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This chapter is for Sidda...this is for becoming a Goldie writing your thousandth post in my you also contains what you have been asking for to find outSmile
Chapter 13
Anu was pacing back and forth looking at her phone impatiently.
Avi and Arpi sitting behind her were trying hard to control their laughter.
"Yeh gadha phone kyun nahin utta raha hain'.kitni baar miscall lagaya'uska bhi koi jawaab nahin'.dosth pareshaan honge,doondh rahen honge'.inn baatho ka koi kadr nahin hain uss RV ko" Anu was ranting on.
"Chutka'.tujhe itni fikar kyun hain uski'.who koyi chota bachi thodi na hain'.he is old enough'.he can very well manage himself'.ab yeh chakkar katna bandh karo aur yaha betkar humaare saath gappe maro" Avi said controlling his laughter and patting the seat next to him.
"Bhaiyya'.its been 5 days'.5 bloody days'.and even once he didn't answer my calls" Anu complained plomping down on the seat.
Time for phase two of the plan Avi eyed Arpi who nodded.
"Anu usne mujhe phone kiya tha'..who Mauritius mein hain kisi ladki ke saath" Avi said sitting back.
"Mauritius" Arpi frowned looking at Avi.
"Haan'.uski Dad ki koi dosth ki beti'.I guess waha ek gar bhi hain un logo ka" Avi explained watching Anu out of the corner of hi eyes.
Anu's eyes widened
"Who kisi ladki ke saath akele ek gar mein kya kar raha hain?" Anu asked in disbelief.
"Mujhe kyaa patah'.waise ek ladka aur ladki akele gar mein bahut kuch kar sakte hain'.kyun jaan" he nodded his head towards Arpi who blushed. She kicked Avi under the table. Avi chuckled
"Waise tumhe itni farak kyun padtha hain'.I mean usne tumhe propose kiya tumne na kaha'.and he found a new girl'.you aren't interested in him na" Avi asked raising his eyebrows.
"Whatever I don't care'.he can do what he likes'..but that is no reason to forget friends" Anu said crossing her hands and looking away.
She strangely felt like strangling the girl with RV.
Avi and Arpi shook hands under the table.
Both of them knew very well where RV was. He had gone with his Dad on a business tour giving express instruction to Avi,Arpi,his mom and brother not to tell Anu where he went. He was going to test if she would feel anything at all for him apart from friendship. On stage in the drama her eyes had told him a different story,but now she was doubting herself. He was going to bring out her feelings.
That night Anus thoughts were filled with RV and what he would be doing in the farmhouse.
Why should I care he is not my boyfriend Anu thought angrily punching her pillow.
But it wouldn't be bad to have him as a boyfriend Anu thought with a smirk
"Ananya Takur you have gone mad now stop thinking of that idiot and sleep" Anu scolded herself and buried her head under the pillow.
Next day'..
Anu entered the college to see RV chatting casually with Arpi and Avi.
She walked towards him and stood beside him cross armed.
"Where the hell were you?" Anu asked controlling her anger.
"I was  in Mauritius Anu with my girlfriend'there was really busy" RV smiled at her.
"Girlfriend" Anu frowned.
"Yeah'.her name is Manjari'..there she is" RV pointed to a stunning girl in short skirt. She was tall and perfect figured. In short drop dead gorgeous. The girl came walking towards them.
Anu gaped at the girl and then quickly adjusted her expression.
"Manjari these are my friends Avdesh, Arpita, Ananya" RV winked at the mention of Anu's name without Anu seeing. Manjari understood the signal.
"RV ne tum sabke bhaare mein bathaya hain'.hello I am Manjari'.mein US se transfer ho kar ayi hun'.papa ke ek party mein RV is mulakaath hui thi'.your friend is a real charmer" she draped her arm around RV's shoulder.
"Hello Manjari" Avdesh said giving his hand. Manjari gave Avi a friendly hug which earned him a glare from Arpi. He looked away not catching her eye.
RV purposefully caught Manjari by her waist.
Anu balled her fist and grinded her teeth at the site.
Miss.Takur lets see how long you resist RV though smugly.
For the next few days RV almost completely ignored Ananya not attending her calls and if he did gave the excuse that he was with Manjari.
Anu was cursing Manjari on every occasion she got making Avi and Arpi snigger.
Her nights were now completely filled with RV and his thoughts.
One day Anu accidentally spilled some coke on Manjari's dress
"I am really sorry Manjari'that was accidental" Anu apologized not feeling really sorry.
"Anu you idiot you should watch right'.see how you ruined my gift to her'..Manjari am really sorry baby'.this klutz doesn't know how to balance" RV  angrily shouted at Anu and apologized to Manjari who looked ready to cry.
Anu was stunned by RV's angry outburst. She didn't say anything though, she just picked up her back and went away. Arpi called after her but she was no where to stop. Anu went right to her home. She changed into a black slips and tights and went to the dance hall constructed for her. Ananya was a trained contemporary. She always danced to relieve stress. But today she danced in anger with tears falling down her eyes
