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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 129)

funnymonkey Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Does Geet want to kill him while she is sleeping? First she bites his finger and now she pinches his ear..poor Maan feel so bad for him...I think that Geet is a Ninja...silently ploting to kill Maan ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Poor Maan he needs to get full body insurance...he will need it for later especially with Geet aroundROFLROFLROFL

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tonyahk Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
hi buddies...
thank you so much for the comments and the prdections. please read the readers comments also. they are so funny. 143 buddies...Tonya
Part 25

Geet turns towards maan and gives him an angry look. Maan is looking at her as if he is going to kill her right now.

Geet is confused by his deadly look

G: (st) why is he looking at me so angrily?

M: (st) ye ladki ki himmat tho dekho. On one hand she kisses me and on the other hand she gives me an angry look as if i have raped her?

(OMG!!! I don't know what is going on MSK's mind right now. Hey babaji! Geet ko bacha lenaROFLROFL)

G: (st) babaji! While i was in sleep, have i done any stupid things? Why is he starring at me like this?

Geet is having a strange habit of doing silly and funny things in her sleep. In her maika she used to sleep next to Romeo (geet's pet dog). She will caress Romeo's head and kiss its forehead in the sameway as she did to maan.

(but that poor puppy has never complained like our MSK. please MSK...learn something from RomeoROFLROFL)

Geet turns her gaze away from maan and thinks

G: (st) geet! tum bhi na? You never know what you do while in your sleep. Last night also you have bitten his index finger. Patha nahi ab meine kya kiya? From the way he is looking at me, i can tell onething for sure that i have definitely done something wrong. But what did i do?

Geet tries to recollect whatever happened just now, but she fails. Maan is observing her changing facial expressions.

M: (st) i think she is planning to escape from me.

(OMG!!! What is he saying? Is he really going to rape her what? Maan! don't dare to touch our Punjabi sherniAngryAngry)

Geet sees from the corner of her eyes that maan is still looking at her.

G: (st) why he keeps on starring at me like this? what did i do while i was in sleep? have i bitten his index finger once again? Babaji! Mujhe madad karna

Geet gathers courage and turns to maan who is still starring at her angrily. Geet looks at his hands

G: (st) his both index fingers are looking fine. That means i didn't bite them. Then where did i bite him?

Maan follows her gaze and notices that she is looking at his hand

M: (st) why is she looking at my hands? is she going to bite my index finger today also?

Maan is terrified at his thought and out of reflex he hides his hands behind his back. Geet notices that and she is more confused

G: (st) why is he hiding his hands from me? Is he being cautious?

Something strikes in her mind suddenly. She recalls maan's scream

G: (st)haan...yaad aa gayi.  how did he scream? " ouch...oh my ear". Iska matlab did i bite his ear?

Now geet stares at his ear.

G: (st) which ear did i bite? The left or right?  the right one looks red. so i might have bitten it. Hena?

Maan notices that now geet is staring at his poor ears and she is thinking something

M: (st) why is she starring at my ears like this? what is she thinking? is she planning to eat my ears now?

He immediately covers his ears with his hands. geet is confused by maan's behaviour

G: (st) why is he covering both the ears? Have i bitten both? Woh kaise ho saktha geet! as soon as you bit the first ear, he must have started to scream. he wouldn't have waited for you to bite his other ear also. hena?

M: (st) ye meine kahan phas gaya? Now how will i sleep? What if she bites my ears while i am in sleep?

G: (st) did i bite one ear or two? But he screamed.. "ouch...oh my ear". Had i bitten them both, he would have screamed... "ouch ...oh my ears". Hena babaji! Since he screamed in singular, i would have bitten his one ear only. Teek hai geet! now say a single sorry to him and close this matter

M: (st) what is going on in her mind?

G: i am sorry maan


Maan is still covering his ears. Since he is angry with her he didn't reply to her sorry. But geet thinks that maan couldn't hear her sorry because he is covering his ears with his hands. So geet grabs both his wrists and tries to pull his hands away from his ears. Maan is terrified.

