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|KW Lovers ka Adda #38|[IO]- Tere Liye (Page 88)

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we need to go fast fast

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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here is another one zarqa, cmg of sid scene
10:43LOL go there only siddhima drunk scene
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crazy kiya re!!!!
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Part 75


Riddhima limped up to the door to put on the security latch much on Sid's insistence She waited for Sid to disappear around the first flight of steps With evey step he took her heart wanted to call out 'Mat Jao Sid Please Mat Jao'


Sid felt as if he heard Riddhima say something He turned back and looked at her intently 'Did she say that ...' Tumhe kuch kaha


Riddhima: Nahi


She herself did not know how she managed to gather the strength to answer that question and hold her composure till Sid's footsteps faded out. The moment she could hear them no more she closed the door and collapsed sobbing.


She felt so helpless that she could not even stop him. All due to one moment of weakness that had given both an unhealing wound which they were to carry with them like the cursed Ashwathama was doomed to carry his for eternity. She often wondered if their fate wold be any different than his. She sat there sobbing uncontrollably


Sid settled in his car and was about to start the car when he remembered he should have called Juhi to inform her about Riddhima. He quickly searched his pockets for his cell phone but could not find it. Had he dropped it while getting into the car or on the way But he found it wierd that he used it when going up the stairs then why could he not recollect using it while descending the stairs. He swiftely got out the car and tried to search for the cell phone around the car. After a short search he gave up. That left him with only place to search for cell phone ... 'Yes ... while lighting the candle i had placed it on the kitchen platform absolutely and after bringing the candle back to the living room I did not go back there ... darn ...'


Irritated with himself he stood there in the compound contemplating whether to pick up the cell phone now or later next morning


He found himself wanting to go back but there was something more than just his cell phone that he felt pulled him back. For the first time in years he was scared to accept his turn of feelings.




She sat there at the entrance of her house feeling emotionally and physically drained not wanting to do anything. Suddenly she heard a knock on her door

It felt as if life was once again knocking her door. 'Sid!!!'

After a while which seemed like a lifetime a worried sick Sid softly called out 'Riddhima'

Without a second thought she threw open the door to see none other than her savior standing at her doorstep.

She could not believe her luck shone for the second time that evening. 'Sid!!!' Her face lit up. She just wanted to rush into his arms and feel secured.


'Riddhima ……………. Kya main andhar aa sakta hoon'


Hearing him broke her trance. She immediately stopped the step she was going to take towards him and nodded gently.


Sid: Tum theek toh ho na ………


Riddhima: Hmmm


Riddhima's eyes were telling a different story the story of the agony she must have experienced after he left. It pained Sid see Riddhima such. He hated himself for being completely inconsiderate. He so wanted to stay back but was worried that Riddhima might misunderstand him. It was best to take it as it comes. If she asked him to wait then he would gladly wait back. But as of now he needed to retrieve the cell phone


Sid: Shayaad main apna cell phone yaha bhool gaya ………….


Sid's return was only in search for his cell phone upset Riddhima She promptly stepped aside to let Sid come in to search his phone.




As he had thought he found the cell phone on the kitchen platform He picked it up and dialed Juhi



Juhi was still awake waiting for Sid's call



Juhi: Itni der kyu laga di



Sid: I was settling Riddhima down. Yaha abhi bhi lights nahi hai aur Riddhima hurt her knee so I was waiting for her to finish dressing her wound


Juhi: Is it too bad?



Sid: Doesn't seem too bad but she is limping



Juhi: Ek min usko phone do



Sid who had just walked back into the living room handed the phone to Riddhima



Sid: Juhi tumse baat karna chahati hai



Riddhima felt her hatred for Juhi once again on the increase She reluctantly answered 'Bolo Juhi'



Juhi: How did you get hurt? Hope it is not too bad



Riddhima; Nahi theek hoon



If it's hurting too much then don't come in tomorrow I will manage Tumhare na aane se kaam ruk nahi jayega ……… itni importance mat do khud ko




'itni importance mat do khud ko' that seemed to hit Riddhima in her guts…….. and she blurted out carelessly shayaad ab mein kisi ke liye importance nahi rakti ………….

Juhi: What! What did you say?


