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Magical sajan's journey with their all hugs

aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace

A hug overcomes all boundaries. It speaks words within the mind that cannot be spoken.

beautiful, angelic and superb friends, best friends, soul mates, and lovers sajanwhen never find any words for each other they embrace themselves in each other's arm their unspoken words lead them to hold into each other's arm, their safe home in each other in every happiness, in all demons , in pain , in separation and thanking god to have each other in their life, samrat and gunjan always shared their hug to show each other their love as friends as best friends as lover and as would be life partner

If I could bottle up and
Sell a wonder drug
Then I would choose to bottle up
A warm and loving hug

For nothing is much better
As a tonic for a cure
Then just a little hug that can
Chase away a tear!


.The best gift you can give is a hug; one size fits all and no one ever minds if you return it.

gunjan's excitement to get love from her  friend and samrat's excitement to made their friendship on high peak on roseday a very special day for both of them , gun's first feelings of love and samrat's first feelings as  a best friend , shower of petal, every color's roses ,happiness on face but first heartbreak of gunjan ,first love to be incomplete, pain with happiness and first time without hesitation samrat asked her one hug to give proper name to their relation "best friends" and they wrapped each other in their arms gun with first heart break and samrat with his life's first loyal friends which will lead them in one commitment


A silent hug means a thousands words to the unhappy heart

first confession from gunjan's side at the time of drama where sheena felt gun's love for sam and lead her to confess infront of him through rehearsal ( i hate that sheena  but loved once for this  LOL ) she poured out her heart ,when u speak my name i think its meant only for u yes chashmish she poured out her heart and her pain and love came in her eyes which made him to weak and he wrapped her in her tight hug to secure her for assurance from his heart which he also didn't realize that his love for her made him to hug her, he thought she improvised but nope it was her heart who was craving for him


 I miss you so much, I just want to rip you out of my dreams and hug you!

owww it was chooo cute hug after separation of 1 month two soul who were craving for each other got way to get back again to get together ,gunjan was finding words to speak first he was looking her with his satisfaction that she is happy and then with naughtiness he hugged her , i am happy to get u back , i think he was really dhaakan at that time who didn't realize his love for her made him so eager to meet her and hug her 
 Embarrassed  Wink as he forgot to celebrate his first anniversary with sheena but for him gun's first meeting after separation made him more excited , it was excitement of love but poor dhakkan never understood it  LOL


As long as you hold me, I am safe from all harm."

first realization from samrat 's side gun's happiness to get him back again, her excitement and his nervousness and confused feelings , after hearing of samrat when he couldn't said anywords to her to say thanks to say how he felt without her she understood his feelings and wrapped him in tight hug first time she initiated this hug with happiness and samrat then closing his mind's all process gave into her in tight embrace, his safe home in her arms his satisfaction someone who is with me ,praying for me , concerning for me some one special who is different from every one who only cares for me my best friend or more than friend EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Sometimes it's better to put love into hugs than to put it into words

samrat confessed his feeling first time infront of his chashmish he was nervous did she accept my love or not he opened his arms to embrace with hope with love with one fear if she would say no to me then and gun shocked her happiness and didn't believed his words turned to face him her love with tears came out and he again with all his love confessed u always there for me u always supported me u always cared for me  and that's why i fell for u bcz u love me ,gun first time burst into tears infront of him without westing time wrapped herself in his arms and thanking god to give this beautiful day in her life

he again promised her never made her cry and made asked her to be in his life forever she placed his hand with assurance this is my life time commitment bcz u r the one and last whom i love from bottom of my heart u r my life and then again to assurance she hugged him this time samrat with happiness thanked god for giving angel in his life who loves him from bottom of her heart and wrapped her in his tight arms MAGICAL MOMENT OF THEIR LIFE


I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go.

fear of losing love first time in life, after confession heaven on earth but reality changed their world gun was asked to stay in morena and samrat with respect accepted it , we got each other's love in our life and that's why we r lucky bcz whenever we will be we will love each other no matter what bcz we r for each other he wooed her saying u r my moon and beautiful but then first time gun feared for him how can he will be live without me as being friend he never be happy without me then how will he be and me without him survive, he was hurt he was deserted and on seeing him in pain gun ran to him and hugged him not for him but for them bcz may be this is last time we r here together , fear ,pain ,love and unknown future lead them to be embraced in that moonful night who witnessed their unconditional love EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Everytime I think of you, it is like getting a hug from the inside out.

