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AVITA FF : ETERNALLY BOUND Uptd Chptr22 Pg39 (Page 29)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2011 at 4:49am | IP Logged
Hey Nidha dear ,
first of all i must say i was confused when i saw your new name heheLOL
is there any perticular reason for this name
now about the UD

wow dear it deserve  the wait what i done for it Embarrassed
just love the way you portrayed the love of family Bhaiya ji not our Anu's loves her n so RV
so now Sid will expose Avi
poor thing apni maut ka wait kitne impatient ho ke kar raha hai

yaar update soon want to see the lion's roar Wink

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

Hapy dat anu is fine now.
Hope avi reach soon to rescue arpi
i thought in dis part we will see dhagardham of avi but it will be next part na.

Now arpi will know about avi's real identity den tought time for avitas's luv.

Nice update dear.
Thank you CutySmile
Anu ithni jaldhi thodi na chali jaathi...
AviTa's love will soon face the acid test...

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...Tich...

Hey nidha,

Finally done reading this ff.
Read it in one go. And I really loved this ff.
Though I could least relate with the characters (being honest as I never watched gkd) I like this story.

Thanks for all those pms.
Take care.

Thanks Tich...
I have never much watched GKD either...but I love heroes like Avdesh...badass yet lovable 
And I am in love with AvIta...
 Love you too and  Take care Hug
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KriYa_life

Update 16- wow Nidhs darling.. The update was just fantastic. Oh Im in love with it..
Sid.. Oh wow wow.. Im enjoying this guy.
Anu.. Im so happy that she is fine.. Now Avi wont spare him.. Im afraid what will happen when Arpi cums to knw abt Avi..
Update asap..
Thanks RamonaSmile
Avi will make pulp out of Siddarth if he so much as touches a hair on Arpi's head...
But then Arpi will soon find herself facing the real Avdesh Singh ThakurOuch

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by danno

hey nidha
well doen my girl
this epi is happy nad sad too
and i m damn sure that next epi would be dhaggaddum epi
and next to that emotionla as arpi find avi's true identity
waiting for upcoming part just love this part

Thank you Danno
the next epi does contain some daghadham...
AviTa will face tough times nowOuch
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sidda8

Nidha, thanks for the amazing update. Avi was so emotional at the hospital, his words brought tears to my eyes. He warned his sister not to leave this world without seeing her hometown. It was all of their great love that brought Anaya back to life. I loved how Avi said Anaya will come back to irritate RV, it eased up all of his worries. I love how you switch scenes with great ease. So the Pals are Avi's enemies. I'm just happy that Avi beat up their men and soon he will pound Siddharth's and his daddy's faces. It will be a treat to imagine such a scene. Arpi is praying for the wellness of her beloved. This shows that she is selfless and she will put others before herself. I'm pretty sure that Siddharth wants to marry Arpi but thank goodness he has not raped her. Siddharth is such a beast who ill treats women. Poor Arpi has to tolerate him for the wellness of her family. Our Avi will teach him to respect all women. So he knows who he is messing with and yet Siddharth still continues his sins. Arpi will not believe him until Avi admits himself. But her love will make her accept him no matter what. Anu has awaken and informed the guys of Arpi's kidnappers. Siddharth is in  big trouble. I didn't except to see him in Lallanpur, that was an interesting twist. Siddharth better watch out because a tornado is coming his way.
Thank you Sidda for this awesome long analysis of my work...really humbles meEmbarrassed
Siddarth some scary intentions for ArpiOuch
But well Avi is on his way...
Arpita is one lovable human being...
Here Arpi proves that she is beautiful inside out...
Siddarth will soon find himself in trouble...

