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Mayur FF- Love will find a way#2 Epilogue Pg 80 (Page 74)

Mini4 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Thanx fr d PM...

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anu-radha Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 7:19am | IP Logged
sooo beautiful..Day Dreaming
ahhh the rain scene..haiyee...vry vry lovelyEmbarrassedmayurr...
update soon dear ...

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mayur247 Groupbie

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
Mayur Romance!!!!!!!!! I loved every bit of your update! The part was amazing!!!!!! The rain!  Monsoon Romance was awesome! Update a longgg romantic part soon! :) 

-Vrinda! Smile

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 3:54am | IP Logged
People m posting 2 updates now and another one in a few good hoursLOL

and that 'll be the end of this FF...i was good with "Continue Soon" and want to stay away from "End Soon" still... so wanna end it on a good note...LOL

Here u go peopleBig smile

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
@all thanks for all the sweet commentsBig smile

                                                                           Part 49:

It was a Sunday the next day and Mayank had made a plan for he first time to go for an outing to Matheran waking Nupur up from her inexhaustable was a short trip decided by him because he knew he had some urgent work cropping for the following week before he could think of planning a big one with her...

Nupur revolted immediately getting up in the morning saying, "Mayank, Matheran...trekking is not at all Romantic..." she completed crossing her hands on her chest and speaking as a matter-of-factly...

Mayank tried to convince..."Nupur, hum Car se wahan tak jaayenge...phir wahan ek special ''Mini Train' chalti hai hum woh kar lenge...aur wahan trekking ki jagah horse-riding bhi karte hain log...hum woh kar lenge...that is agar tum thak gayi toh..."

Nupur considered her options and asked, "Par jab bhi main kahoongi toh hum trekking stop kar denge...promise?"

Mayank closed his eyes in assurance and said, "Promise"

Nupur was still standing there trying to be sure of Mayank's promise when Mayank suddenly replied unexpectantly, "Aur jahan tak Romantic ki baat hai...well, you never know..."and stood extemely close to her looking deeply in her eyes when she jolted out of his enchanting eyes and said, "Achcha ab chalo toh...journey start karenge tabhi toh poori karenge naa Mayank" Mayank chuckled at her constant demand of romance and at the same time trying to escape it trying to hold onto herself...

Mayank and Nupur both left home in Mayank's car after informing the house keeper to inform his Ma and Dad about their was still very early in the morning and they saw the sun rising early in the morning whilst they had just started for their destination...

Nupur blabberred every next thing that came to her mind along with the fact that how beautiful it felt to see sunrise with Mayank on the way...Mayank felt the same but replied back, "Nupur agar aisa hai toh main tumhe roz subah utha diya karoonga..."

Nupur immediately retorted back, "Par isse jyaada mujhe subah uth kar tumhara face dekh kar achcha lagta hai...toh yeh kabhi kabhi bhi ho toh bhi chalega..." and that was a fact too...

Mayank smiled at her words for the way she gave excuses to wake up late everytime but also for the fact that she stated later on...she loved to wake up to his face he had noted a soothing expression endorsing her face everytime she woke up and opened her eyes to look at him...

Nupur broke his train of thoughts when she shouted as if to stop-an-accident, "Mayank...ruko...ruko...ruko"

Mayank brought the car to a sudden halt in the corner of the road and looked at her in a quizzical expression...Nupur replied laughing a little at how she made him hassle for a second and answered, "Woh...wahan chai wala hai...chalo hum chai peete hain phir chalte hain...subah ki chai zaroori hoti hai..."

Mayank looked at the place and looking back at Nupur and correcting her words 'chai wala' he said, "Tea-shop 

Nupur...par..yahaan?...thodi aur doori par koi achchitea shop ya restaurant hogi hum wahan le lenge..."

Nupur replied back, "Yeh bhi achcha hi hoga Mayank...chalo naa...mujhe yahin par peena hai..."and opening the car she got out and immediately ordered 2 tea's and bringing both the tea cups in her hand, she indicated for the concerned person to get his bill paid by Mayank and there they were both having tea in the car when after taking a sip and relishing it she raised her cup towards Mayank and said, "Cheers" and Mayank followed suit while he shaked his head at however the silly things are, they are always so much fun with Nupur...