Riddhima: Nothing ……….. kuch nahi ……



Juhi: Ok ………. Phone ek min Siddhant ko dena ………




Riddhima passed the phone to Sid. Sid moved away while talking to Juhi which aroused Riddhima's curiosity. Riddhima tried hard to make sense of what was being spoken but could not make out much from Sid's mostly monosyllabic answers. Juhi and Sid had a quick conversation and Sid passed the phone back to Riddhima. 'Tumse baat karna chahati hai Juhi'



Riddhima was in no mood to talk to Juhi's. For her, Juhi was the vamp in her life at the moment whom Sid gave more importance than her. But she had to talk to her as Sid was asking her to 'Yes Juhi'



Juhi: sunn I have asked him to stay over at your place today



Riddhima: Nahi ……. Uski koi zaroorat nahi hai …………..



Juhi: Shut up ……….. ek toh you have hurt yourself and we both know how paranoid you are of the dark …….. pagalagayi toh ultimately mujhe zhelna padega ……… and I can't handle a more crazier boss than what you are already samjhi ……….



Riddhima hated anyone pity her and at that moment that was the exact feeling Sid and Juhi were giving her. 'I don't need ………. '



But before she could complete Juhi 'I am not asking you Riddhima I am telling you and honestly Sid……… I mean Siddhant was worried sick when he heard that you will be alone in the dark So please don't stress yourself staying there alone cause along with yourself you will land up stress both of us.



'I mean Siddhant was worried sick when he heard that you will be alone in the dark'


He had come there just for her Just so that she would not be alone in the dark. Why do I always misunderstand him?


She looked at Sid who was standing nervously waiting for her conversation to finish Wanting to know if his help was not being misunderstood? Her heart filled with admiration for this man Why are you so nice?


Theek hai ………


Juhi: Cool now be peaceful and haan if your knee is hurting too much don't come to work tomorrow. Chalo main rakti hoon …….. bye


Riddhima looked at Sid who was still nervously waiting 'Saari raat khede rahoge kya…….. baitoge nahi?

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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miss cullen

Riddhima got up and sat on the bed with a splitting headache. She rubbed her temple as she scanned the room. 'Where are you Sid...?' Her eyes stopped on the side table where a red rose, a glass of juice a tablet and a note was kept' She smiled and took the note.

"Good morning sweetheart. I will be back in an hour. Have your juice and aspirin. If you feel better get up and get packing. We are going away for two days. Or sleep till i get back. We will do the packing together. Love you, Sid"

Riddhima slipped in the tablet, gulped the juice and crashed on to the bed with a smile. "I love you too Sid" Within minutes she started snoozing. A little later she blinked open her eyes when she felt a cold finger tracing her forehead. She saw Sid was lying next to her, facing her, gazing at her with a striking smile. "How are you...?" He whispered. She smiled and snuggled to him. "Now i am perfect"
He kissed her forehead and almost screamed "GREAT!! Then GET UP GET UP GET UP" He shook her. "Go fresh up! We have to be there in 2 hours!" His sudden reaction startled her. Before she could throw tantrum, he scooped her in his arms and proceeded to the bath. He let her off and pushed her in. "Sorry baby i would have given you company but we will be late." The bathroom door was slightly opened and a hand popped out. She threw her nightdress that she was wearing right on his face. She snickered when she saw she didn't miss her target. Sid grinned and turned back to get going with the packing. While in shower Riddhima called out to him "Sid...?"

Sid : "yeah Riddhima...?"
Riddhima : " come i am in my PJs"?
Sid snorted : "hmm... baby... may be we should talk about last night when you come out of shower you know..." He grinned when he heard nothing from her end.
Riddhima : "Okay as much as i want to think that's what really happened last night, my husband is too sherif to be doing all that when i am zonked you know..." she hit back giggling.
Sid : "Your husband being sherif is your misconception you know" he grinned
Riddhima : "Sid!"
Sid : "okay okay well you changed by yourself dont ask me how, by the time i was back you were already snoozing. Now you better come out before i crash in there! We are getting late!"


