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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 107)

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Originally posted by daya0628

Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Oh hun I will miss u big tym! But u know wth u have a blast of a time yeh, wots more important innit. WinkWink 
I am shocked i have not mentioned this to u before Confused ooops...its the talk of all my convos these finally bought my saree for it...and thank you soo much for the is september 3rd so I have lots to do...i will probably peep in often with phone and come one late in night to comment on thngs lol ...but for most part i have things to start doing Tongue I'm the last one to know...TongueTongue
Oh Sept...dats reasonable given the time then.  so wot kinda gear u got ready den...??Smile

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Yep Spandana, I am updating now babes...Smile

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Chapter Thirty Seven

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?



Within those few minutes everything was over, Roopa's body lay there on the grass, with her face unrecognisable, and bits of her brain and flesh were scattered everywhere, all over Anna's face, over Dutta's clothes, and over Naku's face and body.

Dutta looked at Naku in despair. His first reaction was of sudden shock, not knowing how to respond to the situation, he could feel his body filling itself with rage. His fear was that Naku was losing connection with herself, Nakuuu!! Dutta shouted as loud as he could, shooting out specs of saliva in an unorthodox manner. Nakuuu! He shouted again. But it was like she was drifting in a totally different world, it like she couldn't even hear a single word he was shouting out. She was aloof, and she didn't try to stop herself from falling, it was like she was giving up. She looked at Dutta as she fell to the ground, her eyes closed for a split second, and then hit the ground a second time with impact, and then she was out. Just like that. Her blood filled face lay there unconscious and oblivious to everything else that went on around her.


On the other hand Roopa's body lay there like she was some corpse from a gruesome horror movie. Without giving anything a second thought, Dutta gained sudden might and roared out loud, helping in fight against him for strength to fight for Naku's life.

Aarrrggghhh!!! He roared, as he shook his arms with force together, bringing two of Anna's men clashing into one another, making their feet unstable, while head butting them together and making them lose their balance and fall back. When Dutta's arms were released, he ducked down and punched one of the guys in the stomach, and in the same instance elbowing one the guys behind him too, in their midriff. He stood up and knocked out the other two guys without further ado. And looking behind him, he blocked an attacker, and in reflex lifted his elbow back at face level and hit him backwards, breaking his nose. The last guy to his left was left flabbergasted, not knowing what to do, but Dutta didn't care, and he grabbed him from his hair, pulled him down and at the same time bringing his knee up, kicked him in his chest three times, until the guy was out.

Anna watched Dutta from far, and felt satisfaction running through him. It was some show Dutta was putting on, and all within the space of a couple of minutes, Dutta had single handily knocked out eight men flat, just to reach Naku. As more men turned up, Anna put up his hand to stand far back, he wanted to see how Dutta reacted to the loss of his love. He wanted to witness every pain he had to show.

Dutta ran up to Naku, and knelt down beside her, Naku, Naku... he called out to her, aankhen khol Naku. Tujhe kuch nahin ho sakta, he said fearing his own words. He was scared to touch her. She was lying there like a corpse.

His Naku lay there like a corpse. These words tasted bitter, he hated the sound of them. He hated the fact that he was the single reason she lay there in this hideous state.


Dutta swiped his finger over Naku's lip carefully, scooping her blood onto his finger and observing it. His eyes turned cold, and his lower eyelids were tensing up, his eyes squinted in bitterness, his teeth clenched tight, causing tension on his jaw. His eyebrows inched closer together, forming two vertical lines in the center of his forehead. His breathing grew wild, his look more fierce, at this point in time he was a not source to reckon with.


He was on the verge of destruction, if he had any self-control, it had blown the rooftops, he was on the edge of madness, and he had no intention of taming it.

ANNAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He roared, in an over stretched tone.


In a fit of rage Dutta charged forward, and barged Anna's shoulder with force. Who weren't expecting such a sudden attack and fell backwards onto the floor, making his pelvis numb in that moment, without allowing him a moment to register what had just happened. Dutta immediately bent down and grabbed Anna by his collar and forced him to stand up.


(Please click her for Dutta's soundtrack.Smile Reading at a fairly fast pace.Wink Keeping the volume as loud as you can. 'You know what they say, if it's too loud you're too old'LOL-Bitter Sweet Symphony, by The Verve, from Cruel Intentions).


