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SS-No One But You - Last Part /Page 27 (Page 22)

havokhotline Goldie

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Good Lord. Is this marvellous or what? Super :D

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gued plz update ff soon...

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Originally posted by havokhotline

Good Lord. Is this marvellous or what? Super :D

Thanx much.. I am glad u like it...Smile
angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by anuamu

gued plz update ff soon...

I am glad ur liking it  anuamu.. Smile
angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Hello all

Thank you for all the wonderful compliments !!

There are too many issues between Aham & Gopi. They are uncertain of the future, 

Aham is falling for Gopi and he does not know that yet. Gopi on the other hand does not what to think of Aham and his actions/reactions esp. considering their pact !!

Here's Part 8


He was wide awake, when she woke up. She tiptoed quietly to the washroom and he could hear the shower running. When she walked out of the washroom, she saw him working on his laptop. She headed to the dresser and saw him get into the washroom. She tidied the room and walked out closing the door behind her.

She remained out of his sight the whole morning and when he came home later in the evening; his mother informed him she was out shopping for a friend Latika's wedding. She told Maaji, she would be late. It was past way past dinnertime and Aham was getting anxious: to add to his woes her phone was not reachable. She came in pretty late, checked if, things were in order downstairs and headed back to her room. She had had a good time. She went to her room, found Aham typing furiously on his laptop, changed and slept. It was as if he did not exist. Did she not see me...What's with her?

This had become a routine with Gopi. She would be out most of the evenings on the pretext of her friend's wedding. Aham was growing restless and she would never take his calls, when she was out. She would walk in, freshen up and sleep. Aham hated it esp. when she acted as if he did not exist. Aham was furious. How dare she, he thought. Why is she doing this? What is she trying to prove? This has to come to stop; I am still her husband, right?

Gopi could not have asked for a better excuse: her friend from the finishing school, Latika, was getting married and she was asked to help her. The girls were having a great time. The only downside to her day would be going home and seeing Ahamji who had remained just as unfeeling and unmoved as ever. She sent a little prayer to kanaji and was thankful that she wouldn't have to be around over the weekend. The girls were throwing a party for the bride-to-be before she got busy with the rituals of the wedding.

Aham, who was oblivious to the Gopi's elaborate schemes to stay away from him, was looking forward to the weekend. He wanted to talk to Gopi about the incident the other night. He had been restless the whole week, waiting for a chance to speak to her. It never came. He was looking for Gopi and when Mani told him she was out, it blew his lid off. He couldn't believe it. Really, isn't this situation of your own making? Why blame her for it? What else could she do? Well for starters she could have told me what was troubling her and... Oh wow really… You've got to be kidding yourself...are you really that green?

Aham went to pick Gopi up later that evening, since she wasn't taking his calls he sent her a text to tell her he was waiting outside. Gopi took her time coming out and when she finally did, Aham was on the edge. She saw him and before he could say anything, went up to the car and said, "Thank you for picking me up darling", Aham was shocked and it was the first time he realized one of Gopi's friends was with her and they were to drop her off since her ride wasn't here yet. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, Aham grabbed her by the waist, pulled her to him and said, "I am sure you had a good time, but did you miss me?" Gopi was flabbergasted, she had herself to blame. She looked at him with fire in her eyes, smiled and replied "you didn't need to ask you know" for her friend's benefit. "Oh, I am so exhausted, can't wait to get home" saying this she went and sat in the car.

Aham was quiet during the first leg of the journey, listening to the girls talking non-stop about the party and giggling at silly things. He was amazed at how she would transform herself, one minute she was angry and then giggling the next, seductress at first and so childlike the next. After they dropped her friend off, Aham was waiting for an opening, he turned towards her and saw she was removing her stilettos, rubbing her feet and mumbling something to herself. He tried to focus on driving. He glanced at her sideways and saw her removing her large earrings one after another; she then gently swept all her hair to one side and started to undo the clasp of her chain. That innocent act did it.  Aham did not know what got into him and he could not focus on driving and brought the car to a screeching halt. What the hell is she trying to do? Is she even aware of the effect all this having on me?

"What is the matter is everything alright?" she asked, turning slightly to face him.

"What do you think you are doing?" he barked at her: clearly agitated with himself for losing control.

"Nothing, what have I done?" she looked confused and Aham could not handle it any longer and said "What have you been doing these past days? Do you not think it important to inform me of your schedule or would you like an assistant to help me keep track of your appointments, schedules or whereabouts?"

"Why would I need an assistant and anyways it's not stipulated in the contract that I need to tell you of my schedule and I am not answerable" she said matter of factly.

"I would need to know because I am your husband and even I need to put up with this charade" he flashed at her angrily.

"HUSBAND?? Really, since when" she retorted, "Is that right!!" was all he said and that was the end of the conversation.

They went home in an eerie silence.

