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Geet Seasson 2:"Eternal Love relived yet again" (Page 9)

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I am taking a break since i will be preparing hard copies of these episodes and presenting it as gift to Drashti and Gurmeet and also suggest few tracks for the present Geet series.

I might post few episodes but my main moto for the coming 15 days is to make hard copies,visit mumbai and meet Drashti and Gurmeet till then a message to all:

A request to all who read the episodes,comment here or dont comment here...irrespective of whether u like the episode or u dont,please make sure you comment here becoz it helps me and motivates me,but also

Dont forget to comment on the following two links as well if you really want Geet to run for long:

Your comment will assure others to give a try to read it once and then if they like it their comment will help others to beleive and read it once.

Dont forget to comment on these links as well without fail:



Your one comment is enough to spread the message and by the time if ever present team thinks they shud end Geet,we fans wud be ready with a concept and epiosdes in place and also support for it which will ensure makers to give a try atleast.

Chalo bye guys and I will be back with romantic moments between Maan and Maansi and tracks written above..

You guys carry on with commenting,promoting and spreading the word...

Help me spread the idea and your comments would help me do that...

May be together we can make sure Geet and Maaneet runs for long..

Vikrant Khatri is a die hard Drashti Dhami admirer who wants to see her act more and more with Gurmeet for as long as possible,till eternity.

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Episode 241:

Scene 1: Maan and Maansi out of the liplock and both feel good to be with each other...( Maahi musical in the background)

Maan and Maansi log heads and smile and then Maan holds Maansi's hand and both walk out holding hands and taking steps together to a new beginning.

Scene 2: Dadi Venu Adi and Maansi's parents alongwith Virat...just outside...Dadi expresses thanks and gratitude to parents of Maansi and assures a life larger than life for Maansi in Khurana family.

Dadi folds hands

Dadi: Mein kya kahu aapse,bass itna kehna chahungi ki Maan ko dusri zindagi dene ke liye bahut bahut dhanyavaad..

Maansi's mom holds dadi's hand..

Maansi's mom: Haath jodkar hamein sharminda naa karein..humhi dodno bachho ka pyaar samajh nahi paaye..lekin ab jab samajh gaye hai toh chahtein hai Maansi ki shaadi waise hi ho jaisa hum chahtein hai..

Dadi: haa jarur jaisa aap chahenge waisa hoga
Maansi's mom: Hum chahtein hai ki Maansi ki shaadi dhum dhaam se ho...
Dadi: Jarur hum bhi yehhi chahtein hai aur Maansi ki shaadi mein koi kami nahi rahegi...

Dadi feeling as she looks sideways as if talking to herself

Dadi:sach kahu toh hamari Geet lautkar aarahi hai...Maansi ka swagat poorein rasmon rivaaz ke saath hoga...aap ko koi shikayat ka mauka nahi milega.

Maansi's mom: Yeh toh badappan hai aapka...warna yeh hum kehne waaleing the ki aapko shikayat ka mauka nahi milega..

All smile and feel good and dadi thanks Virat too..

Dadi: Virat..
Virat: Dadimaa ab mujhe thanks kehne ki koi jarurat nahi...aur waise bhi Maansi Maan ke saath acchi lagti hai...

Virat points at Maan and Maansi coming together holding hands..

Scene 3: Maan and Maansi get out of the hand lock when they see everyone waiting outside...
Maansi blushes and Maan keeps quiet as Maansi's mom teases Maan that Maansi was soon going to be his wife so it was ok...Maansi and Maan look at each other and smile...Virat makes a move finally waving hands and before he moves out he wishes both Maan and Maansi a peacefull life ahead...

Scene 4: Venu tries to test as he purposely tries to take Maansi alongwith him...just to tease her...
Venu: Maansi ek jaruri kaam hai kya tum thodi der ke liye saath chal sakti ho
Maansi holds Maan's hand and

Maansi: I knw wht work u r talking about...Venu tumhein ab se nahi saalo se jaanti hu..toh tumhari yeh trick mujh par nahi chalne waaali

Maan: Arey Venu ko kuch kaam ho ga pooch to lo..

Maansi: Koi kaam nahi hai..bass tang kar raha hai..yeh dekhne ke liye ki mein aapse dur jaati hu ya nahi.
Maansi: Mr Punjabi aaj toh hum mile hai...kyu kabab mein haddi ban rahe ho...

Venu smiles and Maansi's mom asks Maansi if she was accompanying her or would come with Maan...

Maansi's dad: arey yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai...chalo ab bahut der ho gayi..woh aajayegi Maan ke saath...
Maansi;s mom: Bye..Maansi...