Anna didn't have a moment to express his emotions, Dutta didn't allow him to. When he looked up from after witnessing his wife's languished body, it was like he'd lost all control of his senses. Anna hadn't seen anything like it before. Dutta's eyes had reddened to an extent that it was almost giving Anna a strange kind of chill. He could feel his hairs stand on end up his spine. But before any of Anna's men stepped forward to aid him, Anna put out his hand in order to stop them. This is between me and Dutta. Koi beech mein nahin aaye ga... said Anna while trying to gather himself.

Kuthe bhokne se Sher nahin ban jaate Anna, Sher ke muh mein haath daalahai tho ab kuthe ki mauth to tu marega hi, said Dutta with a chill in his voice and pinning Anna against the wall.


Baaji had told Gaurav to take young Rupa back home to Patil Niwas to assure her safety. While Baaji himself made his way to Anna's den, and calling for back-up at the same time.

Anna had taken a ridiculous shot at Dutta's face, but Dutta hadn't budged, it was like hitting a brick wall and expecting it to respond. There was nothing to show for it, except for a trickle of blood making its way down from inside of Dutta's nostril, indicating he was indeed injured. Anna punched him a second and third time again, with no sign of torture on Dutta's behalf.


In the dim light Anna could barely see Dutta's face. and hadn't seen the next move coming. Dutta took a blow at Anna's face this time with immense force, shattering Anna's face muscles to the core.

Anna could feel he was falling this time, while his sight was blurred, his mouth quickly filled with a gush of blood, and a sharp pain burned behind his lips like there was fire lit inside of his flesh. As he tilted his head to look back, he caught sight of a few white pebbles nearby his fall, which he later understood to be the reason for his throbbing pain inside his mouth. A couple of tattered broken white teeth lay on the ground, now abandoned.

As Anna tried to angle himself upright, Dutta had grabbed him and threw him face first against the wall with all his might, causing the impact of the bang against his forehead, to lose his balance, making him crash down like a useless bag of bones. Anna struggled with pain, and tried to crawl away from the scene to buy himself some time.


Baji had reached by this time, only to find Dutta in his fiercest form. It was like he'd had a blood bath. The sight of Roopa Tai was horrendous. Naku's body was also lying nearby lifeless, in a state which made Baji cringe in his shoes. At once he understood why Bhau had broken all hell loose. As Baji rushed towards Dutta to support him, Dutta had already attempted to crack Anna's neck. This was where Bhau's henchmen had arrived, and overtook the scene and fighting back against anyone who tried to stop Dutta from hurting Anna.


Dutta was kicking Anna in the ribs, and then looked over his body, while keeping his pistol over Anna's weak body, ready to take a shot.

Baji understood Bhau's plight, but as he looked over at Naku, he knew if she didn't make it, than Bhau would never be able to forgive himself.

He would take care of Anna, but Bhau needed to get Naku to the hospital. His thoughts were disrupted by continuous gunshots, which Dutta had triggered into Anna's now dead body, leaving a halo of white smoke released from every bullet that pierced through Anna's skin, letting off the smell of rustic blood mixed with sulphur that diffused into the air.

In his rage Dutta hadn't realised Anna was dead, and continued to gun him down. Until Baji had interfered and tried to stop him, with a little struggle and shooting a few blanks in the air. Baji had to shout to Dutta, of Naku's condition. Bhauuu!!!!! Cried Baji irritated by Dutta's uncontrollable state ...Bhau tu Naku ko hospital leke jaa re, warna pata nahin ke woh...

Baji!!!!! Shouted Dutta, with flared nostrils, aage ek shabd nahin, he said, knowing what Baji would say next, and glanced over at Naku, while dropping his pistol to the ground, hopelessly. He wanted to cry, but somehow all he felt was a stinging irritating dryness in his eyes.
Bhau main sab sambhal lega yahan pe. Tu jaa, main gharwalo ko phone kardega, woh sab tumhe wohi milenge, jaldi jaa Bhau...As Dutta rushed forwards, he looked back and ordered, ...Baji Anna ki haveli ka naam aur nishaan mitha do yahan se, sab ko jalaa do, koi bhi zinda nahin bachna chahiye Baji, dhyaan rahe koi bhi nahin, he repeated specifically.

