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|KW Lovers ka Adda#37|[IO]-UrSoHypnotizing Chk pg2 (Page 117)

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged

Riddhima completely forgets her fear and gets lost in his deep brown eyes. She always felt secured in sid's presence...he doesn't need words his eyes were enough to reassure her.

Sid gets equally lost in her big eyes. He removed the strand of hair which was covering her eye and she lowers her gaze. Unaware, he runs his fingers along her neck and riddhima closes her eyes feeling a chill running down her spine. He then gently moves her hair behind taking a step forward and getting very close to riddhima he bends and brushes her neck with his soft lips. Riddhima enjoying the moment rests her hands on his chest to keep her balance. Sid moves his face to look at riddhima who slowly opens her eyes. They were so close that their noses were touching and riddhima brushed hers against Sid's. He cups her face and approaches to her lips. Once again riddhima closed her eyes in anticipation and slightly bends her head on the side. The moment the kiss was about to happen a knock at the door disturb them and they come back to their senses.

Riddhima frees herself feeling shy and runs to open the door. Sid was still in the same position for the next three seconds shutting his eyes in annoyance. Riddhima opens the door and sees jenny with candles and clothes and albert with a tray in his hands.

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged

The next morning a warmth sun ray caresses riddhima's face. For an unknown reason she was feeling safe and secure this morning. She slowly opens her eyes to welcome the new day but felt something quite strong on her. She fully opens her eyes and finds Sid's arm on her waist holding her close to him and hers resting on top which explains the feeling of safety. His face was hidden in her hair and she was feeling his breath on her neck. Trying to breathe deeply she slowly tries to move his hand but he tightens his grip on her in his sleep and pulls her closer. Riddhima carefully turns and face him. He was in a deep sleep looking very peaceful.

She again tries to move his hand but once again Sid tightens his grip in reflex and pulls her even closer. Riddhima rests her hand on his chest to maintain the little distance she could. She was literally feeling his breath on her face and a slight smile draws her lips realising the situation she was in and she kept looking at Sid. She wasn't feeling uncomfortable infact she was enjoying and was pleased being in Sid's arms.

After a moment Sid slowly opens his eyes and riddhima quickly shuts hers pretending to sleep. Sid first was taken aback but the next moment just like riddhima he smiles on the fact that his wife was sleeping in his arms. He slowly loses his grip and with the support of his elbow he rests his head on his palm admiring his wife.

Just before getting ready he drops a kiss on her forehead and heads at the bathroom.

Riddhima slowly opens her eyes and smiles.

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:14am | IP Logged

They spend the first few days visiting Goa and taking lots of photos for the family. They decide to spend their afternoon at the beach admiring the beautiful view and enjoying the warm sand under their feet.


Ridz: yeh jagah kitni khubsoorat hai naa?

Sid: hmm..bohut…yahan pe aa kar maan ko ek ajeeb si shanti aur sukhun milti hai…samundar ki awaaz jaise saari pareshaani door kar deti hai

Ridz: tum pareshan ho? (sid smiles looking at her)

Sid: nahin...


Riddhima rests her head on his shoulder and Sid moves back his gaze towards the sea. They stayed like that for a while. Sid notices an ice cream seller and smiles looking at riddhima.


Sid: ice cream? (ridz happily nods) kaun sa flavour?

Ridz: strawberry

Sid: tum yahin rukho main abhi laata hoon


Sid walks towards the man and ordered two ice creams. Strawberry for riddhima and vanilla for himself. A female voice caught his attention calling someone behind him. She was taking again and again the name Alia and ordering her to come back. Getting curious Sid turns to see what was going on when he finds a baby girl about 3 years old running towards him. He kneels down and holds the baby who was smiling at him and pointing the ice creams.


Sid: ohhh...tho apko ice cream chahiye? (the kid nods a big yes and Sid smiles picking her up in his arms) kaun sa wala? (she quickly points at the chocolate flavour and sid looks at the man) suniye ek chocolate wala bhi dijiye...(by time her mom reaches the place)

Lady: Alia (the baby girls looks at her mom and she takes her from sid) im really sorry

I hope isne apko pareshan nahin kiya

Sid smiles: not at all don't worry...Alia...(handing her the ice cream) here're your chocolate ice cream (the baby happily takes it from his hands and looks at her mom)

Lady: Alia...tumne uncle ko thank you kaha?


She opens her arms to Sid and he takes her back in his arms. And to thank him she drops a baby kiss on his cheek and Sid smiles. Then the lady left with her daughter and Sid does the same with his ice creams. Riddhima was watching the whole scene and was smiling at Sid and the baby's interaction. Sid reaches back his place and hands riddhima her ice cream.

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged

It was already dark but Sid and riddhima were still at the beach watching the sunset. Riddhima was still thinking about Sid and the baby. She smiles remembering how she kissed him to thank him. Sid saw her smiling and gets curious to know the reason.


Sid: kya hua?

Ridz: kuch nahin...bas uss bache ke bare mein soch rahi thi...

Sid: bacha?

Ridz: hmmm...jisse tumne ice cream dilaaya

Sid: tumne usse dekha?

Ridz: haan maine sab dekha...aur tumhe kiss karte hue bhi dekha maine (sid smiles)

Sid: shaadi ke baad voh pehli ladki hai jisne mujhe kiss kiya...aur voh bhi meri biwi ke samne (riddhima laughs and slightly hits him on his arm) wapis chalein?

