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|KW Lovers ka Adda#37|[IO]-UrSoHypnotizing Chk pg2 (Page 118)

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged

They were watching few couples dancing on a slow music and Sid looks at riddhima smiling offering her his hand indicating the dancefloor with his eyes. Riddhima couldn't resist and smiles accepting his proposition. He leads her to the dancefloor and rests her left hand on his shoulder. Holding her right hand he rests his free hand on her waist pulling her closer. The next moment they were lost in each other's eyes. The way riddhima was feeling right now was just confirming her thoughts. She was take their relationship to the next level and become Riddhima Modi not only by name but every ways possible. Sid again notices that glow on her face which he has never seen before and bends a lil to whisper.


Sid: kya maine tumse kaha hai ki tum aaj bohut ziada khubsoorat lag rahi ho? (ridz smiles)

Ridz: shayad kyunki aaj main bohut khush hoon...

Sid: yuvi aur naina ke liye...? (she nods in a no still smiling)

Ridz: humare liye...main bohut khush hoon ki main aaj yahan tumhare saath hoon...main bohut lucky hoon Sid ki mujhe tum mile...

Sid: lucky main hoon riddhima tumhe paa kar...kyunki jab se tum mujhe mili ho naa tho aisa lag raha hai ki mujhe sab kuch mil gaaya...ab mujhe life se aur kuch bhi nahin chahiye



Riddhima rests her head on his chest and Sid wraps his arms around her. They stayed like that for a while forgetting they were still on the dacefloor surrounded by people.

indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 February 2010
Posts: 48047

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged
my net's acting super talli todayAngryAngry
_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged

It was late at night so Sid and riddhima were going back after fully enjoying their evening.

Riddhima suggested to walk to the resort as it was nearby.

Roads were calm and empty with only Sid and riddhima walking side by side.

A group of five boys were coming from the front. And with all the noises they were making it was obvious that they were drunk. With every step they got closer to sid and riddhima and when they were close enough they noticed the gorgeous girl and started staring at her with their disgusting expressions. Riddhima feeling scared holds Sid's arm and he looks at her reassuring her that nothing will happen.

They pass the boys not paying them attention and they start whistling from behind.


Boy1: hey babyyy!

Boy2: tu cheez badi hai mast mast tu cheez badi hai mast!


Sid stops on his track. His eyes were fuming with rage and he clutches his fists. Riddhima feeling his anger tightens her grip on his arm pleading with her eyes not to do anything. Sid closes his eyes and resting his arm around her shoulder they ignored the boys.

But again one of them being stupid called from behind.


Boy3: hey sweetheart! ek ke saath kyun jaa rahi ho?...come with us you'll have more fun!


He starts laughing and as if he said something very good he proudly gives a high five to his buddy.

That was it! Sid's body was shivering with anger and not even looking at riddhima he walks back to the group. Riddhima did not even get the chance to stop him...she just whispers his name but he left.

Sid stops right in front of the boys looking each of them with his angry red blooded eyes.


Sid: kisne bola? (the one who opened his mouth takes a step towards sid holding his bottle of beer and has a sip of it)

Boy: maine!


Sid focused all his anger on him and when he wasn't able to control himself anymore as his words were ringing in his ears Sid brutally snatches the bottle from his hand and break it on his head. Riddhima covers her mouth in fear and the boys arround sid were completely taken aback and didn't know what to do at the moment. The wounded one was holding his blooded head loosing balance and screams looking at them.


Boy: arre meri shakal kya dekh rahe ho maaro saale ko!


Before any of them could touch Sid he beats them one by one not having control over his anger. If one was holding his stomack due to pain the other one was lying uncouncious. It would have not been that easy for Sid to defend himself if they were not drunk. Every possible moment Sid was getting back to the one who should have never opened his dirty mouth! One of them leaving Sid runs towards riddhima and grabs her arm.


Ridz: chodo mujhe! I said leave me!!


Sid turns to see what was happening behind him and seeing the guy holding riddhima was the worst. It was even worst than the words as he dared to touch his wife. Forgetting the guy he was beating Sid walks towards him. And that mistake caused Sid two wounds. As the guy he left takes his knife and stabs Sid first on his arm. Seeing this riddhima screams as if someone was taking her life.