M: (st) why is she pulling my hands? is she so desperate to eat my ears? Is she a blood sucking ghost or what?

(OMG!!!! Geet is a blood sucking ghost. MSK and his imaginations. If she comes to know about it she will suck his blood for sure. poor maanDead)

Maan remembers some horror movie and he covers his ears more tightly. geet is still pulling his wrists. Maan has lost his patience and shouts

M: geet! ab mera haath chodo

G: maan! meri bath suniye

M: mera haath chodo abhi

G: now give me your ears

M: bas...

Maan removes his hands from his ears and grabs geet's hands with his one hand and covers her mouth with his another hand so as to prevent her from biting his ears. Geet is shocked by maan's sudden attack and she tries to release her hands from his hold

G: mmm...mmm...mmm

M: kya hua geet? dard horahi hai kya?

G: mmm

M: Do you want me to release you?

G: mmm

M: teek hai. I'll release you. But before that, you have to make a promise to me

G: (st) what is he going to ask? Is he going to ask me to walk out of his life forever?

M: kya tume mansoor hai?

G: mmm...mmm (she refuses to promise)

But maan mistakes her mmm...mmm for acceptance.

M: that is good. Now let me tell what the promise is

G: mmm...mmm (she again refuses)

M: why are you in such a hurry? Wait...i'll tell you

G: mmm...mmm (refuses)

Geet tries to release her hands from his hold. Maan tightens his grip

M: geet! i am too strong for you. So don't waste your energy. Now are you ready for the promise?

G: mmm...mmm (refuses)

M: you have to promise to me that you will never bite, pinch or twist any of my body parts. Mansoor hai?

Geet couldn't believe what she just heard

G: (st) hey babaji! Mein kya karu mera pagal maan ke sath? Here i am fearing that he will ask me to walk out of his life. But he is taking a promise from me to not to bite or pinch him. He is so funny

Maan is so desparate in taking the promise from her

M: tum yesa kya soch rahi ho? Will you promise or not?

G: mmm (agrees)

Maan smirks and releases her from his hold and takes his hand away from her mouth.

Geet starts to laugh out loudly

G: maan! aap bhi na...too funny

M: stop it

geet stops laughing and asks him

G: maan! which one did i bite? Right or left?

Maan is confused by her question

M: kya?

G: i bit your ear. Right?

M: (st) ye kya puch rahi hai? Don't she know what she did in her sleep?

G: aap chup kyun rahe hai? Iska matlab did i bite the left one?

M: (sarcastically) oho...iska matlab your original plan was to bite my ears. But by mistake you have twisted it. Hena?

G: what? did i twist your ear?

M: haan

G: which one maan?

M: right

G: bohat dard horaha hai kya?

M: hmmm

G: i am really sorry maan
Maan realises that he is answering all her questions with so much of desipline and he goes to MSK mode and shouts

M: bas.

G: teek hai. Hereafter, I won't bite, pinch or twist any of your body parts. It is my promise. Ab chain se sojayiye

Maan is about to lay back on the bed...but geek stops him

G: ek minute maan!
M: ab kya?
G: maan! let me tell you a secret

Maan is again excited that she is going to tell about the so called marriage

M: bolo geet

G: zara paas ayiyena

Maan is so desparate to know the secret. So he blindly follows her words and he brings his ear close to her mouth

G: wo kya hena...

Maan realises that her mouth is very close to his ear and he is terrified that she is going to bite it. So he immediately moves away form her

G: kya hua maan? don't you want to hear the secret?

M: tum dhoor se rehkar bolo

G: teek hai...wo kya hena? I have some strange sleeping habits. While i sleep, i don't know what i do

M: kya?

G: haan maan. When i was a small kid, i used to sleep in between ajay bhaiya and Vicky. While sleeping , i'll bite or pinch them unconsciously. Next morning both Ajay bhaiya and Vicky will complain to mom about this.

Hearing what geet said just now, Maan face turns grim. Geet notices it. But she keeps on talking

G: But when mom asks me about the previous night happenings, i can't remember anything. Using this weakness of mine, both ajay bhaiya and Vicky will complain to Mom on the nights on which i didn't bite them at all.