They started their journey again and Nupur kept on talking and talking but this time the difference was Mayank talked too and more than Nupur had expected, she saw him opening up to her more and more each day and she was loving the fact that the more she got to know him, the more she felt her attachment and love growing for him...he was afterall the most genuine guy and lovable guy she could ever think of...and the best part was...she was now 'her guy'

The main adventure for them started when the steep slopes of the 'mountains-made-into-roads' was such a pleasant sight to look at where all the depth beside roads showed was greenery along with some locals inhabiting in extremely small houses, which looked even smaller from such heights...

Nupur wondered if mayank ever did anything where she can pin-point mistakes...coz the way he drove at the curved and twisted turns, it still gave the feeling of the most smooth drive and felt most secured with his presence...and how impressive and handsome he looked while driving so calmly and not losing his focus to look about the place where Nupur wanted to unravel every corner of the view she could see sitting in the car...

Mayank inbetween looked at Nupur every now and then for the excitement she generated in him with her ideas and thoughts of the place and how everytime she used words like - wow, beautiful, gorgeous, pleasant...he could cleraly watch the words adorning her expressions...

Mayank parked the car where the limits permitted in the meanwhile Nupur went up to buy the entry tickets and also the map of the place they were determined to explore together...

They went up to buy the tickets of the mini train but the queue for it was so long that they had to decide onto starting with some trekking itself...

Since very few of the trains passed those tracks and that too, too slow at that, it was usual and the best way to start towards it...they both started walking on the tracks while 

Nupur held Mayank's hand and entwined it with hers...there were trees all around and the journey seemed beautiful since they both were was one great moment to cherish to walk amidst the nature with hands in hands of your better half...Nupur could sense it was gonna be a memory in the making...

Nupur talked looking at the trees..."Mayank, tumhe sunset achcha lagta hai ya sunrise"

Mayank looked amazed at her odd question and answered, "Sunrise...kyun"

Nupur shaked her head and said, "Mujhe pata tha...tumhara answer yahi hoga...afterall Mr.Mayank Sharma ko kaam se pyaar jo hai..."

Before Mayank could ask Nupur eplied herself, "Mujhe toh sunset pasand hai...har sunset mein ek beautiful aur alag colour hota hai...kabhi pink..kabhi orange...thoda sa purple-ish...lekin roz phir bhi alag...naya saa..."

Mayank smiled at her description...he concluded he would like to know nature through her point of view would surely make him live it in a better way...

Mayank said quickly, "Aur mujhe bhi poochne ki zaroorat nahi hai ki tumhara favourite day kaunsa hai...Sunday haina..."

Nupur laughed and said, "Obviously Mayank..."and both laughed simultaneously at how the predictability was finding its space between them...

Nupur pulled Mayank's hand and indicating between the trees she said, "Mayank,  chalo yahan se short cut hoga, chal kar dekhte hain..."

Mayank pulled her hand back and said, "Tum kya yahan pehle aayi ho?...tumhe kaise pata Nupur..."

Nupur again pulled his hand and said, "Bachpan mein aayi thi...par thoda explore toh karte hain...mujhe aur bahut jyaada nahi chalna..."

Mayank laughed and followed her...

When they finally didn't find any new route Mayank looked at Nupur with a question and smile on his face and raising his eye borws he asked, "Toh Nupur ab lautein?"

Nupur tried to get back by saying, "Nahi Mayank koi toh short cut hoga...abhi mil hi jaayega...thoda aur chalte hain naa..."

Mayank smiled and headed towards her when she collided with a tree bark while taking back her steps and looked up at Mayank when he smiled and asked, "Nupur, tum kya mujhe yahan jaan boojhkar akeli jagah laayi ho?"

Nupur asked shocked, "Matlab?"

Mayank smiled and said, "Matlab yeh ki..." and keeping both his hands on he sides he continued, "Kya tum iss trip ko Romantic banane ke liye yeh tareeke aazma rahi ho?" and he tried to hide his laughter looking at Nupur's red face going confused to defensive...

Nupur looked in his eyes and replied rebelling but shying still, "Nahi Mayank...main toh sach mein raasta dhoond rahi thi...maine socha adventure ho jaayega..."

Mayank smiled and said, "Adventure?" Mayank went close to her and kissing the tip of her nose and then dashing his nose with hers he looked in her eyes and asked, "Romantic adventure kaisa rahega?"

Nupur blushed fully and looked away when he cupped her face in his hands and said looking deeeply in her eyes, "Nupur, tum shayad jaanti bhi tumne meri life mein woh feelings aur woh happiness laayi hai, jo main jaanta bhi nahi tha ki exist karti hain...aur tumse pyaar to badhta hi jaa raha hai...toh dhyaan rakhna ki mujhse dur ab kabhi bhi nahi jaana...theek hai...kyunki woh mujhe khudse dur kar dega..."

