on the curved banister of the  winding stairs as he stared up at fromthe hall. "oye Roops ki baachi mujhe pappu maat bol, he warned as he pointed his finger at her ,"oye ja ja jab Bhao munno ban sakta hai to tu  pappu kyon nehi? she mocked .."hai kya jori hai munno aur pappu ki... sholay film ke Jai aur Veeru jaise!! she laughed as she sped up the stairs towards her room...Baji smacked his head "Jai aur Veeru!  oye Bhao ne to kam diya tha mujhe! ..he went outside the room for a clear reception and dialled a number.  

Naku saw her phone buzz, oh for the love of Bappa the very man she wanted to speak to dhani waad Bappa! ,she prayed in gratitude as she pressed the talk button "Baji!.she called out, Baji could sense a certain urgency in her cry, so daal main kuch kala hai? he thought , Bhao was correct in his assumption, "haan Naku , main! kaise hai re tu",  and before she could respond he got to the point "woh Naku raat ko Bhao ne phono kiya tha , woh bola ke tu theekh nehi leg rehi hai , ab chaal baat mujhe kya massala hai? Baji supported. Naku thrashed in her mind that she had to watch her words as she knew both her Saab and Baji deal with things which may not be the best calm way, "woh Baji kuch khas nehi hai bas kam ka dabao hai" ,she lied, but Baji was the best of badgers when it came to people he loved, "ay Naku ,bhai bolo na tune is Baji ko , tu baata apne Bhai ko kya baat hai? ye phir main ye sooche loon  ke thujhe Bhao mil giya hai tu thuje Bhai ke zaroorat nehi! he said , when he sensed her silence "oh Baji  Kya batie gi main , woh Harshad hai na" she wept, before she could finish he spat out "mujhe phele he pata tha Naku us salle Harshad ,  na mard ,zammen ke kajra ka he koi kaam hoga ! use chooze ne thuje kya kiya hai? , Deva shapat Baji rao abhi ke abhi , budoonkoon ke saat char banda le ker ata hai apni jeep mein aur ka band bajai  ka abhi ke abhi us Harshad ka"!! he bellowed, Naku interrupted "Baji, isli leya main na thuje nehi batya ,muhje pata tha  tu yehi kuch kerwala hai", she moaned  "tu aur kiya kera main Naku use laddo  khalaye?  ,nehin! laddo nehi use main  upne mukka or laat de ga" Baji carried on, Naku interrupted "puri baat sune hai thuje Baji? ye phir apne shoor he kerna hai? she chided, "achaa baata phir Naku" , Baji complied. Naku , narrated the tale and also her decision to tell her Saab about the black mail Harshad planned to use on her . Baji yelped again, "kitna ghare hoya aur ,kitna ,kamini aur neech admi hai ye Naku! ,such mein ,is neech ko PT kis na ban diya? ,woh bhi paise se he degree khiridi hogi us kamine na! ,  Deva shapaat! Naku us se tu main he ache hoon , university ke taleem nehi hai mera pas magar appun ke pas zameer tu hai ! Bappa ke shakti sa! ,Baji refelected, "haan tu abhi main thuje ye baata raha hai main ah raha hai abhi! he threatened, "nehi Baji tuhje meri kasam tu nehi aya ga ,ye jaang mera aur Harshad ke dirmeyaan hai is leya sirf Naku fight kere gi apni indaaz mein , main evidence de gi us ke khalaaf aur Saab ko tasveer ke bare mein khud batye gi" Naku confirmed. Baji accepted "chaal ab tune kasam da de hai tu main nehi aye ga , aur haan Bhao ko zaroor bata ,  sab kuch sach sach, meri yehi prathna hai Bappa se ke ,woh Bhao ka demaak thunda rakhe ,koi bumb na phorre Bhao tera sar per, baki ye hai ,jai ho Jhansi ke rani ! tera saath hai tera Bhai Baji" Naku accepted Baji's affection, but added for she knew the bond between the two friends ," woh, Baji Saab ko tasveer ke bare main kuch maat kehna ,kyon ke agar tu Saab ko bateya ga, tu thuje Saab ka pata haina woh.." but before she could finish Baji quipped in agreement "pata hai Naku tera Saab ekdum erdhaich! hai! waise bhi badaam kha kha ke tu aur bhi erdha! hogaya hoga! guffawed Baji ...and the call ended.

