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ARSH~Meant To Be 2~Link to thread 3 on pg 151 (Page 112)

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Part 18...


Shilpa was all ready to help to manaofy her husband bcoz she know its not at all easy to manaofy him and who knows it better than her.


Shilpa: ok guys abhi aap sab duties khatam kar lijiye phir hum agaye ke bare mein sochein g eke karna kya hai'


Rahul: thnx a lot Shilpa agar aap help ke liye han na karti tu pata nahin hum Armaan ko mana bhi pata ya nahin'


Muski: oh hanji ji'thnx u ji'


All started saying thanks to Shilpa for the help to manaofy Armaan..


Shilpa: ok'ok guys.. u r most welcome n now go and finish ur duties so that we can make plans ok.


They all nodded and left for their duties. Shilpa also moved towards her ward to finish of her duty and thinking to make up the plan to help these friends of Armaan n bring them close again, she want to get them back together as she has seen him how much he misses his friends n want them back, he is not really angry for not being there for him but on the fact that his friends humiliated his wife infront of the whole Sanjeevani and he cant see his love, his life being humiliated in front of all. But now its time to bring changes in everyones life to make the things better and Shilpa is ready to make all things better for all.


Shilpa: Dr. Armaan Mallik ab aap kahan jaen gae bach ke aur mein bhi dekhti hoon kaise nahin mante tum.


After that Shilpa started doing her work..checking patients giving them their medicines on time and also trying to finish it up as soon as possible and before the actual break she has asked others to do the same.


Finishing her work Shilpa took a cup of coffee and get settled in the recreation room the one place where any one or specially 'Armaan' will come at the end, she also paged others to finish of their work and meet her in recreation room so that they can make plans as how to manaofy Armaan and make up many strategies and also the back ups if their plan back fired becoz being with Armaan Mallik she know he is not the one who get convience easily and another fact is he loves to irritate the other to core.

Shilpa: is Armaan ko na mein chooron gi nahin iske wajah se mujhe apna kitna dimaag chalana parh raha hai Mr. Dayanleva kahin ka. Hmph' 'she was cursing him under her breath huffing n puffing and ready to beat him black n blue n also blowing her hairs from forehead in anger.'


Shilpa was thinking of what to do when others also entered the recreation room n talking their cups of coffee or juice took a seat in front of Shilpa and finally thought of started planning to manaofy the great Armaan Mallik which is a big task. Suddenly all started feeling awkward not knowing what to do, its really difficult for them to discuss anything with her knowing that they had hurt her badly and humiliated her infront of the Sanjeevani they were genuinely guilty for wat they did, they said sorry to her but it was still not right its not the way they should have treated her. Shilpa could also feel the awkwardness between them and felt tongue tied but she also thought to break this awkward feeling n make all at ease.


Shilpa: ok guys so lets begin with it so tell me did u guys planned anything. 'she said looking towards all'


Before any one can speak..


Atul: kaun sa plan kis ka plan..


Muski: hum ne koi plan bhi banana hai, par humne tu hero ko manana hai na tu plan kyun.


Others shook their head thinking here they go again the super idiots specially Abhi thinks them to be.


Rahul: guys Armaan ko manane ke plan hi pocha hai Shilpa ne.


Atul n Muski: oh ..with their eyes out and lips in O making them look a bit funny.. n Nikki couldn't hold it n laughed out making all look in her direction thinking y she is acting like a stupid now.


Abhi: Nikki ab tum kyun hasane lagi bas karo'


Niki: mein kyun chup karon look at them they look so funny'its made others snigerred abit but they hide it.


Muski: Niki ki bachi rukh tujhe mein batati hoon.. 'she was about to pounce on her when Rahul held her from behind..'


Niki: oye tu kya bataye gi'.Rukh mein batati hun tujhe punjaban' 'n this tym Abhi held stopping her to pounce on Muski'


Muski: oye mein tu hoon Punjab ki sherni hai tu hai Delhi ki bakri'


Niki: tu ne mere ko bakri bolo tu bhootni' 'Anjali and Atul were like pendulum looking from one direction to another trying to get wat is happening n y..'


Before they can fight more'Shilpa shouted on them making them stop.


Shilpa: guys for god sake yeh bachon ki tarah larna bandh karo..Armaan ko manane ki liye kuch plan karo aur yeh mat bholo ke who tum se naraz hai mujhse nahin.. mein bewajah itna sir dard le rahi hoon tum logon ko kareeb lane mein but I guess u all r not interested at all. 'she was really angry man n all can see it n lowered their heads in shame.'


Anjali: sorry Shilpa who inki wajah se tum naraz mat ho'we r really sorry..han na guys' 'she looked towards other n glared at them along with that giving them hint to say which they all nooded'they r not using her just to win Armaan back,'they were really sorry n guilty for what they did n they also need some guidance someone their to help them to get Armaan back n make their group complete.