Nupur smiles and nodded while tears filled the void in her eyes and she smiles even more widely to stop her bizaare emotions and said, "Same here..." and chuckling Mayank wiped off her tears and kissed her closed eyes and said, "Chalo tumhara adventure poora karne...aaj toh yahan se rasta dhund kar hi rahenge" Nupur laughed with him and followed him smiling...


Later, they reached the small market catered over there by the locals where Nupur suddenly wanted to shop for a hat, bags and all until Mayank denied any more baggage to carry along...Nupur made a pout and added to his baggage just a little...

They had breakfast in a decent enough place over there and continued to their journey where they just walked and talked for hours while passing Echo point, and several other also had a beautiful and peaceful temple where 

Mayank and Nupur visited to wish for their relashionship's longetivity and happiness...

Later on while coming back, Nupur threw tantrums for no more walking and Mayank just had to adhere to his promise by hiring 2 horses that took them back...It was one beautiful day they spent together...nothing out of the world but still gave a feeling which said 'Out of the World'...

Then they went for a late and a heavy lunch in a Restaurant, this time of Mayank's choice...

On the way back on drive, Nupur ignored all the scenaries she saw outsde and sat tilted as much was in her hand to watch Mayank drive...she regretted having lost this chance earlier that day...

While all Mayank could do was to smile at her and she would pretend as if she still was admiring the greeneries and mountains...and would shift her focus for sometime, making 

Mayank wanting to stare back in her eyes and hold onto the moment but all he did was roll his eyes at her words...


Ignore the mistakes, if anyLOL

Scroll down for the next updateBig smile

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--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 4:27am | IP Logged
very sweet update...
dont want to say want the next update soon...coz that would be the last...but still want to read it,...

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raji02 Groupbie

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
wow!such a romantic outing.i never knew trekking could be so romantic.awesome update.waiting for other update but i don't want this ff to end.Smile

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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@all please comment if you'll found this story readable and if it turned out good as a wholeBig smileme loved writing it and catering to all ur demandsHug

                                                                    Part 50:

Mayank and Nupur reached home late in the evening and both were so exhausted that they fell asleep right away...Nupur in the car itself and continued her sleep once she reached home and Mayank soon slept after some random work he had to do...


Nupur got up around mid night and realised that they had skipped the dinner and soon waking up Mayank she brought 2 bowls of Maggi Noodles for them both and forwarded it to 

Mayank and said, "Mayank, mujhe chinese toh banane nahi aata...yeh noodles chalenge..."

Mayank was only half awake from his sleep when he laughed out loud at her words and said, "Chalenge Nupur...par yeh kya hai isme?"

Nupur replied a bit hesitant, "Sauce..."

Mayank laughed even harder and said, "Sauce...? tum kya choti bachchi maggi and sauce khati ho?"

Nupur got a bit irritated and embarassed and replied back, "Accha...nahi khana hai toh de do mujhe...kyunki ab mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai...aur mujhe nahi pata tha ki tum itne bade ho gaye ho ki age ke hisaab se khate ho...mujhe toh jo pasand aata hai main khati hoon..."and she moved away from him on the couch...Mayank didn't say anything or go towards her but quietly ate her much relished food and enjoyed watching how she ate so cutely in her anger...

When they finished eating, Nupur went up towards the balcony and stood there facing outside...Mayank quietly followed her there and said, "Thanks for the dinner Mrs. Sharma..." while he hugged her from behind...

Nupur still looked outside trying not to loose her sanity and anger in his grip when she replied, "Tum mera mazaak uda rahe ho naa?"

Mayank made her face him while he smiled to her and said, "Main tumhare saath mazaak karta hoon iska matlab yeh nahi ki main tumhara mazaak udata hoon...aur kissi aur ko bhi yeh karne nahi de sakta Nupur..."

Nupur looked at him spell bound at his words but still trying to maintain her fake anger this time she asked, "Aur...meri Maggi ka?"

Mayank gave a soft laugh and replied, "Aur tumhari Maggi ka bhi Nupur...sach mein achchi thi...mujhe mera bachpan yaad aa gaya..."and saying this he sat behind on the single seater swing there was and winked at Nupur when she found herself open mouthed and said, "Mayank...phir se?"

