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ShaNak SS - Sathi Sath Nibhana:Pt11|Pg25 17Sep11 (Page 11)

togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Kaha hai...kitna proof read karega...
Bas kar...baaki ka hum khud kar lenge...Post karo ab next part !!

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dishbhan Goldie

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This is the 6th part, Khanak's first day at her In-Laws (present) and in office (flashback). Very long one as per my standards, but hope you like it.

Part6:- Accepance of the new Surroundings (First Day at In-Laws)
14th May 2011
Shaan had held the door to the car as Khanak threw the last set of lavha (also called as kurmura used in bhel J) behind into her Bai's extended saree pallu.

She had looked back with tears in her eyes for one last time before sitting into the car. Shaan was sitting in back seat and the car moved ahead towards her new home.

All through the 30 mins drive, Shaan had held her trembling hands as she fought the tears still flowing down her cheeks. They reached Khandelwal house in Juhu around 4:00 pm.

She was awakened from her memories when the car halted outside Khandelwal house. She had looked at Shaan to confirm that they were married now and going towards his house. He had squeezed her hand and raised his eyebrows asking what happened. She had shook her head in a nothing and smiled reassuringly at him. The driver opened the door for her where as Shaan walked out from the other side and moved to be on her side in a jiffy.

As Shaan and Khanak descended from the car and walked towards the 2-storey bungalow entrance, the family had gathered at the door.

Madhavi has already reached and is waiting at the door with Dadi for the aarti. Khushboo hurries from the car behind and stands beside Madhavi.

Dadi: "Ruko bachon, abhi kuch rasme karni baki hain"

Madz does the aarti and asks Khanak to push the vessel filled with rice grains with her right foot into the house.

As Khanak raises her right leg slightly to do so, she finds Shaan holding her left hand for balancing her. She slowly pushes the vessel and the rice scatters in a pile just inside the door frame. Everybody claps and cheers them while they enter forwarding their right leg into the house, walking around the pile of rice.

Khushboo has brought a big thali (plate) with the sindoori water (red coloured).
Dadi: "Khanak beta, usme dono payr rakho aur phir who bicha hua safed kapda hain na uspar chalkar andar aao."

Khanak steps into the thali, and slightly squeezes Shaan's hand, which he is still holding, on feeling the cold water. She puts her right foot out of the plate and walks ahead on the white cloth. Her red footmarks are left on the cloth.

Once she crosses over, Khushboo rolls the cloth and gives it to another lady for safe keeping.
Dadi says: "you can relax and then prepare for the reception tonight."

Khushboo: "Shaan, Apni biwi ka hath ab chod sakte ho, kahi bhag nahi jayegi!" Everybody giggles ...
Shaan if embarrassed does not show it, while the color on Khanak's face clearly shows that she is embarrassed. She looks down, goes and stands beside Dadi.

Madz: "Khushboo, stop making her conscious. Mom, baki rasme abhi karni hain ke reception ke baad?"

Dadi: "Reception ke baad kartey hain. Abhi inhe bhi tayyar hona hain na. Khushboo, please take her to Shaan's room."

Khusboo walks over to Khanak and holds her by the shoulder turning her towards the staircase. "Tumhara aur Shaan ka kamra upar hain, third on the right. Yaad hain na hmm?" Smiles mischievously as she teases about the last time she had come during the wedding finalization ..."Come, let's go."

Khanak shoots a glance at Shaan, sees him assuring her to go ahead by patting his eyelids, and walks towards the staircase with Khushboo ... hears Madz say "Harilal! Shaan ki Gadi mein se Khanak ke bags nikal kar Shaan ke kamre mein rakhwa do"

The room is all cleaned up except for the couple of clothes strewn across the bed and the chair beside the study table. Last minute clothes that Shaan must have thrown while he got ready in the morning she guessed and a faint smile appeared on her face. 