owww it was so cute their first date's victory hug where on hearing mayur's reunion with excitement with happiness they embraced each other with one lift first hug on their date and realizing it gun's nervousness and sam's naughty face owww chooo chweet 
 Embarrassedhappiness for their effort and for their buddie's love and their reunion happiness for their selfless love

and after mayur's reunion their first official date , their first step to know each other as lover as they were friends before reunion but now it was their first phase in their beautiful and committed relationship in which he showered roses which she wanted at the time of roseday she got and happiness came in her eyes with tears he asked and she made him understood that she wanted him always in her life and on that happiness made them together again hugging each other


first tiff , first pain for hiding truth and first little separation, samrat was hurt same was gun, they were together only for mayur as friend but as couple they were not together, gang gave them space for their communication n they could talk so that they can poured out their heart ,he was upset with her but when he saw her face he melted and opened his arm to hold her in tight hug and gun without westing time wrapped herself , he never hurt her and can see like her in pain and she poured out her heart , they complained to each other why they did all this ,they solved problem and then they took promises

and first time it was their second phase to get more committed with each other he asked her their first most awaited kiss and she gave him but with shyness she found home in his arms again  Embarrassed being so coy its really big thing for gun but only for their love she did and he was also happy that she was  moving ahead in their relationship  Embarrassed


Being held in your arms for only a few seconds takes all the pain of the world away from me

samrat was tensed when he came to know from suhani her mom wanted to meet him , he was in anger , in pain and he was not sure how to react on this situation at that time he reached to gun and shared his demons and pain , she heard her and gave him boost to give his mother a chance here not becoming girl friend but becoming best friend she adviced him to talk to his mom and to give him comfort and love which was needed to him in that time he hugged him to give him warmth to move ahead in his life and to brake all demons from his heart , and he agreed with her

13) AND 14) TU JANE NA
" hugs r silent console to make ur loved ones to feel their support " 

 elder sister's separation and then socially its gun's turn to get married , fear to lose her love samart like her elder di faced the pain for her lover , fear of society not to accept love marriage like her di faced , her di's broken dreams abt marriage which shattered now its her turn fear of losing her first and last love and when she saw him on terrace as she wanted him at that time and he was ,she asked him how do u know i wanted u this time and his reply i told u whenever u need me just look at moon i will be there and on hearing it she rushed into his arms with tight hug and burst into tears and slowly his presence made her feeling better

and same situation she again imagined her as his bride ,think abt their marriage it was first time when she talked abt marriage and when he said har kisi ke pas mere jaisi chashmish nahi hoti she  hugged him again and then her feeling abt marriage TU JANE NA


A hug is the purest burst of emotion

sajan's second official date ,their first desire for each other ,their touch and love and kisses but fear for crossing limits ,sajan love blossoming on peak and they first time alone as lovers came to date where everything were new to them their touch was different as before this date they went for date but as friends and first date was only new starting but second date was new starting of their mental level to physical level where with one sound and fear gun wrapped him in tight hug he understood her fears but poor guy before he could comfort her and made her understand they caught from elder sis and first time gunur's tiff happened

gun behaved not well with her di for the first time and she broke down totally , they thought their date would be superb but turned into sour note where with again one hug he consoled her as friend he poured out her heart and he managed her


My favorite place to be is inside of your hugs where it's warm and loving.

sajan's disagreement abt marriage , samrat's guilt to hurt her and gun who was upset with her and lost all hopes after being paralyzed and starting of new struggle on wheelchair ,when nup gave good reply to devraj in live telecast with joy sajan forgot their situation ,their unsolved disagreement and wrapped each other in arms in happiness ,of course she was upset and he was guilty but see the love again made them to celebrate their joy with their hug  Embarrassed


If a hug represented how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever

on picnic gun was afraid of uday's bhoot trick she ran on wheelchair and unfortunately fell on ground ,fear made her to shriek and on the same time samrat got her lying on ground but in hurry he fell down also but on seeing him fell she moved her lags first time she only for him tried to save him ya she couldn't but still she wanted to hold him in her arms and as soon as he reached her she tightly hugged him saying u fine he was happy seeing her first effort and she was relaxed that he is safe ,their love for each other represented superb hug with was passionate


