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Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

GunJun FF : Love & Trust Chapter 33 pg54 (Page 42)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sur001

Aayhai Miss Nidha...tumne to apne iee cute se update se hamara dil hi chura liya ...Guddu ji apne romantic self me bhi naughtiness nahi bhule...aur abhi toh sikha ke pichey go went gone ho chuka hain...Sikha tum na hadh ho hamare pyare abhi ne abhi abhi tumko dil diya aur tum ne uska ye sila diya jaldi realise karo ki kaun hai tumhare dil ka romeo...update soon shona aur ye kiya Gunjhun shadi se pehle SR manane ki soch rahe hain haw
Thank you Suro, my badi bhabhijiHug
Gudduji tho humesha hi romantic hain naWink...
SR ho jata agar time par break na laga hotha thoLOL

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by desisweetheart9

Nice update. Looks like Abhi is falling for Shikha. Love the Gunjhun romance. My favorite line was
made to walk off but was pulled back into her favourite place, Guddu's arms.
update soon Big smile
Thank you D...
Abhi is falling we can say but well he is yet to realize thatWink
Guddu's arms are heaven for Rhunjun na
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pri01

Hi Nidhi lovely update thx u kya romance hai Gunjhun kiBlushingHeart and so Abhi is falling for Sikha chalo acha hain jo bhi hota hai acche ke liye hota hai
Update soon sweetheart love ya Hug
Thank you Priya...
GunJun romance is always superbHug
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nishersal

Story progressing really nice. Please update soon.

Thanks you Nish...
Keep on reading...
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Chapter 25

"Gopal that is not where I asked you to place those flowers" Lata shouted, moving away from another sevant servant she was instructing "Hey bhagwaan! Why don't you people understand things after one say"

"Chill my dear sexy mom" Guddu said placing a comforting hand on her shoulder "Stop torturing the poor souls….everything is going to be okay" he said placing both hands on her shoulder and looking into her eyes.

Lata took a deep sigh.
"I am sorry beta it's just that I want nothing to go wrong this time" she said with a subtle hint of worry in her voice.
Guddu knew what his mom was implicating.

"Relax mom….I told you the bad tide of time is over from now it will be all smiles and happiness" Guddu said giving her his most brilliant smile. He enfolded her in a hug.

"I know beta" Lata said with a smile. "Now my dear shaithan stop chatting and go and bath…you don't want your Dulhan running away because you stink do you?" Lata said grinning.
"My dulhan is too addicted to me mom…..even if you I stank horribly she won't run away" Guddu said proudly.

"Enough of nautanki…go and bath" Lata said pushing him towards his room "Let me find the other two bandhars" she finished.

Buntu's House…….

"Devi….Devi….what the hell is taking her so much time?" Mittho yelled from below the house, looking at the terrace.

"Badi Mami" Rhunjun called Mittho timidly from behind.
It was still hard for her not to be frightened of her Badi Mami even though Mittho's behaviour had changed considerably the past one month, largely due to Rajju warning her to behave. Rajju had turned a new leaf of his life on request of his daughter and also by seeing the extent to which selfishness had taken his youngest brother. He too was selfish at one point of life, he was afraid that maybe he too will land up like his brother.

"Yes Rhunjun" Mittho asked cordially.
She didn't consider Rhunjun much as a trouble now. Rhunjun was still the same Rhunjun ready to give anything and not expecting or accepting anything in return. Money had not turned her head. Mittho knew that Rhunjun could easily have taken revenge from them for the torture she suffered but she didn't. This had opened Mittho's eyes to am extent. But she was afraid for her daughter, afraid that she wouldn't get the same place as Rhunjun in Shukla Mansion. That at times made her behave harshly to Rhunjun. Because eventually even she was a mother and mothers are always worried for their children

"Badi Maami….Jabbu is here to meet you….I will go and get Mahadevi" Rhunjun said smiling.
"Jabbu? What can be the matter now?" Mittho said her forehead creasing with worry. She rushed into the house.
"Namasthe Mummyji" Jabbu said as soon as he saw Mittho. He bent and took blessings from her.

"Is everything okay Jabbu?" Mittho asked, her eyes showing all her inner worry.

"No Mummyji" Jabbu answered straight forward "Something is seriously worrying" he began.

"What can be worrying you now beta? We will finad a solution….the marriage can happen in time and then" Mittho started saying

"Worrying you Mummyji" Jabbu said emphatically.
"Me?" Mittho's eyes widened "What will worry me?"

"Your daughters future, her next step in life will she be happy? Will she have the same happiness and prosperity that Rhunjun bhabhi will have? All this is worrying you right Mummyji" Jabbu asked with a knowing smile.

Mittho's eyes widened thinking of how Jabbu read her mind but then she understood that Mahadevi must have told him. Her cheeks coloured up in embarrassment. She couldn't see eye to eye with Jabbu and inside she was getting angry at her daughter.

Jabbu came forward and took her hand. He pressed a cold something in her hands and moved back. Mittho frowned while looking at the object and back at Jabbu.
"Keys beta?" she asked confused "What are these for?"

"These are the keys to your daughters new home, a little far away from Shukla Mansion, you can check for yourself. I give you my word that I will give Mahadevi everything within my ability, I already own 1/3rd of the D&L Constructions….and I have my own properties to add. As long as I am alive Mahadevi will be kept to the extreme of my ability" Jabbu said earnestly.