Khanak remembered the London apartment of Shaan, where he would make her wait outside the apartment for couple of minute's every time she went there without informing. She had found out the reason later from his friends that it was to tidy it up so that she does not see how he kept his clothes strewn across his room.

Khushboo: "Khanak, thodi der aaram kar lo. Maine parlor se attendant ko 5:30 bulaya hain. We need to start from here by 6:30 for the 7 pm reception."

Khanak sees Khushboo bhabhi go out the door, shutting it behind her. She walks over to the bed, folds the clothes and walks over to the laundry bag to dump Shaan's used clothes there.

She walks to the dresser in the center of the wardrobe and see her reflection. Her maroon wedding attire, her mangalsutra, the sindoor on her forehead - everything giving her the proof that she was married ... Married to the man who had penetrated into her heart with his deep brown eyes, given peace to the agitated Khanak who was out to make a point to everyone's conceptions of woman having a career and prove that girls can be anything they want and much more in this world !

Khanak's smile widens as she remembers the way she had treated Shaan on the first day of office in London.

19th April 2010: First Day at London office

Natasha had put the alarm for 6:30, so that they both could get ready by 7:30 and reach office by 8:00 am. The alarm rang for a long time and finally Khanak had to come running from the bathroom to switch it off as she shook Natasha to wake up. Natasha grumbled "5 min yaar, abhi uthti hoon"

Khanak smiled and moved to the kitchen to make tea, she now knew Natasha only had coffee without sugar. She keeps 1 cup of water for tea in the vessel. Adds the fine sugar and tea powder that she had carried from India (Thanks to Bai's last minute additions in her bagJ)

Lalit had said Natasha will tell her how they commute to office the first day, else if any issues, she should call him. But she had decided she will not be a trouble to him and start managing on her as much as possible.

She again went to wake up Natasha and saw that she was already in the bathroom. She had her tea and waited in the hall for Natasha, all set to start the first working day in London ... she said a silent prayer in her mind while waiting ...

She remembered her Bai's words from yesterday night's call, telling her to pray and God will take care of everything. The call had been one reason which had not let her sleep, she was feeling home-sick.

Natasha ran around the house, drinking her coffee with 1 hand, wearing her sandals with the other, searching for her mobile, its charger, her purse, checking its contents, id, wallet, etc. Khanak just watcher her zapped by the fury of activities she was carrying out within 2 mins.

Finally they had locked the door and were on their way to the train station. Natasha showed her the shortcut and gave details of where to collect the ticket from, where the train arrives, while going and when coming. Khanak was trying to register everything as much as possible.

The train halted and they climbed in and settled on a seat. She was looking around and observing the interiors and faces around. Natasha was continuously jabbering around as usual.

Khanak turned towards the closed window, which had dark glass fitted. And she saw a pair of most intense eyes looking at her through the glass. She knew those eyes from somewhere. The person had a book in hand and his eyes were peeping over the book edge. She turned around just as the person put the book down and she was face to face with Shantanu!

Before they could greet, Natasha shrieked, "Shaan! I thought tum pehli wali train se gaye honge"
Shaan: "Got late today" softly trying to avoid any further conversation.

Natasha was going to ask some more questions, but her phone rang, her smile widened another inch and she got up with the phone and walked to a secluded area near the door, speaking softly into the phone.

Shaan looked at Natasha with a knowing smile and went back to his book, but not before glancing at Khanak one last time. Khanak had been watching him all throughout their interaction. But as she felt him move his face towards his book which held in his hand, sitting right across her, she turned her face towards the window to avoid his gaze.

Half the compartment got down at the Canary Wharf station.

London, Wharf, huge business area, with lots of companies

Khanak had been warned that the first day goes by in a jiffy, busy in getting all the setups done ... Id creation, Entry Access, Laptop arrangement, network id setup, etc..

Khanak had got her initial shock of the day when she turned out to be the only one with a kurta and tights, though it was looking sober and official for Mumbai, but she stood out among the others at Comfin Wharf office, very few Indian women were around and most of them were in formals.