"Sid where are we going!?" She asked for the umpteenth time. "If i tell you it won't be surprise" He chanted the same thing.
"At least tell me what should i pack" she asked.
Sid : "okay since this is our trial honeymoon i suggest you don't pack much." he smirked.
"Sid!" Riddhima flushed.
Sid: "alright alright well you may need something to keep yourself warm."
Now it was her turn to be cheeky "hmm you are there no to keep myself warm" She punched his arm playfully. This time Sid was completely taken aback. 'God she is full of surprises! You never know what's coming next. From kissing him in the beach in full public, to demanding for kiss in party and now this! This was all-together a different side of Riddhima, a side of Riddhima which only he has seen, and he loved this Riddhima'
"ehm ehm i thought we are getting late" She knocked him out of his thoughts.


He drove to Taj Wellington Mews a luxury apartment hotel in Colaba.

Riddhima : "Sid... why are we here..?" She questioned him again looking around the place.
Sid ignored her and parked the car. He took their bag, held her hand and walked to the elevator. In the elevator he took out a red scarf and began to blindfold. She was again gonna ask him  something when he quickly kissed her lips taking her by surprise. When he broke from the kiss her eyes were still closed and she looked as though she had stopped breathing. Ever so slowly she opened her eye lids and gazed at him dreamily. She had lost the ability of speech. Sid grinned and blindfolded her. 

*Ting* The elevator door opened to the terrace of the building. He guided her out, few steps ahead they stopped. Sid stood behind her and untied her blindfold. The sight in front of her stunned her. "S..Si..Sid...!? What's all this...?" She stammered. Sid wrapped her hands around her waist and kissed her cheeks. "I want these two days to be the most memorable two days of our lives and i promise i wont let anything go wrong this time"

In front of them was a helipad and a helicopter waiting for them. There was a red carpet stuck to the floor from where they were standing, to the copter. On Sid's signal, the pilot started the engine and the moment the wings moved, rose petals were flying all around  them. "Shall we..?" Sid extended his arm and the couple walked their way to the copter hand in hand. Even after boarding the copter Sid refused to tell her where they were going . "I am kidnapping my wife!" He grinned.  The copter finally landed on a pad of a tall structure. The building seemed to be in the middle of no where. It was surrounded by trees, trees and more trees. On a closer look she realized it's a beautiful resort. There was greenery everywhere and building was like a beautiful centerpiece of a garden. They stepped out of the copter and walked towards the entrance of the terrace. Two young girls and guys in formals were waiting for them. Sid and Riddhima watched as the copter disappeared from their sight.  "Wanna see around..?" He asked. "Ye-ah!" She said excited. Sid handed over their luggage to the ushers and took Riddhima to a stroll down the resort. It was breathtakingly beautiful. She walked around the place clinging on Sid's arm in awe and admiration. "Sid... where are we! God this place is sooo beautiful!! Is this the only way to come here...? I mean by air...? It sure looks like it though. It's like we are trapped in an isolated place with a verry beautiful house and garden and my god forests!? We are in the middle of a jungle..?" Riddhima went on and on and on. Sid watched her in amusement. Her expressions are priceless! This surprise is just nothing in front of it!' He thought!

"Don't you wanna go to our honeymoon suite!" He asked her when she took a breather. "Of course!!" she exclaimed. They walked towards another building which was further up from the building that had the helipad. The second building which was higher up the hill was comparatively simple. As they climbed up the stairs Riddhima's excitement knew no bounds. And when they finally reached a glass room on top of the building she shrieked. "SIDD!!" She tugged his arm like a kid. "You see that cottage over there...?" He pointed towards a lone cottage which looked as if it was on an entirely different hill. We will be staying there."
"And we will be reaching there on a ropeway!?" Riddhima completed the sentence. The ropeway took them to their honeymoon cottage which was beautifully decorated. It was HUGE! and actually on the topmost of the hill! They where around 6000 ft above sea level, ever so closer to the sky. The ropeway was made just for this cottage. It directly connected to one of the three huge balconies of the top floor. The top floor of the cottage was an absolute marvel. It had one huge bedroom and a bath. There were three big balcony's on three sides of the room. The roof was completely glass! And so you feel you are walking in air. Especially the night view from the bed is a spectacle! You feel you are actually sleeping on the cloud and can reach the stars within the stretch of a hand. Just like a 3d movie. Ground floor had a huge indoor pool. And there were less wall and more windows. It looked as though the pool was in a glass house. The outside was another spectacle with huge garden and gazebo. All in all the place actually looked like a heaven, like god's paradise!

