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SV FF |Priceless Memories| Last Epi Pg 33 THE END (Page 10)

shilparoxx IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
How are ya?!!!

Yaaru... this update was sooo amazing!!!!
For you:

and a chart to explain your magnificent excellence Smile

Take care yaaruHug


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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shilparoxx

How are ya?!!!

Yaaru... this update was sooo amazing!!!!
For you:

and a chart to explain your magnificent excellence Smile

Take care yaaruHug

Aww thanks Shilpa for your lovely comment! Tc and hugs! Hug

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 9:34pm | IP Logged

Sagar and Sneha were sitting inside the flight. The flight is about to take off soon. Sneha was super excited as it was her first air journey. Surprisingly she was not scared like the other kids! Sagar smiled thinking that. A memory came fresh in his mind. He went back to his lane of memories.


"OMG! I am feeling amazing! Clouds ke beecho beech hum sab! Kitna mazaa aa raha hai!", said Vidya very excitedly.
Sagar smilingly gazed at Vidya. Vidya noticed that and said, "Aap humhe aise kyun dekh rahe hai?"
"Kyunki tum jab aise kisi baat par excited hoti ho toh bilkul ek choti bacchi ki tarah lagti ho.", Sagar said with his eyes still on Vidya.
Vidya smiled and hugged Sagar. She said, "Hum toh bacchi hain hi! Iss mein koi shaq nahin hai."
"Really?!", said Sagar raising his eye brows.
Vidya said, "Haan! Aur aap aise kyun pooch rahe hai?"
Sagar mischievously said, "Vidya, tum bacchi ho?"
Vidya replied cutely, "Haan!"
Sagar mischievously smiled and made Vidya look at him. Vidya could find mischievousness in Sagar's eyes.
"Dekhiye! Flight mein yeh sab shaytaaniyo ki ideas nahin aane chahiye aapke dimaag mein.", said Vidya nervously.
Sagar made a baby face and said, "Tumne kaise soch liya ke mere dimaag mein kya chal raha hai? Tum toh bacchi ho naa jo kuch nahin samajhti. Kuch bhi nahin!"
Saying that, he came closer to Vidya. Just then the plane shook for a bit and Sagar landed on top of Vidya. Both gazed at each other for long. Vidya's heart started beating fast.
"Sagar, aap yeh kya kar rahe hai? Yeh humara bedroom nahin hai.", said Vidya nervously.
"Tumhe kaise samajh mein aaye ga ki main kya kar raha hoon. Tum toh choti bacchi ho.", said Sagar with mischief.
"Accha theek hai. Hum bacchi nahin hai. Aab toh please theek tarah se baithiye.", said Vidya.
"Aab aayi naa line pe.", said Sagar still on top of Vidya.
"Uthiye naa.", said Vidya.
"Tum itna nervous kyun ho rahi ho? We are a couple after all.", said Sagar.
"Sagar!", said Vidya.
"Vidya! Yeh accept karo na ke its hard for you to resist me! Just like when you used to work at my office!", said Sagar proudly.
"Its not hard for me! Okay!", said Vidya determinedly.
"It is!", said Sagar.
"It isn't!", said Vidya.
"It is, Vidya!", said Sagar.
"It isn't, Sagar!", said Vidya.
"It is!", said Sagar again.
"It is!" , said Vidya and finally gave up in front of Sagar.
Sagar smiled as he heard what he wanted to hear. He came closer to Vidya and kissed softly on her lips. Then finally he sat on his seat properly. Vidya sat properly, too. She blushed and smiled and rested her head on Sagar's chest. Both went to a deep sleep in the warmness of each other.


Sagar smiled thinking of another priceless memories. He looked down and saw Sneha sleeping peacefully in his lap. He smiled seeing her and ran his hand in between her hairs.
"Woh Anmol Lamhein! Kabhi nahin bhul paayunga Vidya. Kabhi nahin!", thought Sagar in his mind.
He took out Vidya's diary which he had kept in Sneha's school bag & started reading it.


Sun light came through the window and fell on Vidya's face which made her wake up. She sat on the bed, yawned and stretched her arms.

