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Geet Seasson 2:"Eternal Love relived yet again" (Page 8)

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Episode 236:

Scene 1: Maahi in the background as Maansi comes in and sees Maan and Maan turns towards Maansi

and smiles...

Maansi with a smile and tears in her eyes as she runs towards Maan and stops near his bed and feels the

wounds and deep marks of the swords which attacked Maan and left him at the door steps of death.

Maansi touces the wounds and Maan feels the pain Maansi was going thru when she touches the wounds

and feels the pain Maan might have gone thru when getting attacked by swords..

Maahi in the background at a higher pitch when Maan says

Maan: Mein theek hu aur zinda hu Maansi..

Maansi cannot control herself as she hugs Maan and maan too with controlled tears puts his hand on

Maansi's head as Maansi feels relieved and some unsaid good feeling after realising and feeling Maan

was out of danger..

Maansi: Ek ek pal maut bankar guzra hai Maan
Maan: Mein bilkul theek hu aur khushi hai iss baat ki ,ki tum sahi salaamat ho...

Maahi in the background as Maansi holds Maan even tighter giving a passionate feel of love with her

head on Maan's chest feeling and listening to heart beats of Maan..

Maan asks Maaansi to look at him..

Maansi: Meri taraf dekho Maansi

Maansi: Iss pal ko mehsus kar lene dijiye Maan,uss pal se toh iss pal tak iss ehsaas ke liye bahut tarsi hu

aur ab jab aap mere itne kareeb ho toh mein iss pal ko jeena chahti hu..itni jaldi mere mann ko shaanti

nahi milegi Maan,mujhe mehsus kar lene dijiye, yeh vishwas ho jaane dijiye ki aap bilkul theek hai,aapki

dhadkano ko mehsus karne dijiye,unn mein apne aap ko talaash karne ki koshish kar rahi hu,bass kuch

aur pal mein isi tarah aapke paas rehna chahti hu..

Maahi in the background as Maan with both his hand holds Maansi face and asks Maansi to look at him..

Maan: Virat kaha hai,mujhe usse abhi milna hai kuch zaruri baat hai woh karni bahut zaruri hai...

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels Maan was concerned about what Virat wud say...

Scene 2: Dadimaa,adi and others who are watching Maansi from outside come in including virat and

maansi's mother..

Maan's eyes searching for virat and then he calls him closer as Maansi gets up...

Maan: Virat meri baat ek baar sunnlena please.
Virat: Tumhari condition theek nahi hai and i promise tumhari baat mein zarur sununga aur mein jaanta

hu ki tum kya kehna chahte ho

A flash where adi,dadi,maansi and others including venu and all realise what Maan wanted to say..

Everyone including Maansi's parents dadi and all ask Maan to take rest and not to think much...

Maan: Virat,tum meri sune bina koi faisla nahi loge,promise me,mein nahi chahta meri wajah se tum aur

maansi alag ho..

Maahi in the background as Virat too feels sorry for Maan and he assures him and asks him to trust him

after he realises Maan was too worried and concerned...

Virat: Maan,tumhein iss waqt aaram karna hai,tum iss halaat mein nahi ki tum koi tension lo aur jahan

tak mere aur maansi ka sawaal hai toh koi misunderstandings hai hi nahi infact sab kuch saaf ho gaya

hai things are now better aur jaisa tum soch rahe ho waisa kuch bhi nahi..Virat holds Maan's hand gives

smile and assures him and asks him to calm down..

Scene 3: Dadi and Maan conversation as Virat leaves and Maansi's mom and others too leave..dadi

informs Maan about Maansi's prayers and her trust in God...Maan asks Maansi to come closer,holds her

hand and thanks her and asks her to be with Virat as he was injured too...Maansi smiles and informs

Maan he was fine...and she will not move out and leave Maan alone...Maan tries to convince maansi and

she keeps a finger on Maan's lips and asks him not to argue..Maan calms down seeing controlled tears

and pain in eyes of Maansi and feels she wont listen to anyone..

Scene 4: Virat and Maansi's mom,Virat informs her mom he wasnt angry but was rather happy that the

things were clear and requests Maansi's mom to let Maansi be with Maan as she needed to be and not

to force her anymore...Maansi's mom relates to it as virat leaves for the day and Maansi's mom..moves

out to bring something for maansi..

Scene 5: Adi pinky Venu all near Maan asking him to take rest and happiness of Maan safe and alive

clearly felt in their expressions as Maan feels good to see all of them around...Maansi's mom comes in

and brings food for Maansi and requests her to have something...When Maan comes to know she had

nothing since the time they were in hospital he glares at Maansi and then asks Maansi's mom to give

the food to him and Maan serves Maansi food as she has it queitly smiling and feeling good...after the

first bite she looks around and asks the nurse about food for Maan and she confirms it was coming..

Scene 6: The nurse asks everyone except one to stay back,dadi and adi inform they wud but Maansi's

mom requests them to let Maansi be there,a moment of surprise where Maan and Maansi both feel

surprised and Maansi's mom along with others move out leaving Maan and Maansi alone..

Scene 7:

Maan: Mein khalunga,aur waise tum apna khayaal nahi rakhogi jaanta hu mein.
Maan: Ab chalo,muh kholo...khaana khaalo..

Maahi musical in the background as Maansi feels good and has food from Maan smiling and even some

tears rolling out...Maan comes closer to Maansi and wipes the tears and thanks Maansi alot for saving

his life...

Maansi comes closer and hugs Maan passionately and even kisses him on his cheeks...