"So how is it...?" Sid asked Riddhima nervously. She turned to him, as she failed to come up with the right words to describe the place, all she did was walk up straight to him and plant a kiss on his lips. "It's beautiful...!" Riddhima said dreamily. Sid sighed in relief, obviously glad she loved his surprise and for a change nothing went wrong! It was all perfect!


Riddhima was in one of the balcony watching the sunset when Sid came out of the shower in his jeans and unbuttoned shirt, still wiping his head vigorously with the towel.  He hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. They stood their without exchanging any words, just watching the natures wonder, the beautiful sunset. The sky looked as if it was covered in a reddish orange blanket. As the sun disappeared the temperature started dropping and a cold breeze  patted them. Riddhima shuddered and he held her closer.  "Why don't you go take a shower. We'll go for dinner after that..." He said "okay" she kissed his cheek and made her way to the shower grabbing a bath rob. A while later, as she walked out of the shower, her eyes fell on a beautiful green gown on the bed with a note and a red rose on it. "wear this and come to the gazebo". As she made her way to the gazebo she realized the place looked twice more beautiful at night than it ever looked in day! 'Sid didn't tell me where we are yet!' she thought. Her thoughts were disturbed when she saw her ever so handsome husband waiting for her at the gazebo. It was a beautiful dinner arrangement with candles and fresh flowers all around. But her eyes were fixed on a certain Siddhant Modi. Admiring his shabby but cute hair, his chocolate brown eyes inviting her, his hands tucked in his pant pocket and the perfectly knitted suite clinging on to his perfectly fit bod. God she was going crazy.  As she stood infront of him, almost staring at him, he extended his hand and she placed hers in his. He, like a perfect gentleman kissed the back of her palm and guided her to her seat. Once he made sure she was comfortable he sat opposite to her. As Sid poured her favorite red wine in two glasses, she wondered from where the beautiful violin music came. It was heavenly. They had a really great dinner, talking and laughing about anything and everything. The dinner was followed by a dance in the garden. The garden was surrounded by tall lamps and it looked amazing with the dim lights and the starry sky above.

"Sid... now will you please tell me where are we..?"
He grinned and said "Dehradoon"
"Ohhh..." she exclaimed.
Riddhima : "you know.. you didn;t have to do all these.. i mean... it's indeed a huge huge surprise but Sid.
Sid : "Surprise!!"
Riddhima : "What..?"
Sid : "another surprise for you, wait" He ran to the gazebo to grab  something and in hurry he spilled sause on to his shirt. "Owww damn!! I knew something would go wrong! Something had to...! damn!!" He cursed himself as he walked to Riddhima.
Riddhima : "Sid relax.. we will get it cleaned.."
The two left to their room.


Sid finally came out of the bath holding his shirt in his hand "Riddhima see naa.." He was about to complain something when he was his gorgeous wife enjoying the beautiful scenery outside. He dropped his shirt and walked towards her. It was cold but he could actually feel his bare chest heating up as he moved closer to her. She gasped when his cold hands grabbed her by her waist. He pulled her closer to him and inhaled the scent of her hair.  Their eyes were fixed on the sky. Never have they seen so many stars so close to them.

And the song "ye haseen wadiyan" begins.

It was getting colder each passing minute. The light breeze made her shudder and she snuggled closer to him.

Ye Hasiin Vaadiyaan, Ye Khulaa Aasamaan
Aa Gaye Ham Kahaan
Ai Mere Saajanaa
In Bahaaron Mein Dil Kii Kali Khil Gayii
Mujhko Tum Jo Mile Har Khushii Mil Gayii

She realized he was shirtless and all of a sudden her body felt hot. She took a step away from him but he grabbed her hands and pulled her back in his arms burring his head to her locks. He moved a lock of hair from her neck and kissed.

Tere Hothon Pe Hain Husn Kii Bijliyaan
Tere Gaalon Pe Hain Zulf Kii Badaliyaan
Tere Daaman Kii Khushabu Se Mahake Chaman
Sang-E-Marmar Ke Jaisaa Hai Teraa Badan

She shuddered, not because of the cold but because of his touch. He placed his hands on her shoulders and rolled down her dress a little. He rested his quivering lips on her bare shoulder.  As his lips touched her bare skin she shuddered more. Somewhere something impending exploded within her. 