Dutta sat in his office ,reverted back to his work ,his mobile buzzed and he answerd "haan bol !yaad ah gaye thujhe mera , zaroor  tu saroor me doba hoga bloody saare din now  you bloody rang me so frigging late , ab bak ,Naku se baat hoi teri , Dutta asked, "yep Bhao I just finished chatting to her ,waise I have to say  bahut ,yaarana hai ,tum dono ka , kaise jan jatto ho ek dossre ke awaz sun ke , ke kuch to hai  doosre ke saath ,  haiii, mujhe tu saach mein ye pyar dekh ke kuch kuch hota hai"  humoured Baji as he  chuckled on the other end "oh shuddup  waise mera haat ko bhi kuch ,kuch hota hai ,tera  kaan ke neech bajana ki leya bekarrar hai" ,Dutta snorted . "okay okay keep your lid on mate ,it's the low life Harshad,  Bhao , see I told you before that you should have allowed me to rough him up but Naaa ,you said choor Baji ,now you have to admit Bhao ..Baji rao mast! mast! mast! mast hai sang Baji ,"listen you bloody nurd!  I told you before No ,for non one tells me what to do ,I told you Baji ,I was going to wait for  substantial evidence, for I believed then and maintain now that jealously was to obvious and thoughtless a  reaction!...main na thuje kha tha main sehi waqat ka intezzar karron ga and than I'll strike ,for  I knew without a doubt ,Baji, that Harshad was filth and it wouldn't take him long to reveal that so my war strategy of wait and watch paid! Is ko ketha hain fauji training Baji Rao Patil, dushman ke chaal ko samjho aur phir nashaana tanoo"! triumphed Dutta. Baji bounced back his triumph tu is ka mutlaab ye ki you give me the permission to bash the living day lights out of that bloody B!"  yelled Baji "no Baji I hate to steal your thunder ,but absolutely not!  koi hero giri dekhana ke zarrorat nehi thuje , phir se under jana ka programme hai kya tera ? ,tu reh ghar per! aur jo kam de ke main gaya hoon thuje woh ker! Dutta reminded  .."but lekin Bhao woh! Naku!!" Baji protested ,"look Baji this matter is now in the hands of Parekh , Lauren reported it to him ,it's a military hospital ,affair now , ise liye  tu thundh rekh! , and yes if you must know Parekh has already asked me to deal with this, so you need to back off samjhe giya na tu" ?reasoned Dutta. Baji moaned "kya Bhao I wanted a piece of action with you , sun Bhao mujhe bhi  fauj mein bharte ker le!! ,duno mil ke dushman ka muqabala kerien ge!! ,he cackled ,and Dutta rolled his eyes and almost chuckled and replied "thuje bharte ker ke main ne apni chootti kerna hai kya?, ja abhi mera dhmaak ka dehi maat ker!! yelled Dutta, ready to end  ..."oye Bhao rok!!  ,sun tu!! ,Baji yelled ,but Dutta disconnected the phone , "drama bazz khahen ka", he mumbled as he shook his head. ..while Baji looked at his mobile phone in disgust and chirped nodding his head " pagal hai salla!


