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AVITA FF : ETERNALLY BOUND Uptd Chptr22 Pg39 (Page 17)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by joliefille

Hey Nidha dear really very nice one haan

i m liking it Wink 

the way u are giving the relations is very intresting haan

now it seems like except RV evryone is nurishing some secret or wounds hope this Sidharth will soon get what he deserves from Avi (dhishoom shishoomLOL)

n about the bimbo queen hehe when will she realize that there is no place for herOuch

i like the way Arpi replied back n Avi enters in matter,

btw who is Siddy shaiya Ramona was talking Confused

me waiting for next UD dear make it ASAP Tongue

Thanx Jo hun...relations are what makes us different from animals on earth...Siddharth will get his dose in time...Nikki will come to her senses one day...Siddy bhaiyya is Siddharth of Pyaar Ki Yeh ek Kahani serial in starone...the character has exited and we fans miss him a lot...will update dear

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jasveensokhi

Hey Nidha di realy vry nic update di 

well i now think dat Arpi will start realizing

dat hw much Avi luv her n Avi will also get

a realisation of his luv for Arpi n i hope 

dat Avi being a big bro of Anu will ahead

support her Smile so w8ing for next update

n lot's of luv n a BIG HUG  for uHug

Thanx Jas...Arpi and Avi both know that they are attracted...when they realise the depth of it...Avi will support her in future and she will support him tooSmile...big hug for you tooHug

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

Hye nidhsara,
just readed all the parts of ur ff sorry haan i am realy late to do.
The story line is quiet intresting dear.
For 1-8 part.
I realy liked that avi is continuing his studies inspite of bj's dictatorship.
Avita had made a bond just after there first meet.
But avi could have hard times when his secrets will cum out.
The party was awesome our avita got glued together thats natural waise.

I liked Anu & rv's character.
Well in your ff each character is bonded wid one another
rv & avi's,anu & arpi's friendship.anu wid her father that is best part.
But bj is also there whenever she will cum she'll make a blast.
I like rough-tough girls like Ananya.
Luved ur ff
Thanx dear for the comments...Avi will have to face a lot of music when the secret comes out...Anu is my favourite too...

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

For Part-9
Arpi has a sad past as his father has been killed but now avi had came he will be going to be wid him.
As our avita had already fallen for each other and avi is expresing it too,as he had taken her side infront of nicky
'empty vessels make sound' ha ha ha.
I think next part will be more intresting.

Between i liked rv & anu's convo realy funny they are also faling for each think so.
Seems anu have some past mystry.
Thanx again dear...our couples are in love dear...Anu does have a past