Maansi and Maan feel all were pulling their leg...

Venu: Mein soch raha hu aaj tum logo ke saath rahu..
Maansi kicks Venu and asks him to leave them alone..Venu leaves...smiling and teasing..

Dadi and Adi smile and they too leave feeling happy for Maan and Maansi..

Scene 5:

Maan and Maansi reach Maansi's place and the moment of nok zhok outside the car..

Maansi: Maan aapna na ek dum "meesne" ho..
Maan: Kya,kya kya,kya
Maansi: Maan aap Punjabi ho ya nahi,ya phir sirf naam ke...( Maansi acts and shows ,as she points her finger upwards by turning the finger..)
Maan: Offcourse Punjabi hu aur jaanta hu,lekin yeh meesna kya hai
Maansi smiles and teases Maan..
Maansi: lay...Punjabi hokar Meesna nahi jaante...
Maan: tum mujhe tang kar rahi ho..( Maan glares)
Maansi smiles and tries to fool Maan
Maansi: Meesna matlab "Sweetheart"
Maan: Ohh ok..accha lagta hai..
Maansi smiles again and Maan catches her and feels she was pulling his leg and the meaning was something different.
Maan: Accha..ab tum seedhe seedhe mujhe batao ki Meesna hota kya hai..
Maansi: Arey kahana "sweetheart"
Maan holds Maansi's hand and pulls her closer..

Maahi runs in the background as Maan and Maansi come close yet again and both look deep in each other's eyes...Maan loosens his hold as he feels Maansi was feeling the pain..

Maan: I am sorry..ab agar tumne nahi bataya toh.

Maansi smiles and touches Maan's face smiles and says..."Sweetheart"
Maan: Accha yeh jo natkhat si smile tumharein hoton par haina yeh kuch aur hi matlab batarahi hai..

Maansi: Meinne "Meesna" ka matlab nahi..Maan ka matlab bataya "Sweetheart"

Maahi runs in the background and Maan smiles..

Maan holds Maansi's hand..and looks the wrist..

Maan: bahut dard ho raha hai.
Maansi: Saara dard aaj dur hogaya,aur aap jo dard dete hai woh pyaar se kam nahi hota.
Maan: Hmm,bahut pyaar aarahai...

Maansi hugs Maan and says

Maansi: Mujhe ab bhi yakeen nahi ho raha hai ki mein aapki baahon mein hu..
Maan: Ek baat kahu

Maansi comes out of the hug and looks at Maan..

Maan: Mein jaanta hu "Meesna" matlab kya hota hai..lekin mein majboor tha...
Maansi: Nahi Maan,mein toh mazak kar rahi thi
Maan: Jaanta hu aur isiliye mein pretend kar raha tha..

Maan with controlled tears in his eyes remembers Geet..

Maan: Jaanti ho Maansi..tum mein aur Geet mein chahkar bhi mein farak nahi dekh sakta...bilkul isi tarah jab bhi mein chup rehta toh Geet "Meesna" kehkar ruth jaati ya phir mujhe tang karti..

Maahi runs in the background as Maansi feels the pain in Maan's eyes..

Maan: aahh " I am sorry" bass bilkul isitarah kuch hua tha Geet ke saath aur mujhe yaad aagaya..

Maansi: Toh sorry kyu Maan...Geet ke liye aapke dil mein aaj bhi jo pyaar hai..usse mujhe koi takleef nahi hai..aur phir Geet ka pyaar hamesha aapke saath hai aur yeh vaada hai mera aapse..woh pyaar hamesha aapke saath rahega..Aap bina hichak woh saari baatein aur yaadein mujhse share kar sakte hai...

Maahi runs in the background as Maan feels touched and kisses Maansi's forehead..

Scene 6:

Maan: Waise Meesna ka matlab "chupa rustam" hota hai kyu..
Maansi smiles and nods her yes