Meri Jaanejaan Ye Hai Teri Chaandni
Chhed Do Tum Aaj Koi Pyaar Ki Raagini
Ye Haseen Waadiyaan Ye Khula Aasmaan
Aa Gaye Hum Kahan Ay Mere Saajna

Then there was another kiss, this time on the left shoulder. She turned around and gave him a slight push. He took few quick backward steps in order to balance himself. He stood still watching her pacing back to the room. She was breathing heavily, her eyes were still closed as she ever so slowly turned towards him. And when she opened her eyes again, they were inviting him. There was longing and burning passion in her eyes that matched his.

Yeh Bandhan Hai Pyaar Ka Dekho Toote Na Sajni
Yeh Janmon Ka Saath Hai Dekho Chhoote Na Sajna
Tere Aanchal Ki Chhaaon Ke Tale
Meri Manzil Mujhe Mil Gayi
Teri Palkhon Ki Chaaon Ke Tale
Mohabaat Mujhe Mil Gayi

He, breathing faster and with steps heavy of passion, advanced towards her, and she looked at him lovingly, waiting patiently for him to be closer to her.  He stood just a breath away from her, gazing at her. Her hands strolled from his bare chest to the back of his neck. She pressed herself on to him and then they kissed. Their lips locked, their bodies touched and their souls mingled.

Jee Karta Hai Saajna Dil Mein Tumko Bitha Loon
Aa Masti Ki Raat Mein Apna Tumko Bana Loon
Uthne Lage Hain Toofan Kyon Mere Seene Mein Ay Sanam
Tumhein Chaahoonga Dilon Jaan Se
Meri Jaanejaan Teri Kasam

His hands rested on her back, unzipping her dress. As his cold hands traced her bare back, she shuddered again. He spooned her in his arms without breaking from the kiss and walked towards the bed. He placed her on the bed gently as his bare body blanketed hers.

Yeh Haseen Waadiyaan Yeh Khula Aasmaan
Aa Gaye Hum Kahan Aye Mere Saajna
In Bahaaron Mein Dil Ki Kali Khil Gayi
Mujhko Tum Jo Mile Har Khushi Mil Gayi

He broke away from the liplock but his lips refused to leave her smooth skin. He kissed every inch of her face sending her to a world undiscovered. As he thirst for her love, his lips traced her neck, her shoulders, her arms exploring every part of her body. Her nails scorched his back, at times almost piercing it. This was new to them, a new unseen but beautiful world and they were exploring together. The warmth of love evaporated from within him and condensing into every inch of her frame. Each touch made, each kiss implanted and each moan squeezed out was one complete season of eternal happiness.

Meri Jaanejaan Yeh Hai Teri Chaandni
Chhed Do Tum Aaj Koi Pyaar Ki Raagini
Ye Haseen Waadiyaan Ye Khula Aasmaan
Aa Gaye Hum Kahan Aye Mere Saajna
Yeh Haseen Waadiyaan Yeh Khula Aasmaan
Aa Gaye Hum Kahan Aye Mere Saajna

The light fades as Sid pulls the blanket on them. It was a new beginning, a re-union of souls, undying love of lovers which made them reach to each other life after life. She belonged to him and he belonged to her, and even before they realized it their souls knew it. Yes, they are soulmates!

To be continued...!

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Originally posted by shewascool90210

here is another one zarqa, cmg of sid scene
10:43LOL go there only siddhima drunk scene

Yayyy!!! I Luv tht scene Embarrassed
talli Ridzi's so much more sensibleLOL
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miss cullen

As the crowed congratulated Armaan and Riddhima, her eyes searched for someone. Someone who has been her support system for almost a year. Someone who was there for her during her toughest times. Someone who is the reason she is alive today. He was there a while ago and now except him, everyone else is there. While the crowd around them were joyous, that someone though had a smile pasted on his face, looked lost, broken. She just wanted to make sure he is alright. Riddhima slipped away from the crowd to find Sid who is missing from the scene. Last time she saw him, he was with Yuvi. She walked towards Yuvi who was busy romancing Naina.