Dutta rushed towards Naku, almost afraid to touch her, but then acted fast. While taking off his shirt and placing it over the front of Naku's top half of her body, and capturing her in his arms, he rushed her into his jeep, and to the hospital.

Please stay with me Naku. In his mind he was begging on his knees for her life, watching her every moment like this was killing him every second. The feeling was unexplainable.


Doctor! Doctor! He'd charged in with her limp body in his arms, both their bodies stained with dry blood. The Patil Niwas family was already waiting in the reception areas, who were flabbergasted to see both their states.


As one of the Doctor's had come forward, along with a couple of nurses, the Doctor had refused to check Naku point blank, as Dutta laid her on the hospital bed. This is a police case, and we will not take matters of the law into our hands, so kindly step out, said the Doctor. Nothing burned Dutta's ears more at this point.

Agar meri Naku ko kuch huwa tho main tere poore hospital ko khoon se bhar dega, samjha tuuu!!! Blasted Dutta, walking backwards and overshadowing the mumbling going on in the background from Dutta's fear. Kisi ko zinda nahin chodega main, kisi ko nahin!! He shot out again, this time banging his forearms on the glass table with immense force, causing it to shatter into a thousand pieces, along with shrieks of screaming by women and patients. Dutta fixed his eyes on the Doctor and made his way towards him, again.


AYE DOCTOR!! Threatened Dutta, while grabbing his collar by force ...agar tune Naku ka ilaaj nahin kiya to main tera police case idhar hi tayaar kardega!!! He infuriated, while the Doctor dripped with sweat. Er nurse, p..p...please take the patient to the emergency room, he stuttered, while telling Dutta I'll try my best, and hurried himself away from there.


In his ruined state, Dutta wiped the blood from his arms against his shirt that hanged over his shoulder, which covered Naku, a while ago. He managed to release a few cries, and screams of agony, his neck muscles strained with tension, as he fell to his knees. His pain was visible, but unbearable.


Dutta, Bappa pe bharosa rakho, said Aye Sahib, through sobs not really knowing what to say. Haan, added Babi, while standing before Bappa's murhti in the reception area.

He immediately shot up with the sound of Bappa. Bappa pe bharosa rakho! Uss Bappa pe jis pe woh bharosa karti thi!! Taunted Dutta, as he inched closer to Bappa's murthi. Aaj yeh Bappa hi hai jisne Naku ka yeh haal kiya hai, kaha tha woh, jab usse iski zaroorat thi! Bhola tha...BHOLA THA maine Naku ko! Ke yeh sirf pathar hai! Aur aaj isne yeh saabit kardiya, bait ke tamasha dekh raha tha yeh, he insulted further. Lekin aaj tu meri baat sun, AGAR NAKU KO KUCH HUWA, TO MAIN TERI POORI DUNIYA MAIN AAG LAGAA DUNGA!!! SAB KUCH RAAKH KARDEGA MAIN!!! SAB KUCH!!! While uttering these words he caught sight of nurses rushing in and out of the ER.


Baji had reached after dealing with matters at Anna's den, and was the only one who could somewhat control Dutta, Naku's condition was growing more critical, and with every moment passing Dutta distress was beginning to show on his face. Baji had never seen Bhau like this. His concern was growing into fear.


Babi sobbed amongst the household women ...jab tak Naku theek nahin ho jaati, main Bappa ko bhooka pyaasa rakehgi, main usko bhog nahin lagaygi... she cried.

Two nights had passed, at moments Naku was stable, but at times her condition worsened. She was not responding to any medicine given by the Doctor's, she was under constant surveillance. Dutta had endured two days of hell on earth, than he had ever in a lifetime.

But then the next morning Dutta's worse fear had come alive, panic was evident in the team of nurses rushing in and out. Dutta barged into the room, ignoring the medics who tried to refuse him entry. What's happening? He questioned constantly. But his presence was being treated as absence.


Check the readings again, shouted one person.

That's not possible! Shouted another.


Okay check the heart rate again ...nurse - Defibrillators, charge by 200 joules! Gel the pads, and position...

1, 2, 3, 4... wait for it... come on Naku. Naku's body jolted up with force, she'd opened her eyes for a split second, exhaled a deep breath and released 'Saab' but was gone again.

Jump it up. Recharge, let's go again, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Shouted the medics behind the green masks.