Maan: waise accha lagta hai...mein "Meesna" aur tum meri "Mishti"
Maansi: Mishty matlab
Maan smiles and says
Maan: Sweetheart
Maansi: ohh toh ab aap meri taang kheech rahe ho
Maan: Arey sach mein...Mishty matlab
Maan: Well yeh baat samajh nahi aayi ki tumne mujhe meesna kaha kyu
Maansi: toh aur kya kehti..dil mein itna dard chupa baithe the aur chup the...
Maan: Woh toh..mujhe..
Maansi: Haan...kahiye kahiye..
Maan smiles and Maansi too smiles..
Maansi: Yeh toh meine himmat ki...warna...
Maan gently pulls Maansi close and smiles and bows down his head infront of Maansi and says
Maan: Banda aapki Kismat mein haazir hai,ab jo chaho keh lo...mein thodi na kuch keh sakta hu..
Maansi smiles and kisses Maan on his cheeks...looking deep in eyes of Maan
Maansi: Kisiko kaise chup karatein hai koi aapse seekhein..
Maan smiles and says:Maansi late ho raha hai...aunty wait kar rahi hongi..
Maansi hugs Maan
Maansi: Maan ab aur intezaar nahi,jaldi aakar mujhe apne saath le chaliye
Maan: bahut jald Maansi,poorein rasmon rivaaz ke saath tumhein apne saath le jaunga.
Maansi comes out of the hug
Maansi: Mein intezaar karungi
Maan comes closer and holds Maansi's face
Maan: Tumhara intezaar toh aaj khatam hogaya Maansi,ab bass mehendi sajakar rakhna..mein jald hi tumhein inn sabse churakar lejaane waala hu..
Maansi smiles and hugs Maan again..

Maan holds Maansi's face and says: Good Night.

Maansi smiles and a cute manner with a smile and head inclined on one side: Good night and take care.

Maansi moves towards her place and turns back as both Maan and Maansi wave hand,smile and wish good night and then move out..

Scene 7: Dadi gets a call from Vicky that he was returning back home..dadi feels great to here that and immediately after vicky's call ends comes in Geet's sister's call that she was coming with Maaneet for few days as requested by Maan..


Maan reaches back home and in his room..takes out Geet's frame...Maahi runs in the background as Maan feels Geet's presence in the frame..dadi comes in.

Dadi: Kya soch rahein hai Maan
Maan looks at dadi and smiles
Maan: Soch raha hu kahi Geet Maansi ke roop mein kahin laut ke toh nahi aayi hai.
Dadi smiles and sits next to him
Dadi:Meine toh pehle hi kaha tha aapse,yeh ittefaq nahi ho sakta
Maan: Mein ummeed kho baitha dadi maa...lekin Maansi ne aakar sab kuch badal diya...
Maan: aap jaanti hai..itna sa bhi fark nahi hai,aisa lagta hai jaise Geet kabhi chodkar gayi hi nahi thi..bass kuch dino ke liye ruthkar kahin chali gayi thi aur ab lautkar aagayi hai
Dadi: Bilkul,aur maansi ke parents se bhi humnein yehi baat kahi...Maansi ke roop mein hamari Geet lautkar aarahi hai,aur uska swagat poori dhum dhaam se hoga...Maansi ke saarein sapne poore honge..Maansi ki aapse shaadi poorein riti rivazon ke saath...zor shor se hogi...
Maan: Haan dadimaa bilkul aisa hi hoga...Mein Maansi ko kisi bhi kami ka ehsaas nahi hone dene chahta..
Dadi smiles and asks Maan to take rest as they as there was alot of work to do and even Vicky was returning from USA.
Maan feels great to hear Vicky returning..and confirms when was he returning...dadi informs in about two days as and when tickets are confirmed.


Next morning..its early morning 5 am and Maansi reaches Maan's place and in his room...

Maahi runs in the background as Maansi sees Maan sleeping and calmness on his face and some satisfaction as if he was sleeping with some peace..

Maansi smiles and move towards Maan and moves her hand in Maan's hair and talks to herself..

Maansi:yeh vada hai mera aapse... Iss muskaan ke liye Maansi bhi kuch kar sakti hai Maan..mein woh sab kuch aapko lautaungi jo kismat ne aapse chinn liya tha...aapki Geet bhi...

Episode ends with Maansi kissing Maan's forehead while he is sleeping and with some peace felt on his face.

One screen and one picture,Maansi kissing Maan's forehead...after expressing her feelings..

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Episode 242:

Scene 1: Maahi in the background as Maan wakes up and sees changes in his room...Its Geet's frame and family snaps and frames all over in his room like it was before..Maan smiles and feels good and realises Maansi might be there..he walks around in the room and sees all the frames and snaps back to their places...Maahi musical continues as Maan comes out and finds the room where all Geet's memories were kept open...bright and Maansi trying to adjust a big frame of Maan and Geet along with Maaneet and reashu...Maahi continues as Maan moves towards Maansi...

Scene 2: ( Maahi musical continues as )

Maan calls Maansi and Maansi who is deeply invloved in adjusting the frame is scared and she looses her balance and falls in arms of Maan...Maahi continues as Maan and Maansi get in an eye lock and a smile on both Maan and Maansi's face.