Maan:: ahhh..
Maansi: dard ho raha hai..
Maansi: Kahaa..ohh no i am sorry mein bhul gayi thi aapko toh chott lagi hai,mein abhi doctor ko bulati

hu ek minute...

Maansi gets up and Maan holds Maansi's hand and asks her to wait and stay back as he was fine

Maan: Mein bilkul theek hu,maansi..dont take me the other way..mein jaanta hu aunty ne tumhein yahan

rukne ke liye kaha hai lekin...

Maansi: comes closer and holds Maan's face and tells him,if doesnt stop thinking then she will ask virat

too to come down and stay with her till Maan was fine as she was not going to leave Maan at all,even if

he insults her...Maan smiles and maansi lays Maan down and makes sure he is comfortable..


song sequence: "haan tu hai haan tu hai"
Movie: "Jannat"

The initial musical: Maansi serves Maan the food which he hates but still has it as maansi requests Maan

to have it..

line1: "Jo khwabo khayalo mein socha nahi tha,tune mujhe itna pyaar diya,mein jab bhi jahan bhi kadi

dhoop mein tha teri julf ne mujhpar saaya kiya"

The moment line begins Maansi clears off the remaining food left on maan's lips and some on his

chin,taking care of Maan like his wife..then making Maan sleep comfortable adjusting the bed and its

inclined position to support maan's back..

Musical again: ( Maansi kisses Maan's forehead and asks him to sleep and close his eyes and maan smiles

and doesnt as he wanted to talk to her)

line 2: Haan jo khwabo khayaalo mein socha nahi tha,tune mujhe itna pyaar diya,mein jab bhi jahan bhi

kadi dhup mein tha teri julf ne mujh par saaya kiya...

Maansi gets up adjusts the blanket...on maan,gives maan the tablets and makes him have it with her

own hand as she makes sure maan recoverd soon and eye lock if possible to adjust time of

the line in the song..

lin3: Haan tu hai haan tu hai meri baaton mein tu hai mere khwaabon mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon

mein tu hai..twice...

Maansi holds Maan's hand and comes closer to Maan and keeps her head next to maan's head and both

in a side hug and holding each other's hand...

Musical: ( Maan is sleeping and Maan staring and feeling how much she loved Maan,as she feels good

watching Maan sleeping calmly and safe,assured and more than that Maan was infront of Maansi giving

her some good feeling and feel of releif.

line 4:"koi bhi aisa lamha nahi hai jismein mere tu hota nahi hai,mein so bhi jaau raaton mein lekin tu hai

ki mujh mein sota nahi,tu hai ki mujh mein sota nahi hai"..

Maansi dreaming about Maan and in the same she feels in her dream Maan wasnt sleeping and

was rather pretending and he pulls Maansi close to him and kisses her on her cheeks close to lips and

maansi smiles and asks maan to leave her and sleep as it was too late and she wanted Maan to take


Line 5: Haaa tu hai haa tu hai meri baaton mein tu hai,meri khwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon

mein tu hai

Maansi out of the dream and sees Maan sleeping and she moves close to maan to check if he was


line 6: Haaa tu hai haa tu hai meri baaton mein tu hai,meri khwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon

mein tu hai

Maan holds Maansi's hand and Maansi feels he was awake and pretending as Maan smiles and so does

Maansi as she sits next to Maan and smiles and gives him one kantap of love on his cheeks and Maan


Musical: Next day morning...Maansi gives Maan the scrub bath and Maan smiles as he recollects geet

and feels she was standing infront of him..

line 7: Hai teri inayat..tujhse mili hai hothon pe mere hasi jo khili hai usse mera chehra chupa bhi naa

paaye..tujhe paake haasil hui jo khushi hai,tujhse paake haasil hui jo khushi hai..haa tu hai haa tu hai

mere...mere khwabo mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon mein tu hai...

While Maan feels good to see similarities between geet and maansi and specially the feeling and love

for Maan in both making him feel his geet was infront of him...while maansi confirms why was he smiling

Maan acts as if nothing had happened and maansi acts to show she knew maan was hiding some thing...


A break in song as Maan shows Geet snaps in his wallet and tells maansi she was similar to geet and her

love and concern too is so similar to Geet that he sometimes forgets to differentiate..Maansi feels

touched and hugs Maan and begins the last verse...

Line 8: reapet of first line till the end of the song...

Maan and Maansi in a passionate hug and feeling good to be like that...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi in a passionate hug...

One screen and one picture with Maan and Maansi in each others arms.

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amazing no words to express i wish i could see them on tv 
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Episode 237:

Scene 1: Maansi preparing herself as Maan is discharged and adi ready with papers and Maan been addressed by the doctor to take rest and stay away from work for few more days till his wounds were healed.Maansi assures doctor she wud take care of Maan,doctor congratulates Maan for having such a good wife in face of Geet,making Maan feel surprised what doctor was talking moves out adressing Maansi as Geet and asks her to meet to understand few prescriptions and suggestions.

Scene 2: Maan and Maansi:

Maan: Yeh doctor tumhein Geet kyu bula raha tha
Maansi: Aap jab hosh mein nahi the toh Geet ko yaad kar rahein the,aur tab meine doctor se kaha ki mein Geet hu aur tabse doctor mujhe "Maan ki Geet samjhte hai"

Maansi smiles and says the above lines...

Maahi in the background as Maan keeps still with a thought making Maansi feel he wasnt happy when he heard that..