Hugs are great, but when they are from the people you care most about, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside

all were set to made gun in her feet they planned and got ready as well it was samrat's test of love she had to prove it and when on the last step on door he abt to went she hold him and wrapped him saying all will be fine i can lose my life but won't u and he understood with her possessive hug and gave her strength i know u want to face my difficulties and don't want to hurt me with love he gave her support and also motivate her to go inside the room where uday was set for her recovery


The more hugs you give or recieve, the happier you are and the longer you live!

samrat was ready to take responsibility if baby is his he was not sure when it happened but he didn't back off from his responsibility with lead gun to support him ,she supported him saying i will be there for u if this is our future bcz  i committed my life to u before result declared they shared their feelings and supported each other but as it was prank he proved innocent , joy of winning ur love made them to hug each other as after knowing truth and after tanya and D4 (ye ushki original lines thi

 ROFL )'s message to youth they again with happiness shared their feeling with hug

hugs continued below this post scroll down to read and watch all rest of hugs  WinkEmbarrassed

Note :- this whole page 1 consist each and every hugs of sajan so do check whole page 1 Embarrassed

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If for every tear I get a hug from you then I would cry forever

after insult by girls uday set to play for prank and he played informing them he was dead on hearing this news from jas karan singh she found home in samrat's arm ,as in every grief and pain ur warmth hug console me , it was prank but our januable were really cute at that time  Embarrassed  Embarrassed


Hold me in your arms so I know what it feels like to fly

gun's refusal to movie ,neil's proposal for movie made samrat to think gun always only think for others he didn't give her dreams to live , she wasn't ready for it but he made her to understand all can live their dream then why u not u can do it , he supported her , with his naughty and light comments that when u will be superstar i will show to all see this is my girl friend i want to be known with ur name chashmish  Clap  Clap he motivated her  but he never forced her only made her to realize to give fly to ur dreams who wants to fly and with his support he let leave decision on her with hope that u will accept this offer and they both wrapped each other 's arm with their new hopes and life which was waiting for them gun as a movie's heroin and samrat as his supportive BF

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I have a present for you as hug , but I need to borrow your arms for wrapping paper

he was tensed out side of makeup room and benji's comment aisa lag raha hai ki gun se jayada tu nervous hai  Embarrassed  Embarrassed gosh when she got ready and asked every one and of course indirectly to sam how was she looking all got the point and left them alone to share their love , she was nervous and he told her she looks like princess he complimented and still he found her nervous he told her i know how to make u tension free saying this he hugged her , she forgot all tension in his arm melting in him , her first new life's journey with him , he always knew it his one hug can comfort her


Simple music can make you sing, a simple hug can make you feel better, simple things can make you happy

PURPLES ROSE gosh my fav scene  Embarrassed  Embarrassed purple rose means  love at first sight's significance ,he always gifted her good luck with rose ,it was gun's new beginning of life for her career he specially for her purchased purple rose to give her good luck as his all roses gave her good luck and with happiness and getting shower of love from him , she asked him where do u find this rose and his reply touched her heart and  she wrapped herself in his arms with his good luck and motivative words

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Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you.

gun's first conference , sam's surprise party and she missed it but when she came to know abt it she became more anxious abt him what would he feel abt it why he didn't tell me she called her several times but bcz of law battery he didn't get her call as well his eagerness her eagerness to meet each other like destiny playing hide and seek , only in one day 's their absent made them mad,their heart finding each other and when she found him she ran and hugged him as she can't live one day without him, and complained why didn't u tell me abt surprise party gosh it was so beautiful scene  Embarrassed  Embarrassed


Home is where the hugs are

one day's absence in each other's life showed them they can't live without each other in single day , miscommunication did it and gun didn't want this happen again so she made time -table of their meeting 
 Embarrassed she managed her all time with shooting and for him and he was also with this time table she managed their time which made them to understand each other's importance in their life and they again hugged each other for their understanding  Embarrassed  Embarrassed

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 When you hug me, I feel my soul meet yours.

pain, heartbreak, sacrifice and love , after losing every thing sam was returning thinking god always depart us and unite us as friends ,best friends but this time may be it won't happen , he lost his all hopes from his dude