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Chapter 17
Avdesh banged his hand furiously on the table in front of him.Circle Inspector Choudhary felt fear rising in up to his throat. The fury in the eyes of the man had that effect.
"It has been two weeks now and you can't find a trace of her…..why do you call yourself Police" Avdesh thundered.
"Dekhiye Mr. Thakur…..hum poori koshish kar rahe hain….jaise kuch patah chalega hum aapko inform kar denge" Choudhary told in a would-be-calm voice.
Avdesh ran a frustrated hand through his hair and walked off. He stood leaning onto his car. For two weeks now he had searched for Arpita. Ananya had given her statement to Police also about the incidents. But neither Avi not the police were able to find Arpita. There was no news of Siddarth either.
He checked for his phone and couldn't find it.
"Must have left it inside" Avdesh muttered. He went into the station.
As he neared the CI's room….
"Siddarth babu….humne humaara kaam kar liya…who ladka pagalon ki tarah uss ladki ko dhoondh raha hain….sach bolu tho humein Avdesh Thakur se dar lag raha hain" Chaudhary said through phone.
"Dariye math Chaudhary sahab…..aapko apna paisa mil jayenge" Siddarth replied.
The next thing Chaudhary knew was that he was lying on the floor, blood flowing from his mouth. He looked up to see Avdesh standing above him with a murderous look in his eyes. He took the phone from the floor.
"Siddarth Pal" Avdesh thundered.
"Avdesh Singh Thakur" Siddarth replied calmly.
"Where is Arpita?" Avdesh asked.
"She is here safe and sound…..come and get her if you can" Siddarth teased.
"I will get her Siddarth and that day will be your end" Avdesh said in a deadly voice.
He pulled Chaudhary up.
"Do you know where Siddarth is?" Avdesh asked in a no non-sense voice.
"Hum par yakeen kijiye Avdesh Thakur….humein nahin patah…..bhagwaan kasam nahin patah" Chaudahry stuttered.
"Bhagwaan ka naam math liyo apni Gandhi muh se……Siddarth jaise dharindho ke liye kaam karath hon na tumne…yeh bhi rakh liyo" saying this he gave another strong punch to Chaudhary and walked out.
While driving to the hospital.
"Arpita….I promise you I will come soon" 
In the Hospital……
"Anu beta we are ready" Prashanth said.
"Finally…..I am fed up off lying here" Anu grumbled as she got down from the bed.
She felt slightly dizzy. RV steadied her.
"See…you are not yet okay….and you wanna go home" RV scolded her.
"RV please…..mein yah rahke thak gayi hun….ghar par bhi tho mein rest kar sakthi hun" Anu pouted.
"Rest hi karogi…..I am not letting you out of my site at any cost" RV said sternly.
Anu smiled and hugged him. Prashanth was happy that his daughter had some one like RV to take care of her.
Avdesh adjusted his expression before entering the room. He didn't want Anu to worry.
"Anu …..wait a minute…..are you going home?" Avi asked
"Yep bhai…..any news of Arpita" Anu said.
"The police are doing their job….I have seen CI Chaudhary today……he will" Avi began.
"Chaudhary? Wait a minute…..Siddarth was talking to some Chaudhary on that day…..I remember the conversation……kahi yeh wahi Chaudhary tho nahin" Anu asked worried.
"Nahin Anu….I don't think so" Avdesh lied.
RV could clearly see through him but he too did not want to worry Anu.
"Lets head home then Anu…you need rest" Avdesh extended his arm which Anu took.
As they were walking out, Ananya noticed a tall thin guy. She suddenly had a flash of seeing him with Siddarth.
"Bhaiyya rukho" she stopped Avdesh.
"Kya hua….are you okay" Avdesh asked. He looked in the direction Anu was staring.
"Bhaiyya that man….I have seen him before….that night with Siddarth…..but maybe I am wrong " Anu said unsurely.
Avdesh cast a long look at the guy. 
"Lets go Anu" Avdesh said.
He helped her into the back of RV's car. 
"RV….take her home" Avdesh told shortly.
"Where are you going?" RV asked sharply. He knew the look in Avi's eyes very well.
"Don't worry I will call you" Avi assured before heading in the direction of the man Anu had noticed earlier.
RV couldn't say anything as Avdesh had already walked off.
"Where is Bhaiyya headed off to?" Anu asked when RV entered the car.
"He told us to head home….he will call later" RV said.
"I hope he doesn't go to that man alone" Anu said worried.
RV was worried that that is exactly what Avi was about to do.
Avdesh walked slowly towards the man. He was busy talking on the phone.
He caught a snatch of the conversation.
"He left just now with the girl….the other two men are also with them….the girl seems fine boss" he said to the person on the other end.
Avdesh kept a hand on his shoulder. The man turned and his eyes widened. Giving Avdesh proof that Anu was right. The man tried to bolt but Avdesh pinned him to a car.
"Was that your boss Siddarth on the line?" Avdesh asked. His eyes were ablaze with pure fury.
"Who….who…Siddarth…..what are you talking about?" the man stammered.
Avdesh snatched the phone from his hand and kept it to his ear.
"Chothe….chothe……patah nahin kaha gum ho gaya saala……dekh agar tu kisi ladki ko dekhne mein busy he tho yeh sun….jaldhi Lallanpur wapis aaja…..bade boss aa gaye hain…..aur Siddarth bhai ne sabko waapis bhulaya hain…..Avdesh Singh Thakur ke waapis aane se pehle tum yaha aa jao…..aur haan Chaudhary sab ko unka paisa dhe dhena" the man on the other end said.
Avdesh cut the call and looked at the man.
"Chothe ab tum mujhe pahoonchaoge apne Siddarth bhai ke paas….Lallanpur" he said smirking.
Anu's home…..
RV was pacing the hall up and down. Anu was sitting in the couch looking equally restless. Both were glancing at their respective phones.
RV's phone rang flashing Avi's number.
"Avi where are you?" RV asked without any preamble.
"What? Arpita is in Lallanpur….but how…..wait a minute you aren't planning to go there alone are you…..Avi listen" RV was trying to protest.
"What happened RV? What did bhaiyya say?" Anu asked clutching his arm.
RV was staring at the phone lost in thought.
"RV" Anu shook him.
"Huh……sorry Anu…..Arpi is in Lallanpur….apparently the man you saw was Siddarth's goon….Avi heard him talking on the phone…..Avi is headed to Lallanpur now" RV explained.
Anu looked extremely worried now. 
"RV lets go to Lallanpur" she said in a determined.
"What? Are you mad Anu? I am not taking you that far in this condition…..Avi would murder me if anything happened to you…..I can't forgive myself either" RV refused flat.
"RV either you take me or I promise you I will find a way to go by myself" Anu stated with finality.
"Anu please stop acting like a stubborn kid" Prashanth scolded her.
"Dad you know me…..I do what I say" Anu told him not taking her eyes off RV's.
RV knew it was a lost battle. Even if he locked Anu in a room she will find a way to go to Lallanpur. She was as stubborn as her brother.
"Okay fine…..but the first sign of weakness from you I am bringing you back here… matter what" RV agreed.
"Okay" Anu said.
Pal Mansion, Lallanpur….
Arpita was standing near the window with her eyes closed.Her long black tresses where swaying in the light breeze.For a day now she was feeling restless. Like something big was about to happen.
"Avi, please come to me….please" she whispered softly. A single tear rolled down her cheek

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