Maan thinking and talking to himself :

Maan: Patah nahi Virat kya soch raha hoga..aur meine bhi toh party mein gale ways..bahut badi galti ki hai meine..mujhe Virat se milkar saari baat saaf karni hogi aur agar Maansi aur Virat ki khushi ke liye mujhe kahin dur bhi jaana pada toh mein woh bhi karunga,ab aur nahi,iss tarah mein Maansi uske parivaar aur Virat ki feelings ke saath nahi khel sakta,sach toh yeh hi hai ki Virat Maansi ka bhavishya hai mein nahi aur ab iss galti ko theek karna meri zimmedari hai)

Maansi: Aap phir kuch sochne lage?
Maan: Nahi bilkul nahi,bass yuhi Geet ke baarein soch raha tha..

Maahi in the background as Maansi hugs Maan and assures and informs him she was there

Maansi: Mein ab bhi aapke saath hu aur hamesha aapke paas aapke saath rahungi..

Maan feels it was of no use to say anything to Maansi as she was too much in love with him,making her even forget what her actual responsibilities were..

Scene 3: Maansi's mom confirming with Virat if he wanted to reconsider his decision,Virat informs Maansi's mom he was thinking something else and now he would only decide after a discussion with Maansi..

Scene 4: Maansi Adi dadi and all alongwith Maan and Maan is asked to rest...while rest of them move out ...Maan tries to talk to Maansi

Maansi while arranging the bed for Maan,Maan thinks about if he shud talk to Maansi now or later..

Maansi while moving out...Maan holds Maansi's hand and asks her to sit infront of him...

Maan: Mujhe kuch baat karni hai
Maansi: Jaanti hu,aap mere aur virat ke rishtey ko lekar pareshaan hai aur nahi chahte ki mein yahan aapke paas rahu..aur hospital mein bhi aap yehi soch rahein the..

Maahi in the background as Maan is left speechless

Maansi: Aapko aur aapke dil ko acchi tarah jaanti hu Maan..
Maansi: Aap mere future ko lekar concerned hai aur mein aapke
Maansi: Lekin ab aapko aur takleef nahi dungi,aap theek ho yeh kaafi hai mere liye aur phir mein yeh bhi jaanti hu ki chahte hue bhi hum saath nahi reh sakte..

Maansi: Aap yehi kehna chahte hai na Maan

Maahi in the background as Maan says yes

Maansi: Bass aapke theek hone ka intezaar tha Maan,ab toh mujhe bhi iss baat ka ehsaas hai ki mein Virat ke saath gaalt kar rahi hu..isiliye..mera farz banta hai ki mein aapke liye apni feelings ko control mein rakhu..

Maahi in the bakcground as Maan and Maansi look at each other...

Maansi: Take care Maan...Maan smiles and holds Maansi's hand and wishes her best of luck

Maahi in the background as Maansi hugs Maan...both Maansi and Maan expressing the passion and love yet again in their hug and in eyes as Maansi gets up and Maansi walks back looking deep in eyes of Maan and she quickly turns and moves out before she felt any desire to come back to Maan..

Scene 5: Maansi's mom thinking about Maan and Maansi as she recollects those moments where Maansi was in hospital,Maansi's mom feels like talking to Maansi's father once and she decides to move out and while she is about to move out,Maansi comes in with some pain on her face...Maansi's mom confirms with Maansi if Maan was ok...Maansi says nothing and asks her mom to start preparing faster for the wedding as it was getting difficult each day and she wanted a reason to forget Maan or atleast try and forget him,Maansi's mom feels that was a huge compromise Maansi was making...


Virat comes in and finds Maansi with her mom and Maansi's mom moves out to give privacy to Virat..and Maansi

Virat: ab kaisa hai Maan

Maansi with eyes down: Ab theek hai aur ghar bhi aagaye hai..

Virat: Mein tumse jo hua woh kyu hua yeh poochne nahi aaya hu..agar tumhein sochne ke liye waqt chahiye toh waqt lelo,lekin iss baar jo tumne haa ki toh tumhein Maan ko hamesha hamesha ke liye bhulne hoga...

Maahi in the background as Maansi looks up and then looks down...

Virat: Meine pehle bhi tumse kaha tha,I hate complications,ab decision tumhara hai...
Maansi: Mein apni mummy papa ke khilaaf nahi jaana chahti
Virat: Kya tum apne parents ki wajah se mujhse shaadi kar rahi ho
Maansi: Haa
Virat is stunned to hear blunt and open answers from Maansi
Virat: Aur tumhein aisa lagta hai ki mein iss baat se khush hokar tumse shaadi karne ke liya raazi ho jaunga..
Maansi: Mein zhooth nahi kehna chahti,mein yeh shaadi bass mummy papa ki wajah se kar rahi hu,jahan tak ek wife ki responsibilities ka sawaal hai mein usse poora karungi...
Virat: Saari responsibilities?
Maansi looks up towards Virat as he meant alot in his question..
Virat; kya Maan ko bhulne ki responsibility aur usse bhulakar mujhe apna ne ki responsibility poori kar paaogi
Maansi left with a question mark as her eyes speak it wasnt possible for her...

Maansi with controlled tears in her eyes says yes..

Maansi: Haa,yeh responsibility bhi...

Maahi in the background as Maansi assures with some pain in her voice felt by Virat as well as Maansi's mom...who feels her daughter's dilemma...

Virat: Great,toh phir mein yeh samjhu ki tum Maan se kabhi nahi milogi

Maahi in the background as
Maansi nods her head as yes with controlled tears and pain expressed..