Scene 3: Maahi musical still continues...

Maansi with a cute smile and in an romantic manner..

Maansi: Good Morning..Maan...

Maan comes out of the eyelock and makes Maansi stand properly..

Scene 4:

Maan: Upar chadhne ki kya zarurat thi agar gir jaati toh
Maansi feels upset
Maansi: Yeh accha hai,socha aap yeh sab dekhkar khush honge lekin aap hai ki ...chaddo.

Maansi tries to move away and Maan holds Maansi's dupatta...

Maahi moment as Maan pulls Maansi close with the duppatta...Maansi moves back and comes closer to Maan and Maan hugs Maansi from behind with his hand on Maansi's waist...

Maan pulls Maansi closer and says

Maan: Tumhari fikar rehti hai Maansi... aur phir thoda darr bhi...kya karu...tumhein dobara khona nahii chahta...

Maahi ata higher pitch as Maansi smiles and turns around...

Maansi: Maan lekin mein toh...
Maan: Jaanta hu Maansi lekin...mein ab tumhein kekar bahut protective hogaya hu...
Maansi: Mein samajh sakti hu Maan...
Maan: Tum bahut jyada important ho Maansi...meri nazar se bhagwaan ka sabse nayaab aur anmol tohfa..

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels what Maan meant and why was he protective...

Maansi hugs Maan...

Maansi: Aap shayad kuch bhul rahein hai
Maan: Kya
Maansi: Meine kuch kaha tha aapse..
Maan wonders what was he forgetting...
Maan: Maansi mein kya bhul raha hu
Maansi: Yaad kijiye..jab tak aap khudd yaad nahi karenge iss baar aapko mein yaad nahi dilaungi...
Maan: Maansi..ab bata bhi do
Maansi: Jee nahi...yaad kijiye aur agar yaad nahi aaye toh aaj shaam mein aapko yaad dila dungi
Maan: aaj shaam..aaj shaam kya hai
Maansi: Bass dekhte jayiye Mr Khurana..
Maansi smiles and asks Maan to get ready as she was waiting for him for breakfast
Maan: arey maansi
Maansi: Kahana yaad kijiye aur aap bahut sust hogaye ho...jaldi tayaar hokar neeche aayiye...nashta tayaar hai aur humein office bhi jana hai..

Maansi moves out and Maan is left speechless as he feels clueless what Maansi was talking about.

Scene 5: Venu along with Bakul arrive at Maan's place and are chatting with dadi...

Venu informs dadi that bakul wanted to meet Maansi and Maan...and again he wanted to discuss with dadi regarding his wedding as she was the only elder family member..dadi feels touched and all of them come to breakfast table ...dadi asks if Venu's father would attend the wedding...Venu informs dadi about his relationship with dad and he did not feel like inviting him...Dadi makes him understand he shud invite irrespective of what ever is the relationship status..Venu feels a bit concerned as he had shown Maansi as his wife..but keeps quiet...

Scene 6: maansi comes in and joins all of them and feels good to see bakul after along time...Bakul informs her she wanted to meet her and congratulate her..Maansi feels good and congratulates her as she had learnt from Venu that they were soon getting married...Maansi confirms about the date if it was fixed..bakul informs they had come in to discuss the same with dadi...Maan too comes in and welcomes bakul...Maansi asks servants to bring in breakfast and arrange plates ...


Maahi moment as Maansi serves maan's favorite pasta...and Maan looks at Maansi and smiles and Maansi smiles too and asks him to taste and tell her...While servants serve to others...

Maansi: Kaisa bana hai
Maan: theek hai
Maansi feels a bit sad
Maan smiles and tells her it was fantastic
Maan: Bahut accha bana hai aur yeh pehli baar hai jo tumharein haaton ka kuch kha raha hu...perfect bana hai..
Maansi smiles and sits next to Maan...