"Coffee!", said Bhoomika from the doorway.
"Arey aap? Aapne kyun taklif ki? Hum khud le lete.", said Vidya.
"Iss mein taklif ki kya baat hai? Mujhe coffee pine ka maan kiya iss liye tumhare liye bhi coffee banaadi. Abhi baatein bandh karo aur coffee piyo! Thandi ho jaayengi.", said Bhoomi.

Vidya nodded and started drinking coffee. Bhoomika was drinking coffee, too.

"Oh god! Humhe office ke liye late ho raha hai. Humhe jaldi jaana hoga.", said Vidya after looking at the clock.
"Theek hai! Tum fresh ho jaao. Main breakfast ready karti hoon.", said Bhoomika and left.


Vidya entered the office and sat in her cabin. She saw a pink envelope on her desk and was confused.

"Yeh toh mera nahin hai. Phir yeh kaha se aa gaya?", thought Vidya confusingly.

She held it in her hands and turned it to the other side. There was written, "To Vidya, From Sagar!" Vidya burned with anger and prepared to tear it. Just then, her eyes went on the screen of her computer where it was flashing as a screen saver, "Please don't tear it!" Vidya annoyingly opened the envelope. There she found a "Sorry" card! She opened it to read what her so-called boss had written inside. She read out - "Sorry for whatever happened yesterday! I was not in my senses and I am truly sorry for that. Please forgive me! - Sagar!" Vidya got angry. She went to Sagar's cabin to talk to him. But just then, she stopped as she heard Sagar talking with someone on phone. She stood by the doorway leaning her back against the wall.

"Bhoomika, dekho! Main tumhe aaj sacchai bataane jaa raha hoon. Maine tumse kabhi pyaar nahin kiya. I know ke tumhe bohot dukh ho raha hai. Par main aur jhoot tumse nahin bol sakta. I am sorry Bhoomika.", said Sagar on phone.

Vidya was confused and shocked. "Is he really accepting his mistake?", thought Vidya confusingly. It was hard for her to see Sagar in such a good avatar. She left from there with these thoughts.

Sagar opened the door of his cabin and saw Vidya walking towards her cabin. He gave a devil smile and said, "Teer sahi nishaane pe lag gaya!" Then he looked at his phone which was actually switched off.


It was night. Sagar was about to go back home when he saw Vidya still working. He went to her and said, "Tumhe mera card mila tha subha?" Vidya replied, "Haan mila tha!" After a lot of hesitating, finally Sagar said, "I am sorry!" Vidya looked at him and felt that he really might be sorry. She smiled slightly and said, "It's okay!"

Sagar smiled broadly. After a while, he said, "Bohot raat ho chuki hai. Chalo tumhe ghar chod deta hoon." Vidya nodded positively.


Sagar and Vidya were in Sagar's car and Sagar was driving. The radio was on. Romantic songs were played one after one. Both looked at each other and smiled. Suddenly, rain started. Vidya smiled seeing the rainfall. She smilingly looked outside and admired the serenity of the rainfall. She loved it! A strange smile curved on his face seeing Vidya innocently smiling. Suddenly, he stopped smiling and thought, "Why am I smiling? I'm not supposed to smile. It's not in my plan." His mind was telling him not to smile but his heart was smiling when it saw Vidya's innocent smile. He didn't understand why it happened.

Sagar and Vidya had arrived at Vidya's home. It was still raining. Vidya went out of the car and thanked Sagar smilingly. Sagar happily accepted her "thanks" and started his car backwards. His eyes, suddenly, noticed Vidya who was dancing in the rain. He stopped the car and gazed at Vidya with a smile on his face. After few minutes, he said to himself, "What the hell am I doing here?" Saying that, he left!

Ek ajnabi sa ehsaas dil ko sataye
Shayad yahi to pyaar hai

Days were passing within a blink of an eye. Everyday Vidya used to find a sweet "good morning" card on her desk when she came at the office. For the first few days, she felt weird. But after she realized that Sagar was a changed man, she didn't find it weird. She happily kept all his cards inside her drawer.

Betabiyon mein dhadkan meri chal paye
Shayad yahi to pyaar hai

Both were feeling different when they see each other! There was no hatred and no annoyance. They always smiled when their paths crossed by.