Virat: Tum mere saath loyal rahogi aur mera tum par jo  confidence aur trust hai usse nahi todogi
Maansi nods her head as yes..
Virat: toh theek hai jo hua mein usse bhula dunga aur yeh waada hai mera tumse yeh baat hamarein aane waale rishtey ke beech kabhi nahi aayegi,jab tak ke tum na chaho..

Maansi looks at Virat

Virat: Mein chalta hu..apna khayal rakhan aur mujhe diya wada yaad..

Maahi in the back ground as Maansi nods her head as yes...


Only two days later..

Maan resting and alone in his room gets call on his landline extention he addresses himself but finds no one answering...

The call gets disconnected and Maan feels it was some drop call

After a while another call comes in and Maan again picks up the call and again no one answers...

Maan suspects if it was Maansi as the call drops again...

Yet another call and Maan adresses "Maansi" and Maansi addresses "Maan"

Maahi in the background as Episode ends with Maan and Maansi on the call with controlled tears and respective expressions.. missing each other badly and not able to stay away from each other..

One screen and two pcitures with Maan and Maansi with respective expressions..




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Episode 238:

Scene 1: Few days later:

Maahi musical moment...

Maansi at her place in her room thinking about Maan and the lovely moments as she misses Maan alot and since she has promised herself and others she wont meet or contact Maan again, she just holds herself back and is lost in her own world as others are busy preparing for her wedding..

Maan in his office while working he just looks on the sides and finds Maansi missing and feels the pain as Maansi's memories make him miss Maansi...

Both Maan and Maansi in thoughts and memories of sweet dreams but at their respective places...

Scenes from past used as Maahi musical continues for 3 minutes..

Scene 2: Virat comes in and informs he wanted to take Maansi out for shopping as he wanted to choose few gifts, and clothes and all the other stuff for Maansi..Maansi who is still quiete and in her own world gives vibes of compromise to Virat who smiles and comes close to her and asks her to cheer up...

Scene 3: Maan and reashu together as reashu comes in office alongwith Adi and requests Maan to come out with her for shopping,completely helpless as Maan cant deny her,Maan moves out with reashu and reach a mall..Maan informs reashu he had to go to an ceremony in the evening where he was going to get honoured so they have to return back to office soon and get ready for the evening...

Scene 4: Virat and Maansi too reach the same mall and happens the game of touch and go and hits and misses as Maansi and Virat follow reashu and Maan and Maansi faisl to find and catch hold of Maan and reashu.

Scene 5: While Maansi is looking around for shaadi ka joda...Virat goes off and searches  for Venu and sees Venu there as he hints to send in reashu...venu hints reashu where Maansi was and reashu without informing Maan rushes towards Maansi...

Scene 6: While Maansi is busy looking for sarees and other wears reashu comes in and pulls Maansi to gain her attention,Maansi smiles and hugs Reashu and feels good to see her,she confirms with whom she had come and reashu informs Maan..

Scene 7: "Maahi in the background as Maan comes in and while searching for reashu he finds reashu with Maansi...Maahi runs at a higher pitch as Maan and Maansi are left in an eye lock and a smile on their face after seeing each other since days...The happiness and pain is expressed thru eyes as Maan and Maansi are left with some good feeling and satisfaction after seeing each other...Maan walks upto Maansi and asks her what she was doing there..Maansi informs she was with Virat for shopping...and wonders where Virat was..

Scene 8: Maansi asks Maan to help her choose her wedding dress as she shows various choices of hers,a completely different Maansi who was smiling and feeling good to be with Maan...Maan seriosuly helps Maansi as he recollects his experience with Geet where she got upset with him...

Musical Maahi moment of 3 minutes as Maansi comes in with her choices and Maan judges her and helps her choose the best dress for her well as jewellery and other stuff..

Scene 9: Virat and Venu smiling letting Maan and Maansi spend sometime together in hope of Maansi most probably loosing control and getting out of the emotion of sacifice love and all crap...which she was thinking off,Venu confirms with Virat if in case Maansi doesnt then he wud talk to Maansi's parents and convince them to let Maansi marry Maan.Virat feels fakingly disgusted as he realises Venu was so eager to bring together Maan and Maansi,venu gets a bit worried but then Virat smiles and informs him he was trying since days to provoke Maansi but she never did and if today she did not then he wud certainly speak before the rituals and other preparations begin...

Scene 10: "maahi moment "

Maan finally chooses the entire dress for Maansi...and she comes out dressed in it to show how she was looking...Maahi moment as Maan sees Maansi in her wedding dress and he comes close and puts the dupatta on her head making her look perfect dulhan...

An eye lock moment as Maan and Maansi look  deep in each others eyes and Maahi continues at a higher pitch as Maan and Maansi feel attracted towards each other with emotions oozing out in their eyes and after a moment of attraction comes the moment of realisation...


Virat enters and expresses surprise when sees Maan with Maansi and he pretends to be angry as he asks Maansi to change and come ...

Virat calls up Venu and pretends to talk to someone else as he keeps his call on and asks Maan to wait as he wanted to talk to him..

While Maansi goes to change her dress Virat tries to provoke Maan..and make Maansi feel the pain when he fakingly insults Maan...

Virat: Aap batadijiye agar shaadi ke baad bhi aap Maansi se yuhi milte rahenge..
Maan: I am sorry mein nahi jaanta tha Maansi yahan hai,woh toh reashu..
Virat: Mr Khurana kamse kam apni bacchi ka bahana toh mat banayiye..
Maan feels bad and he picks reashu and tries to move out..
Virat: Mr Khurana...Maansi meri hone waali patni hai,badi mushkil se uske chehre par raunak aayi hai,mein nahi chahta aap baar baar uska dard bankar uske saamne aate rahein...