Hearing Anjali n seeing them all feeling sorry n ashamed of their childish fight she let it go'


Shilpa: ok fine'its ok..acha so tell me did u guys thought any thing'koi plan jisse tum Armaan ko mana sako..


Rahul: nahin ab tak tu nahin..guys u.. 'he said looking towards other..who all also nooded in no''


Niki: arey plan bhi kya karen who tu humari koi baat sunane ko ready hi nahin..


Anjali: n nor he is like u who forgave us just with a sorry..Armaan is not the one who forgives easily'so what should we do..


All started thinking about certain ways how to pataofy Armaan'all were silent..not a single voice in the room..when Atul shouted' 'IDEA' making all scared for a minute..


Muski: oye tu dheere nahin bol sakta tha'abhi heart attack de deta mujhe.. 'she mocked him n also kept a hand on her racing heart..'


Shilpa: 'ignoring what happened' kya idea hai tumhare pass Atul..


Atul: kyun na hum Armaan ko ek poda [plant] dein aur saath mein ek sorry card.. 'he said with innocence dripping from every where''


Muski: arey wah..wah'kya Idea hai sir ji' 'hearing her Atul gave a smile showing his whole set of teeth n high five with Muski'


Abhi: aur wohi poda [plant] who Armaan Mallik utha ke tumhare sir [head] mein mare ga..


Niki: aur card dust bin mein..


Anjali: yeh Armaan bhi na seedhe se nahin man sakta kya'itni mehnat karni parh rahi hai.. 'hearing her Shilpa thought''


Shilpa: lo bhai yahan mere dimag ki dahi [curd] ban gaye hai aur inhein apni parhi hai' [she said it clear to all] so means tum logon ke pass koii plan nahin hai'ok I have one plan then..


She called them all close to her n told them their plan'to which they all nooded and smiled'with their fingers crossed'hoping their plan works..


Nikki: woowww that's an awesome idea.


Anji: Hopefully it works.


Rahul: Ofcourse it will work after all the plan maker is none other that Dr. Shilpa Armaan Mallik.


They all high five with each other and smiled.


Shilpa: ab dekhte hai Mr. Armaan Mallik aap kahan jate hain bachke.. 'She said with a sly smile on her lips..'  and here Armaan was on his duty completely unaware of all the plans being made.


*Break Time*


Armaan finished his duty and moved towards the cafeteria to have something to relax and also hoping to see his lovely wife, whom he didn't saw from morning because of their duties in different wards.


As he entered a beautiful sight met his view, the caf it has dim lights, the bouquets of roses pm every table and sweet light romantic music playing in the background and all couples settled on tables enjoying their break with the beautiful, peaceful and romantic ambiance around them all thanks to the valentine's day and in between all this sitting his darling wife, his jaan on the table looking at her watch waiting for her dear husband, with a cup of coffee and a frown on her face. Armaan couldn't help but chukle at the sweet scene infolded infront of him, she looks even more beautiful with that frown adorning her face.


He moved towards her with a dazzling dimple smile and grabbing a rose from one of the vouquets stood infront of her and when she looked up, he moved close to her and went down on his knees making her shock and thinking 'yeh kya kar raha hai''


Armaan: 'giving her the rose" Vuoi ballare con me signora


Shilpa: Huh..she was still in trance not understanding whats happening.


Armaan: Will you dance with me Signora.


Shilpa smiled hearing this and gave her hand in Armaan's after accepting the rose from him. Simlingly he took her a side and pulled her close by her waist and she circled her arms around his neck looking at him with all the love and same with Armaan. Lost in their world.. 'Do check the VM im sure u'll enjoy it'





Both were lost in their own world not even seeing the people around them looking at them in awe seeing the love both have for each other and the way they are lost in their own world of love and peace.


Shilpa has kept her head on his broad chest with her  eyes close where as Armaan was also lost in this beautiful feeling of having his lady love in his arms and was keeping his chin of her head with his eyes close and both having a sweet, loving and peaceful smile on their lips.

Their beautiful moment came to an end with the thunder of applause around them, all appreciating and admiring this sweet and beautiful couple. Heavenly made for each other. Armaan and Shilpa was a bit embrrassed for being held in this situation, Shilpa was completely red where as Armaan has a sweet smile on his lips. The gang was also there in the canteen and witnessed the beautiful moments in front of them, they were really happy for Armaan specially knowing how heart broken he was.


Armaan: 'after a lot of courage and taking a deep breath' wooww these arrangements are really awesome who did this.


Dr. Kriti: our senior doctors did this Dr. Armaan, they do this on every Valentine's 'hearing her Armaan looked in the gang direction and appreciated them just with a slight moment of his head but didn't said a word.

Both of then settle down on the table and the gang was also got settled near by. Abhi, Niki, Rahul, Muski, Anjali, Atul, Tamanna, JP, Jiggy, Sid and Ridhimaa also nodded their head in a way receiving the compliment and then settled down on the near table.