Maan is still lost in some thoughts. Geet stops for a second to read his face and continues

G: so in order to save ajay bhiaya and Vicky form my bites, mom bought a puppy and she made it to sleep next to me.

Maan comes out of his thoughts and unknowingly he starts to enjoy geet's childhood experiences

G: you know what maan? after seeing what mom did to me, ajay bhaiya and Vicky felt very bad for...

Maan interferes and asks...

M: (asks sarcastically) they felt bad for whom?  for the puppy?

G: maan! aap bhi na? They felt bad for me. Also they apologised to...

M: apologised to whom? to the puppy?

Geet is annoyed by maan's teasings

G: chup bilkul chup. varna... this time i'll bite your tongue

Maan is shocked and as well as embarrassed.

Geet realises what she just said. She is super duper embarrassed by her words. She covers her mouth with her hands tightly.

G: geet! tum pagal hogaya kya? why are you saying ACTION dialogues to him? Bath karne se pehle kabhi soch thi nahi ho.

M: (st) ye geet sach much pagal hai

Maaneet both are feeling awkward and both couldn't face each other.

After few seconds geet turns towards maan and he too looks at her. geet didn't know how to react. So she gives him a silly smile. Maan is amused by her cute smile. He looks at her mouth. Geet notices where he is looking at right now. She is terrified by his look. She stops smiling and silently lays back on the bed, covers her face with the blanket and closes her eyes tightly

G: (st) geet! ab chup chap sojao. Wo hi tumariliye acha hoga

Maan comes out of the trance. He shakes his head.

M: (st) ye meine kya soch raha hu? ye geet sach much mujhe pagal kardegi

He too lays back on the bed and closes his eyes

The scene of geet kissing his forehead comes to his mind.

M: (st) ye mujhe kya horaha hai? She didn't even know that she kissed me. She kissed me in her sleep. But why i am remembering it? Ab sab kuch bhul jao maan

He opens his eyes and turns towards geet. since geet has covered herself with the blanket, maan couldn't see her face. Geet's left arm remains uncovered by the blanket.  When he is about to close his eyes again, he notices a scar in her left arm

seeing the scar in her arm, some past memories flashes in maan's mind randomly

M: this scar?...this scar?...


"bachao...bachao...maan driving his black jeep at a very high speed. The continuing scream...bachao...bachao... maan rushing to the source of the sound...the unconscious person's murmers "nandhini...nandhini.."  his effort to take the unconscious person to the hospital, karan's arrival to that place...

Maan comes out of his self thoughts with a jerk

M: (st) does geet still remember that incident?

that's it buddies...please do let me know your predictions and comments...143...
P.S.: tomorrow, i may not be able to update because of some important work. sorry for that buddies. 

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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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me  first Big smile  

nice update

Geet is one special specimen ... kissing , pinching , biting ppl in her sleep ... she's really dangerous Big smile  ...

just like Maan  .. me also going mad about this mystery ... 

continue soon

143 buddy


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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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wow awesome tonya
n u r comparing maan with a dogShocked
n yaaa maan took d promise frm geet tht she should nt bite,pinch or twist any part of maans bodyEvil Smile
my brain thinking hw will thy ever do thtttBlushing
n maan njoying geets childhood wowwwSmile
n he remembers d same incident twice
hope he eats mentos  n his demag ki bhathi lights upROFL
n geet wanted 2 bite maans tongueDay Dreaming
y didnt she do itttEmbarrassed
wowww awesomeeeCool
luved itttThumbs Up
nw im tiredddD'oh

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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tonaya y the last part is repeated twice...

AND ACTION is back...

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 11:38am | IP Logged
mindblowing part
love it
cont soonnn
thanks 4 pm

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seemamary IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Loved it, plsss confusion duuur karooo.

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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 11:44am | IP Logged
The whole bite pinching bit was hilarous! ROFL 
However the last part in your update had me going...Confused What happened back then with Maan and Geet? Was there an accident of somekind? Ooo, I'm dying to find out.
Great update once again.

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