Maahi in the background as Maan feels insulted and looks at Virat and Maansi listens to it and feels the pain Maan might be going through when he did not do anything purposely..

Maan while turning back realises Maansi was out and Maan and Maansi look at each other with pain for each other...


Maansi reaches back home and says nothing to Virat as Maansi recollects those moments and insult of Maan and feels speechless as she had nothing to say to Virat becoz she had promised Virat...Virat feels the pain Maansi was feeling and her eyes potrayed it...

Maansi calls up Maan ...

Maan: hello
Maansi: "I am Sorry"

Maahi in the background as Maan feels Maansi was feeling bad...

Maan: Maansi issmein Virat ki koi galati nahi aur phir usne jo kuch bhi kaha woh sahi hai,mein tumhari zindagi mein ek nasoor ek dard ke siwa aur kuch bhi nahi...

Maan: I am sorry Maansi...

Maahi runs at a higher pitch as Maansi feels sorry for Maan and Maan feels he unknowingly hurt Virat and made Maansi's life difficult..

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi on a call...

One screen and two pictures Maan and Maansi with respective emotions...



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Episode 239:

Scene 1:( a long scene with background music of Maahi at a higher pitch)

Its late afternoon and Maaansi still thinking about insult of Maan and conversation with Maan on call as  Maansi is surrounded by her family members,ladies and friends and mehendi drawn on her hand...Maansi thinking about lines of Virat and her decision to leave Maan for her family...

A build up scene and a long build up scene where Maansi recollects moments spent with Maan from day one to the point where Maan was attacked by swords while saving Maansi from goons..

With every scene the pain expressed by Maansi increases as intensity of pain,expressions and tears increase as Maansi feels and rethinks over what was she sacrificing ...

After every scene would flash a scene expressing pain and thought of Maansi,where her expressions get intense with increasing pain and a guilt that she was leaving Maan despite knowing she was the only and most important person in Maan's life who can save his life from being ruined and fill the gap left by Geet's death

a) Maansi thinks about dargah scene where Maan meets her for the first time

b) Followed by Maan in the hotel where he moves out without saying a word

c) Maan and Maansi confrontations in mumbai and Maan's feelings where he comes closer to Maansi thinking about Geet..

d) Maan saving Maansi from bhaiyaji

A scene when Maan hugs Maansi when drunked and scenes of "koi fariyaad" song sequence making Maansi feel the importance of her in Maan's life..

Maan and Maansi scenes in office..all those scenes in flashes...

f) Maan and Maansi in the locked room

g) Maan and Maansi scenes at Maan's place

h) Maan and Maansi scene during the song sequence "Maahi Maahi"

i) Maansi feeling the love when Maan was not infront of her and scenes from song sequence "bepanaah pyaar hai"

j) Maan and Maansi scenes after Maan cools down and shares some good moments with Maansi..

k) Maan and Maansi scenes in Poona at Maansi's maasi's place

l) Maan's acceptance and revealing the truth

m) Maan's proposal

n) Maansi proposing Maan...

o) Both deciding to marry

p) The moment of seperation due to Maansi's mom objecting

q) Maan and Maansi scenes during the trip

r) Maan at Maansi's engagement party

s) Maan hugging Maansi in the party

t) Maan saving Maansi from the goons and saving her pride...

u) Maan getting attacked by swords...

Scene 2: Maansi shouts loudly unknowingly when she feels and recollects that moment when Maan was striked by swords while saving her pride..

Maansi shouts : "Maan"

Everyone around including Maansi's mom and others remain stunned as Maansi is left in tears as she feels the burden of getting married to someone else and the burden of guilt of leaving Maan alone...which now with the wedding day nearing was making her feel uneasy and uncomfortable...

Maansi is a state of shock and Maansi's mom holds Maansi to ask her what happened...

Maansi hugs her mom and accepts she cant think of anyone else but Maan and cant live with out him..

Maansi: 'Mein Maan ke paas jaana chahti hu Maa,ab mujhse aur bardasht nahi hota,mein nahi reh paungi Maan ke bina..Maan ko zarurat hai meri maa..please mein yeh shaadi nahi karna chahti...please understand me ...

Maansi drops down on legs of her mom in depression and pain as she finally expresses her true desire after failing to control her emotions

Maansi's mom and her dad feels her daughter's pain and Maansi's mom asks her to calm down..

Maansi's mom: Maansi...rona mat...accha theek hai..mein papa se baat karti hu...

Maansi's dad: Mat roko usse...

Maansi hears that from her dead and she walks upto her dad..

Maansi: I am sorry papa..

Maansi" father: No sorry beta,hum naaraaz nahi hai,tumhein aise ghut ghut kar jeete hue nahi dekh sakte...tumhein Maan se shaadi karni hai theek hai...hum tumharein saath hai...tumahri khushi mein hamari khushi hai aur humnein tumhara bachpana samajhkar mana kiya tha,humein kya patah tha tum Maan se itna pyaar karti ho...lekin ab jab patah chal gaya hai toh tumhein rokenge nahi..and we are proud..tum Maan se shaadi karke kuch accha hi kar rahi ho,kai zindagiya sudhar rahi hai...log toh shaadi karke ek nayi zindagi ki shuruvat karte hai,tum toh shaadi karke kisiki khoyi zindagi lauta rahi ho..