Dutta yawned  while he stroked his cheek, his stubble grazed the soft pink inside of his palm ,he took off his beret and ran his fingers through his hair , raised his muscular arms, bent his fore arms and held the back of his head in his interlocked  slender fingers , "ahh"! he moaned as he elevated both his muscular legs and boosted them one upon the other on the corner of his desk .He closed his eyes ,hand picked up the phone and buzzed and ordered "Rahmaaan chai laker ao please ,nehi sirf chai aur kuch nehi" ,shortly ,there followed a knock and Dutta stayed in relaxed position and beckoned "ah jao" , Rahman saluted and looked at the desk where Dutta had his legs hiked up.  "jee Sar boot uthar doon kiya" offered Rahman ,and Dutta pulled off his feet "nehi shukriyaa Rahman bas chai bana do". With lips pouted Dutta blew on the piping hot tea , Naku always looked out that he didn't singe his mouth ..he mused, as he with care felt the cup edge with his pink bottom lip ,he blinked his eyes once as he took a tiny sip of the hot beverage .The mobile vibrated around in motion and he leaned forward to see who it was, he raised an eyebrow .hummh the love of his life, he placed the cup down and answered "ssaabb ap ho, she enquired insecurely ,he rolled his eyes "haan Naku main he hoon , baata theekh hai ne tu? "Saab! ,she cried "dekh Naku! please can you cut down on the tears ..bas!  roone! roone! ,teri snivelling sun ke main! and he stopped short ,"ache Saab main nehi roiya gi ,woh! woh! Saab , she struggled woh!! " "haan Naku mujhe sab pata hai aage bol!! ..she piped up courage and said "ap ko kis ne batya Baji ne? .."yes and no Naku he is not the only one , you forget Dutta is a military man ,things that happen in army hospitals or other affiliated institutions with the army are reported to Brigadier Parekh as he is the senior officer who happens to have the military hospital in particular!  under his belt,  apart from the being Dean of this school , aur ek aur baat tera Saab ka immediate boss bhi samjhe! he sounded off a tad irked. He glanced sat his watch, "sun I can't talk to you now ,have to be in the gym in 15minutes , tu  20 minutes ke bad phone kera gi kiya? ,he said and before she knew it he'd gone .She too ended the call, oh why was this becoming difficult ,and unnecessarily stretching Bappa ! meri madaat karon! ,she prayed highly disappointed as she was hyped up to talk to him.