Ridz: SIDD!!!! (he looks at the guy and he stabs him on his chest) NOOO!! SIDD!!! CHODO MUJHE!!!


She was crying feeling helpless and the guy was still holding her arm. The guy was ready to stab Sid a third time but Sid punches his very hardly on his stomack that he wasn't able to breathe. He then throws another punch right on his face and breaks his nose. He falls on the ground holding his stomack in pain and Sid turns back to the one with ridz. With Sid's every step he was realising that he did a big mistake by even getting close to his wife. So nervously looking from riddhima to sid and from sid to his friends who were trying their best to get up..he leaves riddhima and runs away.

Sid looks back at the rest of the gang who were helping each other to get up and run from there yelling that Sid was a sick guy. Riddhima runs towards Sid checking his wounds still crying.


Ridz: SID!! (he cups her face seeing that she was badly crying)

Sid: riddhima tum..tum theek tho ho naa?

Ridz: main theek hoon par...par tumhe bohut chot lagi hai (he realised that he was injured but reassured her)

Sid: riddhima relax...kuch nahin hai im fine


Ridz tores the pallu of her saari and ties it on his arm so the bleeding stops till they reach the resort.

They were in their room and Riddhima was healing his wounds in silence not even asking if it was painful. Sid knew she was angry at him so he wasn't saying anything either. He just kept watching her treating his not so serious wounds. And when it was done she takes the first aid box and heads towards the bathroom.

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indian_beauty

my net's acting super talli todayAngryAngry

give it a tight FATAKAngryLOL
animateash IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 April 2006
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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sidma_love

TiaRa <333

harshuuu dis is made by me ...Embarrassed
_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged

Riddhima had changed into her nightgown and was standing near the window looking at the sky with her teary eyes still trying to calm herself from what happened. As Sid was shirtless while riddhima treated his wounds he first decides to cover himsel and then talk to her.

He stands in front of her and riddhima wipes her tears.


Sid: im sorry riddhima

Ridz: Sid mujhe tumse koi baat nahin karni hai

Sid: par riddhima ek baar meri baat tho suno...

Ridz: Sid maine kaha naa! mujhe tumse koi baat nahin karni hai (she turns her back to him angrilly and loosing his temper sid brutally grabs her arm and makes her face him)

Sid: par meri kya galati hai jo tum mujh pe gussa ho?! (she frees herself from his grip)

Ridz: kya zaroorat thi voh sab karne ki?!...agar tumhe kuch ho jaata tho? Ladne se pehle tumne socha nahin ki voh paanch the aur tum akele!...sid voh log nashe mein the lekin tum tho hosh mein the naa! (it was badly annoying sid that she was angry although he knew he did the right thing)

Sid: tho phir kya karta riddhima?! Chup chap unki gandi baatein sunta?

Ridz: haan sun lete!...sid tum samajhte kyun nahin..tumhe iss se kahin ziada chot lag sakti thi..unse ladke kya mila tumhe? aaj mujhse tho kal kisi aur se buri tarah baat karenge its not a big deal! (sid angrilly holds her by her arms pulling her closer)

Sid: it is a big deal riddhima! is a big deal for me...I don't care ki mujhe chot lagi...agar main vahan maar bhi jaata tho mujhe koi fark nahin padta...lekin mere samne koi meri biwi se kuch ulta sida kahe voh main tolerate nahin karunga


Riddhima's eyes get moist and she brutally hugs Sid which caused him to lose balance and taking few steps backward his back hits against the bay window. Riddhima was resting her head on his chest and having her in his arms was calming Sid's anger.

Riddhima slowly looks at Sid who releases her from his grip. But riddhima doesn't move from her place. Her eyes fall on his chest's wound and she slowly carreses it with her fingers. Sid was watching her fingers tracing his wound and she softly drops a kiss on it. Sid closes his eyes in enjoyment and clutches his fist to control himself. Riddhima looks at sid but his eyes were still she gently brushes her lips against his. Sid opens his eyes quite surprised. He never expected something like that coming from riddhima. But he was badly losing control over his emotions so he lifts her in his arms and walks towards their bed not breaking their eye contact. Riddhima wrapped her arms around his neck deeply lost in his eyes…sid gently lays her on the bed and she still had her grip around his neck holding him close. Sid once again tried to control himself thinking that her behaviour was due to what happened. He didn't want her to do something she will regret the next day.