Mayank replied defending himself, "Kya?...ab woh toh yaad aayega hi...yaad hai ek baar tum aur Gunjan ghar aaye the...aur Ma ne mujhse Maggi banvayi thi tum dono ke liye...jab tum red colour ka dress pehen kar aayi thi..."

Nupur looked at him shocked, "Mayank...tumhe meri dress bhi yaad hai...?"

Mayank smiled and kept his hand in front of her's as if asking for her hand and said, "Haan"proudly and said, "Aur tumhare mujhe tease karte hue expressions bhi..." Nupur giggled and placed her hand in his...

Mayank continued, "Nupur tumne yahaan do swings kyun nahi lagwaye...ab ya toh main baith sakta hoon ya tum...ya tumne socha hi nahi tha ki meri bhi kabhi shadi hogi...specially tumse...waise tumhare sivaaye kissi aur ko yahaan imagine karna meri liye aur bhi impossible tha..."

Nupur was amazed at his sudden out of the blue exclaimations when she said, "Nahi... par hum usually ek hi swing dete hain...married couples ko bhi..."

Mayank looked perplexed and asked, "Kyun?" and then it dawned on him and pulling her towards him so that she falls on his lap he asked, "Isliye?"

Nupur smiled and a bit taken aback she nodded her head when Mayank enclosed her in his embrace and she tried to hold onto her heart coz she was sure that he could here it, only to realise he was moving even more closer to her only to increase it further more...

Mayank slowly blew at her face from behind which made her hair to ruffle on her face while she tried to do away with her hair on her face and felt shivers run through her...Mayank moved away her her hair to the other side and this time blew on her face this time from behind her ears...Nupur shuddered when he lovingly kissed behind here ear and her jaws from behind and she involuntarily held his hands tightly...when Mayank pulled back and hugged her even more tightly deepening his kiss at the edge of her jaws...Nupur didn't realise when she called out Mayank slowly and he pulled back looking at her amazed, Nupur felt embarassed a little at her reaction while she saw Mayank's  eyes turning questioning as genuinely as the person that he was...looking at Nupur's expressions Mayank spoke randomly, "Nupur tumhe yeh darr toh nahi hai naa ki yeh swing gir jaayega...tumhare extra weight se?" and he chuckled when Nupur's all confusion turned immediately into a little anger when she got up from his lap getting away from his grip and sitting on the couch she said, "Extra weight?...kya mera weight itna jyada lagta hai tumhe...maine nahi kaha tha tumhe mujhe khud par bithane ke liye..." she snapped immediately...

Mayank walked upto her understanding her cute antics and her still so prominent shyness which makes her react so sensitively to him, he was loving to see every bit of her reactions was an understatement and settling himself very close to her on the couch he said, "Tumhara extra weight mere liye jyaada nahi hai...main toh Swing ki baat kar raha tha..."

Nupur looked away and said, "Jaane do bolna tha woh toh bol hi diya naa..."

Mayank chuckled and hugging her from his side he kissed her cheeks and looking into her eyes, he said, "Ab iski kya Punishment hai..." and then kissed her again on the other cheek and waited for her answer...

Nupur almost forgot that she was mad at him and shaking her head and trying to come out of his enchanting smile and hypnotising eys she complained, "Yeh cheating hai..."

Mayank laughed and said, "Tumhe bhi cheating allowed hai Mrs, Sharma..."

Nupur looked at him bewildered at his meantion of 'Cheating' and what he meant by that, she replied back, "Mayank Sharma aur cheating...?"

Mayak laughed and getting up from there and picking up Nupur in his arms while he gave her a few more kisses he said, "Dekho Nupur, ab sangat ka asar toh hota hi hai..." and  laughed at Nupur's expressions and continued saying, "Aur tumhara wajan toh bilkul jyaada nahi hai...kaho toh tumhe saari raat aise hi lekar khada reh sakta hoon..."

Nupur blushed deeply at his words and at his frequent kisses and she wasn't anymore mad at him and didn't even want to pretend anymore when she nodded a no...

Mayank smiled and asked out of the blue, "Nupur kya hum aur kareeb aa sakte hain?"

Nupur looked confused a bit at Mayank and moved towards him in his arms as much as she could but still smiled a bit confused when Mayank smiled and said, "Matlab itna paas ki hum ek ho jaayein..." and looking in her eyes he got his answer while all Nupur could do is to hug him so as to escape replying anything...and then they surrendered themselves to each other's being...

Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL

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