Dutta reached his apartment ,pulled off his uniform and pulled on his black sleeveless tee shirt , and jet black track bottoms.  Once he changed, he stopped briefly and folded his arm to check his taunt bulging tricep and bicep in the mirror , and with narrowed eyes he smiled and grabbed his zipped jacket and donned it over his tee.  He caught a few more glances at himself in the mirror as he looped on his hands free phone ear piece and shoved his phone in his track bottoms  !, with a final brush of his mop  and raised eye brow stare in the mirror, he snatched his fob and strided off to the gym! . The officers around him nodded saluted and he nodded approvingly with a stiffened bow as he checked his Outs involved in various exercises. He pulled on his black leather menacingly shining curved boxing gloves, and secured them on his slender palms and moved towards the punching bag his head arched and poked forward to deliver impact on the hanging bag. The phone rang and he tarried a while as he shook his head, "ruddy hell ,I'll have to de glove ,ye Naku he ho gi erdhe khaien ki! he whined as he groped for his pocketed phone and answered "haan bol main sun rahe hoon" , he full well knew from history that she would spend a moment or two blubbing  which would give him time to pull his boxing glove back on and he was right, as he smiled with a twinkle in his eye "woh Saaabb ,aap kya ker raho ho? ,kahan ho? ,and he wacked the punching bag! , Naku what the bloody hell is your problem? ,why do  you act like a child ,forever asking damn questions where ? what? why? how?!  kya hai thuje!   baat ker ju kerni hai ! and he rammed another punch on the bag , "saab ap kisi ko maar reha ho kiya? , " oh for!! ..ab mera mau se koi  galle nikal jai gi! , honestly you drive me around the bend woman!! ,he bellowed as he heaved and landed another hard punch on the bag which swung the bag with intensity that it almost headed back towards his face! and he ducked immediately. He heard her giggle on the other side ,and she thought it best to lighten and humour him first,  before she lands one on him " oh sorry sorry my sherro , my sweeto she flirted "what the hell has got into you woman abhi pheli phone pe to  tera ansoo nikal rehe the!  aura ab tu tease dena ke mood mein hain! pagal aurat!  ,he paused his toe jump and arched forward his bent arms and punched the bag hard again  ," woh Saab  you love me na? ,she said coquettishly, and  he yet again  punched the bag hard! fast pace again and again!  "look Naku bikwas band ker and bol ju bolna hai I can't concentrate , jaldi bol! he yelled otherwise I am hanging up!! he roared as he sucked his top lip and stared at the bag and landed another punch on it.  Naku thought best get on with oh Bappa she rolled her eyes up madaaat. "woh .Saab Harshad is the culprit the master mind behind the missing wheelchairs, I know Saab because I overheard his plan with the stock controller when I once went to get a wheel chair malfunction looked at, I overheard a conversation!, Naku reaveled. "hummh" he responded, while he  mentally noted his fact find, but he carried on with his boxing jabs , as Naku's voice told him more of the case history, "there was a time Saab, when I had to see him regarding patients history, so we met as he was leaving for despatch of wheel chairs the next day and I was to become the locum PT for his patients , I remember Saab, I was poorly and took some kind of medication with codeine to provide fast relief , Naku reported,as  Dutta went "hummm", she continued "we checked the records but  I remember feeling dizzy and ozzy perhaps the medication had worked? I remember nearly falling off the chair but being pushed back to upright sitting  position by Harshad", she narrated, "hummmh" said Dutta as he narrowed his eyes sucked his bottom lip in and punched hard on the bag!  little beads of sweat rolled down his hairy chest and his hairs on the chest stuck to his skin!. She kept quiet and he hollered "aag bhi bol"!,so crried on "Saab Ms .Tendulkar had me in , she narrated the matter to me and wanted me to touch on character reference points on Harshad , but I was in a state of shock, but at the same time also wanted to give him the benefit of doubt so I did not give definite answers to certify his spotless character" ,Naku stopped for a bit "Saab ap sun reha hoo na?  ,Dutta punched the bag "hummm"  he replied and she  carried on" so Saab I told my MS I would sleep over it and come back to her on this one"  Dutta,shook his sweat drenched hair and landed another hard punch on the bag, Naku carried on "saab ap sun reha hoo na? ,she asked as she could hear a punch every now and then , "so Saab I decided to go to his room that night to confront him with the possible allegation  , and more so ,to question Harshad why he had taken the name of the driver in the disappearance of the wheel chairs", Dutta went "hummh" and gave the bag another hard punch ,"but when I went there Saab, he was flippant as usual and denied what was seen, he assured me he was in the clear, but Saab I told him in no uncertain terms that I had overheard the plan of the deed he did with the contractor" ,she continued and Dutta went "hummhh", but he took in the details about the case, while  Naku carried on , "Saab I tell you I was very angry at Harshad upper se meri tabeeyat bhi theekh nehi the, cold hona wala tha shayeed, so I took some medication because I had to see him to find out he truth so I could give an answer to Ms.Tendulka , uske bad kiya hoya I don't know" she admitted .Dutta stopped his punching "how do mean you don't know Naku?, he asked a bit anxious "Saab when I  went to see him and said mein de gi evidence us ne apne moblile pe mujhe tasveer dekhai jis per mein ne apna sar uske khanda per rekha hoi hai aur meri ankeen drowsily half open aur half shut haanin",she cried mujhe lagta hai jab main files check er rehi the patients ke tab us ne woh tasveer le hogi jab I was slightly out of my senses" suspected Naku and went silent ,a large part of her relieved, for she had told him the truth ,but still remained anxious about his pending reaction! .Dutta reeled around and took a deep breath and madly punched the bag mercilessly that the hooked squeaked back and forth in swift motion ! hummmh he went while she cried finally "Saab he threatened me ke agar mein ne uske kahlaf evidence de aur driver ko baachiya tu woh aap ko woh tasveer bhej de ga"!. Dutta landed another powerful punch and said "hummm" .."but Saab main bhi Naku hoon,  ap ki Naku I took a decision that I will give evidence against him and I will tell you myself about the photo black mail ,for I believe it's not about me and you Saab ,she sobbed "it's about exposing, stopping, and punishing  the likes of him who taint society"! Naku wept .Dutta stopped and pulled off his gloves "hummmhhh"! he said as he mopped his sweating brow and chest and shoulders .He paused for a bit, and she panicked "Saab ap hummm ke sawaa, aur kuch nehi bolo ga"? ...she cried. He wiped his mouth and his lion like eyes gradually widened with tenderness as he envisaged her beautiful face in the gym before him "ok Naku , you need to stop crying and listen to your Saab carefully now baaby , tera Saab loves you for what you are ,he is one lucky son of a gun to have a strong woman like you to love , to hold and to keep forever! , for you my love are not just beautiful to look at but bold and beautiful in side, a woman with values , substance , a woman who has the guts to stand up and be counted! ,Dutta comforted her in his guttural voice. Naku was overwhelmed "Saab aap mujhe se naraaz nehi ho? she asked in disbelief, "yes Naku I am enraged but not by you ,it's that bloody B! friend of yours ! Iam enraged with ! but here I have to give you a word of advice, ,Naku  that "one may smile and smile and yet be a villain" ,Naku ,you need to be more discerning in your understanding of people, ,in the past you ignored things about Harshad ,because your judgement was clouded, with him being from your Dera and a uni course mate who helped you out with course when you looked after me, but Naku to be grateful is one thing and to ignore his follies is another ,but never mind next time be careful .You see in the army we are trained not to give a "what seems   reaction" ,we are trained to weigh the pros and cons of things that's why I didn't yell at you for landing yourself in such a precarious position where he could take advantage of you, for your motives behind meeting him stemmed from what followed, i.e his involvement in the disappearance of the goods" Dutta explained calmy ,"you see Naku when you were telling me I was mulling in my head the after effects of the medication you took that may have rendered you in alert, for him to carry out the act of taking a picture. Yes it is evidence that I would read connotations into especially from Harshad's heinous point of view ,but than in my career we don't necessarily go by circumstantial evidence,  for things may not appear as they seem my love!" he said gently ..."ohhh Saab aap bahut aache ho , main aur kya bolo gi" she sobbed overcome with relief ,Naku tune kafi bol liya hai aaj ka liye, ab main thuje phir se  bol ga tu evidence de  ge Harshad ke kilaaf!  aur tera Saab woh kera ga jo us ko order  mila hai!  abhi ja tu gym mein se! ,mujhe shower kerna hai", he reassured her ,and she chipped in "tu aap gym mein the? kya kar reha the gym mein? ,he rolled his eyes here we go again he thought "tera haat ke bloody sandwiches kaha raha hoon! listen you stupid woman! sometimes I wonder how many sides do you have to your personality he hollered, and naughtily she replied "oh loads Saab jaise ap ke personality sides hain!  khabhi munno , khabi sherro aur aur aur khabi...she stopped  "hummm bol I am listening, baaaby" he drawled, "nehi kuch nehi Saab she said shyly and he smiled and lowered his eyes "ok ja phir , love you baaaby" ..and the call ended.