I am proud of you ...Maansi...(Maansi's dad kisses Maansi's forehead )

Maahi runs in the background as Maansi feels good and hugs her dad...

Maansi's mom comes in...

Maansi's mom: Mein toh bahut dino se soch rahi thi ki tumharein papa ko convince kar lu...beta ab rona mat...ab papa ne bhi haa kardi hai...hum saath chalenge...Maan se milne...

Maansi: Lekin Virat...

Scene 3: Virat and Maansi

Virat: Mein toh khudd iss pal ka intezaar kar raha tha..

Everyone including Maansi feel surprised as to why Virat said like that..

Virat: Agar aaj tum yeh nahi kehti toh shayad mein aaj khudd uncle aur aunty se tumhari aur Maan ki baat karne wala tha..

Venu too chips in and confirms with Maansi..

Venu: Yeh sahi keh raha hai aur aaj jo tumhari mulaqat Maan se hui hai woh bhi Virat ne plan ki thi...

Maansi looks at Virat with a surprising look..

Venu: Aur woh jo Maan ki insult,woh sab fake tha..tumhein yeh mehsus karane ke liye ki tum kya chodd rahi thi ..

Maansi smiles and so does Virat...

Virat: Tumhein kya laga...uss raat jab tumhein bachate hue Maan ne ek baar bhi nahi socha ki uske baad uske baccho ka kya hoga aur jiss tarah tum Maan ke liye mannatein maang rahi thi...mein aankhen muund kar tumse shaadi kar leta...waise tumne kaafi waqt laga diya realise karne mein..mein toh darr gaya tha kahi fans na jau...

Maansi: I am sorry...Virat..

Virat: No ways sweetheart,Meine pehle bhi tumse kaha hai...

" I hate complications"

Maansi smiles and thanks Virat...

Virat: Ab time waste mat karo aur jaldi se jakar Maan ko yeh khush khabar sunao...common run..go get your love...

Scene 4: Maansi tries to call Maan and finds him not picking the phone..Maansi after trying for a while calls up Adi and learns Maan was leaving Bombay forever...Maansi gets worried and informs Venu and others that Maan was leaving Mumbai for ever...

Virat and others feel surprising how was that possible so early...while maansi rushes in her car to stop Maan where she learns from Adi that Maan was to attend some celebration in his honour before leaving mumbai forever..Maansi rushes towards the hotel where the celebration was supposed to happen..


Venu feels Maansi might have called Adi and Adi to give one final dosage,might have lied that Maan was leaving as Venu had asked him to call and tell Maansi as one final try...Virat looks at Venu with a question mark as to why this extra dose...Venu gets worried as Maansi was a bad night driver and others get worried that Maansi might get nervous and might drive rough...everyone rush behind Maansi as Venu tries to call Maansi and realises she wasnt picking up the call..


Song sequence: "Dancing jodi musical"

Film: Rab ne banadi jodi...

The initial part of the musical is the scene where Maansi is driving the car and nok zhok moments of Maan and Maansi flash... she feels happy to  return back to Maan and this time with consent and permission from her parents and Virat too not objecting,everything in her favour...

( Dance pe chance marle part wud be edited and directly haule haule wud be included...)

Haule haule begins in the musical and Maansi's car runs faster even faster in the traffic..despite Maansi being a bad night driver,

scene (to express the urge and passion and that feel in Maansi to go back in arms of Maan...)

( The alaap of rab ne rab ne rab ne when begins...Maansi is in hotel...searching for Maan...till the last part of the song and till it ends ...and when finally when the song ends Maansi sees Maan getting felicitated and Maansi feels good and smiles to see Maan infront of her and not having left mumbai..)

Maansi shouts: "Maan"

Maahi in the background as Maan looks at Maansi and Maansi with a smile and tears in her eyes looking at Maan...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi looking at each other...and an eye lock...Maahi musical in the background ...

One screen and two pictures..

Maan and Maansi looking at each other..with respective expressions of joy and happiness in Maansi's expressions and some relief too and Maan expressing surprise...



abinaya.m Senior Member

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Posts: 216

Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
simply splendid lovely work especially ep 239 was mind blowing loved it 
abinaya.m Senior Member

Joined: 01 December 2010
Posts: 216

Posted: 26 May 2011 at 4:50am | IP Logged
simply superb, lovely and all nice adjectives made for u oly :)
Geetseason2 Senior Member

Joined: 06 April 2011
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Episode 240:

Scene 1: " maahi musical in the background as Maan and Maansi both look at each other and Maan left

stunned and others including dadi left surprised...

Maansi comes running towards Maan amongst the elites of bussiness and construction sector.

Maansi jumps on and hugs Maahi runs at its utmost pitch and Maansi's passionate hug making

Maan feel surprised what she was doing there,while Maansi expresses her releif and joy..Maan is

still left with a question mark as Maan tries to pacify and cool down Maansi...

Maansi: " i love you maan,i love you alot."

Maansi tightens her grip and hug while proposing Maan infront of everyone..and Maan left with some

dilemma as he was insulted in the virat and was worried for maansi if virat sees her

again with him

Maan: Maansi sab dekh rahein hai...

Scene 2: Maansi comes out of the hug and realises where she was,while others smile dadi left

worried..maansi just cant control her she smiles and looks at Maan again..cooling

herself down and calming her excitement to inform Maan that everything was fine and she was only


Scene 3: While every one else leaves the place and Maan and Maansi left embarrassed...Maan asks


Maan: Maansi tumhein kya hogaya hai aur tum yahan iss tarah,agar virat ko patah chal gaya,tumharein

parents...Maansi try and understand...