Mittho's eyes were glassy with tears by the end. She hadn't thought about the trouble and worry she would cause her daughter when she told her about all this. She was genuinely ashamed of herself now.
She pressed the key back in Jabbu's hand.
"Beta I trust you with my daughter….I am sure Mahadevi must have told you about all the nonsense I told her….I am sorry I even thought about that….I have done much ill by your Rhunjun bhabhi….and I repent for that now….because if your Guddu bhaiyya wanted you would never even think of my daughter would you?" Mittho asked her voice filled with emotion.

Jabbu nodded. Had his Guddu bhaiyya wanted to take revenge from the Pandeys, Jabbu would have done anything. Jabbu was ready to do anything for Guddu.

"Guddu bhaiyya would never think of such thing….he would personally see to it that I am finished if I ever thought of such thing" Jabbu said with a smile.

"I know Guddu and Rhunjun are two pure souls" Mittho said quietly.

"I better head home Mummyji….Amma is calling me" Jabbu said, showing his phone.
He took blessings before heading out.

Mahadevi eyes filled up. She and Rhunjun were watching the whole exchange from another room.
Rhunjun gently wiped her tears.
"No more tears now Chutka….it's time for happiness" Rhunjun said gently hugging her.
"You are right Rhunjun….I mean Pari" Mittho said coming to them and hugging them both
"Now time to get ready the two of you…..we have to get to the garden before the baraath arrives" Mithho said taking them to their room.

Three hours later……
Lilac Gardens...

The few guests who were invited, were now admiring the three gorgeous brides who had come in to the garden,


Guddu was engulfed in a crushing hug by Abhi as soon as he got down from his horse.
"Arrey yaar! Mujhe bakhi tho rak mere shaadhi ke liye" Guddu said with a smile.
"Saale! Shaadi karke jashn manane jaa raha hain na thu" Abhi said with a broad smile.
"Tujhe kisne rokh rakka hain….karlein shaadi apni dream girl se" Guddu said with a wink.
"Hum bechare hain bhai….ab thak koi dream girl haath nahin laga" Abhi said with a sad pout.
"Haath mein heera hain aur tho mothi dhoondh raha hain" Guddu said with a implicative smirk.
Abhi frowned but let it go.

The bride grooms were seated in the mandap. All three of the guys were impatiently looking at the tent.
"Kaha hain yeh log" Kukkan muttered.
"Shaanth raho Kishuk Kapoor" Lata teased
All laughed as Kukkan flushed.

The tent flap opened bringing out the three most beautiful women in the garden at the time.
Their respective partners were just drinking in their beauty.

Guddu had his eyes locked with Rhunjun's in their usual silent conversation.
He was telling her all he felt with his eyes.
She blushed in return showing how she felt.

"That colour on your cheeks will be even more redder tonight I promise" Guddu whispered into Rhunjun's ears once she was made to sit down beside him.

The rituals started tying the three pairs in a bond to be cherished and protected for life.
During the phere Rhunjun was  in the most secure place, Guddu's arms with him smiling down at her.

The couples took blessings from the elders.

"Let all happiness in the world be with you" Amma blessed Guddu and Rhunjun.
"Let every moment of your life bring you closer to each other" Lata blessed.
They moved towards Abhi who was standing with a worried frown.
"Kya hua yaar….ithne tension mein kyun hain" Guddu asked.
"Shikha Guddu….she is no where in site since the past one hour" Abhi said , his voice filled with worry.
Just then a girl of about 16 came to them.
"Guddu bhaiyya, Rhunjun bhabhi this is for you and this is for you sir….a lady called Shikha told me to give this to you" she said handing them two letters.

Guddu opened the letter.
Dear Guddu and Rhunjun,
Congrats guys! 
May all the happiness in the world find its way to you. May you be blessed with many little angels/tykes (the number will be your wish *giggles*).
Rhunjun, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart for all that I did since our first meeting at D & L. You are an angel darling and Guddu is really lucky to have you.
Guddu take care of my angel, my dear buddy. We will always be friends.
By the time you guys read this I will be on my way to London. I know you will want to kill (Abhi certainly will) for bailing out like this but if I had stayed back. It would have been even more difficult for me to leave. I need a fresh start in life, to set up a fresh identity. I have decided to make that start from London.
Please console an look after Abhi. I know he will be hurt. I can never ever thank him fully for all his help but I will always remember him
Wish Mahadevi and Jabbu, Kukkan and Kavitha from me.
Tell Mumma and Papa I love them.
With Love,

Rhunjun was teary eyed by the end. Guddu was saddened that he couldn't even say a good bye to his friend.
But he knew that one person will be hurt most and that one person was standing beside them with a forlorn look staring at the letter.
Abhi looked at them and managed a brave smile.
"She knows what she wants" he said keeping the smile.


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sur001 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Nidh jao hum tum se baat nahi karte mere pyare Abhi ko sad kar diya...kyoun I demand a milan of Abhisa.,and rest of the part was just awesome...Aayhai mittho ki buddhi phiri toh sahi aur ye jabbu toh bharat hai ab ka kare lakshman ke jagah par Kukkan hai...intezar ka phal mitha hota hai aur mili na pariyan
update soon Shona
tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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hey meri nihda raaani ...
Kya part tha yaar ...awwwesum ...luvd it ..
Glad ki mitho sudhar gayi ...jabbu is a sweet heart ...aur gunjun ka kya kehna ...shikha is not that bad ...bechra abhi usse to apni heroin mili nahi ...ishe bhi jalldi melado ...updt sooon ...intezaaar mat karvana plezzz...its a warning ...   Wink

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desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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great part.  loved all the outfits. really liked Guddu's talk with his mom. looks like Abhi will go and bring back Shikha. Update soon. 

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