Ridhimaa's POV:


Armaan aur Shilpa kitne ache dekte hain saath mein, aur kyun aaj mujhe unhein ek saath dekh kar ajeeb feel nahin hua,ek dusre ke saath, ek dujhe mein khota[lost] dekh kar. Infact dil ko ek sukoon [peace] mehsoos [feel] hua ke Armaan ki zindagi bohat khubsurat hai, kyun mujhe Shilpa ko Armaan ki bahoon [arms] mein dekh jalan nahin hui. 'she was all confused'




Her thoughts were broken by Sid's Voice…


Sid: ridhimaa chalo kuch kha lein bhuk lag rahi hai.


Rahul: oye tere ko humesha hi bhook lagi rehti hai bhukkaa.


Abhi: yeh right apni fitness ka khayal rakh samjha, biwiyon ko mote pati pasand nahin ate, they liked fit one just like me.


Atul: oye bada aya fit wala, Armaan tere se zyada fit hai, samjha!


Abhi: oh please 'he said making a bit face.' Armaan was hearing all this but ignored it and the gang was loud so Armaan listen them and react, specially the way he used to do with Abhi. Abhi doen't have problem if Armaan fight or argue with him as they want him to talk with them, other than the professional exchange of words. But Armaan didn't react and busied himself with Shilpa who made a bad face as their plan is not working and he is not reacting. Whereas Sid, Ridhimaa, JP, Jiggy and Tamanna were confused thinking "what the hell is going on here" but couldn't get hold of any clue about whats going on around them.


Shilpa was also feeling bad that Armaan is not reacting to any thing they are saying and also thinking 'Armaan kab tak sab se naraz raho gaye man jao na please'. But our very own Dr.Armaan was not at all ready for it and ignored them completely, and started chatting with Shilpa again.


Armaan: Shona kya logi coffee or hot chocolate. 'he asked with love twinkling in his eyes and a sweet dimple smile.' When she didn't react and was trying to say something to the gang through eyes and giving them a bit signals he got all confused and again called her but this time touching her hand. This action of his not only made Shilpa as well as the gang jump as they were signalling each other.


Armaan: wahan kya dekh rahi ho Shona, mein tum se baat kar raha hoon aur tum jawab hi nahi de rahi. 'he said a bit disappointed this time for not getting the attention from the only person he has.'


Shilpa: oh im so sorry Armaan mera dyaan kahin aur tha, kya poch rahe thae tum.'


Armaan: kya lo git um coffee or hot chocolate.


Shilpa: coffee. 'nodding his head Armaan got up and went to ordered something for both of them, and in the mean time Shilpa turned to the gang again. ' go for it guys yeh aise nahin bol raha kuch bhi, get his attention go. 'nodding their heads they again turned back as Armaan was coming.'


Taking his seat he again started chatting with him, waiting for the order and more than him the gang was waiting for the order and to their relief, waiter came with some sandwiches and 2 cups of coffee and put them on table.


Armaan and Shilpa start cherishing the coffee and in b/w Armaan eyes fell on a piece of paper kept beside the plate, he took it and opened to read the content and what in it made him shocked.


There was a big sorry written on it and when he looked towards the gang they were all making puppy faces eyes down showing how guilty they are. Shilpa was looking at Armaan only several emotions passed through his eyes, he was shocked, felt different as if wanting to go and embrace them all, claim them back as his friend, forgive them for what they did, he cant blame them as he was the one who left them without telling anything, they don't knew about it, but Shilpa's crying face her hurt eyes and tears in them make him firmed again. He wont forgive those who hurt his love, made her cry he always try his best to not let her shed any tear and here they made her cry, he cant forgive them. He passed a hard glare to them which they know was coming their way and taking the paper he torn it, which surely hurt others as well as him also but he cant let them hurt her again.


Armaan: Shilpa come on let get back to duty break time finish ho gaya hai. 'Shilpa was still in shock of what he did, she know he is more hurt and angry on them as the gang hurt her but now this is going out of hand she has to think of something quick.'


The gang was also shocked beyond limits, hurt by his act but they also know they did the wrong thing so deserve it, but they wont loose hope and get him back. With the same determination they got up and went for the duty.


Rest of the day passed in peace but gang and Shilpa were busy thinking of the ways to mananofy him as soon as possible. The night passed with two lovers sleeping in each other arm with a sweet smile on their lips and bit exhaustion the after maths of love making.


ok so here is the complete thinking of making it a bit different from what i thought before and no such problem b/w Armaan, Shilpa and Ridhimaa...

so that's why i put up ridz POV to make her feel the love b/w ARSH and how beautiful it is.

Precap: As before...ArSh and gang on beach..some more realizations by Ridhimaa...

ok guys...this is it for now...

writing the other will update soon,...

for the PM's...i request all to add anumeha_pm in their account..

for any suggestion n criticism u r more then welcome..

as it will help me to write in more nice way..

take care..


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update soon Smile
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choto instlmnttt...bring Arsh momentsss tooo

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nice part
continue soon

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awesome update
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