Maansi keeps finger on Maan's lips and begins maahi in the background..

Maansi: koi kuch nahi kahega,
maan: matlab
Maansi: Unhonein hi bheja mujh aapke paas,hamesha hamesha ke liye

Maahi in the background as Maan is left with some good feeling and dilemma as he still is left


Maansi: haa Maan,mummy papa ko koi aitraaz nahi hamari shaadi se,unhonein khudd mujhse kaha aur

subah jo kuch bhi aapse virat ne kaha woh zhooth tha usne mujhe realise karvane ke liye jaan bujhkar

yeh sab kiya..aur Venu bhi uske saath mila hua tha..

Maan still in a thought of bother..and reashu jumps in..she comes close to Maansi and Maansi picks

her up and reashu kisses her and so does Maansi..Maansi knowing reashu too was involved as she

smiles alongwith reashu and both look at maan..

Reashu: Papa mein bhi chachu ke saath thi..

Maan still wondering and looks at Maansi...with a question mark as he wasnt able to relate and

understand what was going on..

Scene 4: Maansi's parents ,adi, come running behind Maansi and feel good to see her alright..Maansi

hands over reashu to dadi maa as Maansi's mom comes in with a furious look..

Maansi's mom: yeh kya pagal pan hai Maansi,aur kitni tez gaadi chala rahi thi tum..kuch ho jaata


Maansi is left with a smile as she feels she did act she quietly says sorry and

Maansi's mom smiles and cools down..and looks at Maan and gives a good smile..

Maan smiles too as he feels what was coming ahead...his biggest surprise and a releif...

Maansi's dad: ( Maansi's dad with hands joined apologising to Maan and Maan holds Maansi's dad's

hand and asks him not to...)hamein maaf kardo...hum tumharein aur Maansi ke pyaar ko samajh nahi

paaye...Maansi ka pyaar mein bachpana samjhkar hum usse tumse dur kar rahein the..lekin ab jab jaan

gaye hai ki Maansi ki khushi tumharein saath hai toh hum usse rokenge nahi

Maan hamein koi aitraaz nahi agar tum aur Maansi ek dusre ke saath zindagi guzarna chahte ho,agar

tumhein aitraaz na ho toh hum dono ( Maansi's dad looks at Maansi's mom) chahtein hai ki tum Maansi

ko apna lo..tumahri aur Maansi ki shaadi se hamein ab khushi hi hogi...

Maahi in the background as Maan is left with a smile and some sweet releif as he looks at Maansi and

so does Maansi who smiles and makes Maan beleive and understand why she was so excited...Maan bows

down and takes blessings from Maansi's dad and mom and Maansi left touched and proud of her parents

and her choice her 'Maan"...

Scene 5: Dadi maa comes in and Maansi hugs dadi maa after dadi asks her not to bow down...All

smiles around..maansi's dad smiles and asks Maansi if she was happy now and she hugs her dad and

smiles saying yes and thanks him

maansi: thank you papa...i love you..
Maansi's dad: hmm theek hai..ab jiske liye itna sab kuch kiya uske paas toh jao...( Maansi points at

Maan and asks Maansi to go and be with Maan)

Maahi in the background as Maansi walks upto Maan and stands next to him and both trying to be

decent controlling their emotions ..looking at each other and slightly blushing as well..

Scene 6: Enter Venu and virat...smiling...

Virat; Finally...maansi maan ke paas aa hi gayi
Virat: waise dont you think u shud thank me guys
Maansi: Thanks alot Virat...
Virat: Ohh dear,i was kidding..

Maan walks upto Virat and Virat hugs him and smiles...and congratulates..him..

Both give a stylish hand shake...

Maan: Thank you Virat...

Virat: Woh hamesha se tumhari thi,mein toh bass zariya banahu

Venu to Maansi:

venu: And you ,you shud be thankfull to me again...just wonder mein nahi hota toh tumhara kya hota.
maansi: accha aur meine jo tumhari itni help ki woh...uska kuch nahi..
venu: haa true lekin meine tumhein maan se milwaya hai,warna tum dono toh kurbaani ki misaal tayaar

karne jarahein the...
maansi hugs venu and thanks him...too...

venu smiles and gives her a punch on her cheeks and informs her he was actually worried..

venu: its ok yaar...tum dono ki halat waise bhi mujhse dekhi nahi jarahi thi...but one man who

deserves applause is Virat...

Virat smiles and asks Venu to shut up and stop embarrassing him...

Virat: dude,ab hogayana...kitni taang khichega meri..

venu smiles and thanks both Maansi and Maan

venu: waise tum dono ki wajah se mujhe ek accha dost mil gaya hai..

Virat looks at venu..

Virat: dur reh yeh sab kuch aur samjhenge
venu: ohh ok..

All smiles around and Virat asks everyone to leave as the love birds might be needing some


Virat; common everyone..ab kuch privacy dijiye inhein..itne dino baad mile hai let them exchange


venu hints Virat and informs him Maansi's parents dadi were around...

Virat: Aahmm I am sorry..aunty uncle..dadi maa...

Maansi's dad: Ab hum kya kahein..chalo bhai ghar...aur Maansi..ghar jaldi laut aana..
Maansi: please papa..stop she blushes...and smiles
Maansi's mom: haa chalo virat sahi keh raha hai...hum kyu kabab mein haddi ban rahein..hai

Virat: Cool parents...yaar...

Maan and Maansi left embarrassed...