Ridz: abhi nahin...walk ke liye chalte hain


Sid agrees and they went for a walk. Riddhima was walking bare feet holding her sandals. And she started dipping them in the water. She was enjoying the waves hitting her feet. Sid was standing quite away from the sea watching riddhima.


Ridz: sid yahan aao

Sid: no im fine...

Ridz: c'mon sid...bohut acha lagta hai

Sid: riddhima mujhe...geela nahin hona hai

Ridz: Sid main tumhe swim karne ke liye todi bol rahi hoon (he agrees and joins her folding the hems of his jeans)

Sid: ab khush?... I look like an idiot

Ridz smiles: iss mein kaun si naayi baat hai?

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged

Sid looks at her annoyed and turns his face to the other side. Riddhima smiles and cups her hands under the water and throws it at Sid. He looks at her taken aback and she bursts into laughing throwing water on his again and again.


Sid: riddhima stop it kya kar rahi ho!

Ridz: ab maaza aa raha hai?!


As she wasn't ready to stop Sid also starts to throw water on her. And they both soon get wet from head to toe. Riddhima gives up first trying to clear her vision. Sid smiles at his victory running his hand in his hair as it was almost covering his eyes.

Riddhima smiles mischievously and throws water on him for a last time and runs away.


Ridz: main jeet gaayi!! (sid wasn't ready to accept defeat so he runs after her)

Sid: riddhima!...riddhima rukho!

Ridz: sid main jeet gaayi!...ab mujhe wapis apne...(before she could finish her sentence Sid grabs her arm and pulls her towards him) sid chodo mujhe!

Sid: aise kaise chodun riddhima...abhi tho jeetna baki hai

Ridz: sid leave me!...main keh rahi hoon tumse..agar tumne mujh pe phir paani daala naa tho main tumse baat nahin karungi!

Sid: koi baat nahin riddhima...abhi vaise bhi kafi late hui hai..hum wapis room mein jaa kar soone vale hain tho baat karne ki zaroorat hi nahin padegi

Ridz: Sid im serious! mujhe gussa mat dilao main...


As she was struggling to free herself Sid was holding her tight taking steps backward. He couldn't see the stone behind his foot so slips on it and losing balance they both fall.

indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 February 2010
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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Hellooo Hug

yayyy moumi keep going!!!! soon this thread will finish Dancing

btw i already made the nxt case u guys finish this thread n im not here so thts y...

here's the link to it...guys Do Not Post until this thread is finished

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:17am | IP Logged

Riddhima was on top of Sid and slowly looking at each other they burst out laughing. Riddhima hides her face on his chest still laughing like a kid and Sid was still holding her by her waist. Soon they realise the position they were in and riddhima lowers her gaze nervously. Sid has a mischievous smile on his face and still holding riddhima he turns to be on top of her and Riddhima was looking at him taken abak.


Sid: ab batao ke jeeta kaun aur haara kaun? (ridz nervously tries to get up but sid holds her)

Ridz: Sid chodo mujhe...bohut late ho chuka hai hume wapis jaana chahiye (she again tries to get up but sid blocks her and tightly holds her right hand)

Sid: riddhima...jab tak tum mera jawaab nahin deti main tumhe kahin jaane nahin dunga...


Riddhima was trying to breathe deeply as Sid was way too close to her. She could feel his breath on her face and his heart beating fast as if it was hers. She wasn't able to speak so to give his answer all she did was interlocking her fingers with his. Sid smiles at her gesture and moving his gaze from her eyes to their hands he tightens his grip resting then her hand on his chest. He caresses her cheek with the back of finger and gently draws her lips with his thumb.

Slowly bending towards her lips riddhima closes her eyes slowly moving her hand from his chest to his neck. Their noses were touching and the next step would be their lips.

But unfortunately once again it wasn't the right wasn't their right moment. As they were finally about to kiss Sid's phone rings and disturbs them. Riddhima opens her eyes and Sid gets very annoyed. She pushed him aside to get up and he falls on his back.

_Moumi_ Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2010
Posts: 2279

Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged

The day passes calmy. Riddhima was sitting in the dressing table getting ready for her date with Sid. She was wearing a beautiful black saree and was putting the matching bangles in her wrist. She was physically present in her room but her mind was somewhere else. She was deeply lost in her world and the past few days passed with Sid. She looks at her reflection in the mirror and realised that she was blushing thinking about her and Sid.


Ridz: Sid...tum duniya ki voh pehle insaan ho jisne mujhe itni achi tarah samjha hai...tumhare saath mujhe kabhi kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahin padti...meri aankhon mein hi dekh kar tum meri har baat har pareshani samajh jaate ho...tumne mujhe itna saara pyaar diya..itni saari khushi di hai aur badle mein kabhi kuch nahin maanga...par ab meri bari hai sid...tumhari zindagi mein khushi laane ka..jiss pyaar ki tum haqdaar ho tumhe voh pyaar dene ka...aaj ki yeh raat tum nahin balki main special banaoungi tumhare liye...sid main sahi maayne mein tumhari patni baan na chahti hoon...Riddhima Modi baan na chahti hoon...


From her reflection she moves her gaze to the sindoor on the table and slowly fills her maang. A lone tear escapes from her eye as she feels very happy and her smile grew. Sid opens the door and enters the room. Seeing his reflection riddhima slowly stands up and turns to looks at him still smiling. Sid was amazed looking at her...she was looking like and angel. And for some strange reasons something was looking different in her but he couldn't figure out what.


Sid: tum...tum bohut achi lag rahi ho...(she kept smiling removing the stand of her hair) chalein? (she nods and both left for their date)

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