Dutta left the gym his eye brows arched his eyes darted everything he set eyes upon ,he arrived in this apartment. Rummaged around his cupboard and hurled selected clothes on his double bed peeled of his jacket, his tee shirt and stepped into the shower room and turned on the shower on the coldest setting "arrrghh"!! he growled as streams of water glided down his tall ,taunted body every hair on his body matted down and stuck to various parts of his body arrrhh!! he went his jaw wide open,  with his teeth geared ready to rip "arhhh teri tu main you B .. arrrgh" he drenched his head under the cold power jet ...till he trembled and his pink lips moved danderously alongside his square jaw "haaahh" he went and finally raised his brawny arms and placed his palms flat against the grey tiles,  he sniffed hard and shook his hair and moved back to stand firm on his two sturdy muscular legs .He reached out for the shower control ,turned it anti clock wise and stepped out, his torso wrapped in his red bath towel ..he reached out for the camouflaged sweat shirt, pulled on his winter cheater motor bike bottoms ,brushed his hair ,picked up olive green padded bomber jacket reached out for his  thick brown bike boots ,reached out for his helmet and picked up the landline . "ummh yes my bike please in 5 minutes outside my apartment ,thanks" he said curtly .Rahmaan turned up outside his door "jee sar main chaaloon ap ke saath ,sar!  "nehin Rahmaan main ata hoon 10 minute mein ..phir dinner ke liya mess mein jana hai batta dena mess ko"  ..jee saar!" said Rahmaan as he saluted. 