Dadi picks reashu : sahi hai chalo ab..aur Maan beta ghar jaldi aajana..waise aaj shaam ka khaana

hum sab saath khaayein toh..kaisa rahega..dadi looks at Maansi's parents and virat..

venu: dadi maa woh kal karlenge..ab patah nahi inhein kitna waqt lagega...after all sab ki haa hai

bhai..uski khushi toh kuch aur hi hoti hai..

Virat: yes aur ab tu yahan se chal...

Everyone leaving Maan and Maansi in probably the most awkward and embarassing both

hide their faces and eye contact..smiling and still not able to beleive their luck and the fact they

were together..

Break: ( Maahi musical moment)

While Maan and Maansi are left with an embarassing feel...

Maansi and Maan turn around and look at each other and come Maahi rises to its utmost


Maan: Toh aakhir tumne sabko mana hi liya

Maansi with some fake attitude and pride on her face

Maansi: Haa ab aapar jo kurbaani ka bhoot savaar tha toh mujhe toh kuch na kuch karna hi tha na..

Maan gets provoked by Maansi...

Maan walks towards Maansi and Maansi teasing and smiling and moving back...maahi still continuing

Maan: accha..yeh theek hai..ek toh karo uparse suno
Maansi: kya kar rahein the aap..mujhe chodd rahein the...mujhe laga jaisa aapka naam hai waisa kuch

aap karenge
Maan: Matlab
Maansi: Maan Singh Khurana ka naam sunkar aisa lagta hai jaise kisi sher dil insaan ka naam ho aur

aap hai..

Maan comes closer and pulls Maansi close to him..Maan holding Maansi on her back and waist...Maan

and Maansi looking deep in eyes of each other and Maansi's passion and love for Maan seen in her

eyes as she calms down in front of glare Maan had in his eyes and Maansi's eyes dropping down and

Maan glaring and looking deep in Maansi's eyes who is nervous indeed..( maahi still on)...

Maan: Maan Singh Khurana itna khudgarz aur kamzor dil nahi jaisa tum sochti ho..

Maansi smiles and with love and passion and some nervousness and fear..

Maansi: Mein toh mazak kar rahi thi.

Maansi puts both her hands in Maan's neck and Maan smiling...

Maansi: aur mein jaanti hu aap naa hi aap kamzor dil hai aur naahi khudgarz aur isiliye toh aap mere

"Maan" hai, isilye toh itna pyaar aataa hai aap par..

Maahi in the background as Maan and Maansi smile and and feel the love in each others eyes and

happens a passioante hug with Maan and Maansi hugging each other tightly and feeling and expressing

their love and passion for each other..

Maansi: Maan ab aur duri nahi sahi jaati..ab mein jald se jald "Mrs Khurana banna chahti hu"

Maahi in the background as Maan recollects that flash from the past when Geet said the same line..

Maan: Mein bhi nahi Maansi..ab bahut jald hum saath honge,aur yeh sab tumhari wajah se hua hai..

Maahi in the background as Maansi comes out of the hug and Maan and Maansi looking at each

other..Maansi touches Maans's face with one hand and says..

Maansi: Hamarein pyaar ki wajah se..

Maan holds Maansi's hand and kisses it..

Maan: Mehndi kharab hogayi hai..
Maansi smiles and says
Maansi: sahi toh ab rachegi Maan..kharab kaha hui hai..

maahi in the background as Maan and Maansi both feel the relief of coming together finally..and

smile on their face expressing that feel.


Maan pulls Maansi closer and asks her

Maan: Tumhein itni rash driving karne ke liye kisne kaha tha
Maansi: woh mujhe laga aap Mumbai hamesha hamesha ke liye choddkar jarahein ho

Maan with some expression where he felt Maansi was stupid..

.Maan:.maansi yeh koi film nahi hai

Maaansi: Jaanti hu nahi hai,lekin Adi Sir ne kaha tha..
maan: adi ne..
Maansi: haa waise aap sach mein jarahein the..
Maan: Bilkul nahi...

Maansi casually and just for fun says

Maansi: accha hua warna zindagi bhar aapko iss baat ka malal rehta ki mein lautkar aayi thi aur aap

nahi the..

Maan gets a bit serious as he expresses his feelings..

Maan: Tumhein pana ek sapne sa lagne lage tha,tumhein toh meine kho diya tha Maansi lekin tumharein

pyaar ne aaj uss sapne ko haqiqat bana diya..tum maano ya na maano,meine ummeed chodd di thi aur

aaj agar hum saath hai toh tumhari wajah se...

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels how Maan must have felt..during this past few days...when she

was away and was with Virat..

Maan: Thank you Maansi...

Maahi runs at a higher pitch as Maansi with controlled tears comes closer and kisses Maan on his

lips..a gentle touch like before where she took away all pain of Maan with one simple gentle touch

of her lips on Maan's lips..

Maan and Maansi in romantic,passionate and emotional state as both hold each others face and come


Maan and Maansi with controlled tears and emotions and love for each other oozing out in their eyes

and body language..

Maan and Maansi very close to each other and their lips at kissing distance with eyes filled with

emotions and love..

Maan: I love you Maansi

Maansi" I love you too Maan..

Both come closer and happens a gentle liplock which is a symbol of expression of love for each other

and desire to be together and acceptance as a partner..

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi in a liplock...

One screen and one picture

Maan and Maansi in a lip lock expressing their love and desire to be together always...

( Well lip lock is a desire of fans so i am showing it here..ideally if ever shown on screen it wud be a passioante hug after the proposal)..

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