Kuch bhi kaha na kuch bhi suna na
Phir bhi bechain dil hai humara
Behke kadam hai
Mushkil main hum hai
Dekho sambhle bhala kaise yaara
Chahe bina bhi nazdeek hum chale aaye
Shayad yahi toh pyaar hai

Sometimes they bumped with each other and shared an eye-lock. Both felt lost into each others' eyes. Everyday Sagar used to drop Vidya at her home and soon Vidya got used to it. They glared at each other, smiled at each other! Their hearts beat fast when they used to be with each other. Vidya used to understand that but not Sagar! He had always ignored it, or actually his mind had always refused to accept that he was falling for Vidya. But his heart! It wasn't listening to his mind. It just began to like her!


Sagar was sitting in his cabin with worried and confused looks on his face.

"Pichle 1 mahine se mere saath kya ajib ho raha hai! Sab kuch mere plan ke according hi ho raha hai par phir bhi, accha nahin lag raha. Aisa kyun ho raha hai? Pehele toh aisa kabhi nahin hota hai. Oh god! I'm going to be mad! Anyways! Mr. Singh! Concentrate on your plan and forget about these stuffs!", thought Sagar in mind.

He took a deep breath and called Vidya.

"Vidya! Please come to my cabin!", said Sagar in a soft tone.

"Yes! Sir!", said Vidya smilingly. She wasn't nervous anymore. A month passed since she joined the company and now she and Sagar got used to each other, or actually, they became friends!

Sagar gave a devil smile again after realizing that his plan was almost successful.


"May I come in, Sir?", said Vidya knocking the door.

"Yeap! Come in!", said Sagar smilingly.

Vidya came in. Both stared at each other smilingly. Vidya blushed and Sagar noticed that. He smiled seeing Vidya's red cheeks.

"Vidya!", said Sagar.
"Jee!", said Vidya in a low tone.
"Kya tum.. I mean.. Will you..", stammered Sagar.

Sagar thought in mind, "Aaj tak kitni ladkiyo ko date par le jaa chuka hoon. Phir abhi itna nervous kyun ho raha hoon. Uff! What is happening with me?"

"Sir, aapne kuch kaha?", said Vidya.
"Woh.. Actually.. Kya.. I mean.. Will you.. go.. on.. a date with me?", said Sagar after a lot of courage!

Vidya was shocked. At last, she blushingly smiled and said, "Yeap!"

Sagar broadly smiled and said, "Great! Toh phir aaj raat ready rahena! Main tumhe 9pm baje pick karne aa jaayunga."

Vidya blushed and nodded positively. She turned toward the doorway and started walking. Sagar smilingly looked at Vidya going out of his cabin. His expressions reflected that he was expecting Vidya to do something. Vidya turned back to Sagar and smiled broadly. Sagar broadly smiled and Vidya blushingly ran out of the cabin.

"Hasi toh phasi.", said Sagar with his killing devil smile.


First Date of Sagar and Vidya.. The romantic date ever!Blushing


Hey guys! Thanks for the appreciations on my previous update! Wanted to continue more but then I thought to write SV date in a seperate episode. Hope you all aren't disappointed. Criticism/appreciaitions are welcomed. Please press the like tab and comment briefly.

@Bhoomika: Sorry for no Bhoomika scenes! Actually, it takes almost 1-2days to go to Canada from Asia! That's why, thought to extend the flashback part more as I wanted the FF to be logical! Hehe! After SV date, there will be present scenes, promise!


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Bhawna_arti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Lovly part.Smile

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n12345678 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 7:08am | IP Logged

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Great part dear ...
Loved it ...
The flashbacks are soo very romantic ...
Precap seems very interesting ...
Update soon ...

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mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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excelent update.thanks for pm.

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KaJen_AR_DMG Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
soo AGIAN..i m srry for being late on this 
uhh i read part 5 n 6 nd... 
they were loovely
*gasp* SV first date comin up...cnt wait!!!!
nd nice song choice..shayad yahi toh pyaar hai..its one of my favs :)
thnx fr the pm
nd update soon

Aashi <3

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