She was dancing to Tere Bin her every move forceful. All her moments with RV passed through her mind. First fight, the car drive,the drama, after saving Arpi and finally the present incident. The normal Ananya would have shouted back but today for some reason she didn't. His words had hurt her in a strange manner. She felt more betrayed than angry. Her friend had lost his anger on her for a simple accident
Friend he is not my friend Anu thought angrily.
Off course not, he is more than a friend a voice in her head said 
He is nothing to me Anu replied
He is something to you the voice said
I hate him Anu replied
You love him the voice replied.
Anu stumbled on her feet spraining her leg when this realisation hit her. In the past few days she wasn't her usual self. She had behaved strangely trying to get RV's attention, trying to talk to him. She had taken a strong dislike to Manjari for no particular reason. Lastly she had walked away without fight today. She had badly missed RV when he was away though she never said it.
"I love him" Anu whispered in disbelief.
She fell down on her knees tears flowing freely now.
"I love him now when he is no more mine'..oh god what game is this" Anu raised her face to heaven crying out her heart.
Next day'.
Arpi was waiting near the college for Anu. She was really worried. She saw Avi and RV coming towards her. She was a bit angry with RV. He had gone a little overboard yesterday with his mock anger. Arpi knew that Anu was badly hurt. That's the only reason she wasn't responding to their calls.
"She hasn't reached yet?" RV asked concern 
written all over his handsome features.
"No" Arpi snapped.
"Arpi I am sorry'.It was just a part of the drama'.I can shoot myself for hurting her you know" RV said sadly.
"Its okay RV'.I shouldn't have snapped'.its just that you could have waited a little longer to know her feelings na'..why all this hurry'.her past loss is causing her to deny your love" Arpi said.
"Arpita life is too short to live in the past'..Anu has to move on'.if not RV she has to accept someone else right'.RV is just trying to 
see if she reciprocates his feelings'.so that if the answer is negative he too can move on" Avi explained to Arpi "What has to be said and done in life should  be said and done at once'.because life won't wait for you"
At the moment Anu's car came in. It was driven by her driver. Anu got out of the passenger seat with a limp. Her leg was in a bandage
Arpi rushed towards her.
"Anu what happened to your leg? Why did you come here then? You should have rested at home na?" Arpi said in one breath and took Anu's bag from her.
"Arpi I am okay'.its just a sprain'.I couldn't afford to miss class for that" Anu smiled at them. She noticed RV walking away and felt a pang.
"Chutka come I will help you to walk" Avi gave his arm to her and Anu balanced herself on his arm.
During lunch break'
Anu was slowly walking towards the canteen with Arpi when she heard Manjari's voice.
"Where are you RV?'.oh okay'but do take care" she cut the call. She saw Arpi and Anu.
"Hey guys'..Anu how is your leg" Manjari asked cheerfully.
"Fine'.where is RV Manjari?" Anu asked shortly.
Manjari decided to play her final card.
"Oh he is at the indoor basketball court'.says he has hurt himself" Manjari said nonchalantly.
"Hurt himself but how?" Anu asked concerned.
"Don't know'.but he sounds fine to me" Manjari said.
"Arpi I will go and check on him" saying this Anu rushed towards the court.
Arpi tried to follow her but Manjari stopped her indicating with eyes to let her go.
Anu reached the court as fast as her legs would allow. She found RV standing in a corner.
She slowly went towards him and touched his shoulder.
RV turned and look right into her eyes.
"Where are you hurt RV?" Anu asked. She almost knew where.
"How did you know?" he asked turning away from her
"Who Manjari ne bataya'.she was talking to you earlier I heard it" Anu said.
"If she isn't concerned why are you? She should have come here right"
"I don't know about her but I am concerned for you" Anu said frankly.
"Why?" RV asked still not looking at her.
Anu moved to stand in front of RV
"Because I love you" Anu said looking straight into his eyes.
RV looked into her eyes and saw his feelings finally mirrored in them. He smiled.
"Rv I know that you are in a relationship with Manjari and I swear I won't come between you guys'.I just wanted to be frank with you just the way you .." Anu was sushed by RV suddenly pulling her closer by waist.
"RV what'" Anu began
"Shhh you speak too much" RV said in a husky voice that made Anu's nerves tingle.
Then without so much as a warning he kissed her. RV pulled back to watch Anu's stunned expression.
"RV have you lost it'.what will Manjari think?" Anu asked in disbelief.
"What will Manjari think? I am kissing my girlfriend so why should she think anything" RV asked.
"RV you have lost it'.Manjari is your girlfriend'.remember you were with her for a week at Mauritius" Anu said sure that he had lost his brains.
"I was at Mauritius but not with Manjari'I was with my dad whose name as far as I remember isn't Manjari" RV said tightening his hold.
"What?" Anu frowned.
"it's the truth'.ask Arpi and Avi if you don't believe me I did all this to make you open your heart'..Manjari is my best buddy'.she came here to finish her studies'.when I told her about you'..she suggested this drama'..and finally it worked" RV beamed.