Shaan and many other guys had glanced at her looking at her attire, a white kurta with dark blue stripes and a dark blue slack and her black sweater pulled over it. Natasha had assured her that she was looking like a CHICK! Lalit had just whispered "Don't worry"

Khanak had smiled and moved on about her work with help of Natasha and Lalit.

It was just 10 and Khanak was feeling so hungry, as if it was already past lunch time (which it was but in India).

Lalit was busy in meetings held in the mornings and so was Natasha. Khanak had not been given a laptop yet, hence was free. She asked the directions for the canteen to Rajesh who was running to get his morning coffee with a coffee-mug in hand.

Rajesh smiled and said "lemme show you", and took her to the canteen on the ground floor. He showed her where the queue was and the payment mechanism and then rushed for this next call at 10:30.

The canteen was a big one, but was still being arranged for the lunch time. She picked a veg sandwich, hot tea (with milk and sugar). She walked over to the closest table balancing her tray in the right hand, her wallet in left and her big purse on her left arm. As she took a seat, she saw another person take the seat opposite her with a cup in his hand. And again she was looking into those deep brown eyes ...

Shaan was pleasantly surprised to see her there and smiled saying "Good Morning, we meet again"
Khanak does not trust that this was a coincidence and glares at him speaking harshly "Why are you following me?"

Shaan is taken aback and almost shouts "What??"

Khanak: "aur nahi tho kya, jahan jati hoon wahi pahoch jaate hain ... are u alright?"

Shaan fumes, but calms down before speaking softly: "I could say the same for you, u are always there where I am, I was in the train before you came and sat across me, I had my tea and was already taking a seat when u walked with your tray here. So should I ask you - Why are YOU following me?"

Khanak is at a loss of words... and just stares at him as if she saw a rare species of animal across the table ... those deep brown eyes were sparkling, looking right into her ... hers were spitting fire and his were calm, at peace, just holding her gaze ...and penetrating straight to her heart!
Coming up ... Shanak Moment...

Next part: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1682936&PID=43451496&#43451496


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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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"Jahaan main jaati hu wahi chale aate ho...
Chori chori mere dil me samaate ho...
Ye toh batao ki tum...
Mere kaun ho..."
Super cute part !!! Khanak is really sumthing...Poor guy...bekaar me daant laga di uski...He was only being nice !!! Hehehehe...!
Brown eyes ka jaado !!!
Continue soon...Next part me reception bhi dikhaana...And post a longer part re...Ye toh bahut jaldi khatam ho gaya...hehe !!

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mystory IF-Dazzler

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cmon gal jst make them fall in love fast. cnt see them lik this.fast fast fast btw its very cute the way she suddenly becam spontaneous(  why r u folloin me?)

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dishbhan Goldie

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Originally posted by mystory

cmon gal jst make them fall in love fast. cnt see them lik this.fast fast fast btw its very cute the way she suddenly becam spontaneous(  why r u folloin me?)

Pyar hua hain ye pata chalne ke liye 2-4 mulakate tho dikhani padegi na ... aur mulakaton mein baat chit tho dikhani padegi na ...

the reserved Khanak that she is, she is not have all sweet talks with him on her 1st solo meeting na...

christmas Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
haha. poor guy...

he has a point tho...he's been there first and then her. to following.she is.

thank god natasha has a bf...

next update soon. plz!
togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Arey Dish...
Btw...We got Khanak's view all thru...
I want a peek into Shaan's mind too...About what he thought of her ...right from the time he set his eyes on her at the airport...
What was going on in his mind when she was getting lost in his brown eyes...?When he was staring at her at the airport??...when she dozed off in the car??...on the way to the apartment??...when he saw her at the party??...when he saw her on the train?? and then the canteen ??

Edited by togepe30 - 05 June 2011 at 1:59pm
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awesome!!!!!!!1 im so glued to it:)

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