Dutta swung his long strudy leg on his Harley Davidson, fitted his helmet and chin strap  in place  and pulled on his goggles ,gloves and vroomed away ,stopped at e security, slanted his head at the guards tapped his forehead with his gloved index finger and once the barrier lifted he zoomed off into the night...once away from the school he increased the speed of his bike and yelled AAARRRHHH!   HARSSSHADDD YOUUU SOB...ARHHH he roared as he vroomed straight ahead simply following the dark grey road in pitch darkness, his blood shot eyes stung with rage his hurt pounded ARRRGHHH  he roared as he raced his bike ,he twisted the handles of his bike and swayed dangerously but  speeded on till he came into a clearing amidst thick trees he swayed his bike and rode up on to the gradient of the mound ,he had reached  the top of a small mountain he halted his bike ,took off his  helmet and placed it on the seat. Dutta walked towards the edge of the mountain and  his body shook with fury..ARRRGHHH!! he roared and he finally fell to his knees  opened his jaws wide, threw back his head in extreme  torment and frenzy  and from the pit of his spirit he bellowed HHHARSHAD MEIN TERI UNTHERI NIKAL DOON GAAA! ARRRH!!  he sounded  as his larynx  grated  under  the volume and pressure of his voice ! finally he briefly felt his wrath abate and sat still on his knees,  he looked up at the stars, his moist eyes settled on the brightest star " Babaa sambhal lein..mujhe!  aaj ap ke beta aisa koi kam gussa mein ne kar de ju ek fauji  ko nehi karna chahiya ...mujhe josh ke liya  nehin , hosh ke liya ashir waad dein Babaa!..he calmed down for a moment as he closed his eyes and compressed his lips ,he felt the peace within him and he gradually felt the earth beneath his gloved hands and pushed himself on his legs.  Once he stood tall and firm he sniffed and looked down at the twinkling lights of the houses below in the dip of the valley. Gradually past the lights of the built up area,  in the distant he could see the distant rise  of the Military School tower, his eyes lit up, yes that is what Dutta is!  eventually a soldier!  who walks all areas of life with discipline and order!  not disorder and chaos! .He tweaked his stubble with his forefinger and  turned to his bike fitted his helmet on his head put on his goggles and rode down the bumpy gradient till he hit the road and he calmly rode back towards the military  school to grab his dinner . Shortly he spoke, bathed in calmness "Harshad ab tera samna ek fauji se hoga.." , as he rode back with steady speed...

Naku smiled with renewed vigour as she knocked at Ms Tendulkar's office "yes Nakusha please come in I have to say I knew you would return"... Nakusha smiled "ma'am basically I have come to confirm that I have vital information regarding the case of the missing wheel chairs ,and I also confirm that it has to do with Harshad . Nakusha briefly stated the evidence, plus the issue of Harshad black mailing her and she wrapped up "so now ma'am the ball is in your  court if you wish to start proceedings or investigations ,either way I reiterate, that I am prepared to give be continued  Hamlet~ 2.12.11

Precap:  Naku, stood in the disciplinary hearing ,,she suddenly stopped as the double doors opened and Major Dutta entered in full uniform flanked by two soldiers ,they both looked at each other briefly ...                                      




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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 December 2011 at 4:22am | IP Logged
Clapawsem update amazing love it nakku decide to tell about haeshad to dutta good decision and and leauren tell everuthing to brig and now dutta is handling everything wow harshad ki to bajegi bend and dutta roared at khan wow and baaji roops oops kya dialogues maare hai ltl 1 ki yaad aa gayi baaji ke dialogue sun kar and baaji nakku conversation mast thi so baaji wants to beat harshad ab agar baaji maarega to dutta kya karega and nakku stops baaji for telling about pictures to dutta ek baat batao hammie baadaam khane se koi edra hota hai maine pahali baar suna hai and finally nakku call dutta but first call is in cry session and second call is conversation so nakku finally tells whole truth to dutta and dutta hmmm but i like his understanding and the advise and support he give to nakku i love that and now my faviorate scene in ltl and favourite dialoge in ff is
HHHARSHAD MEIN TERI UNTHERI NIKAL DOON GAAA! ARRRH!!mast update ltl yaad dila diya and finally nakku ne evidence de diye and precap is of dutta  ab harshad ki band bajane waali hai  and mera computer bhi theek ho gaya fully now i can comment whole heartedly Big smile

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Ah! im here atlast..