Riddhima : Hi Naina.. Yuvi..

They looked at her and gave her a sarcastic smile.

Your real friends are the ones who stick by you in your toughest times. Here, when JP Jiggy proved to be jackass, Yuvi, who once was in Sid's blacklist proved to be a good friend.

Naina : "Congratulations di.." she managed to say the words out while Yuvi just kept staring at Riddhima with the sarcastic smile.

Riddhima smiled at Naina and turned to Yuvi "Did you see Sid anywhere?"

Yuvi said nothing but pointed his finger towards Sanjeevani building.

Sid was shattered. His wife whom he loved dearly has gone away from him... forever... he let her go... because that's what she wanted... Sid needed to be alone and so found solace on the terrace. Away from the happy gang, alone fighting the pain bestowed on him. As he walked towards the parapet, he could see from there the celebration going on in the basket ball court. He turned his back to that sight. Leaned on the parapet and slowly crumbled to his knee. He sat there, his head bend on his knee and covering his face with his palms. He cried. He cried his heart out. He had build his life around his wife and that has come down crashing. It was too much for him to take. His girl, his wife whom he married twice is no more his. The thought killed him. He has never cried so much in his life and so as the exhaustion got to him, he became unconscious.

Meanwhile Riddhima searched Sid everywhere. She was scared. She looked for him in the locker room, fire escape everywhere before finally going to the terrace. Riddhima saw Sid sitting on the floor leaning on to the parapet wall. She rushed to him panicking and knelt beside him. "Sid... Sidd" She was terrified when he didn't open his eyes. Riddhima shook his shoulder calling his name but there was no response instead he now collapsed to the floor. Riddhima started choking as tears blurred her vision. She rushed to the pipe on the side, carried water in her palm and sprinkled it on his face. As he opened his eyes she helped him sit straight. She hugged him as she cried "Oh God Sid! You scared me! I thought.." Before she could complete her sentence, Sid who was now fully back to his sense wriggled out from her embrace and stood on his feet.

Sid : "You thought i was dead" He tried to smile at his forced joke through all the pain.

Riddhima slowly got up to her feet, her eyes fixed on him. "No Sid..."

Sid : "You shouldn't be here..." He turned his head to the basket ball court behind him, then back at her. "i have let you off the hook... no more burden... no more chains... no more are free... you don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore Riddhima..." He tried to smile.

Sid kept walking back as he spoke. "Take Care Riddhima... I'll try not to ever come in front of you again... ever again... Have a great life... Good bye" He turned and walked away.

Riddhima  just stood there looking at him walking away from her forever.

'Forever... he is going forever...' she murmured to herself in disbelief.

She almost took her first step towards Sid to stop him when her phone rang.

"Hey basket! Where are you..?"

Riddhima : "in.. in the hospital"

Armaan : "Oki! I have a surprise for you!!"


Next morning Sid was packing his bag to fly to Houston when he heard the doorbell.

He left his half packed bag on the bed and went to see who it was.

"Hey.." Armaan hugged him and walked in as Sid opened the door.

"So what plans?" Enquired Armaan.

Sid : "Nothing... just packing my bags to leave. I have a flight to catch in the evening"

Armaan : "Nope! You are not going anywhere today"

Sid : "You will stop me?" he smirked.

Armaan : "Pleaseee Sid!! Just this one day! I don't know when we will see you again once you take off"

Sid : "But Armaan..."

Armaan : "No if's no but's you are coming!"

Sid : "Where to!?"

Armaan : "PARTY!"

Sid : "What"?

Armaan : "You must come... "for us"... we wouldn't have been together today if you hadn't been there..."

Sid didn't know what to do. He stood there helplessly. After a lot of convincing by Armaan, Sid finally had to give up. He agreed to go for the party.


Armaan was over the moon. He never left his girl's side.  He was enjoying all the moment. Riddhima seemed to have lost in Armaan's happiness. She stood next to him smiling welcoming everyone.

DJ's trance music got them moving. Everyone were having a good time. Their where laughs all around. In came Yuvi and Naina with Sid. Riddhima was quick to spot him. She was happy to see him. He looked ravishing in his black tux. But the glow on his face has vanished. He looked out of place. His eyes were dead, trying to hide from the crowd.