Kokila informed everyone at breakfast that her niece was getting married and it was all fixed so soon that the women folk would have to leave in a few days and the men could follow them in a week. Kokila asked Gopi if she would be done with her sessions and classes and when said she had to collect her assessment today. Kokila heaved a sigh of relief and asked Aham to get tickets for her, Gopi and Hetal Kaki booked for a flight to Bombay. Rashi was dumbfounded, when she was asked to take charge of the house, esp., when Mani would be out. She was instructed to follow with the men folk next week.

All this while, Aham kept his gaze fixed on Gopi to see her reaction, much to his annoyance he found none. Gopi, on the other hand, wasn't even listening; she was lost and was desperate to find her ground.  He as usual offered to drop her to the computer class. Since he made the offer in front of the family she could not refuse.  The ride was so uncomfortable anyone could feel the tension. She finished by noon and found Aham waiting for her. When she got into the car, he smiled and asked about her day and she replied as courteously as humanly possible. He asked if she really wanted to go and offered to talk to his Mom, in case she wanted to take some time off, cause of her busy schedule and sessions. It was a far shot but was worth it. All plans fell flat when she said, that she was looking forward to the trip and getting away from everything. "the change would be refreshing and its timely" was all she had said.

Maaji was surprised to see them home together, before she could ask Aham said "Mom I have a terrible headache" looked towards Gopi and said "Gopi, could you please get me some coffee?"He smiled inwardly for getting the result her desired for. She was flashing daggers at him. How dare he!! Kokila turned towards Gopi, "Gopi, when you take the coffee to Aham, please come to my room, I will give you a balm, in case he needs it." saying that, she went her way.

Mani knocked and walked into his room with the coffee, informing him that his mother and wife were busy preparing a list, for his wife to go shopping, later in the evening. Aham's face fell. When he asked her about the balm, she informed him that she heard Gopi Bhabhi asking Nani Bhabhi to help Aham with his massage, since he would miss her when she was gone. Gopi: three love, he thought keeping the score. She was turning out to be a formidable opponent and he was enjoying every minute of it, when he wasn't mad at her. There was never a dull moment with her.

An hour or so later, Gopi walked into the room to find Aham on the bed with his eyes closed. She walked up to him, placed the coffee on the night table, she turned to leave when Aham called out for her, "Gopi," he said "please wait, I need to talk to you."  

Gopi turned and said, "There is nothing to talk about Ahamji, we will need to bear with each other for a few more weeks."  Aham knew, he hurt her but just realized how badly he did. He got up from the bed, moved towards her and turned her to face him. Lifted her chin to see her eyes downcast and tearing up. He could feel her shoulders move because of her sobbing and at that instant his heart clenched. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly as if trying to absorb all her pain and suffering. Gopi kept sobbing hysterically and then went quiet, Aham held her close and was pushed the strands of hair away from her face.  It felt nice to hold and comfort her.

Aham finally broke the silence, "I am sorry for everything that I did to hurt you, to spurn you. I would be lying if I said I did not mean it, but I was not aware of the pain it caused you. I am sorry; I did not give you a chance to be yourself, to explain. I am sorry that I never gave us a chance. I am sorry that I never was what you wanted me to be.  I am sorry to have let you down, to have shattered your dreams, to have never paid you the attention, to have never been by your side, when you needed me the most. I am sorry for not thanking you enough for bearing and keeping with me. I am sorry for what I did the other night and the last night, but I am happy for the realization it got me."

"Please Ahamji, don't do this to me, I have neither the energy nor the inclination for anything. I am emotionally exhausted and in a few weeks, you will be rid of me, the relationship and all the obligations and responsibilities. You need not do anything to keep up appearances. I am sorry, it took me so long to realize." Saying that she tried to move away but he wouldn't let her go.

He holds on to her and looks in her eyes and says, "I realize, I was wrong Gopi, I shouldn't have challenged you. I am not used to being ignored and put on the sidelines. I cannot handle it when you of all people ignore me. I am sorry but I promise to behave myself in the future."

"I don't know Ahamji, I do not know what to expect anymore, but I know for sure I couldn't go thru all this again." saying that, she moved away and headed towards the washroom.

Aham did not know what got into him? Why was getting so sentimental, it was so unlike him. She was all he thought about and this was getting to him. He could not believe it that Gopi was ignoring him and was moving on. It was strange. He had to put a stop to it. To what: Gopi moving on or your feelings for her!!

*************End of Part 8***********************

I think there will be another 2 or 3 parts at the most...

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or your feedback.

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pihu_rocks Groupbie

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awsome dear u hve wriiten superb...
i loved it...update soon... dear

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luved it..luved it <3
want more...want more :))

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-Yuks- IF-Sizzlerz

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Another lovely part love.

I know I probably sound a little redundant, but I love this fic

I love how Gopi gives as good as she gets. Seriously.


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