"So this means you aren't hurt,even that was a drama" Anu asked dumbfounded.
"No I was hurt not physically though'.the heart was here" he took her hand and placed it on his heart. "Unintentionally I had hurt you very much yesterday'and today when I saw your feet'..I was really hurt'.I wanted to hurt myself but'" this time Anu stopped him.
"Don't you dare do that if you value your life'.don't ever hurt yourself or I will kill you RV" Anu warned him. She hugged him resting her head on his chest. He rested his chin on her head.
Saturday Evening'..
Arpita was checking herself in the mirror for almost the 10th time.
"Oh God'I hope I am looking good" she said adjusting her curls in the front.
A giggle came from the doorway. Arpita turned to look at her Bhabhi standing there chewing on an apple.
"Bhabhi aap khadi kyun hain'.yaha akar betiya na" Arpia said.
Simple came and plomped down on the bed balancing her belly.
"First date huh'.nostalgic" Simple sighed.
"How was yours and bhai's first date" Arpita asked eagerly sitting down besides Simple.
"Our first date was after marriage dear'.it is the most precious memory" Simple said with a faraway look in her eyes.
"Bhabhi bathao na kya hua'.humaara tho pehla date hain'.aur humaare tho haath pao kaanp rahe hain" Arpita said nervously.
"Chillax silly'.telling you about my date won't help you'..each person's first date is unique'.its better not to have any preconceived notions'..just take it the way it comes" Simple patted Arpita's cheeks.
"Now stand up for me'.let me see how my beautiful nanad looks" Simple said.
Arpita stood up. She was dressed in an a maroon salwar suit with the shall around her neck. It was simple yet elegant. She styled her long hair to end in curls and left it open. Her neck and ears were adorned by antique jewelry  and on her feet were flats. 
"Hmmm'.Avdesh Singh Thakur ki tho aaj hosh ud jayenge" Simple commented making Arpita blush.
They heard a car honk. 
RV's house'.
Ananya stepped out of  the car and stumbled on her feet. She was in a similar state as Arpi. It was her first date with RV and cherry on top it was at his house. RV was cooking dinner for her. 
She knew that his parents and brother weren't home but that only increased her nervousness.
"Akele hum dono is bade gar mein hey bhagwaan'..Ananya Takur stop doubting that poor soul and start walking" Anu scolded herself nervously twirling her shawl
She was dressed in a white sleevless suit with silver jewelry set. Her feets were adorned by silver heels and hair tied in a pony. Arpita had selected the dress for her so she was confident that she was looking good.
Anu nervously rang the bell. 
The door opened as if by itself making Anu jump. It was completely dark inside. 
"Step in Miss.Takur" RV's voice sounded from inside.
Anu kept a tentative step inside and light appeared on both side of her legs. As she walked lights appeared forming a path for her. At one point they stopped.
"RV" Anu called out nervously. She felt a presence behind her and was about to turn when someone blindfolded her.
"Hello beautiful" RV whispered in her ear sending tingles down her spine
In a garden somewhere in the outskirts of delhi'
"Avi were are you taking me" Arpita asked Avdesh as she was blindfolded.
"Relax jaan'.you will see" Avdesh soothed her.
He took away his hand from her eyes and held  her in a hug. Arpita opened her eyes and gasped.
The whole garden was decorated with lights.
In the centre was a raised round platform with a flowered canopy with red and white roses her favourites.
In the centre of the platform was a table for two.
"Its beautiful Avdesh" Arpita looked at him with a smile.
"Anything for this smile" Avdesh said cupping her cheek.
"Now dance before dinner or after" Avdesh asked.
"Anything to be in your arms" Arpita whispered in his ears
Avdesh switched on the music system and soft music started playing.
Arpita and Avdesh were rotating slowly to the music. Arpita rested her head on his chest. For her this was the best place on earth,on his chest listening to his heart beats. For Avi there was nothing more comfortable than resting his head on her soft hair inhaling the sweet scent.
"By the way Mr. Thakur' look dashing in this new avatar" Arpita complimented. Avdesh had chosen to wear a black kurta with sleevless folded up to his biceps with blue jeans(bhaiyyaji avatar). 
"Well I have to look at least a little fitting for you na" Avdesh said with a chuckle.
Arpita snapped up
"Do I look bad" she asked her baby brown eyes showing disappointment.
"You look perfect'.the most beautiful girl on earth" Avdesh whispered in her ears making Arpita close her eyes as sensation ran down her spine.
RV's house'..
"RV'.where are you" Anu asked.
"Open the blindfold sweetheart" RV's voice said
Anu did as she was asked. Lights started appearing before her to show a beautifully decorated hall with a table for two in the centre decorated with violet lillies. The hall itself was decorated with white carnations.
"Wow" Anu said.
"So you like it" RV said grasping her in a back hug.
"No" Anu said with a smile.
RV looked at her with disappointment.
"I don't like it I love it" Anu said giving him a kiss on the cheek. 
"Well if I get a kiss like that regularly with a slight change of position'I am ready to do this every time" RV said with a mischievous grin.