Clear! Okay let's go again. 1, 2, 3, 4. Her body jolted five times, but no response came from Naku, the Doctors' dropped their eyes in disappointment.

Time of death: Nakusha Dutta Shriram Patil, 11:45am...

As the words hit Dutta ears, he refused to believe what he saw. No... he whispered as a single tear finally released itself. NO!! He shouted this time, He charged forward and snatched the death certificate from the nurse and tore it on four pieces. Meri ijaazat ke bina Naku mujhe chod ke nahin jaa sakti! While Naku's heartbeat let out the sound of a single bleep, taunting Dutta's ears.

He rushed forwards and placed his hands on Naku's chest and begun chest compressions randomly, hopelessly. His tears dripped off the end of his nose, onto Naku's face, but he didn't give, he didn't know how to.


You told me you would keep my heart safe, You lied!! You lied Naku! He said while pressing on her heart in a pathetic attempt to save her. You said as long as your heart was beating inside of me, You would remain alive! Look Naku, your heart is still beating, wake up! He shouted. My heart can't fail you, my heart only beats for you, wake up god dammit! He said pressing harder.

By this time Baji and the rest of the family had rushed inside, crying and wailing overtook, while Dutta was being dragged away by Baji. But then the monitor began bleeping faster, with sudden pattern.

Saab! Saab! Was all they heard. The rush of the professionals kicked in again, injections, medications, drips, was all being set up for her again. But Dutta just stared on in relief and shock, those few moments had drained whatever little life he had left inside of him, but his heart didn't fail her. It proved that it only beated for his Nakusha.


But one question still remained unanswered, could she still love him tomorrow.


I know I weren't exactly fast wid this one lol.Embarrassed But hey its here now. I hope u enjoy it, and thank for everyone who supported me with the last chapterEmbarrassedBig smile.


The song in dis update I wud say is important, as the feeling is bought out more strongly through the words and the nature of this song, and it makes it easier to understand and relate with Dutta.


Thank you for reading, and please press like. Smile


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reserved...will come back after work :P


Tink *big hugs*

amazing part hun...i loved it as always ...very well written ...I can imagine it all...

now i wanna start by saying this just cuz if i dont, itz not me LOL

ahem ahem *clears throat* I am missing Gaurav lol...lekhin his absence is needed and make sense but just wanted to put that out there heehee

now for the update ...I love how you started Dutta's pov exactly where hers started...

and the way he screams in agony, pain, and his raising anger ...alll very well explained I was so imagining this update to be actually happening ...

Naku is truly Dutta's strength, for her he will do anything to any extent without giving thought to about anything, all hell broke loose...great action packed update

and the way he ran to her and said kuch nahi hi sakta...even I would feel that was a lie to myself if i saw someone lying around like that...what it must have done to him...i can totally see it...and that did ...everything just spiked, a rush of adrenaline, more fierce and ready as ever to fight and he roared like the lion he is ...i got so excited here LOL...i was just waiting for Anna to becom pulp.

Baaji of course being the amazing friend he is ...goes after Dutta and smarty calls for back up too...and reaches there to find Dutta so out raged...his anger at a level beyond words can explain...but he knows why seeing the sight of Roopa and Naku. Dutta still turning guy to pulp and in so much rage he shoots Anna again and again without realising he is already dead...i loved this bit it just showed that killing him isn't enough for what he did to the one and only person that has him living and smiling...he would probably follow him in death and torture him if he could ...

Love Baaji calming his friend down and telling him to take care of Naku and he will take care of everything else...always there when needed ...Dutta rushing to Naku side and almost begging her to stay with him...she is his only reason to breathe...what is he without her :P

Naku in hospital and Dutta so afraid, fearing losing her...its so evident with his actions. He will do anything to keep her alive. His pain, agony, suffering all was well written and came out in the right ways...they way he talks about bappa to the way he talks about Naku and that line i was holding my heart lol  "agar naku ko kuch huwa, to main teri poori duniya main aa lagaa dunga" saying all this about bappa but it showed his pain more than anything whether he trust good or not, if anything happens there is no world for him, and he will make sure of that...he'll never let himself live this day down, for guilt, the anger everything...and like Bappa rightly said in Nakus mind last update...she needs to come back for her saab...he needs her...his strength ...his everything...and its not her time to leave...