Venu: Yaar,Maansi ko aisa dekhne ki aadat nahi hai...kya baat hai Maan...
Maansi: Maan ne kya kiya hai
Venu: well...dikhraha...tum kitna pyaar karti ho Maan se...meri maano toh nazar utaarvaalo...
Maansi smiles and looks at Maan...
Dadi: Maan..ek good news hai...
Maan: Kya dadi maa
Dadi: venu shaadi ki tareekh fix karne ja raha hai
Maan: Wow...congratulations u both
Venu: Abhi fix nahi hui hai lekin isi month mein soch rahein hai..
Venu: Aur tumhein aur Maansi ko time nikalna hai
Maansi: offcourse mere best friend ki shaadi hai...waise mein toh Venu ke side hu.
Bakul: arey...toh phir mere side kaun hai
Maan: Mein hu na..
dadi: mein toh dono ke sath hu..
Maansi: wow toh hojaye masti...dhamaal aur party..
Maansi cant control her excitement and then slightly cools down seeing Maan and dadi with her..
Maan smiles and holds hand of Maansi and asks her to be the way she he closes his eyes and opens it..
Maan: jashn manega aur hum ladki waale tayaar hai ladke waalo ka swagat karne
Maansi: Toh phir theek hai..hum ladke waalein bhi tayaar hai,ladkiwaalon ko aazmane ke liye,kyu Venu.

Venu looks at bakul and Maansi asks him to look at her..

Maansi: hello,kya abhi se ...
Venu: Kya...bilkul hum tayaar hai
Bakul: Toh theek hai..dekhte hai kaun baazi marega.
Dadi: arey shaadi ki tayari hai ya phir jung ki
all at one time..

"Shaadi ki dadi maa"

As everyone speak out at one time...and then smile as they were all excited about it..

Maansi: woh kya haina dadi maa,shaadi ki masti alag hai
dadi: jaanti hu,hum toh mazak kar rahein the..
Venu: waise dadi maa ,Maan aur Maansi ki shaadi ka kya..
Maan and Maansi look at each other and smile..
dadi: woh toh ab maansi ke parents ke saath baithkar decide hoga..
bakul:jee lekin Maan aur Maansi ke programme hamari shaadi ke baad rakhiyega..mein bhi enjoy karna chahti hu..
Maan: Jarur
Maan looks at Maansi to confirm
Maansi: Yaah sure aur waise bhi hum bhi nahi chahtein ki clashes ho..

Break: Maan and Maansi prepare to leave for office and Maan pulls Maansiclose...

Maahi in the background as Maan comes close to Maansi with eyes deep in eyes of Maansi

Maan: Maansi bataona mein aisa kya bhool gaya hu jo tum mujhe yaad dilana chahti ho
Maansi: kahana yaad kijiye ya phir shaam tak rukiye...

Maansi smiles and moves away and Maan holds her hand and pulls her close as Maansi comes in arms of Maan..

Maan puts arms on Geet's shoulders..

Maan: Shaam ko aisa kya khaas hai bataona

Episode ends with Maansi nodding her head as no and Maan pulling her even closer and Maahi runs higher in background as Maan and Maansi get in an eyelock and Maansi feeling Maan was getting restless to know and was trying to dominating..

One screen and two pictures,Maan expressing restlessness and a glare in his eyes to make Maansi nervous and tell him wht she was planning and Maansi with a cute smile feeling good to see Maan restless as she does gets a bit nervous feeling Maan so close making her heartbeats rise..and eyes expressing her mixed feeling.

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nice..! i really liked it.!
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ohh great good to see that..ii is motivating
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Episode 244:

Scene 1: Maahi in the background as Maansi hugs Maan after feeling Maan's response.

Maansi: Lekin mein Maan nahi,mujhe toh bahut mazaa aaraha hai..aapko tang karne mein..
Maan smiles and finally surrenders
Maan: Accha theek hai,mein intezaar karunga.

Maansi smiles and asks Maan to come home soon..

Maansi: Theek hai,mein abhi chalti hu aur haan shaam ko aap ghar jaldi aajana aapke liye surprise hai..

Maan: arey,ek aur secret...yeh ho kya raha hai subah se...
Maansi: Bass dekhte jayiye aur ab sochna band kijiye...mujhe late horaha hai aur mein ab chalti hu
Maansi smiles and wishes Maan good bye
Maansi: Bye aur aap jaldi aana
Maan touches Maansi's face and says
Maan: Bye,aur apna khayal rakhna.

Maansi moves out and Maan gets back to work..

Scene 2: Maansi's mom and dad reach Maan's place to meet dadi request them for engagement as preparations and arrangements were already made for wedding but now with changes they wanted atleast engagement to happen..dadimaa expresses delight and agrees to it and also assures Maansi's parents that it was fine with them and she would begin with arrangements...

Scene 3: Maansi reaches Maan's place and is surprised to see her parents and comes to know about the plan...Maansi feels delighted and informs dadi maa and her parents she had arranged for a surprise for Maan and requests her parents and dadi maa to support her and after she gives hints all of them should come in and give the news to Maan...regarding engagement.All of  them agree to it...