The celeberated couple have turned narcissistic, Big smilethe lady describing her mettle then her beauty nd the man admiring himself in the mirror nd mighty pleased.., atleast with major it came as no surprise but naku too?    Allow us to do the honours guysWink what with two shower scenes in one UD, [rubbing eyes] or this must be our christmas gift from our Santa in londonDancing.

Eversince khan has been to PW she's taken herself as family of major n takin liberties to feed to serve to question, n above all stalking the man to no end. She is testing major's patience n im wonderin if dutta is bein slightly lenient at the transgression, as the earlier warnin has not worked. I hav to admit thou im wasting my energy with this girl, she doesnt surprise me anymore. As long as major knows his boundaries, guess we r fine.

Major sweating at the news of military hospital, anxious until he heard harshad's name. His patience with the creep paying off nd this time he has strong reason to act. Parekh's not agreeing with major on khan's assessment report haha! c'mon Brigadier, dont tell me u too lattoo for the demure, beautiful face or ur ok with half baked people to be a part of the elite anti terror squad? anyway, hammie has company.

New kids in the block, dimpled pappu n macho munno, this is side splitting stuffROFL. Roops n Baji one team that can put to shame any accomplished stand up comedians. The flirting of the two is filmy but unique, can they ever behave sobre err normal?  The wholesome threesome naku dutta baji agree to let the law take its own course with harshad.

Naku is our 21st century jhansi ki rani, undoubtedlyThumbs Up. who could risk their life by talking the harshad saga with major nd still be breathing? Surprised n relieved how major took to the news n he also stopped short of taking the law into his hands, praying for restraint as it was not worth dirtying his hands for a lousy creature n tarnishing the image of the forces. But Im sure it was not easy for the man, pretty dramatic how he released his frustration, for a while i was thinkg when Brigadier asked him to take up the case it was like 007 style operation,  then when he was punching at the gym, it was like ok, here goes our one man army Rambo bhaiya  but on top of the mountain he sounded like Lord Narsimha who took out the intestines of his enemy,,,,but in the end it was tai tai phish! Ermm   coulnt help singing then, "why this, why this kolaveri da" LOL

Must say it was adorable to see how naku buttered her saab b4 throwing the dhamaka, she missed his reaction by leaving out 'munno'. She also has a routine when she has to speak to her saab weeping, whining, eventually winning...hehe!

So the battle lines are drawn n we r waitin for the face off with the idiot. The precap is droolworthy nd its worth the waitDay Dreaming.    So long n thanx for the entertainment, entertainment, entertainment   [joking]      Hammie babe!!!"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul"  David O. McKay

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Hammie ...mein aagai...finally ready to comment ...hmmm chal let me get started...

Painful Rapture: chapter 3:  "a hit, a very palpable hit" I sure hope it is for that harshad! :P

So I told you na that this UD is a fav... from the very beginning to the end the flow,  the way you have looped it all together, how true to character each person remained and of course Baaji's presenc, on the whole the entire UD was simply well written with such great was soo glued to glued that normally I write my comments as I go but this one I just read read and read lol...

I loved Naku's monologue here where she basically describes herself but she knows her own positive points that Dutta likes in her ...which was good :) and then she made the right decision, as I hoped, to not give a heed to the blackmail and expose Harshad for his wrong doings...regardless of how long she's known him, the so called friendship shared...hmm...but Naku will give evidence no matter what may come of it and for that am quite proud of her...standing on side of justice :)

OH  there is the first bathroom scene...u know sach mein it didn't even register as I was so into where the UD was going haha ...I am going through it again ...and now I see...naked torso and his black shiny curly hairs...and damn hot biceps triceps...and me now only reading that part ...omg and his stubble he shaved and although looked 'unapproachable' to him  I think everyone ready to approach him haha ...and his shower ...haaye...what a scene me all dazed *blushes*

So he is going to take on this issue at Dera hospital...i am quite excited about that :) I hope he gives Harshad what the guy rightfully deserves for his disgusting mind...I liked how when Parekh mention problem there his mind automatically wanted to say Naku but he maintained the formality...another point...I loved that in this conversation..they both did not assume the truth...rather was meant to be investigated in military style...hmm Khan's assessment he said no ...because of her fainting...but glad parekh has put it on hold for now..I think she will be great in military :P

Oh this Khan sometimes behaves completely like a grade school kids...teacher ke peeche peeche trying to get bhi na...he was quite cold in mannerism with her though...