Sid: riddhima tum...(before he could say something she puts her finger on his lips)

Ridz: nahin sid...aaj nahin...aaj main sirf tumhara pyaar mehsoos karna chahti hoon...apne sharir ke har ek kone mein usse bhasana chahti hoon...(she slowly unbottons his shirt and gently takes it off) sid aaj main humesha ke liye tumhari baan na chahti hoon...


Sid was lost in her words and her eyes filled of love. He bends and kisses her forehead giving her an approval. With his finger he pulls down the sling of her nighty and kisses her shoulder. His lips travel all over her neck then slightly biting the hollow he licks it before droping another kiss. Tilting her head upward Riddhima moans and tightens her grip on his back pulling him closer with her nails scratching his bare back due to pleasure. Sid was so thirsty for her love that the scratches made by riddhima were giving him total pleasure. He kisses each of her eyes then coming to her cheek he brushes his nose against hers and reaches the other cheek. He was playing with her by just brushing his lips for a sec every now and then before finaly locking his lips with hers. It was a very soft and gentle kiss to begin but it soon turned into a passionate one with riddhima running her hand in his hair to pull him closer and completely feel him on her body. Sid's hand was traveling from her belly to her hips to finaly end in her back also pulling her closer. They were feeling their body on fire filling their veins with their wild love. That calm night turned into a very wild and passionate one with the meeting of their bodies souls and love for each other.

After that night Siddhima were two bodies but one soul...that night they became Mr and Mrs Modi in every way possible.

This night was destined to show and prove their undying love for each other.

RestlessWriter Goldie

Joined: 23 July 2010
Posts: 2001

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged

miss_cullen's latest update :

Riddhima got up and sat on the bed with a splitting headache. She rubbed her temple as she scanned the room. 'Where are you Sid...?' Her eyes stopped on the side table where a red rose, a glass of juice a tablet and a note was kept' She smiled and took the note.

"Good morning sweetheart. I will be back in an hour. Have your juice and aspirin. If you feel better get up and get packing. We are going away for two days. Or sleep till i get back. We will do the packing together. Love you, Sid"

Riddhima slipped in the tablet, gulped the juice and crashed on to the bed with a smile. "I love you too Sid" Within minutes she started snoozing. A little later she blinked open her eyes when she felt a cold finger tracing her forehead. She saw Sid was lying next to her, facing her, gazing at her with a striking smile. "How are you...?" He whispered. She smiled and snuggled to him. "Now i am perfect"
He kissed her forehead and almost screamed "GREAT!! Then GET UP GET UP GET UP" He shook her. "Go fresh up! We have to be there in 2 hours!" His sudden reaction startled her. Before she could throw tantrum, he scooped her in his arms and proceeded to the bath. He let her off and pushed her in. "Sorry baby i would have given you company but we will be late." The bathroom door was slightly opened and a hand popped out. She threw her nightdress that she was wearing right on his face. She snickered when she saw she didn't miss her target. Sid grinned and turned back to get going with the packing. While in shower Riddhima called out to him "Sid...?"

Sid : "yeah Riddhima...?"
Riddhima : " come i am in my PJs"?
Sid snorted : "hmm... baby... may be we should talk about last night when you come out of shower you know..." He grinned when he heard nothing from her end.
Riddhima : "Okay as much as i want to think that's what really happened last night, my husband is too sherif to be doing all that when i am zonked you know..." she hit back giggling.
Sid : "Your husband being sherif is your misconception you know" he grinned
Riddhima : "Sid!"
Sid : "okay okay well you changed by yourself dont ask me how, by the time i was back you were already snoozing. Now you better come out before i crash in there! We are getting late!"