Scene 4: Venu and Bakul reach Maan's office to give him good news about the wedding date and ask him where Maansi was...Maan informs she was out for some work...Maan congratulates both of them..Venu leaves informing Maan he has to inform dadimaa as well and was leaving for his place..asks him if he was coming...Maan informs he would but after a while...

Scene 5: Maansi,Adi and Pinky alongwith Dadi,Maansi's parents preparing for the surprise to be given to Maan...Maansi takes dadi aside and a scene in mute volume as dadi feels great hearing at what Maansi was saying and shows tumbs up to help Maansi...

Scene 6: Venu and Bakul reach Maan's place and realise everyone busy with something,servants running around and Maansi in the kitchen preparing something ordering everyone...and two chefs helping her to make food...dadimaa searching for something...Maansi's parents along with adi planning for Maansi's engagement as Venu and Bakul realise it was some preparation for function..

Venu informs dadi about wedding date fixed..dadi congratulates Venu and Bakul and give them blessings and informs them about Maan and Maansi's engagement to be done soon..both feel great but request dadi to keep wedding functions after their wedding...dadi assures Venu of the same...

Bakul asks dadi why were all looking so busy running around...Dadi informs all and again a scene with volume mute...Venu and Bakul too join them to give surprise to Maan...

Scene 7: Maan thinking about Maansi and what was it he had lost...while thinking he unknots his tie and realises his taveez was missing...Maan gets worried as it was given by Geet..he looks around and searches for it..looks in the drower...feeling restless Maan reaches back home and dadi maa and all surprised as Maan had reached too early...all hide in respective places and dadi comes in..and asks Maan why was he looking so worried...Maan informs about the taveez...Maan reaches his room and searches for it and feels he had lost it...Maan looks upset as that was a gift given by Geet..

Scene 8:Musical Maahi moment

Maansi looks Maan secretly as Maahi runs in the background and Maansi feeling the pain in eyes of Maan when he was feeling restless after having missed the taveez...

Scene 9: Maansi calls up Maan and Maan picks the call..( Maansi still watching Maan from far)

Maansi: Maan kahan hai aap
Maan sounds low
Maansi: kya hua Maan
Maan: Kuch nahi mein ghar par hu lekin tum kahan ho
Maansi: aap ready ho jayiye phir mein aapko bataungi mein kahan hu
Maan: Accha theek hai
Maan disconnects the call and feels very very disappointed and calls dadi..

Scene 10: Maan asks dadi if she had seen the taveez which Geet had gifted...dadi feels a bit worried but then Maansi hints dadi and asks dadi to relax making dadi feel she had it or knew it where it was...
Dadi..asks Maan to relax  and calm down and it might be in the house...Maan still does not feel convinced and dadi maa leaves...looking at Maansi as Maansi convinces dadi by closing her eyes that it was with him..

Scene 11:

Maahi in the background as Maan picks up the frame of Geet and touches it and feels guilty of being careless and loosing the taveez...the guilt is felt in Maan's eyes as he expresses the guilt with controlled tears...


A scene where Maansi dresses in the same dress when Geet was getting ready for her engagement..the pink dress..jewellery ,hairstyle...everything similar to how Geet looked while dressing for her engagement...Maansi looks exactly the same way as Geet but without jewellery..dadimaa pinky guiding Maansi...

Dadi,Adi Pinky venu and all come close to Maansi as she looks stunning...

Dadi:Maan ko isse acha surprise nahi mil sakta...

Maan gets call from Maansi and the driver comes and stands infront of Maan...Maansi asks Maan to come alongwith the driver..

Maan who is still upset and searching for the taaveez...realises he wasnt ready...Maan asks driver to wait for a while and informs Maansi to give him sometime...


Maahi musical in the background as Maan reaches outskirts of Mumbai in a jungle and realises the set up was somewhat similar to when he had proposed Geet...

A fire camp ..a tent...a bench and chair for two to sit...

Maan gets flashes of those moments :

starting with Geet coming in...and flashes of all those moments in sequence...till Geet gifts Maan the tavvez...

the scene ends with Maan feeling guilty for having lost the taveez  which Geet had gifted him...

Maan hears Maansi calling him

Maansi: "Maan"

Maahi runs higher in the background as Maan turns back and looks stunned when he finds Maansi in the same dress of engagement which Geet had worn...same hair style...

A gentle feeling of surprise and feel good is felt in eyes of Maan and a gentle smile potraying what Maan was feeling...

Maansi walks upto Maan and Maahi musical runs even at a higher pitch as Maan feels it was Geet walking upto him in face of Maansi...