HAaaye Baaaji ...dhincak haha ...omg nice to see him in action ;) him and roops are so cute...BAAJI RAO my my what a six pack haha

I loved his convo with Naku. It really showed their relationship ...and his reactions to every part of the convo ...was so much Baaji and it so showed what she meant to him as well...and then his conversation with Dutta...was casual they are..and how much comfort btwn them...great friends they are...Baaji all fired up ...I should give him my bat ...aww and he's not allowed a piece of the action...sadly..but rightly ...

Then the entire convo btwn D and N had to be the best part...u even created small drama with just her getting out the information she had. And him in gym punching away while she speaking with his 'hmmm' lol liked that touch...his style...everything there...loved the whole of it...the entire convo from beginning to end and what he tells her and how he supports...gotta love this major ...

Hmm so here was the next shower scene...i knew this one existed but I think your lines took dominance over the shower...his anger filled lines and then on the Harley woot LTL1 style mein lines ...HHHARSHAD MEIN TERI UNTHERI NIKAL DOON GAAA! ARRRH!! Day Dreamingand his anger ready to squish that harshad to all grinning...can't wait for next UD...eagerly waiting to see how u pan it all out ...

Good and Naku has approached Ms.Tendulkar with the for the hearing...will wait to see what happens...will have to because I don't have choice-uu :P

Hmmm so hammie teri sharmilee has quite enjoyed and loved this of my favs ...i love them all but this one extra loved ...great job...great writer you are...loved it to the core...beginning to end ...thank you for such a wonderful you lots...take care...phir milenge chalte chalte

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 December 2011 at 8:07am | IP Logged
ReservedWinkwill be back soonHug

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ivy_11 IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for the pm and update, HammieHug.

The slime ball HarshadAngry needs to be beaten up by Dutta and Baaji.

I am glad that Naku had the sense to confide in Dutta. Hope she comes out clean soon and that Harshad is nailed forever.

Having Dutta under the shower once is enough to send the Diwanees pulse rate soaring highEmbarrassed. Iss episode mein to do-do baar nahaya. OMG I am dead and gone to heavenLOL. As usual, very well written with  detailed and easy to visualize descriptionSmile

What's wrong with KhanConfused. Why does she think  that she is the most important thing in Major Dutta's lifeOuch. Height of presumptuousness Wacko As though DSP cannot meet with Brig Parekh to discuss other matters.

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prncz IF-Rockerz

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Wow hammie ,,awesem update Clap.loved the way nakku decide to exposse harshad and alert saab abt he backmail ,,,hmm gud thninkgn  but loved the way u gave an insight to ankkus tghts ,,so she kwns dutta like her feminine but at the same time brave enf to fight her own battles and be strong ,,Star
hmm loved the way baji is gettign naughty with roops and roops equaly naughty with baji they make a lvely sweet  pair  ,,,
so bajji did manage to talk to nkaku so sweet she too was thingk of sharign with him awww ,, and finally let is off her chest  but so swt of baji to support her and get ready to thrash harshad awww  love him so tooo,,,and then his talk with major was amusing tooo
and the bstest part nak convo with MAjor hmmm,,he talkign and pucnhing the bxing bag was awesoem  aaahh yaad dila diya old LTL days and then his assuring NAku ,circunstcnil evidence need not be waht is seems was sooo gud i felt like hugging him  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  and then eh goign on his bike  in rage ---wow hotness personified ,,his anger and screamm reminded me of anna episode  awww thnsk hammie for this wonderful update and making us walk the meommry lanes ...
now  recap ..major enterign the hospital proceddign officall with 2 army men  wow wht a scene ,,,,friday kab ayega Day Dreaming

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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me updated at the reserved place thankfully successfully finally!Big smile

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