"Sid where are we going!?" She asked for the umpteenth time. "If i tell you it won't be surprise" He chanted the same thing.
"At least tell me what should i pack" she asked.
Sid : "okay since this is our trial honeymoon i suggest you don't pack much." he smirked.
"Sid!" Riddhima flushed.
Sid: "alright alright well you may need something to keep yourself warm."
Now it was her turn to be cheeky "hmm you are there no to keep myself warm" She punched his arm playfully. This time Sid was completely taken aback. 'God she is full of surprises! You never know what's coming next. From kissing him in the beach in full public, to demanding for kiss in party and now this! This was all-together a different side of Riddhima, a side of Riddhima which only he has seen, and he loved this Riddhima'
"ehm ehm i thought we are getting late" She knocked him out of his thoughts.

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged

As usual riddhima was the first one to welcome the new day of their new life. Her head resting on Sid's chest and her hand on his stomach she opens slowly her eyes. It was a perfect morning for her...she was in the arms of the man she loved the most and she was greatful to God for being so kind to her and giving her a husband like Sid. She sits on her bed watching Sid sleeping peacefully. A slight smile draws her lips while she runs her fingers in his hair and decides to get ready for the day. But as she turns her back to get up Sid holds her arm. Riddhima turns back at him surprised and pulling her towards him she falls on his torso.

Sid tightens his grip on her waist bringing her closer to him.


Sid: good morning Mrs Modi (he said with his sleepy and husky voice) kahan jaa rahi ho? (riddhima's hands were resting on his chest and she smiles)

Ridz: shayad apne notice nahin kiya hai lekin subah ho gaayi hai...tho main nahane jaa rahi hoon

Sid: main bhi saath mein chalun? (she blushes and hits him on his arm)

Ridz: bakwaas band karo aur mujhe chodo..aur vaise bhi tum bhi uth jao kyunki aaj hume bohut saari shopping karni hai (sid looks at her confused)

Sid: shopping kyun?

Ridz: kyun matlab kya? Sid hume sab ke liye gifts kharid ne hain

Sid: haan tho hum jaayenge naa..aaj hi kyun? I have a better plan for today

Ridz: really?...jaan sakti hoon?

Sid: well...main soch raha tha…ki aaj hum saara din (tightening his grip) araam karte hain (ridz smiles)

Ridz: mujhe nahin pata tha ki tum itna…(he raises his eyebrow in mischief)

Sid: itna…..? (ridz smiles and pinched his nose)

Ridz: itna boring ho!..ab mujhe chodo mujhe tayaar hona hai

Sid: theek hai chodta hoon..infact tumhari baat bhi maan ne vaala hoon...lekin ek condition pe

Ridz: kya?

Sid: aaj ke baad...tum mujhe roz ek morning kiss dogi

Ridz: kya??..ab yeh kaun sa naaya drama hai ?

Sid: drama nahin hai riddhima yeh mera haq hai...ab main tumhara pati hoon tho...itna haq tho banta hai naa?

Ridz: mere pyaare patidev...lagta hai Goa ka tumpe bohut bura asaar pada hai kyunki tum pagaal ho gaaye ho!...ab chodo mujhe sid mujhe seriously tayaar honi hai (she struggled to free herself but sid wasn't ready to let her go) Sid leave me naa!

Sid: riddhima..ab pyaar se bol raha hoon tho maan jao varna...(ridz raises her eyebrows)

Ridz: varna? varna kya hun?...kya kar loge? zabardasti? (sid smiles mischievously and flipped her over so he can be on top of her now)

Sid: you know me so well...iska matlab tum yeh bhi janti hogi ki jo mujhe chahiye (bending towards her lips, his voice changes into a soft whisper) voh mujhe mil jaata hai...


Riddhima closes her eyes and feels his lips on hers. Automatically her hand moves behind his neck to get lost in his hair. Sid breaks the kiss with a slight smile on his face then moves towards her ear and whispers.


Sid: kaisi lagi zabardasti…? (ridz blushes but it lasted just for a sec as mischievousness took over)

Ridz: ek baat kahun...mujhe...(her fingers travel from his bare torso to his abs) mujhe…(it distracted sid and he lowers his gaze to her hands. Riddhima smiles and abruptly pushes him and he falls on his back) mujhe nahana hai!

Sid: rid...(before he could stop her she runs inside the bathroom) dhimaa! (he rubs his hair and hugs the pillow which was next to him)

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