Anu smacked his arm laughing and hugged him.
"You look handsome by the way" Anu complimented him. Rv was indeed looking handsome in a plain white shirt with sleeves rolled upto elbows and black denims.
"Lets have dinner before it gets cold'.you have to finish it mind you'.took me four long hours to make all this" RV warned her showing a cut finger
"You could have ordered it simply" Anu said her looking at his finger in concern.
"Everything has to be special for my special lady" RV said kissing her forehead. Anu closed her eyes in contentment.
After the dinner which consisted of both their favourite dishes Arpi and Avi decided to go for a walk. They walked arm in arm speaking about their college and friends.
"Hope RV and Anu are enjoying" Avdesh said.
"Mmm'.Anu was completely nervous when she called me in the evening" Arpita said resting her head on his shoulder.
"Don't tell me you weren't" Avdesh chuckled.
"Not really" Arpita said.
Avdesh suddenly bought her in front of him.
"Hmmm so meeting me doesn't make you nervous" Avdesh said looking into her eyes and caressing her cheeks.
Arpita was dumbfounded. She just stared into his desire filled eyes. 
Avdesh claimed her soft lips in a soft kiss that grew in intensity. He ravished her mouth completely holding her tightly by her waist. Arpita circled her arms arround his neck and ruffled his hair softly. They broke apart to breath and laughed softly.
"Shall we do it once again Mrs.Thakur" Avdesh asked still holding her.
"My name is Arpita Rai as far as I remember" Arpita said.
"Oh so you don't want to marry'okay we can have a live in relationship" Avdesh said with a shrug.
"Shameless creature'what will your and my family think' the way Avdesh when will I meet your family" Arpita asked.
Avdesh cringed lightly. He knew that this was inevitable. His friends and most importantly Arpita has to know about him. He had decided that soon after his and RV's finals would get over he would take them to Lallanpur to show them the real Avdesh Singh Thakur.
"Soon jaan'..let my finals get over'.I will take you guys to Lallanpur'..its high time Anu met our family too" Avdesh said hugging her close.
"She is lucky to have you as brother" Arpita said.
"I am lucky to have her'.during that whole Rohan fiasco she was my greatest support you know'..she loves you too" Avdesh said.
Arpita chuckled.
"She always wanted to call me bhabhi'.now she can" 
Avdesh smiled at her.
"Lets go to the park near RV's home, we will call them too" Avdesh suggested.
Arpi nodded in agreement.
Anu was being twirled by RV in beat with the soft music. 
"You have learned dance Anu" RV asked.
"Yes contemporary'..I do it to relieve stress" Anu said 
"There is another way to relieve stress" RV said pulling her strongly making her land on his chest.
"Which is?" Anu asked raising her head.
RV made to kiss her but she pushed him away.
"Iss ke alava tumhe kuch soochtha nahin kya" Anu asked.
"Tumhe nahin tho kya pados wale ladki ko kiss karoon" Rv asked back hands on hips.
Anu pulled him by his shirt collar and looking into his eyes intensely said
"Don't you dare think of doing that when I am here" saying this Anu kissed him encircling her arms around his neck. RV lifted her into his arms kissing her back with equal passion.
Their kiss was broken RV's  landphone ringing.
"Kaun gadha ab phone kar raha hain" RV said irritated.
Anu chuckled. RV placed her down and took the call.
"Yaar tujhe yahi waqt mila mujhe phone karne ke liye" RV said
"Mein achi tarah jantha hun tujhe'.meri chutka ka saath zyaada kuch kiya tho taange thod dhoongi teri" Avi mock warned RV.
"Lo kar lo'..yeh baath tum apne behen se kaho'.she is the one seducing me" RV said pulling Anu close by the waist.
"Waise bhi tu kaun sa bada gentleman hai be'.na jaane meri dosth ki kya halath hain" Rv shot back.
"Bas bas'.ab jaldi dono gar se bahar niklo'.aur tumahri gar ke paas jo park hain waha aao'.haan athe waqt icecream leke aana'.saath betke chakthe hain" Avi said.
"Sure bro" Rv said and cut the call.
"Darling lets go'.your brother and bhabhi are waiting in the park" RV said picking up the car keys.
Half an hour later all of them where seated in the park eating icecream and chatting away.
"So we will be going to your famous Lallanpur soon" RV asked Avi.
Avdesh nodded with a faraway look in his eyes.
"Wow Lallanpur'.Dad has always spoken about it" Anu said excitedly
"Yes chutka you will meet your family soon" Avi said patting her head.
"Good'.I can ask for your hand then" RV said smiling at Anu who smiled back.
They chatted for a while more. Anu fell asleep on RV's shoulder.
"Time to go home'.I will wake her up when we reach her home'.bye guys" RV said while lifting Anu up gently without disturbing her.
"Bye Rv drive safely" Arpita said.
"Take care buddy and look after her too" Avi said.
Rv smiled at them and proceeded towards the car smiling at Anu sleeping peacefully in his arm.
"Time to go home Miss.Rai" Avdesh said lifting her up.
"Avi I am not asleep'.I can walk" Arpita said blushing.
"You are better off in my arms" Avi said placing a soft kiss on her lips.
He started walking towards his car lost in Arpita's eyes.
All four of them was unaware that this was a calm before a coming storm.