The three walked towards Armaan & Riddhima. Yuvi and Naina greeted them and excused themselves. Sid was left alone with the two. He found it difficult to meet his eyes with theirs but somehow managed to do so.

Armaan hugged Sid and said : "I knew you would come..! Thanks Sid"

Sid forced a smile. He turned to Riddhima and handed over the bouquet to her. He quickly retracted his hand when it touched hers. Her smile too faded when she felt his touch. Her smile faded because she was taken aback by the spark she felt when her fingers touched his arm. Sid quickly walked to one of the corner. He leaned on to the pillar, his head bent. He had his one arm in his pocket and he fidgetted with his mobile with the other hand. Sid slowly lifted his head and shifted his glance to the couple at the far end near the entrance. His eyes fixed on the girl who walked away with his heart. Riddhima felt someone watching her. She naturally turned to where Sid was standing. Their eye-lock was broken by Yuvi who came and stood by Sid. Naina was with her. And the two were arguing as usual.

Naina : No way Yuvi! No way you can drink so much!

Yuvi smirked

Naina : I challenge you!

Yuvi : Really? You will challenege me? You mean who will compete with me?

Naina : "No, Sid will compete in behalf of me!" Naina grabbed Sid's arm as she said that.

Yuvi : ooo

Sid : Are you mad. I am not doing this.

Naina : "Common Sid Please Sid! Pleasee!!" Sid had to give in as Naina started begging him.

The three went to the bar counter and found a place. Sid and Yuvi took the seat next to the counter and Naina stood beside Sid leaning on his shoulder.

"BRING IT ON" Yuvi banged on the counter and thus came the 1st round of shots. The two gulped it together and squeezed the lime in their mouth. After 5 rounds crowd started to gather around the two cheering for both. Naina moved aside from Sid and stood near Yuvi when the girls flocked in. There were loud cheer after every rounds.

After 8 rounds Yuvi withdrew from the counter to answer his phone. Sid waited for a minute and was soon seen gulping shots after shots despite Yuvi not being there. The girls were now all over him. Sid got up and removed his jacket as he felt hot. He swirled his jacket in the air and the girls started cheering and screaming. Rest of the people who were not at the counter, including Armaan and Riddhima rushed to the counter to see what was going on.

While Armaan tried to calm everyone down Riddhima was taken aback by the sight of Sid amidst of so many girls. As an involuntary action she fisted her arm seeing that. Soon Yuvi intervened and handled the situation by declaring Sid as the winner. The crowd dispersed as the winner was declared. Sid continued to smile sheepishly looking at everything and everyone. His glance fell on Riddhima who was still staring at him. "Heeyloo Mrs Modi!" He smiled but soon cupped his mouth with his finger realising what he referred her as. "oops" said Sid, his eyes widened. Armaan stood beside Riddhima akward and Riddhima didn't know how to react.

Sid turned his back to the two and leaned on to the bar counter. Armaan grabbed Riddhima's arm and walked to the other end.

"Yuvii... i lovvyuu pahleez dont leave me and go" Sid hugged Yuvi as he said that.

They laughed and craked jokes but Sid's expression totally changed when the next song played. It was Albert Morris - Feelings.

Feelings, nothing more than feelings,
trying to forget my feelings of love.
Teardrops rolling down on my face,
trying to forget my feelings of love.

      Feelings, for all my life I'll feel it.
      I wish I've never met you, girl; you'll never come again.

      Feelings, wo-o-o feelings,
      wo-o-o, feel you again in my arms.

Feelings, feelings like I've never lost you
and feelings like I've never have you again in my heart.

      Feelings, for all my life I'll feel it.
      I wish I've never met you, girl; you'll never come again.

Feelings, feelings like I've never lost you
and feelings like I've never have you again in my life.

      Feelings, wo-o-o feelings,
      wo-o-o, feelings again in my arms.