Maan and Maansi in an eye lock as both look deep in each other's eyes...

Maan touches Maansi's face and says

Maan: "Geet'..

Maahi runs in the background as Maansi smiles and hugs Maan...with emotions and that passion and love for Maan in eyes of Maansi...and Maan too hugging Maansi passionately as if he was reliving few cherished moments which he had lived in past but with Geet.

A hug with Maansi keeping her head on Maan's chest just below the neck and a tight hug...

One screen and one picture

Maan and Maansi in a hug and tight one  with true emotions out of surprise oozing out..

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged

Episode 245:

Scene 1: Maahi in the background as Maansi and Maan are in a passionate hug after Maan realises what Maansi was trying to remind him.

Maaan comes out of the hug and holds Maansi's face in his hand

Maan: Toh yeh yaad dilana chahti thi tum..
Maansi smiles and nods her head as yes..
Maan touches Maansi's face and says
Maan: Tum itna pyaar karti ho mujhse Maansi
Maansi: "Bepanaah"
Maan feels touched and hugs Maansi Maahi runs in the background..
Maan: Aaisa lag raha hai jaise ek boorein sapne se ubara hu aur woh sab kuch jo meine kho diya tha aaj dobara mujhe mil gaya hai..

Maahi in the background as Maansi comes out of the hug..

Maansi: Maan mein nahi chahti aapko Geet ki kami ka ehsaas kabhi bhi ho aur jab hum saath hai toh yeh vaada hai mera aapse woh saarein lamhein jinhein kismat ne aapse chinn liya tha,unhein mein lautaungi.

Maahi runs at an even higher pitch as Maan feels touched and hugs Maansi again and Maansi too hugs Maan passionately as Maan realises Maansi loved him beyond his imagination.

Scene 2:

Maansi: Maan aaj mein aapko ek rishtey mein bandhna chahti hu...

Maan and Maansi come out of the hug as Maan looks at Maansi with surprise...

" Maahi alaap in the background"

Maansi takes out the taveez and shows it to Maan...

Maan feels touched and very happy  as he finds Geet's taveez back and the delight is felt in his eyes and on his face...

Maansi asks for permission if she can gift it back to Maan and make him wear it..

Maan: Yeh Taveez
Maansi: Aaa jab hospital mein the toh mere paas reh gaya tha
Maansi: Maan kya mein isse aapko pehna sakti hu

Maan smiles and nods his head as yes...

Maahi runs in the background as Maansi smiles and Maan bows his head down and a scene with screen divided in two..

A scene when Geet gifts Maan in one part and a scene where Maansi is making Maan wear it in another..

Maan feels the love as he touches the taveez and feels good to see it back in his neck...

Maan: Yeh anmol tohfa hai Maansi jo tumne mujhe aaj diya hai
Maansi: lautaya hai Maan
Maan: Theek kaha tumne "Aaj tumne woh sab kuch lautadiya jo kismat ne mujhse cheen liya tha"
Maan: Thank you Maansi mere zindagi mein aane ke liye,mujhse itna pyaar karne ke liye aur mujhe apnane ke liye..

Maahi runs in the background as Maansi feels good and an emotional moment as she feels touched and good to see her love so happy...

Maansi keeps her head on Maan's chest and with a smile and determination in her eyes.

Maansi: "aapki baahon mein Zindagi "saakaar" hai Maan,bass aapka saath chahiye"

Maahi in the background as

Maan feels lucky to have Maansi in his life who loves him alot as he kisses her forehead...

Maansi smiles and shows Maan the ring

Maansi: Aapki amaanat jo aapki yaad bankar mere paas thi
Maan picks the ring
Maan: Iski jagah yahan nahi yahan hai...
Maan makes Maansi wear the engagement ring he had given to Geet and later to Maansi as Maansi wears the ring and Maan officially proposes Maansi to accept him...

Maan kisses Maansi's hand and the ring as Maahi runs high in the background and Maansi feels touched and emotional as both get in an passionate hug yet again after Maan proposes Maansi again after getting seperate due to circumstances.

Scene 3:

Dadi Adi Pinky venu bakul and Maansi's parents along with reashu..all waiting for Maansi and Maan to come back..Reashu asks Adi if the surprise was ready...Adi confirms it was...Reashu is all excited and so are others to learn Maan's reactions...Dadi asks Adi to confirm with Maansi where she was and how long will it take..

Scene 4: Maan and Maansi in each others arms sitting on the bench and in an conversation,maansi's head on maan's shoulder..Maansi sitting crossed with one arm hugging Maan and Maansi looking at Maan and Maan at the moon..