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Nidhs, U updated.. I still have to comment on the previous updates.. Will do ASAP.

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Nidha, thanks a ton for this special dedication. I am eager to find out how you have made one of my wishes come true. Now I must read. 

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Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

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Nidha, this is a fantastic update. Each of your updates always get better and more intriguing. I loved RV's drama in making Anu confess and then how she finally did state her love for him. Avita was so evil in playing in this charade, although I still enjoyed it. All of my wishes came true, Ranya uniting, Avita & Ranya's first dates and their expectation to go to Lallanpur. The dates were fabulous, loved how you smoothly changed each scene from RV's home to the garden. Funny Avi's call interrupted Ranya's kiss, Both guys are deeply in love, it is such a contrast from the first meeting with these gals. I loved this line.  "What has to be said and done in life should  be said and done at once'.because life won't wait for you" Avi is correct, you shouldn't wait to long or else you will miss your chance. Avi speaks from experience as bhayyaji. Love how Anu calls Arpi bhabi. Both couples are so cute. it's so adorable how both of the guys pick up the girls and Arpi protesting. Anu has melted to RV's love, love does so much magic. I wonder if Bhauji will accept RV for Anu, she will definitely hate Arpi. If only Avita got married before going to Lallanpur. Will Arpi tag along as a friend of Anu and RV as Avi's friend? Please update soon. Love ya for this amazing update.

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Hye nidha,
thanks for updating.

loved it
confession of anu was great.
,both the dates were awesome oh no it was just too too good and so romantic.

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Heya Nidha di sori for being so late i was

not well so didn't able 2 unres mah postSmile

Btw once again u wrote a fantastic update

nic 2 c RV n Anu 2gether wid their intense

luv...n hw 2 forget our Avita dey were

fantastic n amazing as usualEmbarrassed vry nic update

di carry onClapThumbs Up luv u alot n a big hugggHug

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hey nidha
love u r update wowww
me speechless

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