 Cry he gave her space to think abt their relation and on the otherside from neil gun came to know sam's sacrifice and also his effort for movie she felt guilty and without westing time she went to meet him and as soon as she saw him they both ran towards each other and again magical reunion hug  Embarrassed  Embarrassed she complained i am really very bad i always hurt u but u didn't complain abt it and hit his chest lightly  Wink  Embarrassed


" A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange."

heart break ,demons vanished and love find its destination he found his destination and proposed her for marriage she was stunned and shocked and asked him if u r insecure and wanted to marry with me let me tell u i will always be with u forever but his firm reply i want u in my life forever i want my every morning starts on seeing ur face and he proposed her she was happy but shy at the same time she ran and he followed to know "yes " from her mouth he climbed on car and infront of whole world asked her to marry and she with amusement approved it

 Wink gosh sholey kinda scene  LOL  LOL and then with twirl ring putting he finalized his proposal and then they wrapped each other in tight hug for their new journey of life  Embarrassed  Embarrassed

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Two souls, one heart, together with hug

gosh most awaited sajan's engagement , all in happiness and mastiful mood they exchanged ring with each other and then became officially committed with each other and to give mark on this happiness their official hug and then teasing process where all were trying them to get apart and they were trying hug each other

 Wink  LOL gosh it was so sweettt hug where sajan tried to hug each other with their friends as a obstacle didn't allow them to hug  LOL their excitement , passion can be seen in that scene


Pains of love be sweeter far
Than any other pleasures are.

three year's separation ,gun 's feeling for him her love for him ,she hated him bcz with his mistake she lost her di but love can't be changed with his presence she again fell in love with him or we can say she always loved him but she didn't accept it as he was his companion and friend cum lover while narrating abt dev paro story she again lived her life with samrat and her pain came out with tears he wanted to console her but he back off and with all his past's memory she hugged him , without realizing for one sec forgetting everything she let herself in his arms where she always found home but reality again jerked her ,as we can say we can hurt whom we love she was doing same

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"You can't give a hug without getting a hug."

after gun's confession in dev paro she left him stunned and in pain he followed her and stopped her only for he could make things clear she was firm from mind not to be weak but on seeing in pain she hugged him with full force, she melted in his arms he also melted in her they gave in each other she requested him not to made her again fall in love she hates herself for loving him he was hurt she was hurt ,situation made them to be apart from each other and then he bid his last good bye to her


" A hug is the shortest distance between friends."

he decided to be apart bcz its hurt gun but again destiny made them together again with nup's truth they were not sure but only for mayank they got ready to believe it but mayank's high hopes made gun more senty and at that time when she needed friend she found him and hugged him as a friend he patted her head with friend , they always shared their relations friends -cum- lovers

35)u always console my pain 

Hugs are the universal medicine. 

knowing truth of dhruv realizing this nupur is not her own sis gunjan coulden't stop herself but crying she burst into tears she poured her heart , her heart was not ready to believe that she is not her sis she poured out she is same like her di ,her voice her face everything is just like her , one younger sister who craved for her elder sister in this 3 years and she got one ray of hope with nupur's arrival but her dreams and hopes shattered with call of dhruv, her heart broke in to piece where samrat who always there for her support came and hugged her , mader her hug to give her console in pain healing her pain and tried to lessen with his words 

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36) and 37 ) u r my life , make my life more beautiful with ur presence 

What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. unspoken feelings which wrapped in one hugging each other 

samrat and gunjan whoes whole journey they r being tested for their love  by destiny and finally that day arrived where both shared their feelings samrat poured out his heart what she meant for him he can't live without her and gunjan who also shared her feelings their love which won over everything ,their true and deep love did shine in that night of magic where samrat proposed her to be his life partner to live with her forever foralways ,they shared their feelings they talked heart to heart , confessing how much they love each other and he proposed there were no need to share words she wrapped him in her arms feeling heaven in each other's arms they made their confession and proposal heavenly hugging each other making each other to know and feel depth of their love ocean of their love 

sajan 's eternal and magical journey described and defined true and deep love , sajan's all hugs r unspoken words of their most wonderful journey with growth in their relationship making each other closer , each and every hug described their journey of love , here those hug's journey completed (in mjht) with sajan's marriage proposal but for us that journey will remain always close to our heart Hug



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