Sid didn't take his eyes off from Riddhima even for a second throughout the song. Every now and then Riddhima peeped at Sid and their eyes locked briefely. At the end of the song Sid broke down. Riddhima saw that and she tried her best to hide her tears seeing Sid in so much pain. Sid grabbed a bottle of bacardi white rum from the bartender and gulped 3/4th of it in one go. He stopped only when Yuvi snatched the bottle from him. Sid got up on his wobbly feet and walked to the DJ. Yuvi and Naina followed him to see he doesn't fall. When Sid almost tripped, Riddhima, from the other end, stretched her hand in reflex action. When she saw her hand stretched, she herself was surprised by her action. The immense pain she felt made little sense to her. The feeling of being happy is missing. This is her party, party to celebrate Armaan-Riddhima's re-union, and she is not able to enjoy it a wee bit. She tried to ponder the reason behind all this. But all she
 could do is kept saying 'i love Armaan' in her mind.

Just the way Riddhima used to remind herself that she is Siddhant's wife, now she is reminding herself that she loves Armaan. But the difference is the feelings she had for Siddhant was not forceful even though the tag 'husband' was forceful. Here the term 'love' is being forcefully used on Armaan. But the adamant woman doesn't realize it. Her love for Siddhant was natural. Nobody forced her into loving him. But the 'dead love' for her ex was forcefully revived.

Meanwhile Armaan rushed to Sid seeing the state Sid is in. Riddhima followed Armaan to see if Sid is alright.

Armaan caught Sid by his shoulder. Sid turned around in irritation and when he saw Armaan he got more irritated. Sid in anger took couple of steps back to free himself from Armaan's clutch. Both Riddhima and Armaan caught Sid when he almost tripped.

Sid : "woaah woaah! Donnu rememba armaan's advice Riddhima! Yew should be takin care eff yor fiance and not yor ex-husband." He laughed at himself and walked to the RJ leaving an embarassed Armaan and teary-eyed Riddhima behind.

Sid took the mike and announced "Ladies and Gentlemen!" This one is for the two unforgettable people in my life! Well... unforgettable because even if i want to i don't think i can ever do that! He asked DJ to start the song

"Sach keh raha hai deewana"

Sid walked towards Riddhima who was quite numb. He streteched his hand and Naina who was behind Riddhima took his hand. Yuvi followed and so did the rest of the interns. They danced

Sach keh raha hai deewana dil
Dil na kisi se lagaana

Jhoothe hai yaar ke vaade saare
Jhoothi hai pyaar ki kasmein

Maine har lamha jisse chaaha, jisse pooja
Ussi ne yaaron mera dil
Toda toda, tanha tanha chhoda

Sach keh raha hai deewana dil
Dil na kisi se lagaana
Jhoothe hai yaar ke vaade saare
Jhoothi hai pyaar ki kasmein
Maine har lamha jisse chaaha, jisse pooja
Ussi ne yaaron mera dil
Toda toda, tanha tanha chhoda

Mausam mausam tha suhaana bada
Mausam mausam maine dekha usse
Hua main paagal bas pal bhar mein,


Mausam mausam tha suhaana bada
Mausam mausam maine dekha usse
Hua main paagal bas pal bhar mein
Aake basi hai voh mere mann mein
Uski kami hai ab jeevan mein
Voh door hai meri nazron se
Kyoon usse main chaahoon

Sundar sundar voh haseena badi
Sundar sundar main to khone laga
Uske nashe mein bin piye baheka,


Sundar sundar voh haseena badi
Sundar sundar main to khone laga
Uske nashe mein bin piye baheka

Ek din usse bhoola doonga main
Uske nishaan mita doonga main
Chaahoonga na main us patthar ko
Jaa usse bata de

La lai lai lai lai la le
La lai lai lai lai la

Maine har lamha jisse chaaha, jisse pooja
Ussi ne yaaron mera dil
Toda toda, tanha tanha chhoda

The other interns danced with Sid. Sid was totally into the song. Singing along, lauhing at his misfortune, every now and then tear drops escaping his eyes.

At the end of the song he collapsed right infront of Riddhima. Except her everyone else rushed to him, even Armaan. Yuvi and Armaan carried him to Yuvi's car. He drove of with an unconscious Sid at the back-seat and a worried Naina beside him. Armaan went back to see Riddhima still standing at the same position like a mannequin, hardly breathing.


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Originally posted by indian_beauty

Originally posted by shewascool90210

here is another one zarqa, cmg of sid scene
10:43LOL go there only siddhima drunk scene

Yayyy!!! I Luv tht scene Embarrassed
talli Ridzi's so much more sensibleLOL
me to

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