So naku's condition is on the border ...stammering between unstable and stable...worsening often and then baam  the girl i guess goes into cardiac arrest...bringing out the defibrillators...and all ends in vain and doctors declare her death...i can just see his heart also go into cardiac arrest...stopping hearing that...and his reaction...i felt sooo bad for him i so wanted to give him a hug ...he screamed No ...shouted ...charged forward and the most beautiful line 'mer izzaat ke bina Naku mujhs chod ke nahin jaa skathi" how many times he said she can not leave but this line came more from denial of the situation ...and the pain u see while almost ordering her to come back, that she CANT leave ...its not an option ...aww my cutie he ran to her and did compressions...hopeless ...yet he wanted some miracle...he went let her slip away that easy...he just wont...he cant...

maar dala omg when he talks about his heart being safe and her saying as long as her heart is beating in him she will live...and calling her a liar...again the agony, pain, the situation was hitting him heart reached out for him seriously ...that line I was actually holding my heart..."My heart can't fail you, my heart only beaths for you, wake up god dammit!" that was the highlight for me...absolutely loved the emotion that came with that line...his heart is literally on the line here...

just when baaji drags him away...the monitor beeps...omg the monitor beeps...i was expecting that obviously nothing can happen to her...but she must've just finished her convo with bappa heehee..she says saab Embarrassed...his name ...forever the name on her lips ...haaye u should use that as title "your name forever the name on my lips" lolll...anyway moving on Dutta in shock, relief his heart is now beating in didn't fail her...and loved the last line..."last few moments drained whatever little life he had left inside of him, but his heart didnt fail proved it beat for his Nakusha" awww me all getting so emotional reading this update...*sniff sniff* so happy they found each other  :)

and of course u ended with the question ...could she still love him tomorrow...of course she can ...she came back only for him ...and maybe she might have trouble just going back into the swing of it all but she will forever love him and only him :)

tink wonderful...u had me so emotion filled...and so glued to the update...i read it on my way to work ...on phone, and I just couldnt put it down...great always

love you lots with you sooon :P

P.S. the song in the middle really brought the feel of the situation together...absolutely loved the added always u have an amazing soundtrack for ur updates Tongue

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awww tinker u r awesome girl!!
wil read nd coment asap.x

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awesome update...

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Hughey tink! such a heart throbing update dear,so anna got what he deseves good nakku returned back loved when he says  Meri ijaazat ke bina Naku mujhe chod ke nahin jaa sakti wow what an authorative side of dutta are kahan jayegi woh bappa ko bhuka rehna kya jo babi se panga lenge nahi unhe apni duniya ka satyanasha karna hai jo dutta ki icha puri na kare.

really felt like crying when dutta was requesting her to return to him when he was
pressing her chest like a maniac and says You told me you would keep my heart safe, You lied!! You lied Naku! He said while pressing on her heart in a pathetic attempt to save her. You said as long as your heart was beating inside of me, You would remain alive! Look Naku, your heart is still beating, wake up! He shouted. My heart can't fail you, my heart only beats for you.
wow tink loved this part a naku returned finally back to her saab,but the question in dutta mind is also right but i know naku can never hate dutta as she breaths for him and a person who losses his breath dies and without dutta naku is like a person who doesn't have air to just say awesome dear this part showed those sides of dutta i love the most a true warrior, a sher,a possesive & authorative husband and an aggressive lover and also an emotional person who fear to lose the love of their life.
so hope all questions of dutta will be answered in next part please don't creat any distance btw them.please do update soon
lots of hugs and love

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ahhh Hi 

ummm u know what actaully the title is what i am asking to u 

will u still love me today , tomorrow forever ?

and cann for give me that i have been literally not commenting neither reading it for the simple reason 

i hate to do things in quick version which i totally adore 

but todays title make me post not comments but what i thought 

what a meaningful title 

i dont know what happened but ithe title is so strong that i am weired feeling

im like dying to go back and read them all 

but but but 
still a lil busy so will read them at ease cuz i beleive there is gonna be alot of tears shedding going on 

OH Tink 

im sorry for missing on something which i own and adore 

its just crazy 
will be back 

the title makes me stop and write this all 

im sure today i am gonna be haunted by thsi title 

bravo giRl 

ur title are just mindblowinggg !

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