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Chapter 10
"Aaargh'.these bloody dialogues'they are so damn confusing" Anu shouted in frustration.
RV sniggered enjoying her cute frustrated look.
"Bahut hassi aa rahi hain na tumhe'mein tumhe aur acanthi hun jaan" Anu said grinding her teeth and picking up a wooden road lying nearby. She chased RV through the hall shouting "You are responsible for me being in play and you dare to laugh at me you moron"
Suddenly she tripped on something and fell forward but RV steadied her in nick of time holding her waist. His hot breath hit her face and she looked up into his grey eyes. Anu saw something more than friendship in them, something like love.
RV could see confusion creeping into her hypnotizing black eyes. He was himself confused about his feelings. He had dated more girls than he could count and some of them were even drop dead gorgeous. But why did he feel a strange pull towards this girl. On that night drive when he had wiped her tear he was sure that he had witnessed the soft side of her. Her tear had caused an unexpected pang in his heart. Somehow that incident had made him draw more closer to her. Only one person understood his situation very well and that one was now looking at them with a small smile playing on his face.
Avdesh and Arpita were enjoying the scene in front of them. RV had his hands on Anu's waist and her hands were placed on his shoulders.Both were lost in each others eyes, practice and drama all forgotten.
"Hey Arpita" a voice called from the doorway.
Anu and RV jerked and moved away from each other,Anu blushing hard.
Avdesh walked towards them ignoring the owner of the voice, while Arpita turned to meet him. 
Rohan came smiling towards her.Arpita smiled back at him.She had befriended Rohan during the auditions.He had asked her to help him out with some of his subjects and she had agreed without hesitation as she loved elping out friends.But for some strange reason Avdesh didn't like this guy at all.He didn't let it show but Arpita knew it and she was secretly happy. Arpita was now almost sure that she loved him but wasn't sure if he was feeling the same. Cherry on top Anu always warned her of heart break whenever she spoke of her confusion to her. Her friend seemed to be dead set against love. Arpita sensed that there was a solid reason behind it. But she didn't ask more as she didn't want to hurt Anu.
"Hey Rohan'.how was the test paper" Arpita asked.
"It was all fine darling'.but I have one more na tomorrow'when will we do that" Rohan asked sounding tensed.
"Oh I forgot about that'.umm I have practice now'..but test is also important na'.give me a sec" Arpita said running towards her friends.
"Hey guys'.I have to bunk the practice today'.woh Rohan ka test hain kal'I promised to help him out" she said avoiding Avdesh's sharp gaze.
Avdesh felt his blood boiling. It wasn't enough that the idiot was taking up most off Arpita's time these days. Now he had to pull her away from practice too. That too on just the day before the drama was going to be staged. Avdesh wanted to strangle the idiots neck.
"Its okay dear'you have all your dialogues by heart and you and Avi are naturals'..its I who need real practice'all because of this idiot"Anu said smacking RV on his arm.
"Avdesh is it okay with you"Arpita asked looking at him finally.
Offcourse it isn't Avi thought but didn't say out.
"Yeah Anu is right'.you can go'.I will practice my dialogues with her"Avdesh said in clipped tone.
Arpita gave him a small smile and went towards Rohan. Avdesh watched her walking away with longing in his eyes.
The practice started. RV and Avi helped Anu with her dialogues. RV noticed that his friend wasn't into the practice much and knew the reason very well. Avi had confessed his feelings to RV who was very happy for him. Arpita was what one would call one in a million. RV had noticed the spark between the two from the beginning but now he understood it completely as he was in similar position. Both he and Avi hadn't dated any girls since these two arrived. It was as if these lovely angels had rocked their world and within a very short time too.
Anu was practicing Avi's and Arpi's dance steps with him. She too noticed the unfocused look in his eyes. He suddenly broke away and turned his back to her. Avi took out his phone and dialled Arpi's number his mind set on making her come back here. But her phone was switched off.
"Avi'.she will be fine'don't worry"Anu said placing her hand on hi shoulder.
Avi turned and smiled at her.
"I am okay Anu'.its just that I don't feel right about this guy. He seems just too nice to me." Avdesh complained.
Anu saw the concern Avi had for Arpi and was suddenly reminded of her dead brother.
"Bhaiyya its okay'she will be fine" Anu said calling Avi bhaiyya unknowingly.
"Thanx" Avdesh said
"For what?"Anu asked confused.
"I have always wanted a younger sibling'someone to call me Bhaiyya'.you jast called me that" Avdesh said.
"Oh that'well I do have a right to call you that" Anu said smiling.
Avi frowned at her.
"Well I don't know if you remember a certain Prashant Takur" Anu said.
"That's your father na" Avdesh asked
"And your uncle" Anu stated.
Avdesh frowned for a while but then it clicked. His father had always spoken to him and his elder brother about his younger brother who had long left Lallanpur. Ravi Thakur had loved and missed his brother very much but his ego wouldn't allow him to call his bother back. He had died without once seeing his brother. So Ananya was his sister.
"Wow I have a sister and family" Avdesh said in a happy tone.
"Nothing much of family Avdesh'its just me and Dad now' died two years back due to cancer" Anu said sadly.
"Oh I am sorry Anu'.but don't you worry you have a mom in Lallanpur'.my mom and  a babhi too'.we call her Bahuji" Avi said placing a caring hand on her shoulder.
"You have to take me there one day" Anu said 
"On one condition" Avi stated.
Anu frowned.
"Call me bhaiyya only from now" Avi said smiling.
RV who had gone out for something came in at the time.
"Whats this new relation forming here" RV asked.
"Mr.Singh'.mind you I have got a very brave brother now'if you irritate me I will sent him after you" Anu said placing her elbow on Avi's shoulder and raising her eyebrows at RV.
"That's right'..if you irritate my chutka'.I will be after your blood" Avi said in a mock threatening voice. Anu looked at him in surprise. He had called exactly what her brother used to call her-chutka.
"Okay mere pyaare bade bhaiyya'.I  solemnly promise not to irritate your little angel" RVsaid.
"But you are given the permission to flirt with her" Avi said with a mischievous smile looking at Anu from the corner of  his eyes.
"Thank you Avi'.I will definitely do that" RV said mischievously.
"You" Anu raised her hand to hit them both and they started running followed by Anu.
Finally Anu sat down exhausted and the guys sat on her two sides. She pulled their ears instantly.
"Ouch Anu" both shouted.
Anu giggled.
"Hey guys I am back" Arpi came in smiling.
A smile instantly lit up Avi's face.
"Miss. Arpita Rai' have to face punishment for bunking this long" RV said in a mock scolding tone.
"Yeah'.you are going to take us out on a treat" Anu said.
"Hey guys she just came back" Avi said defending Arpi.
"So what'she didn't come after mountaineering na'.we are going out'.if you are so concerned then pay for her" Anu said with a smirk.
"Okay okay don't argue'where shall we go" Arpita asked heading out. The rest followed her with RV and Anu arguing over the place and Avi moving forwards to walk besides Arpi.

This part is dedicated to Ramona hun...for appreciating my ff's

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joliefille Goldie

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Wow Nidha dear Wat a UD ,

i just love it,

ao finally Avi n Anu came face to face now ,

i m loving these warm relations , the way u r giving Anu is superb n Rv - Anu - Arpi-Avi when ever these guys came together i can watch it in front of my eyes , Clap

btw who is this new guy one more villain in story hope in next UD Avi usee to thikane laga hi degaLOL

n plz play ka kuch hint do naa , i m eagerly wiating for it,

i know its early but Update soon Wink

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Cuty16 Goldie

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Hye nidha,
nice part dear.
Loved rv&anu's part.

So anu now going to call avi bhaiya and now her IF words became also true arpi going to be her bhabhi ji.

So avi can't see arpi wid any one else waise i am also having doubts on this rohan,to much sweetness is not good na.
Now all are knowing that they are falling for one another.
Waiting for there confession.

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