Maansi: Kaisa laga surprise?
Maan: bahut accha surprise tha,waise aur bhi kuch hai ya phir...
Maansi thinks for a while and then says shayad
Maansi: Shayad haa
Maan: matlab
Maansi: Shayad
Maan smiles again
Maan: ohh toh kuch aur bhi hai
Maan:waise Maansi iss sab bein dadi maa ne tumhari help ki hogi kyu
Maansi: adi sir aur pinky ne bhi
Maan: Hmm tabhi itna perfect hai..
Maansi: Nahi ab bhi nahi
Maan: nahi bilkul perfect lag tha
Maansi shows Maan the jewellery and Maan's expressions changes...

Maahi in the background as Maan recollects that moment when Maan called Geet to gift her real jewellery

Maan smiles and takes the jewellery..

Scene 5: Musical Maahi moment

Maan himself makes Maansi wear the jewellery,a scene where Maan and Maansi in close proximity as Maan feels great to relive that moment again and Maansi feeling good where she gives Maan the moment back making him feel he lost nothing...
After the scene...Maan holds Maansi and looks at Maansi and come closer and arranges her hair to make her loof perfect...
Maan gently pulls Maansi close and then with one arm wrapped around her neck and one on her waist and head close to Maansi's head from side...points towards moon and hinting Maansi to look at it

Maan: aaj woh bhi tumhari khoobsurati se jal raha hoga..

Maansi smiles and turns back and a gentle hug as both Maan and Maansi enjoy the privacy and romantic moment and the heavenly feeling in each other's arms.

Scene 6:Maansi gets a call and she confirms she wud be back in an hour..
Maansi: Ghar chalein Maan...dadimaa ka call tha..
Maan and Maansi move and while moving Maansi's leg twists and Maan holds her...

maahi in the background as Maan picks Maansi in his arms and walks out...towards his car...


Maan and Maansi reach back home...Maansi still in arms of Maan where Maan is picking her up..after her leg got twisted..

Maan: yeh ghar mein andhera kyu hai?

Lights on and flower petals fall on Maan and Maansi welcome them and a build up to give Maan an even bigger surprise..

Musical Maahi moment as Maan and Maansi feel the surprise and look at each other with a smile as petals fall...

Maan sees Maansi's parents and makes Maansi stand and informs her leg got twisted and she wasnt able to walk properly...

Maansi's mom informs she wud have loved if Maansi was still in Maan's arms...

Maan smiles and thanks for the surprise...dadi informs there was more to come as Maan and Maansi moves to the other hall with Maan helping Maansi walk till the next hall..

Maan is surprised as the hall is decorated..Venu bakul and office staff is there and few special invitees and close ones too...Reashu comes in and hugs Maan and Maan picks her up and reashu congratulates Maan...

Maan asks  dadi what was it all about and comes in a cake with congratulations to Maan and Maansi..
Dadi informs Maan it was a small party to celebrate coming together of Maansi and Maan and there was a news for Maan as well..


Maan asks dadi what was it...comes in a board with a message mentioning
Maan and Maansi's engagement date which was next week...

Maan feels great and comes a smile on his face...

Maan thanks dadi and Maansi's parents and dadi informs Maan to thank Maansi as it was her plan and surprise for Maan to make every moment special for him..

Maahi runs in the background as Maan feels touched and holds Maansi's hand and thanks her..

Maansi's mom asks Maan and Maansi to cut the complete the celebration..

Maahi musical on as:

Maan and Maansi cut the cake together and then dadi asks Maan to share the same piece.
Maansi serves Maan and then Maan serves Maansi the same piece of cake..

Maahi musical on and a scene in slow motion as

Its celebration time ,Venu and others congratulate Maan and Maansi and session of hugs and congratulations...Comes dhol wala's too as starts the bhangra session and everyone asking Maan and Maansi to dance together...

Maahi musical still on with everyone happy for Maan and Maansi..

Episode ends with Maan dancing to tunes of bhangra looking  at Maansi and Maansi realising Maan was looking at her...and happens an eye lock as Maan quietly says

" I love you" and Maansi smiles and says in a similar manner " I love you too"...

Both smile after the secret quiet 3 words of love expressed and an eye lock with a smile on both Maan and Maansi's face and Maahi in the background..

One screen and two pictures,Maan and Maansi with respective expressions..while dancing and others enjoying and celebrating too..






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yaar tu aisa kyun karta hain itna acaha lik ke marvaoge kya ????????? mind blowing !!!!!!!! awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

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